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00:19 One of the most prolific writers
00:22 in the history of the United States if not the world
00:24 is the 19th century writer
00:27 Ellen G. White. Her books have been translated
00:29 and circulated perhaps more than anyone else
00:32 certainly in the history of this country.
00:34 One of her more inspired statements was:
00:38 "We have nothing to fear for the future
00:41 except we forget God's leadings in our past history. "
00:45 Heard a very interesting story the other day on television...
00:48 A man ran into a convenience store armed wtih a baseball bat.
00:53 He demanded from the proprietor money.
00:57 Well, instead of producing cold, hard cash
01:00 the store owner produced cold, hard steel.
01:04 He brought from beneath the counter a very large gun.
01:08 And so the two men stared at each other for a split second.
01:12 It was bat versus bullet.
01:16 And yet they saw in each other's eyes
01:19 something very strange...
01:20 something that drew them to each other.
01:22 Instead of running from the store
01:24 the man dropped the bat and then dropped to his knees
01:28 and burst into tears.
01:30 Profound weeping.
01:31 He said: "You know, I'm not a bad man.
01:33 I'm not an evil person.
01:35 I'm not... I'm not a robber or a thief.
01:37 But I've lost my job, I've lost my home,
01:40 I've lost my car, I've lost my savings.
01:44 I'm out of everything. I'm out of gas,
01:46 I'm out of a home, I'm out of a job,
01:48 and I'm running out of time and I've got to feed my family.
01:51 That's the only reason I am here. "
01:53 Well, the proprietor of the store put down the gun,
01:58 went into his own pocket,
02:01 and gave the man $40 and a loaf of bread.
02:03 The two men embraced,
02:06 and then he walked out of the store.
02:09 All of this was caught on the store's
02:12 video surveillance camera,
02:14 and we saw it there on the television set.
02:17 When I saw that it occurred to me
02:19 nothing is promised to us.
02:22 Though we sit with jobs and homes, we are just one accident,
02:28 one sickness away from poverty.
02:31 You can go from well-to-do to welfare
02:37 almost in an instant.
02:39 You can go from being very rich and satisfied
02:41 to being very poor and hungry almost in an instant.
02:44 And we've seen it over and over and over and over in these days
02:48 in which we find ourselves.
02:49 You can't really trust your bank account.
02:53 You can't really trust your stocks and bonds.
02:57 You can't really trust in tomorrow.
03:00 You can only trust in Jesus.
03:03 And that is why this particular study,
03:05 this particular series of studies
03:07 given to us by Evangelist Cox are so very, very important
03:10 for us... because they point us to the One that we can trust.
03:15 So that when you can't see tomorrow,
03:18 you can look back to the prophetic history of the past
03:20 knowing that the same God who got you to today
03:24 if you hold onto His hand
03:26 will lead you safely home.
03:29 My name is C.A. Murray, and it is my privilege on behalf of
03:32 Elder Kenneth Cox and the entire team here at 3ABN
03:35 to welcome you to this very vital, very fine series
03:39 that we are calling Was, Is Not, and Yet Is.
03:42 And I'm enough of a Bible student to know
03:44 that when we talk about "spake as a dragon, "
03:47 all of God's people need to perk up their ears
03:50 because God is going to hold through Evangelist Cox
03:53 a mirror to our eyes this day
03:55 and force us to look at ourselves.
03:58 Now all of these messages are good.
04:00 But if there is a series of messages that you want to buy
04:03 and ruminate over and take home and study,
04:05 it is these messages that we are entertaining
04:07 during this particular session.
04:09 Very vital messages including today's
04:12 for our walk as we try to walk this road that leads to glory.
04:16 Elder Cox has been given a very special gift.
04:19 And the Lord will call upon that gift today as we look at
04:22 Spake as a Dragon.
04:24 But before he comes for us
04:26 Larry Blackwell is here, and he's going to be singing
04:28 an old standard: "Just a Closer Walk With Thee. "
04:46 Just a closer walk with Thee,
04:53 Grant it, Jesus,
04:56 if it be.
05:01 Daily walking
05:04 close to Thee.
05:08 Dear Lord, let it be...
05:12 let it be.
05:17 Just a closer walk with Thee,
05:24 Grant it, Jesus,
05:27 if You please.
05:32 Daily walking
05:35 close to Thee,
05:39 Let it be,
05:41 dear Lord, let it be.
05:47 When my feeble life is o'er,
05:55 Time for me
05:58 shall be no more;
06:03 Guide me gently,
06:06 safely o'er
06:10 to Thy kingdom shore,
06:14 To Thy shore.
06:18 Just a closer walk with Thee,
06:26 Grant it, Jesus,
06:29 is my plea.
06:34 Daily walking
06:37 close to Thee,
06:41 Let it be,
06:43 dear Lord,
06:45 let it be.
06:49 Let it be,
06:52 dear Lord,
06:54 let it be.
07:04 Amen!
07:06 Thank you, Larry.
07:08 And good day to each of you.
07:10 Very happy to welcome you today.
07:13 To those of you that are tuning in by radio or
07:18 watching on television, we welcome you.
07:21 Those that we have heard from from many different places
07:25 around the world, we are happy to welcome you.
07:28 Appreciate you tuning in.
07:30 We hope that the series is being a blessing to you.
07:33 This series is entitled Give Me The Bible.
07:38 That is the title for the series that covers the whole year.
07:43 That's the title of it.
07:45 And each month we do five presentations
07:49 on a given subject.
07:51 And so like this month we're doing five presentations
07:56 on prophecy on Was, Is Not, Yet Is...
08:00 which is a prophecy mentioned in Revelation the 17th chapter.
08:04 So as we've gone through this we hope that it is helping you
08:08 understand God's Word.
08:11 Today we're looking at:
08:16 That's a particular beast that we're looking at
08:19 mentioned in Revelation the 13th chapter.
08:25 So this evening... the next presentation
08:28 will be on the eighth beast.
08:30 The eighth beast... and it is the last one, folks.
08:35 That's the last one mentioned in scripture.
08:38 And so it becomes very important that you and I
08:41 put all of it together. The preponderance of evidence
08:44 there makes it clear that you and I can know exactly
08:48 what it's talking about.
08:50 Today we're thinking about Spoke as a Dragon.
08:54 And in Revelation the 13th chapter
08:57 there are two beasts.
08:58 We are looking at the second one today.
09:02 That's the one we're looking at.
09:03 We'll identify that one, and it is the seventh
09:07 And so we're going to put them all together
09:09 step by step as we take a look at what God's Word has to say.
09:13 So we're very happy to welcome all of you.
09:16 Appreciate you being here.
09:17 And we hope that the Word of God is opening up
09:22 understanding... more and more of it...
09:24 as we study these subjects.
09:26 Very happy to have Larry Blackwell with us.
09:29 He's going to sing for us the song that goes along
09:33 with our subject this morning: The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
09:46 Mine eyes have seen the glory
09:49 of the coming of the Lord.
09:51 He is trampling out the vintage
09:54 where the grapes of wrath are stored;
09:57 He hath loosed the fateful light-ning
09:59 of His terrible swift sword;
10:02 His truth is marching on.
10:08 Glory! glory, hallelujah!
10:13 Glory! glory, hallelujah!
10:18 Glory! glory, hallelujah!
10:23 His truth is marching on.
10:30 In the beauty of the lilies,
10:35 Christ was born across the sea,
10:40 With a glory in His bosom
10:43 that transfigures you and me;
10:49 As He died to make men holy,
10:54 let us live to make men free,
10:58 While God is marching
11:04 on.
11:06 Join me:
11:08 Glory! glory, hallelujah!
11:13 Glory! glory, hallelujah!
11:18 Glory! glory, hallelujah!
11:23 His truth is marching on.
11:28 His truth is
11:32 marching
11:35 on.
11:39 Marching on.
12:00 Heavenly Father,
12:03 as we open Your Word today
12:07 we ask that You will give us enlightenment.
12:13 As we take a look at this great nation,
12:18 as we take a look at all the evidence
12:22 that's in Your Word and how it has been fulfilled
12:26 so accurately.
12:28 That we might know where we are.
12:31 That we might know where we're headed.
12:34 So that we might know what we should do...
12:38 how we ought to go about doing it.
12:41 Bless each one here today
12:43 in a very, very special way.
12:47 We pray in Your name, Amen.
12:57 As we mentioned, we're looking at Revelation the 17th chapter.
13:01 That says:
13:14 Let me say to you right now
13:17 and you need to bear this in mind now very carefully
13:20 is that text must be looked at from John's point of view...
13:24 not yours.
13:26 OK? You have to look at that
13:30 from John's point of view... not yours.
13:33 John is saying "five have fallen,
13:35 one is, the other is not yet come. "
13:38 So you have to read it and understand it
13:40 from that point of view.
13:42 We have looked at these beasts
13:45 and as we have found out, beasts in the Bible
13:48 represent nations or powers.
13:51 And so you remember the first one was Babylon.
13:54 And we found out that Babylon ruled
13:57 and it was overthrown by Medo-Persia.
14:01 Medo-Persia overthrew Babylon,
14:04 and then Medo-Persia was overthrown by Greece.
14:09 And then Greece ruled for a period of time
14:12 and was overthrown by pagan Rome.
14:16 And pagan Rome ruled until 476 AD
14:21 and was overthrown by papal Rome.
14:25 Now this particular beast you must pay very careful
14:30 attention to because this one plays a very important role.
14:36 So follow it very, very carefully.
14:39 We've studied about this one.
14:40 Revelation the 13th chapter the first beast -
14:43 the non-descript beast there - we've studied it.
14:46 We found out that it represented papal Rome.
14:49 Papal Rome fell to? see how you're doing.
14:53 Well, papal Rome fell to Atheistic Communism.
14:59 1991 AD it fell.
15:02 And so we have those six.
15:06 This is the one John says "is. "
15:09 "Five have fallen, one is. "
15:12 That is the sixth one, and today we're taking a look
15:15 at the seventh one.
15:18 That's the one... the one that was to come.
15:20 That's the one we're looking at.
15:21 We're going to go to Revelation the 13th chapter
15:26 and go to verse 1 because I just want to establish this
15:30 beast. We have looked at this beast.
15:32 We have identified this beast already in the previous series
15:37 entitled Five Have Fallen
15:39 we deal with this beast. And it says:
16:04 So it's identifying this beast for you.
16:15 We clearly identified this beast.
16:18 I gave you eight points of identification
16:20 that will fit no other power on the face of the earth.
16:25 Only that beast does it fit.
16:28 So when it comes to identifying it, the scripture is absolutely
16:33 crystal clear.
16:34 What I want you to look at
16:36 is we find that this beast, papal Rome,
16:39 was overthrown in 1798 AD. It says:
16:52 That is when papal Rome was overthrown:
16:56 1798 AD.
16:58 OK. That's important because
17:02 when we're coming down in Revelation 13
17:05 and we come to verse 10,
17:07 it has this to say:
17:19 The papal power had led people into captivity.
17:23 The scripture said it's going to go into captivitiy.
17:26 It had killed with the sword.
17:28 Said it would be killed with the sword.
17:30 That's the prophecy there made.
17:33 That happened in... 1798 AD.
17:38 So watch what happens. Look at verse 11:
17:50 So the scripture is telling you just as this beast in
17:54 Revelation 13 is going down...
17:58 He said: "I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. "
18:02 Now what becomes extremely important here
18:05 is the time element.
18:07 There is no other power
18:10 but the United States of America
18:13 that will fit this time sequence.
18:15 None other.
18:17 So it says that as this beast of Revelation 13
18:20 was going down, he said: "I saw another beast
18:24 rising up out of the earth. "
18:27 So we have it clearly there.
18:29 I don't know how many of you remember a man by the name of
18:33 John Wesley?
18:35 John Wesley was really the one
18:37 who established the Methodist church.
18:40 A great preacher of righteousness.
18:42 Tremendous individual.
18:44 John Wesley had a little bit of a... I don't know what...
18:48 what you want to call it... but one of the things he
18:50 did was that when he was studying, if he came across
18:53 or had some thought or came across some information
18:56 about something, he would jot it on a piece of paper
18:59 and file it. And he did this
19:02 on the book of Revelation, quite a bit of it.
19:04 He would just jot notes about the book of Revelation
19:07 and file them away.
19:08 So when he died, they took those
19:11 and published them. And you can buy a book called
19:14 Notes on Revelation by John Wesley.
19:16 Concerning these two beasts,
19:19 one here... these two beasts in Revelation 13,
19:23 listen to his comments:
19:27 Now he's talking about this second beast -
19:29 the two horned beast.
19:40 Well, if you study that prophecy about the first beast,
19:44 that forty-two months came to an end in?
19:47 1798 AD.
19:49 Do you notice when John Wesley wrote this?
19:52 1752 AD.
19:56 See, he understood exactly what was happening.
19:59 He said: "This second beast can't be very far off
20:02 because he's got to appear at the end of the forty-two
20:05 months of the first beast. "
20:07 And just exactly on time, it was there.
20:10 All the beasts that took place
20:15 had to come into this series of time.
20:19 Well, look at a few events with me.
20:21 The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth when?
20:26 See how well you're doing on history here.
20:28 How are you doing? When did they land at Plymouth Rock?
20:31 1620 AD... right. Landed at Plymouth Rock.
20:35 And the Pilgrims began to set up livelihood.
20:39 Built their villages and colonies began to form.
20:43 And finally the United States - or those 13 colonies -
20:48 decided they wanted to be free.
20:52 They did not want to be under the control of England.
20:56 And when I went to school
20:59 they... they said the thing that we did was...
21:02 we had the Boston Tea Party.
21:05 You remember that?
21:07 And says they were rebelling against taxes.
21:10 Have you ever gone back and read the taxes back then?
21:14 Man, I'd accept them with open arms today.
21:18 I mean gladly... gladly.
21:20 But they rebelled; they went against it.
21:23 And we find that in 1776 AD we had what?
21:28 Declaration of Independence.
21:31 Are you watching the time element?
21:33 See? The Declaration of Independence: 1776 AD.
21:38 The Bill of Rights: 1789 AD.
21:42 Bill of Rights was adopted 1791 AD.
21:46 The beast went into captivity when?
21:48 1798 AD.
21:50 He said: "I saw as this beast was going into captivity
21:53 I saw another one rising up. "
21:56 So just exactly as one goes down
22:00 the other one is coming up
22:01 as the scripture said it would.
22:12 The beasts that we have studied like those in Daniel 7
22:15 or this one here in Revelation 17...
22:19 All those beasts came up out of what?
22:22 Water. But this one came up
22:25 out of the earth, just exactly as it is described
22:31 on the Statue of Liberty.
22:33 That's how this nation came into being:
22:36 "Give me your tired, your poor... "
22:53 That's the way this country was settled.
22:55 You see water in Bible prophecy represents people,
22:59 nations, tongues.
23:01 And so this nation didn't come about as a result
23:05 of great masses of people.
23:07 It came about as our forefathers came over here,
23:11 like your forefathers, and they settled in this country
23:15 and it came up - if you please - out of the earth.
23:20 The way that it arose.
23:29 I highlighted certain words in this text because it
23:33 helps identify what's happened. Horns on the beast represent
23:38 power. Some of those beasts have horns that
23:42 have crowns on them which meant that they'd
23:44 basically be ruled by a monarch.
23:46 Or some don't have crowns
23:49 but the horns represent the source
23:51 of that particular beast's power.
23:54 This beast had two horns like a lamb.
23:59 Well this country was established basically
24:04 on two principles.
24:06 Are you acquainted with this man Josiah Quincy?
24:08 Huh? Not acquainted with him?
24:11 Well, he signed the Declaration of Independence.
24:15 He's one of those, you know.
24:18 If you ever go to Boston,
24:19 you want to go down to Quincy Market.
24:21 You know? But he's a... This is what he said. Listen:
24:47 Said: "This... we're going to make it
24:50 because God is on our side. "
24:52 Are you acquainted with this man, huh? Patrick Henry.
24:56 What did he say?
24:57 "Give me liberty or give me death. "
25:00 What else did he say?
25:04 Nobody knows?
25:05 I'm going to read to you some things that he said here.
25:08 This is what he said:
25:17 I hope you're getting a little bit of the sense
25:20 of what these forefathers believed and where they stood.
25:23 Because Josiah Quincy said: "With the God of armies
25:26 on our side we can't lose. "
25:27 Here Patrick Henry said: "God is the One that presides, "
25:31 These were God-fearing men and women
25:34 that stood for what God's Word said.
25:37 "over the destinies of nations and will raise up
25:41 friends for us. "
26:02 This is what he said.
26:04 Said: "I'm not going to be chained. "
26:06 But you see they believed.
26:08 They said one: "We want a nation without a king. "
26:14 "We want government by the people, for the people,
26:17 and through the people.
26:18 This is how we want government.
26:20 And we want to give everybody the right
26:23 to worship according to the dictates of their conscience. "
26:26 And our country was built on those two principles,
26:30 and those two principles is what has held us in good stead
26:34 down through the years.
26:35 And help us if we give them up, folks.
26:39 All right. It goes on and says:
26:49 Two horns like a lamb.
26:51 Well, if you pick up God's Word
26:54 and you begin to read through it,
26:56 in the Bible who does the lamb represent?
27:01 Yeah, it represents Jesus Christ.
27:04 Two horns like a lamb meant that the country
27:08 would be gentle, it would be Christlike in character.
27:12 That's what it's saying.
27:14 It had two horns like a lamb.
27:26 Another one: Revelation 5:12:
27:39 So to be... have two horns like a lamb meant that it
27:43 would be Christlike in character.
27:47 And dear friend, all you have to do
27:50 is go to Washington, D.C.
27:52 Walk down through the halls of Congress
27:55 or through the Capitol.
27:57 You'll see God written everywhere
28:00 because our forefathers believed in God
28:04 and they were God-fearing men and women.
28:08 The war broke out with England.
28:12 Revolution. That was so, so hard.
28:18 I mean, you've got 13 colonies, folks.
28:21 Do you realize that by the time that war was over
28:25 all 13 colonies were bankrupt?
28:28 It had bankrupted them all.
28:32 It was so severe on them
28:35 that the lines of communication had been broken
28:39 between all of them, and so they had no communication
28:41 with each other. And because they didn't have any
28:44 communication with each other,
28:46 they thought that each one of the colonies had borne the brunt
28:50 of the war. They didn't know what their neighbor was doing.
28:53 They felt that they had been the one who had
28:55 borne all the problems of the war.
28:59 So when the war was finally over
29:02 they called a Constitutional Congress.
29:07 And they sent delegations from all the 13 colonies.
29:16 They got to the meeting, and they were so upset
29:21 with each other because they thought they had borne the brunt
29:26 of the war that they got in terrible arguments.
29:29 In fact, the delegation from New York went home
29:33 and it looked like that Constitutional Congress
29:37 was going to fall flat on its face
29:40 when a little man with glasses stood up
29:46 and he spoke these words:
30:11 Said: "We met here and prayed daily
30:16 in this room for divine protection. "
30:40 And with that speech he was able to bring them together.
30:44 They came together and they sat down and they wrote
30:48 one of the greatest articles that man has ever written:
30:52 the Constitution of the United States of America.
30:57 You see, they were... they were men and women
31:02 that feared God.
31:04 They were men and women that believed in the Word of God
31:08 and they followed the Lord.
31:11 When it came to the election of the first president
31:16 of our country, George Washington,
31:18 and he stood up and he gave his inaugural speech,
31:22 he said these words:
32:31 How true! If you haven't...
32:35 if you haven't taken the time
32:38 to go back and read how God intervened
32:43 in the war and how... the things
32:46 He did over and over
32:48 so that this country could be
32:50 an independent nation,
32:51 you ought to go back and read it.
32:54 If you don't know what to read,
32:55 go read a book called The Light and the Glory
32:58 by Peter Marshall, Jr.
33:00 Tell you of incident after incident where God intervened
33:03 in behalf of the people of the United States.
33:06 And today for us as a nation
33:12 to turn our back on what we...
33:18 our heritage... what we had before?
33:21 How horrible it would be!
33:35 If a lamb in the Bible represents Christ,
33:40 then a dragon represents the devil.
33:45 I wish... I wish that the scripture
33:50 just stopped when it just simply said that it had
33:54 two horns like a lamb.
33:56 I'm sorry that it goes on and says it would speak
34:01 as a dragon.
34:04 But God in His omnipotence,
34:10 omniscience,
34:12 knowing the end from the beginning,
34:15 knows what's going to happen.
34:17 It says that this beast that was Christlike,
34:21 gentle, would speak as a dragon.
34:25 I'm going to share with you something that I found
34:28 that I think identifies what's happening, what's taking place.
34:33 You see, you are living...
34:38 most of you have lived watching this nation
34:43 change character.
34:46 Over the last 20, 30 years
34:50 you've seen a nation completely change character.
34:55 What has brought that about?
34:56 Well you can remember, as a nation
34:59 we started out in bondage.
35:01 We were in bondage to England,
35:05 and our forefathers didn't like that.
35:08 They didn't want to be in bondage.
35:10 And so you find that they began to pray about it.
35:14 And there began to be a spiritual rebirth.
35:19 And by the way, interesting,
35:22 that at this time before the Declaration of Independence
35:24 you go back in United States history
35:26 and there was a great spiritual revival across this country.
35:30 And with that spiritual revival of faith
35:34 these people said: "We don't want to be in bondage.
35:37 We want to be free. "
35:38 And so you find that they take steps to be free.
35:43 They stand up and say: "Give me liberty or give me death. "
35:45 Courage took place, and they said: "We're going to do this.
35:50 We're going to follow the Lord.
35:51 We're going to do what He wants us to do. "
35:54 And they moved out in courage.
35:57 And with courage came liberty.
36:01 Always does.
36:02 And you go back and you can read nation after nation
36:05 that's gone through the same thing.
36:07 And they have stepped out in faith and in courage.
36:11 And as the result of that,
36:14 they were given liberty.
36:15 And as a country, all of a sudden we found ourselves
36:20 with liberty
36:22 that we could follow the Word of God,
36:26 that we could worship as we wanted to.
36:28 That we could have things that we believed were right
36:32 and that were just.
36:34 And we stood up for those things
36:35 and said: "This is what we will do. "
36:37 Out of courage, came liberty.
36:41 And out of liberty came abundance.
36:45 I mean this country prospered, folks.
36:51 We brought about the industrial revolution.
36:55 I mean changed the way things were done, and we produced
36:59 things there have never been the like of before.
37:02 Marvelous what took place.
37:04 And we found ourselves with the abundance,
37:07 and you have lived during a time of abundance.
37:12 You've had... you've had more than you deserve.
37:17 You know, you want to stop and think about it...
37:19 even, even Israel in the height of David and Solomon
37:25 never saw the blessings that you've had the privilege
37:28 of seeing. God has abundantly blessed this country!
37:34 We've been given so much.
37:37 You'd think... you'd think that since God had blessed us
37:43 and we had been given so much
37:45 that out of gratitude and love to God we would respond
37:49 and we would do the things that are right.
37:53 But instead of having abundance and sharing it with others,
37:59 we became selfish.
38:03 You know, couldn't get enough.
38:07 Hoard. Just... what is the old saying?
38:13 He who has the most toys...
38:16 We just don't seem to be able to understand
38:20 how much as a nation we have been blessed, and
38:24 how much as individuals we have been blessed.
38:28 Little problem here.
38:31 You see the Bible says: "Where there is no vision,
38:37 the people perish. "
38:42 See? And when selfishness comes in,
38:45 you lose vision.
38:48 You can't see. You can't see clearly.
38:53 You can't see what you ought to be doing.
38:55 And out of selfishness comes compliance.
39:01 You understand what I mean by that?
39:04 Oh, just go along.
39:06 You know. You certainly... You certainly don't want to
39:11 upset the apple cart.
39:12 You know. You don't go against city hall.
39:18 Well, just go along.
39:21 Be very, very lackadaisical about it.
39:26 That's what it always produces because I'm...
39:29 I'm... I'm doing quite well.
39:31 I'm doing all right and I certainly don't want to do
39:34 anything to upset that.
39:37 And out of that comes apathy.
39:39 Just settle back.
39:43 No vision. Not wanting to do anything.
39:47 Just go along.
39:51 Oh the government will take care of you.
39:55 You can depend on the government.
39:57 They'll... they'll see you've got everything you need.
40:01 Don't interfere with that.
40:05 And out of apathy, folks,
40:09 comes dependence.
40:14 Dependent upon the United States government.
40:20 95% of you out here
40:26 sitting in this audience
40:27 and those of you that are watching on television,
40:29 95% of you will retire
40:33 dependent on the United States government.
40:38 See? Apathy.
40:42 Not... not really doing anything you know.
40:45 No vision. And so we find ourselves
40:49 "Oh, let the government take care of us. "
40:51 And any time that has happened,
40:53 and it has happened today,
40:56 and I'm sorry to tell you that you're back in bondage.
41:00 So we have gone from bondage
41:04 clear around back to bondage.
41:07 And today we find ourselves exactly in that position.
41:13 I'm talking about a country who over here
41:16 had spiritual faith and courage and it moved forward,
41:20 but now it has completely changed its character.
41:25 Let me read you a statement.
41:29 You think about this very, very carefully.
41:32 It's written by Alexander Tyler.
41:35 It's what he said:
41:56 Why not?
42:10 And let me tell you something...
42:14 we have been voting money from the public treasury
42:19 since the first of this year by the billions.
42:26 You think about it.
42:28 You think about what we're doing.
42:32 When you take that are you laboring under the false
42:38 opinion that it doesn't have to be paid back?
42:44 Somebody's going to demand it from you, I'll guarantee you.
42:47 Listen as he goes on:
43:01 The candidate that says he'd give you the most,
43:04 that's who you're going to vote for.
43:05 Help me along here.
43:07 And so they get in and man, they just dole it out.
43:24 Listen to the last few words...
43:34 You better look carefully.
43:37 You better understand what's happening.
43:49 How long they've lasted.
43:51 So we find a country that has changed character
43:55 and then we find that... find ourselves in a position
44:00 different than it's been before.
44:03 You remember a president of the United States
44:05 by the name of Richard Nixon?
44:07 Huh? Do you remember him?
44:09 OK. He wrote this book Seize the Moment.
44:13 All right, it's the subtitle
44:17 that you need to look at carefully: America's challenge
44:21 in a one-superpower world.
44:27 You see, with the fall of Communism
44:31 the United States found itself in a position
44:36 that it had never been in before.
44:39 It found itself in the position
44:42 of being a super world power without rival.
44:47 Listen. This is what they said:
45:16 They said: "We are the superpower.
45:19 No rival. We're not going to permit another rival.
45:26 And we went along year after year after year
45:30 as a superpower.
45:35 And then all of a sudden we found ourselves bombed.
45:42 We found for the first time
45:49 bombs in the form of planes
45:52 hit our country.
45:55 9/11.
45:57 Thousands of people died,
46:01 and the whole nation stood in absolute shock.
46:07 Was this possible that as a country
46:12 we found ourselves vulnerable
46:18 like we had never been before?
46:27 trying to figure out what should be done,
46:33 I'm afraid that we may have lost our bearing.
46:39 You see, true, we need to do some things.
46:44 We needed to come back, and come back to where we were.
46:49 Come back and take our stand with God.
46:54 As it says: "If these people will return to Me,
46:57 will humble themselves... "
46:59 If... if we would have come back...
47:01 that would have been one... And there was...
47:03 there was a tendency to do this.
47:05 And the people were praying and things were changing.
47:09 And then they began to say:
47:11 "Oh, things need to go back as they once were.
47:15 Need to go back to normal. "
47:16 And so we forgot.
47:20 We found ourselves, instead of depending upon God
47:25 and finding His leading and direction,
47:28 we decided that we would take care of it in our own might.
47:34 And so we launched out
47:36 to make sure that this wouldn't happen again.
47:40 And also not only to make sure it wouldn't happen again
47:43 but to make sure that other countries
47:48 would find themselves in a position
47:53 that they had to follow our leading.
47:55 We found ourselves speaking as a dragon.
48:01 Let me tell you something. Those forefathers of ours
48:05 wrote that Constitution, and they put into that
48:09 certain principles that were to guide and direct us
48:12 as a nation.
48:13 And when it came to going out
48:16 and trying to subdue other nations and making sure
48:18 that they were doing what we wanted them to do...
48:21 One of our former presidents had something to say about that,
48:25 by the name of John Adams.
48:27 I want you to listen to what John Quincy Adams...
48:30 I want you to listen to what he said.
48:52 What now?
48:56 Listen.
49:28 Listen.
49:45 Spake as a dragon.
49:55 And oh how true that is today.
50:01 Now follow carefully...
50:05 The first beast is the one in Revelation 13...
50:08 the first one.
50:17 This is what this two horned beast is going to do...
50:19 speak as a dragon.
50:34 So what is that telling us what's going to happen?
50:38 Tell you what that means.
50:40 If you make an image of something, what do you do?
50:46 If you're going to make an image of a dog,
50:48 you make it look like a cat, right?
50:50 Huh?
50:52 No, if you're going to make
50:53 an image, you make it look like
50:55 that. So if this country is
50:57 going to make an image to the first beast,
50:59 then what is it saying it's going to do?
51:02 Well, the first beast - the papal power -
51:05 that word papal means unification of church and state.
51:09 They're coming together, and it says
51:11 THIS COUNTRY will bring about a union
51:15 of church and state.
51:18 Never, never, never, dear friends,
51:22 in the history of the world
51:24 has the church ever got involved in government
51:29 that it hasn't persecuted.
51:32 Never, never has failed... I don't care what church it is.
51:36 And so when it say that they're going to come together
51:40 and they're going to make an image to the beast,
51:44 then you can rest assured
51:46 that you and I are living in those days.
51:50 THIS is what is in the process of happening today.
51:55 This is where we stand
51:57 with a nation that is speaking as a dragon.
52:03 Now:
52:17 Now this is Revelation 17.
52:19 This woman sitting on this scarlet-colored beast
52:24 which has seven heads. We have look at those 7 heads.
52:28 We've identified them.
52:29 We finished just now with the seventh one,
52:32 so we've looked at those seven heads.
52:34 All right? Watch as it says:
52:40 Now folks, don't get lost here.
52:56 So it's saying that this beast that was...
53:01 We're looking at this from who's point of view?
53:04 John's.
53:06 So John's saying this beast that was,
53:08 is not, OK?
53:13 is himself also the eighth
53:17 and that is going to go to perdition.
53:22 That's what our next presentation is about
53:25 is the eighth beast. We'll tie all that together
53:29 so you and I can know without any question of a doubt
53:34 exactly where we are in the stream of time
53:37 and that we can prepare our own hearts, if you please,
53:40 for the coming of Jesus Christ.
53:42 That's what need to be doing.
53:44 Let's bow our heads for prayer.
53:45 Heavenly Father,
53:47 we thank you for Your Word.
53:50 Thank you, Lord, that it can help us
53:53 understand what's happening.
53:57 Lord, we pray especially for this country.
54:00 We pray for our president.
54:03 We ask, Lord, that You will bless him.
54:05 Lord, when he's there in the Oval Office all by himself
54:09 and he has to make a decision,
54:12 Lord, may he seek You.
54:16 May he seek Your counsel.
54:18 May he desire to follow You.
54:20 We pray for your blessing upon our governors,
54:23 upon our senators. Lord, may this be a nation
54:27 that will follow You.
54:29 May we be the nation that we should: a nation under God.
54:33 Bless us. Help us to follow You,
54:36 walk with You in all that we do.
54:39 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
54:44 Well, don't forget... the eighth beast.
54:48 We appreciate you being here.
54:49 God bless you.
54:51 Continue to stay in the Word, folks.
54:54 Have a good day.
54:57 A coal miner of old
54:59 would leave his family every day
55:00 and descend into the depths of the earth
55:03 with the certain knowledge that the smallest mistake
55:06 could keep him and others from ever seeing daylight again.
55:10 Walking along in the dark,
55:12 he could only rely upon his feeble oil lamp
55:16 to keep him alive.
55:17 He faced many dangers down there.
55:19 Rockfalls, flooding, fires.
55:22 But perhaps the danger he feared the most
55:26 was the one that he could not see.
55:28 They called it chokedamp or blackdamp:
55:31 an unbreathable mixture of gases
55:34 that could quickly snuff out his life.
55:36 Imagine for a moment the terror he felt when he realized
55:40 he had hit a pocket of blackdamp.
55:43 The sudden drop in oxygen would put out his lamp
55:46 leaving him in terrifying darkness, fumbling in vain
55:50 to relight it before he lost consciousness.
55:54 Then in the late 1800's,
55:57 a bright new light began to shine in the dark world.
56:01 Using marble-sized pellets of calcium carbide
56:05 and a few drops of water,
56:07 this new lamp produced a gas which burned six times brighter.
56:12 Not only did it make his job a whole lot easier
56:15 but it also saved lives.
56:17 You can see this tiny reflector
56:19 could focus that beam of light
56:22 on the roof of a mine so that he could detect dangerous cracks.
56:26 The lamp was also easy to re-light.
56:28 And since it required far less oxygen,
56:31 it could illuminate the way out
56:34 should they encounter the chokedamp.
56:36 What an incredible illustration this is
56:39 of the condition of fallen man.
56:42 After struggling to survive the pitfalls of life,
56:45 he suddenly realizes the danger he could not see
56:48 had left him without hope and gasping for his last breath
56:53 in utter spiritual darkness.
56:55 For him there is no eternal life through Jesus.
56:59 In fact, he may not have ever heard about Him.
57:05 But friends, just as that bright light
57:08 of the carbide lamp saved lives,
57:10 so does the light of the Bible.
57:12 We need the light of God's Word to illuminate the dark corners
57:16 of our hearts. It focuses our attention on Jesus Christ...
57:20 our only hope for salvation.
57:23 And all who read and study it
57:25 are warned about the rockfalls of life.
57:28 That's why we call this series Give Me The Bible.
57:31 We're trying our best to bring the light of God's truth
57:35 to those who are living and dying in despair.
57:38 It's our mission. It's our passion.
57:41 Won't you join us?
57:44 Please consider what you can do
57:46 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:48 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:50 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:07 to millions all around the world.


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