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The Eighth Beast

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00:20 In the country of Israel
00:22 interestingly enough,
00:24 even as we speak
00:25 men are standing with their
00:28 rifles and their uzies
00:30 ready and cocked.
00:32 They have been given orders
00:33 to arrest, jail, or even shoot
00:37 violators and trespassers.
00:39 They are under strict orders not to let anyone pass.
00:43 Now what is the reason for this heightened state of alert?
00:47 Are they guarding a government official
00:51 or a president of a foreign country? No.
00:52 Are they protecting some landmark?
00:55 Or are they preparing for a suicide bomber?
00:58 None of the above.
00:59 These men stand with their guns ready...
01:02 they are actually guarding the city dump.
01:06 They are guarding a refuse heap.
01:09 Now why are they doing that?
01:11 Here's the story.
01:13 Some two weeks ago a daughter decided that
01:16 she wanted to surprise her mother.
01:18 She had noticed that her mother had been sleeping
01:21 on the same old lumpy mattress
01:23 not for years - but for decades!
01:26 And so she decided to get rid of that mattress
01:29 and surprise her mother by giving her a brand new mattress.
01:33 And so unbeknownst to her mom
01:35 she went to a store, bought an expensive mattress,
01:39 had it installed, and tossed out the old, lumpy mattress
01:43 and waited for the surprise.
01:45 But the truth was: the surprise was on her.
01:49 And surprise turned to shock
01:52 because the daughter was soon to learn that her mother
01:55 had a little quirk.
01:57 She didn't trust banks.
01:59 And so all of her life savings
02:03 were hidden in that lumpy old mattress.
02:07 How much was in there?
02:09 1.2 million dollars.
02:14 And so tonight even as I stand here
02:17 the family is combing through the city dump
02:20 trying to find that tossed-out mattress...
02:23 and to date they have not found it.
02:26 They are being guarded by police and armed individuals
02:29 trying to find a mattress
02:31 stuffed with 1.2 million dollars.
02:36 The fear is that one of the homeless men who often
02:41 comb through the city dump
02:42 has gotten that mattress and is using now
02:46 the world's most expensive pillow:
02:49 1.2 million dollars.
02:53 Or worse... many times these mattresses are burned
02:59 to give heat on the cold Israeli nights.
03:02 Can you imagine someone is warming their hands
03:06 with 1.2 million dollars worth of kindling?
03:11 How sad!
03:12 How very, very sad.
03:14 And so I join Elder Cox this evening
03:18 in a prayer that we will realize the gold
03:23 that God is giving us.
03:25 That we will not hide the Word of God in a mattress
03:28 or under our beds or in any secret place.
03:31 There is really only one place worthy
03:34 of hiding the Word of God.
03:35 David said it in Psalm 119:11. He said:
03:39 "Thy Word have I hid in my" mattress...
03:42 No! "Thy Word have I hid in my heart. "
03:48 That is the only place that the Word of God can and should
03:52 be hidden. My name is C.A. Murray.
03:55 And I welcome you once again to what has been
03:59 an exciting trip through the Word of God...
04:01 through the prophetic Word of God under the title
04:05 Give Me The Bible.
04:06 Subheading: Was, Is Not, and Yet Is.
04:11 Tonight we hear the message The Eighth Beast.
04:14 And I know God has a word for us.
04:16 And I would ask you to value the Word.
04:20 To hold on to the Word.
04:24 To prize the Word.
04:26 Is your life worth 1.2 million dollars?
04:31 I suggest to you it is worth so much more.
04:34 It is worth the blood of Jesus
04:38 and is worth surrender to Jesus Christ.
04:42 Before Elder Cox comes and speaks to us,
04:45 Larry Blackwell is here and is going to be ministering to us.
04:49 His Eye Is On The Sparrow.
05:04 I sing because I'm happy.
05:07 I sing because I'm free.
05:11 For His eye is on the sparrow,
05:15 And I know He watches me.
05:19 Why should I feel discouraged,
05:23 Why should the shadows come,
05:27 Why should my heart be weary
05:31 and long for heaven and home
05:34 When Jesus is my portion?
05:38 My constant friend is He:
05:42 His eye is on the sparrow,
05:46 And I know He watches me;
05:50 His eye is on the sparrow,
05:56 And I know He watches me.
06:06 Whenever I am tempted,
06:10 Whenever clouds arise,
06:15 When faith gives way to sighing,
06:19 And hope within me dies,
06:24 I draw the closer to Him,
06:28 From sin He sets me free;
06:32 His eye is on the sparrow,
06:37 And I know He watches me;
06:42 His eye is on the sparrow,
06:48 And I know
06:50 He watches me.
06:55 I sing because I'm happy.
06:59 I sing because I'm free,
07:03 For His eye is on
07:07 the sparrow,
07:12 And I know
07:16 He watches
07:19 me.
07:25 Yes I know
07:29 He watches
07:32 over
07:36 me.
07:49 Thank you Larry Blackwell.
07:52 And good evening to each of you.
07:55 Very happy to see you again tonight. Welcome you.
07:59 Those that are watching by television we welcome you back.
08:02 Those that are listening by radio... hope that you are
08:06 finding these subjects to be helpful to you
08:09 as we go through the Word of God and this particular time
08:14 are looking at prophecy and how it fits together
08:18 at the time in which we are living today.
08:21 This evening we're looking at The Eighth Beast.
08:27 And this is very, very important because it's the last one.
08:32 The last one of all of them that are mentioned in the scripture.
08:36 And in others words, it's the one that exists
08:40 just at the end of time.
08:42 So we want you to follow carefully as we look at it.
08:46 Because of the things that you're going to see tonight
08:49 that this particular beast does,
08:51 that is the reason for our subject for tomorrow.
08:56 And our subject in our next presentation is entitled:
09:02 The Mark of the Beast.
09:04 And the reason we're looking at that is because
09:07 as you'll see tonight, it says that this particular beast
09:11 will bring people together and all to accomplish something
09:15 And so we want to take a look and see what the mark of the
09:18 beast is. This is a subject that lots of people have
09:22 questions about. They want to know what is the mark.
09:25 Uh, you see, you can't know what the mark of the beast is,
09:31 folks, unless you know who the beast is.
09:35 And so we've been studying that,
09:37 so those of you that have been following
09:39 you shouldn't have any trouble knowing who the beast is
09:42 and what's involved there.
09:43 And so it's very important that you put that together
09:46 so that as we look at the mark of the beast
09:49 you can establish what happens and what takes place.
09:52 So tonight as we take a look at The Eighth Beast...
09:56 this particular beast - the scarlet-colored beast that
10:00 this woman is riding on. Who it represents.
10:03 How it fits into the whole picture.
10:06 What is it going to do in the last days?
10:09 That's what we're going to be looking at tonight.
10:11 So we hope you're blessed as we study God's Word together.
10:16 Tonight we're going to be blessed by Dona Klein.
10:20 She's going to sing for us That's What Jesus Means To Me.
10:42 You can take all my possessions,
10:47 All the things that men hold dear,
10:53 All the precious gifts
10:56 that this old world can hold,
11:05 But the love I found at Calv'ry
11:11 Far exceeds my fondest dreams;
11:17 It's a love that can't be bought
11:22 by this world's gold.
11:28 Then you ask me why I love Him,
11:34 Why I choose to walk this way;
11:40 Though I find His service sweeter
11:45 every day;
11:52 It's the only life worth living.
11:57 He has made my life complete;
12:02 Oh, that's
12:06 what Jesus means
12:09 to me.
12:17 Then every night around sundown
12:20 my children gather round,
12:26 When the clouds of gloom and doubt
12:32 would hover low;
12:38 And then they whisper, "Mom,
12:42 we really love you, "
12:43 And my doubts just seem so small,
12:50 He has made our home a heaven
12:55 here below.
13:01 Then you ask me why I love Him,
13:07 Why I choose to walk this way;
13:13 Well I find His service sweeter
13:19 every day;
13:25 It's the only life worth living,
13:30 He has made my life complete;
13:35 Oh, that's
13:39 what Jesus means
13:42 to me.
13:46 Yes, that's
13:51 what Jesus means
13:54 to me.
14:20 Heavenly Father,
14:22 certainly the Lord Jesus Christ
14:25 means everything to us.
14:29 We look at Your sacrifice
14:33 in our behalf and the promises that You've given
14:38 that You're coming back.
14:42 Lord may we be aware
14:45 of the times that we are living in.
14:48 Give us the insight that we need
14:51 to lay hold of the promises of God.
14:54 To walk with You by faith.
14:57 To prepare our hearts for the soon return of our Lord.
15:02 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
15:11 Well during this presentation...
15:13 this series and the one before this...
15:17 we have been looking at
15:19 Revelation the 17th chapter.
15:22 That's what we've been looking at:
15:24 the 17th chapter of Revelation.
15:26 A very, very important one
15:29 because as I mentioned this is the last one
15:33 in which God pictures the different nations
15:36 as beasts and He says what's going to happen,
15:39 what's going to take place.
15:41 And so this is going to be the final conflict that takes place
15:45 and you and I need to be aware of it.
15:48 If you study prophecy as we should,
15:53 then you ought to be like someone who is watching a play.
15:58 And you should know every actor
16:01 and you should know exactly what's going to take place.
16:03 Because God has revealed that in His Word.
16:06 That's what He's given you.
16:08 So you and I need to study prophecy because it reveals
16:12 to us what's coming... what's going to take place.
16:15 So when we look at Revelation the 17th chapter
16:18 verse 9 says:
16:41 And systematically the last presentations...
16:45 in these we went through these kings.
16:48 Five Have Fallen: we've looked at each one of those.
16:52 Talked about them, and then we've come down
16:55 and established who the one is
16:57 and we looked at the one who was to come.
17:00 So we've established those seven.
17:02 And it says that when this seventh one comes along
17:06 he will continue what? A short time.
17:10 So you and I need to understand
17:13 that this is not long compared to the others.
17:16 It's going to be a short time.
17:30 So now we come to this eighth beast.
17:33 The beast that was, OK?
17:37 "Is not, is also himself the eighth
17:41 and is of the seven. "
17:45 OK. So he's given you clues
17:48 as to who this beast is so that you begin to understand
17:52 exactly who he represents.
17:54 Now in the Bible, God simply uses
17:58 a woman to represent a church.
18:01 That's what God uses all the way through scripture:
18:05 a woman is used to represent a church.
18:08 In fact, it says that when Jesus comes back
18:10 He's coming back after His bride.
18:14 And in Revelation the 12th chapter...
18:16 Or excuse me, in Jeremiah here the 6th chapter it says:
18:26 When it's talking about the daughter of Zion
18:28 it's talking about the church.
18:30 He's comparing her to that.
18:32 And in Revelation 12 you have a woman
18:36 that is a good woman that we'll look at.
18:39 God uses her to represent a church.
18:42 And He gives this comparison here in Ephesians to you and me.
18:46 He says:
18:55 So he's telling you this is an illustration that He's using
19:00 because the next verse says:
19:08 So He just simply takes a woman
19:11 and says: "I'm going to use a woman to represent My church. "
19:16 When He talks about nations what does He use?
19:20 Beasts.
19:22 Quite a difference, isn't there?
19:23 Uses a beast to represent nations.
19:27 When it comes to His church He said:
19:29 "I'm going to use a woman to represent My church. "
19:31 And so in Revelation 12 you have this woman.
19:44 This represented God's church.
19:47 The woman... says that she was standing on the moon
19:52 representing the Old Testament period
19:55 that she was coming out of.
19:56 It says that she was clothed with the sun
19:59 representing the gospel in all of its glory
20:02 as it was coming out.
20:03 And it says that she had on her head a garland of 12 stars
20:06 which represented the 12 apostles
20:08 that the gospel went out from.
20:11 So here is His church, and He's using that
20:14 to represent God's people... the church in the last days.
20:20 Now, in Revelation the 17th chapter you have another woman.
20:25 OK. So if you have a woman representing a church,
20:33 a good woman would represent a what?
20:35 A good church.
20:37 A bad woman would represent a bad church.
20:42 OK? Well, let's see what it says about this woman here
20:46 in Revelation the 17th chapter:
21:02 OK. So this woman's not a good woman
21:06 because it says that she's a great harlot.
21:09 OK.
21:18 So this woman - harlot - wine of her fornication...
21:23 Goes on and says:
21:37 So notice: this woman who is a harlot
21:41 and full of blasphemy,
21:44 is sitting on this beast.
21:46 OK. Which has seven heads and ten horns.
22:06 So it's not describing a pure woman here.
22:10 It's describing someone that's very, very bad.
22:26 Now I just want to give you something to think about.
22:28 This woman who's sitting on this beast
22:30 is full of abominations.
22:32 That as it says here is the great harlot.
22:35 It says that she is the mother of harlots.
22:41 Now if she's the mother of harlots, what does that mean?
22:44 Well it means she has daughters.
22:48 OK. That's simply what it means.
22:50 She has daughters.
22:52 OK. You need to think about that a little bit
22:55 'cause we'll touch it just in a little bit as we go on.
22:57 "Mother of harlots and of the abomination of the earth. "
23:13 John saw her riding on this scarlet-colored beast
23:17 and he couldn't believe what he was seeing.
23:20 Said: "I marveled with great amazement. "
23:23 Now in these texts that we have just read
23:26 God gives you four points of identification
23:30 so that you don't have to be in any doubt
23:33 as to who this woman represents.
23:35 You don't have to say: "Well, I wonder who it's
23:38 talking about? " It's very, very clear as you
23:40 look at these four points of identification.
23:43 So let's take a look at them and see what it says about them.
23:55 So dear friend, you can't say this woman in Revelation 17
23:59 represents some little church off over here by itself.
24:04 I mean, there's no way it can be that.
24:06 It has to be a church that has been involved in...
24:11 yeah, with the whole world.
24:13 "With the kings of the earth. "
24:14 So you've got to look at a power that has had
24:18 dealings, has worked with
24:22 all the major powers.
24:24 And of course when you take a
24:25 look at that, there's no other power that has done that
24:30 other than the papal power.
24:33 She has had dealings with the kings all across the earth.
24:39 One point. All right, let's go on.
24:46 Well, I don't know... OK, second point:
24:53 In other words, it's got to be a church
24:58 that has led people away from a clear
25:02 "Thus saith the Lord" because it says:
25:09 Now when it's talking about the wine of her fornication
25:12 it's talking about teaching contrary to God's Word.
25:16 In fact, it says that she leads them into fornication...
25:21 into adultery.
25:24 How do you commit spiritual adultery?
25:29 How do you do that?
25:31 Because it says this is what she does.
25:34 Well you commit spiritual adultery by
25:38 adulterating this Word.
25:40 In other words, when I teach
25:44 something that is contrary to the Word of God
25:49 I am adulterating the Word of God.
25:52 That is spiritual fornication, spiritual adultery.
25:56 And that's what this woman has done.
25:59 She has led them contrary to the Word of God
26:02 and for the last few nights I have taken you step by step
26:06 down through history and I have showed you case after case
26:09 where she was leading the people contrary
26:12 to what God's Word... and such men as Hus,
26:16 Jerome, Wyclif, Zwingli, Luther, Knox,
26:23 all these men standing up and saying "No, this is NOT
26:27 what God's Word says" calling the people back.
26:29 So it's clear what she's done.
26:34 Let's go on to the third point.
26:46 This had to be a power that persecuted.
26:50 And I have shared with you
26:53 the last couple nights how indeed she has done this.
26:57 If you have questions about this, folks,
27:00 then I invite you to go to the library.
27:03 Check out such books as Fox's Book of Martyrs.
27:08 Or check out The History of the Reformation by D'Aubigne.
27:14 Or The History of Europe by Quabbin.
27:18 Or Here I Stand by Bainton.
27:21 Check out some of those books and read them.
27:24 They will tell you exactly what happened, what took place.
27:27 History tells us that this power killed somewhere between
27:31 100 and 150 million people.
27:35 So when we're talking about persecution of the saints
27:39 indeed it has done that.
27:42 OK... the fourth point.
27:44 Not only would it persecute, burning people at the stake
27:49 and so forth but it says it would unite church and state
27:53 because it says:
28:01 Now in scripture, a woman represents what?
28:05 Represents a church.
28:07 OK. In scripture a beast represents what?
28:21 So when you pick up the Word of God
28:23 and here a woman is riding on a beast,
28:27 what do you have?
28:28 Well you have uniting of church and state
28:32 because you have church and you have state
28:35 coming together.
28:36 And so this is a uniting of church and state.
28:39 Very, very important that you and I understand that
28:45 because that figures in very strongly to the last days.
28:49 Because you have a power now that is the unification
28:54 of church and state coming together.
28:58 All right, let's continue on and see.
29:01 The eighth beast... we're going to take a look now
29:03 at this eighth beast. Identify it.
29:06 What the scripture has to say about it.
29:25 Again, I want to tell you when you read this
29:29 about these seven kings, five have fallen, one is,
29:31 one is yet to come,
29:33 you have to look at it from John's perspective.
29:37 You cannot look at it from here.
29:40 And you, I'll just say this to you right now
29:44 because we'll come to it in a moment,
29:46 you can't look at it, folks,
29:48 from John on the island of Patmos.
29:54 If you try to understand this prophecy
29:57 looking at it from John on the island of Patmos,
30:00 you won't understand it.
30:02 OK? You've got to look at it
30:05 from John's point of view.
30:08 OK? And John is saying "five have fallen,
30:12 one is, one is yet to come. "
30:16 That was his point of view.
30:19 The beast that was... now please don't take this text
30:25 and try to think that he's explaining the seven.
30:29 He's not. He's talking about the eighth.
30:43 So now he's given us ideas or clues
30:46 concerning who this one is.
30:49 Something very important here.
30:50 If you look at the beast
30:54 in Revelation the 13th chapter,
30:57 in verse 18 it makes this statement. It says:
31:05 OK. When you get to the beast in Revelation the 17th chapter
31:10 and verse 9 it says: "Here is a mind that has wisdom. "
31:14 It uses that term for both those beasts.
31:18 Please understand there is a connection between these beasts.
31:22 There's a connection between what the beast described
31:26 in Revelation 13 and the beast being described
31:30 in Revelation 17.
31:31 Those two kind of go together.
31:34 All right. So...
31:44 Did you catch that?
31:46 Huh? Did you get it?
31:55 Where is John?
31:57 In the wilderness.
31:59 See? Not on the island of Patmos.
32:02 He has been carried in the Spirit into the wilderness.
32:07 What does he see in the wilderness?
32:16 So he is carried in the Spirit, in vision if you please,
32:20 into the wilderness.
32:22 And when he's there in the wilderness
32:24 he sees these beasts and he says:
32:27 "Five have fallen, one is, one is yet to come. "
32:31 See, you have to look at it from his view.
32:34 Where he's at... and he is in the wilderness.
32:37 That's where he's looking at it from.
32:39 OK. "Five have fallen... "
32:42 We looked at those five that have fallen.
32:44 "One is... " So if John is there
32:49 at the time where "One is... "
32:53 then where is he?
32:55 Well, he's at the time of atheistic Communism.
33:00 That's where he's seeing everything from.
33:03 He's seeing "five have fallen, one is,
33:06 one is yet to come. "
33:08 That's what he's talking about. All right, let's look at this:
33:15 Still yet John's point of view. He said:
33:22 Where was it during the time of atheistic Communism?
33:28 Napoleon sent his general in, overthrew the papal power.
33:33 Was not... OK?
33:58 OK, so let's take a look... see what that is.
34:02 When he said the "beast that was, "
34:05 what tense is that?
34:06 That's past tense.
34:08 All right: is not would be what?
34:14 Be present.
34:17 Yet is would be?
34:19 Would be future.
34:21 Those are the three.
34:23 OK. So John is talking about this beast.
34:26 All right, now let's see what is involved here.
35:03 Now folks, not hard to arrive at who this beast is.
35:09 You can do it very simply
35:12 by the process of elimination.
35:15 And just by eliminating things
35:17 you can find out exactly who it's talking about
35:20 without any trouble at all.
35:22 And that's what we're going to do here this evening.
35:25 We're just going to do a process of elimination
35:28 and find out. Because it says:
35:31 "Five have... " what? "fallen," and as we have
35:35 studied God's Word, looked at it, we looked at those five.
35:39 And by the way, these beasts have how many heads on them?
35:44 Seven heads.
35:46 And those seven heads are seven heads of different beasts.
35:50 And one of the beasts that we looked at was a lion.
35:53 And we found out that that represented Babylon
35:57 in Daniel the 7th chapter.
35:59 Represented Babylon.
36:00 And Babylon existed from 609 BC to 539 BC.
36:06 And it was overthrown by Medo-Persia.
36:10 Medo-Persia came in, overthrew Babylon.
36:13 Took over. Also described in Daniel the 7th chapter
36:17 as a bear.
36:20 Remember? Had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth
36:24 which represented the countries that it overthrew.
36:27 Medo-Persia was overthrown by Greece.
36:31 Find that also in Daniel 7.
36:34 And in Greece... we find it ruled
36:38 from 331 BC to 168 BC.
36:43 This power is pictured as a leopard
36:47 which had four wings which represented the swiftness
36:51 with which Alexander the Great took everything.
36:53 And it had four heads which represented the four generals
36:56 of Alexander who took over the kingdom when he died.
37:00 OK. But... Greece fell to pagan Rome.
37:08 Still in Daniel the 7th chapter.
37:10 And pagan Rome ruled from 168 BC
37:14 to 476 AD.
37:17 She ruled during that period of time.
37:20 And then we find that papal Rome
37:25 overthrew pagan Rome
37:28 in 538 AD
37:32 and she ruled to 1798 AD.
37:35 "Five have fallen. "
37:39 That's the five that have fallen.
37:41 All those are in John's point of view what?
37:45 Past.
37:46 All those are past.
37:49 OK. Let's continue on.
37:51 Papal Rome fell to atheistic Communism.
37:56 Napoleon sent his general Berthier into Rome,
37:59 overthrew the papal power,
38:01 established a secular one...
38:03 and out of that came atheistic Communism.
38:08 Listed... that was the sixth one.
38:10 And it ruled until basically 1991 AD
38:14 at which time through the work of Reagan and the Pope
38:20 they overthrew Communism... and thus we have the beast
38:25 which was to come... which was that of the United States
38:28 pictured here in Revelation the 13th chapter.
38:32 Those are the seven.
38:34 OK. So you have them lined up, the seven different beasts.
38:38 Now, as I mentioned, we can do this simply by the process
38:43 of elimination.
38:55 OK. So let's look at points of identification.
39:00 Eight points the scriptures gives you to identify exactly
39:04 who this power is.
39:05 1. It says this beast would...
39:11 So we don't need to go looking anywhere else, do we?
39:15 No, we don't have to go looking at some other place.
39:18 It's identified that this beast, the eighth,
39:21 is one of the seven.
39:23 And it could certainly be any of the seven
39:25 because they're there.
39:27 OK? But... let's go on.
39:30 Tells us that it was the beast that what?
39:34 "Was. "
39:36 Now, if it says that it's a beast that was,
39:41 then what does that do?
39:44 Now you've got to think.
39:47 You know, I had a professor in school that said
39:49 it was neither harmful nor fatal to think.
39:52 And so you've got to turn the wheels a little bit.
39:55 If it says this eighth beast
39:59 was, what does that do?
40:02 That eliminates two of these beasts.
40:06 It eliminates atheistic Communism,
40:09 and eliminates the United States.
40:11 Why? Because John is seeing this.
40:14 This is from his point of view.
40:16 Therefore those two beasts disappear.
40:18 And it's left... it has to be one of those five
40:21 because as far as John was concerned
40:25 "One is, the other was yet to come. "
40:28 Those were not past.
40:29 So when he says this beast was
40:32 meant that it was in the past.
40:34 All right, let's go on.
40:35 "Is not. "
40:37 OK, had to be... had to be one of those five
40:41 that there was a time in which is "was not. "
40:44 Well, there's a time when all five of them "is not. "
40:48 So, you know, that's not enough yet.
40:50 We've got to keep adding things to it.
40:52 "Is himself also the eighth. "
40:57 So he's telling us clearly, one of these five
41:00 is going to be the eighth one.
41:03 One of those five is the eighth one.
41:07 "Had to make war with the saints. "
41:11 Well, in some degree,
41:15 most all five of those made war with the saints.
41:19 I mean, Nebuchadnezzar wasn't too great on the Hebrew people.
41:23 And you come right on down there. All of them had some
41:27 part to play concerning God's people, so
41:30 that in itself is not enough.
41:32 "Uniting of church and state. "
41:37 Bringing church and state together.
41:40 What did that just do?
41:42 Huh?
41:45 Well that eliminated four of them just like that.
41:49 Because you have to find a power
41:52 that has all these characteristics that we're
41:55 talking about tonight
41:56 and also have church and state coming together.
42:01 That it did. All right.
42:04 "Had to receive a deadly wound, "
42:07 and that "deadly wound had to be healed. "
42:10 Only one power fits all those points,
42:15 and the only power that fits that is papal Rome.
42:20 Nobody else.
42:23 Dear friend, you can take it, look at it any way you want to,
42:26 but that's the one that fits it.
42:28 No other one fits it.
42:30 OK, now... it's papal Rome.
42:34 What is she going to do?
42:42 What does the scripture say is going to happen?
42:46 Now folks, I don't know about you,
42:48 but I'll tell you where I stand.
42:55 I've looked at prophecy after prophecy after prophecy
43:00 in this book, and every last one of them
43:04 have been fulfilled as God said.
43:09 If all of them have been
43:11 fulfilled as God said,
43:13 you'd better believe I'm going to take my stand
43:17 that these in the very last days are going to be fulfilled
43:20 just exactly like the scripture says.
43:23 You can stake your life on it.
43:26 It will happen just as God said it would.
43:31 All right. Revelation 17:12:
43:50 Pick up your Bible.
43:54 Go and take a look.
43:56 Daniel the 2nd chapter
43:58 talks about the image having ten toes.
44:02 And it says clearly those ten toes are ten kings.
44:07 That's what it tells you.
44:08 Go to Daniel the 7th chapter
44:10 and the beast there has ten horns.
44:14 And it tells you that those ten horns are ten kings.
44:18 Go to Revelation the 12th chapter
44:22 and you have a beast there and it has ten horns
44:25 that represent ten kings.
44:28 Go to Revelation the 13th chapter
44:31 and the first beast, and that beast has ten horns
44:35 which represent ten kings.
44:38 Go to Revelation the 17th chapter
44:40 and that beast has ten horns which it tells you are...
44:44 ten kings.
44:46 What I'm trying to get across to you
44:48 is those ten kings in each case is the same.
44:52 They represent the nations of western Europe.
44:59 Now what becomes extremely interesting if you're
45:03 looking at it, folks... It says these ten kings -
45:08 ten horns - these ten kings that have received no authority
45:14 as yet, OK, they will receive authority for one hour
45:19 as kings with the what?
45:21 OK. So it says that these nations of western Europe
45:26 are going to be in league - if you please -
45:29 with the papal power.
45:32 So if you're looking for what's going to happen,
45:36 if you're looking for where we're headed,
45:39 then keep your eyes open because it makes it very clear
45:43 that western Europe is going to be in league
45:46 with the papal power.
45:48 OK. Let's take it a step farther.
46:03 Folks, these are of one mind.
46:07 It does not say that these ten kings
46:11 are all the same.
46:14 It says they're of one mind.
46:18 Have you ever heard of European Community?
46:23 In fact they have, you know, their poster
46:28 and they talk about how it is one voice.
46:31 They speak... one mind working together.
46:34 This is exactly what it's talking about.
46:36 The time in which you and I are living today
46:39 you are seeing it with your own eyes.
46:43 It's in formation.
46:45 And we can't just sit there and not realize where we are.
46:49 What's happening today.
46:52 This is what is taking place there.
46:55 Let's go on.
46:57 We talked in our last presentation
47:03 about the United States
47:05 and we found out that this beast - the two horned beast -
47:09 what it would do.
47:11 Listen to what it says about the two horned beast
47:15 and what it's going to do:
47:28 Who is the first beast?
47:30 Yeah, it's papal Rome. the beast that "was. "
47:34 OK?
47:47 So now you're beginning to get a picture that you've got
47:51 western Europe giving their power and authority to
47:54 papal Rome. And now the scripture tells us
47:57 that the U.S. is going to come along and she, too,
48:00 is going to support it.
48:02 So you've got two major factors,
48:06 two major powers,
48:08 that are putting their power and authority into papal Rome.
48:31 Saying that this beast - this two horned beast,
48:33 the United States - is going to make an image
48:37 to the beast.
48:39 And we found out that the beast was the woman riding
48:42 on the scarlet-colored beast
48:44 which represented unification of church and state.
48:47 And so when it says the U.S. will make an image
48:51 it's saying the United States is going to bring together
48:55 church and state.
48:58 That is coming together.
49:01 And it says that... asked the world to follow it.
49:07 Says this about it:
49:12 What does that mean
49:15 when it says he was given power
49:18 to give breath to the image to the beast?
49:20 Huh?
49:22 Well, haven't you? Haven't you ever read the story
49:26 of Pinocchio?
49:30 They made it come to life.
49:31 That's what it's saying. He gave breath to make it live.
49:35 Made an image to the beast
49:37 to make it... give it life, to make it live.
49:39 Listen to what he does to it.
49:55 Well you remember... you remember Shadrach, Meshach,
50:00 and Abednego.
50:02 In which they were told
50:05 that they had to worship that statue
50:08 out on the plains of Dura.
50:10 And they told Nebuchadnezzar
50:12 "We're not going to bow down
50:15 to your image, Nebuchadnezzar.
50:16 We're not going to do that. "
50:18 And he said: "If you don't, I'm going to throw you
50:19 in the fiery furnace. "
50:20 And they said: "Well, God can deliver us
50:26 from the fiery furnace... but IF HE DOESN'T,
50:30 we're still not going to worship your image. "
50:33 Now listen folks, it says here the image of the beast
50:39 "should both speak and cause
50:43 as many as would not worship the image to the beast
50:45 should be killed. " When it uses those words speak
50:48 and cause - and we're talking about a nation,
50:51 we're talking about a power,
50:53 we're talking about a government -
50:55 and it uses the word speak,
50:57 that word speak means legislation.
50:59 It means they will legislate it.
51:02 They will force it; it will take place.
51:05 And then it says "that cause" means enforcement.
51:11 And so it's telling you clearly
51:13 that as we approach the last days
51:15 you're going to see church and state come together
51:18 and you're going to see religious laws go into effect.
51:23 I told you earlier, never - write it down,
51:26 go back and check now -
51:28 never in the history of this world
51:30 has church ever got involved in government
51:34 that she hasn't persecuted.
51:36 Never has failed,
51:37 and it won't fail this time.
52:05 It says that they're going to make war with Christ.
52:11 He's going to come back.
52:13 It says that God has a controversy with the nations.
52:17 He's going to come back, and it says they're going to make war
52:21 with Him. But they won't overcome Him, friends.
52:25 He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
52:31 He's coming soon.
52:38 'Tis almost time
52:42 for the Lord to come,
52:47 I hear the people say;
52:54 The stars of heaven are
52:58 growing dim,
53:02 It must be the breaking
53:06 of the day.
53:10 O it must be
53:15 the breaking of the day!
53:19 O it must be
53:21 the breaking of the day!
53:26 The night is almost gone,
53:30 The day is coming on;
53:35 O it must be
53:39 the breaking of
53:42 the day!
53:45 Let us pray.
53:47 Heavenly Father,
53:50 We come to you tonight
53:52 as we realize where we are in the stream of time.
53:57 We realize it won't be long till Jesus will be coming.
54:03 We pray, Lord, that each of us may be faithful.
54:08 That we may stand on Your Word.
54:12 That we may have faith in what You say.
54:15 That we may realize that no matter what people have to say
54:20 it's what does the Word of God say that counts.
54:25 Give to us wisdom.
54:28 Give to us understanding.
54:30 Give to us faith that we may be faithful
54:34 and that we might follow You each day.
54:38 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:43 Tomorrow our next presentation
54:47 will be on the mark of the beast.
54:50 See what's taking place. Good night; God bless you.
54:56 A coal miner of old
54:57 would leave his family every day
54:59 and descend into the depths of the earth
55:01 with the certain knowledge that the smallest mistake
55:05 could keep him and others from ever seeing daylight again.
55:08 Walking along in the dark,
55:10 he could only rely upon his feeble oil lamp
55:14 to keep him alive.
55:16 He faced many dangers down there.
55:18 Rockfalls, flooding, fires.
55:21 But perhaps the danger he feared the most
55:24 was the one that he could not see.
55:27 They called it chokedamp or blackdamp:
55:30 an unbreathable mixture of gases
55:33 that could quickly snuff out his life.
55:35 Imagine for a moment the terror he felt when he realized
55:39 he had hit a pocket of blackdamp.
55:41 The sudden drop in oxygen would put out his lamp
55:45 leaving him in terrifying darkness, fumbling in vain
55:49 to relight it before he lost consciousness.
55:53 Then in the late 1800's,
55:56 a bright new light began to shine in the dark world.
56:00 Using marble-sized pellets of calcium carbide
56:04 and a few drops of water,
56:05 this new lamp produced a gas which burned six times brighter.
56:10 Not only did it make his job a whole lot easier
56:13 but it also saved lives.
56:16 You can see this tiny reflector
56:18 could focus that beam of light
56:20 on the roof of a mine so that he could detect dangerous cracks.
56:24 The lamp was also easy to re-light.
56:27 And since it required far less oxygen,
56:30 it could illuminate the way out
56:32 should they encounter the chokedamp.
56:35 What an incredible illustration this is
56:38 of the condition of fallen man.
56:40 After struggling to survive the pitfalls of life,
56:44 he suddenly realizes the danger he could not see
56:47 had left him without hope and gasping for his last breath
56:52 in utter spiritual darkness.
56:54 For him there is no eternal life through Jesus.
56:58 In fact, he may not have ever heard about Him.
57:03 But friends, just as that bright light
57:06 of the carbide lamp saved lives,
57:09 so does the light of the Bible.
57:11 We need the light of God's Word to illuminate the dark corners
57:15 of our hearts. It focuses our attention on Jesus Christ...
57:19 our only hope for salvation.
57:21 And all who read and study it
57:23 are warned about the rockfalls of life.
57:27 That's why we call this series Give Me The Bible.
57:30 We're trying our best to bring the light of God's truth
57:33 to those who are living and dying in despair.
57:37 It's our mission. It's our passion.
57:39 Won't you join us?
57:42 Please consider what you can do
57:44 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:47 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:49 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:03 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
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