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00:20 When we were children,
00:22 someone told my sister and I
00:24 that the world was going to end
00:27 in a violent thunderstorm.
00:29 And so every time there was a
00:31 big thunderstorm there in Buffalo, New York
00:33 we thought that was the big one.
00:35 I remember one August evening it was hot
00:39 and were quite young but we had chores...
00:41 even as young children. I had to do dishes,
00:43 and doing dishes meant that you cleaned the table
00:45 and cleaned the stove and washed and dried and put them away.
00:48 And my sister was downstairs in the basement doing laundry.
00:51 And the sun was beginning to set and all of a sudden there was
00:54 a massive flash of lightning followed by
00:57 an incredible clap of thunder.
01:00 And I took off. I don't know where I was running, but
01:03 I took off running out of the kitchen.
01:05 My sister took off running upstairs from the basement.
01:08 Between the kitchen and the dining room there was this door.
01:12 And about the time I reached that door
01:14 my sister came bursting through the door from the other side.
01:17 Now to this day some 50+ years later I have no idea
01:21 how hard I hit that door or how hard that door hit me,
01:24 but I was knocked out cold.
01:27 And I do remember actually seeing stars.
01:29 When I came to, my mother sat my sister and I down
01:35 and we were surpised that she didn't know that the world
01:37 was going to end in that thunderstorm.
01:39 But she tried to tell us as best she could.
01:42 She was not a church-going person.
01:44 She was a holiday church-goer:
01:46 Christmas, New Years, Easter... that kind of thing.
01:49 So she tried to explain to us how the world was going to end.
01:53 But they didn't really discuss that in her church, and so
01:55 in frustration she said to me:
01:58 "Well you go the Adventist church. They know everything.
01:59 Just ask your Sabbath School teacher. "
02:01 And so that Saturday in church
02:04 I did ask my Sabbath School teacher,
02:05 and for the very first time she presented to me
02:08 the prophetic story and the gospel message.
02:11 I remember thinking how nice it is that God is in control.
02:16 And she ended her little talk with me by saying:
02:19 "Just stay on Jesus' side. "
02:24 "Just stay with Jesus and everything will be all right. "
02:27 My family used to watch science-fiction movies...
02:30 those old B movies... you know, giant roaches destroying
02:33 the world and all that kind of stuff.
02:35 And I would sit back very smugly and say to my father
02:38 and my mother: "It's not going to be like that
02:40 because Jesus has got it in control. "
02:43 Some 50+ years later as I sat here during these meetings
02:47 and listened to our evangelist Kenneth Cox,
02:50 I got that same feeling.
02:52 Jesus is in control.
02:54 As we look at the prophetic picture,
02:57 I got sort of a spiritual warm fuzzy
03:01 and it said to me: "It doesn't matter what's going to happen.
03:04 Just stay on God's side
03:08 because Jesus is in control. "
03:11 And as we look back at the prophetic past
03:15 and forward to the prophetic future,
03:17 it re-affirms for us all Jesus is in control.
03:23 Amen and amen.
03:25 My name is C.A. Murray and on behalf of Kenneth Cox
03:28 and the whole evangelistic team
03:30 we welcome you to... sadly...
03:32 the last night in this particular series of meetings.
03:35 They have gone so very, very, very fast.
03:37 The information has been wonderful.
03:40 I was talking with my step-daughter
03:42 last night, Becky, and my step-son Tera, and Kevin.
03:46 We were all sitting around and Becky said:
03:48 "You know, I've never heard it so plain like this. "
03:51 And I was telling Elder Cox God has given him a unique gift
03:54 to make that which can be complex very plain
03:58 and very, very simple.
04:00 God's not trying to hide anything from us.
04:02 He wants us to be prepared for the coming of the Lord.
04:05 And Elder Cox has been His instrument these last several
04:08 nights... indeed, THIS WHOLE SERIES,
04:09 to make to us plain the Word of God.
04:13 And as we discuss the Mark of the Beast this night,
04:17 I know when he shall have finished you will have a clear
04:19 understanding of what God is saying, what God is doing,
04:24 and what God is moving us through as we make our way
04:27 to the kingdom of the Lord.
04:30 Amen and amen.
04:31 Before Elder Cox comes to us,
04:32 Dona Klein is going to play for us Jericho Road.
06:34 Dona Klein. Jericho Road.
06:37 Good evening.
06:39 Very happy to welcome you again.
06:41 We're down to the last one of these presentations
06:45 on this series...
06:46 this series on prophecy
06:48 entitled Was, Is Not, Yet Is.
06:53 So we hope that it's helping you as we continue
06:55 to study God's Word each evening
06:59 as we're taking a look at Bible prophecy.
07:01 Most important that we understand where we are.
07:05 What says the Bible,
07:06 the blessed Bible?
07:08 This should my only question be.
07:11 Prophecy is fulfilling,
07:14 the end is nearing.
07:16 What says the Word of God to me?
07:19 That's what we want to find out.
07:21 That's what we want to know.
07:22 This is the last presentation
07:26 that we're doing on prophecy.
07:29 We've actually spent two presentations... or two
07:33 series on prophecy: the one we did before on
07:37 Five Have Fallen and this one on Was, Is Not, Yet Is.
07:41 Those are the two that we have done on prophecy.
07:44 Our next series is entitled Life in the Son.
07:51 Very, very important series
07:55 because this is an area that a lot of people misunderstand.
08:00 And they don't understand what the scripture teaches about
08:04 life in Jesus Christ.
08:06 And so be sure, be here as we go into this subject.
08:11 Life in the Son.
08:12 Tonight: The Mark of the Beast.
08:16 What do you want to find out? What do you want to know?
08:19 Well first thing, you need to be very, very clear
08:22 in your thinking as to who the beast is.
08:25 Establish that. Clear.
08:28 Also you want to be very clear in your thinking
08:32 of what the image to the beast is.
08:35 You need to also understand clearly what the mark is.
08:39 How does a person receive it?
08:41 What's involved in it?
08:42 The scripture is very, very clear on this subject.
08:46 It's not something you have to be in doubt about.
08:49 It's very clear on it.
08:50 So we hope you'll follow along as we take a look
08:53 at the mark of the beast. I think you'll find it to be
08:57 a subject that will help you see clearly
09:00 what the scripture teaches.
09:02 And so follow closely as we take a look at it.
09:05 I've enjoyed very much having with us Larry Blackwell.
09:10 Have you enjoyed his music from night to night?
09:12 Very, very much we've enjoyed it.
09:14 Those of you that are watching by television,
09:16 listening by radio, we hope you have been blessed by his music.
09:20 And he's going to sing for us tonight a song entitled
09:24 Not Far From Here.
09:45 Somebody's down to their last dime.
09:49 Somebody's running out of time
09:55 not too far from here.
09:58 Somebody's got nowhere else to go.
10:03 Somebody needs a little hope
10:08 not too far from here.
10:14 And I may not know their face
10:18 but I'm praying for Your grace
10:22 that You'll use me, Lord,
10:25 to take away the fear
10:30 'Cause someone is waiting
10:34 not too far from here.
10:46 Somebody's troubled and confused.
10:50 Somebody's got nothing left to lose
10:56 not too far from here.
10:59 Somebody's forgotten how to hope.
11:03 Somebody needs a little love
11:09 not too far from here.
11:15 And I may not know their name
11:19 but I'm praying just the same
11:24 that You'll use me, Lord,
11:26 to wipe away a tear.
11:32 'Cause somebody's crying
11:35 not too far from here.
11:42 Help me, Lord, not to turn away
11:47 from pain.
11:50 Help me not to wait
11:52 for someone's guilty pain.
11:58 Give me Your strength
12:03 and compassion.
12:07 When somebody finds the road of life
12:12 too steep.
12:18 Somebody's troubled and confused.
12:22 Somebody's got nothing left to lose
12:27 not too far from here.
12:31 Somebody's forgotten how to hope.
12:35 Somebody needs a little love
12:40 not too far from here.
12:46 Now I'm letting down my guard.
12:51 And I'm opening my heart.
12:55 Help me speak Your love
12:58 to every needful ear.
13:04 Someone is waiting
13:07 not too far from here.
13:17 Someone is waiting
13:24 not too far from here.
13:59 Father in Heaven, tonight as we open Your Word
14:04 and we look at this subject, we pray in a special way
14:09 for the Holy Spirit. That it may be present.
14:13 That it will give us the insight,
14:18 the knowledge, the understanding,
14:22 That we each may purpose in our hearts
14:26 to stand on Your side. To follow You.
14:30 To walk with You. To let You be our God
14:34 and that we will say "We are Your people,
14:37 You be our God.
14:39 We will walk and follow You by faith. "
14:41 Grant to us that opportunity and that privilege we pray.
14:45 In Christ's name, Amen.
14:53 I can think over the years of all the different things
14:58 that I have heard people say the mark of the beast was.
15:01 I can remember when they said
15:04 that somebody's going to come
15:05 around with a branding iron
15:07 and is going to brand on your forehead 666.
15:11 And everybody's going to receive the mark of the beast.
15:15 And many people believed
15:16 that that's the way it was going to happen.
15:18 And then as time went on,
15:20 people said when they came out with social security numbers
15:24 they said: "Don't take one of those things.
15:26 If you take a social security number, you're going to get
15:29 the mark of the beast... without question
15:31 you're going to have it. "
15:32 And then I can remember... I was just a kid
15:35 at the time of the Second World War
15:37 and they came out with rationing stamps.
15:40 And they said: "Don't take them.
15:42 If you take those rationing stamps,
15:44 you're going to get the mark of the beast.
15:46 That's just for sure... you'll get it. "
15:49 But they didn't.
15:51 And then just here in the last few years
15:55 they talked about the computer chip.
15:58 Saying: "Oh, somebody's going to come around and they're
16:00 going to put in your forehead a computer chip
16:03 and that will be the mark of the beast. "
16:05 So you hear all kinds of things
16:07 about the mark of the beast and what it is and so forth.
16:10 We need to understand what the mark of the beast is.
16:14 Very, very important that we understand where we stand.
16:19 You see, the scripture divides things into two's.
16:24 Not threes... it divides things into two's.
16:29 I talks about the saved and the lost.
16:34 The sheep and the goats.
16:36 The righteous and the unrighteous.
16:39 It divides it into two's.
16:41 When it comes to the mark of the beast,
16:43 only two. Those that have the mark of the beast...
16:46 those that don't.
16:47 Watch what the scripture says about it.
17:12 These are the people that receive the mark of the beast.
17:17 Contrasting those people you read in Revelation 15,
17:21 and it says:
17:37 Here are the people that don't have the mark of the beast.
17:40 So you have two classes:
17:42 those that have the mark of the beast;
17:44 those that do not have the mark of the beast.
17:47 And you and I, don't care where you are anywhere in the world,
17:51 you have to make a decision
17:54 whether you're going to be on God's side
17:57 or whether you're going to be on the beast's side.
18:00 Because there's only two classes...
18:02 that's all there is.
18:03 And so tonight we want to clearly identify
18:07 who the beast is.
18:09 Now the beast that's referred to here
18:11 is the beast mentioned in Revelation the 13th chapter.
18:15 But we found out in our study last night...
18:19 last presentation we found out that the best of Revelation 13
18:24 is also the one that's pictured in Revelation 17.
18:29 OK? Because he's the one that was, is not, yet is.
18:35 OK. So let's take a look at what the scripture says
18:39 about this beast here in Revelation 13.
18:42 And I have highlighted different parts in these texts
18:46 to help you identify who it is.
19:14 One point you need to listen to carefully.
19:48 Now you notice God's giving you one point right after another
19:52 to help you identify who this beast is.
20:19 So here it's listed one point right after another.
20:22 And then it comes and says:
20:41 So now we have just looked at seven points
20:46 that God gives to identify this beast.
20:48 And I must say that we're going to look at these 7 points
20:52 quickly. I do not have time, folks, to go back
20:57 and go through each one of those points
20:59 and spend a little time on it.
21:01 If you want to study it more,
21:03 then go and get the one on Five Have Fallen
21:07 and look under papal Rome and it will help you there.
21:09 But I'll have to go through these quickly because
21:11 there's probably people watching who didn't see any of those
21:15 and they need to understand who the beast is.
21:17 So let's see if we can take the 7 points of identification
21:21 and talk about who they are
21:23 and find out what the scripture says about it.
21:26 OK. The first point of identification is simply this:
21:34 Dragon gave him his power, his seat, and his great authority.
21:39 Second one:
21:43 So we're finding out how long he's going to be ruling.
22:08 Those seven points the scripture gives.
22:11 Now folks, there is only one power
22:15 in all the history of mankind
22:19 in all the earth that fits all those points of identification.
22:22 You can't find another power other than the papal power
22:28 that will fit all those points of identification.
22:31 So the scripture makes it absolutely clear
22:34 who the beast is.
22:35 Now you can take probably four of them
22:38 and make them fit some other power.
22:40 But you can't take all seven of them
22:43 and make them fit some other power.
22:44 It will only fit this power.
22:46 So let's take a look at those seven points
22:49 and see what the scripture has to say about it for us.
22:59 The dragon referred to here -
23:03 this is the beast of Revelation 13-
23:05 the dragon that's referred to here is the 12th chapter.
23:10 The dragon in the 12th chapter of Revelation
23:12 gave to this beast in Revelation 13
23:15 its power, its seat, and its authority.
23:18 And if you pick up your Bible and you go back
23:20 and you study it, you'll find that the dragon
23:23 mentioned here in Revelation 12
23:26 is pagan Rome.
23:28 So it's saying that pagan Rome
23:31 would give to this beast its power, its seat,
23:35 and its authority. And history tells us
23:38 that's exactly what happened.
23:40 Watch:
23:53 And history says that the bishop of Rome
23:56 stepped to the seat of Caesar
23:58 and seized the scepter.
24:01 And so we find exactly the dragon - pagan Rome -
24:05 gave to papal Rome its power, its seat, and its authority.
24:11 Second point:
24:17 This was the period of time that this beast power
24:20 would continue would be forty-two months.
24:23 And as we looked at this in the scripture and have studied it,
24:27 we found out that in the Bible
24:29 a day represents one year in Bible prophecy.
24:39 So if I've got forty-two months,
24:41 and I multiply - because there's 30 days in a Biblical month -
24:46 and I multiply it times 42
24:48 it gives me 1,260 years
24:53 or days. That was the time that they would rule:
24:57 1,260 years.
25:01 And history tells us that's exactly what happened.
25:04 That is known in history, folks, as the years of papal supremacy.
25:09 That's when they were in charge.
25:12 OK. And then it says:
25:21 And so this power is going to make war with the saints.
25:24 Persecution... that's what it's basically saying.
25:27 This is what it says here:
25:48 Now, stop and think about it.
25:51 I told you: never in history has there ever been a time
25:57 in which a church power took over civil power,
26:03 state power, that it didn't persecute.
26:06 Because really a church...
26:09 a church really isn't worth it's salt, folks,
26:13 if it doesn't believe that it's teaching truth.
26:16 Now you stop and think about it.
26:20 A church is not worth anything if it doesn't believe that
26:24 what it's teaching is true.
26:25 So that church believes they're teaching the truth.
26:29 Therefore, if they can get everybody to accept
26:33 what they believe, they believe they're
26:35 giving them the truth.
26:37 And so without question
26:40 churches that get involved in civil power persecute.
26:44 That's what happens; that's what takes place.
26:47 And of course the papal power believed that
26:49 and they persecuted.
26:50 And I mentioned to you... All you have to do is, you know,
26:54 pick up such books as Fox's Book of Martyrs
26:58 or read Here I Stand by Bainton.
27:03 History of the Reformation by d'Aubigne.
27:07 All those books outline for you what took place,
27:11 and you can read abou the persecution that happened
27:14 by this power.
27:15 OK. Let's go on.
27:22 So it says that he would speak great things and blasphemy.
27:26 I don't have time to go back and give you all the basis.
27:29 You understand what blaspheme is?
27:32 You understand what the scripture says blasphemy is?
27:37 The scripture says that blasphemy is when a person
27:41 puts... considers himself God.
27:46 When a person... like they accused Jesus of blasphemy
27:50 because He said He was God.
27:52 That's one definition scripture gives.
27:55 The other definition that scripture gives
27:57 is when a human being claims he has the right to forgive sin.
28:02 They also classify that as blasphemy.
28:05 And so it says this power would speak great words and blasphemy.
28:10 Well, I'm just going to read you one statement.
28:13 There's many, many, many statements I could read you.
28:25 "We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty. "
28:31 And this is basically what they believe.
28:34 So as far as scripture is concerned,
28:37 that's blasphemy.
28:45 Now this beast has seven heads.
28:47 And he said: "I looked at one of those heads
28:50 and it was mortally wounded. "
28:53 And in our study you remember we found out
28:55 that at this particular time Napoleon has come to power.
29:00 Napoleon very desirous of being able to rule all of Europe.
29:06 In fact, he said Europe was soon to become one nation.
29:09 He was going to put it all together.
29:11 But he realized he could not do that
29:14 unless he could break the back of the papal power
29:18 because the papal power was in control.
29:21 And so we find on February the 15th, 1798...
29:33 The papal power came into being
29:38 538 AD.
29:41 That is when the bishop of Rome took over the seat:
29:46 538 AD.
29:49 It said he was going to rule for 1,260 years...
29:53 which takes you to 1798 AD.
29:56 And just exactly as the scripture said
29:59 Napoleon was there, took over,
30:03 and established a secular government.
30:05 1,260 years.
30:13 When Napoleon took over, they took the Pope.
30:19 Put him in prison... he died in prison.
30:21 They elected another Pope.
30:22 He moved back to the Vatican,
30:25 moved in and didn't show his face for 50 years.
30:28 But there was effort after effort made
30:33 to try to settle this thing.
30:35 And this in history is called The Roman Question.
30:39 And it was always a question of settlement.
30:43 And they always tried to settle it by the Italian Parliament.
30:47 Rome was never willing to accept that.
30:50 And that went back and forth, back and forth,
30:53 for over a hundred years.
30:55 Until finally you hit the 1900's
31:00 and then a man now is in charge in Italy who is not
31:05 controlled by the Parliament... he is a dictator,
31:08 and his name is Mussolini.
31:12 And Mussolini decided he would settle The Roman Question.
31:16 They set up conferences and after negotiation
31:20 it was settled. And history tells us this is what happened:
31:47 And thus the Lateran Pact was signed, 1929.
31:53 Do you understand what it did?
31:55 Hmmm? Do you understand what the Lateran Pact did?
32:00 Well it gave back to the Vatican the right
32:05 to be a civil government.
32:08 So it's not... when we refer to this, it's not just
32:12 a church. It is a church as well as a government.
32:16 Let me give you a quick illustration of what I'm
32:18 talking about.
32:20 Why did the Pope have the right
32:24 to speak to the United Nations?
32:30 Because the United Nations...
32:32 the only ones that's allowed to speak there
32:33 is a head of state.
32:36 But you see, he is head of state
32:39 and therefore he had the right to speak at the United Nations.
32:44 There's one other religious leader that spoke at the
32:47 United Nations. Do you know who that is?
32:49 The Dalai Lama... because he's the head of a state.
32:53 So you see, this is... this is what it gave back to them.
32:56 It paid them 21 million dollars for the spoilation of the
32:59 papal states; it gave them the right to be a civil power.
33:04 Re-established that.
33:05 It gave them the right to send ambassadors
33:09 to every country in the world and receive ambassadors.
33:13 All that was given to them at the signing of the Lateran Pact.
33:28 Now, let me just pause here.
33:30 Have to read this carefully.
33:33 It says that it is the number of a... "man. "
33:38 The Bible also says this:
33:50 So it tells us it's the number of a man.
33:52 It tells us it's the number of his name.
33:56 So that gives us indication of what it's talking about.
34:01 Now when we're looking at this
34:03 you have to realize that this is symbolic.
34:06 We don't have beasts running around here with seven heads.
34:10 See? So you find that the beasts are symbolic.
34:14 When it talks about an image, that's symbolic.
34:17 When it talks about a name, it's going to be symbolic.
34:21 When it talks about a number 666, that's a symbol - symbolic.
34:24 The seal is; the mark is.
34:26 All that's symbolic language, OK?
34:30 The official name... The official name
34:35 for the Pope is Vicarius Filii Dei.
34:41 That's an official name for him.
34:45 OK. It says that the number of a man is the number of his name.
34:50 So if we take his name
34:52 Vicarius Filii Dei
34:55 and... when you went to school you were taught something.
35:02 You were taught Roman numerals.
35:04 Why?
35:05 Do you use them?
35:08 No. But God intended for you to understand this...
35:12 that's the reason you were taught Roman numerals. See?
35:14 So watch, because you remember Roman numerals are
35:18 nothing but Latin letters that have numerical value.
35:20 That's what they are.
35:22 So if we take the word Vicarius, watch what happens.
35:26 V is worth how much? 5
35:29 I is worth 1, C is worth 100.
35:34 A has no numerical value, neither does R.
35:37 I the value of 1. U carries the same value as V.
35:41 U is a modern letter.
35:46 Years ago there was no U, it was V.
35:50 And if you doubt what I'm saying to you,
35:53 I'm going to show you something.
35:54 This is a little town in Oklahoma called Oakmogie.
35:59 OK? I'm going to show you the courthouse in Oakmogie.
36:05 Look at it. Can you read it up there?
36:08 Oakmogie. Look at how the U is: V.
36:14 County. Look how they spelled county.
36:17 Court. See how they spell it? Look how they spelled House.
36:21 All of them have a V instead of a U
36:25 because that... U is a modern term.
36:28 So when it says there Vicarius Filii Dei
36:32 that U has the same numerical value as does V.
36:37 Filii. F has no numerical value.
36:40 I has the value of 1.
36:42 L has the value of 50.
36:46 Both I's one each. That gives you 53.
36:49 And Dei.
36:50 D is worth 500.
36:52 I is worth 1. 501.
36:55 You add them up... that is 666.
36:58 So when the scripture says it is the number of a man,
37:04 it's the number of his name, and that is his official name.
37:06 This God gives you and I to help us understand
37:12 and identify who the beast is.
37:14 OK? And that's what we have just done.
37:17 We have identified who this beast is.
37:21 OK. So now, so let's move ahead
37:25 and see if we can find out what is the mark of the beast.
37:31 Well to begin with, let's get something clear.
37:42 It says the mark of the beast can be received
37:45 in the right hand or it can be received in the forehead.
37:48 OK. Why does the scripture say it can be received in the
37:52 right hand and it can be received in the forehead?
37:56 Because in the scripture the right hand represents
37:59 cooperation.
38:01 That's what it stands for.
38:03 So it says that he gives
38:04 his hand to it.
38:05 It means I am willing to
38:07 cooperate.
38:08 The forehead represents intelligence.
38:12 It represents where I give mental acceptance to something.
38:16 Let me tell you friend, they're not going to come around
38:19 and hold you down and put in your forehead
38:23 a computer chip.
38:24 That's not going to happen.
38:26 OK? Understand that.
38:28 Let me ask you something.
38:29 I serve the Lord.
38:31 I love the Lord; I'm going to stand with Him.
38:33 So let's say somebody comes around and they hold me down
38:36 and they install a computer chip in my forehead.
38:39 Is that going to change my relationship to the Lord?
38:42 Not in the least.
38:44 So let's not be led astray by that kind of thinking.
38:47 That... when it says that it is given in the forehead,
38:50 that means that I give mental acceptance to that.
38:55 I believe that. That's what I say.
38:57 That's what I believe.
38:58 If I may not give mental acceptance to it but I say
39:02 I'll go along, that's giving my right hand to it.
39:05 That is what it means when it talks about
39:08 being in the right hand or in the forehead.
39:10 OK. I'm going to read to you
39:15 three texts. I'm going to read to you
39:18 Revelation 14:9, 10, and 11.
39:22 When I'm through reading that,
39:25 I'm going to ask you a question.
39:27 If you answer the question right,
39:31 we'll go on.
39:32 If you don't answer it right,
39:35 we're going to go back and read those texts again
39:37 because it's important that you know exactly what it says.
39:41 So let's look and see what it says.
40:17 Now let me ask you,
40:19 is this talking about the people
40:21 that receive the mark of the beast?
40:22 You're quiet.
40:26 You've got to respond better than that.
40:28 So let's back it up... take a look.
40:30 We'll just back it up here and see what it says.
40:33 OK, Verse 9... here we go.
40:45 Is that talking about people that receive the
40:47 mark of the beast?
40:49 Yes. OK.
40:57 Is that talking about people
40:58 that receive the mark of the beast?
41:00 Yes.
41:06 Is that talking about people
41:07 that receive the mark of the beast?
41:08 Yes.
41:19 Is that talking about people that receive
41:21 the mark of the beast?
41:23 Yes! All three of those verses
41:25 talking about people that receive the mark of the beast.
41:28 OK. Let's read verse 12.
41:43 Do these people receive the mark of the beast?
41:45 No, they don't.
41:47 Why don't they?
41:50 Why don't these people receive the mark of the beast?
41:54 Because they keep the commandments of God
41:58 and have the faith of Jesus.
42:00 Are you with me?
42:02 Because they keep the commandments of God
42:04 and have the faith of Jesus.
42:06 Therefore... THEREFORE
42:09 if I keep God's commandments
42:12 and have the faith of Jesus
42:14 I don't receive the mark of the beast.
42:17 Right? Right!
42:19 Therefore... THEREFORE
42:22 the mark of the beast must affect the commandments of God
42:27 and faith in Jesus Christ.
42:29 Are you with me? See?
42:33 It has to. It has to affect the commandments of God
42:36 and faith in Jesus Christ.
42:38 So the question then is
42:40 of these two things... next two things:
42:49 What does the scripture tell us
42:51 about faith in Jesus Christ?
42:55 Well, this is what it says:
43:07 So the scripture is telling me
43:10 that the way I walk with the Lord is by faith.
43:15 OK. That's how I walk with Him.
43:32 So it simply tells me that my life is changed
43:38 and the righteousness of Christ is given to me by faith.
43:42 That's how I walk as a Christian.
43:47 Does the papal power
43:50 have anything to say
43:53 about this question of
43:54 walking with the Lord by faith?
43:57 Well, let's look.
44:15 It says the only way you can be saved
44:20 is by being part of the Catholic church.
44:24 Not by faith...
44:27 not by justification by faith
44:30 but by belonging to the church.
44:32 Let me read you one more.
44:58 In other words, they're saying
45:00 that it isn't by justification by faith
45:02 but it's by you and I working our way
45:06 into the kingdom of heaven. All right.
45:10 Also, what about keeping God's commandments?
45:14 Does God have anything to say about keeping His commandments?
45:19 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
45:24 Very clear; very simple.
45:25 He said: "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
45:41 Well, has the papal power done anything
45:47 that affects the commandments of God?
45:50 Well, If you pick up your Bible
45:55 and read Exodus the 20th chapter you'll find the 10 Commandments.
46:00 If you pick up a Douay version of the Bible
46:04 or an American Catholic version of the Bible
46:06 and turn to Exodus 20 and read the commandments,
46:09 they'll read just like yours.
46:10 But when you pick up a Catechism
46:15 the picture changes.
46:17 You see the second commandment has been taken out.
46:21 And the third commandment's been pushed up to the second.
46:25 And the fourth commandment up to the third and so forth.
46:28 And they divide the tenth one so they can still have ten.
46:32 But they do something. Listen to this:
46:58 So they took the second one out.
47:00 They moved it up; the fourth commandment became the third.
47:03 And they said that really applies not to the Sabbath
47:07 but to Sunday.
47:09 Uh, I read this next statement a few years ago.
47:14 I couldn't believe it when I read it.
47:17 And so I picked up the phone
47:21 and I called the priest that wrote this statement
47:25 and talked to him personally.
47:27 I want you to listen to the statement.
47:44 Now he's... he's saying this is one of the most revolutionary
47:48 things that's ever been done:
47:49 they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.
47:53 Now listen to what he goes on and says:
48:01 He said there's nothing in the scripture here
48:04 saying they could do this.
48:06 OK?
48:11 Said: "The church did it of their own power. "
48:25 Saturday holy.
48:27 He said: "If you're going to follow scripture...
48:30 you're going to say this is my authority,
48:33 this is what I believe... "
48:34 he said, "then you've got to come back
48:37 to keeping the Sabbath. "
48:38 That's what he's saying.
48:40 Definitely made a change.
48:48 Listen to this...
49:00 And so you find the change was definitely made.
49:02 OK, let's hurry. We've got quite a little bit yet to go.
49:15 This is saying what this beast power is going to do.
49:26 Says that this was going to cause the people...
49:29 was going to enforce it...
49:37 So it says that in order for this to happen
49:40 it has to be enforced by government.
49:44 That's what it says. When it says that he will
49:47 speak and cause that means legislation and enforcement.
49:53 And so at this present time,
49:55 nobody has the mark of the beast.
49:58 It is not being enforced on people.
50:02 But when the day comes that it IS enforced
50:05 and you and I willingly accept it...
50:09 or accept it period...
50:11 then we are receiving the mark of the beast.
50:14 That's what it's saying.
50:16 So how are they going to put teeth into this?
50:18 How are they going to make it happen?
50:20 This is what they're saying, so listen carefully:
50:27 Now who should?
50:54 They say in other words: "It needs to be enforced. "
50:58 It needs to be a requirement.
51:00 We need to close up things on Sunday.
51:04 Listen to one more:
51:20 Now listen to what they're saying here.
51:40 Now, you live in a democracy, right?
51:46 Yeah. And in a democracy who rules?
51:49 The majority.
51:52 OK. So you can think that through right quick.
52:01 So how are they going to enforce that?
52:04 Well, very simple.
52:07 As long as people have money
52:10 you cannot boycott them.
52:13 Did you know that?
52:14 Because if you can't get it at the front of the store
52:16 you can get it at the back.
52:19 But you live in a different time, folks.
52:21 We live in a time of the Internet.
52:25 And you can't use cash on the Internet.
52:30 You have to use what is called "cyber money. "
52:34 You use your card.
52:37 You can take that card and you can trade and buy
52:41 stuff anywhere in the world.
52:43 Did you realize that?
52:44 But all they've got to do is say "don't accept that number"
52:50 and, dear friend, you have been boycotted.
52:53 See, this is how it happens.
52:56 The believers of the last days: what are they going to believe?
53:07 They'll worship the Lord.
53:10 I'm talking to you.. signs, what the believers will do.
53:13 They'll worship the Lord.
53:15 They'll be a small remnant.
53:17 There's not going to be a large group of people, folks.
53:20 The world as a whole is not going to come running
53:23 and join the Lord's side. That's not going to happen.
53:26 They'll believe that salvation is by Jesus alone.
53:30 No other way.
53:32 Justification by faith in Jesus Christ.
53:35 They'll keep God's commandments.
53:38 They'll have the faith of Jesus.
53:42 They'll say: "this is what we believe. "
53:44 Stand with Jesus Christ.
53:46 They'll have God's seal in their forehead.
53:49 And by the way, the seal of God is placed in the forehead...
53:51 it's not placed in the hand.
53:54 So when they get the seal of God, that means that person
53:57 gives mental acceptance to what God says.
54:00 I say: "I'm going to follow what God's Word says.
54:03 I'm going to obey His Word. "
54:04 And they'll uphold God's Sabbath.
54:07 That's what the believers in the last days...
54:11 the days in which you and I are living...
54:12 are going to do just before Jesus comes.
54:15 You and I must place ourselves
54:19 on the Lord's side.
54:21 We need to take the same stand,
54:24 folks, that the apostles of old took.
54:35 That's where we need to stand.
54:37 We need to say: "I'm standing with the Lord.
54:40 Put myself on His side.
54:42 I'm going to follow Him. "
54:44 Hope that you have learned.
54:46 I hope that you have been helped
54:48 with this series on Bible prophecy.
54:50 Folks, stand with God in all that you do.
54:56 A coal miner of old
54:57 would leave his family every day
54:59 and descend into the depths of the earth
55:01 with the certain knowledge that the smallest mistake
55:05 could keep him and others from ever seeing daylight again.
55:09 Walking along in the dark,
55:11 he could only rely upon his feeble oil lamp
55:14 to keep him alive.
55:16 He faced many dangers down there.
55:18 Rockfalls, flooding, fires.
55:21 But perhaps the danger he feared the most
55:24 was the one that he could not see.
55:27 They called it chokedamp or blackdamp:
55:30 an unbreathable mixture of gases
55:33 that could quickly snuff out his life.
55:35 Imagine for a moment the terror he felt when he realized
55:39 he had hit a pocket of blackdamp.
55:42 The sudden drop in oxygen would put out his lamp
55:45 leaving him in terrifying darkness, fumbling in vain
55:49 to relight it before he lost consciousness.
55:53 Then in the late 1800's,
55:56 a bright new light began to shine in the dark world.
56:00 Using marble-sized pellets of calcium carbide
56:04 and a few drops of water,
56:05 this new lamp produced a gas which burned six times brighter.
56:10 Not only did it make his job a whole lot easier
56:13 but it also saved lives.
56:16 You can see this tiny reflector
56:18 could focus that beam of light
56:20 on the roof of a mine so that he could detect dangerous cracks.
56:25 The lamp was also easy to re-light.
56:27 And since it required far less oxygen,
56:30 it could illuminate the way out
56:32 should they encounter the chokedamp.
56:35 What an incredible illustration this is
56:38 of the condition of fallen man.
56:40 After struggling to survive the pitfalls of life,
56:44 he suddenly realizes the danger he could not see
56:47 had left him without hope and gasping for his last breath
56:52 in utter spiritual darkness.
56:54 For him there is no eternal life through Jesus.
56:58 In fact, he may not have ever heard about Him.
57:03 But friends, just as that bright light
57:06 of the carbide lamp saved lives,
57:09 so does the light of the Bible.
57:11 We need the light of God's Word to illuminate the dark corners
57:15 of our hearts. It focuses our attention on Jesus Christ...
57:19 our only hope for salvation.
57:21 And all who read and study it
57:23 are warned about the rockfalls of life.
57:27 That's why we call this series Give Me The Bible.
57:30 We're trying our best to bring the light of God's truth
57:34 to those who are living and dying in despair.
57:37 It's our mission. It's our passion.
57:39 Won't you join us?
57:42 Please consider what you can do
57:44 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:47 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:49 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:03 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:06 to millions all around the world.


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