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00:19 Good evening and welcome to Thompsonville, Illinois,
00:23 and Give Me The Bible
00:25 with Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:27 We've been having this series
00:28 now for... this is the seventh
00:30 month of this series.
00:32 Every month for one week
00:35 on the weekend - Thursday, Friday, Sabbath, Sunday -
00:38 we have an emphasis upon one of the great Bible doctrines
00:43 that we have in God's Word.
00:45 Pastor Cox has been bringing this series to us.
00:48 It's been going around the world
00:50 and I have spoken to people in many countries who have told me
00:55 how much they are enjoying this series...
00:58 and especially right here in the good old
01:01 United States of America.
01:03 And I was just back from Oregon for a Camp Meeting
01:07 and then Arizona, and I don't know how many people told me
01:10 how much they were enjoying Give Me The Bible
01:14 and how much they appreciated the ministry
01:16 of Pastor Kenneth Cox.
01:18 Now tonight we have a real privilege.
01:22 We have the Hinsdale Men's Chorus with us.
01:25 It's under the direction of Arnold Hutabarat,
01:29 and we're so glad that you're here!
01:32 Thank you. We're glad to be here.
01:33 We're going to bring that group on now, and we're going to be
01:36 hearing some music from them in just a moment.
01:39 But I want to talk to you for just a few seconds here
01:43 about tonight's subject.
01:45 Tonight's subject is The Conflict of the Ages.
01:49 In fact, this whole weekend series
01:51 is The Conflict of the Ages.
01:53 And we're going to be looking
01:55 at how there is a great conflict going on
01:59 between God and Satan.
02:01 And in this conflict we know who the one who is going to be
02:06 that's victorious...
02:07 and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
02:11 Listen now as we have the Hinsdale Men's Chorus.
02:31 Amazing grace,
02:35 how sweet the sound.
02:40 That saved a wretch...
02:44 a wretch like me.
02:48 I once was lost
02:53 but now am found.
02:57 I once was blind
03:02 but now I see.
03:10 'Twas grace that taught
03:13 'twas grace that taught
03:15 my heart to sing
03:17 my heart to sing.
03:19 And that same grace
03:21 and that same grace
03:23 my fears relieved.
03:25 my fears relieved.
03:28 How precious did
03:32 that grace appear
03:37 the hour when
03:41 I first believed.
03:50 Through many dangers,
03:55 toils, and snares
03:58 I have already
04:03 safely come.
04:07 'Tis grace that brought
04:12 me safe thus far
04:16 and surely - surely - grace
04:21 will lead me home.
04:25 I shall go home.
04:39 When we've been there
04:45 ten thousand years
04:50 bright shining as
04:55 the glorious sun,
05:00 we've no less days
05:05 to sing God's praise
05:10 than since the day
05:16 we'd first begun.
05:27 Than since the day
05:34 we'd first begun.
05:54 Thank you Hinsdale Men's Chorus. Did you enjoy that?
05:59 Great. We're glad that you enjoyed it.
06:02 We're very happy to have them with us here for this weekend,
06:06 and we hope that as they're here each night
06:09 we'll be treated to some very wonderful music.
06:12 Thankful for that.
06:14 Well... welcome back!
06:16 Those of you who are tuning in
06:18 by television or radio
06:21 or watching it here with us...
06:23 maybe you're here for the first time...
06:25 we just want to say welcome to you.
06:27 We're glad that you're here.
06:28 Those of you that are watching for...
06:31 have tuned back in for the maybe 4th, 5th, 6th time,
06:36 well welcome back. We're glad that you're following us
06:38 as we're going through this series entitled
06:41 Give Me The Bible.
06:43 That's what we want to be concerned about
06:45 is Give Me The Bible.
06:48 You know, it really doesn't make a great lot of difference
06:51 what philosophers have said.
06:54 Doesn't make a great lot of difference
06:56 what wise men have said.
06:58 What makes a great difference is what GOD SAID.
07:02 See? And that's what we want to know.
07:04 And so often we get that mixed up
07:07 and we get to listening to the wrong voice.
07:11 You know... What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
07:14 This my only question be.
07:18 The teachings of men so often mislead us.
07:22 What says the Bible to me?
07:25 That's what we want to find out.
07:27 And tonight's subject particularly we want to...
07:30 I should say this weekend's subject particularly...
07:33 Life in the Son... is an area that many, many people
07:39 don't understand... are confused about.
07:42 And so we hope that you will follow as we go into
07:45 tonight's subject on Conflict of the Ages.
07:48 What is happening there.
07:49 Also then tomorrow night
07:52 the next presentation is entitled:
08:00 A lot of people don't understand that.
08:02 They don't know what the Bible talks about
08:04 when it speaks about a soul.
08:06 That's our next presentation after that.
08:08 And then after that we're going to talk about
08:10 Life in Christ.
08:12 What does the Bible say about life in Christ?
08:16 That'll be our next presentation.
08:18 After that we're going to talk about the subject
08:20 of Spiritualism
08:21 and what is happening in the world today
08:23 concerning Spiritualism and so forth.
08:26 And then we're going to end up this series
08:28 with the subject entitled No More Sin.
08:32 So this is what we're going to look at this weekend.
08:35 We hope you'll be here or be tuning in
08:38 each night as we take a look at God's Word.
08:41 And we thank you for following
08:44 week after week, month after month.
08:46 We're about halfway... or a little over halfway
08:49 through this entire series entitled Give Me The Bible.
08:55 And I hope that as we've gone through it
08:57 it has helped you to pick up your Bible
09:01 and read it... begin to understand what it says,
09:04 what God is talking about, and to build your faith on.
09:07 So God bless you as you continue to study God's Word.
09:11 As I mentioned, we're delighted to have with us
09:14 the Hinsdale Men's Chorus.
09:16 And they're going to be with us all weekend, be singing for us.
09:20 You're going to be blessed in a very, very special way.
09:23 And they're going to sing a wonderful song for us tonight
09:26 entitled Lift Up The Cross.
09:54 The Word of God is powerful.
10:00 As mighty as the sword.
10:06 It pierces through the ages...
10:11 proclaims a loving Lord.
10:19 It speaks of One who sacrificed
10:25 that we might have eternal life.
10:31 His call to us His call to us
10:35 His call to us is just to lift Him up.
10:43 Lift up the cross
10:47 Lift up the cross
10:50 till every eye has seen
10:54 the Lamb of Calvary.
10:56 Lift up the cross
10:59 Lift up the cross
11:02 Lift up the Son of God who died...
11:06 Lift up His cross and lift it high
11:09 till every eye has seen the Lord.
11:16 Lift up the cross.
11:29 The message of the cross of Christ
11:35 is one of peace and hope.
11:40 The power of the cross
11:45 is the sinless blood that flowed.
11:53 How can anyone believe
11:59 the message they have not received?
12:05 A call today a call today
12:08 a call today for us to lift Him up.
12:16 Lift up the cross
12:19 Lift up the cross
12:22 till every eye has seen
12:26 the Lamb of Calvary.
12:28 Lift up the cross
12:31 Lift up the cross
12:34 Exalt the Son of God who died.
12:37 Take up His cross and lift Him up
12:40 till every eye has seen the Lord.
12:45 Lift up the cross
12:48 Lift up the cross
12:51 till every eye has seen
12:55 the Lamb of Calvary.
12:58 Lift up the cross
13:01 Lift up the cross
13:04 Lift up the Son of God who died
13:07 Take up His cross and lift Him up
13:10 till every eye has seen the Lord.
13:14 Till every eye has seen the Lord.
13:19 Till every eye has seen
13:22 the Lord.
13:28 Lift up the cross
13:31 Lift up the cross
13:35 Lift up the cross!
13:44 Amen.
14:01 Heavenly Father,
14:03 tonight we want to lift up
14:07 Jesus Christ.
14:10 Lord, we pray that the words that are spoken
14:15 might hold Him up as the Savior of the world.
14:21 As the Redeemer.
14:23 As the Creator.
14:26 As our Mighty God.
14:29 Give us Your Spirit.
14:33 Fill our hearts.
14:34 May they be open, receptive to Your Word
14:38 and may each of us be drawn into close communion with You.
14:43 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
14:54 Tonight we're taking a look
14:58 at The Conflict of the Ages.
15:02 What is a Soul?
15:06 Look at that and find out what it's talking about.
15:08 But tonight we're taking a look at a conflict that's going on.
15:12 A conflict that started
15:15 centuries ago...
15:17 ages ago... up in heaven.
15:20 A conflict between two powers
15:22 that is going on even to this day.
15:26 And what many, many people don't see and don't understand
15:31 is what's involved in that conflict
15:34 and what's happening there.
15:36 And that's what we're going to take a look at tonight...
15:38 that conflict. We find that there is an angel,
15:42 an angel that was created over and above
15:46 all the angels of heaven,
15:48 and what was to happen there with that angel
15:52 and what he believed and what happened.
15:55 And I want you to listen to his words
15:57 because he says very clearly what his intentions are
16:02 and what he intends to do.
16:04 This is what he had to say:
16:17 Now listen carefully.
16:38 Now if you don't get a picture of what's happening here...
16:41 This angel is talking about exalting himself
16:45 above all the angels of heaven, the stars of heaven.
16:49 When it says that he would have his seat
16:51 on the farthest side of the north
16:54 that represents the very choice spot.
16:58 In other words, we're talking about Israel
17:01 where it was arid and so forth.
17:03 Where it was nice and where it was green was the north.
17:06 And he said "I'm going to sit on the very best side. " Listen:
17:19 Now this was his intentions.
17:22 This is what he intended to do,
17:24 and because of that a conflict has started.
17:30 Now tonight I'm going to begin this
17:34 with an allegory.
17:36 And I hope this allegory will help you in a little bit
17:40 sense what's happening here and what's taking place.
17:43 And so let's take a look at this allegory.
17:47 All of you are familiar with this picture.
17:50 All of you recognize this as the castle
17:55 at Disneyland or Disney World.
17:59 That's the castle there,
18:01 and everybody sees it. In every theme park
18:04 that Walt Disney has built this castle is there.
18:07 This castle is NOT in Disney Word or Disneyland.
18:13 This castle happens to be in Bavaria.
18:18 Germany.
18:19 That's where it's at.
18:21 And it was the original castle
18:24 and Walt Disney duplicated it
18:27 and had it in all of his theme parks,
18:30 because of all the castles in the world
18:32 it's probably one of the most beautiful and symmetric
18:37 of any one that's ever been built.
18:39 But, this castle fits into the story
18:45 of the allegory that I'm sharing with you tonight,
18:48 so I want you to watch as we talk about it.
18:51 Back in the year of 1661 AD
18:55 a young man came to the throne in France.
18:59 His name was Louis XIV.
19:03 About 24 years of age, and at this time
19:07 the nation of France was probably the strongest,
19:11 most powerful nation in all of Europe.
19:16 And so, Louis XIV who took over this power
19:21 set up what he called his Sunrise Kingdom.
19:26 And he became known as the sun king
19:30 because he said there was no place on earth
19:34 where the sun rose
19:36 that it didn't rise on French territory.
19:39 And so he had his famous Sunrise Kingdom
19:42 that he intended to continue to grow until it ruled the world.
19:49 That it was the strongest of all of them.
19:51 And Louis XIV went outside of Paris
19:56 about 10 miles and had a friend that lived there.
20:00 And they went hunting there.
20:03 And he liked the area very well,
20:05 and so he was able to purchase some land in this area.
20:10 And he began to have a lodge there where he could hunt
20:14 and so forth. But as time progressed,
20:16 he began to build some buildings on it.
20:18 And then he got it in his mind
20:22 that he would build a palace there.
20:26 And he built it, and it became known as Versailles.
20:31 And here he built marvelous beautiful buildings.
20:36 I mean, beyond... They're one of the marvels
20:40 of today, folks, when you go to Versailles where he built.
20:44 This became the capitol of France
20:47 and was the capitol of France for many, many years.
20:51 And he built these buildings like this
20:54 that were just absolutely marvelous places.
20:57 And you can go there today and walk through the halls
21:01 of this palace and see the wonderful things that he built.
21:04 The statues, and all the marble, and all that took place there.
21:08 Or you can even go to what is called the Hall of Mirrors
21:13 where you stand and there just doesn't seem to be an end to it.
21:18 Louis XIV intended that his power
21:22 would encircle the earth, and that he was the Sunrise Kingdom
21:26 and this would be his.
21:29 As happens to all men
21:32 as well as to nations,
21:35 they go downhill.
21:37 And he died.
21:39 And France, over time, lost the position that it once held.
21:45 But 200 years later
21:50 1864 AD
21:53 down in Bavaria there is a young man who has become
21:59 the king: the king of Bavaria...
22:03 and his name was Ludwig II.
22:07 Ludwig II saw himself
22:11 as the embodiment of the Sun King.
22:15 And he thought that he now would take over
22:19 and his kingdom would become the Sunrise Kingdom
22:22 and that it would encompass the world...
22:25 and he would be this sunrise king of all.
22:29 And so Ludwig set out to do that.
22:32 He built this castle that you looked at.
22:37 which is called, by the way, New Swanstein.
22:41 New Swanstein Castle.
22:43 And if you go there and visit it
22:46 and walk through it, it's beautiful on the outside.
22:49 It's not very beautiful on the inside.
22:53 It just doesn't strike you that much on the inside.
22:56 But the symmetry of it... the way it is built and all...
22:59 wonderful outside.
23:01 But that really wasn't his intentions of ruling from there.
23:05 He went over to a place called Linderhoff
23:09 and he built his home and palace there.
23:14 And this was his home and palace at Linderhoff.
23:18 Now folks, you've got to remember... this is a man
23:21 who sees himself as the embodiment now of the Sun King
23:27 and that his kingdom's going to rule all the world.
23:30 One problem... he doesn't even rule Germany.
23:33 He just rules Bavaria. That's all he has.
23:37 But this is the way he sees himself,
23:39 and the people of Bavaria thought he was crazy.
23:44 I'm not really sure he was crazy, folks.
23:47 He was enamored with the arts,
23:51 and he spent all of this time in music and art
23:55 and all this kind of stuff...
23:56 and I think the people didn't understand him.
23:58 But he intended to take over everything
24:01 and he built this home... and it's fabulous.
24:04 But you've got to remember that it doesn't even start -
24:08 I mean doesn't even start -
24:10 to be what Versailles was.
24:13 I mean, doesn't even get close.
24:15 But this is one of the fountains out in front of this house.
24:18 You can see. And the gardens around it are marvelous.
24:23 This was the guest room in his palace.
24:28 And this was his bedroom.
24:34 So you can see, this isn't, as far as I'm concerned,
24:37 the work of a crazy man.
24:39 This man had a vision of what the arts were and so forth
24:43 and what he wanted to do.
24:44 But he just was envisioned.
24:48 He was not... he was not financially fixed to do that.
24:52 He didn't have the power to do the things.
24:55 He just lacked all the things that were necessary.
24:57 And he spent so much money doing all this
25:01 that the people had him declared crazy.
25:05 And they arrested him, and they took him
25:09 and were going to lock him up.
25:12 And they had his psychiatrist go with him,
25:15 and they spent the night
25:16 at another palace.
25:19 And I don't know what he did.
25:21 Nobody does.
25:22 But he talked the psychiatrist into going for a walk with him
25:26 and they found him and the psychiatrist drowned in the lake
25:31 the next morning.
25:33 And so no one to this day knows how that happened
25:36 or what happened, you know.
25:38 But his kingdom came to an end.
25:40 OK. Now, I want to talk to you about a special king.
25:46 A King of Kings.
25:49 A king that is over all the others.
25:54 And it says this about Him:
26:10 So here is the King of Kings who created all things.
26:15 It's by His power that they exist.
26:18 It's by His power that you and I breathe tonight.
26:21 It's by His power that this world stays in orbit.
26:24 It's by His power that all the universe operates
26:28 as it should.
26:30 He is the King of Kings.
26:43 So He has the power to create.
26:47 To call things into existence.
26:50 This is all within His hands... what He is able to do.
26:54 He is over all:
27:05 Why? Because He is the God of the universe.
27:10 He's the greatest of all gods.
27:14 But... He created an angel,
27:18 a special angel.
27:22 That angel was over all the angels of heaven.
27:28 Listen.
27:29 This angel said:
27:51 So all of a sudden here you have someone
27:54 who is a created being.
27:58 He's... he doesn't have the power to create.
28:02 He's... he is an angel,
28:07 and yet he has decided that he would be God.
28:13 That he would take God's place.
28:17 Listen to what the Lord says:
28:29 Now here in Ezekiel he's comparing the king of Tyre
28:33 and Lucifer, this archangel.
28:35 So that's what's happening here.
28:37 Watch as he describes him here
28:40 and what he says about him:
28:47 I mean, when He made Lucifer
28:50 he was the ideal of perfection.
28:54 In other words, he's saying you're one of the best
28:58 created things I've ever done.
29:00 You were the seal of perfection.
29:07 In other words, in every way he was perfection.
29:12 He was perfection in wisdom.
29:15 He was perfection in beauty.
29:17 He was perfection in everything that he did.
29:19 Absolutely marvelous... this creation.
29:29 There wasn't anything that God didn't give
29:33 and put to this angel.
29:53 Said: "Everything that I could take
29:57 I gave you and you were absolutely perfect. "
30:00 When it talks about his timbrels and pipes
30:02 it's talking about his voice.
30:04 Must have had a marvelous voice
30:06 that when he spoke it must have been absolutely fabulous.
30:10 And he led the angelic choir.
30:14 Just think of what he did when he sang.
30:17 Absolutely perfect.
30:24 You know what that means?
30:25 It meant that he stood right next to the throne
30:31 of God.
30:47 If you read the scripture,
30:50 when it talks about the fiery stones
30:52 it's talking about the sea of glass.
30:54 It's talking about where God's throne is
30:56 and it talks about the sea of glass and stones of fire there.
31:00 It meant that he ministered or stood there before God.
31:04 He was invited into the very inner sanctum
31:07 of the courtroom of God.
31:10 You were... what?
31:19 Get it clear, folks.
31:25 God created an angel called Satan...
31:30 or later called Satan... but to begin with called Lucifer,
31:34 son of the morning, who was absolutely perfect.
31:39 There was no sin in him.
31:43 He was perfect in every way.
31:45 That's the way God created him.
31:47 That does not mean that when God created him
31:51 that God took away from him his power of choice.
31:55 In fact, if God had taken away his power of choice,
31:59 he wouldn't have been a perfect creation.
32:03 But it was a perfect creation,
32:04 and God granted to this marvelous, marvelous angel
32:08 the ability to choose: to say "yes, " to say "no. "
32:13 He gave him that right.
32:14 So he was perfect from the day he was created
32:19 "till iniquity was found in you. "
32:23 Lucifer, son of the morning, made a decision
32:28 to rebel against God.
32:32 To go the opposite direction.
32:36 Now, this angel that was created so perfect
32:42 just didn't have certain things, folks.
32:47 He wasn't omnipotent.
32:49 Oh, yes, he's powerful...
32:51 but he's not omnipotent.
32:54 He doesn't have all power.
32:56 Never will... never has.
32:59 He lacked that.
33:01 He not only was not omnipotent,
33:04 he was no omnipresent.
33:07 That meant he couldn't be every place at one time...
33:09 although you and I sometimes think he is.
33:13 You know, the devil and all of his imps.
33:16 But nevertheless he's not omnipresent.
33:19 He can't be every place at one time.
33:22 He's also not omniscient.
33:24 He doesn't know all.
33:26 He doesn't have that.
33:28 But let me tell you something. There's something that he lacks,
33:33 that he can't give more than any of those things,
33:38 and that is: he cannot give life.
33:44 He is a created being.
33:47 God made him.
33:49 He does not have the ability
33:52 to give life.
33:54 And keep it clear, folks.
33:56 We live in an age today where they're all the time
33:58 talking about this and all. Let me tell you something.
34:01 Man... man can clone.
34:06 God does not clone... He creates.
34:10 It's a great, great difference there.
34:13 And Lucifer cannot create.
34:17 He cannot give life.
34:19 If you get that clear, you'll begin to see something
34:22 concerning this great conflict that's going on today.
34:26 And because of this, war broke out in heaven.
34:30 Lucifer decided he wanted to be God.
34:34 "I will be like the Most High. "
34:43 Strange!
34:45 You don't think of war in heaven, do you?
34:48 But it broke out in heaven, and that conflict's been going on
34:53 now for thousands of years.
34:59 Said that war broke out there, but the devil and his angels
35:02 did not prevail.
35:07 They were cast out.
35:25 Now let me ask you something, folks.
35:27 When the devil was cast out and he came to this earth,
35:31 do you think that he changed his ambition?
35:37 Do you think he changed what he wanted to do?
35:40 No, not at all.
35:42 He didn't change it.
35:44 He still wanted to be God.
35:48 All right.
35:51 Man fell.
35:55 Man succumbed to his temptation,
35:58 and Jesus Christ came to this earth
36:03 to win back this earth to God.
36:09 Next time you pick up your Bible
36:13 and you read the story of the one lost sheep,
36:19 just understand that it's talking about this world.
36:26 See? And Jesus came to redeem this world
36:30 and to win it back to God.
36:33 And so when He got here,
36:35 one of the first things that the devil did
36:38 was to tempt Him, and to tempt Him on this point.
36:54 Took Him up on this mountain and showed Him
36:57 all the kingdoms... all its glory.
37:12 Let me tell you something, friends,
37:14 He didn't need gold.
37:19 What use does he have of gold?
37:21 He doesn't need silver.
37:24 Has no use for those things.
37:27 He doesn't have any use for position.
37:31 He had all that.
37:33 God gave Him all that.
37:36 What does he want? Worship.
37:40 See? And he said: "I'll give all this to You,
37:44 every bit of it, if You'll just worship me. "
37:50 Of course, Christ said: "Get behind Me, Satan.
37:56 Should worship the Lord, and Him only shall you worship. "
38:02 No one else.
38:08 Let me just tell you something.
38:11 Since that day, the devil has been offering that
38:15 to every individual he can...
38:18 either by lies or by position
38:23 or by money.
38:25 He's offered to mankind, tried to allure them
38:28 into following him.
38:30 And he promises them certain things
38:34 if they will just follow him.
38:37 "I'll give you this if you'll worship me. "
38:41 Let's go back.
38:45 Well let me look at this. It says here:
39:04 Folks, put it down.
39:06 Quit, you know... there's no truth in the devil.
39:10 That's never there.
39:21 OK. Watch what happens here because it... it's a tremendous
39:27 move to try to take care of one thing.
39:31 And Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden...
39:35 And God told them... He said: "You can have anything
39:40 here in the garden you want.
39:42 Just of this one tree you can't eat. "
39:46 And the devil said: "Can you eat of all the trees
39:52 here in the garden? "
40:11 Now she told the serpent... She said:
40:13 "The Lord made it clear we're not to touch this tree
40:15 or eat of it. If we do, we're going to die. "
40:18 Listen to his words:
40:27 I don't know if you're catching what's here.
40:31 You see, the devil can't give life.
40:37 He can't create; he can't give life.
40:41 so the ideal way to take care of that
40:44 is to tell you you'll never die.
40:49 That you have life within yourself.
40:51 And God tried to make that very clear.
40:54 I mean, God answers this question, folks.
40:57 I mean clearly answers
40:58 this question. Watch:
41:14 Said: "Man has eaten of this tree.
41:17 He's like one of us. He knows good now
41:19 and he knows what evil is,
41:20 lest he put out his hand and take of this tree
41:23 and live forever... " Watch:
41:41 God said: "Not going to let man eat of this tree
41:46 and live forever. "
41:50 See, man does not have life within himself.
41:56 Just doesn't have it.
41:59 That is a deception of the devil.
42:06 Today the market is full of books
42:12 that tell you that you do.
42:14 These are just a few books I picked up.
42:16 Look at them.
42:19 Life After Death.
42:21 Ghosts Among Us.
42:25 After Death, Life!
42:28 All these books that you can just pick up that tell you
42:31 when you die, you really don't die.
42:35 That there's life after death.
42:38 You're going to continue to live.
42:40 You are... this book... these books will tell you
42:43 that you have an immortal soul.
42:47 That you cannot die,
42:49 you just change existence.
42:50 The media is full of this stuff.
42:54 I mean, look at this. This is just a couple
42:59 of the movies... one that's playing right now
43:03 is called Demons and Angels or Angels and Demons.
43:07 Tom Hanks. The whole thing is about
43:10 the fact that you don't die, you go on living.
43:14 Or there's others that you can read there:
43:16 Better Off Dead. Snow Angels.
43:19 Those are all about being able to live after you die.
43:23 In fact, we even have whole... whole series
43:29 of things on television about this.
43:31 You'll recognize some of these
43:32 like Buffy the Vampire Slayer
43:37 or the one Touched by an Angel.
43:39 All those teach that.
43:42 Folks, we have just come through a period of time
43:48 when Michael Jackson died.
43:51 And if you have watched television,
43:55 you have seen the media say over and over and over
44:00 how he's not dead.
44:02 How he's now leading the angelic choir up in heaven
44:05 one person said, or how he's doing this.
44:08 Talks about all these things.
44:10 Folks, this is not what the Word of God says.
44:13 It just doesn't teach that.
44:16 It teaches that you and I are mortal.
44:20 That we are subject to death.
44:23 What I'm trying to get across to you
44:26 is life is found only in Jesus Christ.
44:32 You don't have it any other way.
44:36 Only in Christ.
44:38 This is what is says about God:
44:52 It says that God alone has immortality.
44:59 Nobody else.
45:00 Lucifer does not have immortality.
45:03 He's subject to death.
45:07 He doesn't have it, and he can't give you life.
45:13 Just can't do that.
45:15 Therefore, if you're going to go through this old world -
45:21 and I don't care who you are,
45:25 sometime you're going to face the question
45:31 that you're going to die.
45:34 Life's going to come to an end.
45:37 And then, where do you stand?
45:43 See? Who do you have?
45:47 "He that hath the Son hath life. "
45:51 "He that hath not the Son of God does not have life. "
45:57 Just not there.
46:14 Does not say in scripture
46:16 that you and I have an immortal soul
46:19 that cannot die. It says it CAN die.
46:23 Life is given to us in Jesus Christ.
46:30 And I have talked to many, many people
46:34 who have their hopes built
46:39 on a false assumption... on a lie
46:44 that the devil told
46:45 centuries ago...
46:47 believing there was life
46:49 within ourselves. No!
46:52 Listen. This is what it says is going to happen to Lucifer.
46:56 This is what happens to him.
47:11 Because he sinned, because he rebelled against God,
47:15 he was cast out of the mountain of God.
47:26 He said: "I threw you out... I destroyed you. "
47:34 And I mean folks, you can't put into words
47:38 and you and I can't imagine the beauty of this being.
47:42 OK?
48:09 Get the picture. He said:
48:12 "brought fire from your midst" - right out of you -
48:24 Man, when I was a young person and I read that text
48:28 and I learned that text, that brought great relief to me.
48:32 Because my mother... even though she - you know,
48:37 didn't intend to do anything other, but - you know -
48:42 as a kid I'd be playing and I'd probably get into some mischief
48:46 and she'd say: "Kenneth, behave yourself. "
48:48 You know? And I probably listened to what she said
48:54 but there were some times I was really interested
48:56 in what I was doing and I continued doing it.
48:59 And then she would say to me:
49:01 "Kenneth Otto. " Well then I knew,
49:05 you know, I'd better listen
49:08 when she would say: "You stop that! "
49:11 Well, probably 99 times I stopped.
49:15 But there was a few times that
49:18 I just... I was just really fascinated with what I was doing
49:24 and didn't want to stop and so I didn't stop.
49:27 And she would say to me: "Young man,
49:30 if you don't stop that
49:32 the devil's going to take care of you. "
49:35 Well, when I got older that bothered me.
49:40 I mean, I got into trouble over that because
49:42 I got to thinking when I was older:
49:45 if you don't obey, then God's going to give you to the devil.
49:50 And... and are you telling me that God and the devil
49:53 are in cahoots?
49:54 Boy, that really got... gave me problems.
49:57 I couldn't - you know - when I read that
50:00 where it said he was going to be turned into ashes
50:04 man, that answered the question for me right then and there.
50:07 He's not going to be around any more.
50:09 He doesn't have immortality.
50:10 He's going to be put to an end.
50:13 He's going to come to his end. He will be no more.
50:17 Going to end it.
50:32 Never again. He'll be destroyed; won't be.
50:36 And then, dear friends, there won't be this thing
50:40 of a conflict going on down through the ages.
50:43 That will come to an end.
50:58 Listen to what they're doing here, folks.
51:16 All those things will be given to Him.
51:19 Why? Because He is the King of Kings.
51:23 He's the Lord of Lords.
51:25 He holds in His hands the power to give life.
51:30 He can do that.
51:33 No one else. He alone has immortality.
51:38 Never again will there be sin.
52:03 How wonderful that'll be!
52:05 God will dwell with us.
52:08 There won't be such a thing as death.
52:12 That'll be gone.
52:30 This is what God will do for you and for me
52:35 if we just reach out in faith.
52:38 Accept Christ, folks. He came; He died.
52:41 He'll put an end to this conflict that's been going on
52:45 for eternity... all through time.
52:51 God shall "wipe away all tears; "
52:57 There's no death,
53:00 no pain, nor fears;
53:04 And they count
53:07 not time by years,
53:11 For there is
53:15 "no night there. "
53:22 Let us pray.
53:24 Father in Heaven,
53:26 As we see this conflict
53:30 that's been going on,
53:33 the rebellion that took place,
53:36 Lord may we tonight
53:39 settle the question in our own hearts
53:42 and place ourselves squarely upon your side.
53:48 That we will walk with You, follow you.
53:54 To know that in You we have hope,
53:59 we have life. That this isn't the end of it.
54:03 That there's a much, much better world in store.
54:08 May each one of us reach out in faith,
54:12 take hold of the promises of God,
54:15 and walk with You day by day.
54:17 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:25 Well our next presentation is entitled
54:28 What is a Soul?
54:31 Because many, many people don't understand
54:36 what's involved in a soul.
54:37 They've been told many, many
54:40 different things about
54:41 what's involved in a soul.
54:43 So we're going to take a look at what a soul is,
54:46 how the scripture refers to it, what it talks about
54:49 concerning that. So... and hope it will help you
54:53 put together what has happened here
54:56 so that as you read the scripture
54:59 you begin to see and understand
55:02 what God's talking about and how this all comes together.
55:05 Because you're going to find
55:07 that God simply does some marvelous things
55:11 in our lives and in us
55:13 that helps us day by day
55:16 to look to Him for guidance and direction.
55:18 So we appreciate you being here.
55:20 We hope you'll continue to tune in and be with us.
55:23 Those of you that are watching by television,
55:26 listening to it on the radio, or are here with us tonight,
55:30 may God bless you.
55:31 And we hope that you'll have a great day.
55:33 Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ, folks.
55:36 These are times in which we are living
55:39 where men and women - above any other time -
55:42 need to stay close to the Lord.
55:43 May God bless you.
55:45 Have a great evening.
55:46 Take care of yourself. Good night.
55:50 You can find them everywhere.
55:53 In every city, town, out-of-the-way place.
55:56 In some areas, they're more plentiful than gas stations.
56:00 Small and large. Modern, old-fashioned.
56:03 Millions of them exist all over the world.
56:07 We're talking about churches, of course.
56:09 Houses of worship.
56:10 They stand as a testament to the hunger for truth
56:14 that's built into the heart of every man, woman, and child.
56:18 But truth cannot be found in a building.
56:21 In fact, churches are homes to millions
56:25 who still don't know Jesus.
56:27 And that means they don't know the truth.
56:30 In John 17:17
56:33 Jesus prayed to His Father asking that His followers
56:37 not be taken out of the world
56:39 but that the Father protect them and sanctify them
56:42 by the truth.
56:44 Then Jesus said: "Your Word is truth. "
56:48 Think about it.
56:50 "Your Word is truth. "
56:52 But friends, just reading the Bible is not enough.
56:56 Knowing the truth without a relationship
56:59 is like an empty church building
57:01 without people to give it life.
57:03 It's knowledge of God's law
57:05 without power to live up to it.
57:08 To be a true Christian
57:09 we must have a relationship with the author of truth.
57:13 By beholding the One to whom the Bible points
57:17 we are changed into His likeness.
57:20 In John 14:6 Jesus says:
57:23 "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
57:27 No one comes to the Father except through Me. "
57:30 That's why we're doing this series:
57:32 so you can develop a wonderful relationship
57:36 with the author of truth, Jesus Christ.
57:39 With your help, we can bring the truth to the world.
57:43 Please consider what you can do
57:45 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:48 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:50 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:06 to millions all around the world.


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