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00:20 Well it's a great pleasure to welcome you
00:23 to Give Me The Bible with Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:27 And this is a series that has been continuing
00:30 every month, five nights...
00:32 or four nights and one Sabbath morning...
00:35 throughout the entire year
00:37 of 2009. And we're so happy
00:41 that you could join us time after time.
00:44 All around the world
00:45 we've been hearing from people.
00:47 I talked this morning even to Florida,
00:49 and I've heard from Texas.
00:51 And we've heard from other countries
00:53 about how much they're enjoying this fantastic program
00:58 by Pastor Cox: Give Me The Bible.
01:01 This is where we emphasize the Bible once again...
01:04 the trues of the Bible.
01:06 And today Pastor Cox is going to be speaking on
01:09 Life in Christ.
01:12 And you know there's a lot of concern about that.
01:15 What happens? Because we're talking about eternal life.
01:18 When do we receive eternal life?
01:19 When will we know that we're going to live forever
01:24 and that we will never ever again face death?
01:28 So he's going to be looking at that subject from God's Word,
01:32 because God's Word has the answers
01:35 to all of these questions. But before he comes,
01:38 we're going to enjoy some music from the Hinsdale Men's Chorus
01:42 under the direction of Arnold Hutabarat.
01:46 And they're going to be singing for us
01:48 He Never Failed Me Yet.
02:03 I will sing of God's mercy.
02:08 every day, every hour He can be found.
02:13 I will see Him next to me
02:18 for all the dangers, toils, and snares
02:20 that He has brought me out.
02:22 He is my God, and I'll serve Him
02:27 no matter what.
02:31 Just stand - never doubt.
02:34 Jesus will surely bring you out.
02:37 He never failed me yet.
02:41 I will sing of God's mercy.
02:45 every day, every hour He can be found.
02:50 I will see Him next to me
02:55 for all the dangers, toils, and snares
02:58 that He has brought me out.
02:59 He is my God, and I'll serve Him
03:05 no matter what.
03:08 Trust and - never doubt.
03:11 Jesus will surely bring you out.
03:14 He never failed me yet.
03:19 I know God is able
03:23 to deliver in time of storm.
03:28 and I know that He'll keep you
03:32 safe from all earthly harm.
03:37 One day when my weary soul is at rest
03:42 I'm going home to be forever blessed.
03:47 Trust and never doubt.
03:49 Jesus will surely bring you out.
03:52 He never failed me yet.
03:56 I will sing of God's mercy.
04:00 Every day, every hour, He can be found.
04:05 I will see Him next to me
04:10 for all the dangers, toils, and snares
04:13 that He has brought me out.
04:14 He is my God, and I'll serve Him
04:20 no matter what.
04:23 He said: "Trust and never doubt. "
04:26 Jesus will surely bring you out.
04:29 He never failed me yet.
04:34 I know that He delivered
04:38 Moses from king Pharaoh.
04:42 Didn't He cool the fiery furnace
04:47 for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?
04:52 When I think of what my God can do...
04:56 He delivered Daniel,
04:59 I know He will deliver you.
05:01 Trust and never doubt.
05:04 Jesus will surely bring you out.
05:06 He never failed me yet.
05:10 I will sing of God's mercy.
05:15 Every day, every hour He can be found.
05:19 I will see Him next to me
05:24 for all the dangers, toil, and snares
05:27 that He has brought me out.
05:28 He is my God, and I'll serve Him
05:34 no matter what.
05:37 He said: "Trust and never doubt. "
05:40 Jesus will surely bring you out.
05:42 He never failed me yet.
05:48 He never failed me... He never failed me yet.
05:52 He never failed me... He never failed me yet.
05:56 Trust and never doubt.
06:00 Jesus will surely bring you out.
06:03 He never failed
06:07 me yet.
06:16 Thank you. Thank you, marvelous!
06:20 And welcome to all of you to Give Me The Bible.
06:22 We're glad to have you here.
06:24 Hope that you're being blessed
06:27 this morning in a special way.
06:28 I certainly am.
06:30 And we are just glad that you are here today.
06:33 And as we take a look at God's Word
06:35 see What says the Bible,
06:38 the blessed Bible?
06:39 This my only question be.
06:43 The teachings of men so often mislead us.
06:46 What says the Word of God to me?
06:49 That's what we want to find out:
06:51 what does God's Word say?
06:53 And so this particular week
06:56 we're taking a look at a subject entitled Life in the Son.
07:00 Life in Jesus Christ.
07:03 What does the Bible tell us about that?
07:05 What are the things that we face?
07:07 What are the different things that come to play
07:09 concerning life in Jesus Christ?
07:12 And our presentation today
07:14 is entitled Life in Christ.
07:17 Now we talked about the conflict between two powers that go on,
07:23 and we find that there is a great, great difference
07:27 in those two concepts.
07:29 And we talked about that in the first presentation.
07:32 And then we talked about what is a soul.
07:34 What makes a soul?
07:36 What brings it about?
07:38 How does it all fit together?
07:40 And then of course today we're going to take a look at
07:42 Life in Christ.
07:44 So we hope you'll be blessed.
07:46 Our next presentation after this one is on Spiritualism.
07:53 Because there has been a tremendous rise
07:56 in Spiritualism until today, dear friends,
07:59 it has permeated everything.
08:01 And so you and I need to be very much aware
08:05 of what's involved here in the subject of Spiritualism.
08:09 So that's what our next presentation will be about.
08:11 But this morning we're talking about Life in Christ.
08:16 And I hope that you can see and understand
08:19 that in Him, and in Him alone,
08:22 do we have life. No other place...
08:26 but only in Jesus Christ.
08:28 This weekend we've been particularly blessed
08:31 in a very special way
08:33 of having the Hinsdale Men's Chorus with us
08:36 under the direction of Dr. Arnold Hutabarat.
08:40 And we... I've enjoyed them immensely.
08:43 I hope you have.
08:45 They're going to sing for us one of my favorite songs
08:48 entitled What a Friend We Have in Jesus.
09:23 What a friend we have
09:29 in Jesus.
09:35 All our sins and griefs
09:41 to bear.
09:47 What a privilege
09:52 to carry
09:58 everything
10:02 to God in prayer.
10:10 Oh, what peace we often
10:15 forfeit,
10:20 and oh, what needless pain
10:25 we bear - pain we bear.
10:31 All because we do not
10:36 carry
10:42 everything to God
10:47 in prayer.
11:03 Have we trials
11:06 and temptations?
11:12 Is there trouble
11:15 anywhere? Any trouble...
11:20 We should never... We should never
11:24 be discouraged.
11:30 Take it to the Lord
11:34 in prayer.
11:39 Can we find a friend
11:43 so faithful?
11:48 Who will all our sorrows
11:52 share? Sorrows share...
11:57 Jesus knows our every
12:01 weakness.
12:06 Take it to the Lord
12:11 in prayer.
12:22 Take it
12:24 to the Lord
12:29 in
12:31 prayer.
12:33 Take it to the Lord
12:39 in
12:43 prayer.
13:10 Our Father in Heaven,
13:12 we come to You this morning
13:16 first Lord, to say thank you.
13:20 Thank you for being willing
13:26 to let Your Son, Jesus Christ, come to this old earth
13:32 and make a way that each one of us could have life.
13:39 As we look at what has happened and what takes place
13:44 give us understanding this morning.
13:48 May the Holy Spirit fill us and may we see
13:54 as we have never seen before
13:57 what You have done, and that indeed
14:02 life is found only in You.
14:05 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
14:14 This morning I want us to go to a Bible verse
14:17 that I consider to be one of the
14:20 most outstanding verses
14:23 in all the Bible.
14:25 A very simple verse...
14:26 but very, very clear and very, very direct
14:31 because it puts thing exactly in perspective as they are.
14:37 It's a text that all of you are aware of...
14:40 all of you know.
14:41 And it just simply says this:
14:52 Uh, you know, it just makes it very, very clear.
14:56 There's two things there... the wages of sin is DEATH.
14:59 That's gonna happen.
15:00 Or, as a result of what Christ did,
15:04 we can have LIFE in Jesus Christ... one or the other
15:08 it puts it there. God has never had a problem, folks,
15:12 in making Himself clear.
15:14 I... I don't understand because I run onto people that
15:20 seem to think that God has a problem communicating.
15:23 God doesn't have a problem communicating.
15:26 He makes it clear.
15:27 With our very first parents, Adam and Eve,
15:31 He was crystal clear in what He had to say.
15:53 Clear?
15:54 I mean, clear as can be.
16:05 No if, and, buts about it.
16:08 Right there: if you do it, you're going to die.
16:11 And they chose to do it.
16:15 That's as simple as can be.
16:18 They chose to eat of the tree that God told them
16:21 "If you eat of it, you're going to die. "
16:24 And as the result:
16:38 And so death spread upon the whole human race
16:42 because we have sinned.
16:45 And because we have sinned, the wages of sin is... death.
16:50 Plain. Simple. Not hard to understand.
16:54 I don't have to be in doubt.
16:56 I can know exactly what God is saying.
16:59 Therefore, if I am a sinner -
17:04 which we all are -
17:06 then the wages of sin for that is... DEATH.
17:13 And because the wages of sin is death,
17:17 I have to face that.
17:20 I have to pay that price...
17:23 unless... somebody paid it for me.
17:29 "But the gift of God is eternal life
17:34 in Jesus Christ our Lord. "
17:38 So the question comes up that if I die,
17:41 is there life after death?
17:45 Now there's a lot of people that want to tell you
17:48 that when you die you really don't die...
17:53 you just change existence.
17:58 You just change into a spirit.
18:02 I've never got very excited about that
18:06 to tell me that I'm some invisible spirit
18:08 floating around on an invisible cloud
18:11 playing an invisible harp that makes an inaudible sound.
18:14 I don't get very excited about that. See?
18:17 But the scripture just simply says
18:19 that if you sin, you die.
18:22 That's it right there.
18:24 Life after death? Only as God promises.
18:30 You see, the opinion of most of the world today
18:34 is that when you die you go to one of two places.
18:36 You go to heaven or you go to hell.
18:38 That's it.
18:40 I mean, if you attend a funeral service
18:43 almost invariably, I don't care how bad the person was,
18:47 they put 'em up in heaven.
18:49 Talk how this person's gone to heaven and all this.
18:53 But we need to take a look and see exactly what
18:57 the scripture tells us
18:58 about what happens to a person when they die.
19:02 One thing we need to be clear about, folks,
19:06 is that Jesus Christ
19:08 has the power to give life.
19:14 You remember the experience of Lazarus.
19:17 And Jesus, Mary, Martha walked out to the tomb
19:22 and He told them "roll away the stone. "
19:25 And they rolled it away, and...
19:33 And Lazarus came out of that grave.
19:36 He had the power to call Lazarus from the grave.
19:41 So He has the power to give life to you and to me.
19:45 He is the only one...
19:49 He is the only one that has that power.
20:09 No one else... just Him.
20:19 This is Jesus Christ.
20:22 This is God that offers to you and to me
20:26 an alternative to destruction, to death:
20:32 He offers us life.
20:35 Death... when a person dies...
20:41 Do they experience such things as joy?
20:46 Sorrow? Pain?
20:50 Can the dead see?
20:52 Hear? Taste? Touch? Smell?
20:57 Do they have access to all those senses?
21:01 Just what does it tell us
21:03 happens to a person when they die?
21:06 Do they know anything?
21:09 Well, let's look at some scriptures.
21:11 Job asks a question... he asked that question. He says:
21:20 Job says: "he dies,
21:22 breathes his last... and then where is he? "
21:25 Well, he goes on and answers it.
21:38 What?
21:49 He says a person dies...
21:52 that's it.
21:54 They don't rise from their sleep.
21:56 They are asleep. They don't know anything.
22:02 Let's look at another one...
22:03 Ecclesiastes 9:5:
22:10 All of us are aware of that.
22:12 If you are not aware of that,
22:17 probably a good thing to do if you've never done it
22:21 is just take a walk through a cemetery
22:25 and just look at the dates on the tombstones.
22:32 And you'll find that death is no respecter of persons.
22:36 It doesn't make any difference how old you may be
22:42 or how young you may be,
22:44 death is something that happens to all of us. OK?
22:48 So it says the living - very much - know that...
23:11 So, they die.
23:15 There is no memory in the grave.
23:19 That doesn't happen.
23:21 That person doesn't have that.
23:24 None of the senses are there.
23:26 David, in the Psalms, laid it out step by step
23:32 very clear what happens and what takes place
23:35 to a person in death.
23:45 88th Psalm if you want to follow.
24:22 Question: shall the dead rise up and praise You?
24:33 Said: Is the people that have died in the grave...
24:36 are they going to know anything about Your loving-kindness?
24:39 Are they going to be aware of this?
24:42 And shall You be praised from the grave?
24:51 No. None of those things happen.
24:54 The dead know NOTHING.
24:57 There's no senses there.
25:00 There's no feelings.
25:02 That person doesn't know ANYTHING.
25:06 Let me tell you, folks.
25:08 Just because something...
25:10 How should I say?
25:12 feels good
25:13 it doesn't make it right.
25:16 Are you following me?
25:19 I've asked people, "Well, why do you believe that? "
25:23 And they said: "Well, it feels good. "
25:26 No. That's not reason for it to be true.
25:31 Just because it may help me emotionally
25:36 or help my feelings does not make it right.
25:40 The dead: they don't know anything.
25:45 They're asleep in the grave.
25:48 In fact, it tells us:
26:02 All those days I'm going to wait
26:04 until my change comes.
26:07 And I will be changed as He describes.
26:10 But that person in the grave is going to wait
26:14 until that day comes.
26:16 Death the Bible describes as a sleep.
26:22 It's the way it talks about it: it's a sleep.
26:25 It does not say that it's something
26:28 that a person will never wake up from.
26:30 But it says it is a sleep.
26:33 They don't know anything.
26:37 Just like when you go to bed
26:38 and you haven't eaten a large supper, a large dinner,
26:43 and you sleep soundly. You don't dream.
26:47 How quick does morning come?
26:49 I mean just like that.
26:52 You just... you don't know anything.
26:54 Next thing you know, you're awake.
26:57 Night has passed.
26:59 No... nothing took place there
27:03 that you were conscious of.
27:15 I'm... as I have read the scripture... I'm very,
27:20 very thankful to God for His love and His mercy...
27:24 and particularly in this subject.
27:27 That He loves us; He's merciful.
27:31 He's kind to us.
27:32 Because when my wife died
27:35 and I had small children
27:39 I would never have been able to have rest, folks,
27:44 if I would have thought that she
27:46 was aware of what we were going through.
27:50 You know, how could... how could I have felt that?
27:55 I can remember sitting on the bed with those two children,
27:58 arm around each one of them and all of us crying our hearts out.
28:02 How could she enjoy something like that up in heaven?
28:08 No. God is loving. God is merciful.
28:12 God is kind.
28:14 And it just simply says that person doesn't know anything.
28:18 They are asleep,
28:21 and they remain that way until the Lifegiver comes.
28:34 No. He's saying the sleep that the dead are in:
28:37 that's not going to go on and on and on.
28:40 But we are going to sleep until the change takes place.
28:49 This is about Jesus talking to His disciples about Lazarus.
28:54 He said:
28:59 Said: "Lazarus is sleeping. I'm going to go wake him up. "
29:02 They thought that Jesus was talking about taking a nap.
29:07 That's what they thought, see?
29:10 And... 'cause they respond to that...
29:18 They said: "If he's sleeping, You ought to leave him alone.
29:21 You ought to just let him sleep,
29:22 because if he sleeps, he'll get well. Don't disturb him. "
29:37 Then listen, Jesus is very clear:
29:45 So... no question.
29:47 Compares death to a sleep.
29:50 And a person is asleep...
29:52 And fortunately I can die
29:56 with full assurance
30:00 that I have life in Jesus Christ.
30:04 See? I've lived, folks, all these years
30:09 and I've lived them with faith in Jesus Christ.
30:14 I believe in Him.
30:16 I trust Him.
30:18 I accept Him wholeheartedly in every way.
30:23 Then why shouldn't I trust Him in death?
30:29 Sure. I can face death with absolute assurance
30:34 that in Jesus Christ I have life.
30:39 I'll come forth.
30:41 And all of us... As you read through the Bible,
30:44 Paul talks about that over and over.
30:46 How that he had the promise, he had the hope
30:49 in Christ that he would come forth.
30:52 So those that are asleep in Jesus will come forth.
30:57 It says here:
31:05 Marvelous!
31:12 Those that have died trusting in Jesus Christ,
31:17 looking to Him... they're going to awake.
31:21 And they're going to awake to everlasting life.
31:25 That He will give to them.
31:38 Now folks, God is the only One -
31:43 the only One - that promises in this book
31:49 eternal life.
31:51 Nobody else.
31:53 You can't find it in the scripture promised any other way
31:58 than in Jesus Christ.
32:01 Only in Christ is there eternal life.
32:04 And so if you and I accept Him into our hearts,
32:08 then we receive eternal life.
32:12 OK? I want you to get clear here.
32:17 When do I receive eternal life?
32:21 Got to get you clear.
32:26 When do I receive eternal life?
32:30 The very moment I accept Jesus Christ.
32:36 The very moment that I accept Jesus Christ
32:40 I receive eternal life.
32:43 I receive it by what means?
32:46 By faith.
32:48 I accept Him and I have eternal life
32:52 because He has promised to give us eternal life.
32:56 So I receive it when I accept Him.
32:58 When do I... or you...
33:01 receive immortality?
33:04 Yeah, I receive immortality at the resurrection
33:10 when the change takes place.
33:13 Clear?
33:15 That's when it happens is when the change takes place.
33:18 So Jesus will call those people from the grave
33:24 and they will receive immortality...
33:28 eternal life.
33:37 Marvelous text.
33:39 Ask yourself this morning...
33:42 Do you know the voice of your Master?
33:46 Do you know it?
33:49 Do you take time to listen
33:54 every day?
33:57 Does His voice come through
33:59 to you above all the din of the noise and everything else
34:03 that you hear the Master's voice to you each day?
34:07 And you know it?
34:10 And you follow Him, see. You walk with Him.
34:26 Marvelous, marvelous scriptures, folks.
34:29 Says I'll give you eternal life.
34:34 Nobody... nobody can snatch you
34:38 out of His hand.
34:41 I mean, if you want to feel secure,
34:45 I don't know what you need more than that.
34:47 That nothing... He'll give you eternal life
34:51 and there is absolutely nothing that will take you
34:54 out of His hand.
34:57 Just doesn't do that. Cares for you.
35:02 Gives to you eternal life.
35:16 In other words, he says: "Tell me what I need to do
35:19 to inherit eternal life. "
35:22 Do you know what you need to do to inherit eternal life?
35:26 Hmmm?
35:27 Make sure you go to church every week.
35:32 Huh?
35:34 Well now, don't misunderstand me...
35:36 going to church is very, very important.
35:39 But what do you have to do to inherit eternal life?
35:45 Listen:
36:00 If you want eternal life, dear friend,
36:03 then you must believe in Jesus Christ.
36:06 That's how you get eternal life.
36:09 It doesn't come any other way.
36:11 And I have told you this as we've talked down
36:14 through these series...
36:15 Dear friends, there is nothing you can do
36:20 to improve or to help the plan of salvation.
36:27 Salvation is totally and completely of God,
36:32 and you and I can't do anything to improve it.
36:36 All that I can do is simply accept
36:42 what Jesus Christ has done for me.
36:46 That's all I can do.
36:47 If I... believing by faith... I reach out and accept
36:52 what He has done for me, I believe in Him.
36:55 And because I believe in Him
36:58 He gives you... or He gives me... eternal life.
37:03 This is the promise that's made
37:09 to you and to me.
37:28 Contrasting those two again.
37:31 If you believe in Him, you're not going to perish.
37:34 Dear friend, what a marvelous, marvelous promise of hope!
37:38 That you can reach out in faith and believe in Jesus Christ
37:42 and you will not perish.
37:45 I don't know how some of you have found it,
37:49 but it seemed like to me, folks,
37:54 that the time between 50 and 70
38:00 was two days.
38:04 I mean... just like that and it was there. See?
38:09 What I'm trying to tell you is
38:12 the best you want to look at it, folks, life is short.
38:15 And if all there is is this old world
38:21 and there's nothing more,
38:23 then, boy, you and I have been cheated.
38:28 But fortunately, Jesus said
38:33 there's a lot more to it.
38:35 There's a lot more to it. "I'll give you eternal life,
38:40 and I'll give you eternal life where there is no more sin.
38:45 Where there is no more death. Where there is no more pain.
38:49 I'll give that to you
38:51 if you will believe in Me. "
38:55 That's what Jesus said. "If you'll just believe in Me,
38:59 I'll give that to you and you can have life. "
39:21 Oh I hope today that there's none of you here
39:25 that don't believe in Jesus Christ.
39:30 I hope those of you who are watching by television
39:33 or listening on the radio
39:36 that you'll understand and that you see
39:39 that you can have hope. That you can have life in Jesus Christ.
39:45 If you just reach out in faith and accept Him,
39:48 He'll give you eternal life.
39:52 That's offered to you totally and completely
39:57 free.
40:00 Did you hear me?
40:02 It's offered to you totally and completely free.
40:07 All that you are required to do
40:12 is to believe in Him.
40:17 To believe in Him.
40:21 And if I believe in Him, He gives to us eternal life.
40:35 A marvelous scripture again, folks.
40:46 How marvelous. It says if we believe in Him
40:50 we shall not come into judgment
40:53 "but has passed from death into life. "
40:57 "There is therefore now no condemnation
41:02 to those who are in... " what?
41:06 "Christ Jesus. "
41:08 Will not come into judgment but have passed
41:11 from death unto life
41:14 by believing in Jesus Christ.
41:30 What do I have to do to inherit life?
41:51 You're catching the picture here...
42:08 I have to be willing, if I believe in Jesus Christ,
42:14 to put it all in His hands.
42:18 You see, dear friend, if you're going to say
42:22 "I believe in Jesus Christ but I just don't trust you, "
42:26 that doesn't work.
42:29 God says: "Trust Me. "
42:31 And when He says "trust Me, "
42:32 that means in everything.
42:35 That means in houses,
42:37 that means in land. That means wife; that means children.
42:43 totally, completely...
42:44 because He's the One that has life.
42:48 I can remember I was holding a meeting, and this lady
42:52 was coming to the meeting and she faced the question
42:55 of her employment interfering
42:59 with her worship of the Lord.
43:02 And... and the folks that were visiting her asked her
43:07 about it, and she said "No, " she said "I can't do that. "
43:11 And I went out and visited with her,
43:15 and we talked about what the scripture said.
43:17 There was no question that she believed in Jesus Christ;
43:20 no question that she had given her heart to Him.
43:24 And so when I asked her about her employment
43:28 and how it was interfering with what the scripture said
43:30 about her worship and all, she said:
43:32 "Oh, I can't do that. "
43:35 And I said: "I'm having a hard time understanding. "
43:40 And she said: "What... what do you mean? "
43:43 And I said: "Well, you've just told me you love the Lord
43:46 and you tell me you believe what it says.
43:48 That you're willing to follow what it says,
43:49 but when it comes down to the actuality of it
43:52 you're not willing to do that. And I'm having a hard time
43:55 putting this together. "
43:56 And she said: "Brother Cox, you don't understand. "
43:59 And I said: "No, I don't. What don't I understand? "
44:03 And she said: "I have cancer. "
44:05 And she said: "The only insurance I have
44:09 is with my employer.
44:11 And if I lose my job,
44:15 I'll lose my insurance.
44:21 You see, we're down to the place where the rubber
44:26 meets the road... if you under- stand what I'm talking about. "
44:30 And I said: "When you
44:34 accepted Jesus Christ
44:37 you accepted Him for life and you accepted Him for death.
44:42 I can't... I can't do it half-way.
44:47 I have to do it all the way.
44:49 I accept Him for life; I accept Him for death. "
44:54 She thought about that for a bit and she said: "OK. "
44:58 And she went to her employer.
45:00 They gave her Sabbaths off no problem
45:03 and she could... you know.
45:05 But what I'm trying to say, folks,
45:07 is I just can't go part way.
45:10 I either believe in Him or I don't.
45:12 And He says if you do, then at the end
45:17 when the change comes I'm going to give you
45:19 eternal life. I'm going to give you immortality.
45:49 So I go to sleep.
45:52 And dear friend,
45:54 there is no time in the grave.
46:00 See, that person who died
46:04 five thousand years ago
46:07 and that person who died today
46:10 the coming of Jesus Christ will be like that.
46:14 There is no time there.
46:17 So I just simply close my eyes
46:20 and I will open them to hear the voice of the Maker...
46:25 to hear the voice of Christ
46:27 calling His people from the grave.
46:29 That's what He gives to you and to me.
46:44 All those who have died in Christ will rise first.
47:06 You see what you and I need to make absolutely sure
47:10 is my faith in Him is strong. That I believe in Him.
47:14 Because if I lay down my life on this old earth
47:18 one thing for sure
47:20 is I want to come out in that first resurrection.
47:24 That's where I want to come out.
47:26 I want to hear the voice of the Lifegiver
47:29 call and come forth.
47:31 I've told people over the years many times
47:34 A lot of people say "Oh, I just want to live
47:36 until Jesus comes. "
47:38 I'm not sure I do.
47:39 I'm... I'm not sure that I want to miss the resurrection.
47:44 I'm not sure that I do.
47:47 Think about that.
47:48 What a marvelous experience that will be!
47:51 Call. The voice of the Lifegiver.
47:54 And those graves are going to open...
47:56 the people are going to come out.
47:57 I want to be part of that first resurrection.
48:00 I don't want to be in the second one.
48:03 Don't want to be there.
48:16 How many in the grave will hear His voice?
48:18 ALL. Get it clear.
48:20 Not just the righteous but the righteous AND the wicked.
48:23 All will hear His voice and come forth.
48:37 That's the first resurrection.
48:39 They're going to come out of the grave.
48:42 They're going to be given immortality.
48:47 They're going to live through the ceaseless ages of eternity.
48:52 They're never going to die.
48:55 That's going to be given to them
48:57 because of what Jesus has done
49:02 for you and for me.
49:14 All the wicked will be called forth from the grave.
49:19 Great, great difference in these two resurrections, dear friend.
49:24 The first resurrection here will be a resurrection in which
49:29 all those that come forth from the grave
49:33 will have put on immortality.
49:38 This corruptible will have put on incorruption.
49:41 Do you understand what that means?
49:43 That means if you died without one arm
49:48 you'll be resurrected with both of them.
49:50 That means if you died a cripple,
49:53 you'll come out whole.
49:56 It means that your body will be made back like it was...
50:00 in perfect condition.
50:02 "This corruptible shall put on incorruption. "
50:04 That's what happens in the first resurrection.
50:08 Second resurrection: NO!
50:11 Doesn't promise that.
50:13 Those that come forth in that second resurrection
50:16 they're going to come out of that grave
50:18 just like they went into it.
50:22 You see, your hope
50:24 must be in Jesus Christ.
50:38 Boy, that's going to be wonderful.
50:39 "We shall all be changed... "
50:54 How wonderful
50:57 that we'll be changed... made perfect.
51:02 You ever think about that?
51:04 Made perfect.
51:06 Ladies, there'll be no more wrinkles.
51:09 There'll be no more spots.
51:11 There'll be no more things that are imperfect,
51:15 but every individual will be absolutely perfect.
51:18 They will be changed into His likeness.
51:22 Not for a day.
51:24 Not for 5 or 6 years... as long as Botox will take care of it.
51:31 But for eternity
51:33 that person will be changed!
51:36 Throughout the ceaseless ages.
51:39 I can't even comprehend that.
51:41 Through the ceaseless ages of eternity
51:43 that person will be changed.
52:13 And Jesus is going to come
52:15 and when He comes He's going to shout.
52:17 And not only will He shout, but He's going to say these words:
52:28 He said He's going to shout out across this earth:
52:41 Oh dear friend, how wonderful,
52:44 how marvelous, will be the glad tidings
52:48 when Jesus calls all the dead from the grave.
52:58 The mossy old graves
53:03 where the pilgrims sleep
53:06 shall be opened
53:10 as before.
53:15 And the millions that sleep
53:19 in the mighty deep
53:23 shall live on this earth
53:28 once more.
53:32 He's coming!
53:35 Coming! Coming soon, I know.
53:40 Coming back to this earth
53:45 again.
53:49 And the weary
53:54 pilgrims
53:59 will to glory go
54:02 when the Savior
54:06 comes to reign.
54:14 Friend, are you ready to meet Jesus?
54:19 Are you going to be one of those pilgrims
54:22 that will welcome Him
54:25 and find life in Jesus Christ?
54:30 All you have to do
54:33 is believe.
54:36 Give your heart to Him.
54:37 Surrender it to Him.
54:39 Believe...
54:41 and He will give to you eternal life.
54:46 Let us pray.
54:47 Father in Heaven,
54:49 we thank you.
54:51 We thank you for making it possible
54:54 that we, too, can have life eternal in You.
55:00 Lord, may our hearts be open.
55:04 May they be soft.
55:08 May the Holy Spirit speak to each one today
55:14 that's listening by radio or watching on television
55:18 or here in the audience
55:20 that if they do not know Christ as their Lord and their Savior
55:26 we ask at this very time
55:29 they'll surrender their hearts to You.
55:32 We thank You for guiding and directing and leading our lives
55:37 and that in You we can have life eternal.
55:41 This we pray in Your name.
55:45 May God bless you. Have a great day.
55:48 Look for you in the next presentation.
55:52 You can find them everywhere.
55:54 In every city, town, out-of-the-way place.
55:58 In some areas, they're more plentiful than gas stations.
56:02 Small and large. Modern, old-fashioned.
56:05 Millions of them exist all over the world.
56:08 We're talking about churches, of course.
56:10 Houses of worship.
56:12 They stand as a testament to the hunger for truth
56:16 that's built into the heart of every man, woman, and child.
56:20 But truth cannot be found in a building.
56:23 In fact, churches are homes to millions
56:26 who still don't know Jesus.
56:29 And that means they don't know the truth.
56:32 In John 17:17
56:35 Jesus prayed to His Father asking that His followers
56:39 not be taken out of the world
56:41 but that the Father protect them and sanctify them
56:44 by the truth.
56:46 Then Jesus said: "Your Word is truth. "
56:50 Think about it.
56:52 "Your Word is truth. "
56:54 But friends, just reading the Bible is not enough.
56:58 Knowing the truth without a relationship
57:00 is like an empty church building
57:02 without people to give it life.
57:05 It's knowledge of God's law
57:07 without power to live up to it.
57:10 To be a true Christian
57:11 we must have a relationship with the author of truth.
57:15 By beholding the One to whom the Bible points
57:19 we are changed into His likeness.
57:22 In John 14:6 Jesus says:
57:25 "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
57:29 No one comes to the Father except through Me. "
57:32 That's why we're doing this series:
57:34 so you can develop a wonderful relationship
57:38 with the author of truth, Jesus Christ.
57:41 With your help, we can bring the truth to the world.
57:45 Please consider what you can do
57:47 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:50 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:51 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:06 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:08 to millions all around the world.


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