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00:19 Good evening and welcome to
00:21 Give Me The Bible with Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:24 We're coming to you live
00:26 from the 3ABN Worship Center
00:28 right here in Thompsonville, Illinois.
00:32 And we're so happy that we could join you tonight
00:35 and that you could join with us.
00:37 And we're going to be looking at a very important subject
00:41 involving Spiritualism and is there life after death.
00:46 When I was a young boy in the third grade,
00:48 my teenage sister was killed
00:51 in an automobile accident.
00:53 And it was at that time that well-meaning relatives
00:58 came to my mother.
00:59 And they said they had been in a séance
01:02 and they had spoken with my sister.
01:04 And that she wanted very much to talk to my mom and to my dad.
01:09 They prayed about that.
01:12 It was a very big temptation
01:13 because they didn't really know truly what the Bible said.
01:16 But as they went to the Bible and looked at it,
01:20 my mother came back with the answer
01:23 that God is the One who knows what happens to the dead
01:28 and the Bible gives the answer.
01:31 And you see, because she knew that answer
01:34 she did not fall into that temptation.
01:36 And tonight Pastor Kenneth Cox
01:38 is going to be sharing with you the very same answer
01:42 that my mother received when her only daughter
01:46 was killed in that horrible, tragic accident.
01:50 Now tonight we're going to have a wonderful time
01:55 studying God's Word with Pastor Cox.
01:58 But just before we do that, the Hinsdale Men's Chorus
02:01 is going to sing for us Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me.
02:15 Rock of Ages,
02:20 cleft for me.
02:24 Let me hide
02:28 myself in Thee;
02:33 Let the water and the blood,
02:39 From Thy wounded side which flowed,
02:45 Be of sin the double cure,
02:51 Saves from wrath
02:54 and made me pure.
03:00 Not the labors of my hands
03:05 can fulfill Thy law's demands;
03:10 Could my zeal no respite know,
03:14 Could my tears forever flow,
03:18 All for sin could not atone;
03:23 Thou must save
03:27 Thou must save
03:32 Thou must save
03:37 and Thou alone.
03:47 Though I draw
03:52 this fleeting breath,
03:56 When my eyes
04:01 shall close in death,
04:05 When I rise to worlds unknown,
04:11 and behold Thee on Thy throne,
04:18 Rock of Ages,
04:23 Rock of Ages,
04:26 Rock of Ages,
04:29 cleft for me,
04:33 Let me hide
04:38 Let me hide
04:44 Let me hide
04:48 myself in Thee.
04:53 Let me hide
04:55 myself in Thee.
04:59 Let me hide
05:06 myself
05:08 in Thee.
05:14 Rock
05:16 of Ages.
05:32 Amen!
05:33 Well, we're very happy to welcome all of you
05:36 again this evening. Glad you're here.
05:39 We hope that you'll be blessed
05:40 in a very, very special way.
05:43 Welcome to Give Me The Bible.
05:45 Give Me The Bible is a series that we are conducting
05:49 that goes all year long.
05:51 And each month we cover a different subject.
05:55 And this month we're taking a look at Life in the Son.
05:59 Life in Jesus Christ.
06:01 We talked about that in the last few presentations
06:05 about Life in Jesus Christ
06:07 and how that you and I, by believing and accepting Him,
06:12 have that privilege
06:13 of receiving life in Jesus Christ.
06:16 So we're glad that you're here.
06:18 We hope it's blessing you.
06:19 Those of you that are watching by television
06:22 or listening by radio
06:23 or you're visiting with us here tonight,
06:25 we hope that these subjects will be clear.
06:28 Help you understand. And that will help you
06:31 in your relationship with Jesus Christ
06:33 and your understanding of God's Word.
06:36 Our next presentation
06:38 and our last one in this particular series is entitled:
06:44 That will be a wonderful day
06:46 when there won't be sin any more.
06:49 It'll be forever gone.
06:51 That's what we're going to look at
06:53 as to how God intends to wrap everything up at the end
06:58 with no more sin. So we hope you'll be sure
07:02 and either watch us by television or tune in by radio
07:05 or be back with us tomorrow evening as we talk about
07:09 No More Sin.
07:10 Tonight we talk about the subject of Spiritualism.
07:16 We're going to see what has happened...
07:18 what the Bible has to say about this idea
07:21 that people have that you can communicate with the dead
07:26 or you can talk to spirits.
07:28 What does the scripture tell us about that?
07:30 And what kind of an influence has it had upon the world?
07:35 And so we're going to look at the question of Spiritualism
07:37 tonight. We hope that it will help you see clearly
07:41 what God's Word has to say.
07:44 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
07:47 This my only question be.
07:51 The teachings of men so often mislead us.
07:55 What says the Word of God to me?
07:58 That's what we want to find out.
07:59 So we hope that you're being blessed.
08:02 I'm being blessed in a marvelous way
08:04 by having the Men's Chorus here.
08:07 The Hinsdale Men's Chorus under the direction
08:11 of Dr. Arnold Hutabarat.
08:13 And we just pray that you have been blessed as much as I have.
08:17 They're going to sing tonight
08:19 a wonderful song entitled You Lift Me Up.
09:07 When I am down, and oh my soul's so weary,
09:14 When troubles come
09:18 and my heart burdened be.
09:22 Then I am still
09:26 and wait here in the silence
09:30 until You come
09:33 and sit a while with me.
09:38 You raise me up
09:41 so I can stand on mountains.
09:46 You raise me up
09:49 to walk on stormy seas.
09:53 I am strong
09:56 when I am on Your shoulders.
10:01 You raise me up
10:04 to more than I can be.
10:37 You raise me up
10:39 so I can stand on mountains.
10:44 You raise me up
10:46 to walk on stormy seas.
10:51 I am strong
10:54 when I am on Your shoulders.
10:58 You raise me up
11:01 to more than I can be.
11:10 You raise me up
11:13 so I can stand on mountains.
11:17 You raise me up
11:20 to walk on stormy seas.
11:25 I am strong
11:28 when I am on Your shoulders.
11:33 You raise me up
11:35 to more than I can be.
11:40 You raise me up
11:43 so I can stand on mountains.
11:48 You raise me up
11:50 to walk on stormy seas.
11:55 I am strong
11:58 when I am on Your shoulders.
12:02 You raise me up
12:05 to more than I can be.
12:16 You raise me up
12:21 to more than I
12:25 can be.
12:38 Amen!
12:58 Our Gracious Father,
13:00 Tonight we come to You
13:05 asking, Lord, that we might understand.
13:10 That we might not be deceived.
13:14 That our hearts may be open to Your Word
13:19 and that we might be focused upon You and You alone
13:24 and that we might understand
13:26 that life is found in You and no one else.
13:31 And that we might not be led astray.
13:35 Because, Lord, there's so many voices out there...
13:39 so many voices that are beckoning for the floor
13:43 wanting our attention.
13:45 May we stay completely and totally with You
13:51 in all that we do.
13:52 Send Your Spirit to be with us tonight.
13:55 Bless us we pray in Your name, Amen.
14:04 I'm going to go back to a text that was in the
14:08 last presentation. And I'm going there because
14:13 God's Word is very emphatic.
14:16 It doesn't make any exception.
14:20 It just states it plainly,
14:22 completely, and it makes it absolutely clear what God says.
14:27 And I want you to look at it. It says this:
14:41 I mean, God is very, very clear here.
14:45 He says the dead don't know anything.
14:57 This emphatic statement by God
15:01 smacks absolutely against
15:05 the whole concept of Spiritualism.
15:08 I mean, it goes directly against that.
15:11 And you need to be very, very clear in your understanding
15:16 of God's Word in your heart and in your soul
15:19 what God's Word says and teaches.
15:22 And then we'll take a look at the counsel God gives us
15:26 concerning that of Spiritualism.
15:29 Listen to what He says here:
15:47 See, He's asking a specific question.
15:49 He said: "If they tell you to go to someone
15:51 who is a medium - who says that they can communicate
15:55 with the dead... " Said: "Should they?
16:00 Should they be seeking the dead on behalf of the living? "
16:04 Listen to His words:
16:20 God said: "The dead KNOW NOTHING. "
16:26 That's the law of the testimony: "THE DEAD KNOW NOTHING. "
16:30 Therefore I don't have to go any farther.
16:34 The scripture says don't go to these people.
16:36 Don't seek them.
16:38 But we live in an age... we live in a day
16:41 in which this has become very, very prevalent.
16:45 I mean, more than many people have any idea
16:49 how prevalent it is.
16:52 And so we're going to try to take a look at it.
16:56 This is what God says...
17:10 God is saying if these people who claim to be able
17:14 to tell the fortune... to tell the future...
17:16 If these people that can tell you what's going to happen,
17:19 if they can help you in any way, He said, "stand up. "
17:24 But they can't.
17:26 There's nothing they can do to help you.
17:31 They can't tell what's going to happen in the future.
17:35 They are not capable of that, folks.
17:39 And therefore we should not be led astray by them.
17:43 We need to be clear what God's Word has to say.
17:48 The children of Israel carried down into Egypt...
17:54 Listen to what it says here:
18:05 So they were carried down to Egypt and they spent
18:08 430 years in Egypt.
18:12 Now folks, you have no concept
18:16 of what happened and what took place there in that 430 years,
18:21 let me tell you. Because they're living
18:23 in a very, very different environment
18:27 than what they had been in.
18:30 Goes on:
18:43 Now it says that they left the land of Egypt after 430 years.
18:47 For 430 years they have been indoctrinated
18:53 into what the Egyptians believed.
18:56 Listen to the counsel God gives them.
18:59 There's a reason for this.
19:03 God's saying of all the children of Israel -
19:06 And do you know how many of them
19:08 came out of the land of Egypt? -
19:11 Well about a million and a half of them.
19:14 So when they came out of the land of Egypt
19:16 He said:
19:24 Are you getting the picture?
19:26 This is things that happened in Egypt.
19:44 He said: "None of these things must be among you.
19:48 They... they're not to be there. "
20:01 Said: "All these people have done this;
20:03 you are not to do this. "
20:06 You see, the Egyptians worshiped the dead.
20:12 That's who they worshiped was the dead.
20:15 This what was called the Book of the Dead.
20:17 I don't know if you can follow it there,
20:19 but if you'll see it... This is a picture
20:23 that shows the progress of this particular Pharaoh.
20:27 And you'll find that it talks about the Pharaoh.
20:30 You can see the man has him by the hand,
20:32 and you see the scales there?
20:34 Those scales are weighing his life...
20:37 whether he has done good or how he has lived and so forth.
20:41 And if he has measured up,
20:44 if he's lived up to what is required of him there,
20:48 then he passes through that veil that you can see there
20:52 and he becomes a god.
20:55 That's what happens.
20:58 So they worshiped them.
20:59 And so when you go down to such places as
21:03 Luxor, Karnak,
21:05 and go down through the Valley of the Kings and the Queens
21:08 and you can see these huge burial places they had for them,
21:13 this is where they worshiped them.
21:17 And the children of Israel not only did that
21:20 they were required to build some of these places.
21:24 And the Egyptian people worshiped the dead.
21:28 That's who they believed in. They worshiped the dead.
21:31 God understood that they had had 430 years of this.
21:37 And therefore He takes definite steps to make sure
21:42 they do not worship the dead.
21:44 And He offers things in scripture that many people
21:48 don't understand. Listen:
21:56 Boy, that's pretty severe.
22:09 God put that requirement there
22:12 because the Egyptians worshiped the dead
22:15 and God didn't want the Israelites in any way
22:18 worshiping the dead.
22:20 And so He made it clear that when somebody died
22:24 that was the end of that person:
22:29 And He said it was over there
22:31 and that they couldn't go there and worship them
22:34 or do anything like that.
22:36 This was a requirement that God made.
22:39 But Israel had a hard time with this.
22:41 You remember the time when they got out there
22:43 in the desert and Balaam and Balak...
22:49 You remember Balak was the king of Moab;
22:51 was very concerned about them and all?
22:53 And he hired Balaam to come and bless... curse them, actually.
22:57 And when he tried to curse them
22:59 well he blessed them.
23:01 And that didn't work very well.
23:04 But Balaam told them there was a way to take care of that.
23:07 Listen to what he had them do:
23:14 This was one of their gods, the Moabites' gods.
23:24 I mean, he understood that if he couldn't curse them
23:28 maybe he could get them to go against the Word of God.
23:39 Some 20,000 of them died
23:42 because they went contrary to the Word of God
23:46 worshiping the dead or sacrificing to the dead.
23:51 So the scripture makes it clear that you and I
23:54 are not to do that. If you want to just start
23:56 down through and take a look,
24:00 pagan religions have worshiped the dead.
24:04 This is a picture from Africa
24:07 and their worship of the dead there.
24:11 And I can remember when we held a meeting
24:13 over in Zambia.
24:15 And I can remember preaching one night.
24:19 And as I was preaching, all of a sudden I could hear
24:22 these blood-curdling screams going on behind me.
24:28 I didn't have any idea
24:30 what in the world was going on back there.
24:32 But they have a room back there,
24:36 a building where they had prayer... met.
24:40 And there was a woman
24:41 coming to the meeting
24:42 who was a witchdoctor.
24:44 And she had come to the meeting
24:47 night after night
24:49 and wanted to be delivered.
24:51 And they had her back there praying with her
24:53 during the meeting. And you never heard such sounds
24:56 and screams and all going on in your life
25:00 that took place there as the devil
25:02 I mean fought them hand in hand
25:04 refusing to let her go.
25:07 And finally after much prayer she was released.
25:12 And as I walked out that night
25:15 there smoldering in the fire
25:18 was her charms that she had used in witchcraft.
25:24 But Africa-born pagan religions
25:28 are full of worship of the dead.
25:32 This is something that they believed in.
25:34 Something that they followed.
25:35 You got place after place...
25:37 The thing that bothers me, folks,
25:39 is they have taken that and brought it into religion
25:44 and they've mixed it with religion.
25:47 I was shocked when I was in Haiti
25:51 and watched the voodoo priest
25:55 who practiced voodoo would go from the very place
26:01 where he was practicing voodoo
26:03 and walk to the church to worship.
26:06 Mixing the two together.
26:09 No. That isn't the way it is.
26:12 You go to Asia... and it, too, the people there
26:17 worship the dead.
26:18 They sacrifice to the dead.
26:21 This is one of their shrines
26:24 where they worship the dead.
26:26 God just tells you and I
26:28 that we cannot communicate with the dead.
26:35 The American Indian.
26:37 I have been to their hogans
26:42 where they worship their ancestors,
26:46 chew their peyote,
26:49 have visions,
26:52 and worship the dead.
26:54 This we find over and over and over throughout pagan religions.
27:01 We do things that we don't even - how should I put it? -
27:05 we don't even realize what's going on.
27:08 Did you realize that cathedrals are graveyards?
27:15 Did you know that?
27:17 That cathedrals are graveyards?
27:18 That's what they are.
27:20 If there isn't people buried in a cathedral,
27:25 it's not a cathedral.
27:26 That's one of the requirements for it to be a cathedral
27:31 is people have to be buried in it.
27:32 And they go there in worship of the dead.
27:38 We... we've taken and brought all those pagan beliefs
27:42 and we've brought them right into our worship.
27:45 And God says: "No, this is an abomination to the Lord. "
27:51 The United States was basically free
27:57 from this influence. It... it just didn't have much
28:03 of this kind of influence in the United States.
28:06 And the reason it didn't is because our forefathers
28:09 that came over and established our country
28:11 were God-fearing men and women.
28:13 And they believed the Word of God
28:16 and they built this country based on the Word of God.
28:20 And it was free from this
28:22 until about the middle of the 1800's.
28:27 1843.
28:31 There were some girls called the Fox sisters...
28:34 Kate, Leah, Margaret.
28:39 Just heard a thumping on the floor.
28:44 Couldn't explain where it came from.
28:48 They listened to it.
28:51 And one night out of a prank
28:56 one of them thumped on the floor
29:00 and it answered.
29:03 And they knocked on the floor twice
29:06 and it knocked back twice.
29:11 Then they began to ask it questions.
29:15 Asked it to tell them how many times
29:18 or to knock on the floor how many times
29:20 Kate snapped her fingers.
29:22 And it responded.
29:25 And then they said: "Knock on the floor and tell me
29:29 how old I am. "
29:30 And it knocked back their age.
29:34 And those girls set up a means of communication
29:38 with that. They called this spirit
29:40 that they communicated with, they called it the split-foot...
29:45 meaning the devil.
29:47 That's who they communicated with.
29:50 And thus you have in our country, in the United States,
29:53 the inroad of Spiritualism in here, and people began
29:57 to experiment with this, folks.
30:00 And you begin... you go back and you read
30:02 and you find that they began to set up séances and all this
30:06 all across the United States.
30:08 And people were going to these séances
30:10 and they were trying to communicate with the dead.
30:13 Very interesting thing was happening at this time.
30:18 There was a magician at this time.
30:23 One of the most famous magicians that the world has ever known.
30:27 A tremendous man with great, great ability.
30:33 His name was Harry Houdini.
30:37 The strange thing about that, folks, is
30:40 Harry Houdini disapproved of what they were doing.
30:44 He said: "This isn't right. "
30:47 He made it clear that what he did
30:50 was totally trickery.
30:52 That it was sleight-of-hand;
30:54 that it wasn't anything supernatural about what he did.
30:58 He was just pulling the wool over your eyes.
31:00 That's all he was doing.
31:02 And he made that very, very clear.
31:04 In fact, President Roosevelt back then,
31:07 Teddy, asked him and he said: "No, this is nothing but
31:09 hocus pocus. You're just being fooled.
31:12 There's nothing supernatural about this. "
31:14 And because he didn't believe in it
31:18 and didn't accept it, he would go to their séances
31:21 and would disprove what they had done
31:24 and show that it was trickery.
31:26 And he did that so much
31:29 that they hired a football player.
31:33 And he walked into the hotel where Harry Houdini was
31:37 and he was sitting there in the lobby reading a newspaper
31:41 and this young man walked over and spoke to him,
31:45 and Harry Houdini stood up.
31:47 And when he stood up, that young man hit him
31:50 in the stomach as hard as he could hit him.
31:53 Ruptured his spleen and killed Harry Houdini.
31:59 But Harry Houdini told his wife:
32:01 "There is no such thing as communicating with the dead.
32:07 And if there is, I'll come back. "
32:10 And he hasn't come back, folks.
32:13 See? But this is something that we find that people
32:17 believe and accept to this day by great, great numbers.
32:21 And it spread all across the country.
32:24 One of the men who has written a lot about this
32:26 is a man by the name of Arthur Hill.
32:28 Listen to what he says:
32:52 That is Spiritualism.
32:53 That is what they teach is that you can communicate
32:56 with the dead... that you can talk to them.
32:58 In fact, he went on and said this:
33:08 What I'm trying to tell you tonight
33:10 is that is contrary to this book.
33:13 You know, I don't have to play with that.
33:18 I don't have to deal with that.
33:19 I've got God's Word.
33:21 I've got a clear "Thus saith
33:23 the Lord" and I can stand on that.
33:25 And let me tell you something,
33:27 it won't let you down.
33:29 Won't let you down.
33:33 So we find that Spiritualism had a tremendous rise
33:36 in this country.
33:38 A couple of people that gave great rise to it
33:41 was one by the name of Edgar Cayce.
33:44 As I drive over here each month
33:47 I go by - not through it but by it - Hopkinsville.
33:53 This is where Edgar Cayce lived.
33:58 Taught. And really it was the work of Edgar Cayce
34:03 that brought about what is taught today as channeling.
34:07 And if you don't understand channeling,
34:10 channeling is where a person believes that a spirit -
34:14 a departed spirit -
34:16 comes in and takes possession of you.
34:19 And sometimes they write
34:23 or sometimes they'll type a typewriter.
34:26 Or today a computer.
34:28 They work through that person, that spirit does.
34:31 Now I want to make something clear.
34:34 I'm not trying to say, folks,
34:36 that there's no such things as spirits...
34:40 because I believe there is.
34:43 You see, the Bible talks about spirits.
34:46 And it talks about good ones and it talks about bad ones.
34:50 OK?
34:52 The spirits that you and I are faced with
34:55 are that of fallen angels
34:58 not departed loved ones.
35:00 Understand?
35:02 And therefore these imps,
35:05 these fallen angels,
35:08 they do many things. And people take that as
35:12 believing that that is a departed loved one
35:16 and they hold to that.
35:19 No. Alice Bailey...
35:21 Alice Bailey, a British woman,
35:26 wrote. And it was her writings
35:30 that has brought about what we
35:32 know today as the New Age Movement.
35:36 She wrote this back in 1948.
35:39 And it just continued gaining popularity
35:42 until here a few years ago... 1980's...
35:48 all of a sudden we were immersed in something
35:51 called the Age of Aquarius.
35:54 And this is nothing, folks, but New Age Movement
35:58 and nothing but believing that this is spirits
36:03 that you and I can communicate with and talk with.
36:06 This is what the whole New Age Movement is about.
36:08 Let me tell you something.
36:10 The New Age Movement moved across all lines.
36:15 What I mean by that is the New Age Movement
36:19 went into paganism.
36:22 It went into Islam.
36:26 It went into Christianity.
36:28 It went into all different religions
36:31 and it brings that together.
36:35 But there is one common thread
36:38 that runs all the way through all of those.
36:41 You know what that is?
36:43 Immortality of the soul.
36:46 That you can talk to the dead.
36:50 All of them hold to that.
36:52 But we live in a time where the New Age Movement
36:56 has come in, and people have read it
36:59 and many people follow and believe it.
37:02 It has affected Hollywood
37:04 in a very, very definite way.
37:08 Probably one of the foremost advocates of it
37:12 is Shirley MacLaine.
37:15 She claims that she channels.
37:19 That the spirits come into her
37:22 and that she writes as they guide and direct her.
37:25 She's a very, very strong advocate of this.
37:30 Listen to what she says:
37:48 Nobody ever dies,
37:50 they just change form.
37:53 There's things happening today, folks.
37:57 Don't be fooled.
37:59 Right now there is a DVD
38:02 that's being circulated across the United States.
38:06 Thousands and thousands of people are listening to it
38:09 and being duped.
38:11 It's been given emphasis by Tom Cruise
38:15 and by Oprah Winfrey.
38:17 They are the ones that have given emphasis to it,
38:21 and it strictly teaches - if you want to look at it,
38:26 and I don't advise it -
38:27 but it teaches Scientology.
38:31 Now let me tell you something about Scientology.
38:34 Scientology is idolatry.
38:40 Let me explain.
38:42 Scientology is idolatry.
38:46 And the reason it is the highest form of idolatry
38:51 there is is because it teaches self-worship.
38:55 It teaches that you are a god.
39:02 This is what is happening today,
39:04 and that is being circulated all across the country
39:08 and millions of people are watching them
39:10 and being told that they are a god
39:15 and that they need to don't pay any attention
39:19 to anything but themselves.
39:22 You have motion pictures. You have books.
39:25 The Harry Potter series has gone across this world.
39:29 And the terrible thing about it, folks,
39:32 is this is books that our young people read.
39:37 Movies that they watch.
39:38 And so we're bringing up a whole generation,
39:42 I mean a whole generation,
39:44 that has been taught that this is something they can do.
39:47 That they can communicate and talk with the dead.
39:51 This is the kind of thing that we're faced today.
39:55 Doesn't make any difference.
39:58 If you go over to India...
40:00 India, they just teach a very simple thing
40:05 called reincarnation.
40:08 You cannot believe in reincarnation
40:13 unless you believe in the immortality of the soul.
40:18 You have to believe that in order for reincarnation
40:22 to make any sense. It won't work.
40:24 Let me show you a painting.
40:26 This is a painting of reincarnation.
40:29 If you can see what's happening here,
40:32 people are being born
40:36 coming out there on the left-hand side of that screen
40:38 and they're dying... and they're going down in there.
40:44 And then they're going across this river
40:46 and they're coming out on the other side
40:48 as cows and horses and different animals.
40:54 They're being reincarnated into an animal.
41:01 You know... That's the reason, folks,
41:05 that you have the poverty that you have in India.
41:11 Because of this.
41:12 They worship animals; they worship cows.
41:17 And the reason it brings about the poverty
41:21 and the degradation is there...
41:23 is because it doesn't lift up man,
41:25 it tears them down.
41:29 Never forget... I walked into one of their places of worship
41:35 here in the United States... one of their buildings.
41:38 And we were standing there
41:39 and this gentleman came over
41:41 and started talking to us
41:43 and trying to explain to us
41:45 reincarnation.
41:48 And I listened to him
41:50 and I said: "Well, I don't understand
41:54 why you... you worship the animals and cows
42:00 and so forth. I don't understand that because you're telling me
42:03 that if I don't live a good enough life
42:06 and I die, I might become a bug. "
42:11 You know. "If I was bad enough, I might be
42:15 turned into an insect.
42:17 And if I was, wouldn't it be helpful to me
42:21 if you just stepped on me
42:22 and that way I might become something better? "
42:26 Well he didn't want to accept that type of reasoning,
42:29 but, you know... This is the thing that we find
42:34 so prevalent in the world today.
42:37 The assumption of Mary.
42:41 Now folks, before I talk about the assumption of Mary
42:45 I want to make it clear that I believe
42:49 that Mary was a very special woman.
42:54 I believe that she was the mother of my Lord
42:58 and so I will always consider her a very, very special woman.
43:04 But I also must recognize
43:08 that she was human
43:11 and that she had faults just like the rest of us have.
43:17 I cannot take her - as has been done -
43:21 and put her in a position
43:24 where she never should have been.
43:29 At the assumption of Mary in which they believe...
43:32 When was it? 1914? Somewhere like that?
43:36 that she was taken to heaven.
43:37 And they believe that she was taken to heaven
43:41 and that she's up in heaven now.
43:44 And then in 1950,
43:49 they had the coronation of Mary.
43:52 They made her the Queen of Heaven.
43:57 They at that time said that she was taken to heaven
44:01 without seeing death.
44:04 She was taken to heaven without seeing death
44:08 and now she is the Queen of Heaven.
44:11 I want you to listen to this, folks, because this is
44:14 statements that they believe and they teach.
44:19 I don't think you can read that print at the bottom.
44:23 But since you can't read it, I'll read it to you.
44:27 It says: Mary, our Redeemer.
44:31 OK? Says: Mary, our Redeemer.
44:36 That's what it's talking about.
44:38 It also says that she is
44:41 the provider of all grace.
44:47 That Mary's the one who provides all grace.
44:51 And then it also says that she is our advocate.
44:55 That we have to come to her before we can come to Christ
44:59 or to God
45:00 and that she is our Redeemer.
45:03 No!
45:06 That's not in line with scripture at all, folks.
45:09 How prevalent is this?
45:12 Fatima.
45:15 Do you understand
45:17 that 15 to 20 million people
45:22 every year go to Guadalupe, Mexico,
45:26 to Fatima?
45:28 That's just one place in the world.
45:32 There's other places where they go by 5, 6, 7,
45:36 8 million people that go there
45:40 hoping that there will be some aspiration of Mary
45:43 that they can see or that they can be involved in
45:47 in the worship of Mary.
45:50 I'm sorry.
45:53 The scripture says that Mary died.
45:58 It says that all of us die.
46:02 She was a human being; we all die.
46:05 And she had to find in her son, Jesus Christ,
46:11 salvation...
46:12 just like you and I must find salvation in Him.
46:17 That's the way it has to come; no other way.
46:20 We can't take her and make her
46:25 into our Redeemer.
46:27 Or we can't take her and make her into the one
46:30 who provides grace
46:32 for us. NO!
46:34 She was a very, very special person... will always be that
46:40 without any question that she was a human being
46:45 like the rest of us.
46:59 70 million in this country
47:03 believe it's possible to communicate with the dead.
47:08 No wonder you have such a rise of this in the world today.
47:13 Time after time I have people refer to the question
47:17 of King Saul and the witch of Endor.
47:20 And they want to bring this up as a sign
47:24 that you can communicate with the dead.
47:26 I'm going to share these scriptures with you.
47:28 I want you to listen carefully, because if you don't
47:31 you won't catch what it has to say.
47:35 You've got to read it carefully. And this is what it says:
47:38 King Saul you remember went to her,
47:41 the witch of Endor, and asked that she might
47:46 call up Samuel so he could talk to him.
48:05 OK. She said: "I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth. "
48:18 Said: "What did you see? What's his form? "
48:22 Said: "Well, he's an old man. He's coming up out of the earth.
48:24 He's got a mantle on. "
48:33 It does not say he saw Samuel.
48:37 She saw an old man with a mantle,
48:42 and Saul thought this was Samuel.
48:46 He perceived it was Samuel.
48:52 No. He wasn't communicating with Samuel.
48:56 Samuel was asleep, folks.
48:59 "The dead know not anything. "
49:03 You see, when you run onto things like that
49:05 you come back and you stand solidly on God's Word.
49:09 And the scripture is clear.
49:11 He perceived that he saw Samuel.
49:14 He didn't see Samuel...
49:16 he just thought that was Samuel.
49:19 So we find that it is not possible for us
49:23 to communicate with the dead.
49:34 What now?
49:36 Departed from him; doesn't answer him...
49:44 Said: "God won't talk to me.
49:47 God won't answer me; He won't communicate with me. "
49:50 Well what makes him think now He would?
49:53 No, He's not going to.
49:55 He was deceived is what happened.
50:08 Now it says clearly that what you and I have to face
50:12 is in the last days there's going to be false Christs.
50:17 False prophets arise, and they're going to show signs.
50:21 Now folks, you can't always believe
50:27 what you see.
50:30 Put it down.
50:32 And you can't always believe
50:34 what you hear.
50:36 What you can always believe
50:40 is the Word of God.
50:41 And that's where I must base my faith.
50:46 I must base it on the Word of God.
50:48 I can't depart from that.
51:03 I hope that you won't be deceived.
51:07 That you won't be led astray
51:10 by all these things that are out there today
51:13 telling us that this is what is happening, what's taking place.
51:17 No dear friend, when I see things that seem impossible
51:22 to me and I hear things,
51:26 I'm going to stand on the Word of God.
51:30 I'm going to say "This is what I believe.
51:32 Even though I can't explain it,
51:36 or even though it doesn't seem that I can
51:41 see any other thing, I'm going to stand on the Word of God.
51:46 Why?
51:59 In other words, it's telling you
52:01 that in the very last days, right down at the end,
52:04 one of the things the devil's going to do
52:06 is he's going to send out his spirits
52:08 and he's going to use the very medium that we've talked about
52:11 tonight to deceive the world.
52:14 And that is happening today.
52:17 The Bible says:
52:30 What are you and I to do?
52:33 Dear friends, this is what we're to do:
52:46 That's what you need to do.
52:48 I don't need anything else
52:51 but God's Word to base my faith on.
52:58 My soul is resting
53:03 on the Word,
53:05 the living Word of God.
53:11 Salvation in
53:15 my Savior's name;
53:19 Salvation through His blood.
53:25 I need no other
53:29 evidence,
53:32 I need no other
53:36 plea.
53:39 It is enough
53:42 that Jesus died
53:45 and rose again
53:49 for me.
53:54 Let us pray.
53:55 Father in Heaven,
53:59 as we see the influence
54:01 the inroads
54:04 of Spiritualism in this world,
54:06 we see how in so many places
54:10 it's being taught.
54:14 Lord, help us to stand firmly
54:16 on the Word of God.
54:19 That we will accept what You say
54:23 as our authority.
54:26 Even, Lord, when the time comes
54:29 that we can't explain it.
54:32 That as far as our eyes are concerned
54:36 it doesn't seem possible.
54:39 As far as what we hear
54:43 it seems to be so true...
54:46 and yet it doesn't line up with Your Word.
54:51 May our faith be strong.
54:54 May we stand with You.
54:58 May we be willing to follow Your Word.
55:02 Bless each one here.
55:04 May they take hold of the Word of God
55:08 and may all of us walk with You, follow You,
55:13 in all that we do.
55:15 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
55:20 Well, we have one more presentation left:
55:26 No More Sin.
55:28 Now we've gone through a lot of things here
55:31 in the last four presentations
55:33 that is happening and taking place and being taught.
55:36 There is coming a day, folks,
55:38 when this is all going to be over
55:41 and there won't be sin any more.
55:43 And that's what you and I want to belong to, right?
55:46 So good night. God bless you.
55:48 We'll see you in the next presentation.
55:52 You can find them everywhere.
55:54 In every city, town, out-of-the-way place.
55:58 In some areas, they're more plentiful than gas stations.
56:02 Small and large. Modern, old-fashioned.
56:05 Millions of them exist all over the world.
56:08 We're talking about churches, of course.
56:10 Houses of worship.
56:12 They stand as a testament to the hunger for truth
56:16 that's built into the heart of every man, woman, and child.
56:20 But truth cannot be found in a building.
56:23 In fact, churches are homes to millions
56:26 who still don't know Jesus.
56:29 And that means they don't know the truth.
56:32 In John 17:17
56:35 Jesus prayed to His Father asking that His followers
56:38 not be taken out of the world
56:40 but that the Father protect them and sanctify them
56:44 by the truth.
56:45 Then Jesus said: "Your Word is truth. "
56:50 Think about it.
56:52 "Your Word is truth. "
56:54 But friends, just reading the Bible is not enough.
56:57 Knowing the truth without a relationship
57:00 is like an empty church building
57:02 without people to give it life.
57:04 It's knowledge of God's law
57:06 without power to live up to it.
57:09 To be a true Christian
57:11 we must have a relationship with the author of truth.
57:15 By beholding the One to whom the Bible points
57:18 we are changed into His likeness.
57:21 In John 14:6 Jesus says:
57:25 "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
57:28 No one comes to the Father except through Me. "
57:32 That's why we're doing this series:
57:34 so you can develop a wonderful relationship
57:37 with the author of truth, Jesus Christ.
57:40 With your help, we can bring the truth to the world.
57:44 Please consider what you can do
57:46 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:49 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:51 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:05 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:08 to millions all around the world.


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