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00:18 Good evening and welcome
00:20 to Give Me The Bible.
00:21 coming to you from the
00:22 3ABN Worship Center
00:24 in Thompsonville, Illinois.
00:27 And we're so happy to be with you tonight.
00:29 We're happy that you could join us to listen
00:32 as Pastor Kenneth Cox explains the Word of God.
00:36 Some of the subjects that people really have wondered about
00:40 over the years he has been touching week after week
00:44 here on 3ABN.
00:46 And tonight is no exception.
00:48 We're going to look at the end of sin.
00:51 The title of his subject is No More Sin.
00:54 And there's a question that a lot of people have
00:57 about the rich man and Lazarus.
01:00 And tonight Pastor Cox is going to look at that question
01:05 and he'll be able to answer your question.
01:07 So if you know someone who really has wondered about this,
01:11 why don't you call them right now
01:13 and tell them that this is going to be answered
01:16 in tonight's subject. And it's going to be answered
01:20 from the Word of God.
01:23 We've been so happy this weekend to have
01:26 the Hinsdale Men's Chorus with us.
01:29 And tonight they're going to sing
01:31 Praise to the Lord.
01:44 Praise to the Lord,
01:48 the Almighty,
01:49 the King of creation!
01:56 O my soul, praise Him,
01:59 for He is thy health and salvation!
02:05 All ye who hear,
02:08 Now to His temple draw near;
02:12 Join me in glad adoration!
02:20 Praise to the Lord,
02:22 who o'er all things so wondrously reigneth,
02:28 Hiding us under His wings,
02:31 He so gently sustaineth.
02:36 Have you not seen
02:39 How your desires e'er have been
02:43 Granted in what He ordaineth?
02:57 Praise to the Lord,
02:59 Let all that is in me adore Him!
03:06 All that hath life and breath
03:09 come now with praises before Him!
03:15 Let the Amen
03:18 Sound from His people again;
03:23 Gladly forever
03:26 adore Him!
03:30 Praise to the Lord,
03:34 Praise to the
03:38 Lord!
03:53 Good evening.
03:54 Very happy to welcome all of you tonight
03:58 and to say thank you to the Hinsdale Men's Chorus.
04:02 Great song!
04:03 Enjoyed that.
04:04 We're glad that you're here tonight.
04:06 Those of you that are joining us
04:07 by television - we welcome you.
04:10 If you're watching or listening by radio,
04:13 we welcome you.
04:14 If you're here in the audience, we're glad you're here tonight.
04:17 Uh, we're down to the last presentation
04:20 on this particular subject of Life in the Son.
04:25 Life in Jesus Christ.
04:28 And we've looked at many different aspects of that
04:31 over the last few nights, and we hope that it's helped you
04:34 to understand where life is and how we find life in Christ.
04:40 So we're glad you've been here.
04:42 And we hope that it will be a blessing to you
04:46 as you read God's Word.
04:47 Our next series
04:50 next month is on the Judgment.
04:54 That's what we're going to be looking at.
04:56 And you'll find that in the scripture
04:59 that there are three different judgments
05:03 that we're going to be taking a look at.
05:04 Our first presentation is entitled Christ our Mediator.
05:09 We're going to talk about Christ as our Advocate,
05:13 as our Mediator. And certainly - I don't know about you -
05:17 but I certainly don't want to face the judgment
05:20 without an Advocate.
05:22 And so we're going to look at Jesus Christ...
05:24 what He does for us.
05:26 And we think that will help us as we understand the judgment.
05:30 Then we're going to take a look at a judgment called
05:32 the Investigative Judgment.
05:34 Be going into that; what the scripture says.
05:37 Probably of all the prophesies in God's Word
05:41 to me it is the most outstanding prophecy of all of them.
05:45 And there are things about it that nothing else
05:49 opens up the Word of God like that particular prophecy.
05:54 So you don't want to miss that.
05:55 Then we're going to talk about the Book of Life
05:57 on Judgment Day. How that fits into it.
06:01 And then we're going to be taking a look at the
06:04 judgment during the 1,000 years or during the Millennium.
06:07 And then a judgment called The Great White Throne Judgment.
06:12 So that's all what we'll be looking at in our next
06:15 presentation. But tonight our subject is entitled
06:24 We've looked at this. How is God going to wrap it up?
06:27 Bring it to an end? What all takes place?
06:30 That's what we're looking at this evening.
06:32 So we hope that you'll follow as we take a look
06:35 at what the scripture has to say.
06:37 It's been a delight... been absolutely marvelous
06:41 as far as I'm concerned to have the Hinsdale Men's Chorus
06:44 with us. And tonight,
06:48 under the direction of Dr. Arnold Hutabarat,
06:52 they're going to sing a wonderful song entitled
06:55 It Is Well With My Soul.
07:10 When peace like a river,
07:16 attendeth my way,
07:21 When sorrows like
07:24 sea billows roll -
07:31 Whatever my lot,
07:36 Thou hast taught me to say,
07:41 It is well,
07:43 it is well
07:46 with my soul.
07:57 Tho Satan should buffet,
08:02 tho trials should come,
08:06 Let this blessed assurance
08:11 control,
08:16 That Christ hath regarded
08:21 my helpless estate
08:25 And hath shed
08:27 His own blood
08:30 for my soul.
08:35 It is well
08:37 It is well
08:40 with my soul,
08:41 with my soul,
08:44 It is well,
08:47 it is well
08:49 with my soul.
08:57 My sin - O the bliss
09:00 of this glorious tho't -
09:04 My sin, not in part,
09:07 but the whole,
09:09 Is nailed to the cross,
09:12 and I'll bear it no more:
09:16 Praise the Lord,
09:18 praise the Lord, O my soul!
09:23 It is well
09:25 it is well
09:27 with my soul,
09:29 with my soul,
09:31 It is well,
09:33 it is well with
09:36 my soul.
09:46 And Lord, haste the day
09:52 when my faith shall be sight,
09:58 The clouds be rolled back
10:04 as a scroll:
10:10 The trump shall resound
10:15 and the Lord shall descend,
10:20 The trump shall resound
10:26 and the Lord shall descend,
10:31 "Even so" -
10:35 it is well
10:38 with my soul.
10:44 It is well
10:50 with my soul,
10:56 it is well,
10:59 it is well
11:03 with
11:07 my soul.
11:39 Father in Heaven, tonight
11:42 we come to You
11:45 thankful. Thankful that we can just reach out in faith,
11:51 accept you, and know that it is well with our souls.
11:57 Bless us tonight as we open Your Word.
12:02 May we find assurance in Jesus Christ.
12:05 May our hearts respond to Your Word.
12:10 Give us the wisdom, the faith,
12:14 the understanding that we need
12:17 that we might see Your love
12:22 and Your desire for each of us
12:25 to be in Your kingdom.
12:27 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
12:37 Well this series we have entitled Life in the Son.
12:41 We've talked about
12:43 how we can have life
12:45 in Jesus Christ.
12:48 Says here in John 3 verse 36... It says:
13:01 And tonight I would just simply say to you
13:05 that if you do not know Jesus Christ,
13:11 if you do not have life,
13:15 if you don't have hope,
13:17 then I would invite you tonight
13:20 to open up your heart, accept Jesus Christ
13:25 into your heart as your personal Savior
13:27 that you might have life.
13:30 Because that verse continues on and says:
13:34 "But the wrath of God abides upon him. "
13:38 That person who does not have life
13:42 it says that the wrath of God abides on that person.
13:46 And the reason for that, folks, is not that God
13:50 is wanting to be unkind.
13:55 It's not that God is wanting to punish.
13:59 It's the simple fact that there has to come a time
14:05 when there will be sin no more.
14:08 In order for sin to be no more
14:12 that means that it has to be destroyed,
14:15 it has to be done away with.
14:18 And those who do not have Christ
14:23 fall into that category. It says:
14:43 In other words, it says that this is not
14:46 actually in God's character.
14:51 God doesn't want to destroy anyone.
14:55 He doesn't want anyone to be lost.
14:58 God's desire is that every one of you here,
15:02 every one of you that are watching by television,
15:06 those of you that are listening on the radio,
15:07 God's desire for you is that you be saved.
15:11 That's what He wants; that's what He desires.
15:14 When He in turn has to destroy,
15:20 that's contrary to His character.
15:23 That's His strange act.
15:25 And so it says that He will destroy.
15:30 And He will:
15:47 Now, if you just picked up...
15:51 and I could spend the whole evening, folks,
15:53 I could talk all evening here
15:57 just on the texts that are in the scripture
16:01 that speaks of wheat and stubble.
16:05 There's that much. Over and over it's used.
16:09 Time and time again. And it says here
16:12 that He will take wheat into the barn
16:16 but He will take the chaff and will burn it with fire
16:21 unquenchable.
16:23 Now when it says He's going to burn it with fire unquenchable
16:26 don't think that that means that God's going to start a fire
16:32 so big that He can't put it out.
16:35 You know, that is not true. God... when it says
16:40 that it's unquenchable,
16:42 it really means that man can't put it out.
16:45 You know? That's what it means.
16:47 In fact, it says:
16:59 It says that they would not be able to put the fire out.
17:02 So when He says He's going to destroy the wicked
17:05 He's just simply saying
17:07 that they will not be able to quench the fire.
17:11 Can't do it.
17:12 In fact, some of the fires that we've had
17:17 like out in California - Santa Barbara -
17:20 different places... Oakland, so forth.
17:24 Talking to the firemen and people that were involved
17:27 in that, they said there was no way
17:29 that they could quench the fire.
17:31 That it was just absolutely when it was burning
17:35 at its height... nothing they could do.
17:36 I walked through that area.
17:41 I saw where it just took refrigerators
17:45 and just melted them.
17:47 You know, just the fire... the heat...
17:51 is almost indescribable.
17:53 God said: "I'm going to burn it with unquenchable fire:
17:58 a fire that cannot be put out. "
18:02 So, the Bible speaks of a place called hell.
18:08 The place called hell is a prepared place.
18:13 Put it down. It is a prepared place
18:17 for an unprepared people.
18:21 But it's not God's desire
18:25 that this should be our fate.
18:30 God's desire is that you and I should have...
18:34 life. God said: "I want to give you life. "
18:38 Jesus said: "I'll give it to you
18:39 and I'll give it to you more abundantly
18:43 if you'll just accept it. "
18:44 So God wants us to have life.
18:46 He doesn't want us to fall into the category.
18:49 But people that teach that there is a hell
18:53 and they teach that there is a hell that burns on and on
18:58 and on and never comes to an end.
19:02 An everlasting burning hell
19:06 that will burn throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity.
19:10 This is taught: hellfire that will burn
19:17 throughout eternity.
19:19 We need tonight to take a look
19:21 at what the scripture says about this
19:23 and if this is what God has in mind.
19:28 I'm going to share with you a parable,
19:31 and this is about this question of stubble, wheat, and so forth.
19:36 This is what it says here in Matthew the 13th chapter
19:39 verse 24:
19:49 Now this man went out, sowed his field full of good seeds...
20:00 Now I hope that all of you understand tares.
20:03 You know what tares are?
20:05 That's weeds. If you don't understand tares, it's weeds.
20:09 He sowed weeds in the man's field and went his way.
20:14 And while men slept, the enemy came and did this.
20:23 So all of a sudden here his crop is growing,
20:27 and as it's growing up, here they noticed that
20:30 there's weeds all in the field.
20:45 Didn't? When you sowed, didn't you use good seed?
20:48 Said: "Sure I did. "
20:50 Said: "Well, why are there weeds here? "
21:02 Said: "Do you want us to go out and gather
21:05 all the weeds out of the field? "
21:07 Very, very important point here, folks.
21:11 Watch:
21:22 Said: "No, I don't want you to go out and pull up the
21:25 weeds because if you pull them up you're gonna
21:28 pull the wheat up with it. "
21:29 OK.
21:32 Let what?
21:40 Ah, dear friends. I wish we'd learn that...
21:44 because I've been so many places where churches
21:51 uproot... pull out the tares.
21:56 And by pulling out the tares, they uproot some of the wheat.
22:03 There'd be many, many times
22:06 where they'd be much better off
22:09 if they left both grow together.
22:14 Much, much better off.
22:16 I've heard people say: "Oh, well, you know.
22:19 Don't want any hypocrites in the church. "
22:22 Where do you want them?
22:26 Huh?
22:27 I mean, absolutely... that's where you want them.
22:30 It's not something that we should do.
22:33 So he said: "Just let them
22:34 both grow together until
22:36 the harvest. "
22:37 OK, let's follow:
22:50 He said: "Let them both grow together till the harvest,
22:55 and then we'll gather all the tares into bundles
22:59 to be burned and we'll put the wheat in the barn. "
23:02 OK. After Jesus told that parable,
23:06 his disciples came to Him and they said:
23:09 "We don't understand this.
23:11 We don't understand what You're talking about.
23:13 Tell us what... what this is. "
23:15 And so Jesus tells them what this means,
23:18 and He tells them very, very clear. OK?
23:28 So there's no question about it.
23:31 The sower is Jesus Christ.
23:34 The Son of Man: He's the One that sows the good seed.
23:38 "The field is the... " How much?
23:43 "the world. " The whole world.
23:45 He sows good seeds through the whole world.
23:49 All right?
23:50 "the good seeds" are the what? "sons of the kingdom. "
23:56 The wheat: sons of the kingdom. That's the good wheat.
24:01 OK. "but the tares are the sons of the wicked one. "
24:07 They're the sons of the wicked one.
24:08 So He said the tares represent God's people
24:11 the... excuse me. The wheat represents
24:14 God's people; the tares represent the wicked.
24:18 Those are the two.
24:20 Clear. All right.
24:32 And if we could just understand some of these things, folks.
24:36 I mean, 'cause the old devil is out to do anything he can
24:40 to disrupt things.
24:44 I have seen... I have seen case after case after case
24:49 where there would be a group here
24:53 and they would be doing something for the Lord.
24:56 And God would bless it.
24:58 And it would be growing greatly and doing great things
25:02 and then watch as the devil would bring in something.
25:07 And because of someone that may have come in
25:12 and may have been hard to deal with or may have just
25:16 literally been tares, they lose their whole experience.
25:21 And what was happening that was glorious falls apart.
25:28 There's no reason for that.
25:31 Just because there's tares there
25:34 that doesn't mean that I need to lose my experience.
25:38 You know... Folks,
25:43 I hope - and I say this kindly -
25:49 I hope tonight that your faith
25:52 is not based on a church.
25:57 I hope your faith is not based on a church.
26:01 I am a Seventh-day Adventist.
26:08 I am not... let me says this...
26:11 I am NOT a Seventh-day Adventist
26:14 because there's a Seventh-day Adventist church.
26:20 I am a Seventh-day Adventist
26:21 because that's what this book teaches.
26:24 That's why I'm a Seventh-day Adventist...
26:27 that's what the book says.
26:29 And I must follow what the book says.
26:31 My faith must be based on this.
26:34 Give me the Bible!
26:37 What says the Bible,
26:39 the blessed Bible? This my only question be.
26:43 The teachings of men so often mislead us.
26:47 What says the Bible to me?
26:50 That's what we have to find out.
26:52 And so my faith must be built on that.
26:55 And just because someone in the church
26:59 or someone in a small group
27:01 doesn't do that which is right,
27:03 that should not cause me to lose my faith
27:07 and to go the other way. And people say:
27:10 "Oh, if they're gonna do that
27:11 then I'm not gonna have any part. "
27:13 Dear friend, that is not what God wants you to do.
27:18 God wants you to stand...
27:20 and stand firm!
27:22 I don't have to give up what I believe.
27:24 I don't have to change what I believe.
27:27 But I do have to stand for what is right!
27:31 That God calls me to do.
27:33 That's what you and I SHOULD do.
27:36 Anyhow, enough of that.
27:50 So Christ has laid up everything.
27:53 I mean, He's outlined it right there.
27:55 He said: "I'm the sower.
27:57 The field is the world.
27:59 The tares are the wicked.
28:01 The wheat is the righteous.
28:03 The reapers are the angels.
28:06 The harvest is the end of the world. "
28:08 Now watch:
28:20 When are the tares gathered and burned in the fire?
28:24 At the end of the age... not now.
28:28 Therefore, how many people are in hell now?
28:33 Nobody!
28:35 Absolutely no one... because that doesn't take place
28:39 until the end of the age.
28:43 That's when it happens.
28:44 That's when it takes place.
28:46 Not now... but then.
28:49 All right.
28:51 Have you... have you ever seen a stubble field on fire?
28:59 Out in western Oklahoma
29:01 they have wheat fields that are so big
29:05 that you can't see across them.
29:07 I mean, just... just as far as you can see
29:11 wheat fields.
29:13 And they come in there in the latter part of May
29:17 and they cut the wheat.
29:19 And they leave the stubble, oh, sticking up about so high
29:24 and it's there. Oh, May in Oklahoma
29:30 it rains some. And so that stubble field will
29:35 continue to kind of stay green.
29:40 Come July it doesn't rain very much
29:46 and that old stubble field begins to turn brown and all.
29:50 Come August it doesn't rain in Oklahoma, I'll tell you that.
29:56 It just... I mean, it does not rain
29:58 and that old stubble field will turn absolutely golden brown.
30:04 You let it get on fire
30:07 and I can tell you you haven't seen a fire
30:10 until you've seen one like that.
30:12 I mean, that fire will roar across those fields
30:16 and you can hear the roar of it for two miles away.
30:20 Let me show you.
30:23 This is a stubble field on fire.
30:26 This is what is says in Malachi:
30:45 It says: "the wicked are like stubble,
30:49 and the day is coming in which it is going to burn. "
30:52 And, you know, I have never been able to read into that verse
30:57 what other people read, because it says:
31:00 "And the day which is coming shall burn them" what?
31:06 Yeah, it doesn't say shall burn them.
31:09 It says: "shall burn them UP. "
31:11 I mean, there's a difference between burn them
31:14 and burn them up.
31:16 It says: "It shall burn them up saith the Lord of Hosts. "
31:23 How thoroughly is it going to do it?
31:48 So He says He's going to take and burn them up.
31:51 It will leave them neither root nor branch.
31:55 What do you think is going to happen to that fire?
31:59 Hmmm?
32:01 Well the scripture doesn't leave you in any doubt.
32:03 He's talking about the stubble field.
32:04 He's talking about burning them up.
32:06 This is what it says:
32:29 It says that the fire is going to come.
32:32 It's going to burn them up,
32:34 and when it is through, there won't be a coal
32:39 to warm at. The fire will be completely out.
32:44 Over... it's all over.
32:46 That's what takes place.
32:48 That's what's going to happen
32:50 to the wicked.
32:52 The thing that you and I must understand tonight, folks,
32:55 is there's life in Christ.
32:59 There's life in Christ.
33:03 I do not have to go through this.
33:05 I do not have to face this.
33:07 I can have life in Jesus Christ.
33:23 You know, that's a marvelous text to me.
33:25 It says this question of sin... it's not going to happen again.
33:28 "Affliction will not rise up the second time. "
33:31 Never again throughout eternity
33:34 will we ever have to face the question of sin.
33:51 Said: "They shall be devoured. "
33:52 It says "the wicked shall be devoured like stubble
33:56 that is fully dried. "
33:59 As a boy, we lived in Oklahoma
34:03 and my dad was very, very fond of hunting dogs,
34:09 so we always had... oh...
34:12 two or three... four hound dogs.
34:17 I don't know if you know what a blackened hand hound dog is?
34:21 Or a red bone or a blue tick?
34:23 But those are different hound dogs.
34:26 And we always had two or three hound dogs at home.
34:30 Well, if you've ever owned a hound dog,
34:33 you'll understand what I'm talking about
34:35 because you can go through the kitchen and pick up a biscuit
34:40 and walk out there on the back porch
34:43 and just go: "psst, psst, here Blue, "
34:46 and that old hound dog would come trotting out there.
34:49 And you can throw him that biscuit
34:51 and I'll guarantee you he won't eat it...
34:54 he devours it.
34:56 See? I mean, it's gone... just like that!
34:59 Well that's what it's talking about here.
35:01 It says: "the wicked will be devoured. "
35:05 "They will be no more: "
35:08 that's what the scriptures says happens... takes place.
35:18 Not... not because He wants to, folks.
35:22 Because He has to.
35:24 See, it's required because there has to come a time
35:30 when there just won't be sin any more.
35:33 And so those who insist, if you please,
35:38 on continuing to live in sin
35:41 it says: "they will be no more. "
35:58 You see the scripture doesn't talk about them going on
36:01 and burning on and on and on for eternity.
36:05 Have you ever thought about that?
36:08 Hmmm? Have you ever thought about it?
36:12 That if, when a person dies -
36:16 just imagine with me...
36:18 When a person dies, as is taught...
36:20 let's say they were wicked all their life
36:25 and they die...
36:27 and according to the modern concept they go to hell...
36:31 and so they're burning in hell.
36:35 And you take somebody...
36:39 let's just say you take somebody who was terrible,
36:44 I mean horribly sinful,
36:46 mean, killed people. Did a lot of terrible things.
36:50 OK? But since they live now and they died,
36:56 they get 6,000 years less punishment
37:00 than Cain did back in the beginning.
37:04 Is that just? No!
37:08 You see, it just does not make sense.
37:12 God doesn't deal that way.
37:15 That isn't the way the Lord works.
37:17 It says the wicked - all of them -
37:20 will be destroyed. "They shall be devoured. "
37:49 It says: "I'm going to take vengeance on them;
37:51 burn them with flaming fire. "
37:53 This is what will happen to you.
38:05 You see, it says "everlasting destruction. "
38:08 That means they're never coming back.
38:12 That means they're going to be destroyed.
38:15 That will be the end of them.
38:17 There will be no more.
38:19 In fact, this destruction that the Lord is talking about
38:25 in the scripture is referred to as the second death.
38:32 That's what it refers to it as: the second death.
38:35 There is no return from that.
38:39 They will be destroyed forever.
38:42 There will be no more.
39:03 Now where people have trouble here with this subject
39:06 is they misunderstand this word punishment.
39:10 See, that's where they have their problem.
39:13 Folks, the punishment is not eternal.
39:19 In other words, what do I mean by that?
39:22 I mean that they are not continually being punished.
39:27 The punishment is eternal
39:30 because they're never coming back.
39:32 See? In other words, we're talk- ing about two different words.
39:36 Punishment. The punishment, yes!
39:40 It's eternal because they're never coming back.
39:43 It is... does not say
39:46 everlasting punishing.
39:48 See? Doesn't say everlasting punishing.
39:52 It says everlasting punishment.
39:54 Yes. They will be no more.
39:57 They will be as if they had not been.
40:01 That is what will happen to them.
40:04 You have an excellent example of this in the scripture
40:07 in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
40:09 You know, you have read in the scripture
40:12 about Sodom and Gomorrah.
40:14 Sodom and Gomorrah, by the way,
40:16 I was just reading the other day in the
40:21 Archaeological Review.
40:24 And they said in some of their recent excavations
40:29 on Sodom and Gomorrah
40:31 that those cities had populations
40:35 of 300,000.
40:39 300,000 that lived in those cities.
40:44 But the scripture makes it very clear that this
40:47 is what happened. Listen:
40:58 "are set forth as an... " what?
41:03 Well now, if they're set forth as an example
41:06 who are they set forth as an example to?
41:10 Huh?
41:12 Well, they're set forth as an example to you and to me.
41:16 That's what they're an example of.
41:19 They're set forth as an example for us, all right?
41:27 So it says that Sodom and Gomorrah suffered the vengeance
41:31 of eternal fire.
41:33 Are they burning today?
41:35 Well...
41:49 No, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are not burning today,
41:53 but they suffered the vengeance of eternal fire.
41:57 That didn't mean that the fire was going to be continually
42:01 burning throughout eternity.
42:03 It meant that it would do its work.
42:05 They would be destroyed.
42:06 They would never be again.
42:08 That's what it meant: eternal destruction.
42:11 This is what took place with Sodom and Gomorrah.
42:15 Well, somebody always says
42:17 "Well, what about the rich man and Lazarus? "
42:20 You know? What about him?
42:23 Well, we need to read the story of the rich man and Lazarus
42:26 and see what it has to say because you have a problem here.
42:32 Did you know that?
42:33 And I have a problem here?
42:36 And if you're not aware of it,
42:38 you do something... you read something into this story
42:42 that it doesn't say.
42:45 And almost everybody does it.
42:48 They read the story, and they read into the story
42:51 something that it does not say.
42:54 So watch as we go through it:
43:06 I mean he was wealthy.
43:09 Fared sumptuously every day.
43:11 Had everything that he wanted.
43:13 Read that and I remember Billy Graham
43:17 talking to a young lady... talking about it, and he said:
43:22 She said: "I don't need the Lord.
43:24 I've got everything I want. I'm happy.
43:27 I don't need the Lord. "
43:29 Well, that's the way this rich man was.
43:32 I don't need the Lord.
43:35 "Fared sumptuously every day. "
43:45 This beggar laid at his gate.
43:59 Terrible.
44:01 Laying at his gate.
44:05 Begged for the crumbs.
44:08 The dogs came and licked his sores.
44:28 Kind of different fates.
44:33 The beggar died and he was carried by the angels
44:36 to Abraham's bosom.
44:37 The rich man died and he was buried.
44:42 OK. Quite a bit of difference here.
44:44 All right.
44:57 So here he was in Hades... torment.
45:02 Looked up and there he could see Abraham
45:05 and in his bosom was Lazarus.
45:26 I mean, he's in torment.
45:29 He's being tormented.
45:33 And he said: "Just send Lazarus down here
45:37 and let him dip his finger
45:39 in some water and cool my tongue because I'm tormented. "
46:00 Uh,
46:04 there are some things, folks,
46:06 that are worse than death.
46:10 Put it down.
46:14 Said, ah he said: "You in your lifetime
46:18 you had all the good things. "
46:19 I'm happy, I don't need anything. I'm well off.
46:24 "Now you're tormented...
46:26 He's comforted. "
46:29 Great difference.
46:46 He said: "Sorry, there's a gulf here, and we can't pass over
46:52 to you and you can't pass over to us. "
46:56 We talked about this last night, didn't we?
46:58 About, you see, you can't communicate here...
47:03 So there's a gulf fixed.
47:05 They can't come over here and we can't come over there.
47:16 Said: "Send him to my father's house. "
47:28 Said: "Just send Lazarus and let him talk to them
47:33 so that they won't come to this place of torment. "
47:40 Said: "They've got the Word of God.
47:45 They've got Moses and the prophets.
47:49 Let them hear what Moses and the prophets have to say. "
48:15 Said: "No, if they won't listen to what God's Word says,
48:20 they're not going to change. "
48:23 Now let me ask you something.
48:26 Was there any place in that story that I just read you -
48:32 was there any place in that story -
48:34 where it said that that rich man was going to burn for eternity?
48:40 Huh? Did it say that?
48:42 No, it doesn't say that anywhere there.
48:45 That you and I read into the story.
48:49 It doesn't say that.
48:51 It says he's there; he's in torment... he's burning.
48:53 But it doesn't say he's going to burn
48:56 through the ceaseless ages of eternity.
48:58 Just doesn't say that.
49:00 This is a parable, folks.
49:02 That's all it can be is a parable
49:05 because I can guarantee you
49:07 that if you're in hell and you're in torment
49:09 you want more than a drop of water on your tongue.
49:12 You know? You need a few bucketfuls.
49:14 You need something to do some good.
49:16 It's a parable.
49:17 A parable is given to teach one point of truth.
49:24 And what Jesus is trying to get across to these people
49:27 is just because they were children of Abraham
49:30 didn't give them right to heaven.
49:34 It took a whole lot more than that.
49:36 And this is what He's trying to get across to them...
49:39 not trying to tell them that they're going to go to hell
49:42 and burn for eternity.
49:43 That's not the point of the parable.
49:46 So this was a story that Jesus told
49:50 telling them that they need to be concerned
49:53 about how they are living day by day.
49:57 OK.
50:03 There's three words I want to introduce you to
50:05 that are used for hell. One is Hades.
50:08 Hades can be referred to as a place of burning
50:12 or it can also be referred to as the grave.
50:16 In this particular text it's used as the grave.
50:19 Let me read it to you:
50:26 You can't read Hades as the lake of fire
50:30 or hell and make it make sense.
50:33 And death and the lake of fire
50:35 were cast into the lake of fire.
50:37 No, that... that doesn't make sense.
50:40 It's talking about the grave there, but it can refer
50:43 to a place of punishment.
50:44 The other word is the word Sheol.
50:55 Sheol represents the grave.
50:58 This is where they went.
51:00 And then there's one other word, and that word is called
51:02 Gehennah.
51:04 Gehennah was a place of destruction outside of Jerusalem
51:10 where they threw trash and they threw garbage
51:13 and they threw dead animals.
51:15 And it was represented as a place of destruction
51:18 and it says:
51:32 That meant total, complete destruction.
51:35 OK.
51:54 Now dear friends, hell was never a place intended for you.
52:01 That was a place that was prepared for the devil
52:03 and his angels.
52:05 And Jesus is offering to you life.
52:10 If you just want to accept it,
52:12 He'll give you life.
52:27 Follow?
52:28 OK. Listen to one more:
52:36 Let me ask you something.
52:38 What is the penalty for sin?
52:42 Death. Says: "The wages of sin is death. "
52:45 That's the penalty of sin.
52:46 Did Jesus pay that?
52:48 Huh? Yes. Just... I read it to you.
52:52 He died for you and for me.
52:54 He paid that.
52:55 Now let me ask you something.
52:56 If the penalty for sin is to burn through eternity,
53:01 did Jesus pay it?
53:04 No!
53:06 See? No, that's not taught in scripture.
53:10 It's not there.
53:11 OK?
53:24 He's going to burn this old earth.
53:34 Saying the earth's going to be burned up.
53:36 You and I need to follow Him.
53:49 This whole earth is going to be destroyed.
53:51 It's going to be burned up,
53:52 and then God's going to make it new.
54:03 The earth's going to burn,
54:05 and then God is going to make it brand new.
54:08 This will become the home of God's people for eternity.
54:13 So you see, dear friend,
54:15 it's just this simple:
54:30 If you want life, accept Jesus.
54:33 If you do that, you won't perish.
54:36 That's what He promised.
54:47 Tonight the choice is yours, the choice is mine if we
54:52 want to accept Jesus Christ.
54:54 In Him, we can have life.
54:57 Let us pray.
54:59 Heavenly Father, tonight
55:01 we thank you for Jesus.
55:05 Thankful that in Him we can have life.
55:10 That we do not have to face an uncertain future
55:15 but in Him we can find hope.
55:19 We can find comfort.
55:21 We can find assurance.
55:23 That our lives can have a hope to live for
55:29 and believe in.
55:30 Bless each one watching by television
55:33 and those that are here tonight or listening on the radio
55:36 that they might find in Jesus Christ
55:38 life... and life more abundantly.
55:42 For this we thank you in Christ's name, Amen.
55:45 God bless you and good night.
55:52 You can find them everywhere.
55:54 In every city, town, out-of-the-way place.
55:57 In some areas, they're more plentiful than gas stations.
56:01 Small and large. Modern, old-fashioned.
56:05 Millions of them exist all over the world.
56:08 We're talking about churches, of course.
56:10 Houses of worship.
56:12 They stand as a testament to the hunger for truth
56:15 that's built into the heart of every man, woman, and child.
56:19 But truth cannot be found in a building.
56:23 In fact, churches are homes to millions
56:26 who still don't know Jesus.
56:28 And that means they don't know the truth.
56:31 In John 17:17
56:34 Jesus prayed to His Father asking that His followers
56:38 not be taken out of the world
56:40 but that the Father protect them and sanctify them
56:44 by the truth.
56:45 Then Jesus said: "Your Word is truth. "
56:50 Think about it.
56:51 "Your Word is truth. "
56:54 But friends, just reading the Bible is not enough.
56:57 Knowing the truth without a relationship
57:00 is like an empty church building
57:02 without people to give it life.
57:04 It's knowledge of God's law
57:06 without power to live up to it.
57:09 To be a true Christian
57:11 we must have a relationship with the author of truth.
57:14 By beholding the One to whom the Bible points
57:18 we are changed into His likeness.
57:21 In John 14:6 Jesus says:
57:25 "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
57:28 No one comes to the Father except through Me. "
57:32 That's why we're doing this series:
57:34 so you can develop a wonderful relationship
57:37 with the author of truth, Jesus Christ.
57:40 With your help, we can bring the truth to the world.
57:44 Please consider what you can do
57:46 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:49 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:51 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:05 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:08 to millions all around the world.


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