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Christ Our Mediator

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00:16 Hello and welcome to the 3ABN Worship Center
00:19 right here in Thompsonville, Illinois.
00:21 I just welcome all of you... especially you that are
00:25 here in the viewing audience from the So. Illinois area.
00:29 And I want to encourage everyone
00:30 here in Southern Illinois
00:32 to come on down to the 3ABN Worship Center
00:35 for this series on Give Me The Bible
00:37 by Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:39 And I also want to welcome everyone.
00:41 Do we welcome everyone from around the world?
00:43 Do you know we have people that are viewing us
00:46 from all over the world. Every inhabited continent has
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00:54 You know, Pastor Cox has been bringing a beautiful series
00:58 to us for the last seven months. This is the eighth increment
01:02 of sermons that he is bringing to us,
01:05 and I want to encourage any of you...
01:06 Have you just been truly blessed?
01:08 How many of you have been a part of this?
01:10 You've been truly blessed? And if you have missed any
01:14 of these sermons in this series I want to encourage you
01:17 to contact Pastor Cox and get them
01:19 because they are such a blessing.
01:21 Well tonight he continues in the Give Me The Bible series,
01:25 and this 5-part series is on Judgment.
01:29 Tonight's sermon is going to be on Christ Our Mediator.
01:33 But before Pastor Cox comes we have a lovely lady
01:37 right here from the Southern Illinois area
01:40 that's going to minister to you.
01:41 Kateena, you're always such a blessing to us
01:44 and we sure welcome you.
01:46 And the song she's going to minister to us tonight is
01:48 He's Just as Real to Me.
02:06 No one can make
02:11 me believe
02:16 God's not real.
02:21 Year after year
02:25 more of Himself
02:28 to my heart
02:31 He reveals.
02:36 This world can't seem
02:39 to understand
02:43 this mystery.
02:50 If they would only look
02:55 beyond those things
02:59 their eyes can see.
03:05 He's just as real
03:09 to me
03:12 as if I'd held His hand
03:16 a million times.
03:19 And though I've never seen Him smile
03:26 I know I've felt Him by my side.
03:33 These ears have never heard Him speak
03:40 but my heart has heard Him
03:43 time and time again.
03:47 Just like a friend would be...
03:55 He's just as real to me.
04:09 When I think of mercy,
04:14 love, forgiveness,
04:18 grace so sweet,
04:23 and open arms
04:27 that have so tenderly
04:32 embraced me.
04:38 There's just no way
04:42 this world can make
04:45 me disbelieve.
04:51 This God through eyes of faith
04:56 this heart of mine
05:00 has clearly seen.
05:05 He's just as real
05:10 to me
05:12 as if I'd held His hand
05:17 a million times.
05:19 Though I've never seen Him smile
05:26 I know I've felt Him
05:28 by my side.
05:33 These ears have never heard Him speak
05:39 but my heart has heard Him
05:42 time and time again.
05:47 Just like a friend would be...
05:54 He's just as real
05:59 to me
06:01 as if I'd held His hand
06:05 a million times.
06:08 Though I've never seen Him smile
06:14 I know I've felt Him
06:17 by my side.
06:21 These ears have never
06:25 heard Him speak
06:29 but my heart has heard Him
06:32 time and time again.
06:37 Just like a friend would be...
06:44 He just as real to me.
06:55 He's so real
07:00 to me.
07:17 Thank you, Kateena. Appreciate that very much.
07:20 Beautiful song.
07:22 And a special welcome to all of you who are joining us
07:26 by television or by radio or here locally.
07:30 Very happy to welcome you to this series entitled
07:34 Give Me The Bible.
07:36 And this particular part
07:38 that we're presenting is on The Judgment.
07:41 Talking about the judgment.
07:43 And you'll find the Bible speaks of three different judgments.
07:48 That's what we'll be looking at
07:49 during this particular series on The Judgment.
07:52 Tonight we're going to talk about Christ Our Mediator.
07:57 That He IS our Mediator.
07:59 We're going to take a look at what the scripture has to say
08:02 about that. And then our next presentation
08:05 will be entitled The Investigative Judgment.
08:11 Actually a judgment that the scripture says
08:14 is going on up in heaven at the present time.
08:19 And by the way, that particular prophecy that we'll be
08:22 looking at is probably the greatest prophecy
08:26 in all the scripture.
08:28 It's one you need to see, understand,
08:31 because there's no one - no agnostic,
08:34 infidel, or atheist - that has ever been able to answer
08:38 this next prophecy we'll be talking about on
08:40 the Investigative Judgment.
08:42 So don't miss that.
08:43 And then in the judgment, it says that there are books
08:48 that are used in the judgment.
08:49 And it talks about a Book of Life
08:51 and it talks about a Book of Iniquity
08:53 and a Book of Remembrance.
08:55 We'll see how all those books are used in the judgment.
08:59 In fact, we'll see how it takes place.
09:01 So you'll want to tune in as we talk about the books:
09:04 the Book of Life in the judgment.
09:07 And then the Bible says that there is a judgment
09:10 that goes during the thousand years
09:14 that's mentioned in Revelation 20 known as
09:17 the millennium. That there's a judgment that takes place
09:20 during that time. And so we're going to look
09:22 at that particular judgment.
09:24 See what the scripture has to say about it.
09:26 And then it tells us that God brings it all to an end
09:31 in something that is called the Great White Throne Judgment.
09:36 So these are the different judgments that we'll be
09:39 looking at during this series.
09:41 And we hope that you can tune in each time
09:44 as we go through them. That they'll bless you
09:47 in a very, very special way.
09:49 We're delighted that you're here.
09:51 We hope that as we continue to study the Bible
09:54 that it will open up more and more for you.
09:57 What says the Bible,
09:59 the blessed Bible?
10:00 This should my only question be.
10:03 Is Jesus now in heaven interceding for me?
10:08 What says... what does
10:11 the Word of God say to me?
10:13 That's what we want to find out.
10:15 So I'm sure that it will help you
10:16 as we continue to go through it.
10:18 Tonight Kateena LeForge is
10:22 going to present to us a song
10:25 that was written by Dona Klein
10:28 entitled "What Is Jesus Doing Now? "
10:49 What is Jesus
10:52 doing now
10:56 since He left so long ago?
11:04 He pleads in my
11:08 behalf
11:11 for He loves me so.
11:19 Representing me
11:21 in judgment,
11:26 seated now before the throne.
11:34 And since He paid my debt
11:40 I won't have to stand
11:44 alone.
11:48 He is my
11:51 Savior,
11:55 my Mediator.
12:01 The great High Priest is He -
12:06 How can it be? -
12:10 for me.
12:15 Only faith in Christ
12:20 can save me.
12:24 Only His redeeming grace.
12:31 On this alone I stand
12:38 till I see Him face to face.
12:47 I am lost
12:49 in great amazement
12:55 at salvation's wondrous plan.
13:02 Even
13:05 the angels
13:09 cannot understand.
13:15 When I think of all He's done
13:20 for me
13:23 and the price He had to pay.
13:30 My heart cries out
13:35 to Him
13:37 and in faith I hear Him say:
13:44 "Father, I gave My life.
13:51 I lived a sinless life.
13:57 Oh take My righteous life
14:03 and cover this
14:06 poor child. "
14:12 He is ever
14:16 interceding
14:20 in the heavenly
14:23 courts above.
14:28 Oh what a Savior!
14:35 Oh what tender,
14:38 matchless love!
14:42 Oh what
14:46 a Savior!
14:53 Oh what tender,
14:57 matchless
15:01 love.
15:27 Gracious Father,
15:30 thank you. Thank you for making a way
15:37 which we can be reconciled to You.
15:42 Bless us tonight.
15:44 May your Spirit be present.
15:47 May our hearts be open.
15:50 May we understand clearly Your Word.
15:56 And may we reach out in faith...
15:59 take hold of all that You have done for us
16:03 and be reconciled to God.
16:07 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
16:18 My son is an attorney,
16:21 and sometimes he has to intercede
16:27 or he has to - how should I say? -
16:30 mediate in a case
16:33 where he as two different parties
16:36 and there has to be
16:38 a reconciliation brought about
16:41 between both parties.
16:42 So he has to work and see what can be done...
16:45 what negotiation, what solution
16:48 can there be provided to bring about an agreement
16:51 between these parties.
16:53 Well tonight you and I have God - who is holy,
16:59 who is righteous, who is pure -
17:04 on one side.
17:07 On the other side
17:09 we have man who is unholy,
17:15 unrighteous, unpure.
17:18 And how in the world are you ever going to bring
17:24 those two together?
17:28 Fortunately, the Bible says that we have a Mediator.
17:33 Listen to what it says:
17:44 Now it says there's one Mediator between God and man.
17:48 So here you have God
17:50 and over here you have man.
17:55 And between them you have Christ Jesus.
18:00 Now those folks that have trouble with that text
18:04 where Jesus said: "The Father and I are One... "
18:08 this text ought to clear that up for you.
18:11 You see, when He said: "The Father and I are one, "
18:14 He's not talking about one person.
18:16 He's talking about one in will, one in desire,
18:20 one in character, one in characteristics.
18:23 They're that way. But He's not saying
18:25 they're one individual... because here you have God,
18:30 that's... the scripture's clear...
18:32 and over here you have man.
18:35 And in between the two of them you have Jesus Christ
18:40 and He is mediating this case.
18:44 He's trying to bring about a solution.
18:46 He's trying to bring about an agreement.
18:49 He's trying to bring out a reconciliation, if you please,
18:53 between God and between man.
18:56 That's what He's trying to do,
18:58 and He is the Mediator.
19:00 Now if He is the Mediator, if I had someone that
19:03 was mediating a case for me,
19:05 immediately I would want to know what's their qualifications.
19:10 Do they have any kind of a background?
19:13 What kind of knowledge do they have?
19:16 Are they able to mediate this case?
19:21 What... what qualifications do they have?
19:23 That is absolutely necessary.
19:26 I want to know that about the person that's mediating
19:29 that case. Also... do they have experience?
19:35 Do they have the experience to mediate the case?
19:39 Those are questions that you need to know,
19:40 you need to understand.
19:42 So if Jesus is our Mediator,
19:46 then does He have the qualifications?
19:49 Does He have the experience to do this?
19:54 What's involved in it?
19:56 That's what we're looking at tonight
19:57 because that is essential if you and I are going to be saved.
20:04 Because dear friend, some way... somehow...
20:07 there has to be brought a reconciliation
20:11 between God and man.
20:15 So when we start looking at Christ,
20:17 let's see what the scripture tells us about Him.
20:20 It says:
20:29 Now when Jesus said that, folks,
20:31 the Jewish people understood clearly what He meant.
20:36 You and I today... we may stumble over that a little bit
20:41 but I can guarantee you they didn't.
20:43 They knew very well when God... Moses said:
20:46 "Well, how do they know that You sent me? "
20:49 He said: "Tell them I AM sent you. "
20:51 They understood that text or that word applied to God.
20:57 And Jesus said: "Before Abraham was, I AM"
21:02 He was saying: "I am God. "
21:05 That's what He's saying.
21:07 So when we're taking a look at this,
21:09 we have to understand there's God the Father
21:11 but we also need to understand that there's God the Son.
21:16 They are God
21:19 and we need to have that clear. And Jesus said:
21:22 "I AM... " "I am God. "
21:24 And the scripture supports that all the way through,
21:28 because when it starts talking about Jesus
21:30 it says that He was with God
21:35 way, way back in the beginning.
21:50 So here again, it's saying "The Word was with God
21:55 and the Word was God. "
21:58 OK?
22:03 OK. So we have the Word. The Word is with God.
22:09 The Word WAS God.
22:20 So all the things back in creation - man included -
22:25 was made by the Word.
22:30 That's what it was made by: the Word.
22:33 He was there with God.
22:49 So it tells us that the Word that was with God
22:53 and the Word that WAS God
22:56 became flesh and dwelt among us.
23:01 Now folks, I don't know if you're putting it together yet,
23:05 but that all of a sudden - concerning this subject -
23:09 becomes extremely important when it says:
23:14 "He became flesh. " See?
23:19 We'll look at that because that is absolutely vital
23:22 to the reconciliation process that has to take place
23:27 for you and I to be saved.
23:31 OK?
23:52 So it's telling us that Christ was back there with the Father
23:56 in the beginning and that He made the worlds.
24:00 Now what I'm just trying to get across to you tonight
24:02 is His qualifications.
24:04 Does He has the qualifications that are necessary
24:09 to mediate for you? You've got to settle that.
24:14 Is He... is He able to mediate for you?
24:17 Well, the scripture says that He was WITH God,
24:20 that He IS God.
24:22 Therefore I would say tonight that He is HIGHLY qualified.
24:27 Very much so. Listen as it goes on:
24:54 Now it says this One who is mediating for you and me,
25:00 that He has purged our sins and that He has sat down
25:05 at the right hand of His Father.
25:09 That again is extremely important.
25:14 That He purged our sins -
25:18 we'll look at that - and that He sat down
25:21 at the right hand of His Father.
25:24 So He made us.
25:28 He also redeemed us.
25:49 All of these things were made by Him.
26:03 So when we're talking about His qualifications,
26:06 it tells us that He created this world.
26:11 He made it and then He redeemed it.
26:15 Now if He created the world and then redeemed it,
26:20 certainly He is qualified to mediate it.
26:26 So He is the One that stands between you and God.
26:32 I want to make this real clear.
26:34 Nobody else can do that.
26:42 I want to be clear here, and I don't want to be hard...
26:46 but I want to be absolutely crystal clear.
26:50 He is the only one that can mediate this.
26:55 Nobody else.
26:58 That means Mary is not capable of mediating
27:04 between God and man.
27:07 The scripture says there is only one Mediator
27:11 between God and man. And the only reason there can be
27:15 Jesus Christ, and Him alone,
27:17 is because He's the only One that has the qualifications.
27:20 Nobody else can do it.
27:23 So He is our Mediator.
27:27 Now, very important
27:31 is that He has to be impartial.
27:35 OK? Must understand both sides.
27:39 I don't want somebody mediating for me
27:43 that doesn't understand me.
27:45 Do you?
27:46 I can assure you that if I have somebody that
27:50 was mediating a case for me
27:51 and they don't understand my situation and what's all there,
27:54 I don't want them representing me.
27:57 So He has to be impartial.
28:00 I don't want somebody that leans to one side.
28:04 I want him to be absolutely impartial
28:07 in what decisions he makes.
28:10 So this is necessary that He is impartial.
28:14 Is Christ in the position
28:17 where He can be impartial?
28:21 Is He capable of that?
28:24 Well, the scripture tells us:
28:41 So we can say right up front
28:44 one thing for sure: He understands God's side
28:47 because He's what? He's equal with Him.
28:51 Therefore He understands God's side very clear.
28:54 In fact, the scripture makes it real clear
28:59 that He understands that side very, very well
29:03 because when it talks about Him in Isaiah,
29:07 it uses these wonderful terms:
29:32 So He... He understands God's side completely.
29:36 OK? The question is
29:40 does He understand our side?
29:43 You know, does He understand my situation?
29:47 Does He understand when I am faced with temptation?
29:53 Does He understand? Does He understand that?
29:56 Does He understand when I fall
29:59 and I do something I shouldn't have done?
30:03 Does He understand that?
30:06 Does He understand my weaknesses?
30:33 Now here we have the Creator.
30:39 We have the One that made the world.
30:43 We have the One that created you.
30:48 And He is coming here and has taken upon Himself
30:55 our likeness. He's become like you and me.
31:00 Do you understand that sacrifice?
31:03 You put that together?
31:06 You see, when it says that He came
31:09 and He took the likeness of men,
31:13 Christ didn't take, folks, one step down...
31:18 He took two.
31:21 You see, Christ didn't become an angel.
31:27 The scripture says that man was made a little lower
31:32 than the angels and therefore He took two steps down.
31:40 He took on our likeness.
31:45 Well... what does that mean:
31:49 He became like us?
31:53 Well, let's say you and I were willing to take two steps down.
31:59 The next order of life below us would be...
32:04 animals.
32:07 Horses, cows, dogs, cats.
32:09 That's one step, folks.
32:12 He took two.
32:15 The next order of life would be insects.
32:19 Now let me ask you,
32:23 would you be willing to die for an insect?
32:27 Huh? Would you be willing to take on the likeness
32:31 of an ant?
32:34 And bear that for eternity?
32:42 See, when it says He took on the likeness of man,
32:47 folks, that sacrifice is beyond what we can understand.
32:51 To be willing to come and become like one of us.
32:56 So I can tell you, He understands God
32:59 because He IS God
33:01 but He understands man because He took upon Himself
33:08 our likeness and became one with us...
33:12 which He will bear for eternity.
33:28 It would have been one thing
33:32 for Him to have come to this earth in our likeness
33:38 as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
33:44 He could have come and been hailed
33:49 as the King.
33:53 But He didn't come that way.
33:55 He came as a servant
33:59 understanding you and me.
34:04 He faced temptation just like you and I
34:08 must face temptation.
34:10 And He was tried as we are.
34:13 In fact, He was tried in ways that you will never
34:18 be tried.
34:20 Never, never will you ever face
34:25 some of the temptations that He faced.
34:30 You see, He was God.
34:35 He had at His command all of heaven.
34:41 Said: "Peter, don't you know I could call a legion of angels
34:46 and they would come? "
34:47 All of heaven was at His command.
34:51 Never, never could He use that
34:56 for His own benefit.
35:01 You'll never be tempted like that.
35:03 Never.
35:05 So He understands completely your side.
35:09 So He's impartial
35:11 because He can understand God; He can understand you.
35:16 That makes Him a wonderful Mediator!
35:19 That makes Him an absolute Mediator
35:23 that nobody else could fulfill those shoes.
35:28 So, if He's the Mediator,
35:31 what's He mediating?
35:32 You know, if you're mediating something...
35:35 if you're going to be a mediator between two parties...
35:37 there has to be something that you're trying to bring about
35:40 a reconciliation over.
35:42 You're trying to mediate
35:43 some particular solution to something.
35:46 What is He mediating?
35:48 Well, the scripture tells you what He's mediating.
36:00 He is the Mediator of a new covenant.
36:03 Now a covenant, folks, is something that is written down.
36:08 It's something in which they have written down
36:10 certain different ideas.
36:14 They've written down certain conditions.
36:16 They put all these down
36:18 and they're trying to bring about a reconciliation
36:21 to this covenant.
36:22 And Jesus is the Mediator of a NEW covenant.
36:27 Now we've got to take a look at that
36:29 and see why He's the Mediator of a new covenant.
36:32 Listen carefully:
36:35 OK, we're talking about the conditions here...
36:58 All right, now this is the covenant
37:01 and the covenant says:
37:03 OK. You are... "I'm God -
37:07 I'll be your God"
37:08 is what He's saying -
37:09 "you will be My people. "
37:12 "And My law... " - these are the conditions -
37:17 "I will put in your mind and write them on your heart. "
37:23 Now this is what Jesus is trying to bring together
37:27 and to bring a solution to
37:30 to bring a reconciliation about.
37:33 It also says this in the New Testament.
37:51 So the covenant is simply this:
37:53 God says "I want to be your God.
37:57 I want you to be My people. "
38:01 That's the covenant, folks.
38:03 Simple... not hard.
38:06 He just says: "I want to be your God.
38:08 I want you to be My people. "
38:10 OK. But in order for that to happen
38:14 certain things have to take place
38:17 because we've got a God over here who is holy,
38:20 who is righteous, who is pure,
38:24 who is sinless...
38:26 and over here we've got man who is just the opposite.
38:31 He's not holy, he's not sinless, he's not pure.
38:34 He's none of those things.
38:35 And we're trying to bring those two parties together...
38:39 Jesus is trying to bring those together.
38:42 That's what's involved.
38:44 And in order for them to be God's people
38:48 He's got to bring that together.
38:58 So He's saying, if there was... if there was no
39:01 problem with the first covenant,
39:04 then we wouldn't have to find a second covenant.
39:08 So evidently there was something wrong with the first covenant.
39:14 OK? Something wrong with it.
39:17 And He tells you where the problem is:
39:25 Get it clear...
39:27 He didn't say finding fault with the conditions of the covenant.
39:32 He didn't say that.
39:34 He said the problem was with the people.
39:38 "Finding fault with them. "
39:41 That's where the problem is.
39:43 So let's see what Jesus does
39:47 to take care of this problem.
40:06 So He said: "Christ, He's mediating this...
40:11 this settlement. And He's the Mediator of a better covenant
40:17 which is established on better promises. "
40:21 How is that possible?
40:23 How can that be that He's the Mediator
40:28 of a better covenant established on better promises?
40:44 Now you have to understand, folks,
40:48 that every time you partake
40:52 of the Lord's Supper
40:54 you are renewing that covenant with God.
41:00 That's what you're doing.
41:01 That's what the Lord's Supper is all about...
41:03 you're renewing that covenant with God.
41:05 Actually what you're doing
41:07 is you're saying to God: "I'll be Your people. "
41:11 That's what you're doing. That's the covenant.
41:14 He'll be your God; you'll be His people.
41:16 So when you partake of the Lord's Supper
41:18 you're saying: "Here, You're my God;
41:20 I'll be Your people. "
41:22 You're renewing that covenant
41:24 with Him every time you partake of the Lord's Supper.
41:35 Now we're talking about a covenant - a new covenant -
41:38 that's established on better promises.
41:42 Well He said that when He entered into this covenant
41:45 He took the law and He wrote the law where?
41:48 Yeah. Put it in your mind and wrote it on your heart.
41:52 Well, what about the law?
41:58 What does the law have to say?
42:01 The law is a transcript of God's character,
42:06 and God is holy, He's just, He's good, He's perfect.
42:11 And the law is holy, just, good, and perfect.
42:16 OK?
42:18 Man over here is unholy,
42:22 unjust, sinful, not perfect.
42:28 And the law says if you break it
42:32 the penalty for that is death.
42:36 And Jesus said: "I'll pay it. "
42:42 I'm talking about "on better promises. "
42:44 See? No way... no way that man
42:49 could fulfill that.
42:50 The offering of lambs, offering of goats,
42:55 the offering of oxen... that would never take care of it.
42:59 Never. But Jesus said "I'll do it. "
43:04 "I'll die. " And since He died,
43:10 therefore it is established on better promises.
43:15 Not on the promise of a goat
43:18 but on the promise of the Son of God.
43:23 And He died. That's why it says He's the Mediator
43:26 of a new covenant "by means of death. "
43:30 That means that He can say to His Father,
43:34 God over here,
43:36 in behalf of man over here,
43:40 "I died for him.
43:42 I paid the price that the law demanded.
43:47 I paid it for him. "
43:49 And God... who is just, who is holy,
43:52 who is righteous, can accept that
43:55 because the debt has been paid.
43:59 Are you with me?
44:01 Are you following what's taking place here?
44:03 So He's negotiating a much better covenant.
44:23 Jesus Christ died.
44:28 Paid the price.
44:30 Now He's gone and He's sitting
44:34 beside His Father where He can negotiate
44:39 or intercede in your behalf
44:43 because He can say: "Father, I paid the price. "
44:48 Do you know how many He paid it for?
44:53 For everybody.
44:56 For every man, every woman, every child
45:00 on this whole world...
45:03 He paid the price for them.
45:05 Dear friend, your debt has been paid.
45:09 It's not a question of whether your debt will be paid.
45:13 Your debt has been paid.
45:15 It's just a matter of you accepting it.
45:17 That's all it takes:
45:19 you accepting His death in your behalf.
45:22 But there's a little bit more to this covenant.
45:35 So it says that righteousness and justice
45:39 is the very foundation of God's throne.
45:43 God is righteous. God is holy. God is just.
45:48 It's the foundation of His throne.
45:52 Now that's the reason Jesus Christ died...
45:57 because God is just.
46:01 He's loving, He's kind, He's merciful...
46:06 but He's just, folks.
46:08 And you and I expect Him to be just.
46:11 And therefore He cannot just turn His head
46:15 and say "We won't pay any attention to that.
46:17 We won't worry about that. "
46:19 If it is violating His law, He has to be just.
46:42 You see, this is the negotiation.
46:44 That by His death... He died that He might bring us to God.
46:50 That's bringing us together. That's negotiating the covenant.
46:53 All right? "Bringing us to God... "
46:59 So He fulfilled the demand of the law
47:03 concerning justice.
47:06 You can be counted just
47:11 tonight because Jesus Christ died for you.
47:17 You can be counted just
47:21 because Christ died for you.
47:23 OK. Let's look on:
47:25 See, He's also righteous.
47:29 God not only requires justice
47:31 but he requires righteousness or holiness if you please.
47:35 God will not settle for anything less than righteousness.
47:41 That is a requirement.
47:45 "Then He said, " Listen carefully to this verse:
47:59 That's the new covenant.
48:02 Set aside the first to establish the second.
48:17 So it says that He's not only just
48:20 but by Christ dying and living here on this earth
48:25 a perfect life, He also established righteousness.
48:29 Watch as it continues:
48:44 OK, here you have the everlasting covenant.
48:55 What does that mean?
48:56 That means to make you righteous.
49:00 To make you complete means to make you righteous
49:05 "in every good work to do His will. "
49:14 In other words, it's saying
49:16 that when you come to Christ and you accept him,
49:20 that He works in you to bring about His good pleasure,
49:25 to bring about righteousness in you.
49:28 And therefore He can stand before His Father
49:30 and say: "Father, credit that person with My righteousness. "
49:35 Counts them righteous.
49:37 You see, if He had never become flesh,
49:42 the covenant could have never been fulfilled.
49:46 But He did everything that the covenant required.
49:50 That's why it's on better promises, folks.
49:54 Much better promises.
49:57 So... we simply ask:
50:01 What about the judgment?
50:04 What about the judgment?
50:06 What takes place there?
50:09 Well, God is just.
50:13 He's got to count things as they are.
50:17 He can't gloss it over.
50:20 He's got to take a look at it.
50:21 And that's what it says. Listen:
50:49 So God is not going to just push it under the table.
50:55 Not going to do that.
50:57 But, Jesus Christ... The law over here
51:02 said you broke it, you've got to pay the penalty.
51:05 Christ paid it. The law said you've got to be
51:08 righteous, and Christ said
51:09 "I will live a righteous life for you. "
51:14 So He lived a righteous life
51:17 for you and for me.
51:20 OK? That's what He does for us.
51:23 That's how He lived that we might have life.
51:28 Because He is the Mediator of a better covenant
51:32 that is established on better promises.
51:35 So now, since He's the Mediator,
51:38 it says here:
51:49 That means dear friend that there's not one of you
51:52 out here anywhere watching anywhere in the world
51:56 that He can't save.
51:59 No man. I don't care, dear friend... I don't care how dark
52:04 your past may be, how sinful you may be,
52:09 Jesus Christ can save to the uttermost.
52:14 Do that for anybody
52:16 because He has met everything that was required
52:21 for your salvation.
52:31 "That He ever lives to make intercession for them. "
52:35 You see, He is seated at the right hand of His Father
52:40 and He can say to His Father
52:45 "Father, I died for that person.
52:51 I lived on that old earth for 30-some odd years
52:57 that they might have My righteousness. "
53:02 And the Father says:
53:04 "I'm pleased. Count them righteous. "
53:08 That's how He ministers the covenant for you and for me.
53:16 What is Jesus
53:18 doing now
53:23 since He left so long ago?
53:31 He pleads in my behalf
53:38 for He loves me so.
53:46 Representing me in judgment,
53:53 seated now before the throne.
54:01 And since He paid
54:05 my debt
54:08 I won't have to stand
54:12 alone.
54:18 Let us pray.
54:20 Father in Heaven,
54:24 tonight we can come with humble hearts
54:30 realizing that You have done everything
54:35 that's necessary to reconcile us to God.
54:42 That because of You,
54:45 because of the beloved,
54:50 because of You He's willing to accept us.
54:54 Willing to forgive our sins
55:00 to cleanse, for us to be clean, righteous,
55:05 and to have a place with You in Your kingdom.
55:07 Tonight, Lord, we want to be Your people.
55:15 We want You to be our God.
55:20 Be with us.
55:22 Help us to walk with You each day.
55:24 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
55:30 Don't forget our next presentation
55:33 is on the Investigative Judgment.
55:36 One of the greatest prophecies in all the scripture.
55:39 So we look forward to you being here.
55:41 God bless you. Have a good evening.
55:46 Psalm 19 and verse 1 says:
55:49 "The heavens declare the glory of God
55:52 and the firmament shows His handiwork. "
55:55 All around us we see the handiwork of our Creator.
55:58 Every flower displays a palate of color and texture
56:02 beyond the imagination of man.
56:05 Every variety is uniquely designed
56:08 by the Master of creativity.
56:11 But they're not just a thing of beauty.
56:13 Every flower has a function and a purpose.
56:16 So does every living creature.
56:18 Whether it is feathered or finned,
56:20 each creature was put together by the Author of Life.
56:24 Even in a fallen world
56:26 God has placed a desire for life in every creature.
56:29 Without instruction, a mother knows how to nurture
56:33 and protect her young
56:35 reflecting the tenderness God feels for each of us.
56:39 No man can observe nature
56:42 and deny His existence.
56:44 But the God of Heaven went far beyond
56:47 by humbling Himself and becoming the man Jesus.
56:51 He walked the dusty paths of Israel
56:53 and He paid the debt for every man's sin
56:56 so we could have eternal life.
57:00 The Bible says in John 17 and verse 3
57:03 "And this is eternal life
57:05 that they may know You,
57:07 the only true God,
57:09 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. "
57:11 The evidence of a Creator God is all around us.
57:15 He has revealed details of His character
57:18 in a love letter to you and to me.
57:21 Our desire is to help you understand the Bible
57:24 and receive life... eternal life...
57:27 by getting to know Him intimately.
57:30 Won't you help us bring this message to the world?
57:33 Please consider what you can do
57:35 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:38 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:39 please send your tax-deducible gifts to:
57:53 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
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57:58 Your gifts help bring the Blessed Hope of salvation
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