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00:19 Well hello and welcome to the
00:21 3ABN Worship Center
00:23 right here in Thompsonville, IL.
00:25 I always like to give just a
00:27 whole-hearted welcome to you
00:29 that are here in the sanctuary
00:32 tonight. Thank you for coming out.
00:34 And I want to welcome all of you from across the
00:36 country and around the world
00:38 that are viewing this with us tonight as well
00:41 as we worship together. Pastor Kenneth Cox
00:44 has been coming to southern Illinois, joining with us here
00:48 at the 3ABN Worship Center now for eight months
00:52 to bring us this series on Give Me The Bible.
00:56 And you know, I did the math on it the other day.
00:59 This is the 37th sermon in this series.
01:03 And I just wanted to encourage anyone...
01:06 if you have missed any of these sermons
01:08 you've missed a blessing and I want to encourage you
01:11 to contact the Kenneth Cox Ministry
01:14 and get every one of these. They're a true blessing to you.
01:17 And every month when Pastor Cox comes
01:21 he has a specific topic that he ministers on.
01:24 And this topic that we're ministering on this 8th month
01:28 that we're doing the series is on Judgment.
01:31 Last night we look at Christ our Mediator,
01:34 but tonight we're going to look at the Investigative Judgment.
01:37 Before Pastor Cox comes, though,
01:40 we want to welcome back again Kateena LeForge.
01:43 You know, Kateena is a member of the 3ABN family.
01:48 She's been ministering with us for many, many years.
01:50 Kateena, what the name of the song
01:52 you're going to minister tonight?
01:53 I am going to sing Where Could I Go But To The Lord.
02:07 Livin' below
02:11 in this old sinful world.
02:15 Hardly a comfort
02:19 can afford.
02:24 Striving along
02:28 to face temptations sore.
02:32 Where could I go
02:35 but to the Lord?
02:40 Where could I go?
02:44 Oh, where could I go?
02:49 Seeking a refuge
02:52 for my soul.
02:57 Needing a friend
03:01 to save me in the end.
03:05 Won't you tell me: where could I go
03:09 but to the Lord?
03:23 Life here is grand
03:27 with friends I love so dear.
03:31 Comfort I get
03:34 from God's own Word.
03:39 Yet when I face
03:43 that chilling hand of death,
03:47 Won't you tell me: where could I go
03:51 but to the Lord?
03:57 Where could I go?
04:00 Oh, where could I go?
04:05 Seeking a refuge
04:08 for my soul.
04:13 Needing a friend
04:17 to save me in the end.
04:21 Won't you tell me: where could I go
04:25 but to the Lord?
04:30 Where could I go
04:34 but to the Lord?
04:38 To the Lord.
04:49 Thank you very much, Kateena. Appreciate that.
04:52 Without a doubt... where could we go but to the Lord?
04:56 That is what makes all the difference in the world.
05:00 If tonight you're joining us by television or you're
05:04 joining us by radio,
05:06 I like to ask you to do something.
05:07 If you've got somebody in your household
05:10 that doesn't believe in the Word of God,
05:13 that doesn't believe in Jesus Christ,
05:16 would you ask them to watch tonight's program?
05:19 Just ask them to watch tonight's program
05:22 because this subject tonight, as far as I'm concerned,
05:27 is probably one of the greatest prophecies
05:30 in all of God's Word
05:31 and I think it might answer some questions for them.
05:34 So we hope you'll just invite them.
05:36 To all of you that are here with us tonight: welcome.
05:39 Glad that you're here.
05:41 And we hope that this presentation will bless you
05:44 in a very definite way.
05:47 We're looking at the Judgment.
05:50 That's what we're talking about
05:51 is the Judgment during this series
05:54 and how it takes place and what happens.
05:56 And tomorrow... or our next presentation
06:01 is entitled the...
06:05 There's three books that are used in the judgment
06:08 the Bible says. There's the Book of Life,
06:10 the Book of Iniquity, and the Book of Remembrance.
06:14 And so we're going to see exactly how those books are used
06:18 in our next presentation.
06:21 How do they... how to they use them in the judgment?
06:25 How do you get your name in the Book of Life?
06:29 And what do you do to get your name in the Book of Remembrance?
06:33 These are things that we'll look at and how
06:36 they take those names and how they are used
06:39 and exactly how the judgment takes place.
06:41 So you want to be sure and be with us as we take a look
06:44 at the Book of Life in the Judgment.
06:47 Tonight our presentation is entitled
06:53 As I mentioned to you last night, this prophecy
06:58 is one that no agnostic,
07:04 infidel, or atheist has ever been able to answer.
07:09 In fact, this is a prophecy
07:13 that many Jewish rabbis
07:18 forbid their people to look at or to study.
07:25 It's a very, very vital and important prophecy
07:30 in God's Word. And it has to do with the judgment
07:33 is what it has to do with.
07:34 So we're going to take a look at this judgment
07:37 that we're going to find out tonight is going on
07:40 up in heaven at the present time.
07:44 So we hope that you'll follow as we take a look at God's Word
07:48 and it will bless you in a very special way.
07:51 You know, when it comes to music
07:55 Jesus is described
07:57 many, many different ways.
08:00 He's talked about as the Lily of the Valley.
08:03 He's referred to as the Bright and Morning Sun.
08:07 Talked about as the Beloved.
08:12 Many, many different ways.
08:15 And tonight Kateena LeForge is going to sing for us
08:19 a beautiful, beautiful melody
08:22 entitled Fairest Lord Jesus.
08:49 Beautiful Savior,
08:55 Lord
08:57 of the nations.
09:01 Son of God
09:07 and Son of
09:11 Man.
09:15 Glory and honor,
09:21 praise,
09:23 adoration
09:27 now and forever more
09:33 be Thine.
09:50 I'd rather
09:53 have Jesus
09:56 than silver or gold.
10:02 I'd rather be His
10:07 than have riches untold.
10:13 I'd rather have Jesus
10:19 than houses or lands.
10:25 I'd rather be led
10:30 by His nail-pierced
10:35 hand.
10:40 I'd rather have Jesus
10:45 than man's applause.
10:50 I'd rather be faithful
10:55 to His dear cause.
11:00 I'd rather have Jesus
11:05 than world-wide fame.
11:10 I'd rather be true
11:14 to His holy name.
11:21 Than to be the king
11:26 of a vast domain
11:31 or be held in sin's
11:36 dread sway.
11:45 I'd rather
11:48 have Jesus
11:52 than anything
11:58 this world
12:02 affords
12:05 today.
12:13 Amen.
12:32 Our Heavenly Father,
12:35 we'd rather have You
12:39 than anything this world has to offer tonight.
12:44 We ask that You would come and be with us.
12:48 May your Holy Spirit enlighten our minds.
12:54 As we open Your Word, give us understanding.
12:59 Help us to see and to know
13:02 that You are without question
13:08 the Redeemer of this world.
13:12 We pray that our eyes
13:15 may be open to see by faith
13:19 what Your Word has recorded
13:23 and may we each one walk in the light.
13:28 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
13:38 As you pick up the Word of God,
13:42 throughout it, place after place
13:45 it talks about Jesus coming back.
13:48 It's a promise that's given to you and to me
13:51 that Jesus Christ is going to return.
13:54 But there's an aspect about His return
13:58 that's very important that we understand.
14:02 I want you to listen to a couple texts.
14:04 It says here:
14:14 So the scripture says that Jesus is coming back.
14:18 But He says when He comes back
14:20 He is bringing His reward with Him.
14:24 Now if Christ is going to bring His reward with Him, folks,
14:30 then it's very simple
14:32 that judgment has to have taken place.
14:36 Every case has to have been decided...
14:39 because it wouldn't work for Christ to come back,
14:42 take some people to heaven,
14:45 and then find out they don't belong there.
14:47 That won't work.
14:49 So He's got to have judgment taken place
14:53 before He comes back.
14:56 Let's look at another text:
15:11 So it's very, very clear that when Jesus comes back
15:15 He is bringing His reward with Him
15:18 to give everyone according as his works.
15:22 And this judgment that is going on up in heaven now...
15:28 we're simply going to refer to that judgment as an
15:32 Investigative Judgment.
15:34 That simply means going through the cases
15:37 and they're taking a look at each individual
15:40 and deciding whether that person will be there,
15:44 whether they'll be part of those that are saved when Jesus comes,
15:49 or whether they will not.
15:51 That's what's taking place
15:53 up in heaven at the present time.
15:56 It tells us that judgment is going on now in Revelation.
16:01 Revelation the 14th chapter verse 6:
16:26 It does not say the hour of His judgment IS coming.
16:30 It says the hour of His judgment HAS come.
16:33 So it tells us that judgment is going on up in heaven
16:39 right now. And that's what we're going to take a look at
16:42 tonight. We want to take a look at this judgment.
16:45 Where it's taking place. What's involved in it
16:49 as the scripture presents it. In the book of Daniel
16:52 it presents it in a special way.
16:54 Here in Peter it gives us an insight
16:58 into this judgment as to who is being judged.
17:02 And it says in I Peter 4:17:
17:12 So it tells us clearly that this judgment that we're
17:15 looking at tonight has to do with the saved
17:19 because it says it begins "with the house of God. "
17:24 That's referring to those who are followers of Christ.
17:34 So Peter is saying that judgment involves those that have
17:39 accepted Christ and are following Him.
17:42 So that's what we're looking at in this judgment.
17:45 The children of Israel... for 400 years
17:51 they worshiped around the sanctuary.
17:55 The sanctuary set out in the middle of their encampment
17:59 and this is where people came, brought their sacrifices.
18:04 This is where they came and worshiped.
18:06 They worshiped the Lord.
18:08 The sanctuary, or the tabernacle,
18:11 was a tent.
18:14 It was surrounded by a curtain
18:17 which made what they called the court.
18:21 And in the court were three things.
18:25 There was the altar of sacrifice, there was the laver,
18:28 and there was the tabernacle.
18:30 Inside the tabernacle there were two compartments.
18:34 One compartment called the holy place
18:38 and another compartment called the most holy place.
18:41 In the holy place, this is where the priest ministered.
18:46 They went in and out of there many, many times
18:49 every day. And in that holy place
18:52 was basically three pieces of furniture.
18:55 There was the seven golden candlesticks.
18:59 There was the table of shewbread.
19:01 And right before the curtain was the altar of incense.
19:06 This is where they sprinkled the blood
19:09 from the offering of the lamb that the person had brought.
19:13 But once a year - once a year -
19:17 the high priest - only the high priest -
19:20 is going to part that curtain
19:23 and go into the most holy place.
19:26 That was done on what was called the Day of Atonement...
19:32 or better known also as the Day of Judgment.
19:38 So that's what it's talking about:
19:41 Day of Atonement or the Day of Judgment...
19:43 or even referred to as
19:46 the cleansing of the sanctuary.
19:50 That becomes important as we look at this prophecy
19:54 because Daniel... is very, very concerned.
19:59 Daniel has been in Babylon
20:02 for about 70 years now.
20:06 He understands clearly, folks,
20:10 the prophecies of the prophet Jeremiah.
20:13 Because Jeremiah had said that the children of Israel
20:17 would be in captivity for 70 years
20:20 and he know that 70 years is coming to an end.
20:25 And he wants to know when are they going to be delivered.
20:29 When are they going to be taken out of Babylon?
20:32 And so Daniel has been praying about this,
20:35 seeking the Lord. And as he has been praying about this,
20:39 the angel Gabriel
20:42 here in Daniel the 8th chapter verse 14
20:45 makes a statement to him.
20:47 And he says:
20:57 Daniel understood exactly that when it said
21:01 the sanctuary shall be cleansed
21:04 he understood that to mean the Day of Atonement
21:07 or the Day of Judgment.
21:09 He understood that's what he was talking about.
21:11 So the angel said: "unto two thousand three hundred days
21:15 then the sanctuary" - or the Day of Judgment -
21:18 "is going to take place. "
21:20 Now the angel also said to him here concerning this vision...
21:26 we're still in the 8th chapter...
21:43 So he told Daniel... He said: "Daniel,
21:46 this vision refers to many, many days in the future. "
21:50 This really bothered him.
21:53 He didn't understand what it was talking about.
21:57 And it bothered him so much the 8th chapter of Daniel
22:01 ends with this verse:
22:18 The angel had told him unto two thousand three hundred days
22:23 then the sanctuary's going to be cleansed.
22:26 Daniel knows that he is living right at the time
22:30 that Jeremiah had talked about.
22:32 And now the angel has said
22:33 this has to do with something in the future.
22:36 Many days in the future.
22:37 And Daniel is having a terrible time
22:40 putting all of this together.
22:41 So as you move into the 9th chapter of Daniel
22:47 Daniel is praying.
22:50 He's pleading with God to give him understanding
22:55 concerning this vision to help him know what it's all about.
22:58 And God in His love and in His kindness
23:02 sends the angel Gabriel.
23:05 Listen:
23:23 So here Daniel is praying.
23:26 You can read his prayer there
23:28 asking the Lord when this is going to take place.
23:31 And God has sent the angel Gabriel
23:34 to help Daniel understand what this vision is about.
23:50 He said: "Daniel, I've come here to help you understand
23:54 what this vision is about. "
23:56 Now, Daniel is in Babylon, folks.
24:02 The Jewish people are in Babylon.
24:06 They're in captivity.
24:08 This is what is concerning Daniel.
24:11 So the angel Gabriel says this to Daniel:
24:38 He said: "Daniel... giving 70 weeks to the Jewish people.
24:43 In that 70 weeks
24:47 God has said: "I'm going to give them a time to come to Me,
24:52 come back to Me,
24:54 to follow Me, to obey Me.
24:56 to do My will. Also, I'm giving this prophecy
25:02 to anoint the Most Holy. "
25:04 And He also said to "seal up the prophecy. "
25:08 He said, in other words: "There's going to be certain
25:10 things about this prophecy that will absolutely seal it
25:14 and make it immoveable. "
25:16 That's what He's saying.
25:17 So he takes this and says to him:
25:25 Well now, that's fine
25:28 to tell you and I "70 weeks
25:32 are determined on your people, "
25:34 but that doesn't mean much if we don't know a starting point.
25:40 You can't determine what 70 weeks are
25:44 unless you know where it starts.
25:46 And the angel Gabriel understands that.
25:49 And so we find this begins to take place:
25:53 Daniel 9 verse 25 he gives him a starting point.
25:57 Now stay with me, folks.
26:11 Now let's establish it.
26:14 The Jewish people are in captivity.
26:16 They're in Babylon. He says when this command
26:20 comes for you to go forth and go back and rebuild Jerusalem...
26:25 that's the starting point.
26:27 When that decree is given then that will be the starting point.
26:32 OK?
26:52 Now... we need to establish that date.
26:55 And fortunately, that is a date in scripture
26:58 that's well established
27:01 because we read here about the king Artaxerxes
27:07 who makes the decree for the children of Israel to go back.
27:11 Now I'm going to say something here
27:13 for the sake of some people maybe who have delved into this
27:17 quite a bit and wondered about it.
27:19 There were three decrees that were given.
27:22 Darius gave a decree,
27:24 Cyrus gave a decree,
27:26 and Artaxerxes gave a decree.
27:28 Those were the three decrees that were given.
27:32 We go by Artaxerxes' decree
27:37 because that was the decree that gave the children of Israel
27:41 the right to go back to Jerusalem
27:43 and establish themselves as a sovereign government.
27:50 Cyrus's decree, Darius's decree
27:52 did not give them that opportunity.
27:55 But Artaxerxes gave them the right to go back
27:59 and be a sovereign government, a nation.
28:03 That's what it gave them the right to do.
28:05 So we read here in Ezra 7 and verse 12:
28:30 That decree was given
28:33 by king Artaxerxes in 457 BC.
28:38 We now have a starting point.
28:41 457 BC is when the decree was given
28:46 for the Jewish people to go back and to set up
28:50 their nation in Jerusalem.
28:53 All right... so we can start there.
28:56 Now, let's establish one other thing
28:59 because we have to put these together
29:01 so that the prophecy will make sense.
29:04 And in Bible prophecy God gives a simple principle,
29:08 and that principle is that in prophecy
29:11 a day represents a year.
29:14 So we read in Ezekiel 4:6
29:20 We read in Numbers 14:34
29:24 So in Bible prophecy one prophetic day
29:29 equals one literal year.
29:32 OK. Now that we have that, let's move ahead.
29:35 Three times... three times the angel Gabriel has spoken
29:41 of a period of time.
29:43 And this is what he told Daniel:
29:45 In Daniel 8:14 he talked about what?
29:50 2300 days.
29:53 OK? Daniel 9:24
29:56 he talks about 70 weeks.
29:59 And in Daniel 9:25
30:02 he talks about 69 weeks.
30:05 Now we're going to put that all together
30:08 and we're going to see how it works
30:10 and what it's talking about.
30:12 OK. Are you still with me?
30:14 OK. Here we go.
30:16 2300... 2300 and it says
30:21 2300 days. In Bible prophecy a day represents how much?
30:26 One year. So we have 2300 years.
30:36 So we actually have 2300 years.
30:40 OK. Continue.
30:49 Now what he's doing here is he's giving us a starting point.
30:53 457 BC when the decree was given.
30:57 And then he said: "I'm going to take 70 weeks
31:02 off of that 2300 years. "
31:05 And so if we've got 70 weeks -
31:08 there's 7 days in a week - so if we've got 7 times 70
31:14 that equals 490... 490 years.
31:19 He said: "I'm going to take 490 years off of that 2300. "
31:24 All right? Let's take it another step farther.
31:28 The decree was given in 457 BC.
31:32 He gives us this starting point.
31:40 All right. If I had 70 weeks
31:43 and I took 70 weeks - or 490 years -
31:49 off of 2300,
31:52 and I'm starting in 457 BC,
31:54 that takes me to 34 AD.
32:00 Remember, in BC dates
32:03 you subtract. Don't add.
32:06 OK, you subtract. You have to be careful here, folks,
32:10 because you've got to put a year in there for 0.
32:15 You understand what I mean by that?
32:17 Because we're moving from BC dates into AD dates
32:22 and there's a 0 year there, and you've got to account for it.
32:26 So you have to put a year in there.
32:28 Because if you just take pencil and paper
32:31 and you subtract 490 off the 2300 years,
32:37 you'll come up with 33 not 34.
32:40 OK. So you've got to put that year in there for 0.
32:44 So it takes us to 34 AD.
32:46 That was the 70 weeks that God gave to the Jewish people.
32:50 All right. Then it says here:
32:59 Now the angel Gabriel gave the same starting point
33:04 for both those: the 70 weeks and the 69 weeks.
33:09 Both have the same starting point.
33:11 So if I go 69 weeks from 457 BC,
33:17 7 times 69 is?
33:21 483.
33:25 And if I subtract 483
33:29 from 457...
33:32 takes me to what?
33:34 27 AD.
33:38 Now, any way you want to look at that
33:44 dear friend, there is only one person
33:48 in all of history that ever only meets this prophecy
33:54 because he said it would be 69 weeks
33:57 until Messiah the Prince.
34:01 In other words, what's just happened...
34:04 the angel Gabriel has pointed out exactly
34:07 when Jesus Christ was going to appear on the scene of action...
34:11 or the Messiah.
34:14 If you're a Jewish person and you've been looking for
34:17 the Messiah, here Gabriel has
34:18 told you exactly when He was
34:20 going to show up.
34:22 27 AD... that is exact.
34:26 That's why rabbis don't want their people looking at it
34:30 because there is nobody else that fits this prophecy.
34:34 Let's see what happens in 27 AD.
34:37 Luke the 3rd chapter:
35:05 Watch what happens...
35:30 Watch what happens here, folks.
35:33 Becomes very important
35:35 because this is what the next verse says:
35:51 So here it tells us clearly
35:53 that Christ began His ministry.
35:55 So it said here in the scripture
35:57 it would be 69 weeks until Messiah the Prince.
36:01 And right there at 27 AD Christ began His ministry
36:06 as the Messiah.
36:08 Now, all I can say
36:12 is if you don't believe...
36:16 if you don't believe in the Word of God
36:18 and you don't believe in Jesus Christ,
36:20 then I want to ask you...
36:24 what are you going to do with this information?
36:27 What are you going to do with it?
36:30 I mean... you're either going to have to sit down and study it
36:34 and say "Is this really true? "
36:36 Or you can be like an ostrich and stick your head in the sand.
36:40 You know? But you really need to take a look
36:44 and say "Is this true? "
36:45 And if it is true, then, dear friend,
36:48 then you need to give your heart to the Lord
36:51 and accept Christ as your Savior.
36:52 Walk with Him and follow Him.
36:55 Because this scripture has pointed out clearly
36:58 that He IS the Son of God.
37:01 Without question He is the Messiah.
37:04 All right, let's go on.
37:05 The decree was given in 457 BC.
37:09 483 years takes us to 27 AD.
37:13 Gabriel had told Daniel
37:17 70 weeks were determined upon the people, right?
37:24 And he told him what was to do... what was to happen
37:27 during that time...
37:33 In other words, he's telling those Jewish people
37:35 you need to stop your sinning.
37:39 Stop going contrary to God.
37:50 To seal up the vision of the prophecy, dear friend.
37:53 Let me tell you something. We just tied it down
37:56 so you can't move it.
37:58 Because if you move it,
38:01 then it ceases to have any meaning.
38:06 Again, it tied it solid.
38:09 That's what he did... said.
38:11 He told him 70 weeks are determined upon your people.
38:15 So, if I've got 70 weeks and I've looked at 69 weeks,
38:20 I have one week left... right?
38:23 Yeah. I have one week out of the 70 left.
38:27 So he has this to say in Daniel...
38:31 Daniel the 9th chapter and verse 27:
38:46 Now this 70 weeks was given to the Jewish people.
38:51 And here he's saying that Jesus Christ
38:55 was going to confirm that covenant with the Jewish people
38:58 for one week. That's what he's saying.
39:01 He's saying He's going to confirm it with them for 1 week.
39:04 What does that mean?
39:07 Well, we find He began His ministry in 27 AD.
39:10 That meant that He was going to be here in person
39:15 and they were going to see Him
39:16 and they were going to hear Him
39:17 and they were going to understand that He was
39:20 the Son of God. That He was confirming the covenant
39:23 with them for one week.
39:25 And he said in the middle of the week He would bring the
39:28 sacrifices and offerings to an end.
39:31 So we find this is what happened.
39:34 If I have one week and there's seven days in a week,
39:39 and if I go to the middle of the week, it takes me
39:43 3-1/2 years... right?
39:46 That's half of seven... 3-1/2 years.
39:49 So if I come 3-1/2 years from 31- excuse me -
39:55 from 27 AD, that takes me to 31 AD.
39:58 And he said He was going to confirm the covenant with many
40:02 for one week. And if I go to the middle of the week,
40:04 what happens? What took place?
40:19 They took the Son of God, crucified Him.
40:22 When they crucified Jesus Christ,
40:25 let me tell you something... the Lamb of God died.
40:32 The Lamb of God died.
40:35 That meant no longer was there a necessity
40:40 for them to bring a sacrifice.
40:43 Jesus Christ had died.
40:46 And the priest down in the temple
40:50 ready to offer the lamb,
40:53 the scripture says:
40:57 That's the veil that I showed you there
40:59 that separated the holy and the most holy place, OK?
41:10 That curtain that separated it
41:14 from the holy to the most holy place all of a sudden
41:16 tore from top to bottom
41:18 and they could see into the most holy place.
41:23 Jesus told them, remember... "I'm going to confirm the
41:25 covenant with many with you for one week. "
41:28 And they refused to listen.
41:32 They refused to accept.
41:34 And so He said to them:
41:49 Told them: haven't accepted Him.
41:51 They took Him, crucified Him.
41:53 He said: "Your house is left unto you desolate. "
41:55 And so, they didn't follow it.
41:58 But... I have 3-1/2 years that took me to
42:02 the cross: 31 AD.
42:05 But I have 3-1/2 years left.
42:08 "Seventy weeks are determined upon your people. "
42:12 At the end of that 70 weeks
42:15 the scripture makes it very clear
42:17 that the gospel went to the Gentiles.
42:24 Seventy weeks: that's the time that God gave to the
42:28 Jewish people. 490 years from the time the decree
42:32 went forth to rebuild the temple, move back to Jerusalem.
42:37 They had 490 years.
42:39 God in His mercy and His love
42:42 wooed them and cared for them and tried to get them
42:46 to follow Him. He talks about it
42:48 as His vineyard
42:49 and how He dug around it
42:51 and cared for it.
42:52 But it didn't bear any fruit.
42:55 So at the end of 70 weeks -
43:01 490 years -
43:03 34 AD - there's a young man.
43:06 This young man is extremely articulate.
43:11 Has great ability for logic
43:16 and to present something.
43:18 And he has gone throughout Judea preaching
43:21 and great numbers of people have accepted Jesus Christ.
43:26 So many, in fact, that they arrest him.
43:29 And they bring him in before the Sanhedrin
43:33 and they give Stephen the opportunity to defend himself.
43:40 And his defense is absolutely so strong
43:45 that they took and they stuck their fingers in their ears
43:48 so they wouldn't hear him.
43:49 And he said: "Oh, you uncircumcised of heart,
43:53 how long will you resist the Holy Spirit? "
43:55 And they grabbed him and drug him outside the city
43:59 and they stoned Stephen to death.
44:04 They laid down their coats at the feet
44:09 of a young man by the name of Saul of Tarsus...
44:15 who had given himself to the persecution of Christians.
44:18 And a few days later he has orders from the high priest
44:24 with soldiers is heading for Damascus to arrest Christians
44:28 when a bright light shines on him.
44:31 So bright that it knocks him to the ground.
44:34 A voice said: "Saul, Saul,
44:37 why persecutest thou Me? "
44:40 And he said: "Who are You, Lord? "
44:43 He said: "I'm Jesus... whom you're persecuting. "
44:47 Said: "What do You want me to do? "
44:49 Said: "Go on to Damascus. It will be shown you
44:53 what you shall do. "
44:55 And they took him to a man's house by the name of Judas
44:59 on a street called Straight.
45:01 And there Saul of Tarsus is
45:05 in that house... blind.
45:08 He cannot see.
45:11 And God speaks to a man by the name of Ananias.
45:15 And He said: "Ananias, you go and pray for Saul
45:21 that he may receive his sight. "
45:23 I want you to listen to what God said to him.
45:30 He didn't want to go.
45:32 This man was there going to haul him off to jail.
45:35 Crucify him, kill him.
45:45 The date for that, folks, is 34 AD.
45:50 Exactly as God said, the gospel went to the Gentiles.
45:55 "Seventy weeks are determined on your people. "
45:57 And the gospel went to the Gentiles.
45:59 At the same time Peter -
46:03 who has given himself almost exclusively
46:08 to preaching to the Jews -
46:10 and by the way, with quite success because it says
46:12 there were multitudes of them who believed...
46:15 But Peter is down in Joppa.
46:19 He's gone up on top of the house
46:21 since the ladies didn't have lunch ready.
46:24 He's gone up on top of the house to pray,
46:26 and while he's praying he has a vision.
46:29 And in that vision he sees a sheet let down
46:33 with all kinds of unclean animals in it.
46:37 And a voice says to him:
46:39 "Rise, Peter. Kill and eat. "
46:42 And he said: "Not so, Lord.
46:44 I've never eaten anything common or unclean. "
46:47 The Lord said: "Peter, what I have cleansed
46:51 don't you call common. "
46:55 And it says while Peter doubted in himself
46:58 what that vision meant,
47:00 there was a knock at the door.
47:03 Peter went to the door, and here were two men
47:07 from Cornelius's house. Now Cornelius is a Roman Centurion
47:12 that lives down in Caesarea.
47:15 He has had a dream... a vision...
47:18 and God has told him to send these servants to get Peter.
47:22 And so they told him.
47:24 And Peter said: "Well spend the night and we'll go tomorrow. "
47:27 They spent the night with Peter, and the next day
47:30 they make their journey to Caesarea.
47:33 Now folks, when they get there, Cornelius has invited in
47:37 all of his relatives, all of his friends.
47:39 The house is full of people... completely full.
47:43 I want you to notice how Peter reacts.
48:04 Now this house was full of Gentiles, OK?
48:15 He said: "Peter, you need to take the gospel
48:17 to these Gentiles. "
48:19 Date? 34 AD.
48:23 Just exactly as God said, the gospel went to the Gentiles.
48:28 And it went to the Gentile world, folks,
48:32 with great, great rapidity.
48:35 I mean in a matter of just a few years
48:39 all of Asia Minor had heard the gospel - given their hearts.
48:44 This became the time of the Gentiles.
48:49 OK? Mark it down
48:51 because we're going to talk about something here.
48:54 This was the time of the Gentiles.
49:04 So I've got 2300 years
49:07 and I'm taking off of that
49:10 70 weeks or 490 years.
49:14 If I subtract 490 years
49:20 off of 2300,
49:23 what does it leave me?
49:24 It leaves me 1810 years.
49:30 Now in AD dates, you add.
49:34 OK? Don't subtract... you add.
49:37 So if I add 1810 years to 34 AD,
49:43 takes me to 1844.
49:47 Says that judgment would begin in heaven
49:51 with the house of God in 1844 AD.
49:56 That's when it's going to start.
49:58 And that's going on now up in heaven.
50:02 Now watch what happens. This to me
50:05 is the most marvelous thing of all of it.
50:35 That we'll talk about tomorrow night.
50:37 Watch this, folks. Here judgment's going on.
50:40 The court is seated. The books are opened.
50:42 Watch this:
50:57 Here dear friend is the judgment. It's in process
51:00 and here comes Jesus Christ.
51:03 "One like the Son of God. " We talked about it last night.
51:07 He's coming there as your Mediator.
51:12 He's coming there to intercede for you.
51:15 And He comes in before God. Watch what happens:
51:30 Because of Jesus a judgment is made in favor of you.
51:37 See? Judgment is made in favor of you
51:40 because of Jesus Christ.
51:45 Does that for us.
51:46 But, tonight he's our Mediator.
51:51 He's in heaven; He's interceding for us.
51:54 But let me tell you something,
51:57 there's coming a day when He's going to take off His robes
52:00 and He's going to put on the robe as the King of Kings
52:03 and Lord of Lords and He's going to say:
52:31 He's going to come back. When He comes back
52:34 He's going to gather all of His people.
52:37 Let me tell you something.
52:39 Tonight the door of mercy is open.
52:42 The door of mercy's open to any man, woman, or child
52:47 that wants by faith to reach out and accept Him
52:50 as their Lord and Savior.
52:52 Tonight He wants to be your Mediator.
52:56 He wants to plead your case.
52:59 He wants to present you to God.
53:02 And because you and I accept Him
53:05 He will give you life
53:08 because He came and paid the price
53:13 that you might live.
53:16 Let Him be your Mediator.
53:22 Let Him represent your case.
53:28 Accept this Savior...
53:34 Jesus Christ who took
53:37 your place.
53:44 Heavenly Father,
53:45 tonight we thank you.
53:48 Thank you that You
53:53 made it possible for us to have life.
53:57 That tonight You're willing to be our Mediator.
54:04 our Advocate, our Representative.
54:08 That You can stand between us and God
54:13 and give to each one of us
54:18 Your righteousness so that we might stand
54:24 with You. That we might have hope
54:28 and eternal life because of what You've done for each one of us.
54:33 May we all - each one here tonight -
54:36 take hold of Your hand
54:38 and walk with You all the way into the kingdom of heaven.
54:43 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
54:49 Well, that's the judgment
54:52 that's going on in heaven now.
54:54 Now how it's taking place
54:57 and what is happening...
54:59 how it's happening...
55:00 has to do with the Books.
55:02 And that's what we're going to take a look at tomorrow night
55:05 is the Book of Life, the Book of Remembrance,
55:07 the Book of Iniquity.
55:09 How they're used in the judgment.
55:11 How does this take place up in heaven...
55:13 this Investigative Judgment that's going on?
55:15 How is it that our names come up?
55:18 And let's say your name comes up in the judgment
55:21 and you're found lost.
55:23 Is there any hope for you?
55:24 You want to get... understand that and see
55:27 what the scriptures says about it...
55:29 because Christ made a special effort that each one of us
55:34 could be in the kingdom of God.
55:36 And so we're glad that you're here tonight.
55:38 Those of you who've been watching us by television.
55:40 We hope that you'll continue to follow as we go through
55:43 this series on the Judgment.
55:45 So God bless you. Have a great evening.
55:47 We thank you for being with us. Good night.
55:52 Psalm 19 and verse 1 says:
55:55 "The heavens declare the glory of God
55:58 and the firmament shows His handiwork. "
56:01 All around us we see the handiwork of our Creator.
56:05 Every flower displays a palate of color and texture
56:08 beyond the imagination of man.
56:11 Every variety is uniquely designed
56:14 by the Master of creativity.
56:17 But they're not just a thing of beauty.
56:19 Every flower has a function and a purpose.
56:22 So does every living creature.
56:24 Whether it is feathered or finned,
56:26 each creature was put together by the Author of Life.
56:30 Even in a fallen world
56:32 God has placed a desire for life in every creature.
56:36 Without instruction, a mother knows how to nurture
56:39 and protect her young
56:41 reflecting the tenderness God feels for each of us.
56:45 No man can observe nature
56:48 and deny His existence.
56:50 But the God of Heaven went far beyond
56:53 by humbling Himself and becoming the man Jesus.
56:57 He walked the dusty paths of Israel
57:00 and He paid the debt for every man's sin
57:02 so we could have eternal life.
57:05 The Bible says in John 17 and verse 3
57:09 "And this is eternal life
57:11 that they may know You,
57:13 the only true God,
57:15 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. "
57:17 The evidence of a Creator God is all around us.
57:21 He has revealed details of His character
57:24 in a love letter to you and to me.
57:27 Our desire is to help you understand the Bible
57:30 and receive life... eternal life...
57:33 by getting to know Him intimately.
57:36 Won't you help us bring this message to the world?
57:39 Please consider what you can do
57:41 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:44 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:45 please send your tax-deducible gifts to:
57:59 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
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58:04 Your gifts help bring the Blessed Hope of salvation
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