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00:19 Well good morning. I want to welcome all of you
00:21 to the Thompsonville SDA Church
00:24 sanctuary. We're here
00:26 this morning to worship God,
00:27 aren't we? Isn't that the reason
00:29 we've all come together? And we realize
00:31 we have people here from southern Illinois that have
00:34 joined us, and we appreciate them so much.
00:36 But for all of you around the world
00:39 thank you for joining with us.
00:41 Our heart's cry and our prayer today
00:43 is that your heart will be touched and you will be drawn
00:46 closer to Jesus Christ as Pastor Kenneth Cox
00:50 continues in this series on Give Me The Bible.
00:53 You know, each month he looks at a different subject matter,
00:57 and we're looking at the Judgment this month.
01:00 And last night... the last message
01:04 was on the Investigative Judgment.
01:06 And as I was telling the congregation here,
01:08 I think that was the clearest I had ever seen
01:12 the Investigative Judgment.
01:13 If you weren't able to hear that message, and you have
01:17 any questions concerning that particular subject,
01:20 you need to get that tape and listen to it over and over.
01:24 Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God...
01:27 and it will give you clarity.
01:29 Well we're going to continue today, and the message
01:33 that he's going to bring to us is
01:35 Book of Life in the Judgment.
01:38 But before Pastor Cox comes
01:40 we have Dona Klein with us, and she is going to do
01:44 a special for us on the organ: "Wayfaring Stranger. "
04:23 Thank you, Dona Klein.
04:25 "Wayfaring Stranger. " Beautiful song. Thank you, Dona.
04:29 Well, welcome back.
04:31 Glad that you're here; appreciate you being here.
04:34 Those of you that have been
04:35 joining us by television,
04:37 we welcome you.
04:39 And if you're listening by radio
04:40 we're very happy to have you here and to tune in.
04:44 And we pray that as we go through this particular series
04:48 on the Judgment
04:49 that it's helping you put everything in order
04:52 so that you understand the judgment,
04:55 how it works, what takes place.
04:57 And we're just hopeful that we can each see
05:01 better what Jesus Christ does for each one of us.
05:06 And so today we're looking at the subject of
05:13 Our next presentation
05:16 will be entitled:
05:19 Now in Revelation the 20th chapter
05:21 it mentions a thousand years...
05:24 which is a millennium.
05:27 Mentions that. And it says there is a judgment
05:29 that takes place during that thousand years.
05:32 And that's what we're going to look at in the next presentation
05:36 because we're going to see how that works,
05:38 why it's necessary,
05:39 what happens during that time.
05:41 So you want to be sure and be with us on that one
05:45 because it will help you tie things together.
05:47 But today we're looking at the Book of Life in the Judgment.
05:51 There's three books that are used in the judgment.
05:54 You want to watch for those.
05:56 The Book of Life, the Book of Iniquity,
05:58 the Book of Remembrance.
05:59 And we're literally going to put names in the books.
06:02 And we're going to see how they're put there and
06:05 all how that works. And so you want to follow
06:08 as we go into this subject.
06:09 I think you'll find it to be
06:11 helpful in understanding
06:13 the judgment.
06:15 One of the songs that I've always enjoyed very much -
06:19 one of my favorite songs -
06:21 is one that is entitled "God Leads Us Along".
06:25 And this morning Kateena LeForge is going to sing that for us.
06:49 In shady green pastures
06:55 so rich and so sweet,
07:00 God leads His dear children
07:05 along,
07:09 Where the water's cool flow
07:13 bathes the weary one's feet,
07:19 God leads His dear children
07:25 along.
07:30 Some thro' the waters,
07:34 some thro' the flood,
07:38 Some thro' the fire,
07:43 but all thro' the blood;
07:48 Some thro' great sorrow,
07:53 but God gives a song;
07:58 In the night season
08:02 and all the day long.
08:21 Sometimes on the mount
08:25 where the sun shines so bright,
08:29 God leads His dear children
08:34 along.
08:37 Sometimes in the valley
08:41 in the darkest of night,
08:45 God leads His dear children
08:50 along.
08:54 Some thro' the waters,
08:58 some thro' the flood,
09:02 Some thro' the fire,
09:06 but all thro'
09:10 the blood;
09:14 Some thro' great sorrow,
09:19 but God gives a song;
09:23 In the night season
09:33 in the night season
09:38 and all
09:44 the day long.
10:14 Gracious Father,
10:16 we come to You today
10:20 first, Lord, wanting to offer our praise.
10:25 Our praise to You as our Creator.
10:28 As our Redeemer.
10:32 As our Mediator.
10:34 As we take a look at the subject of the judgment, Lord,
10:38 give us understanding...
10:41 Give us insight that we each might understand
10:47 our great, great need of You
10:50 and that our hearts may be open to the work of Your Spirit.
10:56 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
11:06 In our last presentation
11:08 we found out that judgment
11:11 is going on up in heaven now.
11:15 That's what we found out.
11:16 And it is taking place...
11:19 What we want to see is what does the Bible say?
11:22 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
11:25 This my only question be.
11:29 Is Jesus now in heaven interceding for me?
11:33 What does the Word of God say to me?
11:37 That's what we want to see.
11:39 We want to get into God's Word and see what it tells us
11:42 about the judgment.
11:44 Now in the book of Daniel the 7th chapter
11:47 it gives us a description of the judgment
11:51 and what takes place there. Notice what it says:
12:02 So here it's talking about God the Father being seated.
12:06 Watch as it progresses:
12:35 And that's what we're looking at today
12:38 is this question of the court being seated
12:41 and the books being opened
12:43 and how these books are used.
12:45 And please notice that it's plural - it doesn't say book.
12:48 It says how the books are used in the judgment.
12:52 So we want to look at that
12:54 and see what the scripture tells us there.
12:56 Now we also found out last night that this judgment
13:00 is taking place up in heaven now.
13:03 We found out that that begins with those that are saved...
13:08 those that have accepted Jesus Christ.
13:11 Those are the ones that are being judged now. Listen:
13:28 So it tells us clearly that judgment begins with those
13:33 that have accepted Jesus Christ.
13:35 And we're going to see a reason for that
13:38 as we continue to look at this subject about it.
13:42 All right. There are books - as I mentioned to you -
13:45 that are used in the judgment.
13:47 These books are very important
13:50 and will help us get an insight to how carefully this is done.
13:55 And it says here:
14:08 So that's a book that's used in the judgment:
14:11 the Book of Life.
14:13 There's another book that's used, and it says:
14:32 So here a Book of Remembrance
14:35 is written before the Lord.
14:37 And you'll find that God puts here in this Book of Remembrance
14:41 good things... those that "thought on the Lord. "
14:45 That's what's recorded in the Book of Remembrance
14:47 is those things that you and I do that are good.
14:53 Because you remember... Jesus said, you know,
14:56 "Come, because you fed the poor;
15:00 you took those that were cast out to your house;
15:02 and you went to visit those in prison. "
15:04 And they said: "When did we do these things? "
15:08 You see? And so He records all the good things that we do.
15:13 They are put in a Book of Remembrance,
15:16 and that's what it's talking about here.
15:25 See, God has recorded them there in His book.
15:29 Also there's another book that is used which is called
15:33 the Book of Iniquity,
15:35 and this is the things that you and I do that are wrong.
15:41 And you know, you need to think about that.
15:45 I can remember once when I drove in to have my car filled up
15:49 with gas back in the days when they
15:51 filled your car up with gas, you know.
15:54 And this fellow was putting gas in my car,
15:58 and I was standing there and we were talking...
16:00 and about every other word he said was a curse word.
16:04 And he wasn't trying to be offensive.
16:08 That was just his language.
16:10 He had, I guess, grown up that way, you know?
16:12 And so in the course of our conversation
16:15 he said to me... He said: "What do you do for a living? "
16:21 And I said: "Well, I'm a preacher. "
16:24 Well, he turned red and he said: "I'm so sorry. "
16:28 You know? And I said: "You don't owe me an apology.
16:32 I'm a human being just like you.
16:35 You don't owe me an apology.
16:37 But what you ought to consider is
16:40 everything that you say is written down.
16:43 That we will have to face that. "
16:47 The things that you and I do that are wrong...
16:51 sorry, dear friend, the Bible says those things are recorded.
17:08 All the things that we do wrong are recorded before God.
17:20 So all these things are written down
17:23 so God has an accurate record
17:26 of what you've done that is good.
17:30 He has an accurate record of what you and I have done
17:33 that's bad.
17:35 Has to keep that record.
17:37 OK:
17:46 What do you have to do to get your name in the Book of Life?
17:51 Well, the scripture tells you this is what you have to do:
18:06 In other words, if I want my name in the Book of Life
18:10 I must accept Jesus Christ.
18:13 Going to church - don't misunderstand me,
18:17 very important that you go to church.
18:20 Don't in any way take what I say there to mean
18:24 you shouldn't go to church.
18:25 But going to church will not get your name in the Book of Life.
18:32 Sorry.
18:34 Being a deacon in the church
18:36 won't get your name in the Book of Life.
18:41 I don't care how moral you may be...
18:46 it will not get your name in the Book of Life.
18:50 The only way you can get your name in the Book of Life
18:55 is to accept Jesus Christ.
18:59 No other way.
19:03 You will not get your name in the Book of Life
19:09 by accepting Mohammed.
19:12 I don't care what Oprah says.
19:18 The only way you're going to get there
19:21 is by accepting Jesus Christ.
19:26 And that's what puts your name in the Book of Life.
19:31 OK. When I accept Christ,
19:35 then my name is put in the Book of Life.
19:37 Jesus, as He was talking to His disciples,
19:40 He had sent His disciples out on a tour
19:43 to preach and to talk about the kingdom of God.
19:47 And they had gone and they had preached
19:49 and they had had a marvelous experience.
19:52 They had healed the sick and all this.
19:54 And they came back and they were rejoicing
19:57 over the great time they had had.
19:59 And Jesus said this to them:
20:11 He said: "If you want to rejoice about something,
20:13 rejoice because your names are written up in heaven. "
20:18 See? This was important.
20:20 He's talking about those twelve disciples, and He says:
20:23 "Your name is written in heaven. "
20:26 Paul... as he is talking about his companions
20:31 working with them, working in the ministry...
20:37 And by the way, I've run onto some people who misunderstand
20:41 some things that the scripture teaches about that.
20:45 Because who were Paul's companions?
20:50 Huh?
20:52 Oh... Luke, Timothy, right?
20:57 Silas, Barnabas. These were companions to Paul.
21:01 You want to see who Paul says his companions were?
21:24 Said: "Rejoice, your names are in the Book of Life. "
21:28 So it is extremely important here today
21:32 that you and I make absolutely sure
21:36 that our names are in the Book of Life.
21:40 And all it takes
21:42 to get your name in the Book of Life
21:45 is to accept Jesus Christ
21:47 as your Lord and Savior.
21:50 OK? All right.
21:56 Once it's put into the Book of Life
22:00 can it be taken out?
22:04 Well, let's see what the scripture tells us
22:06 about whether it can or it can't.
22:18 Now I need to explain that.
22:20 When it says "whoever sinned against Me, "
22:23 folks, that's not talking about when you stump your toe.
22:27 See, that's not what that's talking about.
22:29 When you do something wrong, the devil breathes down your neck
22:33 and you do something you shouldn't do,
22:35 that's not what that's talking about.
22:36 That's talking about the person that forsakes the Lord...
22:39 turns back, goes the other way.
22:41 That's what it's talking about.
22:43 It says: "Then their name can be taken from the Book of Life. "
22:49 Another place it says:
23:03 It says: "He that overcomes... "
23:07 Let me explain something.
23:09 There is no such thing...
23:13 there is no such thing...
23:17 as accepting Jesus Christ as one's Lord and Savior
23:22 and a change not take place in your life.
23:25 This idea of accepting Jesus Christ
23:30 and living like the devil
23:32 is not scriptural, folks.
23:35 And when people tell you that you can do whatever
23:38 you want to do... all you've got to do is believe...
23:40 they're leading you down the wrong path.
23:44 The scripture says that you and I day by day
23:48 must surrender our life to the working of Christ
23:54 in our hearts. And any time that takes place
23:58 a change is going to happen.
24:01 And that means that you and I will overcome.
24:07 We will day by day grow - will overcome.
24:11 And therefore as long as I am surrendered
24:15 and let the Lord work in my life
24:18 then my name's going to stay in the Book of Life.
24:21 OK. One other... It says here:
24:36 In other words, God makes it very clear
24:40 that I cannot take away from this book.
24:44 I have to hold to the Word of God.
24:49 If I do, my name would be taken out of the Book of Life.
24:54 All right. Then when your name is entered
24:58 into the Book of Life, you accept Jesus Christ,
25:02 your name is entered into the Book of Life,
25:04 what happens? What takes place
25:07 when your name is put in the Book of Life?
25:09 Well it says this:
25:14 And that means heaven, all right...
25:31 Did you catch that?
25:33 Your name being put in the Book of Life, folks,
25:37 is kind of a key to getting you into the kingdom of heaven.
25:43 See, if your name's in the Book of Life
25:47 THEN those are taken into the kingdom of heaven.
25:51 So it's very important.
25:53 It tells us some other very strong things
25:58 about your name being written in the Book of Life.
26:05 referring to the beast...
26:15 In other words, I cannot follow the beast.
26:19 We talked about this in previous sessions.
26:24 I cannot follow the beast and what it teaches
26:27 and what it says and have my name in the Book of Life.
26:30 That is not possible.
26:32 I have to follow the Lord.
26:35 And if I follow Him, my name is in the Book of Life.
26:38 OK? I WILL NOT follow the beast.
26:41 If my name is not in the Book of Life...
26:55 So I don't know how to put any more emphasis
26:58 on the question of your name being in the Book of Life.
27:01 Because if your name is in the Book of Life,
27:04 then you have life. You have more than that...
27:10 we'll talk about it. But your name is there!
27:12 You can rejoice over that.
27:13 It gives you right to the kingdom of God.
27:16 If your name is not there,
27:18 I'm sorry... but you're lost.
27:22 Just that simple.
27:23 If your name's not in the Book of Life,
27:25 you're lost.
27:27 So it's important that my name, your name
27:31 is recorded in the book.
27:33 OK. How does the judgment work?
27:36 How does the judgment work?
27:38 Now on this part you're going to have to help me, OK?
27:43 Literally. You're going to have to help me.
27:44 Those of you that are watching by television
27:47 you can join in on this. Or if you're listening on the radio
27:50 you can join in on this.
27:52 But we're going to see how these... how the judgment works.
27:55 We're going to put names in the books
27:58 and we're going to take some names out of the books.
28:01 And let me just tell you this:
28:05 if you're going to err, err on the side of leniency.
28:11 OK?
28:13 If you're going to err, err on the side of leniency.
28:16 Secondly, this is only an illustration.
28:20 Nothing more than that.
28:23 You and I are not capable of judging.
28:28 Because we're told that "man
28:30 looks upon the outward appearance;
28:33 God looks upon the heart. "
28:36 So, you know, and I have people tell me
28:39 "Oh Brother Cox, I'm not... I'm not judging,
28:42 I'm just a fruit inspector. "
28:44 No, you're not even a fruit inspector. See?
28:47 You know, we are not to judge. That is not our responsibility.
28:52 So as we take a look at this, you know,
28:55 understand that.
28:57 And thirdly, if you give the wrong answer,
29:02 don't worry about it.
29:03 You haven't committed a crime, you know.
29:06 Just join in as we take a look at it.
29:08 Let's establish some things here to start with.
29:26 Everybody will stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
29:31 Does not make any difference who you are.
29:35 Your position in life will not keep you
29:39 from standing before the judgment bar of God.
29:43 I'll tell you: when you come before the judgment bar of God
29:47 everybody - I don't care who they are -
29:50 king, priest, queen, commentator -
29:56 I don't care who you are...
29:57 everybody winds up on the same plane.
30:01 OK. All appear before the judgment seat of God.
30:19 I've said this several times before.
30:22 Salvation is totally and completely of God.
30:28 You and I cannot add to it.
30:32 I can't do one thing to improve upon what God has done.
30:37 I can't do one thing to make a difference.
30:41 Salvation is totally and completely of God.
30:45 All I am to do is accept what Jesus Christ has done for me.
30:51 OK?
30:53 BUT... my part, my responsibility
30:58 is to obey.
31:03 Understand? That's what that text just said.
31:05 Wisest man that ever lived said that.
31:07 Man's responsibility is to obey.
31:13 OK. So when it comes to the judgment,
31:16 gonna look at that: whether I obeyed or whether I didn't.
31:31 All right. Fortunately,
31:35 we talked about this in the first presentation,
31:39 fortunately you and I have access to an Advocate
31:45 or to a Mediator in our behalf.
31:49 OK? You see, I told you
31:53 Christ is there mediating,
31:56 and He's mediating between God and man.
32:00 That's what He's mediating between.
32:02 It says the Lord Jesus Christ is that Mediator between God
32:07 and man. And over here you have God
32:10 who is righteous, holy, perfect in every aspect.
32:14 And over here you have man who is not righteous,
32:18 who is unholy, who is sinful.
32:20 And Christ is there to bring that together
32:23 to bring reconciliation. And this in the judgment
32:27 shows how God - who is just, who is righteous -
32:32 how all that is satisfied.
32:35 Watch:
32:49 So He is standing between God and us
32:53 to have an Advocate for you and for me.
32:56 OK. Let's watch what happens here:
33:16 So here is God, the Ancient of Days, as I told you
33:19 who is just, righteous, holy, perfect.
33:25 And in comes Jesus Christ
33:28 as an Advocate between God and you and me.
33:37 See, I don't know about you,
33:40 but I certainly understand
33:45 that for me to come before God
33:50 on my own... I'm totally lost.
33:56 See? Fortunately, Jesus Christ
34:02 appears there. Watch what happens.
34:05 Listen to what He says... He does for you.
34:07 I don't care who you are.
34:08 I don't care what your background is.
34:10 I don't care what you have done.
34:12 Listen!
34:34 See Jesus Christ comes in.
34:36 He's standing between God and me,
34:39 and He takes upon Himself my sins.
34:44 Takes upon Himself my unholiness.
34:48 Takes upon Himself the weight of sin
34:51 and He gives to me His righteousness.
34:56 His perfection.
34:58 Gives all that to me
35:01 so He can stand before His Father and say:
35:04 "Father, I give to these people My righteousness.
35:08 They've accepted Me.
35:10 Count them worthy. "
35:13 Let's see what happens...
35:17 This is what happens:
35:34 "The judgment was made in favor of the saints. "
35:38 Why? Because you have an Advocate
35:44 that can come in before His Father:
35:47 Jesus Christ the Righteous.
35:49 He can stand there and say: "Father, count this person
35:54 righteous. " Amen.
35:57 This is what He does for you and for me.
36:00 OK. Let's take a look at these books
36:04 and see how they're used.
36:20 Now, we're going to put names in these books,
36:23 and you're going to have to help me, all right?
36:27 So we'll start out here and put some names in the book.
36:31 I want to go clear back to the beginning.
36:33 OK? I want to take a couple brothers.
36:37 I want to take a look at Cain and Abel.
36:41 Now like I said, this is an illustration...
36:45 nothing more than that. Please, that's all it is.
36:47 So you aren't judging, cause you and I are not capable
36:50 of judging. So you need...
36:52 And if you give the wrong answer you haven't committed any crime
36:55 so just be part of it.
36:57 OK. Would we put Cain's name in the Book of Life?
37:05 Well I heard some "noes. "
37:07 Heard some "yeses. "
37:09 Would we put Cain's name in the Book of Life?
37:12 Well let me ask you something.
37:15 Did he bring a sacrifice?
37:20 Huh?
37:23 Well what was he bringing a sacrifice for?
37:27 He must have believed.
37:29 Oh, he didn't bring the right one...
37:32 but he brought a sacrifice.
37:34 And therefore since he brought a sacrifice
37:38 he must have believed.
37:40 And therefore, I don't know about you, but
37:44 I'd rather err on the side of leniency
37:47 because he must have believed
37:49 or he wouldn't have brought a sacrifice.
37:51 So let's put his name in.
37:53 All right, let's take his brother Abel.
37:56 Would you put Abel's name there?
37:59 Come on now... yeah.
38:02 Yeah, we definitely believe that Abel accepted it.
38:07 Believed, brought the right sacrifice...
38:09 so we'll put his name there.
38:10 OK. Let's take a couple other names.
38:13 Let's take a couple other brothers.
38:17 Let's take Jacob.
38:20 Would you put Jacob's name in the Book of Life?
38:23 Come again?
38:27 You... you would put Jacob's name in the Book of Life?
38:31 Huh?
38:33 Now, come on, folks. This man...
38:35 This man lied to his poor, blind father.
38:41 Stole the birthright from his brother.
38:45 Went down and married two women.
38:48 OK? And you'd put his name in the Book of Life?
38:53 OK... all right.
38:59 Let's take his brother Esau.
39:04 Would you put Esau's name in the Book of Life?
39:11 Well, I hear yes and I hear no.
39:15 This is only an illustration, folks.
39:18 But I've read this book through many, many times...
39:23 I cannot find any place where Esau ever accepted God.
39:29 I can read you where God said: "Jacob I loved
39:32 and Esau I hated. "
39:33 And on the basis of that I can't put his name there.
39:38 I'd have to leave his name out.
39:41 OK, let's go... Let's go
39:45 to King David.
39:48 Would you put his name in the Book of Life?
39:51 Now folks...
39:54 you're going to put David's name there?
39:57 I mean, this man... this man
40:02 took another man's wife and got her pregnant.
40:07 And then when he... when he couldn't get out of a situation
40:11 he had the fellow killed.
40:14 Right?
40:16 And you would turn around
40:18 and put his name in the Book of Life?
40:21 OK.
40:23 Uh... let's take a look at
40:30 Mary Magdalene. Yeah.
40:33 Now this woman is a prostitute.
40:37 OK?
40:39 In fact, she is a very, very
40:44 bad person.
40:47 Would you put her name in the Book of Life?
40:50 Huh? All right.
40:58 Peter.
41:02 I mean, right in the most critical time
41:06 he denied his Lord.
41:08 Turned his back on Him.
41:11 Denied Him.
41:13 Would you put his name in there?
41:18 You're confusing me.
41:20 I don't understand.
41:25 You will put their names in the Book of Life
41:28 but you won't take them into your churches.
41:38 See, you have to believe...
41:44 you have to believe that God has the power
41:49 to change an individual's life,
41:53 I don't care what their background has been.
41:59 Uh, let's take uh...
42:03 let's take Judas.
42:07 Would you put his name in the Book of Life?
42:15 You have forgotten... you have forgotten...
42:21 When those 12 disciples came back and they said:
42:25 "Lord, we have cast out devils, we have healed the sick
42:30 and preached, " and He said: "Don't rejoice over this
42:33 but rejoice because your names are written in heaven. "
42:39 Hmmm.
42:41 Based on that, I'd have to put Judas's name there.
42:45 OK?
42:48 Uh, let's take one other person
42:54 just for the sake of an illustration.
42:57 Let's take somebody like the Oklahoma Bomber,
43:02 Timothy McVeigh,
43:05 who killed all those people and children.
43:08 Uh, would you put his name in the Book of Life?
43:12 Any by the way, every account I've read he never made any
43:17 profession of accepting God or willing to...
43:20 anything of this type. Would you put his name there?
43:23 Nah, I don't see where we could.
43:26 So we've put some names here in the Book of Life.
43:29 All right, let's see how this works.
43:31 We're going to put some names in the Book of Remembrance.
43:34 All right? Well, all the good things that you do
43:37 are recorded in the Book of Life.
43:40 And so if they're good things
43:42 they're going to be recorded in the Book of Remembrance.
43:45 Accepted. And so these people that we looked at...
43:48 Cain and Abel and Jacob... they're all there.
43:51 What about Esau?
43:53 Would you put his name in the Book of Remembrance?
43:56 Come on.
44:00 Yes, he did some good things.
44:02 By the way, he was a very moral person.
44:04 Took care of his parents. Yeah.
44:06 We'd put his name there.
44:08 Also we'd put Mary and Peter and Judas: all them.
44:12 And probably Timothy McVeigh
44:15 was a very moral person concerning his parents.
44:20 He probably did some good things in life, so...
44:22 we'd have to put his name there.
44:24 Let's take a look at the Book of Iniquity.
44:27 Whose name would we put there?
44:33 Everybody's.
44:36 Because it says "we have ALL sinned and come short
44:39 of the glory of God. "
44:41 So we'll put all their names there.
44:43 OK. Now let's see how this judgment works.
44:47 OK, here we go.
44:59 So here are all the people who accepted Jesus Christ.
45:04 OK? Those are the ones that accepted Him.
45:08 Now it says: "He that overcomes
45:14 his name will not be blotted out of the Book of Life. "
45:18 You understand what this does
45:20 if your name is in the Book of Life?
45:22 Do you understand what that does?
45:24 Here is God the Father.
45:27 Here you and I are.
45:31 What that does, folks, if your name is in the Book of Life
45:34 and they open the Book of Life and they read your name
45:38 that gives Jesus Christ the right to represent you.
45:47 That's what it does. It gives Christ the right
45:50 to step up and say: "Father,
45:53 I am representing this person. "
45:55 And if Cain, who may have believed
46:01 but he wasn't willing to follow,
46:05 he wasn't willing to overcome,
46:08 then his name is stricken from the Book of Life.
46:12 Abel is kept. Jacob is kept.
46:18 Come to David? I don't understand completely, folks.
46:24 I can't seem to get my head
46:30 around the mercy of God.
46:35 You know, I mean... I can read you in the scripture
46:39 where it said: "Have you seen David, My servant,
46:41 who can do no wrong? " What?
46:45 I mean... but this is God.
46:47 And Christ can step up and say: "Father,
46:51 I plead My blood on behalf of this man.
46:55 He accepted Me.
46:58 Walked with Me. Count him righteous. "
47:01 His name is left in the Book of Life.
47:04 Same thing with Mary, with Peter.
47:08 When it comes to Judas...
47:11 I'm going to walk out here on a limb, and
47:14 probably somebody will want to cut it off.
47:16 But I'm going to tell you this:
47:19 It wasn't the fact that Judas betrayed Christ
47:26 that caused him to be lost.
47:30 It was the fact that he was not willing to repent.
47:36 And because he wasn't willing to change,
47:40 wasn't willing to repent, his name is stricken
47:44 from the Book of Life.
47:45 OK?
47:47 When it comes to the Book of Remembrance,
47:51 everybody's there. The scripture says it works like this:
48:19 So an individual, doesn't care what their background has been,
48:22 if they come to the Lord and they follow Him
48:25 and their name is in the Book of Life,
48:27 then when they read the name Cain,
48:31 who didn't follow the Lord,
48:33 his name is stricken from the Book of Remembrance.
48:36 All the good things that Abel did are kept.
48:39 All the good things that Jacob did are kept.
48:43 Marvelous that God keeps all the good things.
48:48 Esau's name is stricken from it.
48:53 David: all the good things that he did are kept.
48:56 Same thing with Mary and Peter.
48:59 Judas goes down through eternity
49:04 as the one who betrayed Christ.
49:07 Name is stricken. Same thing with Timothy McVeigh.
49:12 When it comes to the Book of Iniquity,
49:16 the Bible says it works like this with the Book of Iniquity:
49:48 Therefore, because that person did not come to Christ,
49:53 did not follow the Lord, did not walk with Him,
49:56 then all of his sins will be remembered
49:59 and therefore Cain's is remembered.
50:02 Abel is stricken from the Book of Iniquity.
50:05 Jacob is stricken from the book. Remember, it says:
50:08 "I... your sins, I will remember them no more. "
50:11 Taken out. Esau's name is left. David's name is taken out.
50:16 Mary and Peter's name is taken out.
50:19 Judas' name is left.
50:21 Timothy McVeigh's name is left.
50:23 That's the way the judgment happens, folks.
50:27 This, by the way, is what is called
50:31 the cleansing of the sanctuary.
50:34 That is what is going on up in heaven
50:38 at the present time.
50:52 Christ is there. He's pleading right now
50:56 in your behalf and mine.
50:58 But there's going to be one of these days He's going to say:
51:00 And all of a sudden He's going to lay off His robes
51:04 as Priest, as Intercessor,
51:06 and He's going to put on the robes as King of Kings
51:10 and Lord of Lords.
51:34 You see, dear friend,
51:36 the Lord Jesus Christ right now
51:41 is your Mediator.
51:45 He's standing before God in your behalf.
51:48 And you can come to Him
51:50 and He will plead your case.
51:54 Let me tell you a little secret:
51:56 if Christ pleads your case,
52:01 you can't lose.
52:03 See? Pleads in your behalf
52:07 that you and I can be counted worthy.
52:12 That you and I can have right to heaven.
52:16 Not because we were righteous
52:21 but because He was righteous.
52:24 Oh what a difference that makes.
52:28 What a difference that is for you and for me.
52:31 He's coming back. He's coming back soon
52:34 as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
52:39 Soon He'll lay his priestly robe
52:45 aside
52:47 and His work will then be done.
52:54 Will you be ready,
52:59 friend,
53:01 when that great day comes?
53:07 Let Him be your Mediator,
53:14 let Him represent your case.
53:21 Accept this
53:25 Savior...
53:28 Jesus Christ - who took
53:32 your place.
53:38 Let us pray.
53:40 Father in Heaven,
53:43 we thank you.
53:46 Thank you, Lord, that You didn't turn Your back
53:50 and walk away
53:52 and leave us in our sinfulness.
53:58 Thank you, Lord, that Your Son
54:03 was willing to come and to pay our debt.
54:10 To live a perfect life
54:14 that He might stand in our place
54:20 so that we don't come into judgment
54:24 but have passed from death unto life.
54:30 Oh Lord, we thank you!
54:34 We thank you for Your goodness.
54:37 We thank you, Lord, for loving us.
54:40 For giving us hope.
54:43 May each of us here today
54:45 reach out in faith
54:48 and accept this wonderful promise.
54:51 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
55:01 Well, our next session is the
55:05 Judgment During the Millennium.
55:08 Why do we need another judgment?
55:10 I mean, we've just been looking at this judgment
55:13 that's been going on up in heaven right now.
55:17 Why does there need to be another judgment?
55:20 Well, I read you a text that said:
55:23 "judgment began with the house of God. "
55:27 There's more involved here,
55:30 and that takes place during this thousand years.
55:33 And that's what we're going to take a look at
55:35 as we see where the scripture talks about judgment
55:38 at that time. So we hope that each of you'll
55:41 be back with us and that you'll join us by television
55:45 or by radio. So thank you very much.
55:48 God bless you. Have a great, great day.
55:53 Psalm 19 and verse 1 says:
55:56 "The heavens declare the glory of God
55:58 and the firmament shows His handiwork. "
56:01 All around us we see the handiwork of our Creator.
56:05 Every flower displays a palate of color and texture
56:09 beyond the imagination of man.
56:12 Every variety is uniquely designed
56:15 by the Master of creativity.
56:17 But they're not just a thing of beauty.
56:20 Every flower has a function and a purpose.
56:23 So does every living creature.
56:25 Whether it is feathered or finned,
56:27 each creature was put together by the Author of Life.
56:31 Even in a fallen world
56:33 God has placed a desire for life in every creature.
56:36 Without instruction, a mother knows how to nurture
56:40 and protect her young
56:41 reflecting the tenderness God feels for each of us.
56:46 No man can observe nature
56:49 and deny His existence.
56:51 But the God of Heaven went far beyond
56:54 by humbling Himself and becoming the man Jesus.
56:58 He walked the dusty paths of Israel
57:00 and He paid the debt for every man's sin
57:03 so we could have eternal life.
57:06 The Bible says in John 17 and verse 3
57:10 "And this is eternal life
57:12 that they may know You,
57:14 the only true God,
57:15 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. "
57:18 The evidence of a Creator God is all around us.
57:22 He has revealed details of His character
57:25 in a love letter to you and to me.
57:28 Our desire is to help you understand the Bible
57:31 and receive life... eternal life...
57:34 by getting to know Him intimately.
57:37 Won't you help us bring this message to the world?
57:40 Please consider what you can do
57:42 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:44 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:46 please send your tax-deducible gifts to:
58:00 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:03 through television and radio.
58:05 Your gifts help bring the Blessed Hope of salvation
58:07 to millions around the world.


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