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Judgment During The Millennium

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00:19 Well I want to welcome all of you
00:20 to the 3ABN Worship Center
00:22 as we close out this beautiful
00:24 Sabbath day. Hasn't this been a wonderful Sabbath?
00:27 We started out this morning with Pastor Cox
00:30 as he continued in the series on Give Me The Bible
00:34 as we looked at those books in judgment.
00:36 And that was just such an enlightening to me.
00:39 I had just never seen some of those aspects
00:42 of the judgment.
00:43 And tonight we're going to continue in this... the topic -
00:47 this eighth topic - on judgment.
00:50 But you know, I was thinking a little earlier...
00:53 Pastor Cox and how well he does the delivery
00:57 and how easily it's understood.
01:00 And we have a gentleman that works with us
01:02 whose name is Ben Burkhamer. He works in production...
01:05 and his father is a pastor at a Seventh-day Baptist.
01:10 And he uses series by Pastor Cox,
01:13 and he has a terminology that he uses.
01:16 And this is a very good terminology.
01:19 I don't want you to think it's negative.
01:21 He calls Pastor Cox a cornbread pastor.
01:24 Cornbread teacher, and you know what he means by that?
01:27 He's so simple; so easy to understand.
01:31 You don't go away scratching your head
01:34 saying "I wonder what he meant by that. "
01:36 You go away having learned something.
01:39 And you know, tonight we have a couple visiting with us
01:42 from Christopher - the Flowers -
01:44 and they're members of Pastor Burkhamer's church.
01:48 So we certainly do welcome them.
01:50 And we want to welcome you from all around the world.
01:53 You know we have people viewing us
01:55 on every inhabited continent.
01:58 Isn't that just an incredible thing that technology can do:
02:01 take this message all over the world
02:04 as God truly is bringing light to everyone.
02:09 Well, we're continuing tonight in this topic of the judgment,
02:13 and we're looking at Judgment During the Millennium.
02:17 So I know... I want us to all open our hearts.
02:19 Allow God to speak. How many of you would like God
02:23 to speak new truth into your heart today?
02:26 To pick us up and draw us closer to Him?
02:28 Well I'm going to ask Kateena LeForge...
02:32 Haven't we been so blessed by the ministry of Kateena?
02:36 She ministers so beautifully and so easily.
02:38 Kateena, it's always a joy to have you here.
02:41 And you're going to minister a beautiful song:
02:44 My God Will Always Be Enough.
02:46 It's a song I've sung here on 3ABN many times
02:48 and I always get a great response to it.
02:51 It really ministers to the hearts of God's people.
02:54 He is enough.
03:10 I felt the ache
03:14 of emptiness
03:17 this world could not relieve.
03:22 My heart has lived
03:26 in poverty
03:29 that no one else could see.
03:35 Until I heard the sweet
03:39 restoring stream
03:43 that changed my life.
03:48 He called to me
03:50 "Come and drink"
03:54 and my need was satisfied.
04:01 My God will always be
04:07 enough
04:09 for the longings of my soul.
04:15 He alone can fill my cup
04:21 till my spirit
04:24 overflows.
04:28 From a well of living water
04:34 He renews me
04:36 with His love.
04:41 My God
04:44 will always be
04:48 enough.
04:54 Tomorrow I could rise to find
05:00 that everything has changed.
05:06 This way of faith
05:10 could take me to
05:13 some unexpected place.
05:19 But in all the twists and turns of life
05:25 I'm sure of this one thing:
05:31 where the road
05:33 seems so uncertain
05:37 my God will go with me.
05:44 My God will always
05:49 be enough
05:52 for the longings of my soul.
05:58 He alone can fill my cup
06:05 till my spirit overflows.
06:11 From a well of living water
06:17 He renews me
06:20 with His love.
06:24 My God
06:26 will always be
06:30 enough.
06:35 Oh, from a well of living water
06:42 He renews me with
06:45 His love.
06:52 My God
06:58 will always be
07:04 enough.
07:22 Amen!
07:24 Thank you, Kateena. Appreciate that very much.
07:26 Good evening to each of you.
07:29 Very happy to welcome you. Those of you who are
07:32 enjoying this tonight by television,
07:34 we welcome you.
07:36 Those that are listening on radio,
07:38 happy that you're with us.
07:39 We hope that as we continue
07:42 to study what the Bible has
07:43 to say about the judgment
07:45 that it will help you
07:47 understand the events that take place
07:50 particularly right down here at the end.
07:53 Now we have been looking at what we refer to as the
07:58 Investigative Judgment.
08:00 A judgment that the scripture tells us is going on
08:04 up in heaven at the present time.
08:06 And we found out in our study that Christ is our Mediator.
08:11 He's the one that stands between us and God.
08:15 And because of what He has done
08:18 you and I can be counted as righteous.
08:22 Because of what He did... not because of what we do
08:26 but because of what He has done for us
08:29 we can be counted as righteous.
08:31 And so that judgment we've looked at.
08:34 Tonight we're going to move into the next judgment
08:38 entitled... excuse me, tonight, and that is what is entitled:
08:46 And then tomorrow night we will finish up
08:49 with what is known as the
08:52 That'll be the third one, so we're looking at 3 judgments.
08:57 So you want to follow those
08:59 and understand how they all fit together.
09:01 Tonight is the Judgment During the Millennium.
09:04 What do you want to look for? What do you want to see there?
09:08 Well, you want to see who's involved in that judgment
09:13 and who is being judged. Because we found out
09:16 that in the one that's going on up in heaven
09:19 that the righteous - those that are followers of Christ -
09:23 are the ones who are judged.
09:25 Because it says "judgment begins with the house of God. "
09:28 So this judgment... we need to see who's involved,
09:31 who all is doing the judging,
09:34 when it's taking place.
09:36 Those are things that you want to look at.
09:39 And then this last one we'll talk about,
09:41 the Great White Throne Judgment,
09:43 is what we would call the executive part of the judgment.
09:47 And so we hope it will help you put all those together
09:50 and you'll be blessed as we study God's Word together.
09:54 So we're glad that you're here.
09:55 Thankful that you're here.
09:58 A song that has a message to it
10:02 that has touched the hearts of men and women
10:05 for years. One that has always
10:10 come to the top as a song that more people
10:15 enjoy and put to the top than any other song -
10:19 religious song - and that is The Old Rugged Cross.
10:43 On a hill far away
10:48 stood an old rugged cross,
10:53 The emblem of suffering
10:58 and shame;
11:03 And how I love that old cross
11:08 where the dearest and best
11:13 For a world of lost
11:16 sinners was slain.
11:22 So I'll cherish
11:25 the old rugged cross,
11:31 Till my trophies at last
11:36 I lay down;
11:41 I will cling
11:45 to the old rugged cross,
11:50 And exchange it some day
11:55 for a crown.
12:05 To the old rugged cross
12:10 I will ever be true,
12:15 Its shame and reproach
12:19 gladly bear;
12:24 Then He'll call me some day
12:28 to my home far away,
12:34 where His glory
12:37 forever
12:41 I'll share.
12:49 So I'll cherish
12:52 the old rugged cross,
12:58 Till my trophies at last
13:03 I lay down;
13:07 I will cling
13:11 to the old rugged cross,
13:16 and exchange it
13:19 some day for a crown...
13:28 and exchange it
13:33 some day
13:37 for a crown.
14:14 Heavenly Father,
14:18 As we look at the cross,
14:20 the sacrifice that You made for each of us,
14:25 may our hearts respond.
14:29 May they be soft,
14:31 tender, receptive
14:35 to the word of Your Spirit.
14:39 Give us understanding tonight.
14:42 May we have clarity of mind.
14:47 May we see the great plan
14:53 that was put in place before the foundations of this world
14:58 that each of us might be saved.
15:03 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
15:13 I'd kind of like to begin tonight where we left off
15:18 the last presentation
15:20 because I think it will help us
15:23 put things in place.
15:24 Uh, you remember
15:27 we had talked about the Investigative Judgment.
15:30 We talked about how the books were used in the judgment.
15:33 And we found out that the thing that made all the difference
15:37 in the world was the fact that
15:39 Christ was willing to appear before His Father,
15:44 the Ancient of Days, in your behalf and mine.
15:47 And so the text says here:
16:01 So here Christ is coming in before His Father.
16:04 He's coming for the purpose of interceding
16:09 for you and for me.
16:12 That gives us the opportunity - the privilege, if you please -
16:17 to have Christ represent us.
16:21 And it says that if we have accepted Christ,
16:26 given our lives to Him,
16:28 that we have passed from death unto life
16:32 and we will not come into judgment.
16:36 Now folks, that just simply means that Christ
16:40 stands in your place.
16:43 That's what it means: He stands in your place
16:46 and He represents you.
16:49 And if Christ is your Mediator, your Intercessor,
16:54 if He accepts your case and if your name is in the Book of Life
16:59 that gives Him the opportunity to represent you,
17:03 then you can't lose.
17:05 OK? And because of that the scripture says:
17:17 Because of Christ... because of what He has done,
17:22 therefore a judgment is made in favor of you and me.
17:27 Marvelous! We can have hope,
17:31 we can have life eternal because of what Christ has done.
17:34 It's at this point that I want to deal with tonight's subject.
17:39 And it says:
17:46 Now I hope you're beginning to put things together
17:49 because we talked about the judgment.
17:51 We found out how in Daniel the 9th chapter
17:54 it outlines the time step by step
17:57 and how the judgment began in 1844 AD.
18:01 This text is saying that when the judgment is over
18:06 what happens?
18:09 Well the time has come for the saints to possess the kingdom.
18:13 That's what happens.
18:15 And dear friend, there's no way we can be far from that.
18:20 No way... we can't be far from that.
18:22 It's going to happen soon.
18:24 And Jesus - who represents you and represents me
18:29 as our Mediator - if you please, as our High Priest -
18:34 OK? is going to take off His robes as the Priest
18:40 and He's going to put on His robes as the King...
18:44 King of Kings... and when He does that He's going to say
18:49 these words:
19:09 In other words, "It's over! "
19:12 He is stepping out of the position as a Mediator,
19:18 as a Representative, and He's coming back
19:22 as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords...
19:25 and therefore probation has closed
19:30 for mankind.
19:33 Probation has closed for mankind.
19:37 That's what it's saying.
19:38 He that's unjust, let him continue to be unjust.
19:42 It has ceased.
19:43 I want to make one point very clear.
19:46 Let's say your name comes up in the judgment
19:52 and you are found lost.
19:55 OK? Does that mean there's no hope for you?
20:01 No, that does not mean that.
20:03 I find some people that teach that.
20:06 No, let me tell you something:
20:07 as long as the door of mercy is open
20:11 there is hope for anybody.
20:15 And some people say: "Well, if you're found lost
20:18 at that time, is there any way you can come back to God? "
20:22 Let me tell you something:
20:23 if God was willing to accept Manasseh,
20:27 if you know who Manasseh was - the king of Israel -
20:29 if He was willing to accept him back,
20:31 He'll accept anybody. OK?
20:35 So as long as the door of mercy is open,
20:38 yes, you and I can come to the Lord and He will accept us.
20:43 But when He stands up and in the scripture says
20:47 He says: "It is done, "
20:49 and He throws down the censer,
20:51 it's closed.
20:53 That's it. And when it closes
20:56 this is what's going to happen:
21:09 Every case of every person who has followed Jesus Christ
21:15 is settled.
21:18 That's it.
21:20 It's settled.
21:21 And when Jesus comes,
21:24 there's four things that take place.
21:27 Four things that begin to happen
21:30 that you and I need to understand
21:32 in order to understand what's going on
21:35 in this judgment that's going to take place
21:37 during the thousand years.
21:39 One of those events is
21:41 the righteous are going to be resurrected.
21:44 All the righteous that have ever lived
21:48 since the beginning of time
21:50 are going to come forth from the grave.
21:53 That'll be a marvelous time.
21:55 You know, a wonderful time. It says:
22:10 So all those people who in faith died,
22:14 they're going to come up out of the grave.
22:17 And when they come up out of the grave, it says:
22:35 Marvelous!
22:43 How are we going to be changed?
22:55 In other words, no longer... no longer
22:59 will you or no longer will I be subject to death.
23:05 We'll be given immortality.
23:07 Never never again through the eons of time
23:12 to be subject to pain,
23:16 to be subject to disease.
23:19 Never again will there be death.
23:23 It will be no more.
23:29 When you and I come out of the grave
23:31 this old body will have put on incorruption
23:36 and we will be immortal.
23:40 Marvelous promise!
23:42 So that's what happens to all the righteous
23:45 that have died. They're resurrected.
23:48 What about all the righteous that are living
23:54 when Jesus comes?
23:56 See? Well, it says this about them:
24:03 So that's all the righteous that are living...
24:17 So all those that are living at the time Jesus comes
24:21 we are what? We are caught up.
24:26 We also, dear friends, are changed.
24:30 Changed in a moment.
24:33 Twinkling of an eye.
24:35 This old body all of a sudden
24:37 changes from mortal to immortal.
24:41 From corruptible to incorruption.
24:45 Changed. And they will be caught up to meet
24:49 with all the righteous that have been resurrected...
24:52 they'll be caught up to meet the Lord.
24:54 I've said this other... many times:
24:56 I have people tell me "Brother Cox, I just hope I can
24:59 live to see the Lord come. "
25:01 You know... I'm not real sure I want to.
25:06 I'm not sure that I want to miss the resurrection.
25:12 See? Because that must be marvelous, you know?
25:16 Stop to think of it. When He comes and He's going to shout.
25:19 His voice is going to roll through this earth like thunder.
25:22 And it says that the graves are going to open
25:24 and the righteous are going to come up out of that grave.
25:28 Oh what an experience that will be!
25:30 I don't know if I want to miss that.
25:32 See? But it's going to be
25:35 a wonderful, wonderful day when Jesus comes!
25:39 Then all the living... all the wicked that are living...
25:45 are going to be slain.
25:48 You see, there's a difference here.
25:52 I told you... God is righteous.
26:00 God is holy.
26:03 God is pure.
26:06 There is no taint of sin in Him.
26:17 You and I... we're not.
26:22 The righteous have the righteousness of Christ
26:28 shared. And let me tell you, the righteousness of Jesus Christ
26:32 is holy, it's pure, it's perfect.
26:39 Therefore it is accepted. And it is in that
26:42 that you and I by faith are cared for.
26:46 But you put a person without that
26:49 who are wicked,
26:53 who are unholy,
26:56 who are sinful...
26:58 and the scripture says this:
27:10 I mean this is describing the coming of Jesus.
27:28 This is a text that has always interested me
27:32 because I mean here He's coming and these people who were
27:36 the great kings, generals...
27:41 they're hiding.
27:44 They're hiding in the mountains and the rocks.
27:59 I want to ask you something this evening.
28:01 How many of you are afraid of a lamb?
28:07 Huh? But these people are scared to death of the Lamb.
28:11 See? It's a great, great difference
28:16 in hiding from the Lamb.
28:25 The wicked... they're not going to be able to stand
28:29 in the presence of a God that is holy.
28:47 Christ is going to come back with His mighty angels.
28:50 Have you ever thought about that?
28:51 Have you ever thought about Him coming with His angels?
28:57 One angel... one angel
29:02 appeared at the tomb of Christ
29:05 and all the soldiers fell as dead men.
29:12 And the scripture says that Jesus comes back with ALL
29:17 the angels.
29:19 You know how many that is?
29:21 The scripture never numbers angels.
29:25 It calls them an innumerable company.
29:28 But there is one place where it says there's
29:31 ten thousand times ten thousand
29:34 and thousands of thousands.
29:37 Well, ten thousand times ten thousand happens to be
29:40 a hundred million.
29:42 You get a hundred million angels coming and each one of them's
29:46 countenance is like lightning,
29:49 you better believe the generals will quiver.
29:55 All the lost will quiver.
29:59 Plead, OK?
30:15 It's going to happen.
30:18 This takes place because they're too different.
30:34 So all the wicked will simply fall.
30:39 At the coming of Christ they're going to be slain if you please
30:43 by the brightness of His coming.
30:45 They will fall right there, and the scripture says
30:47 they're not going to be gathered.
30:49 They're not going to be lamented.
30:51 They're not even going to be buried.
30:55 Fall right there.
30:58 That's what's going to happen to them.
31:00 OK, what about all the wicked
31:04 who were dead before Christ came?
31:08 All the wicked that have died before Christ comes
31:14 are just not disturbed.
31:16 In other words, when Jesus comes
31:19 and He shouts and all those that have died in Christ
31:23 come out of the grave,
31:24 the wicked don't hear that voice.
31:27 They just lay there in the grave;
31:29 they are undisturbed.
31:32 In fact, the scripture says this:
31:38 That's referring to the wicked.
31:47 So it says that they are left alone.
31:51 They are not disturbed.
31:55 OK. The righteous... they have all been taken.
32:00 Caught up in the air... taken to heaven...
32:03 where they are going to spend a thousand years.
32:08 Now let me ask you something.
32:11 If all the righteous are up in heaven
32:14 and all the wicked are dead,
32:18 who does the devil have to tempt?
32:22 No one. That's the reason the scripture says
32:25 he's bound.
32:26 OK? Says he's bound.
32:29 In fact, it says he's chained. Listen:
32:59 So he's bound him; set a seal on him.
33:07 You see, it says the devil is chained.
33:12 Do you think a chain would hold the devil?
33:16 Huh?
33:18 No. Don't you remember the time that Christ went over the shore
33:21 of the Gadarenes and these two men come running out
33:23 of the tombs. The scripture says they had been bound with chains
33:27 and they had broken them asunder.
33:29 So if chains won't hold a man
33:31 I doubt that they're going to hold the devil.
33:34 So what does it mean
33:36 when it says he's chained? Bound?
33:38 Well, have you ever gone to...
33:41 had somebody come over to your house
33:43 and say: "Go to town with me. "
33:46 And you say: "Well, I'd like to, but I'm just tied down. "
33:49 What'd you mean?
33:51 Well you meant there were circumstances that
33:54 wouldn't permit you to go.
33:56 That's what I'm saying here.
33:57 The devil is bound because the righteous are all up in heaven.
34:00 The wicked are all dead.
34:02 So there are circumstances that he's chained.
34:05 He has nobody to tempt.
34:07 I can remember I was visiting with a lady about this one time.
34:11 We had been studying the Bible and as we were talking about it
34:14 she said: "Oh, we're living during that thousand years
34:16 right now. " And I said: "We're what? "
34:19 And she said: "Oh, we're living during that time right now. "
34:22 And I said: "But the Bible says the devil's chained
34:27 during that time. "
34:29 She said: "He is! We're living in that time;
34:31 the devil is chained. "
34:33 I said: "Well, if it is, he's on a rubber chain
34:36 cause he gets around to me quite often, you know. "
34:38 So, no... It's during this thousand years
34:42 that he is chained, he's bound up.
34:46 This takes place after judgment up in heaven is over
34:51 and Jesus comes back.
34:53 This is when these events happen and take place.
34:58 The earth during that period of time is not inhabited.
35:04 The devil and his angels are here, but there's no human.
35:08 And it says:
35:24 Says they will be there.
35:26 In fact, not a very pretty picture, but the scripture
35:30 presents it.
35:32 It says an angel will come
35:36 and he will stand in the sun
35:38 and he'll invite the birds to come.
35:43 Now this is come to the feast of God.
35:49 This is for the wicked that have died.
35:52 That's what it says will happen.
35:55 They'll lay right there. They'll not be lamented.
35:57 They will not be buried.
35:59 They will be refuse upon the ground.
36:03 Well, what's going to happen with the righteous?
36:07 They've been taken to heaven.
36:09 They've been taken to heaven and what are they going to be doing?
36:13 Well the scripture says they are going to judge;
36:17 that judgment will be given unto them.
36:22 That's what the scripture tells us.
36:31 So here all the righteous are;
36:34 judgment is committed to them.
36:54 So the righteous have been taken to heaven
36:57 where they are going to live and reign with Christ there
37:01 for one thousand years,
37:03 and judgment is going to be given unto them.
37:07 OK?
37:08 Who are they going to judge?
37:11 See? Who are they going to judge?
37:14 Well it tells us:
37:27 So it says the saints are going to be judging.
37:31 They're going to judge the world.
37:33 OK? Why?
37:35 Well, judgment began with the house of God.
37:39 So during this time that the judgment was going on
37:42 up in heaven, this has been the judgment of those
37:45 who have accepted Christ.
37:48 Those who were entered in the Book of Life.
37:51 Those are the ones that are being judged.
37:55 If you're not in the Book of Life,
37:57 as far as God was concerned you're lost.
38:02 But God does not intend
38:06 for anyone for eternity
38:10 to have a question.
38:12 God does not intend to do that.
38:15 In fact, it not only says we'll judge the world
38:18 it says we'll judge angels.
38:28 Why will we be judging angels?
38:31 Because one third of the angels
38:36 fell from heaven.
38:38 Folks, you've got to understand
38:42 that God intends to put an end to sin
38:47 for eternity.
38:50 He never intends for it to rise again.
38:54 THEREFORE, He does not intend for you
38:58 to have a question in your mind.
39:02 He intends to make sure that is taken care of.
39:06 Listen... this is what the Lord says:
39:19 Never again will affliction rise.
39:22 Never again will there be sin.
39:27 OK.
39:29 So what's going to happen?
39:31 Well... well let's say that you, you have a friend.
39:37 And your friend that you know real well
39:41 is a Christian... at least as far as you know.
39:45 They follow the Lord and all.
39:48 And you get up to heaven and they're not there.
39:56 Uh, what's going to happen?
39:58 Is God going to turn some little key back here and
40:02 you and I are going to become stooges?
40:04 Is that what's going to happen?
40:07 No, I don't think so.
40:10 God I think expects us to use our minds
40:14 to understand, you know. I don't think He's going to
40:17 expect us just to become a robot.
40:20 No! So God intends for you to answer that question.
40:27 So you start through eternity.
40:29 You get a few years into eternity and you say:
40:34 "Where's John?
40:37 I wonder why John didn't make it?
40:45 Strange.
40:49 I was sure he would have made it.
40:51 Why isn't he here? "
40:54 God does not intend for you
40:59 to get 10,000 years into eternity
41:02 and all of a sudden yell "Hey, where's John? "
41:06 It's not going to happen.
41:08 So this is the reason for the judgment.
41:13 Because God... not that God hasn't decided
41:17 and those things... it's the fact that YOU
41:20 must be satisfied in your heart and soul
41:24 that God was absolutely just.
41:27 Because He does not intend for you to look down
41:31 years and years later and say:
41:34 "God didn't treat that person right. "
41:36 That's also the reason that there is a Book of Iniquity
41:42 and there's a Book of Remembrance
41:45 where everything that we do is recorded.
41:49 So when you're there you can look and you can see
41:53 exactly what took place and what happened.
41:56 And let me tell you something:
41:59 if you or myself miss it
42:06 and we're not there,
42:09 I'll assure you something tonight...
42:11 it will not be God's fault.
42:14 I'll assure you that God is doing everything
42:19 that God could do to see that you and I
42:25 are saved.
42:26 Everything that He can do.
42:29 So He intends to do away with sin
42:34 because it says this:
42:54 You see, it says that God is going to wipe away every tear
43:00 from our eyes. Oh, I think, I personally believe,
43:05 there will be tears during that thousand years.
43:10 As you go through the records
43:13 and there's somebody there that you loved dearly
43:16 that didn't make it.
43:18 I think there'll be some tears.
43:21 But as you see and you
43:23 understand God's love,
43:25 you understand all that He did
43:28 for that person to be there,
43:30 He wipes away the tears.
43:34 That you know that He did everything He could
43:37 to save every last soul.
43:41 This is the judgment of the wicked.
43:45 This is what's happening... what's taking place.
43:58 Ah dear friend, you and I want to be in the first resurrection.
44:03 OK? Put it down!
44:06 If you are going to die,
44:09 which we all will unless the Lord comes,
44:16 then we want to be in the first resurrection.
44:29 OK, let's go on.
44:53 So it says that these people that have been resurrected
44:57 in the first resurrection,
44:59 they're going to live and reign with Christ
45:01 for one thousand years.
45:05 That is the time that judgment will be given to them
45:09 and they'll be going over the records of the wicked
45:13 to make sure that every question is answered.
45:17 That every person is solved.
45:19 This is what takes place. OK.
45:43 OK. So the dead in Christ are going to come out of the grave.
45:47 In fact, the scripture says that Jesus is going to come back.
45:52 When He comes back, it says He's going to shout.
45:57 And when He shouts,
45:59 His words are going to roll through this earth
46:02 and He's going to shout.
46:04 Tells us in Isaiah exactly what He's going to shout.
46:07 He's going to shout: "Awake and sing! " Amen!
46:11 And all the righteous will come out of that grave
46:15 and they'll come out singing.
46:16 And they'll sing: "Oh death, where is your sting?
46:20 Oh grave, where is your victory? "
46:22 as they come up out of the grave.
46:24 OK. So this is what we refer to
46:28 as the first resurrection.
46:32 Great, great difference, folks,
46:34 because it says you're changed.
46:38 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye
46:40 as you come out of the grave or as you are translated.
46:43 Doesn't make any difference.
46:45 You know what that means?
46:46 That means if you died with one arm
46:53 you're going to come out of the grave with both of them.
46:56 Amen, praise God!
46:57 Means that you're changed.
47:00 It means that you will come forth perfect.
47:04 Every person, every individual that comes out of that grave
47:10 will be absolutely beautiful.
47:15 Because if you simply take away all the wrinkles,
47:20 all the spots, all the blemishes,
47:23 all the imperfections... everybody is beautiful.
47:28 And so they'll come out of the grave
47:31 changed in a moment, the twinkling of an eye.
47:33 This is God's people.
47:36 You see that's the covenant that we talked about
47:38 that He wants to make with you. He said: "I'll be your God;
47:41 you shall be My people. "
47:44 So he's gathering all of His people.
47:46 They will be resurrected... come forth from the grave.
47:52 That's the first resurrection.
47:53 That begins - get it clear -
47:57 that begins the thousand years.
47:59 OK. And it says:
48:09 So the wicked are not involved.
48:13 They're asleep.
48:16 They're in the grave,
48:18 and they will be in the grave for one thousand years.
48:24 OK? Then at the end of it
48:28 it says this:
48:30 there is another resurrection - a second resurrection -
48:35 and this second resurrection is the resurrection of the wicked.
48:41 Those are the ones that come forth at the grave
48:44 at the end of the thousand years.
49:04 That's the first resurrection. Those that are good
49:08 to the resurrection of life.
49:10 OK.
49:17 So you find that that is the wicked.
49:20 So there's two resurrections.
49:21 A thousand years in between them.
49:23 During that thousand years is when the judgment
49:26 of the lost takes place.
49:30 That is when every question will be answered.
49:36 Nobody from then on will have any question.
49:42 They will know what God has done; that will settle it
49:46 for eternity.
49:56 Hmmm. The devil's been in... on this old earth
50:02 for a thousand years.
50:04 The thousand years comes to an end...
50:07 what happens?
50:09 All the wicked are resurrected.
50:14 And as the wicked come forth
50:16 from their grave, the devil
50:19 is released from his prison.
50:22 Why? Because he no longer has...
50:26 Now he's no longer bound. He now has people to work with.
50:32 People to tempt. People to do things with.
50:36 What is he going to do when all the wicked are resurrected?
50:40 What's he going to do with them?
50:42 Well, it says:
50:50 Here they've been... all the wicked are resurrected.
50:52 Folks, they're as thick as the sands of the sea.
50:57 Stop and think. Here's every man and woman
50:59 that has ever lived since the beginning of time.
51:03 They're all resurrected.
51:06 And it says that he will go out:
51:13 That simply means from one end to the other.
51:25 He has a plan.
51:27 He has something that he's going to do
51:30 and he's laying that all out. Think.
51:36 He has the opportunity to gather some of the greatest minds
51:42 that have ever lived.
51:46 Some of the greatest generals that have ever lived.
51:51 Because they're going to make battle. That's what it says.
51:56 Will make a battle. Gather them all together.
52:00 This is when the scripture says
52:05 that Jesus and all the righteous that are in the New Jerusalem
52:12 and the city
52:13 comes back to this earth.
52:16 And when it comes back to this earth,
52:20 and it says the New Jerusalem settles here,
52:25 this is when the Great White Throne Judgment
52:31 will take place.
52:36 When I think of all
52:40 He's done for me,
52:45 and the price He had to pay.
52:52 My heart cries out to Him
52:58 and in faith I hear Him say:
53:06 "Father,
53:08 I gave My life.
53:13 I lived a sinless life.
53:19 Oh take My righteous life
53:25 and cover this poor child. "
53:33 He is ever interceding
53:40 in the heavenly courts above.
53:47 Oh what a Savior!
53:54 Oh what tender, matchless
53:59 love!
54:06 Let us pray.
54:07 Father in Heaven,
54:11 This evening we're thankful.
54:14 Thankful that You are our Redeemer,
54:20 our Savior.
54:21 Lord, may we each one
54:26 find our security, our hope,
54:31 our peace, our righteousness in Jesus Christ.
54:38 May each individual that's listening tonight,
54:44 each individual that's here,
54:47 may they be granted because of Your Son Jesus Christ
54:52 may they be granted the right
54:57 to be in the first resurrection
54:59 or to be among those that are alive at Your coming.
55:03 May all of us rejoice in Jesus Christ...
55:09 thankful for Your goodness to us and Your love.
55:13 This we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
55:23 Well, tomorrow night is our last presentation on the judgment:
55:30 Great White Throne Judgment.
55:32 That's what we are right up to tonight
55:35 is the Great White Throne Judgment.
55:37 What's' going to happen
55:38 when Christ comes with all of the saved
55:42 and here are all of the wicked that have ever lived.
55:45 What's going to take place?
55:47 So we hope you're with us.
55:48 God bless you. Have a great evening.
55:52 Psalm 19 and verse 1 says:
55:55 "The heavens declare the glory of God
55:58 and the firmament shows His handiwork. "
56:01 All around us we see the handiwork of our Creator.
56:05 Every flower displays a palate of color and texture
56:09 beyond the imagination of man.
56:11 Every variety is uniquely designed
56:14 by the Master of creativity.
56:17 But they're not just a thing of beauty.
56:19 Every flower has a function and a purpose.
56:22 So does every living creature.
56:24 Whether it is feathered or finned,
56:27 each creature was put together by the Author of Life.
56:31 Even in a fallen world
56:33 God has placed a desire for life in every creature.
56:36 Without instruction, a mother knows how to nurture
56:40 and protect her young
56:41 reflecting the tenderness God feels for each of us.
56:46 No man can observe nature
56:48 and deny His existence.
56:50 But the God of Heaven went far beyond
56:53 by humbling Himself and becoming the man Jesus.
56:57 He walked the dusty paths of Israel
57:00 and He paid the debt for every man's sin
57:03 so we could have eternal life.
57:06 The Bible says in John 17 and verse 3
57:09 "And this is eternal life
57:11 that they may know You,
57:13 the only true God,
57:15 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. "
57:18 The evidence of a Creator God is all around us.
57:22 He has revealed details of His character
57:24 in a love letter to you and to me.
57:28 Our desire is to help you understand the Bible
57:30 and receive life... eternal life...
57:34 by getting to know Him intimately.
57:36 Won't you help us bring this message to the world?
57:39 Please consider what you can do
57:41 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:44 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:46 please send your tax-deducible gifts to:
58:00 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:02 through television and radio.
58:04 Your gifts help bring the Blessed Hope of salvation
58:07 to millions around the world.


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