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00:19 Well hello. I want to welcome
00:20 all of you to the 3ABN Worship
00:23 Center. It's a joy to have
00:24 all of you with us
00:26 from here in Thompsonville and from around the world.
00:29 We welcome you all as Pastor Kenneth Cox comes
00:32 to continue the Give Me The Bible series.
00:35 You know he's been joining with us here
00:37 at 3ABN... this is the eighth month.
00:41 And each month he brings a 5-Bible-study lessons,
00:47 five lessons on each topic.
00:49 And I asked him a little earlier
00:51 why had he developed such in-depth Bible studies
00:56 on all of these topics.
00:58 And to boil it down, this is what Pastor Cox is doing:
01:01 he's preparing a people.
01:04 How many of you believe that we are really living in
01:07 the end of the end times?
01:08 These truly are the closing moments of earth's history.
01:12 And how many of you want to be in... you know,
01:15 we've been learning of the judgments in this five...
01:19 topic this time on the judgment.
01:23 We've been learning so much about that.
01:25 And we've learned that there is how many resurrections?
01:29 Two resurrections.
01:30 How many of you want to be in that first resurrection?
01:33 The Lord is returning for a people, and
01:36 each one of these topics that he brings to us every month
01:40 is designed to prepare a people
01:43 that we will be ready at His return.
01:45 We're going through difficult times and we must be prepared.
01:50 And that's what these Bible studies are designed for
01:53 is to strengthen us and give us the power that we need
01:58 so that when the difficult times come
02:01 we will have that Word to draw upon and to fall back on.
02:04 And that Word is what will enable us to get through
02:07 the difficult times.
02:08 And so I just want to encourage everyone.
02:11 If you haven't had an opportunity to hear all of these
02:15 sermons, every one of them are designed for you to help you.
02:19 And you know something that we are learning
02:22 is that people all over the world, not just people
02:25 but congregations in many different denominations
02:30 take Pastor Cox's series and they use them in their churches
02:34 to do exactly what I'm talking about:
02:36 to prepare their people
02:38 so that they will be ready to go through the difficult times.
02:42 So I want to encourage all of you:
02:43 get these lessons... get the entire series.
02:47 You know, when we finish this month... at the end of the year,
02:51 we will have sixty sermons.
02:54 And how many of you know that faith comes by...
02:56 hearing, and hearing by God's Word.
02:59 So get these lessons. Listen to them over and over
03:03 and it will prepare you to be in that overcoming, victorious
03:07 company at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
03:10 Well again, this month we're looking at the judgment.
03:13 And we've learned so much concerning the judgment.
03:16 That there's two judgments.
03:18 And we've learned when these judgments take place
03:21 and the purpose for the judgments.
03:22 Something else we've learned...
03:24 How many of you enjoyed the teaching on the different books?
03:27 The Lamb's Book of Life, the Book of Remembrance,
03:29 the Book of Iniquity.
03:31 Wasn't that interesting to see how that factored into
03:34 and played into the judgment.
03:36 Well tonight we're continuing on this topic of the judgment,
03:41 and we're looking at the Great White Throne Judgment.
03:44 So I know that this is going to encourage and strengthen
03:47 and educate every one of us.
03:49 But before Pastor Cox comes
03:51 we have our precious brother with us tonight,
03:55 and he is going to minister Wonderful Peace.
03:59 My brother:
08:12 Amen.
08:16 Michael Settle: Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace.
08:20 Thank you, Michael. Appreciate it very much.
08:23 And good evening to each of you.
08:26 Those of you that are joining us
08:28 by television or by radio
08:31 we hope that this series
08:33 on the judgment
08:35 has enlightened you.
08:37 But we hope also that it has drawn you
08:40 closer to Jesus Christ as you have seen
08:44 His ministry in your behalf
08:46 and what He's willing to do for each one of us.
08:49 So we're happy you're here.
08:51 We hope that it will be a blessing to you
08:54 tonight as we bring this particular series to a close.
08:59 Our next series is entitled Your Bible and You.
09:04 This next series is going to be kind of a practical one.
09:09 This is an area that we have... we receive
09:12 lots of questions about.
09:15 And so we're going to deal with such subjects as
09:18 Where Did Your Bible Come From?
09:21 A lot of people want to know where did it come from.
09:25 How Can You Know That It's True?
09:28 We'll have a subject on that.
09:31 Which Translation Is Best?
09:35 Lots of questions about that one.
09:38 Which translation is best, you know?
09:41 How do I know that?
09:43 What... What Can The Bible Do For You?
09:45 Going to take a look at that, and then we're going to
09:48 close it off with the subject on How To Study Your Bible.
09:52 So this one's going to be a practical one
09:55 that we hope will be helpful to each of you as you
09:58 pick up the Word of God - particularly in these days
10:02 in which we are living in -
10:04 you and I need to be more and more into the Word of God.
10:10 Dear friend, let me tell you something:
10:12 there's nothing outside of your relationship with Jesus Christ
10:18 and walk with Him by faith, there is nothing
10:22 more important than spending time in the Word of God.
10:26 You know, even to ministers...
10:30 You know, I... when I was working in the ministry
10:34 I found that I had so many things going
10:38 I wasn't spending any time in the Word.
10:40 You know? And I just couldn't ever seem to find time
10:45 to study God's Word.
10:47 And I thought, this has got to stop.
10:50 You know? Some way I've got to figure this out.
10:53 And I got to thinking about it.
10:55 It says this is food for you spiritually.
11:00 And I thought, you know, you don't have any trouble
11:04 finding time to eat.
11:07 You know, I do that pretty regular...
11:10 just without any trouble.
11:12 And so I said: "OK, if I'm so busy
11:16 that I can't find time to feed myself spiritually,
11:21 I won't eat physically. "
11:24 And you know, I find time to do both.
11:28 So take time for God's Word.
11:33 You know, it will make a great, great difference in your life.
11:37 So we hope you'll follow as we go into this next series
11:41 on Your Bible and You.
11:44 Tonight we're bringing this series on the judgment
11:48 to a close, and our subject is:
11:53 This is the last judgment, folks.
11:56 This is what is referred to as the Executive Judgment.
12:01 And so you want to follow this one because it shows you
12:05 how things come to an end
12:07 when Christ comes back
12:09 and sets up His kingdom.
12:12 So we hope that you'll be
12:13 blessed in a special way
12:15 as we take a look at the Great White Throne Judgment.
12:19 We appreciate you being with us,
12:22 joining us as we have gone through this subject
12:25 on the judgment.
12:26 Also it's been a great, great privilege
12:29 to have with us Kateena LeForge.
12:34 She has blessed my soul; I hope she has yours.
12:37 She's going to sing a beautiful song for us
12:40 entitled Via Dolorosa.
13:15 Down the Via Dolorosa
13:20 in Jerusalem that day
13:23 The soldiers tried to clear
13:26 the narrow street.
13:30 But the crowd pressed in to see
13:34 the Man condemned to die
13:37 on Calvary.
13:45 He was bleeding from a beating;
13:49 there were stripes upon His back.
13:52 And He wore a crown of thorns
13:55 upon His head.
14:00 And He bore with every step
14:03 the scorn of those who cried out for His death.
14:10 Down the Via Dolorosa...
14:14 called the way of suffering...
14:18 like a lamb came the Messiah,
14:21 Christ the King.
14:25 But He chose to walk that road
14:30 out of His love for you and me.
14:37 Down the Via Dolorosa
14:41 all the way
14:44 to Calvary.
14:52 Por la Via Dolorosa
14:56 triste dia en Jerusalem
14:59 Los saldados le abrian paso
15:03 a Jesus.
15:07 Mas la gente se acercaba
15:11 Para ver al que llevaba
15:14 aquella cruz.
15:18 Por la Via Dolorosa,
15:21 que es la via del dolor
15:25 Como oveja vino Cristo,
15:28 Rey, Senor.
15:32 Y fue El quien quiso ir por su amor
15:38 por ti y por mi
15:43 Por la Via Dolorosa
15:47 al Calvario y a morir.
15:55 The blood that would cleanse
15:58 the souls of all men
16:01 Made its way to the heart
16:05 of Jerusalem.
16:12 Down the Via Dolorosa...
16:17 called the way of suffering...
16:21 like a lamb came the Messiah,
16:24 Christ the King.
16:28 But He chose to walk that road
16:32 out of His love
16:34 for you and me.
16:39 Down the Via Dolorosa
16:43 all the way
16:46 to Calvary.
17:36 Our Heavenly Father,
17:39 This evening as we open Your Word
17:44 we ask that our hearts might be tender.
17:48 That they might be receptive.
17:51 That we might let Your Holy Spirit
17:58 work in our lives
18:00 and that we will take Your Word
18:03 and be willing to follow it.
18:06 To prepare our hearts
18:08 for the soon return of our Lord and Savior.
18:12 Bless each one tonight
18:15 that is watching, listening, is here.
18:19 May they be drawn into Your presence.
18:22 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
18:33 When Christ left this earth
18:36 and went back to heaven,
18:38 He didn't spend or hasn't been spending
18:41 all of His time
18:43 in the judgment
18:44 that we've been talking about.
18:46 In fact, the scripture tells us
18:48 one other thing that He's doing up in heaven.
18:51 And it says this:
19:06 So during this time He is building a city
19:10 for you and for me.
19:13 A city that "eye hath not seen nor ear heard,
19:17 neither hath entered into the heart of man
19:19 the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. "
19:23 So this... this city is a fantastic city.
19:27 And He gives to you and to me this marvelous promise:
19:41 So we have the promise that Jesus Christ is coming back.
19:46 OK. When He comes back,
19:49 then it says that all those who have died in Christ
19:55 are going to be resurrected.
19:58 This is what is called the first resurrection,
20:02 and it says here:
20:09 So these are all those that have accepted Christ
20:13 down through the ages. They are resurrected
20:16 out of the grave; they come forth from the grave changed.
20:21 They come forth immortal.
20:24 They come forth incorruptible.
20:26 They come forth in perfect health.
20:29 They come forth in absolute perfection
20:33 and they will be that way throughout eternity.
20:37 And it says that these people shall live and reign with Him
20:42 for one thousand years.
20:47 So the righteous are spending a thousand years
20:51 up in heaven where they're going to live and reign
20:55 with Christ for a thousand years.
20:56 As we come to the end of the thousand years,
21:01 it says that all the dead... the rest of the dead -
21:05 these are those who had not accepted Christ -
21:08 these are what the scripture refers to as the lost...
21:12 It says the rest of the dead did not live again for 1,000 years.
21:18 So they didn't live again until the thousand years
21:21 were finished. And they come forth from the grave
21:24 vastly different than those that came forth
21:28 in the first resurrection.
21:30 Those that come forth in the second resurrection
21:33 there is no change in them.
21:36 They are resurrected mortal.
21:40 That means they are resurrected subject to death.
21:45 So they come forth from that grave just exactly
21:50 like they went into the grave.
21:53 That's the way they come out.
21:56 If they went into the grave missing a leg,
22:01 they come out of the grave missing one.
22:03 There is no change in them.
22:07 They are all resurrected. The scripture says
22:11 they are as thick as the sands of the sea.
22:16 That means all... all that have ever lived
22:21 since the beginning of time are resurrected.
22:25 Think about it.
22:27 That runs into billions of people
22:32 that will be resurrected.
22:34 They come forth. They are as thick as the sands of the sea.
22:40 Then something begins to happen.
22:42 This city that Jesus has made...
22:47 that He's created for you and for me...
22:49 all of a sudden that city begins to come down from heaven.
23:07 So this New Jerusalem now is coming down from God
23:11 out of heaven. It's coming to this earth.
23:13 And I don't want to spend the time on it tonight,
23:16 but the scripture tells us
23:17 that city will come and that Christ's feet will touch
23:21 the Mount of Olives. It will split and become a huge plain
23:26 and the New Jerusalem will come to rest right there.
23:30 OK. This is what happens and takes place.
23:34 At the time the second resurrection takes place
23:39 it says this:
23:48 Why? Because all the wicked have been resurrected.
23:51 And since they've all been resurrected,
23:54 He has a master plan in mind.
23:58 And so the scripture goes on and says:
24:12 Why? Why would he do this?
24:17 You know. Why don't the wicked just say
24:22 "we'll go over here and we'll live on this side of the earth
24:25 and you live over here... " speaking of the righteous...
24:28 "you live over here in this city. We won't bother you
24:32 and you don't bother us. "
24:34 You know?
24:37 Why? Why would the devil go out and gather them all and say
24:41 "Listen. We're going to go up and we're going to
24:43 take the city. "
24:45 Why about... why this?
24:47 Well, there's something missing.
24:51 There's an element that's missing...
24:54 something that happened way back in the beginning
24:58 in the Garden of Eden.
25:01 Listen:
25:21 You see, when they came out of the grave
25:24 they came out of the grave mortal.
25:27 They do not have immortality.
25:30 They know something... The devil knows something
25:35 and he's... Watch:
25:52 All right, where is the Tree of Life?
25:56 Well, it says here in Revelation 22.
26:18 Inside the New Jerusalem is the Tree of Life.
26:23 And the devil tells them "If we can just take the city
26:29 we can eat of the Tree of Life and live forever. "
26:36 We will have immortality.
26:40 We can eat of the Tree of Life and live forever.
26:45 And because he takes all the wicked...
26:49 and the scripture says he does this...
26:59 They go up and they surround the New Jerusalem.
27:04 Ready to try and take the city
27:06 so that if they can just get inside and eat
27:11 of the Tree of Life they'll live...
27:14 they'll not die.
27:18 This, at this point, folks,
27:21 this is the exact point
27:23 where the Great White Throne Judgment
27:27 takes place.
27:29 'Cause think about it.
27:32 Surrounding the city are all the wicked who have ever lived.
27:36 They've gone up; they've surrounded the city.
27:40 So here's every man, every woman that has ever lived
27:44 on the outside of the city... all the wicked.
27:47 On the inside of the city are all the righteous
27:52 that have ever lived.
27:54 So here at one point of time
27:57 you've got every man, every woman that has ever lived
28:01 standing there. And at that point
28:06 the Bible says that God is lifted up
28:10 above the city.
28:13 When He is lifted up above the city it says:
28:27 God is lifted up here above the Holy City.
28:31 There every man, every woman, stands.
28:36 And there in panoramic view
28:40 before everyone... passes in panoramic view...
28:46 the whole plan of salvation.
28:49 They see what God has done
28:53 to try to save every person.
28:57 It says:
29:05 So here all of them are.
29:08 Now this is not a case, folks... this is not a case
29:13 of trying to decide whether they're OK or not.
29:15 Christ had stood up and He had thrown down the censer
29:19 and He had said:
29:30 This had happened after the Investigative Judgment was over
29:35 and all with the righteous were settled.
29:38 And now they've gone through the thousand years
29:41 in which every case of the wicked have been looked at.
29:44 So this is not a case of trying to settle
29:47 whether a person should be there or whether they shouldn't.
29:51 This is the point of the Executive Judgment
29:55 in which God is going to cleanse the universe
30:01 of sin.
30:03 That it will be absolutely NO MORE.
30:18 So here they are... the Great White Throne Judgment.
30:22 The Book of Life is opened,
30:25 and only if your name is in that Book of Life...
30:30 only then will you have life.
30:34 No other way.
30:47 So here the executive part of the judgment is taking place.
30:53 Now Jesus told a parable
30:57 that puts all this in place for us.
31:01 I mean, just lines it all up beautifully for us.
31:06 And so I want us to look at that parable
31:08 because it will help you understand every phase of it
31:11 and how it all fits together.
31:13 It's found in Matthew the 22nd chapter.
31:28 So you have all of them being judged here.
31:31 All right, Matthew 22 verse 2:
31:41 OK, here this king is
31:44 and he has arranged for a marriage for his son. Watch:
31:59 Now here the king is... this is the king, folks.
32:04 This is not some just average person...
32:10 this is the KING!
32:12 And he has sent out a special invitation
32:16 to the people to come to his son's wedding.
32:19 Come to partake of the food, the feast,
32:24 and to enjoy his son's wedding. And it says
32:28 they weren't willing to come.
32:31 You talk about snubbing somebody...
32:35 I mean here they're snubbing the king
32:37 saying: "No, we're not going to come. "
32:39 You know what this is talking about?
32:44 Yeah, it's talking about the time of the antediluvian world.
32:49 When Noah preached to them for 120 years
32:54 and they refused to come.
33:07 Here they were, and for 120 years
33:12 they had received a special invitation
33:16 and they refused.
33:19 And the word was destroyed by water.
33:25 All of them. And God said: "OK,
33:29 if they... if they weren't willing to accept it,
33:33 we'll make another invitation. "
33:37 And God said: "I'll have a special people.
33:42 And I'll bless these people.
33:46 And I'll pour out My blessing upon them so that everybody
33:51 on the earth will see how wonderfully they've been blessed
33:56 and what God has done for them
33:59 and they'll know what happens if you follow the Lord. "
34:03 So God said: "OK, I'll take Abraham
34:08 and I'll make out of him a great nation.
34:13 A nation that will walk with God and will follow Me.
34:18 And I'll bless them,
34:19 and they'll be a blessing to the whole world.
34:22 And I'll let them see what it means to walk with God. "
34:25 Watch, we're still looking at the parable:
34:45 So here he takes his servants, sends them out.
34:49 Says: "Come to the wedding; everything's ready.
34:53 It's all prepared. "
35:04 Read it.
35:08 They made light of it.
35:12 They went and worshiped other gods.
35:18 And the children of Israel, who were called as a special people,
35:25 they treated it lightly.
35:28 And he tried over and over and over.
35:38 He sent prophet after prophet after prophet to them
35:43 saying: "Change, come to the wedding.
35:46 Everything's ready. "
35:48 And they treated them horribly.
35:50 If you don't think they didn't,
35:52 you need to read the book of Jeremiah.
35:55 See how they treated them... they refused it.
35:58 And then the king went so far that this son
36:03 he was having the wedding for, he said: "You go invite them. "
36:06 And he sent him as a servant,
36:10 and they killed him.
36:15 And it says:
36:29 Said: "You killed my son! "
36:34 Jesus told them about it.
36:50 He said: "This city will be wiped out.
36:53 It will be burned. " And the temple and the city was burned
36:58 because they took His Son and killed His Son.
37:06 God is so longsuffering, folks.
37:10 I mean, so marvelous and so good
37:14 that He said: "OK, we'll try another way. "
37:20 And the gospel, as I told you the other night,
37:22 went to the Gentiles.
37:26 And He said: "We'll preach the gospel and we'll
37:30 invite the people to come. "
37:31 And so the parable goes on and says:
37:45 He said: "Send them out, have them come.
37:50 Go out into the highways and the byways.
37:53 Invite people to come to the wedding. "
37:55 Watch:
38:17 Whoa. I mean, He said: Go out here and invite them
38:22 and bring them to the wedding.
38:24 Have them come. " And the wedding was filled with guests -
38:28 bad and good.
38:33 That's not the way we think, is it?
38:36 You know, we normally think only the good.
38:40 No. He said the bad and the good
38:43 and the wedding hall was filled with guests.
38:47 There they were. Do you understand what happened here?
38:52 Huh? Do you understand that the gospel went to the Gentiles
38:57 and through the preaching of Paul and Peter
39:01 and Luke and Silas
39:03 and Barnabas and all the apostles
39:07 I mean it spread like wildfire across the kingdom
39:11 and thousands upon thousands of people accepted it
39:15 so that by the time you reach 300 AD
39:19 half the Roman Empire has accepted Jesus Christ.
39:24 The wedding hall was filled with guests.
39:31 OK?
39:33 And then after that took place
39:34 the devil moved in. And I don't have time
39:37 to go into all that the devil did there
39:39 to bring about all the trouble he did,
39:42 but then you hit the time of the Reformation.
39:45 And through the reformers such as Luther and Knox and
39:49 Zwingli and Calvin and all those great reformers
39:52 the gospel is preached and it spread around the world
39:54 and men and women reached out in faith and accepted it
39:57 and believed it. And more people were put into the wedding hall.
40:02 OK?
40:06 Watch:
40:08 1844 AD...
40:17 That's judgment, folks.
40:28 I mean the king has come in to see the guests.
40:31 This is the judgment...
40:33 and here stands a man without the wedding garment.
40:37 Now we need to take just a moment
40:39 to talk about the wedding garment
40:41 because the scripture makes that real clear.
40:44 Listen:
40:56 So this... this garment
40:59 that the king was looking for
41:03 and this man was standing there in his own garment
41:06 was something that the king furnished.
41:09 Why did he furnish it?
41:12 Because the people in the hall were bad and good.
41:17 See? Some couldn't even afford anything
41:21 and therefore the king provided a wedding garment
41:24 which was the righteousness of Christ.
41:29 That was provided for everyone.
41:33 Watch:
41:47 What is that telling you?
41:49 Well let me tell you what that says.
41:51 What that's saying is when you and I
41:54 come to Jesus Christ and we accept Him as our Savior
41:58 then through the work of the Holy Spirit
42:01 He imparts to us His righteousness.
42:06 It is never OUR righteousness.
42:08 It is HIS righteousness that He gives to us.
42:12 This is what He gives to us, and here this man was standing
42:17 in his own righteousness.
42:20 See? Didn't have on the wedding garment.
42:22 Said: "No, I don't need it.
42:25 I'm OK. I can take care of this myself. "
42:29 There he stood in his own righteousness.
42:33 You see... I told you.
42:38 What you've got to have is you've got to have Christ.
42:41 You have to have His righteousness.
42:44 That way, He can intercede for you.
42:47 He can stand between you and God.
42:51 Makes a great difference.
43:01 Now, that is judgment.
43:05 That's the Investigative Judgment.
43:07 He came in to see the guests.
43:09 That's what it's talking about.
43:10 Now we come to the executive part of the judgment.
43:15 Watch what the king says to him:
43:26 Now what could he say?
43:29 It was given to you by the king.
43:32 It didn't cost a thing.
43:35 All you had to do was accept it.
43:37 That's all that was required
43:40 was to accept the righteousness that He offered.
43:43 And he didn't accept it. He said: "I'll take my own. "
43:47 So... so what could he say?
43:50 He certainly couldn't say to the king "I didn't like yours. "
43:52 You don't tell kings that.
43:54 So here he was, standing in his own righteousness...
44:00 speechless.
44:01 And the executive part of the judgment takes place.
44:23 Decision was made.
44:25 "Take him away. "
44:28 The executive part of the judgment.
44:31 Now folks, let me tell you something.
44:35 I run onto people who seem to think
44:39 that God... that Jesus
44:43 is going to condemn them.
44:46 No. Christ does not condemn.
44:50 Listen to this, folks:
45:06 You see that's what He's doing.
45:08 He's interceding. He's pleading with His Father
45:11 in behalf of you and me.
45:13 He came to save the world.
45:15 So what am I going to be judged by?
45:34 This is what will judge you right here.
45:39 You see, you have been given the whole thing right here:
45:44 all that's necessary for you to be in the kingdom of heaven
45:49 is right there.
45:51 And all that you and I have to do is accept it.
45:55 So in the judgment, Christ is not going to condemn you.
45:58 It's what's written in the book
46:01 that will judge you...
46:03 whether you have a right there or whether you don't.
46:06 This is the way the judgment works.
46:12 This is all the wicked.
46:25 Here they are... all the wicked that ever lived.
46:29 And it says that fire was rained down out of heaven
46:34 and devours them. The righteous?
46:36 They're inside the city.
46:39 That city will ride those flames just like the ark
46:45 rode the flood.
46:46 The righteous inside the city will be perfectly safe.
46:51 The wicked will be destroyed.
46:57 God will put an end... not for a day or two, folks...
47:02 God will put an end for eternity to sin.
47:07 It will not rise up a second time.
47:11 Listen as the scripture describes it:
47:38 Says: "If this old world's going to be burned up,
47:43 what are you going to be?
47:44 How are you going to relate to it? "
47:47 Because He's going to put an end to it.
48:00 So this whole earth is going to be burned up.
48:04 It's going to be made...
48:08 completely all the sin is going to be burned up.
48:13 There will be sin no more.
48:17 And then God is going to take it
48:21 and make it brand new.
48:27 Listen carefully.
48:39 Get the picture, folks.
48:41 Those that are cast into the lake of fire...
48:45 there is no resurrection to the second death.
48:51 All of us... righteous and unrighteous...
48:55 die the first death.
48:58 And there is a resurrection from that for both the
49:02 righteous and unrighteous.
49:04 But the second death? The wicked die that.
49:08 There is no resurrection from that death.
49:13 This is the second death. They will be no more.
49:16 That's the horrible thing about it.
49:19 That's... that's the thing that... that hurts my soul
49:26 because every individual is unique.
49:31 There's not another person like you
49:36 anywhere in the universe.
49:39 You are distinct, unique,
49:44 special. And because you're that,
49:48 dear friend, you are worthy to be saved.
49:54 That's the reason Jesus came...
49:56 because there's not...
49:57 there will never be another
49:58 individual like you
50:00 throughout eternity.
50:01 And therefore if that person is lost,
50:04 never, never again will there be a person like that.
50:10 Horrible.
50:12 But there is no resurrection from it.
50:22 That's it.
50:25 "They will" as the scripture says "be devoured.
50:29 Be consumed. They will be no more. "
50:46 Thank the Lord that He's going to take this old earth
50:49 and He's going to make it brand new.
50:53 I mean it will be restored the scripture says
50:57 back to the way it was in the beginning.
51:00 In the Eden state it will be restored.
51:04 And everything will be perfect.
51:08 All of nature will operate perfectly.
51:11 It says there will be nothing in all of God's kingdom
51:14 that will hurt nor destroy.
51:16 There won't be hurricanes. There won't be tornadoes.
51:21 There won't be earthquakes.
51:23 All that stuff comes to an end.
51:26 In God's kingdom, everything will operate absolutely
51:32 flawless.
51:33 Will be as He makes it.
51:48 All those that have ever lived
51:52 down through time
51:53 He's going to say: "Come, come inherit the kingdom
51:58 that I have prepared for you. Come...
52:03 enjoy... enjoy life.
52:07 Enjoy all the things that God has made.
52:12 Not for a day. Not for a week.
52:17 Not for a month,
52:19 but throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity
52:24 you can enjoy what God made for you. "
52:30 Let Him be your Mediator.
52:37 Let Him represent
52:41 your case.
52:44 Accept this
52:47 Savior...
52:51 Jesus Christ who took your place.
52:58 He is our Savior.
53:05 Our Mediator.
53:11 The great High Priest is He...
53:17 who pleads for you and me.
53:24 Won't you heed His call of mercy?
53:31 Won't you let Him plead your case?
53:38 Surrender all to Him
53:45 and receive His saving
53:50 grace.
53:57 Tonight if you don't know Jesus Christ as your
54:02 Savior, tonight, won't you
54:05 just give Him your heart
54:06 and let Him be your Mediator?
54:09 Let Him plead your case?
54:10 Let Him stand in your place in the judgment
54:13 that you might have life and life eternal?
54:17 The Lord is offering that to you
54:20 where you can live... not die...
54:24 and enjoy all the wonderful things that God has done
54:29 for you and for me.
54:31 Won't you reach out tonight and accept Him?
54:35 Let us pray.
54:37 Father in Heaven,
54:38 we thank you. Thank you for Your Word.
54:43 For the hope that we have in the gospel.
54:47 Thankful that Christ is our Savior.
54:52 He's our Mediator.
54:56 Our Advocate. That He's willing to stand in our place.
55:03 That by accepting Him
55:05 we can pass from death unto life
55:09 and that we don't come into judgment
55:12 because He takes our place.
55:14 May each one here tonight
55:17 that's watching or listening or here tonight
55:21 may they by faith accept this marvelous promise
55:25 that there is in Christ Jesus.
55:28 For this we ask in His name, Amen.
55:34 Thank you for being with us,
55:36 for watching... listening.
55:38 And also be sure and be with us for our next series
55:42 about the Bible: Your Bible and You.
55:45 I think you'll find it to be helpful, practical.
55:49 God bless you. Good night.
55:53 Psalm 19 and verse 1 says:
55:55 "The heavens declare the glory of God
55:58 and the firmament shows His handiwork. "
56:01 All around us we see the handiwork of our Creator.
56:05 Every flower displays a palate of color and texture
56:09 beyond the imagination of man.
56:11 Every variety is uniquely designed
56:15 by the Master of creativity.
56:17 But they're not just a thing of beauty.
56:19 Every flower has a function and a purpose.
56:22 So does every living creature.
56:24 Whether it is feathered or finned,
56:27 each creature was put together by the Author of Life.
56:31 Even in a fallen world
56:33 God has placed a desire for life in every creature.
56:36 Without instruction, a mother knows how to nurture
56:40 and protect her young
56:41 reflecting the tenderness God feels for each of us.
56:46 No man can observe nature
56:48 and deny His existence.
56:50 But the God of Heaven went far beyond
56:53 by humbling Himself and becoming the man Jesus.
56:58 He walked the dusty paths of Israel
57:00 and He paid the debt for every man's sin
57:03 so we could have eternal life.
57:06 The Bible says in John 17 and verse 3
57:09 "And this is eternal life
57:12 that they may know You,
57:13 the only true God,
57:15 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. "
57:18 The evidence of a Creator God is all around us.
57:22 He has revealed details of His character
57:25 in a love letter to you and to me.
57:28 Our desire is to help you understand the Bible
57:31 and receive life... eternal life...
57:34 by getting to know Him intimately.
57:36 Won't you help us bring this message to the world?
57:40 Please consider what you can do
57:41 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:44 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:46 please send your tax-deducible gifts to:
58:00 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:03 through television and radio.
58:04 Your gifts help bring the Blessed Hope of salvation
58:07 to millions around the world.


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