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00:19 Good evening and welcome to
00:21 Thompsonville, Illinois,
00:23 home of 3ABN.
00:26 And right here from the Worship Center at 3ABN
00:29 we're bringing you Give Me The Bible
00:32 with Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:34 We've been enjoying this series
00:36 five nights every single month - one weekend -
00:41 we have been presenting a different subject.
00:43 Pastor Cox has been after one subject and then another.
00:47 This particular weekend we're talking about the Bible...
00:50 how you got the Bible.
00:52 Tonight's subject is: What Can The Bible Do For You?
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01:53 Bring people in, show them to them.
01:55 Look at them again yourself,
01:57 and study the Bible along with the word.
02:00 And as you do so, I know that God is going to bless you.
02:04 Tonight we have a very special treat.
02:06 We have a group called In Spirit with us,
02:10 and Gerald Peel is the director.
02:12 And, Gerald, we're happy to have you with us.
02:14 Tell us about In Spirit.
02:16 About six years ago a friend of mine called me
02:19 and asked me to put together
02:21 a group of men to sing for a service that would highlight
02:25 the role of men in family and in church.
02:30 And... called a bunch of friends and we got together
02:34 and we sang. And it seemed to work well,
02:37 and some of them said: "You know what?
02:39 We ought to just keep doing this. "
02:41 We're from Chattanooga, Tennessee,
02:43 and proud to be up here singing for the Ken Cox
02:49 program tonight. And we're a diverse group...
02:52 diverse in occupation and age and even denomination.
02:57 We enjoy input from singers from all over the southeast
03:03 Tennessee, north Georgia area.
03:05 And we're happy to be here.
03:06 We're just happy that you are with us.
03:09 And we're going to enjoy a song by In Spirit.
03:13 And this is a song entitled Grace.
03:17 And my friend, we do need grace, don't we?
03:20 In this world in which we live we are saved by grace,
03:24 and this song beautifully displays that.
03:42 Amazing grace
03:48 how sweet the sound
03:55 that saved a wretch
04:01 a wretch like me.
04:08 I once was lost
04:14 but now am found.
04:21 I once was blind
04:28 but now I see.
04:41 Twas grace that taught
04:47 my heart to sing.
04:54 And that same grace
05:00 my fears relieved.
05:06 How precious did
05:12 that grace appear
05:19 the hour when
05:25 I first believed.
05:38 Through many dangers,
05:45 toils and snares
05:50 I have
05:51 already
05:56 safely come.
06:02 Tis grace that brought
06:08 me safe thus far.
06:14 And surely
06:19 grace will lead me home.
06:27 I shall go home.
06:44 When we've been there
06:50 ten thousand years,
06:56 Bright shining as
07:02 the glorious sun,
07:08 We've no less days
07:14 to sing God's praise
07:20 than since the day
07:27 we first begun.
07:38 than since the day
07:45 we first
07:49 begun.
08:07 Amen!
08:11 Well we would like to say thank you to the men's chorus
08:15 from Southern Adventist University.
08:19 Very thankful that you're here.
08:21 God bless you.
08:22 I know that all of us were blessed
08:24 in a very, very definite way.
08:26 And we want to say welcome
08:28 to all of you that are here tonight.
08:30 Appreciate you being here.
08:32 Those of you that are watching by television
08:36 or you're listening by radio, we welcome you again tonight.
08:39 We hope this series that we've been doing on Your Bible and You
08:44 has been a blessing to each of you.
08:47 And we hope that you're taking God's Word,
08:49 picking it up and reading it
08:51 and finding more and more about God's Word.
08:55 As that little poem that we've mentioned from night to night:
08:58 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
09:01 This my only question be.
09:05 The teachings of men so often mislead us.
09:08 What says the Bible to me?
09:11 That's what we want to find out.
09:12 And so we're going to be looking at God's Word
09:15 and finding out exactly what it has to say
09:17 about what the Bible can do for you.
09:21 What can the Word of God do for you?
09:25 Why should I read it?
09:27 Why should I spend time in the Word of God?
09:30 That's what our subject is tonight.
09:31 We hope it'll help you understand what God
09:35 wants to do for you personally.
09:39 Our next presentation is the last one in this series
09:43 on Your Bible and You.
09:45 And it is simply entitled How to Study Your Bible.
09:50 How can you read your Bible,
09:52 study it, and get the most out of it?
09:55 What's there? And so that's what we're going to take a look at.
09:58 We hope that it'll help you spend more time
10:02 with the Word of God.
10:04 And I think you'll find that as you do
10:06 many, many different things will happen in your life.
10:09 Tonight, as I mentioned, it's on:
10:14 And what you need to watch for and look for
10:16 are the things that the Word, the Bible tells you
10:20 that it will do for you if you'll spend time in it.
10:25 And there are some marvelous things that take place
10:28 and transpire in our lives when we have the Word of God
10:32 in our lives and working in our lives.
10:35 So we hope that as we go into this subject tonight
10:38 you'll be able to follow and understand what God is willing
10:42 to do for you and for me.
10:44 Well I know you enjoyed the chorus, the men's chorus.
10:47 We've been very, very thankful this week to have with us
10:51 Joe Pearles. Always a great blessing
10:53 to each one of us. He's going to sing a song for you tonight
10:57 entitled Leavin' On My Mind.
11:12 This old house
11:15 I'm living in
11:19 is needing repair.
11:25 The windows and the shutters
11:32 lettin' in cold, cold air.
11:38 I say to myself
11:41 "I'm gonna fix 'em, "
11:44 when I can find the time.
11:51 But all I'm gettin' lately
11:57 is leavin' on my mind.
12:03 Lately all I've got is leavin'
12:09 on my mind.
12:17 Seems that's all I'm thinkin' about
12:24 most all the time.
12:29 But soon, yes very soon, I'll
12:34 leave my troubles all behind.
12:42 Lately I've got leavin'...
12:48 leavin' on my mind.
13:07 Some folks say
13:09 I should be lookin'
13:13 for a better place to live.
13:19 But I just can't seem to get excited
13:25 'bout this world and all it might give.
13:32 I couldn't care less
13:35 if I could buy it all
13:38 with a solitary dime.
13:45 For what good would a world do me
13:51 with leavin' on my mind?
13:57 Lately all I've got is leavin'
14:03 on my mind.
14:10 Seems that's all I'm thinkin' about
14:19 most all the time.
14:23 But soon, yes very soon, I'll
14:28 leave my troubles all behind.
14:36 Lately I've got leavin'...
14:42 leavin' on my mind.
14:52 Lately I've got leavin'...
14:58 leavin' on
15:01 my mind.
15:27 Gracious Lord,
15:29 Tonight we come to You as Your children
15:34 sitting at Your table,
15:38 asking that You will bless.
15:43 May we take the time to eat
15:48 and to be filled with Your Word.
15:53 We ask that our hearts may be open.
15:56 That the Holy Spirit may dwell with us
16:00 and give us understanding as we look at Your Word tonight.
16:05 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
16:15 When someone picks up
16:17 the Word of God
16:20 and begins to read
16:23 what's recorded in this book,
16:25 things begin to happen that are not human.
16:32 Things begin to take place that are totally different.
16:36 And that's what we're going to look at tonight
16:39 is what happens when I open up God's Word
16:42 and begin to look at it.
16:44 And the reason that it does this, folks,
16:47 is because what we read the other night
16:49 in one of our presentations where it simply says that
16:57 Now that's a tremendous statement:
17:00 that the Word of God can change my life...
17:04 make it different. And the reason it makes a difference
17:07 is because it says here:
17:16 And since the Word is there and it's not of human origin,
17:22 it is of divine. Therefore, when I begin to read it
17:26 it comes into my life and begins to make definite changes
17:30 in my life.
17:31 Because it tells us:
17:45 So Jesus Christ came. He is the embodiment of the Word.
17:51 And if I read the Word, then His life,
17:55 His character, the things that He taught,
17:58 begins to fill my life and make me different.
18:01 This is what the disciples were talking about
18:03 when they said here:
18:06 What was from the beginning?
18:08 The Word. "In the beginning was the Word. "
18:23 They were there. They saw it, they touched it,
18:26 they felt it, they spoke it, they saw it.
18:28 And it says it filled their lives and made those poor
18:34 fishermen - uneducated, uncouth - it turned them into
18:40 twelve of the greatest men that have ever lived.
18:42 That's what the Word of God did in their lives...
18:47 what it can do for you and for me.
18:50 And it says here:
18:55 Do you understand that when it says corruptible seed?
18:59 That means of flesh is what it's saying: not of human.
19:06 How?
19:11 So this change that must take place in my life
19:15 takes place through the Word of God.
19:19 That's how it happens; that's how it takes place.
19:22 And Peter goes on and talks about it. It says here:
19:34 That's what this is:
19:36 exceeding great and precious promise.
19:46 See? Different. Totally changed by the Word of God.
19:51 That is what we're looking at tonight.
19:54 And that's what this book will do for you.
19:59 But you have to spend time with it, folks.
20:03 And you have to open up your heart.
20:07 You can't close your heart and do it.
20:10 Head knowledge won't do you any good.
20:13 Bible in your head won't do you any good.
20:16 The Bible in your pocket won't do you any good.
20:19 The Bible in your hand won't do you any good.
20:22 The Bible on the shelf won't do you any good.
20:24 It's the Bible in the heart...
20:27 that's what makes the change, that's what brings about
20:32 the difference in a person's life.
20:34 So the Word of God, we find that scripture tells us,
20:38 is what gives to you and me faith.
20:42 I have people say: "Well I don't have much faith. "
20:45 Well then you're not reading the Bible enough.
20:48 That simple, because this is what it says:
20:56 So if I spend time in this book,
20:59 it will give me faith.
21:02 Help me to step out in faith.
21:05 And let me just share with you what happens when a person
21:09 walks by faith. Have you ever considered that?
21:12 When a person walks by faith, this is what happens:
21:30 Now listen...
22:00 This is what these people accomplished through faith.
22:05 So the Word of God gives me faith.
22:11 I can read it. I can read in this book
22:14 about other people who stepped out in faith and how -
22:18 because of their faith - God rewarded that
22:20 and done wonderful things in their lives.
22:25 The children of Israel had not followed what God
22:30 wanted them to do.
22:32 And because of that
22:35 different tribes and so forth
22:38 came down and ran over Israel
22:40 and put them into bondage
22:41 numbers of time.
22:43 And among those were the Philistines.
22:46 They were probably one of the worst that did that.
22:48 And the children of Israel, I guess thinking that they
22:53 could solve their problems, decided they wanted a king.
22:57 And so they said: "We want a king. "
23:00 And God in His mercy, and in His kindness, His love
23:03 granted them a king. And that first king was king Saul.
23:08 And so when Saul came as king
23:11 one of the first things he wanted to do
23:13 is get rid of all these people that were persecuting them
23:17 and giving them a hard time... which were the Philistines.
23:19 And they were fighting against them, and I want you to
23:22 look at a story in the Bible about his son Jonathan
23:27 because there's a story of great, great faith there
23:31 with Jonathan. Listen to this:
23:56 Fantastic statement.
23:58 I mean, it's just him and his armor bearer,
24:01 and they're going up to face these Philistines
24:04 which are not two... there's hundreds of them.
24:09 That's what they're faced with.
24:11 And he said: "Well, the Lord doesn't need many.
24:14 He can save by many or by few. "
24:16 OK?
24:26 He said: "I'll go with you. Go. "
24:38 He said: "Let's walk over here and show ourselves to these
24:42 Philistines" - who, by the way, are interested in killing them.
24:47 They're not interested in treating them well.
24:49 OK. He said: "Let us show ourselves to them. "
25:05 Said: "Now if these Philistines say just stay where you are,
25:08 we'll come over to where you are, "
25:10 he said: "we'll know that we should stay right here
25:13 and not go anywhere. "
25:26 So here they are down in this kind of valley
25:29 and these Philistines are all up on this knoll there.
25:33 And he said: "If they say come on up here where we are, "
25:37 he said: "that will be a sign that God is going to
25:38 deliver them into our hands. "
25:40 Now folks, there's just two of them.
25:42 That's all.
25:45 And here they're going to face these...
25:47 and what they do I still don't understand.
25:52 Because I don't know a great lot about fighting,
25:56 but how they're fighting I don't understand.
26:11 Said: "Oh, they're coming out of their holes;
26:13 they've been hiding. "
26:25 You know, they're saying: "Come on up here,
26:28 we'll show you something.
26:30 Just come up. "
26:41 He said: "Follow me. The Lord's delivered these
26:44 into our hands. " Now, they're going up this knoll
26:47 or this mountain - whatever you want to call it.
26:49 It's not just a simple little gradual grade, folks.
26:53 They're not... they're not walking up there.
26:56 This is what they're doing. And you think that they're fighting
26:59 over 100 men there, and this is what they're having to do.
27:09 I mean, they're going up this thing and he's crawling
27:14 on his hands and knees with his armor bearer after him.
27:21 Fantastic. I mean, there they are
27:26 going up on their hands and knees, and these Philistines
27:28 are falling before him, and as he came up after him
27:32 his armor bearer killed them.
27:34 So much so that Saul, who was over in another place,
27:40 observed that all of a sudden these Philistines were fleeing.
27:44 Two men. Two men.
27:47 But I'm talking about what God can do if you and I
27:52 are just willing to step out in faith.
27:55 Let me tell you something, folks.
27:58 There's many a person whose entire life
28:04 would be different if they had just taken a step in faith.
28:10 I have seen that over and over throughout the years.
28:15 That God has brought them to a place where they have to
28:19 step out in faith and they refuse to take that step.
28:23 Where if they just would have taken it
28:26 their whole life would have been different.
28:31 With me, God brought me to the place
28:36 where I had to make a decision
28:39 of whether I was going to go away to school.
28:42 My father had almost forbidden it.
28:47 My mother didn't want me to go.
28:49 I had no physical support financially at all.
28:53 In fact, I ran off from home and went to school.
28:58 Left home with 22 cents in my pocket.
29:01 That's what I had.
29:03 Walked into school and just simply told them
29:06 "I've come to go to school. "
29:07 That... that simple.
29:09 But if I had not taken that step in faith
29:13 oh what difference it would have been.
29:16 See? So, you and I... the Bible simply tells us
29:21 that we need to walk by faith.
29:24 That's one thing the scripture will do for you.
29:26 And if you don't do that,
29:28 then He can't bless like He would like to bless.
29:32 Also, the Word of God will give you power.
29:37 Promises that.
29:39 Not only does He tell you "walk by faith, " but He said
29:42 "in turn, I'll give you power. I'll help you and all. "
29:53 The Word of God is powerful!
29:55 I can trust it, and God will give to you and to me
30:00 the power to do the things that we need to do.
30:06 Listen to this carefully.
30:19 Let me tell you how powerful it is.
30:22 I was holding a meeting.
30:24 This man came to me after we had been going for about
30:28 oh, a week and a half of the meetings.
30:31 Came to me and he said:
30:34 "I've never been to meetings
30:35 like this before. "
30:37 Said: "I've never been to religious meetings. "
30:40 Said: "But I've been coming every night. "
30:43 He said: "I understand it. "
30:48 He said: "I've given my heart to Christ. "
30:51 But he said: "I'm under conviction.
30:55 I'm under conviction concerning something. "
30:58 And I said: "What are you under conviction about? "
31:02 He said: "I teach ballet
31:05 for the National Ballet Company. "
31:08 And he said: "I've been gay
31:12 all my life. "
31:15 Said: "I can't remember a time when I wasn't gay. "
31:19 And he said: "I'm under conviction that that's not
31:23 what I should be.
31:25 I'm under conviction that God doesn't want me to be that
31:28 but I don't know what to do. "
31:30 We talked... prayed together.
31:36 And I told him the Bible is very, very clear
31:41 that you need to change your lifestyle.
31:43 You're going to have to change your lifestyle...
31:46 that's what the Lord's asking you to do.
31:48 But not only is He asking you to do that
31:50 He'll provide you the power to do that.
31:55 I watched that man over the next few weeks
31:58 surrender his heart to Christ, and I saw the change
32:03 that took place in his life.
32:05 By the power of God, saw that happen.
32:08 Today he's married, has a family - two children.
32:11 One of the leaders in the church.
32:15 But the power of God can change a person.
32:18 That's available to you through the Word.
32:21 See, that's where it's at... it's in God's Word.
32:24 It can change your life... make a difference.
32:34 Let me just throw something in right here rather quickly.
32:37 Read that text carefully, folks,
32:40 because that text holds the secret for overcoming
32:44 to any sin lies in that text.
32:48 But thanks be to God who gives us what?
32:51 The victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
32:54 In other words, it says that God GIVES you the victory.
32:58 It's not something that you and I have to work at.
33:02 All I have to do is accept the victory.
33:05 I'm willing to accept the victory; He gives it to me.
33:09 And that is the secret in overcoming any sin.
33:13 If I am willing to accept the victory that Christ gives,
33:18 I can be victorious over that.
33:22 Works in anybody's life.
33:29 If you spend time in the book it will help you.
33:33 It will keep you from sinning if you'll spend time in it.
33:36 We have excellent examples of this.
33:46 As I pick up the Word of God and I read it
33:50 and I take it into my life,
33:52 it begins to build in my life
33:55 power and strength and faith.
33:57 And those are the things that keep me from sinning.
34:04 Jesus taught us very clearly how to do that
34:08 because it says He went out into the wilderness
34:12 where He fasted for 40 days.
34:15 And then the devil came.
34:19 Lucifer began to tempt Him.
34:35 Without a doubt.
34:45 He said: "If you're the Son of God,
34:48 turn those stones into bread. "
34:52 Could He have turned those stones into bread?
34:55 Absolutely.
34:57 Without... just a word He could have turned them to bread.
35:00 And Lucifer understood that.
35:03 He knew that.
35:06 Jesus said:
35:16 You know what Jesus is doing here?
35:18 He's quoting... He's quoting Deuteronomy the 8th chapter
35:24 verse 3.
35:26 That's what He's quoting.
35:27 "Man shall not live by bread alone. "
35:30 In other words, He had hidden God's Word in His heart
35:33 so when the tempter came and tempted Him
35:37 He could respond and say "No!
35:39 Can't do this. "
35:59 The devil said: "OK, You want to quote scripture?
36:02 I'll quote scripture to You.
36:05 The Bible says He'll give His angels charge over thee
36:08 lest you dash your foot against a stone.
36:10 Come on... jump off!
36:12 Let's see if they will. "
36:22 Know what He's doing here?
36:24 He's quoting scripture.
36:27 Deuteronomy the 8th chapter verse 16.
36:33 That's what He's quoting: "You shall not tempt
36:35 the Lord your God. "
36:36 What I'm trying to get across to you, folks,
36:38 is this is where the secret of overcoming lies
36:42 is trusting in the Word of God.
36:45 And when you read it and you know what it says
36:48 fall back on it; trust it; it won't fail.
36:51 The devil wasn't satisfied with that.
37:02 I mean, took Him there and showed Him all the kingdoms...
37:06 all their glory.
37:14 Said: "Just fall down and worship me
37:16 and I'll... I'll give all this to You. "
37:31 Deuteronomy the 8th chapter verse 13.
37:35 All those were quotes that Jesus made from the Word of God.
37:41 So when it says that you and I are to hide the Word of God
37:45 in our hearts, that will help us keep from sinning.
37:50 Meet the devil with the Word of God.
37:53 If temptation comes, there's your safety, folks.
37:57 So it tells us that you and I can draw close to the Lord
38:01 and He'll care for us.
38:07 Which is what? It's a warfare.
38:12 You need to understand that: it's a warfare.
38:15 It's not something that's just easy; it's a warfare,
38:18 and you have to put on the armor of God.
38:21 What is the armor of God?
38:23 The helmet of salvation; the breastplate of righteousness.
38:27 What is this? Huh?
38:31 This is the sword of the Spirit, folks. That's what this is.
38:46 Referring to Jesus Christ, and it says
38:48 "out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword... "
38:51 referring to the Word of God.
38:55 This is the sword of the Spirit.
38:58 Don't, DON'T go into battle without it...
39:05 because if you do, you're going to be overcome.
39:09 You have to take the Word of God with you.
39:12 That is your defense.
39:14 Not... not your ability to argue.
39:19 Not your ability to reason.
39:21 But to use the Word of God
39:26 as your defense for what you believe.
39:29 That's what the Bible will do for you.
39:31 What it's done for you and me.
39:45 They were strong. What did he mean when they were strong?
39:49 Well he meant they were strong in the Word of God.
39:55 That's what it meant.
39:56 They were strong in faith.
39:57 They were strong in what they believed.
39:59 And so you and I must be strong in what we believe.
40:05 Only then will you be able to day by day overcome.
40:11 The Bible is given to you for growth,
40:14 given to you for defense.
40:16 It's given to change your life
40:20 and make it different.
40:22 God wants to do that for you.
40:24 Also it says that:
40:29 Know that? Listen.
40:45 You see, if you spend time in the word of God,
40:52 you'll sing in the shower.
40:56 Absolutely, folks. It will not fail.
40:59 You spend time in the Word of God
41:01 it will give you joy in your heart.
41:04 I do not know people who spend time in the Word of God...
41:09 I mean spend time and they read the promises of God
41:13 and they claim those...
41:14 I don't know people like that that are depressed.
41:18 No. Because the Word of God gives you joy.
41:24 Gives you happiness.
41:25 Didn't... didn't know it until I came to the Lord.
41:30 Then I began to understand what it... He does for us
41:33 and how He changes our lives and makes us so much different.
41:37 It should make you happy.
41:39 You know, I run onto these Christians that
41:42 walk around they have faces like donkeys.
41:45 You know? And I wonder what's wrong with them...
41:48 because it should give you happiness.
41:51 It should give you joy.
41:53 It should make a happy Christian out of you.
41:55 That's what it's to do.
41:57 And God desires for you and I to be happy.
42:02 To enjoy life.
42:03 This thing of being sad and - you know - unhappy all the time.
42:09 No... that's not what God wants you to be.
42:13 He wants you to enjoy life, be happy.
42:30 Comes into our lives.
42:33 Gives us joy, happiness.
42:37 All that comes about because of the scripture
42:41 and what happens there.
42:42 And dear friends, I have seen it happen over and over and over
42:47 again. I hope you can remember.
42:49 Have you ever stopped to think back
42:52 when you first came to Christ?
42:55 And the joy and the happiness that you experienced
42:59 when you accepted Christ and all.
43:02 You know, you aren't supposed to lose that.
43:04 Supposed to be able to keep that.
43:06 Supposed to be there in your heart.
43:09 Something that Christ does for us and gives us day by day.
43:13 And only as you understand. I don't know about you,
43:17 but man, when I understood my sins were forgiven,
43:20 I was ready to shout.
43:22 See? Because that's what has to happen.
43:25 When I understand what Christ has done in my life -
43:29 my sins are forgiven - it brings peace, happiness, and joy
43:33 to an individual like nothing else.
43:35 This is what the Word of God will do for you.
43:40 Change your life and make you different.
43:43 But the Word of God also is what sanctifies us.
43:49 What it says.
43:58 "Sanctify them by Your truth. "
44:02 Now let me just take a little time here and talk to you
44:05 about this sanctified business.
44:07 Because it say: "Sanctify them by Your truth. "
44:12 Folks, when I spend time in the Word of God,
44:16 it is the Word of God and the working of God's Spirit
44:20 in my heart that brings about conviction
44:24 and brings about change.
44:26 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
44:29 When I spend time in the Word of God
44:32 then as I read it the Holy Spirit works on my heart,
44:36 brings about conviction. And those things bring about
44:40 a change in my life... a desire to change, you know.
44:44 Had a fellow one time and we were talking
44:50 and he said: "I want to accept Christ.
44:54 But, " he said, " I'm not sure I want to change. "
44:57 And I said: "Well, you're getting the cart
45:00 before the horse.
45:01 That isn't what it says. "
45:04 I said: "Accept Christ and He'll bring about the change.
45:08 What you've got to do is give Him your heart
45:12 and He'll bring about the change. "
45:14 "Well, " he said, "OK. "
45:16 And so we talked about accepting Christ and what was involved,
45:19 and he accepted Christ.
45:21 And I don't know, I didn't see him for... several months later
45:26 and I asked him how it was going.
45:28 He said: "You know, a strange thing happened. "
45:31 He said: "I... I was home one night, "
45:35 and he said, "I just felt like I wanted to go to a party. "
45:39 And so he said: "I thought about it and I said well,
45:43 OK Christ, let's go to a party. "
45:45 And so he said: "The Lord and I went to this party. "
45:50 Said: "Got there and stayed there for a little while. "
45:54 He said: "Lord, we're not having a very good time.
45:59 Just not having a very good time. "
46:03 And so he said: "We left the party and came back. "
46:07 This is what happens, folks.
46:09 It takes the work of God's Spirit in your life
46:12 to bring about change.
46:14 If you think that this thing takes place by you changing,
46:19 let me tell you something. All you're going to do
46:20 is make yourself miserable.
46:23 That doesn't change you.
46:26 You can't just of your own self say:
46:32 "I'm going to change. "
46:33 It takes the work of the Holy Spirit in your life,
46:37 and it's the Word of God that brings that about.
46:41 As you read the Word of God
46:43 and as you understand it,
46:45 you begin to see things and you begin to understand.
46:48 Folks, in my own life
46:50 there's things that God would convict me of
46:54 that I'm sure He would never probably convict you of
46:58 that He convicts me of.
47:02 Or He convicts you of things He would never convict me of.
47:05 But those are changes that need to take place in my life.
47:09 And God brings about that conviction, and I must walk
47:13 by faith as He brings about that conviction.
47:16 And He'll give me the power;
47:18 the Holy Spirit will come into my life and it will change me
47:23 and make me a different person.
47:27 You know?
47:29 I don't know, have you ever done something you shouldn't do?
47:31 Huh?
47:34 You know, I... You know, do something
47:37 I really basically knew I shouldn't do it.
47:42 And I did it. And then after I had done it...
47:47 oh, the terrible conviction that came.
47:51 You know, you've done something you shouldn't have done
47:54 and all. And I'm not happy until I make it right.
47:58 Got to go and settle that thing and make it right.
48:02 Confess it and get it off me.
48:04 That's what takes the monkey off your back.
48:07 See? Because if you don't do that,
48:11 then you carry around this weight that you don't need.
48:14 When I confess it and get it off my back and all
48:19 it brings conviction.
48:21 Brings a change that takes place in my life.
48:24 That's what God wants to do for you and for me.
48:28 Change us; make us different.
48:30 Now it says the scripture - the Word...
48:39 OK, "the seed is the Word of God. "
48:41 So, sows it... sows the seed.
48:46 I'm going to ask you this evening,
48:49 what kind of soil are you?
48:53 When the seed falls in your heart
48:57 what kind of soil is there?
49:00 Is it rocky ground?
49:02 Is it fertile?
49:04 Most important, are there weeds there?
49:09 You know what the weeds are, don't you?
49:11 Huh?
49:12 The weeds are the cares of this life.
49:15 That's what the scripture says.
49:16 They're the cares of this life.
49:18 And so my heart's so filled with the cares of this life
49:23 that it chokes the plant?
49:27 Chokes it out?
49:28 Can't live?
49:29 What kind of soil is in my heart
49:33 so that the Word of God can germinate, sprout.
49:37 bring forth a response. It says:
50:00 See? The Word of God falls in their heart.
50:04 I've seen it so many times.
50:07 So many evangelistic meetings -
50:11 Jim, I'm sure you have too -
50:14 where you sow the seed and preach the Word.
50:18 Sow the seed and you watch it fall.
50:23 And some seed falls on rocky ground.
50:30 And it says "the birds come and eat it. "
50:35 And other seed fell on ground where there were weeds,
50:41 and the weeds choked it out.
50:44 Have to be careful. It says some of it fell in soil
50:48 and sprouted and came up.
50:50 And then it says that it died. You know why?
50:55 'Cause there wasn't enough soil.
50:59 You see, you know what that means?
51:01 That person wasn't spending any time here.
51:05 That's what takes to give the seed
51:10 some depth and all. And so you've got to spend time
51:14 in the Word of God to bring about
51:16 what needs to happen there.
51:18 And then, of course, it says that some seed fell on
51:21 good grounds. And oh, dear friend,
51:24 what a joy, what a marvelous thing
51:26 when the seed falls on good ground and it sprouts.
51:30 You know what it does?
51:33 Hmmm?
51:34 Listen:
51:54 That seed falls on good ground
51:57 and oh the transformation that takes place.
52:00 You want to be more loving tonight?
52:03 Huh?
52:05 You know how you do that?
52:08 By saying "Oh, I'm going to be more loving? "
52:10 Huh?
52:12 No. If I want to be more loving,
52:16 I have to spend more time here, folks.
52:19 I've got to let the Holy Spirit do that in my life.
52:23 He's the one that brings about that change.
52:26 He's the one that will make you kind, make you gentle.
52:30 Make you loving, longsuffering.
52:34 All those great qualities He'll bring about in your life
52:38 and He will make you
52:41 more like your Master.
52:45 This is what the Bible does for you and does for me.
52:51 If we'll just spend time with the Word of God,
52:55 He'll bless you in a special way.
53:00 Give me the Bible,
53:04 star of gladness gleaming
53:08 to cheer the wanderer
53:12 lone and tempest tossed.
53:16 No storm can hide that
53:20 peaceful radiance beaming
53:24 since Jesus came
53:27 to seek and save the lost.
53:33 Give me the Bible,
53:38 holy message shining.
53:42 Thy light shall guide me
53:46 in the narrow way.
53:50 Precept and promise,
53:55 law and love combining.
53:59 Till night shall vanish
54:04 in eternal
54:07 day.
54:11 Do you need your life changed?
54:15 Do you need to be made into His image?
54:21 Are you finding it hard to be kind?
54:26 To be loving? Do you need to have your life made over?
54:32 Then dear friend tonight
54:35 I'd like to invite you:
54:37 open up your heart.
54:39 Remember, it's the Word in the
54:41 heart that makes the difference.
54:43 Open up your heart; invite Jesus into your life.
54:47 And then take the time to spend in God's Word
54:52 Read it; spend time with Him.
54:55 And He will bring about this change that needs to take place
55:00 in your life and in mine.
55:02 This is how we grow.
55:04 This is how we become all that God wants us to be.
55:08 Let us pray.
55:10 Heavenly Father,
55:12 we ask that this evening
55:15 that our hearts may be fertile ground.
55:20 That the seed may germinate; that it may sprout.
55:26 That it will bring about the fruits of the Spirit
55:30 in our lives that we might show forth
55:35 the works and the praises of Him who has loved us
55:40 and died for us and given His life that we
55:44 might have life eternal.
55:46 For this we thank you in Christ's name, Amen.
55:51 Well our next presentation is
55:55 on How to Study Your Bible.
55:57 How should I spend time with it?
56:00 So we hope you'll each be back with us.
56:02 Good night; God bless you.
56:05 Water can be both inspiring and awesome.
56:09 As it flows from the hills and the mountains
56:12 water changes the destiny of every living creature
56:16 it comes in contact with.
56:18 Not a single living thing
56:20 can survive without water for long.
56:23 But despite its beauty
56:25 the power of water can cut channels through rocks
56:28 and change the landscape forever.
56:32 In John chapter 7
56:34 Jesus stood and cried out saying:
56:36 "If anyone thirst, let him come to Me and drink.
56:40 He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said,
56:44 out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. "
56:47 As He did so many times,
56:50 Jesus explained the spiritual things of God
56:53 through nature... like flowing water.
56:56 This living water is a life-changing source.
57:00 It can change the landscape of our lives
57:03 and flow through us to change the lives of others.
57:08 Folks, we all need water to live...
57:13 but we also need living water.
57:16 Jesus is that living water,
57:18 and through His Spirit we can bring life to those around us.
57:23 The only goal we have at this ministry
57:26 is to offer living water to all mankind.
57:29 There are thousands - no millions -
57:33 who still long for this water: the living water of life.
57:38 Won't you help us quench their thirst?
57:41 Please consider what you can do
57:43 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:45 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:47 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:01 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
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58:06 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
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