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00:19 Hello and welcome again to the
00:21 Give Me The Bible series
00:23 with Pastor Kenneth Cox
00:25 and the Kenneth Cox Ministries.
00:26 We are coming to you live
00:28 from 3ABN Worship Center,
00:30 and we're so grateful that you've joined us
00:32 from wherever you are around the world.
00:35 And so thankful for everyone who is here this morning.
00:39 It's a beautiful Sabbath day here in southern Illinois.
00:41 And we are having an exciting time, aren't we?
00:45 The series this month is The Elijah Message.
00:50 And we are on our third presentation today.
00:54 We've already heard about the coming of Elijah
00:56 and how he's going to turn the hearts of the fathers
01:00 to their children and the hearts of the children
01:02 to their fathers. And then last night we heard
01:04 about Abraham's altar.
01:06 And the practice of Abraham
01:08 was to have morning and evening worship
01:11 with his family and all of his household.
01:14 And that was very instrumental in the salvation of his family,
01:18 was it not? Today we're going to hear
01:21 a wonderful message about the absolutely
01:27 unconditional love of God
01:29 but the conditions of His promises.
01:31 And it's called Bless This House.
01:33 Before Kenneth comes to speak to us
01:36 we're going to have a song by Dona Klein
01:39 who's been with the Kenneth Cox Ministries for nearly 24 years.
01:42 And she is going to play on the organ Bless This House.
01:45 But she said to me: "You know, it's just not right
01:49 that the people can't hear the words.
01:50 So let me share the words of this, so that as she plays
01:54 you will know what this song's message is all about.
01:57 It says:
01:58 Bless this house, oh Lord, we pray.
02:01 Make it safe by night and day.
02:04 Bless these walls, so firm and stout...
02:07 keeping want and trouble out.
02:10 Bless the roof and chimney tall,
02:13 let Thy peace be over all.
02:16 Bless this door that it may prove
02:19 ever open to joy and love.
02:22 Bless these windows, shining bright,
02:25 letting in God's heavenly light.
02:27 Bless the hearth ablazing there
02:30 with smoke ascending like a prayer.
02:33 Bless the folk who dwell within.
02:36 Keep them pure and free from sin.
02:40 Bless us all that we may be
02:43 fit, oh Lord, to dwell with Thee.
02:46 Bless us all that one day we
02:49 may dwell, oh Lord, with Thee.
05:33 Thank you Dona Klein.
05:35 Did you enjoy that?
05:37 Bless This House.
05:39 Well, welcome. Glad to welcome each of you today.
05:42 Appreciate you being here.
05:44 Those of you that are joining us by television
05:47 or listening to it on the radio,
05:50 we welcome you.
05:51 This series that we're doing
05:54 is on The Elijah Message.
05:56 What says the Bible,
05:57 the blessed Bible?
05:59 This my only question be.
06:02 The Elijah Message will give us guidance.
06:06 What says the book of God to me?
06:09 That's what we want to find out.
06:10 And we started off the first presentation
06:14 talking about The Elijah Message and what was involved in it.
06:18 And we found out that it had to do with the home.
06:20 God is talking about how it would turn the hearts of the
06:24 fathers to the children and the children to their fathers.
06:27 And we took a look at husbands, fathers,
06:31 and their responsibility in what God was wanting them to do:
06:35 step up to the plate and be what God had called them to be.
06:40 And then our next presentation was entitled
06:43 Abraham's Altar
06:44 and we dealt with the question of family worship
06:47 and how important it is for the salvation of your children
06:53 to have family worship.
06:55 We dealt with that and talked about it.
06:58 But we found out that when you bring your life and your home
07:03 into the will of God, then the blessings of God
07:09 begin to be poured out upon your home like morning dew.
07:13 That's what we're talking about in this presentation
07:16 is Bless This House.
07:18 The blessings of God, and we'll take a look at those.
07:21 The Bible tells us that Elijah
07:24 was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot
07:28 and that is his home. And so our next presentation is titled
07:33 entitled Heaven Is My Home.
07:36 And in reality, this old earth is not our home.
07:41 As the song says: This earth is not my home...
07:45 I'm just a passin' through.
07:47 And that's basically true: HEAVEN is our home.
07:51 And oh how glad I'll be when that day comes.
07:54 And that's what we're going to look at
07:56 in the next presentation is Heaven Is My Home.
08:00 And then the final presentation is entitled
08:03 The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.
08:06 We're going to talk about... It says the Elijah message
08:10 was to be proclaimed until the great and dreadful day
08:14 of the Lord. So that'll be our final presentation
08:17 in this series on The Elijah Message.
08:20 And we appreciate you being here
08:22 and following it as we study God's Word together.
08:25 We have enjoyed so much having the Micheff sisters with us
08:30 in this series and singing for us.
08:33 And Linda, Brenda, Cinda are going to sing for us
08:38 a song entitled Without Him.
08:53 Without Him
08:55 I could do nothing,
09:01 Without Him
09:04 I'd surely fail;
09:09 Without Him
09:12 I would be drifting
09:17 like a ship
09:19 without a sail.
09:27 Jesus,
09:30 O Jesus!
09:34 Do you know Him today?
09:39 You can't turn Him away;
09:43 O Jesus,
09:47 my Jesus!
09:52 Without Him
09:54 how lost I would be.
10:01 Without Him
10:03 I would be dying,
10:09 Without Him
10:12 I'd be enslaved;
10:17 Without Him
10:20 life would be hopeless...
10:26 But with Jesus,
10:28 thank God, I'm saved.
10:35 Jesus,
10:38 O Jesus!
10:43 Do you know Him today?
10:47 You can't turn Him away;
10:51 O Jesus,
10:55 my Jesus!
11:00 Without Him
11:02 how lost I would be.
11:09 Jesus,
11:12 my Jesus!
11:19 Without Him
11:22 how lost I would be.
11:47 Our Heavenly Father,
11:50 Thank you, Lord, for loving us.
11:54 Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings that You give us.
12:00 Help us Lord that we might each
12:03 understand Your will.
12:06 That we might bring our lives into conformity
12:10 to Your desire and Your will.
12:14 We pray that we might stand firm
12:19 for what Your Word says
12:21 and to follow it and walk with You in all that we do.
12:25 Bless us today as we take a look
12:29 at what it says about the promises of God
12:32 and that our hearts and our minds may be open
12:36 to Your blessing. We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
12:47 God desires... God wants to
12:52 bless you.
12:54 There is no question
12:57 that God wants to give you a blessing.
13:03 In fact, it says this:
13:15 He wants to give you a blessing.
13:23 So God says clearly He wants to bless us.
13:27 There is nothing in this book
13:31 that God has promised to you and to me
13:37 that will not be fulfilled if we will do what He asks.
13:43 There's no blessing that He's promised that won't be fulfilled
13:48 if we will just do what He asks.
13:51 The children of Israel have left Egypt.
13:54 They've spent 40 years in the wilderness.
13:57 They have moved into the land of Canaan.
14:00 They've been there for quite a number of years now...
14:04 long enough that Joshua has grown old
14:09 and he realizes that his days are numbered
14:12 and he's now talking to the children of Israel.
14:15 Listen to what he says to them:
14:21 He said: "The time's come.
14:25 I'm going to pass away. "
14:38 Not one thing has failed...
14:47 He said: "All the things that God promised you...
14:52 every one of those have been fulfilled;
14:55 not one has failed. "
14:58 And Nehemiah as he was talking to the children of Israel
15:03 he called back... called them back to the time
15:06 that they spent in the wilderness - the 40 years there.
15:09 And he said this to them:
15:16 Now that's quite a statement!
15:18 Here they are out in the desert
15:21 and he said they lacked nothing.
15:26 I don't know that you ladies would like that.
15:33 But here they spent 40 years in the wilderness.
15:37 Clothes didn't wear out, their feet didn't swell.
15:39 God cared for them in a very, very special way.
15:45 Enough so that when Solomon
15:49 was dedicating the temple to God
15:53 he had this to say:
15:59 Here they are in the land of Canaan.
16:01 God has poured out blessing upon blessing upon blessing
16:05 on them until it says that silver is like stones
16:10 in the land of Israel.
16:12 OK?
16:23 He said: "Here you are in the land of Israel.
16:25 God has carried out everything that He said. "
16:30 Now what I'm trying to get across to you today
16:34 is He'll do that for you.
16:37 He'll do that for you and for me.
16:41 Not one thing will fail.
16:44 This is what it says here in Hebrews:
17:07 "Impossible for God to lie. "
17:09 If He promises, He will perform.
17:13 No question about that.
17:22 So God promises... He says it will happen,
17:26 it will take place.
17:28 And as Jesus spoke to the disciples
17:32 He said - they had just come back from a missionary journey,
17:35 they had been out preaching -
17:48 So God is more than capable
17:52 of taking care of each one of us.
17:56 We... we don't need to be concerned about that.
18:00 But, the blessings of God are special.
18:04 They carry a special blessing with them.
18:07 A pastor was visiting one of his parishioners.
18:12 And as he was sitting there in her home visiting her
18:16 he happened to look on the stand beside the chair there
18:19 and there was her Bible.
18:20 And he picked up her Bible
18:23 and just simply began to page through it.
18:26 And as he paged through it
18:28 he had come across texts that were highlighted.
18:31 And as he looked at them closely
18:33 he noticed there was the letter T and P
18:36 under some of those texts.
18:39 Looked through it and he said to her... he said:
18:41 "what are these scriptures that you've got
18:44 T and P written under? "
18:46 She said: "Oh, that just means tried and proven. " See?
18:50 And that it's true... very, very true.
18:53 You see, all the promises of God - every last one of them -
18:58 are based on conditions.
19:08 Not... there's not one that isn't.
19:10 They're based on conditions.
19:12 If you and I fulfill the conditions,
19:15 I guarantee you God will fulfill His part.
19:21 OK? You and I fulfill the conditions.
19:24 So He just simply says this:
19:34 OK. The promises of God - the blessings...
19:38 there's a blessing, there's a curse.
19:41 See what it goes on and says:
19:50 He says: "You want the blessing, what do you do? "
19:54 You do the things that God said.
19:57 Said: "Do this; I will bless you. "
20:07 Said: "If you don't obey the commandments,
20:10 then the curse will be there. "
20:12 So it's just that simple, folks.
20:14 Not difficult. If you want God's blessing,
20:18 do what He says.
20:21 Very, very simple.
20:23 And you'll find as you go through the blessings
20:25 they're all based on condition
20:30 that you and I fulfill the condition.
20:33 Let's take a look at some of the blessings
20:36 that God has promised to all of us.
20:41 Does He promise forgiveness?
20:44 Absolutely! And by the way, folks,
20:47 there may be promises that God says
20:49 "Do this, I'll do this. "
20:51 And sometimes it may take time for that to happen, but that
20:56 never, never, never happens when it comes to forgiveness.
21:01 When you ask for forgiveness, it's given to you immediately.
21:07 OK? So let's look at... let's look at the conditions.
21:12 This is the condition:
21:18 You want to be forgiven?
21:20 What's the condition?
21:21 You've got to confess your sin.
21:24 What is the promise?
21:26 "If we confess our sins... "
21:35 That's the promise.
21:36 God said: "OK, the condition is you confess your sins" -
21:40 PROMISE - "I will forgive you of your sins. "
21:45 That's the promise.
21:46 You see, they're based on simple conditions.
21:51 It's the same thing... based on...
21:53 Salvation... the condition is simply this:
22:04 That's the condition.
22:06 You want to be saved? Then what do you need to do?
22:11 Call on the name of the Lord.
22:13 You need to go to Him and call on Him.
22:15 Call on the name of the Lord... that's the condition.
22:18 What's the promise?
22:19 Can you complete the text?
22:29 That's the promise.
22:30 See? Very, very simple: you've got the condition...
22:34 If I fulfill it, God will honor the promise.
22:40 Same thing.
22:45 That's the condition.
22:46 Finish the text.
22:51 See? That's the promise.
22:53 So God simply puts them there. Tells us if we do this,
22:57 He will bless us and we will be saved.
23:01 What about daily needs?
23:05 Do you think that enters into it?
23:07 What about such things as food?
23:10 Does that have anything to do with my everyday life?
23:15 That I can come to the Lord and ask
23:18 and He promises that He will provide such things?
23:22 What about shelter?
23:25 House. What about clothing?
23:32 Well, I want to share with you one of the promises of God
23:37 that I consider probably the greatest one of all of them.
23:41 And that simply says this...
23:44 This is the condition if you want food,
23:48 if you want shelter,
23:50 if you want clothing...
23:52 By the way, it's not based... now listen to me...
23:56 It's not based on whether you have a job.
24:02 Let me come back to that.
24:04 Whether you have food or whether you have shelter
24:08 or whether you have clothing
24:11 is not based on whether you have a job.
24:17 It's based on this:
24:25 That's the condition.
24:27 You want food on your table?
24:29 You want clothes on your back?
24:32 You want a house to live in?
24:35 "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness... "
24:40 What's the promise?
24:48 "All these things shall be added unto you. "
24:52 Not based on whether you have a job
24:54 but based on the fact that you seek first the kingdom of God
24:58 and His righteousness.
24:59 And you say: "Oh, Brother Cox,
25:01 that's not talking about whether you have food on your table
25:04 or whether you have clothing.
25:06 That's not talking about that.
25:08 That's talking about God spiritually blessing you. "
25:10 No it's not.
25:12 It's actually talking about
25:14 whether you have food on the table.
25:16 How do I know that?
25:17 Well that's found in Matthew 6 where?
25:20 Matthew 6:31.
25:23 Look at this:
25:26 Matthew 6:31, OK?
25:31 This is what it says:
25:37 I don't have a job.
25:43 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
25:48 All these things shall be added unto you. "
25:53 OK? So you see, it makes a great, great difference.
25:58 If I put things in their right priority
26:02 and I seek God first,
26:04 He says "then I'll add all these things to you.
26:07 You'll have them. "
26:09 God wants to bless you.
26:13 He definitely does.
26:16 What about children?
26:19 Does that enter into it? Sure it does.
26:22 God says to seek Him.
26:24 Do you remember the case in scripture of Hannah?
26:28 Remember she didn't have any children?
26:32 Remember she was so distraught she went down to the
26:36 tabernacle there and was praying and Eli thought she was
26:41 drunk.
26:43 And he rebuked her for drinking.
26:48 And she said: "No, I'm not drunk. "
26:50 She said: "I'm distraught. "
26:53 And she told him, and he said: "Go back home;
26:58 God will give you a child. "
27:00 And you remember? She gave birth to Samuel.
27:05 And she said this about it:
27:15 God gave her a child.
27:18 So what I'm trying to say, folks, is
27:22 we look too often for human means
27:26 to solve our situation
27:29 rather than going to God and asking Him
27:32 to show us and to bring our lives into His will
27:37 and His desire. And He said "If you'll do this,
27:40 I will bless you. " God loves to bless!
27:45 That's what He wants to do.
27:47 He's waiting for you and for me
27:51 to bring our lives into conformity to His will.
27:55 Well, longevity.
27:58 Young people, you want to live a long life?
28:05 You know, what could you ask for more than this
28:09 than to live a long life and to be blessed of God
28:13 all your life?
28:15 Huh?
28:17 But He says this, promises us:
28:27 That is the condition: if you want to live a long life,
28:31 you want to blessed of God,
28:33 then honor your parents.
28:35 That's a promise.
28:37 What is the promise that He gives us?
28:52 He says: "If you'll honor your parents,
28:54 then your life will be long and I will bless you. "
29:00 So think about it.
29:03 Think about it very carefully
29:06 when you may be tempted not to honor your parents
29:12 because it makes a great, great difference.
29:16 Well, let's talk about financial help.
29:21 We live in an age - a time -
29:24 where right now that is very, very critical.
29:27 And I just got through telling you the blessing of God
29:31 is not dependent on whether you have a job.
29:35 The blessing of God is dependent on you and I doing His will
29:41 in what we do.
29:42 But what about financial help?
29:44 Well, to begin with God will not bless you
29:49 unless...
29:55 God will not bless you
29:59 unless - and I'm talking about financially...
30:02 unless you are willing to give.
30:07 Now don't think for a moment
30:10 that God is going to bless you and give you financial help
30:15 and all this for you to hoard it
30:17 and to spend it on yourself
30:20 and to spend it on selfish reasons.
30:23 God is not going to do that.
30:26 God will bless you if you give.
30:32 And... and maybe that's hard for you to understand,
30:35 but that's what the scripture says.
30:36 Let's look at the condition.
30:44 That's the condition.
30:46 If you want to get along well financially,
30:50 then dear friend, my advice to you is
30:53 give. Be generous.
30:56 Don't be stingy.
30:59 You can't be selfish and God bless you.
31:03 That won't work.
31:04 All right. Let's look at what the promise is.
31:07 How much will He bless you if you give?
31:27 Simple! If you want to be blessed of God,
31:33 then dear friend... Not long till Thanksgiving.
31:41 Instead of inviting all the family in,
31:44 you might ought to invite some people in
31:46 that don't have anything to eat.
31:52 Hmmm?
31:55 You might just ought to be willing to give.
32:01 Because the Lord Himself said if you invite your friends in
32:06 and you invite your family in,
32:09 you've been thanked. You don't need anything.
32:13 But He said if you invite the people that don't have
32:18 anything in, they can't repay you.
32:21 Therefore, your Father in Heaven will repay you.
32:25 See?
32:27 So be willing to share. You've got to give.
32:31 If you want God to bless you, absolutely vital
32:37 to receive the blessing of God.
32:39 Well, what other things do I need to do
32:43 if I want to be blessed financially?
32:45 Well, the other thing you need to do is
32:48 keep the Sabbath.
32:52 I run on lots of people who say: "Oh, Brother Cox,
32:54 I can't keep the Sabbath.
32:56 Why if I was to keep the Sabbath I'd lose my job. "
33:01 You might!
33:03 Like I told you, it's not dependent on whether
33:06 you have a job.
33:08 God's not dependent on whether you have a job!
33:11 He said: "I'll give you food for your table.
33:13 I'll put clothes on your back.
33:15 I'll give you shelter to live in
33:16 if you seek first the kingdom of God. "
33:19 So it's not dependent on work.
33:24 It's dependent on doing God's will.
33:28 And when it comes to the Sabbath
33:31 what does He promise to you and me?
33:33 What are the conditions?
33:35 Well, this is the condition:
34:01 That's simply saying that if you and I do not
34:04 tread on the Sabbath - that means not keep it,
34:08 doing our own thing, going about our own pleasures,
34:11 speaking our own words -
34:12 doing all these things that are not in accordance
34:15 with the will of God.
34:17 And dear friend, I want to emphasize that.
34:20 We need to STOP the things that we're doing
34:24 on God's Sabbath.
34:28 We need to stop treating it like any other day of the week.
34:33 We need to do what He says here.
34:37 We need to honor it,
34:39 and we need to keep it as He expects us to keep it.
34:42 And you're not... I just want to tell you right up front...
34:47 you're not going to receive the blessing of God
34:50 if you don't.
34:54 So, you know, stop treating it just as any other day.
35:00 We are to keep the Sabbath; it is holy, special.
35:05 If you and I will obey the conditions,
35:10 what's the promise?
35:12 Then, if you do these things:
35:32 There's nothing any clearer in God's Word than that.
35:36 Says: "If you do these things that I have told you,
35:41 I will bless you.
35:43 I'll cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth.
35:47 Feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father.
35:50 For the mouth of the Lord has spoken. "
35:55 See, it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that
36:02 you might be fired if you keep the Sabbath.
36:07 That... God didn't say that.
36:10 God said: "Keep it.
36:13 And if you do, I will bless you. "
36:17 And folks, like I've said before,
36:20 there's not very many things that I would recommend to you
36:25 about old age.
36:27 See?
36:29 But one thing old age does:
36:33 it gives you the ability to look back
36:36 and you can see what God has done.
36:40 And I can look back and see case after case after case
36:47 of people who were struggling, having a hard time,
36:52 that even under adverse circumstances and a hard time
36:57 stepped out by faith and kept the Sabbath
37:01 and even lost their job.
37:05 Those same families today have been blessed by God
37:11 unbelievable.
37:14 And at the same time I can look back and see those families
37:18 that they stood there and they struggled about
37:20 over the Sabbath, and they were unwilling to take the step
37:24 and they continued to break the Sabbath and didn't keep it
37:27 and today they're still having the same struggles
37:31 they had back then.
37:33 No, dear friend. If you want to be blessed by God,
37:38 then follow Him. Do what He says.
37:42 He'll bless you wonderfully if you'll do it.
37:46 My own life... I look back
37:50 I can see how God has so wonderfully blessed
37:57 where individuals I grew up with
38:02 have never taken God into their life
38:05 and they have had terrible lives.
38:08 And some of them - when I say that -
38:12 have done OK financially but they still have had
38:15 horrible lives.
38:16 Dear friend, you and I have the opportunity
38:22 of having the blessing of God
38:25 if we're willing to walk with Him.
38:28 You see, it says clearly in God's Word...
38:34 it says that you "are His people. "
38:39 And He said: "I will be your God. "
38:44 Do you understand the implications of that
38:47 when He says: "I'll be your God, you're My people? "
38:50 If He can say "Well these are My people, "
38:54 then what's He going to do?
38:56 He's going to bless you.
38:58 He's going to say: "These are My people.
39:01 I care for them. "
39:02 He blesses you; He'll give you all kinds...
39:04 He says: "It will be well with you"
39:07 because you are His people.
39:11 Promises that... that He'll bless us
39:15 if we just are willing to follow Him.
39:19 Well... so if you want to get along financially,
39:23 then keep the Sabbath.
39:26 Very, very vital that you do.
39:30 Thirdly is your tithe.
39:35 If you want to be blessed financially,
39:39 return the tithe to the Lord.
39:44 Don't... don't - how should I say? - begrudge it.
39:51 Give it willingly. In fact, give it joyfully...
39:55 because He will bless you if you do.
40:00 Let's look at it.
40:01 Here's the condition:
40:12 Folks, I mean, not only is He saying this is the condition,
40:16 He said: "Well, just try it. "
40:17 OK?
40:19 "Try Me now in this, says the Lord of Hosts. "
40:22 Now, what is the promise?
40:25 Here's the promise:
40:35 He said: "If you just do this,
40:37 I'll pour out on you a blessing
40:40 that there won't be room enough to receive it. "
40:44 What are you asking for?
40:46 You know? You come down to the point where you say:
40:51 "OK, if I pay the tithe,
40:55 I don't have anything left.
41:01 Don't have anything left if I pay tithe. "
41:05 What are you going to do?
41:06 Say "Well, I'll just keep it? "
41:16 Now you can make that decision:
41:19 "I'll just keep it. "
41:20 But let me tell you something, that's all you got.
41:26 I would much rather say: "Well, I'll give my tithe
41:32 and then I have the Lord's blessing
41:37 to the place that there won't be room enough to receive it.
41:41 That's a great, great difference.
41:43 I don't know about you but I can tell you right now
41:46 the odds are much better over here than they are over there.
41:49 See? I would rather walk with the Lord
41:55 and do what He says than to not turn my tithe in.
42:00 The tithe is just simply a tenth.
42:06 That simply means if I make a dollar
42:11 the tithe on it is 10 cents.
42:14 If I make ten dollars, tithe is a dollar.
42:18 If I make a hundred dollars, tithe is ten dollars.
42:21 That's simply what it is.
42:24 And it just simply says that I am to return this
42:28 to the Lord and He will bless.
42:44 Now folks, that text said two definite things.
42:47 It said "it is the Lord's. "
42:51 So, I mean, there's no ifs, buts about it.
42:56 It's NOT YOUR'S.
42:58 It's the Lord's.
43:01 OK? It is HOLY to the Lord.
43:06 So that means that you and I cannot keep it.
43:11 It doesn't belong to us.
43:12 To be real honest about it,
43:15 you don't really GIVE tithe... you RETURN it
43:20 because it's the Lord's... belongs to Him.
43:23 I have a friend that was preaching on this.
43:27 When he got through this fellow came up to him after the sermon
43:30 and said to him, said:
43:31 "You don't have to give tithe to be saved. "
43:36 And my friend said: "How did you arrive at that? "
43:40 He said: "Well the thief on the cross never gave any tithe
43:44 and he'll be saved. "
43:46 And my friend said: "Well, you're right. "
43:49 He said: "There's just one difference between you
43:52 and the thief on the cross:
43:53 he was a dying thief and you're a living one. "
43:56 See? There's considerable difference there, you see.
44:00 That I am NOT to take from the Lord.
44:04 That's His... holy to the Lord.
44:08 But let me assure you that if you and I
44:11 will do what God asks us to do He will bless in a special way.
44:17 You remember Jacob?
44:18 You remember he was fleeing from his brother Esau
44:21 and got out in the plains of Bethel and I guess
44:25 he was... gave out. He had run all day.
44:27 And he laid down there and went to sleep.
44:29 Took a rock for a pillow - I've never understood that -
44:32 and went to sleep.
44:35 Anyhow, during the night he saw this... he had this dream
44:38 where these angels were coming up and down the staircase.
44:40 Next morning he woke up and said:
44:42 "This is the house of God. "
44:44 And he said: "Lord, if You'll just bless me. "
44:49 And he made a commitment to God right there
44:52 and he said to Him:
45:06 He said: "Now, whatever You give me
45:09 I'll give a tenth to You. "
45:11 Well you remember he went on down to Laban's house.
45:15 And you remember Laban had two daughters:
45:18 Rachel and Leah.
45:20 And the Bible says that Rachel was beautiful and Leah was ugly,
45:24 and it says that he fell in love with Rachel.
45:29 Anyhow, he married Rachel
45:33 and he... well, he went to Laban and said:
45:39 "I want to marry your daughter. "
45:41 Said: "What have I got to do? " And he said: "Well,
45:43 work for me for seven years. "
45:47 Said: "OK. "
45:49 Now you've got to think about this, folks.
45:52 He's going to work for seven years and his only pay
45:54 is going to be this one woman. See?
45:57 And you remember when he had done that
45:59 well then they had the wedding and he got her home...
46:03 and, of course, over there they wear veils.
46:05 Took the veil off and lo and behold he had Leah -
46:09 not Rachel - as you remember the story.
46:11 And he got her by the arm and took her back to her father
46:14 and he said: "What have you done to me? "
46:15 Said: "I worked seven years for Rachel. "
46:17 Said: "Oh, I'm sorry. It's a custom here in the country
46:19 the oldest daughter has to marry first. "
46:21 He said: "I'll tell you what. Work for me for seven more years
46:24 and I'll give you Rachel also. "
46:26 Which Jacob agreed to.
46:28 I don't know that was a bargain.
46:30 I mean, fourteen years for two women?
46:32 That... anyhow, he worked for him for fourteen years.
46:37 His only wage has been two wives.
46:40 And then Laban called him in and said:
46:42 "I guess if you're going to stay here
46:44 I need to pay you something. "
46:46 Said: "OK. "
46:48 He said: "I'll tell you what, " he said,
46:50 I'll give you all the spotted calves. I'll give you all
46:54 the spotted sheep. I'll give you all the spotted goats.
46:57 I'll give you anything that's spotted. "
46:59 Now that was really generous of Laban
47:01 since everything he had was black Angus.
47:04 He didn't have a spotted one in the bunch.
47:06 But anyhow, God said: "OK, Jacob. "
47:10 Said: "Whatever place these cows and sheep and all drink
47:15 I want you to go out there and cut down the cane
47:18 and you lay it in the pond and in the troughs
47:22 and in the creek and in the river.
47:24 Every place they drink lay it in there
47:26 and lay it crosswise. "
47:28 He went out and did it.
47:30 That spring when they started calving, having...
47:34 they were spotted.
47:36 All of them were spotted.
47:38 Laban said: "What's going on here? "
47:40 "What's happening here? "
47:42 Dear friend, the scripture says that Laban
47:44 changed his wages ten times.
47:49 And he wasn't raising them... he was lowering them.
47:51 And when Jacob left there he was an extremely wealthy man.
47:56 Why? Because God blessed him.
48:00 God gave those things to him, blessed him in a special way.
48:05 Just simply tells you and I that we are to return to Him
48:10 the tithe. Jesus said:
48:29 He tells us that we are to be responsible;
48:32 we are to return the tithe to the Lord.
48:35 Now if you return the tithe and you don't have any mercy
48:40 and you don't have any faith and you're unjust,
48:43 won't do you any good.
48:44 OK?
48:47 But He said we ought to do both:
48:49 we ought to return the tithe and we ought to be merciful
48:52 in what we do. Very important.
49:06 Said: "All these blessings will come upon you
49:09 if you just obey the voice of the Lord your God. "
49:13 Folks, I'm talking about the home.
49:15 I'm talking about what God wants your home to be.
49:19 Don't be weak in faith.
49:22 Take God for what He says.
49:25 Believe Him.
49:27 And He says: "I will bless you. "
49:32 When you're going through school
49:36 you... it's pretty rough some times.
49:43 If you're working your way through like I was,
49:48 was married...
49:51 we were as poor as church mice.
49:55 I mean, we didn't have a nickel to our name.
50:00 But we were going to school.
50:03 I was at the Seminary.
50:06 I had sold books all summer,
50:11 and I had made enough money to pay for my education.
50:17 I had made enough... scholarship.
50:19 I had enough money to pay for my education.
50:22 My wife... she was going to work
50:27 and make enough to pay for our house -
50:32 our apartment that we lived in -
50:34 and provide the food for us to eat and so forth.
50:37 We had been assigned a church
50:41 in Annapolis, Maryland, to help.
50:45 And at Christmas time they would go out
50:48 and they would sing carols in the community.
50:51 And we went out and sang carols with them.
50:55 And the next morning when my wife got up
50:59 she had a sore throat.
51:01 The sore throat got worse.
51:04 And I took her to the doctor and he treated her.
51:08 Sent her back home, but her sore throat just continued
51:11 to get worse. She became ill... more and more.
51:17 And I took her back to the doctor and they examined her
51:19 and they said: "Your wife has rheumatic fever. "
51:22 Said: "We're going to have to put her in the hospital. "
51:26 Said: "She'll be in the hospital for six weeks,
51:29 then you're going to take her home and she'll be
51:32 flat on her back for six weeks. "
51:34 Her parents came and got their daughter.
51:38 Took her home with them.
51:41 And I went in and sat down on her bed and said:
51:44 "Honey, I think I'd better drop out of school
51:48 and get myself a job and work at it
51:51 until you get your health back
51:53 and then I'll go back to school. "
51:55 And she said to me, she said:
51:58 "Why don't you just take God for what He says? "
52:03 I said: "I don't know what you're talking about. "
52:07 She said: "We've been faithful. "
52:11 She said: "We've tried to serve the Lord.
52:14 We've paid our tithe. "
52:16 She said: "Why don't you just step out in faith
52:18 and take Him for what He says? "
52:21 I said: "Well that's very difficult for me. "
52:24 She said: "Well try it. "
52:26 I said: "OK, I'll go home and sell the car"
52:29 and I said: "I'll walk to the Seminary and back. "
52:33 And I did... but we didn't have much of a car.
52:35 It was gone very quickly.
52:37 Then something began to happen -
52:41 something I still have trouble with to this day -
52:45 because I'd go down to the mailbox
52:48 and here'd be an envelope - no letter in it,
52:52 nothing else - but $20 in it.
52:55 And there'd be another envelope, and it'd have $25 in it.
53:01 And these letters were postmarked, folks,
53:07 from all over the United States.
53:09 And day after day I'd go down there and here'd be
53:13 letters with money in it like that.
53:15 That went on the whole time we were there
53:19 so that I graduated from the Seminary...
53:22 I didn't owe a doctor bill.
53:24 I didn't owe the hospital anything.
53:26 I owed nothing... God had completely cared for us.
53:30 You know, it just... God promises
53:34 He will not fail if you and I
53:38 will just do what He asks us to do.
53:41 As it simply says:
53:50 These are people that He blessed.
53:58 God wants to bless you.
54:02 Wants to pour out His blessings.
54:05 Dear friend, won't you and I just simply open up our hearts
54:10 and say: "Yes, Lord? " Walk with Him and follow Him?
54:15 Let's pray.
54:17 Father in Heaven,
54:19 we ask that You will help us, Lord, that we might
54:24 not be weak in faith.
54:25 That we will follow You...
54:29 do Your will in all that we do.
54:32 We thank you for the promises of Your Word...
54:36 for the assurance that You're coming back.
54:40 We pray that all of us may have a place in Your kingdom.
54:44 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:48 Well our next presentation
54:51 is entitled Heaven Is My Home.
54:56 I hope you're planning on going there.
54:58 I... don't get so settled in this old earth
55:04 that you miss heaven.
55:06 So we look forward to all of you being with us
55:09 as we talk about Heaven Is My Home.
55:11 God bless you.
55:13 Although they're small and seemingly insignificant,
55:17 soybean pods fill the farm fields of the United States.
55:21 What a treasure they are for the farmer at harvest time.
55:25 Nearly all soybeans in this country
55:28 are processed for their oil which is then refined for
55:32 cooking or sold for biodiesel production
55:35 as well as for many other industrial uses.
55:38 Because of the high demand for soybeans,
55:41 a farmer must be able to harvest large quantities
55:44 in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
55:48 One of the best ways to do this
55:50 is to use a combine harvester.
55:53 These massive machines give the farmer
55:55 the ability to quickly harvest and haul
55:58 the beans at an incredible rate.
56:01 Have you ever considered what one farmer can do today
56:04 with the help of modern tools?
56:06 The farmer of the past could hardly imagine it.
56:09 Within hours, one man and a machine can harvest
56:13 and deliver untold bushels of soybeans to the market.
56:17 His goal is to obtain the largest yield possible
56:20 at harvest time.
56:22 Like the farmer today, we must do the same.
56:26 In Luke 10 and verse 2
56:28 Jesus said: "The harvest truly is great
56:31 but the laborers are few. "
56:33 And in John 4:35 He looked over the wheat fields
56:36 and said to His disciples:
56:38 "Lift up your eyes and look at the fields
56:41 for they are already white for harvest. "
56:44 In both passages, Jesus referred to men and women
56:48 of this world as He proclaimed that the harvest is here
56:51 and the work must be done.
56:54 When I was a boy,
56:55 the corn harvest was all done by hand.
56:58 We literally had a horse-drawn wagon,
57:01 and we would walk along beside it and pull the corn
57:04 off the stalk and throw it onto the wagon.
57:07 But folks, the time is short,
57:10 so the Lord has provided the most marvelous technology
57:13 to enable us to harvest more souls through television,
57:17 radio, and other media.
57:19 Today we can take the message
57:21 to the multitudes around the world at the speed of light.
57:25 Such ability was far beyond the imagination
57:29 of the evangelists of the past.
57:32 The harvest is here, but we can't do it without you.
57:37 Won't you help us?
57:39 Please consider what you can do
57:40 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:43 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:45 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:59 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:02 through television and radio.
58:03 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
58:06 to millions around the world.


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