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00:18 Hello and welcome back to
00:20 Give Me The Bible.
00:22 This is a series that is a
00:23 Kenneth Cox production that
00:24 is coming to you live
00:26 from 3ABN's Worship Center.
00:28 And we're so thankful that he is here.
00:31 We are very thankful for this series.
00:34 It's a 5-part series called The Elijah Message.
00:37 And we're just grateful that all of our brothers and sisters
00:41 from around the world are joining us.
00:43 You know, we've had a wonderful time during this series,
00:46 haven't we? We began... Pastor Cox began
00:50 talking about... the message was the coming of Elijah.
00:54 We learned that John the Baptist
00:57 came in the spirit and the power of Elijah.
00:59 And I believe that Pastor Cox is coming with that same spirit
01:04 and power to give us this much-needed message.
01:06 And then his second part was on Abraham's Altar...
01:10 the importance of family worship morning and evening
01:14 and what an impact that makes on the salvation of your family.
01:17 Then we heard Bless This House.
01:19 And what was the take-away from that?
01:22 That God's love is unconditional
01:24 but boy those promises are conditioned on obedience,
01:29 aren't they? You know, Hebrews 10:36 says that
01:31 we have need of endurance so that after we have done
01:34 the will of God we will receive His promise.
01:37 And tonight Kenneth is going to bring us Heaven Is My Home,
01:43 and I'm very anxious to hear that message.
01:45 But before he comes out to speak,
01:47 it's my very distinct honor to introduce to you Dona Klein.
01:53 You usually see Dona behind the organ, but tonight
01:57 we're going to get to hear Dona sing.
01:59 And she's going to be singing a Roy Drusky song
02:02 Roy traveled with Kenneth Cox Ministries for over 10 years.
02:06 And this is a song that says "Lord, Help Me Slow Down
02:10 This Life of Mine. " Thank you, Dona.
02:24 Lord, help me slow down
02:28 this life of mine.
02:32 Help me make better use
02:36 of precious time.
02:40 Let me taste the grapes
02:44 but make me tend the vine.
02:48 Lord, help me slow down
02:52 this life of mine.
02:57 Help me find my purpose
03:00 in this world today.
03:05 Help me help a stranger
03:08 who's lost along the way.
03:12 If someone really needs me
03:16 make me take the time.
03:21 Lord, help me slow down
03:24 this life of mine.
03:29 Lord, help me slow down
03:32 this life of mine.
03:37 Help me make better use
03:41 of precious time.
03:44 Let me taste the grapes
03:49 but make me tend the vine.
03:53 Lord, help me slow down
03:56 this life of mine.
04:09 Lord, help me slow down
04:13 this life of mine.
04:17 Help me make better use
04:21 of precious time.
04:25 Let me taste the grapes
04:29 but make me tend the vine.
04:33 Lord, help me slow down
04:37 this life of mine.
04:41 Lord, help me slow down
04:45 this life of mine.
04:54 Thank you, Dona Klein.
04:58 Slow down this life of mine.
05:00 I guess that's something that all of us need to do
05:03 is slow down our lives just a little bit
05:06 and stop and smell the roses
05:10 and the things that God has to offer.
05:12 Well, good evening.
05:14 Very happy to welcome all of you
05:16 again. Appreciate you being here
05:18 for Give Me The Bible.
05:20 Those of you that are joining us by television
05:22 or listening on the radio, we welcome you also.
05:26 Glad to have you. We hope that as we're going into this
05:30 series on The Elijah Message
05:33 that it's helping you understand what is taking place
05:37 and what we need to be doing.
05:39 That little poem that I try to share with you
05:41 is something that we have to keep our minds focused on.
05:46 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
05:49 This my only question be.
05:52 The message of Elijah offers guidance to you and me.
05:57 What says the Word of God to me?
06:00 This is what we have to find out is what does God's Word
06:04 have for us... each one.
06:06 Well, we've looked at several subjects on The Elijah Message
06:10 and we found out that it is dealing with the home.
06:14 And we've looked at some aspects of the home.
06:18 Tonight we're looking at Heaven Is My Home
06:21 because actually that's Elijah's home right now
06:26 is heaven... that's what the scripture says.
06:28 So we're taking a look at Heaven Is My Home.
06:31 Our closing subject on this series is entitled
06:42 Because that's what the scripture says there in Malachi.
06:45 It says that He'll turn the hearts of the fathers
06:48 to the children and the children to the fathers
06:51 "lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. "
06:54 And it says He will do that
06:55 before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.
06:59 So we're going to look at that in our next presentation
07:03 what it's talking about. How can I... how can you
07:09 as an individual be prepared
07:12 for that great and dreadful day of the Lord.
07:15 Very important that we look at it and understand what God
07:19 is telling each one of us.
07:22 Tonight: Heaven Is My Home.
07:26 You know, it's hard to comprehend.
07:31 It's hard to imagine all the wonderful things that
07:35 God has prepared for us.
07:37 You know, we have a tendency to think of it just
07:43 concerning the things around us.
07:46 But what God has prepared is so, so much more.
07:51 And so I hope tonight to be able to take your minds
07:57 off this old world
08:00 and really put them on where your home is.
08:03 Because if you're a follower of the Lord and you're His people
08:07 then He has a home for you... a special place...
08:11 and that's what we're going to look at this evening.
08:13 Time's short. It's running out.
08:17 Can't continue on; it's just coming to an end.
08:22 And it's closing up, folks, and Christ is coming back
08:27 and we need to be prepared for that.
08:30 And Dona's going to sing about that tonight
08:32 in a song entitled Almost Home.
08:51 Sometimes life gets so heavy
08:55 and I get so weary
08:59 of fighting the good fight of faith.
09:05 And the world seems to glitter
09:09 with its fake gold and silver
09:13 tempting me to give up the race.
09:20 Close the door, Lord, behind me
09:23 on these things that bind me
09:27 and then, remind me again...
09:34 that I am a sinner,
09:38 a wayfaring stranger,
09:41 in search of a world without end.
09:46 I'm almost home!
09:51 Where Jesus is waiting,
09:55 where angels are singing,
09:58 and where I'll never more roam.
10:06 Hallelujah!
10:08 I'm almost home.
10:20 All the sickness and dying
10:23 with its sadness and crying
10:27 will all be a thing of the past.
10:33 This old world and its sorrow
10:37 makes me long for tomorrow
10:41 when all things will be new at last.
10:48 No more heartaches or grieving,
10:52 for soon I'll be leaving
10:55 for a land where I'll never grow old.
11:02 I hear sweet music playing
11:06 and soon I'll be singing
11:09 up there in that city of gold.
11:15 I'm almost home.
11:20 Where Jesus is waiting,
11:23 where angels are singing,
11:27 and where I'll never more roam.
11:34 Hallelujah!
11:36 I'm almost home.
11:41 Praise God!
11:43 We're almost home.
11:48 Hallelujah!
11:50 I'm almost home!
11:57 Amen!
12:14 Precious Lord, tonight
12:17 we anxiously look forward to that day
12:21 when You're coming back
12:24 and all of us will be at home.
12:29 Grant us understanding,
12:33 wisdom, insight
12:36 that we may see the wondrous things that You have provided
12:43 and that we might purpose in our hearts and in our souls
12:47 to walk with You... to follow You.
12:52 To do Your bidding and Your will.
12:55 Give us, Lord, the insight that we need tonight
13:01 that our minds and our hearts
13:04 may look for a new city...
13:08 a new place where God dwells.
13:11 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
13:20 Christ was talking to His
13:22 disciples, and He made rather a
13:26 startling statement.
13:29 One that really if you're just
13:33 reading through the scripture and you don't follow it
13:36 it seems like something He said that wasn't possible.
13:41 This is what He said:
13:56 Well, He said to His disciples, He said:
14:00 "there's some of you standing here that will
14:05 not see death until you see the kingdom of God. "
14:09 What was He talking about?
14:12 What was He referring to?
14:14 Well the scripture goes on and explains it as it always does.
14:17 If you just pick up the Word of God and you spend enough time
14:23 in it, it will explain it.
14:25 You just have to keep studying.
14:28 And watch as it explains exactly what He was talking about.
14:45 So here we are eight days later
14:47 and He takes Peter and James and John up on the mountain.
14:51 And when He's up there He is transfigured.
14:55 Because it says here:
15:06 They're there on the mountain with Him, and there He is
15:09 praying and all of a sudden
15:12 His appearance begins to change
15:17 and His clothing becomes bright
15:23 and shining. And the whole thing begins to change,
15:26 and all of a sudden two people are with Him.
15:38 This is Elijah that we've been talking about...
15:40 the message. Here he is with Christ on this mountain.
15:44 And by the way, I've had people say:
15:46 "Well, that was a vision. " NO, that's not a vision.
15:48 That isn't what it says here.
15:50 It says that Moses and Elijah were with Him.
15:52 So they're there on the mountain with Him, talking to Christ.
15:58 And there the glory of God shone forth in all of its beauty.
16:03 And those disciples were frightened and afraid
16:07 because of the glory that was involved there.
16:10 Why would Moses and Elijah
16:14 come and meet with Him?
16:17 Why were they there?
16:18 Well, it says this about Moses:
16:30 You remember the Lord told Moses... He said:
16:33 "Moses, you're not going to go into the land of Canaan
16:35 but come up here on top of the mountain, Mount Nebo,
16:39 and I will show you the land of Canaan. "
16:41 Which God showed him the whole land of Canaan.
16:45 And then it says He told Moses: "You're going to rest now.
16:50 You're going to die. "
16:52 And he died, and where was he buried?
16:57 Now listen... it tells you where he was buried.
17:00 OK?
17:06 Where? Not on Mount Nebo, folks.
17:19 So it says that He took Moses and buried him here
17:23 in a valley opposite of Beth Peor.
17:27 And nobody knows where his grave is to this day.
17:32 So Moses died.
17:34 Elijah... and it says concerning Moses:
17:43 Now this is in Jude...
17:57 He said that Michael came...
18:00 What's he disputing with the devil about?
18:03 Over the body of Moses.
18:07 And what is happening here as we have just found
18:10 is that Moses is on the Mount of Transfiguration with Christ.
18:16 So this dispute has to be over the resurrection of Moses.
18:22 You know I've thought about that.
18:24 What a wonderful thing that is.
18:26 You see, God said: "OK, Moses.
18:28 Because you lost your temper and because you did things
18:32 you shouldn't, you can't go over into the land of Canaan. "
18:36 And this is... he has spent 40 years,
18:39 folks, getting these people there.
18:41 And to say "Now you can't go over" - which He told him
18:44 he couldn't - and he died.
18:47 But you see God had something much better in mind.
18:50 He said: "Listen, Moses, we're going to resurrect you,
18:55 take you to heavenly Canaan. " See?
18:57 So this was what the dispute was...
18:59 about the resurrection of Moses
19:02 and brought back... taken to heaven.
19:06 Elijah we read:
19:22 So it says that Elijah didn't die.
19:26 That he was taken to heaven without seeing death.
19:31 And so you have Moses and Elijah
19:34 there with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration.
19:38 What did it represent? Well listen:
20:00 OK. Two groups here... watch:
20:15 So you have Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration.
20:21 Elijah represents all those that are living when Jesus comes.
20:27 Moses represents all those who have died
20:30 that will be resurrected.
20:32 And thus Christ could tell the disciples
20:35 "there are some of you who will not see death
20:37 until you see the Son of Man coming. "
20:39 So in miniature Peter, James, and John
20:43 saw the coming of the Lord
20:46 and those of the righteous who have been resurrected
20:49 and those who were translated.
20:53 So you have both of them there.
20:55 And Moses and Elijah have spent now
21:01 two thousand years or better in heaven...
21:06 enjoying all the wonders of heaven.
21:09 What has God prepared for you?
21:14 What's it like?
21:16 What's this place that God has made... what's it like
21:21 for each one of us?
21:22 Well, let's take a look at what the scripture says.
21:39 It says... the most beautiful scene
21:44 you have ever seen will not compare to heaven.
21:50 The most beautiful music you have ever heard
21:56 will not compare to the music of heaven.
22:00 In fact, it says that you can't imagine
22:06 what it will be like.
22:08 Now folks, you know, that's kind of different
22:12 because when I was a kid I can remember...
22:14 I went to school way out in the country
22:17 in a little brick schoolhouse that had four grades
22:21 in each room and, I mean, way out on a dirt road.
22:26 Way out there. And I don't know what happened,
22:29 but somehow, some way this circus got lost
22:34 and it wound up on this dirt road coming by our school,
22:38 you know. And... and of course all of us kids
22:42 were looking at these trucks as they went by
22:45 because they had all these animals and all these things
22:47 on it. And then when we went to town
22:50 here were signs plastered up all over
22:52 saying the circus was coming to town.
22:54 Well, man, for the next two weeks in school
22:58 that's what we played every recess was circus.
23:01 And I mean we had all kinds of things.
23:04 We had people swinging from trapezes
23:07 and doing flips like you couldn't believe.
23:09 I mean our imaginations went way, way there.
23:13 And then when the two weeks was up the circus came to town.
23:16 We went to the circus...
23:18 It wasn't near as good as our imagination.
23:21 See? But the scripture says you can't do that with heaven.
23:25 You can't imagine anything that will be greater
23:28 than what heaven will be.
23:30 So God has wonderful things - marvelous things -
23:34 in store for you and for me.
23:50 So this city up in heaven is going to come back
23:54 to this old earth.
23:59 OK. Very clear: it's laid out as a square.
24:16 Meaning in proportion.
24:18 So the city is laid out in a square.
24:22 It's in proportion,
24:24 and it says that it is 12,000 furlongs
24:29 around the city.
24:32 There are eight furlongs in a mile.
24:35 So if you divide 8 into 12,000 what have you got?
24:41 You've got 1,500 miles around that city.
24:49 375 miles on a side
24:52 because it's laid out in a square.
24:55 You see, we don't have any cities like that.
24:58 We do have a state that's almost exactly that size...
25:03 the state of Colorado.
25:05 The state of Colorado is almost exactly 375 miles on each side.
25:11 And so if you look at the state of Colorado
25:14 you can just put the New Jerusalem in there.
25:16 You see, we don't have anything like that.
25:20 I mean, have you ever been to New York?
25:25 Uh, you can walk across the city of New York
25:28 the short way without any trouble.
25:31 And in the city of New York
25:34 how many people are there?
25:38 Huh?
25:40 Well about 23,000,000.
25:42 That's how many are in New York.
25:44 And it doesn't even start to be that size.
25:48 So when we've got a city that's 375 miles on a side
25:54 I mean that holds lots of people.
25:59 A lot of people.
26:01 OK. In fact, there's room in that city
26:04 for every man, woman, and child that has ever lived.
26:11 So don't let me hear you say there's not room for you
26:14 'cause there is room for you there in that city
26:18 that He's made for us.
26:34 So around this city is this wall
26:37 375 miles on a side.
26:42 OK. And in it... in that wall are three gates.
26:48 OK. And it goes on and says:
26:57 So there's three gates on each side of the city.
27:01 And over the top of each gate is one of the names of the
27:05 tribes of Israel.
27:07 Have you ever thought about that?
27:09 Why? Why over each gate
27:13 is there one of the names of the tribes of Israel?
27:19 Now you know you've got to go through one of the gates.
27:22 You can't crawl over the wall.
27:24 See? You've got to go through one of those gates.
27:26 What gate are you going to go through?
27:28 Well, I don't have time to go into it tonight,
27:31 but if you went back and did some study
27:34 you'll find in the last chapter of Genesis
27:36 Jacob tells the characteristics of the sons.
27:41 And all of us fit into one of those tribes
27:45 by our personalities.
27:48 And according to your character and your personality
27:51 you will go in through that gate into the city.
27:55 That's the reason you have the name of each tribe
27:59 over one of those gates and all.
28:01 Because it's a city for all nations...
28:04 not just the twelve tribes.
28:06 But we will go in according to our personality.
28:10 And it says:
28:21 So it says he measured the wall of the city
28:24 and the wall is 144 cubits high
28:29 according to a man or an angel.
28:32 How much is a cubit?
28:34 Well I'll tell you how much a cubit is.
28:36 A cubit is this: from here to there.
28:39 That's a cubit.
28:41 OK. About 20 inches.
28:44 So it tells you that that wall
28:47 is over 200 feet high.
28:53 Over 200 feet high.
28:55 375 miles long on each side,
29:00 and in each side there are three gates.
29:06 Listen to what it says about these gates:
29:21 Now folks, you don't have walls over 200 feet high
29:26 and 375 miles long
29:30 and have little teeny gates.
29:33 I mean, it just doesn't fit!
29:35 Architecturally it doesn't fit.
29:38 Those have to be huge gates...
29:41 and each gate is made out of one pearl.
29:46 And standing at each gate is an angel.
29:52 OK?
29:54 So that's the walls around the city.
29:57 Not only the walls around the city, but it also tells us
30:00 about the foundations.
30:11 On those twelve foundations...
30:13 on them were the names of the 12 apostles of the Lamb.
30:16 So on each foundation is the name of one of the apostles.
30:22 And it tells you that those foundations are made out of
30:27 twelve precious stones...
30:30 what they're made out of.
30:32 And it says:
30:51 And it tells each one.
30:53 You want to have an interesting study?
30:54 Go home tonight; get your Bible and turn over here to
30:58 Revelation 21 and then get your dictionary
31:02 and look up each one of those stones
31:05 and you'll find those 12 stones
31:07 make up the color of the rainbow.
31:10 That's what they make up: the color of the rainbow.
31:13 And so the city has this foundation of 12 stones
31:16 that make up the color of the rainbow.
31:19 And on each one is one of the names of the apostles.
31:23 So we have the city... begins to give us what it's like.
31:27 And it says:
31:37 Now folks, it goes on here and says:
31:46 Now it doesn't say that there won't be a sun
31:50 or there won't be a moon. That isn't what that says.
31:54 It says there was no need of it
31:57 because He's the light of it.
32:00 Christ is there. He's the light of that city.
32:03 And it says there's no night there, therefore the gates
32:06 of the city are never shut...
32:12 because there's no night there
32:13 so the gates of the city are open and all.
32:17 No, Peter doesn't have the keys to the gates
32:21 and he's not going to be standing there.
32:23 It says the gates will all be open
32:26 and all the righteous will come and go
32:29 because there will be no sin there.
32:32 There will be nothing that would hurt nor destroy
32:35 in all of God's kingdom.
32:37 So there's no reason for the gates not to be open.
32:40 Open to all mankind.
32:50 And so out of God's throne flows this river
32:54 as clear as crystal.
32:57 Now can you just imagine when John wrote this
33:00 he said it was "pure river of water of life
33:03 clear as crystal. "
33:06 Now folks, if John is emphasizing it's clear as
33:10 crystal, you know, we understand that
33:14 because everything we have is polluted.
33:16 But it wasn't in John's day.
33:18 And so when he's saying it's clear as crystal
33:21 you better believe it is really clear as crystal.
33:26 And can you just imagine water that has never...
33:30 not even the least bit of tint of pollution in it...
33:34 how wonderful it must taste.
33:37 No chemicals in it.
33:40 Just as it flows from the throne of God:
33:42 the water of life that all of us will be able to drink of.
33:47 And it tells us that on each side of that river
34:00 OK.
34:08 So it says this Tree of Life
34:10 spans the River of Life and it grows and it bears
34:14 its fruit how often?
34:18 Every month.
34:21 Bears its fruit every month.
34:23 I had one person tell me that that was 12 varieties of
34:28 mangoes. But I really don't know that that's true, folks.
34:33 It just says that it bears this fruit every month.
34:37 And so the righteous will come and eat of the Tree of Life
34:43 every month, OK?
34:45 This is the Tree of Life.
34:46 I don't have time to talk about it tonight, but
34:49 this is the one that was in the Garden of Eden.
34:52 You remember that?
34:54 Coming back in the New Jerusalem; it will be there.
34:57 This is the tree that perpetuates immortality
35:04 that you and I will have the privilege of eating of.
35:19 So it says those people that keep God's commandments
35:23 they will have right to the Tree of Life
35:26 and be able to eat of that tree.
35:29 All right.
35:45 I've talked about this several times during these series
35:49 how that God wants to make a covenant with you.
35:53 And the covenant that He wants to make with you is
35:56 He says: "I will be your God; you shall be My people. "
36:02 And He says as we talked about in our last presentation
36:06 that "if you will keep My commandments and do My will,
36:10 then it will be well with you. " OK.
36:15 And not only will it be well with you, friend,
36:19 but it won't be well with you for a day.
36:23 It will not be well with you for a week or for a year,
36:28 but it will be well with you for eternity.
36:34 Because why?
36:37 Because you are His people and He is your God.
36:43 And so I walk with Him and I follow Him
36:45 and He says: "I will give this to you. "
36:51 We die; we return back to the dust.
37:05 Wonderful text.
37:06 Jesus said: "If you believe this
37:11 even though a man may die
37:16 he shall live. "
37:19 You see, even though my flesh
37:24 is destroyed... even though it decays...
37:28 then it says that He's going to come and He's going to shout
37:34 and all the dead in the grave are going to hear His voice
37:38 and they're going to come forth.
37:40 And they're going to come forth, folks, with bodies.
37:43 With real bodies!
37:46 Just be a great difference.
37:49 Those bodies will be perfect.
37:53 It says "this mortal shall put on immortality,
37:57 this corruptible shall put on incorruption. "
38:01 They will be perfect as we come forth from the grave.
38:04 OK?
38:16 Job is saying "Oh, I long for that day when that's going to
38:20 happen. When the Lord is going to come. "
38:31 So it makes it clear
38:33 that this body of ours is going to be transformed
38:36 into His... like His glorious body.
38:40 What was Christ like when He came forth from the grave?
38:46 Was He a spirit just floating around?
38:48 Huh? No... listen to what it says:
38:59 Christ all of a sudden here appeared before the disciples
39:03 after the resurrection, and they were afraid.
39:07 I mean they thought they had seen a ghost.
39:11 He said: "Why... why are you having these doubts? "
39:29 He said, you know: "Why are you afraid?
39:33 A spirit doesn't have flesh and bones as you see I have. "
39:48 He was hungry.
39:50 Said: "Have you got something to eat? "
39:53 You see, Christ was very, very real, folks.
39:57 It says that we will have bodies like His glorious body.
40:04 So we're going to be real people...
40:06 just as real as we are here...
40:08 except we will not be encumbered with disease
40:12 or pain or any of those things.
40:16 That will all be gone.
40:18 See?
40:20 He promises.
40:27 Be wonderful. Have you ever thought about
40:30 what it's going to be to be in heaven
40:35 and reach out and take somebody's hand
40:37 and find it to be God's hand?
40:40 Oh, to look... to look in His face
40:45 and to see Him. I think of that song we sing...
40:49 Face to face with Christ my Savior,
40:52 face to face... what will it be?
40:55 When in rapture I behold Him:
40:59 Jesus Christ who died for me.
41:02 What a wonderful day that will be
41:04 when I can look and see my Savior
41:08 and what He has done for you and for me.
41:12 Well, this can be your home, folks.
41:15 That's a decision that you can make.
41:19 You can decide... this is going to be my home.
41:23 This is where I'm going to be.
41:24 What will it be like? Well, it says this:
41:50 So He promises that He's gone to heaven
41:54 and He's prepared a place for each one of you.
41:58 For each one of us.
42:01 A place that Christ Himself has prepared.
42:05 So, you know, you have a home in heaven.
42:10 That's just as real as anything there is.
42:13 You know, the Bible says that we are to become like
42:16 little children or you won't get into the kingdom of heaven.
42:21 Now those of you that have had children...
42:24 Have you ever had the experience where you promised a kid
42:28 something, that you'd get them something
42:30 and they start claiming it
42:33 before you've ever had a chance to go buy it?
42:35 Have you ever had that problem?
42:37 Boy, my kids were that way. I mean, if I told them
42:40 I was going to get them a bicycle, you'd better believe
42:43 that they had it as far as they were concerned.
42:45 There was no question about it. They had it.
42:48 Well, the same thing is true with the Lord.
42:50 If He promises you a home, you can claim it...
42:53 because it says that He will not fail.
42:57 God cannot lie... so if He says I've prepared a place for you,
43:02 claim it, dear friends.
43:04 It belongs to you. God promised it; you can have it.
43:07 But He goes on and He makes another statement.
43:10 And He says this:
43:28 So it says that we're going to be able to build a home.
43:32 Are you catching what that's saying?
43:35 Huh? Are you getting what that's saying?
43:38 Because it just got through saying that Jesus
43:41 is preparing a place for you.
43:43 This is saying you're going to build a home.
43:45 So what it's telling you is you're going to have two homes.
43:48 You're going to have a home inside the New Jerusalem
43:51 that Christ has made with His own hands.
43:54 But then in the earth made new
43:57 you're going to have a home out in the country
44:00 that you will build.
44:02 Listen as it goes on:
44:14 So you're going to build houses and inhabit them.
44:17 You're going to plant vineyards; eat the fruit of them.
44:20 You're not going to be there in inactivity, friends.
44:25 You know, can't be like the fellow that woke up in heaven
44:31 you know and looked around and everything was beautiful.
44:36 I mean, gorgeous.
44:38 And walked around and took in all the scenery and all.
44:42 And after a while somebody came by.
44:43 Said: "Are you OK? " And he said: "Yes. "
44:48 Said: "Would you like anything? "
44:49 He said: "I'm a little hungry. " They said: "Just a minute. "
44:51 They went and got him something to eat. Ate it.
44:55 A few hours passed, and he was just sitting there.
45:00 Somebody came by and said: "Are you doing OK? "
45:03 He said: "Yeah, I'm doing fine. "
45:04 They said: "Anything you need? " He said: "No. "
45:07 And after a while they brought him some more food.
45:10 He ate it. This went on for two or three days.
45:14 And finally he went to one of them. He said: "Listen,
45:17 I'd like something to do.
45:20 You got something I can do? I want to do something. "
45:25 They said: "No, there's nothing you can do here. "
45:29 Said: "Just enjoy it. "
45:31 Walked around. After a while he went to them and he said:
45:34 "Listen, I enjoy this and it's beautiful and all,
45:38 but I really would like to do something.
45:41 Do you have something... do you have something I can do? "
45:43 And they said: "No, there's nothing here to do.
45:46 You... nothing you can do. "
45:48 He said: "I'd rather be in hell! "
45:52 They said: "Where do you think you are? "
45:54 See? Well heaven's not that way.
45:57 See. We're not going to be inactive.
46:02 It says we'll build houses; we'll inhabit them.
46:04 We'll plant vineyards; eat the fruit of them.
46:16 Marvelous! We'll build houses; inhabit them.
46:20 Man, I've already started.
46:23 I've already started making plans.
46:26 I'm planning on going, you know.
46:30 Just think. When you're not limited...
46:35 you're not limited by time.
46:37 You can, you know, as long as you want.
46:39 Take as long as you want to build it.
46:41 You're not limited by resources
46:43 because you can make it out of anything.
46:45 OK. The city's made out of pure gold.
46:48 So you can build it out of anything you want to.
46:52 And you can have anything you want to.
46:55 So man, I've already started.
46:59 In my living room I'm going to have one whole wall
47:02 that's solid diamonds.
47:04 A whole wall.
47:06 And the wall on the other side
47:07 is going to be made out of living roses.
47:10 Just think how that will look and
47:12 reflect in that diamond wall.
47:14 And how nice it will smell.
47:16 Anything you want to think of you can do.
47:20 There's no limit. It says:
47:41 Wonderful will be the things that He's prepared
47:44 for His people.
47:51 Folks, heartache, sorrow,
47:55 crying will be no more.
47:58 He'll wipe away every tear from your eyes.
48:11 All that gone.
48:14 Never happen again.
48:15 This will become the home of God's people.
48:32 See, anything will be there.
48:35 Everything will be in harmony.
48:38 Nothing will hurt nor destroy in all of God's kingdom.
48:42 The animals won't be vicious.
48:46 Animals will be tame. You and I can pet them.
48:52 Be kind. I can remember when
48:57 the first church I ever pastored.
49:00 I took my family and we drove into this little town
49:03 of Dalhart, Texas.
49:05 And as we drove into the town my daughter said to me...
49:08 We went by a little... a little private zoo and she said:
49:12 "Daddy, take me to the zoo. "
49:13 And I said: "Honey, when we get home and we get all settled
49:17 and everything, I'll take you to the zoo. "
49:19 So - I don't remember, several weeks later -
49:23 we had gotten our house all settled and everything.
49:26 One day I said to her, I said:
49:28 "Would you like to go to the zoo? "
49:29 She said: "Oh, yes. " And so we went to the zoo.
49:32 Well, we got there and for a little private zoo
49:36 it was really quite nice. I mean, this man that owned it
49:39 took us... gave us a private tour through his little zoo.
49:43 And he showed us his 'possums and his 'coons
49:45 and his snakes and all the things that the little zoo had.
49:49 And we enjoyed it very much.
49:52 And when he got through and we were about to leave
49:56 he said: "Oh, one other thing I must show you. "
49:58 And so he took us and walked us back across the grounds
50:03 over to a large tin building.
50:06 And we walked in the front door of that building
50:09 and there in the far end were two large cages.
50:14 And in one of them was a male lion
50:16 and the other was a female lion.
50:18 And didn't excite me.
50:21 I've been to zoos and seen lions - you know -
50:24 lots of times. And so, didn't particularly bother me.
50:28 He just kind of quickened his pace and walked off and left us
50:32 and walked over to that cage where that great big old male
50:36 lion was. And he pulled the pin on the door and opened it.
50:40 And that lion come walking out of there...
50:42 and that excited me.
50:44 You know? And he said now... he said:
50:47 "Don't let it bother you. " He said: "He's just
50:49 as tame as a kitten. "
50:51 And sure enough, the old lion was.
50:53 He just walked up to you and rub against you
50:55 and you could pull on its mane.
50:57 Just as tame as could be, folks.
50:59 This is the way the animals will be in heaven.
51:02 There won't be any that will be vicious.
51:05 They'll be tame, and you and I can enjoy what God has created.
51:10 All the wonderful things that will be there.
51:12 And our children will enjoy them.
51:15 This will be heaven to God's people down through the ages.
51:20 A place that God has prepared for you and for me.
51:25 And it says:
51:40 So, there in that city...
51:44 God will be there.
51:48 In fact it says that He will make His home with us.
51:53 Think about it. This little old planet
51:57 that for centuries has been desecrated by sin
52:03 will be cleansed and will become the home...
52:07 the home of God. Actually will become the center
52:12 of the universe. And all these people...
52:16 all these people that have said "Yes, you're my God;
52:22 I will be Your people"...
52:24 all of those people will become witnesses
52:29 to the entire universe
52:33 of what the grace of God can do on the human heart.
52:37 Never again... never again
52:40 throughout eternity will there ever be a question
52:45 as to what the grace of God can do
52:48 and the sacrifice that God would make
52:51 for any individual. He had done that for you.
52:55 He's done that for me.
52:57 We can have life. We can have eternal life.
53:01 Not because we deserve it...
53:04 not because of something we have done
53:08 but because Jesus Christ came, made it available
53:14 to you and to me. Oh dear friend, tonight
53:18 I hope and I pray that you will make this your home.
53:24 Let us pray.
53:26 Father in Heaven,
53:27 we thank you. We thank you so much
53:32 for all that You have done.
53:35 As we have taken a look at what Your Word
53:39 has described heaven for us,
53:42 Lord, take our minds off this old world.
53:49 Help us to get our minds and our attention
53:53 away from these things and put them on You.
53:57 That we might prepare our hearts
54:01 and our lives to walk with You and to follow You.
54:06 To be there in Your kingdom.
54:10 Thank you, Lord, for the promise that it won't be for a day
54:15 or for two or for a year...
54:20 but throughout eternity we will be able to enjoy
54:25 all the wonderful things that You have made for Your people.
54:31 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
54:35 Well, we finish up our next presentation
54:41 this on the Elijah message:
54:44 The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.
54:47 There is coming a day soon, friends -
54:50 very soon - in which Jesus is coming back.
54:54 What am I to expect?
54:57 How can I be prepared for that day?
55:01 That's what we'll look at in our next presentation.
55:03 We hope each of you can be there for it.
55:06 Thank you very much for being here,
55:09 for watching by television or listening on the radio.
55:12 Good night. God bless you.
55:15 Although they're small and seemingly insignificant,
55:19 soybean pods fill the farm fields of the United States.
55:23 What a treasure they are for the farmer at harvest time.
55:27 Nearly all soybeans in this country
55:30 are processed for their oil which is then refined for
55:33 cooking or sold for biodiesel production
55:37 as well as for many other industrial uses.
55:40 Because of the high demand for soybeans,
55:43 a farmer must be able to harvest large quantities
55:46 in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
55:49 One of the best ways to do this
55:51 is to use a combine harvester.
55:54 These massive machines give the farmer
55:57 the ability to quickly harvest and haul
56:00 the beans at an incredible rate.
56:03 Have you ever considered what one farmer can do today
56:06 with the help of modern tools?
56:08 The farmer of the past could hardly imagine it.
56:11 Within hours, one man and a machine can harvest
56:15 and deliver untold bushels of soybeans to the market.
56:19 His goal is to obtain the largest yield possible
56:22 at harvest time.
56:24 Like the farmer today, we must do the same.
56:27 In Luke 10 and verse 2
56:29 Jesus said: "The harvest truly is great
56:32 but the laborers are few. "
56:35 And in John 4:35 He looked over the wheat fields
56:38 and said to His disciples:
56:40 "Lift up your eyes and look at the fields
56:43 for they are already white for harvest. "
56:46 In both passages, Jesus referred to men and women
56:49 of this world as He proclaimed that the harvest is here
56:53 and the work must be done.
56:56 When I was a boy,
56:57 the corn harvest was all done by hand.
57:00 We literally had a horse-drawn wagon,
57:03 and we would walk along beside it and pull the corn
57:06 off the stalk and throw it onto the wagon.
57:09 But folks, the time is short,
57:11 so the Lord has provided the most marvelous technology
57:15 to enable us to harvest more souls through television,
57:19 radio, and other media.
57:21 Today we can take the message
57:23 to the multitudes around the world at the speed of light.
57:27 Such ability was far beyond the imagination
57:31 of the evangelists of the past.
57:34 The harvest is here, but we can't do it without you.
57:39 Won't you help us?
57:41 Please consider what you can do
57:42 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:45 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:47 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:01 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:03 through television and radio.
58:05 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
58:08 to millions around the world.


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