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00:18 Well hello, and we welcome you to Thompsonville, Illinois:
00:22 the home of Three Angels Broadcasting Network
00:25 and to the 3ABN Worship Center
00:28 for this, another in the series
00:31 of Give Me The Bible
00:33 with Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:35 This is the 11th month
00:37 that this series has been running...
00:39 five nights - or five sessions - each month.
00:43 And we've got one more month to go after this
00:47 which will give a total of sixty presentations
00:50 on the Bible. In-depth studies
00:53 of very important doctrinal subjects.
00:57 And so it has been an inspiring time.
00:59 We've all enjoyed it. The music is wonderful,
01:02 and the preaching is very clear and outstanding.
01:07 You know, I've know Pastor Cox for many years.
01:09 He's a man that loves the Lord.
01:11 He is a very genuine individual.
01:14 He's down to earth and he makes the subject clear,
01:19 and it comes through in his presentations.
01:23 His genuineness is very evident,
01:27 and people feel it, they see it.
01:30 And then as they study the Word of God with him
01:33 they see that they're growing
01:36 in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:39 Now this particular weekend the series is
01:42 The Apple of God's Eye...
01:44 and that is God's church.
01:47 I tell you, I owe so much.
01:50 First of all, I owe everything to God.
01:52 To His Son Jesus Christ,
01:54 and then to His people:
01:57 the church of Jesus Christ.
01:59 They have been so good to me through the years.
02:02 Reached out, put their arms around me and loved me
02:05 and held me close to the Lord.
02:07 And I just appreciate so much
02:10 the church of Jesus Christ.
02:13 And so this is, to me, a very important subject.
02:17 Why do we have a church?
02:19 The importance of the church
02:22 as Pastor Cox has really been covering this subject
02:26 in depth this particular weekend.
02:29 Now tonight he's going to be talking about
02:32 The Back Door of the Church.
02:36 This presentation: The Back Door of the Church.
02:39 You see the church has two doors.
02:41 It has a front door... and he talked about that.
02:45 And then it has a back door.
02:47 And that is our subject in this session
02:51 is The Back Door of the Church.
02:55 Before Pastor Cox comes
02:58 Joe Pearles, one of my favorite singers,
03:01 a man who has sung all over the world,
03:04 comes to us from Nashville, Tennessee,
03:08 is going to be singing He's Still Working on Me.
03:13 Joe.
03:24 He's still working on me
03:27 to make me what I ought to be.
03:32 It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
03:36 the sun and the earth, and Jupiter and Mars.
03:40 How loving and patient He must be
03:44 'cause He's still working on me.
03:49 There really ought to be a sign upon my heart
03:53 "Don't judge me yet... there's an unfinished part. "
03:57 But I'll be perfect just according to His plan...
04:01 fashioned by the Master's loving hand.
04:06 And He's still working on me
04:10 to make me what I ought to be.
04:14 It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
04:18 the sun and the earth, and Jupiter and Mars.
04:23 How loving and patient He must be
04:26 'cause He's still working on me.
04:31 In the mirror of His Word reflections I see.
04:35 Makes me wonder why He never gave up on me.
04:39 He loves me like I am.
04:42 He helps me when I pray.
04:44 Remember He's the potter... I'm the clay.
04:48 And He's still working on me
04:52 to make me what I ought to be.
04:56 It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
05:01 the sun and the earth, and Jupiter and Mars.
05:05 How loving and patient He must be
05:09 'cause He's still working on me.
05:13 He's still working on me
05:17 to make me what I ought to be.
05:21 It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
05:26 the sun and the earth, and Jupiter and Mars.
05:30 How loving and patient He must be
05:34 'cause He's still working on me.
05:39 He's still working on me.
05:43 He's still working on me.
05:52 Thank you Joe Pearles.
05:55 Good day. Glad to welcome each of you.
05:58 Marvelous difference between other religions
06:03 and Christianity.
06:05 What Joe just sang about
06:07 is the essence of that.
06:09 You see God not only reaches out
06:11 and gives to you and to me
06:13 salvation through His Son Jesus Christ
06:17 but He gives us the Holy Spirit to change us
06:20 and to make us different. That's the wonderful difference:
06:23 that God's still working on me, working in our lives.
06:27 What a great, great privilege that is.
06:30 We'd like to welcome all of you here today
06:33 and to also welcome all of you that are watching by television
06:37 or listening on the radio. We're thankful that you're tuned in
06:41 and we pray that this message this morning will help you
06:44 in your relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ
06:48 and to the church.
06:50 'Cause that's what we're talking about is The Apple of God's Eye
06:54 which is His church.
06:56 The scripture is clear on that.
06:58 So how am I to relate to the church?
07:01 What's it about?
07:02 We're talking this time about
07:07 The Back Door of the Church.
07:08 Our last presentation we talked about
07:11 the front door of the church
07:13 but now we're going to talk about the back door.
07:15 Our next presentation after this one is entitled
07:25 A lot of people don't know how they are to relate
07:31 to the church.
07:33 How am I to relate to it financially?
07:37 What does the scripture teach us?
07:38 What... how does it tell us that I am to expect...
07:43 or how am I to participate?
07:45 That's what we're going to take a look at:
07:47 The Church - God's Storehouse.
07:49 We hope it will be helpful to you as we go into that subject.
07:53 But today...
07:57 Back door of the church... a very, very important door.
08:03 And few church members I'm sorry to say
08:07 know anything about the back door.
08:10 Oh, they know a little bit
08:12 about - at least they think they did - about the front door.
08:16 But we're going to talk about the back door today,
08:19 and we hope it will bless you.
08:22 Very special privilege to have Joe back with us...
08:26 Joe Pearles. And he's singing for us this morning
08:29 a song entitled I'm Trusting the Blood.
08:46 I could fret over failures,
08:52 grieve over past sins.
08:58 Those times when I wasn't
09:05 all I should have been.
09:11 When doubt tries to come
09:18 rushing in like a flood
09:24 There's one thing that holds me:
09:30 I'm trusting the blood.
09:37 I'm trusting the blood
09:43 Jesus gave for my sins.
09:50 It still has the power
09:56 to heal and to cleanse.
10:03 God's mercy is flowing
10:09 in one crimson flood.
10:16 I'm washed and made whole 'cause
10:22 I'm trusting the blood.
10:35 Jesus won a great victory
10:41 that day on the tree.
10:48 And He said in His name
10:54 I could claim it for me.
11:01 For all of my needs
11:07 He's more than enough.
11:14 So I'm looking to Calvary
11:20 and trusting the blood.
11:26 I'm trusting the blood
11:33 Jesus gave for my sins.
11:39 It still has the power
11:46 to heal and to cleanse.
11:52 God's mercy is flowing
11:59 in one crimson flood.
12:05 I'm washed and made whole 'cause
12:11 I'm trusting the blood.
12:18 I'm trusting the blood
12:25 Jesus shed for my sins.
12:31 It still has the power
12:37 to heal and to cleanse.
12:44 God's mercy is flowing
12:50 in one crimson flood.
12:56 I'm washed and made whole 'cause
13:03 I'm washed and made whole 'cause
13:09 I'm trusting the blood.
13:38 Heavenly Father,
13:41 we come to You today asking for Your presence.
13:47 Asking, Lord, that You would bless in a special way.
13:51 Help us to know what it means
13:56 to be part of the family of God.
14:01 May our hearts be open.
14:03 May they be responsive, may they be soft.
14:07 May the Holy Spirit speak to each one of us.
14:13 And may we, Lord, go out
14:17 as You have told us to
14:20 to proclaim Your righteousness and Your goodness
14:24 and Your soon return.
14:26 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
14:34 Well, we told you there were
14:36 two parts of the church
14:38 that were most important.
14:40 One was the front door
14:41 and that's what we talked about in our last presentation.
14:45 And we found out that that door is Jesus Christ.
14:49 He said: "I am the door. "
14:51 And so Jesus Christ is the front door of the church.
14:55 And you and I must come in through the front door,
14:59 and it says he that does that will be saved.
15:12 So He says that He... that we come in through Christ
15:15 and we go out to find pasture.
15:19 This is what He tells us we are to do.
15:21 I have been in evangelism for 50 years.
15:27 I've done evangelism for... full time...
15:31 for 50 years.
15:33 And in that 50 years I have had quite a number
15:39 of people - at least there always seems to be somebody
15:42 around - that said: "Oh yes, you come in and
15:45 hold these meetings and you bring the people in the
15:47 front door and they go right out the back door. "
15:49 I have heard that over and over and over again.
15:56 And today I'd like to really establish what the back door is
16:02 because it makes a great difference.
16:05 Back in the 1800s there was a great preacher by the name of
16:10 Charles Spurgeon.
16:11 And Charles Spurgeon went out and held a meeting
16:15 and a bunch of people responded
16:17 and gave their hearts to the Lord and were baptized.
16:19 And when he got back to his church and he was
16:23 there for a few months, he got a letter
16:25 from one of the members of that church, and they said:
16:28 "Where are all these people you baptized? "
16:32 Said: "You baptized all these people. Where are they now? "
16:36 And Charles Spurgeon wrote them back and said:
16:38 "I don't know... I left them with you. "
16:41 See? And that's pretty much true.
16:46 But you see, we have to know
16:49 what the back door of the church is and how it works.
16:53 Now if you, like myself,
16:56 were by any chance raised on a farm,
17:00 you'll understand this a little better because
17:02 the back door of the house where I grew up
17:07 is where we went out to feed the chickens
17:09 and where we went out to milk the cow
17:12 and where we went out to work in the pasture...
17:14 or even where we went out to play.
17:17 That's what the back door was used for.
17:19 And the back door was used for the family.
17:25 Are you following me?
17:27 The back door was used for the family.
17:30 That's where we worked. That's where we played.
17:32 That's what the family did.
17:35 So with the church.
17:38 The back door of the church is for the family.
17:43 Visitors - strangers - come to the front door...
17:49 they don't come to the back door.
17:52 The back door is used by the church members.
17:56 They're the ones that go there.
17:58 They're the ones that use the back door.
18:01 So when we say that people come in the front door
18:05 and go right out the back door
18:07 that's what they're supposed to be doing.
18:09 That's exactly what they're supposed to do because
18:11 we are to go out the back door.
18:13 That's what we go out... what we go out of to work
18:18 and to do things that God has called us to do.
18:22 The front door is where we come to worship.
18:26 We come in the front door and we worship the Lord Jesus Christ
18:30 there. We come in through the front door to bring visitors.
18:35 We come in the front door to help them understand
18:38 about Jesus Christ.
18:40 That's what the front door of the church is to be used for.
18:43 And so this is what is to be done
18:47 when it comes to the church.
18:48 Jesus said:
18:59 Now the problem is... is there's lots - too many -
19:05 church members that don't know anything about the back door.
19:10 They... they have never been introduced
19:14 to the back door of the church.
19:16 Uh, they come to church,
19:19 but they don't even know that the back door is there.
19:22 They don't know that it exists.
19:24 And as church members, we need to understand and know
19:29 about the back door of the church.
19:32 And the back door of the church is a very, very special place.
19:36 It says:
19:48 So it says that when you and I accept Jesus Christ
19:52 we become children of God. In other words,
19:55 it's telling you that you become part of the family.
20:00 Are you following me?
20:02 You're part of the family...
20:05 and the family, folks, uses the back door.
20:12 Are you understanding that?
20:14 The family uses the back door.
20:17 I'm sorry to say that... spiritually speaking...
20:23 there's a lot of church members
20:25 that don't even know that the back door exists.
20:29 All they ever do is they come through the front door
20:35 once a week, and they think that's all there is
20:39 to belonging to the family of God.
20:41 They aren't any more part of the family of God
20:46 than going to a concert.
20:49 In fact, they don't belong to the family of God.
20:53 They aren't any more part of the family of God
20:59 than they are becoming members of COSTCO
21:04 or Sam's Club because they go there more often.
21:07 You see, dear friends, the family is where we are to meet.
21:13 Where we are to come together.
21:15 The church - I'm part of the family of God...
21:18 I'm to be there,
21:20 and I'm to use the back door.
21:24 That's what I'm to do.
21:25 And so we use the back door for work.
21:29 We use it for fellowship.
21:33 We use it for missionary work.
21:37 This is what the back door of the church is for.
21:40 That's why it's one of the most important parts of the church
21:44 is the back door...
21:46 because that's where we go out to serve the Lord
21:50 and to do work.
21:54 We enter in the front door...
22:04 He's going in and out of the church - the back door -
22:07 to find what? Pasture.
22:10 What does that mean?
22:12 That means that we go out the back door
22:14 and we go out to work for the Lord.
22:18 This is what He wants us to do, folks.
22:21 And so the back door of the church is a very, very
22:25 important place.
22:42 Many people don't understand,
22:46 you know, that this is the work of the church.
22:50 I'm sorry to say that too many churches are like
22:53 this fellow that went to church.
22:54 And he went to the church
22:57 and when he got there
22:59 there were two doors.
23:02 And the first door - over the top of it it said
23:05 first time. And the door, the other door, it said
23:09 been here before.
23:10 And so he had never been there before, so he
23:13 took the first door.
23:15 Opened the door and here was a long hall.
23:19 And he walked down this hall
23:20 and when he got to the end of it, here were two doors.
23:23 And over one door it said
23:26 Need a lot of help
23:27 and over the other door it said Don't need much help.
23:30 And he took the last one
23:32 that said Don't need much help.
23:33 And he opened the door and here was a long hall.
23:36 And he walked down the hall
23:38 and here were two more doors.
23:40 And he got down there, and over one door it said
23:43 Church member
23:45 and over the other door it said Visitor.
23:47 And he took the Visitor door, opened it.
23:50 Found himself out on the street, and so he went home.
23:55 And he got home and his wife said: "Did you go to church? "
23:57 And he said: "Yes, "
23:59 he said, "But I didn't get any help. "
24:02 But he said: "Man, you ought to see how
24:04 well organized they are. "
24:06 You know... this is not what the church is to be.
24:11 The church is to be a place where we come together, folks.
24:14 We fellowship together; we work together.
24:17 This is where... EXCUSE ME...
24:20 but this is where your spiritual life is to be centered,
24:25 and we are to work out of the church
24:28 and to go out and proclaim the message.
24:31 This is what God called us to do.
24:34 And when church to you is something that you do
24:37 once a week and you come and you sit in the church
24:41 once a week and you walk back out
24:44 and that's the last you see of it,
24:46 that is not belonging to the family of God.
24:49 You can look at it any way you want to,
24:51 but church is a whole lot more than that.
24:56 And you and I need to be part of the family of God.
25:02 Watch what happened as it talks about it in the scripture:
25:15 Now here the church is.
25:19 These people - Saul... Paul
25:24 and Barnabas - they're there.
25:25 And watch what they do... these are the church members:
25:37 How? When has it happened?
25:39 When has it happened
25:42 that as a church you've gotten together
25:46 and you've taken some people in the church
25:49 who have a burden for people
25:51 and have prayed with them and laid hands on them
25:54 and sent them out the door... the back door...
25:56 to do something for the Lord Jesus Christ?
25:59 When has that happened?
26:02 But that's part of the family of God,
26:06 and that's what we're supposed to be doing.
26:09 And so the back door is the place where we go out
26:13 to serve the Lord.
26:17 What is the purpose of it? What is it used for?
26:20 Well let's take a look
26:22 at some things that the back door of the church is to be.
26:26 It's to be for the fellowship of the family.
26:30 That's where you meet together.
26:33 That's where you fellowship together.
26:35 You come to church here, but I guarantee you
26:41 you aren't fellowshipping.
26:43 I mean, there is no fellowshipping, folks,
26:47 sitting there and looking at the back of somebody else's head.
26:50 There... that's not fellowship.
26:54 And you can't... you're not going to get the fellowship
26:58 unless you come together
27:00 in something other than a worship service.
27:04 You've got to come together and fellowship together
27:07 and be together as a family.
27:10 This is what God wants us to be.
27:21 Maybe you never have any need spiritually.
27:28 Are you ever tried?
27:30 Does the devil ever harass you?
27:33 Huh?
27:34 I can tell you, friends...
27:37 the devil works overtime
27:43 harassing. And there's many, many times
27:48 that it would be so comforting
27:53 and so helpful to have somebody during that time
27:58 pray with me.
27:59 I don't know if you ever feel the need
28:04 of someone praying with you?
28:07 And, you know, this is what the family is for.
28:11 This is what they are to do.
28:23 As a church we are to get together.
28:28 This is... this is fellowship.
28:31 This is where you get to know one another
28:34 is where you get together and you pray for one another.
28:37 Now excuse me, but if you're looking for perfection
28:42 from one another well then you're in trouble.
28:45 You know, if that's all you're doing.
28:49 But if you can look at one another and realize
28:52 that we all have weaknesses
28:55 and we all have problems
28:57 and we can get together and pray for one another
29:00 to hold one another up in prayer and seek the Lord,
29:03 that God will bless and help us
29:06 that we might depend upon Him
29:08 in a greater way than ever before...
29:10 that's fellowship.
29:12 That's fellowship... and that's what the church is to do.
29:16 And that's where the back door comes into play
29:20 because we can come together, you know.
29:23 But just coming on Sabbath morning -
29:27 worship together, walking out the door,
29:32 going on about your work for the next week...
29:34 friend, you don't understand part of belonging
29:37 to the family of God.
29:40 We need to be together, fellowship together.
29:44 Also, it's to help one another physically.
29:47 See there's lots, I'm sure,
29:51 of church members that have great, great needs
29:56 physically you aren't even aware of.
30:01 Don't even know they're there.
30:03 And you need to be aware of those.
30:08 Oh that God would help us to come to the place
30:12 in our experience as a church -
30:16 as a group of God's people -
30:20 where we were comfortable enough
30:25 with one another that we can let down the facade
30:31 and, you know, say: "This is... this is where I'm at.
30:36 This is what my need is. "
30:38 And talk to one another.
30:39 What a difference that would make.
30:54 Is that the way it is with you?
30:59 With the rest of the family of God?
31:02 Are you of one heart?
31:04 One soul?
31:08 You know, until we come to the place that we learn to
31:12 love one another.
31:16 When we come to the place where we - how should I put it? -
31:20 treat one another
31:24 like we would like to be treated.
31:28 Where we would come to the place where we would
31:32 care for one another
31:35 and have their best interest at heart.
31:38 Then, dear friend, we would begin to see a complete change
31:44 take place.
31:46 We need to help one another.
31:48 Not only spiritually, but we need to know how this brother
31:53 or this sister is doing physically. Listen:
32:10 Now to me... I don't know what that says to you, but
32:13 to me that say that they loved one another.
32:16 They cared for one another.
32:19 There wasn't anybody there in that early church
32:23 that if they were in need knew that they
32:26 couldn't find help in the church.
32:31 Unfortunately,
32:33 this day and age
32:35 uh, we have great reservations
32:39 about opening up
32:42 and telling anybody about our needs.
32:44 And to be honest with you, folks,
32:46 you can't come to church once a week
32:50 and sit in a worship service
32:52 and walk out of church and not come again until next week
32:56 and find any kind of fellowship of this type.
33:01 That doesn't exist in that kind of a situation.
33:04 You've got to take the church,
33:08 and it's got to become part of the family.
33:12 See? Got to be family.
33:14 And until we understand that
33:16 it's not going to work like it should.
33:18 And so they had all things in common.
33:21 They helped one another physically.
33:24 And I hope... I hope by the grace of God...
33:28 I don't want to be misunderstood here,
33:31 but take Thanksgiving time.
33:38 The church... many churches will fix Thanksgiving baskets
33:43 and they'll take it to people.
33:45 And they should. Don't misunderstand me.
33:47 But if that's all there is to it once a year,
33:50 dear friend you aren't even starting to understand
33:53 what it's about.
33:54 See? It's got to be more than that.
33:57 Got to be something that we as a family
34:02 care for you.
34:04 And I hope by the grace of God
34:07 that there's not anyone who is suffering
34:12 or in need and that we're aware of it
34:18 and not doing something about it.
34:22 That... that's what we're supposed to do.
34:24 That's the back door of the church.
34:26 That's going out the door of the church...
34:29 the back door... and taking care of that person's need.
34:33 What they're needing to happen.
34:36 Also, it's to be a social time.
34:41 It's not to be all work.
34:43 The church needs to be a time where they can get together
34:47 and fellowship and have a social time together.
34:50 That's part of becoming acquainted,
34:53 and that's part of having a good time in the church.
34:56 Nothing wrong with that, folks.
34:59 Just let me say that if that's all you're doing
35:05 there's something wrong with that. See?
35:08 There... It's got to be more than just that.
35:11 It says here:
35:26 They went back to meet with the church
35:28 to fellowship with them.
35:30 This wasn't just going back to preach to them.
35:32 This was going back to see how they were doing.
35:35 This was a social time that they were having with them.
35:40 And that's what we are to do.
35:44 There's nothing wrong with getting together
35:46 and having a social time.
35:48 God expects us to do that.
35:50 That's coming in and out of the church...
35:53 the back door of the church.
35:55 That's what it's for; that's the purpose of it.
35:58 Now I've talked about the family...
36:01 what the family is to do.
36:03 But more than just the family,
36:05 we as the church have a responsibility to people
36:10 outside our church.
36:13 I can tell you right now, your responsibility
36:16 does not end at the door of the church.
36:20 That isn't where it ends.
36:23 God gave... called you and gave you a commission,
36:28 and that is our responsibility to take care of it.
36:31 I have to reach out to those who are in need.
36:37 That means the community.
36:40 That means the people around here.
36:43 That means people around you.
36:45 I have a responsibility for those people.
36:50 Forgive me if I get a little close to home.
36:55 You don't need to raise your hands.
37:01 How many of you know the people in your community?
37:08 Do you know your people next door?
37:14 Do they know you?
37:16 If they were in trouble,
37:21 would they come to see you?
37:26 See? That's your responsibility
37:29 is to go to those people. They should look upon you
37:34 as a friend. They should see in you a neighbor
37:39 who they can find help, who they can depend on.
37:44 That's someone that they know would care for their needs
37:48 and trust them.
37:50 Have you ever gone to your neighbor
37:55 and prayed with them?
38:01 These are our responsibilities.
38:04 So we need to look after the people out there. It says:
38:19 Now follow carefully...
38:20 He's saying: "Come, all you blessed of My Father.
38:26 Inherit the kingdom. " Watch what He says:
38:45 See, He's saying: "Come, you blessed of My Father. "
38:50 Who are blessed?
38:52 "Because I was hungry and you fed Me.
38:58 Thirsty... and you gave Me something to drink. "
39:03 Have you given somebody
39:08 a drink of water?
39:13 Uh...
39:17 have you ever just taken a stranger
39:21 and fed them?
39:47 Have you ever visited a prison?
39:51 Hmmm?
39:52 Have you ever walking into a prison and sat down, and
39:56 talked to the inmates there?
40:00 If you have never done that,
40:02 you have missed a real experience.
40:06 You ought to.
40:08 You might need to understand
40:11 what those... Oh yes, they may have done something wrong.
40:15 Probably they did.
40:16 That's not the point.
40:18 The point is that Jesus Christ died for that person.
40:23 And I don't care if they are in prison,
40:26 He died for them, and you and I have a responsibility
40:31 of seeing the gospel is taken to them.
40:36 So if you... if you are saying
40:40 "Well, I don't know what to do.
40:42 I don't know how to do anything like that for the Lord. "
40:45 Well try going to a prison... visit them.
40:51 This is what He's talking about.
40:53 "I was in prison, and you came to Me. "
40:57 We make it a habit to visit prisons.
41:04 In fact, we furnish prisons all across this country
41:10 with videos free.
41:13 Literally have hundreds of prisons that have our videos
41:17 in them telling about Jesus Christ.
41:19 This... this is what God wants us to do, folks.
41:24 And what I'm trying to get across to you today
41:26 is this you do out the back door.
41:42 They said: "What are you talking about?
41:45 When did we do these things? "
41:57 They said: "Lord, all these things You're talking about...
42:00 when did we do these things? "
42:14 Do you understand what He's saying?
42:19 He's saying that that should be
42:23 the natural reaction
42:27 of belonging to the family of God.
42:31 In other words,
42:33 helping somebody
42:36 and caring for them...
42:39 spiritually or physically...
42:40 should be the natural result
42:44 of my relationship with Jesus Christ.
42:48 If your relationship with Jesus Christ
42:52 is not developing within you
42:58 a desire to share with others,
43:03 then dear friend, you need to look at that relationship.
43:06 Because there is no such thing...
43:10 there is no such thing as someone who is born
43:16 into the family of God
43:19 that isn't born into the family of God as a missionary.
43:23 Anybody that is born into the family of God
43:27 that person is a missionary, a witness.
43:32 And you and I have the responsibility of taking the
43:36 gospel to the world... to those about us.
43:40 This is what God has called us to do.
43:42 The gospel is to be taken to all the world.
43:47 God gave you and me this commission:
44:08 That's the commission.
44:11 That's what God has called us to do.
44:17 The Duke of Wellington was sitting in a meeting
44:21 where some church leaders were discussing
44:26 the place where they should take the gospel.
44:28 And they were trying to decide whether this place was really
44:33 worth their effort of taking the gospel there and if
44:37 they shouldn't direct their attention some other place.
44:40 And they went to the Duke of Wellington and asked him
44:43 what he thought, and he said:
44:46 "Gentlemen, you and I have been given our marching orders. "
44:51 That is what our responsibility is: to take the gospel
44:55 to ALL the world.
44:58 So what does that include?
45:01 That includes Thompsonville.
45:05 Have you? Have you made an effort
45:09 to go out and touch each home here?
45:16 Do the people here in Thompsonville
45:21 know that at 3ABN they could find help?
45:27 Do they know that if they needed help spiritually
45:32 that you would pray for them?
45:35 Do they know that if they were hungry
45:39 they could be fed here?
45:46 Does the people around your church - those of you
45:48 that are watching by television -
45:52 people around your church know that there at the church
45:56 they could find help?
45:58 You see, our responsibility is to take the gospel
46:01 to the whole world.
46:03 That includes our neighborhood.
46:06 That is our responsibility.
46:08 And I need to take it and preach the gospel to the whole world,
46:12 but I need to make sure my neighborhood
46:14 is being taken care of.
46:17 Need to proclaim it to men and women all over the world.
46:22 And thank God, the message is going.
46:26 But I sometimes think
46:29 that we are a little more concerned
46:34 with seeing that
46:38 the folks in Africa and the folks in Europe
46:44 and the folks in different places are hearing the message
46:49 and at the same we neglect...
46:54 we neglect our community.
46:57 And dear friend, our first responsibility - I'm sorry...
47:01 Your first responsibil...
47:02 Do you know where your first responsibility is?
47:04 Huh?
47:06 Your first responsibility is your home.
47:09 People in your household...
47:13 they are your first responsibility.
47:18 But it doesn't stop there.
47:20 And I'm talking about taking the gospel.
47:23 Your next responsibility is your neighborhood.
47:27 That is your responsibility,
47:30 and you can't come and go in and out, day in and day out
47:34 and pay no attention to your neighbors.
47:38 You need to... you need to talk to your neighbors.
47:42 You need to visit with them.
47:43 I don't care if you just go down there and knock
47:45 on the door and tell them your name and tell them
47:47 you're their neighbor and you just wanted to get acquainted.
47:50 But you need to talk to them; you need to get acquainted.
47:56 And please, I beg of you,
47:59 don't... when you visit people,
48:03 don't judge them.
48:05 Don't judge them.
48:08 You know? How should I explain this?
48:16 You may knock on a door and the house may be dirty.
48:23 Unkempt.
48:27 And the person you're visiting may be sitting there
48:30 drinking a bottle of beer and smoking a cigarette.
48:36 Don't judge that person.
48:39 Let me tell you a little secret:
48:41 the Lord Jesus Christ can change that.
48:45 Your responsibility and mine
48:48 is to take the gospel to them.
48:50 That is what God calls us to do:
48:53 to proclaim it to men and women no matter where they are.
48:58 After I've taken care of my neighborhood
49:01 then I need to look in the area.
49:05 Then you need to look concerning other areas around you
49:08 and then to cities and towns and to nations
49:11 that the whole world might hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
49:16 Oh, it's not easy.
49:18 The Lord said:
49:24 Now dear friend, if I'm going out here in the midst of wolves,
49:30 that's dangerous!
49:32 Do you understand me?
49:34 That's dangerous... so if you're going out witnessing
49:37 for Jesus Christ, it's not going to be a bed of roses.
49:41 It's not going to be easy.
49:44 He sends you out among wolves.
49:47 I really don't mind that
49:50 if I know something...
49:51 and that is that I know
49:55 that I have brothers and sisters that love me.
50:17 If I know I've got church members there that love me
50:20 and care for me, I don't mind going out there
50:23 and getting bruised.
50:25 But I want to know there's somebody there that their heart
50:29 beats with mine and they love me and they care for me.
50:32 When we do that, then we're doing what God asks us to do.
50:51 I'll never forget as I was walking through the Alps
50:57 in the area where the Waldensian valley was.
51:02 And I went there where one of these little stone
51:08 buildings were that had been a church
51:10 for the Waldensian people.
51:12 And as I was walking there in the church,
51:16 I walked up and walked around in the front where the pulpit was.
51:21 And I'll never forget what I read on the front of the pulpit.
51:26 It said: "If you be no missionary,
51:31 you be nothing at all. "
51:35 And oh, how true!
51:36 God has called you, has called me,
51:40 to minister to those about us.
51:43 This is the back door of the church.
51:46 Go out! Take the message.
51:49 As God said: "So send I you. "
51:56 So send I you
52:00 to take the souls in bondage
52:05 the words of truth
52:08 that sets the captive free.
52:13 To hear My voice
52:16 "Well done, My faithful servant.
52:23 Come share My throne,
52:26 My kingdom, and
52:30 My crown. "
52:35 Let us pray.
52:38 Father in Heaven,
52:41 as we look out upon our communities
52:45 around the people around us
52:49 and as we sense, Lord, how short time is,
52:54 we pray that You will help us
52:59 that as a church
53:03 we'll meet together and fellowship together
53:05 and be a family of God.
53:09 And as we have come in through Christ Jesus
53:12 we pray that we might go out
53:15 the back door of the church taking the gospel
53:18 to men and women around the world and in our communities
53:22 and those who don't know You, Lord.
53:24 May we be faithful.
53:27 Grant to us, Lord, that the church may not be a place
53:32 where we come once a week
53:37 but it will become the center of our activity
53:42 and where we will worship You, serve You,
53:45 and go out... be of service to mankind.
53:50 Bless each one here
53:52 that they may know the joy and happiness that there is
53:56 in Christ Jesus. Amen.
54:03 Well, as we continue to look at The Apple of God's Eye,
54:09 His church... what God put the church here for.
54:14 How am I, how are you to relate to it?
54:18 Our next presentation will be on the Church - The Storehouse.
54:23 So God bless you.
54:24 Hope you'll be each blessed in a special way.
54:28 Take care.
54:30 There's a popular movie that depicts the complete
54:34 annihilation of the world through earthquakes,
54:37 fires, tsunamis, and floods
54:40 in the year 2012 AD.
54:42 Jesus warns us against setting dates in Matthew 24:36.
54:47 "But of that day and hour, no one knows...
54:50 not even the angels of heaven
54:52 but My Father only. "
54:54 While this film may be entertaining,
54:57 it has done nothing but heighten the fear
54:59 of the people of this world.
55:01 For many years now, we have seen the signs of a world
55:05 in a state of collapse.
55:06 And even unbelievers are increasingly uncomfortable
55:10 with the way things are going.
55:12 Truly we stand on the very edge
55:15 of earth's history. And believe me,
55:18 the $250,000,000 spent on special effects for this film
55:22 don't even come close
55:24 to what is about to be unleashed upon mankind.
55:28 The Bible warns of wars,
55:30 famines, pestilence, and earthquakes
55:33 culminating in the most spectacular upheaval
55:37 this world has ever seen.
55:39 Just listen to this description
55:41 found in Revelation the sixth chapter.
55:43 "And behold, there was a great earthquake
55:46 and the sun became black as the sackcloth of hair
55:49 and the moon became like blood.
55:52 And the stars of the heaven fell to the earth
55:54 as a fig tree drops its late figs
55:57 when it is shaken by a mighty wind.
56:00 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up
56:03 and every mountain and island were moved out of its place. "
56:08 Friends, this will not be a Hollywood movie.
56:12 These events will surely take place,
56:14 and we must warn the world as quickly as possible.
56:18 You see, there will be no secret rapture.
56:23 Every human being alive at the time will be affected
56:27 whether they are wicked or righteous.
56:29 But while the fear that has gripped the hearts of the wicked
56:32 will cause them to beg for rocks to fall on them,
56:36 those who are righteous will welcome these events
56:39 as signs of Christ's coming.
56:42 They will say: "Behold! This is our God.
56:44 We have waited for Him, and He will save us. "
56:48 Listen to these glorious words
56:50 from I Thessalonians 4:
56:53 "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout
56:56 with the voice of the archangel
56:59 and with the trumpet of God,
57:01 and the dead in Christ will rise first.
57:03 Then we who are alive and remain
57:06 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
57:08 to meet the Lord in the air.
57:10 And thus we shall always be with the Lord.
57:13 Wherefore, comfort one another with these words. "
57:17 Oh friends, our burden is to share this good news.
57:21 To bring comfort to those who are living in fear.
57:24 That's why we continue to preach the gospel of salvation
57:27 through Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen.
57:31 To see a soul come to Jesus and be saved is worth any cost
57:35 and all efforts. That's why this ministry exists.
57:39 Won't you help us?
57:41 Please consider what you can do
57:43 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:45 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:47 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:01 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:04 through television and radio.
58:05 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
58:08 to millions around the world.


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