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Why Believe In Jesus Christ?

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00:19 Well good morning and happy Sabbath everybody.
00:22 Good to have all of you here:
00:24 visitors and our guests
00:26 here at the Thompsonville
00:27 Seventh-day Adventist church.
00:29 And I want to welcome you
00:30 from around the world who are watching us on 3ABN
00:33 or listening to us over the radio.
00:35 We welcome you to the Thompsonville SDA church
00:38 Sabbath morning service
00:39 where Pastor Kenneth Cox continues with
00:42 Give Me The Bible.
00:43 You know, this is the 12th month that he's come.
00:48 Each month he's brought us five different sermons.
00:51 Do you realize this is sermon #58 that he's going to bring
00:55 to us today? The title of the series this month
00:59 is No Other Name Like Jesus.
01:01 You know, there's something that the scripture says
01:03 about the name of Jesus.
01:05 At the name of Jesus every knee's going to do what?
01:08 Every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess
01:12 that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God.
01:15 Jesus Christ is Lord.
01:16 Well, today's title is... Pastor Cox asks the question
01:23 What Makes Jesus Different?
01:25 I'm very interested in seeing what he has discovered
01:29 that makes Jesus so different... different from the other ones
01:32 that would call themself god.
01:34 But Jesus is different, isn't He?
01:36 I'm looking forward to Pastor Cox' sermon on this.
01:39 But before Pastor Cox comes,
01:41 we have Melody Firestone with us.
01:43 Melody is Danny's daughter, and God has blessed her
01:47 and gifted her with a beautiful gift.
01:49 And she's taken that gift and given it right back to the Lord.
01:52 And she's going to minister a beautiful song:
01:54 All My Praise.
02:13 My soul thirsts for You.
02:19 My heart burns for You.
02:24 No earthly love can fill
02:30 this void inside of me.
02:36 I long to know You better.
02:42 Spend some time together.
02:48 You are exactly
02:52 what I need.
02:58 And Lord I've come to worship
03:04 and give You all my praise.
03:10 My blessed Redeemer
03:16 my hands to You I raise.
03:22 In You I find solace,
03:28 a peaceful resting place.
03:33 With all that I have
03:36 and all that I am
03:39 I give You
03:42 all my praise.
03:54 Lord, You are my refuge...
04:00 a haven I can run to.
04:06 You're the only perfect love
04:10 I have ever known.
04:17 My eyes desire to see You.
04:22 My spirit longs to embrace You.
04:29 For You are the lover of
04:34 my soul.
04:38 And Lord I've come to
04:42 worship
04:45 and give You all my praise.
04:51 My blessed Redeemer,
04:56 my hands to You I raise.
05:02 In You I find solace...
05:08 a peaceful resting place.
05:13 With all that I have
05:16 and all that I am
05:19 I give You all my praise.
05:25 With all that I have
05:28 and all that I am
05:30 Lord I give You
05:34 all my
05:37 praise.
05:52 Thank you, Melody. Appreciate that.
05:55 Give You all my praise.
05:57 That's what we want to do...
05:59 to give God our praise.
06:02 Welcome to each of you today.
06:04 Glad to welcome you here.
06:06 And to all of you who are
06:07 joining us by television
06:09 or by radio,
06:10 we welcome you.
06:11 We hope that as you have tuned in
06:15 as we've been going through this series on the... on Jesus:
06:19 No Other Name Like Jesus.
06:22 That's what we're looking at this series is Jesus Christ.
06:26 We've looked at Who Is Jesus?
06:28 Historically who was He and what took place.
06:31 We've also taken a look at Why Believe in Jesus Christ?
06:36 Why should you and I believe in Him?
06:39 And today: What Makes Jesus Christ Different?
06:43 What Makes Christ Different?
06:45 And then our next presentation is going to deal with
06:48 the positions of Christ in a subject entitled
06:59 We'll take a look at those different three positions
07:02 that He holds and how they fit into the ministry
07:06 of Jesus Christ.
07:08 And then our closing presentation will be entitled
07:10 Unto You A Savior.
07:12 So we're very happy that you're here
07:14 and hope that you'll continue to follow as we go through
07:20 the subjects on Jesus Christ.
07:23 But today we're looking at:
07:27 What makes Him different than Buddha?
07:30 What makes Him different than Confucius
07:33 or different than Mohammad?
07:38 If He is a Savior, what makes Him different than these
07:42 other people who claim to be saviors?
07:45 That's what we're looking at.
07:46 So as we go through the subject,
07:48 you want to look for those things that are distinct
07:52 concerning Jesus Christ.
07:54 I think you'll find that there are certain things about Jesus
07:58 that no one else has or can do.
08:04 So we just thank you for being with us
08:07 and we ask that you'll continue to walk with Him
08:10 and follow Him in all that you do.
08:12 Very happy to have with us today Pastor John Lomacang.
08:16 And he's going to sing for us a medley that deals
08:20 with Jesus Christ.
08:23 Thank you, John.
08:35 I come to the garden
08:39 alone,
08:43 while the dew
08:46 is still on the roses;
08:53 And the voice I hear,
08:57 falling on my ear,
09:02 the Son of God
09:06 discloses.
09:14 He speaks,
09:16 and the sound of His voice
09:21 is so sweet
09:23 that the birds hush their singing;
09:30 And the melody
09:34 that He gave to me
09:39 Within my heart
09:43 is ringing.
09:48 And He
09:53 walks with me,
09:56 and He talks with me,
10:00 And He tells me that I am
10:05 His own;
10:09 And the joy that we share
10:13 as we tarry there
10:18 None other
10:20 has ever known.
10:32 Grant it, Jesus,
10:37 is my plea;
10:42 I want to be daily walking
10:48 close to Thee...
10:52 Let it be, dear Lord,
10:58 let it be.
11:03 Let it be,
11:07 dear Lord,
11:09 let it be.
11:16 What... what a friend we have
11:21 in Jesus,
11:26 All our sins and griefs
11:32 to bear!
11:36 And what... what a privilege
11:42 to carry
11:47 Ev'rything
11:51 to God in prayer!
11:57 O what peace
12:01 we often forfeit,
12:07 And O what needless
12:11 pain we bear,
12:17 It's all because
12:21 we do not carry
12:27 Ev'rything
12:31 to God in prayer!
12:37 Yes, take it
12:42 to the Lord
12:47 in prayer.
13:01 Amen!
13:16 Heavenly Father,
13:19 we come today desiring to see Jesus.
13:26 May we understand better
13:32 what He's done for each one of us.
13:36 We give our hearts to You today, Lord.
13:38 Send Your Spirit.
13:41 May it touch each one.
13:45 May our hearts be open, responsive.
13:50 And may we get a glimpse
13:54 of Your greatness and Your majesty
13:57 in Your sacrifice in our behalf.
14:02 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
14:13 I'm going to do something today that I seldom do.
14:17 And it's very, very few times in my ministry
14:22 that I have preached sermons
14:25 in which I have dealt with just one text
14:30 and centered everything around
14:32 one text.
14:33 But that is essentially what I'm
14:35 going to do today:
14:36 we're going to take a look at one text.
14:39 And that text is this one that says in Hebrews 13:8:
14:49 That simple text: "Christ is the same yesterday,
14:53 today, and forever" we're going to look at today.
14:57 And as far as I'm concerned, in this text
15:01 is contained everything that is necessary
15:04 to understand why Jesus Christ
15:07 is different than anyone else.
15:11 And so we're going to look to start with
15:14 at Christ, the same yesterday.
15:17 What He was in the past.
15:19 Then we're going to take a look at what He is today.
15:23 And then we're going to take a look
15:25 at what He is in the future... forever.
15:28 And so that's what we're going to look at as we go through this
15:31 presentation. And watch as we talk about what makes
15:36 Jesus Christ different.
15:38 When it comes to Christ yesterday,
15:41 the Bible has some very, very clear points
15:45 that it makes about where Christ was,
15:49 where He existed, and so forth.
15:51 And so we're going to take a look at the pre-existence
15:54 of Christ. What does the Bible tell us
15:58 about Jesus before He came to this earth?
16:01 What does it tell us, what does it inform us
16:05 about Him? Well, it starts out and says here:
16:17 Said: "Father, glorify Me with the glory that I had
16:22 with You before the world was. "
16:26 Before there was ever sin.
16:30 See? Sin did not exist.
16:33 God's universe was peaceful.
16:38 God's universe had no taint
16:41 of any kind of thing that was bad
16:44 in all the universe of God,
16:47 because this is talking about before this world ever was.
16:52 When all the universe worshiped God.
16:57 That God the Father and Jesus Christ were supreme
17:03 and they were worshiped and glorified
17:06 before the whole universe.
17:08 As it says in the oldest book, oldest book in our Bible...
17:13 the first chapter and verse 6...
17:15 Job the first chapter verse 6 says
17:18 that "the Sons of God came together. "
17:23 Here the Sons of God,
17:24 those created beings that God had made
17:28 on the worlds that He has made...
17:31 because in Isaiah it tells us
17:33 that He created the worlds - plural -
17:36 to be inhabited.
17:37 And so here they came to present themselves before
17:41 the Lord, and they worshiped God.
17:43 All the innumerable host of angels
17:48 that are without number worshiped God
17:52 with the glory that He had with the Father
17:54 before this world ever was.
17:57 This was Christ, the Son of God.
18:01 Goes on and says:
18:10 Before this world or any other world
18:14 ever came into existence
18:18 Jesus Christ was there.
18:23 Now you think about it.
18:24 Before anything existed Jesus Christ was there.
18:39 Said: "I have been from everlasting.
18:42 There has never been a time in which He wasn't there...
18:48 worshiped, honored, glory... as God.
18:53 As One with the Father.
18:57 And so when we're talking about Jesus Christ
19:00 we're talking about Jesus Christ yesterday.
19:05 That's before there was ever an earth... there was ever sin,
19:11 there was ever a problem that we find ourselves in today.
19:38 Existed... always there.
19:41 And so when we take a look at Jesus Christ
19:45 indeed, He was before this world ever came into existence.
19:51 But not only was He here before the world ever came
19:54 into existence, but the scripture tells us
19:58 that this world and the other worlds
20:00 all came forth from His hand.
20:04 That He is the Creator of this world.
20:08 I don't know about you, but when I first became a Christian
20:11 and started reading through my Bible
20:14 and began to study it, and all of a sudden I became aware
20:18 for the first time that it was Jesus Christ that created.
20:23 Oh what a difference that made
20:26 in my understanding of the scripture
20:28 as I read and understood that He was the One that
20:33 created and made this world!
20:35 That it came forth from His hand. As we read here in John:
20:39 "In the beginning was the... "
20:41 In the when?
20:43 "In the beginning. "
20:45 Now that's... that's hard for you and I to understand.
20:49 You know, "in the beginning. "
20:51 Well, what do you mean "in the beginning? "
20:53 Before there was ever a world He existed.
21:04 Jesus Christ was with God and He was God.
21:24 He... He is God,
21:28 and there wasn't anything that came into existence
21:33 that He didn't make.
21:35 It says that He could speak things into existence.
21:41 Just... just consider that:
21:44 to be able to speak and something would form.
21:50 But He can speak it into existence.
21:54 Because if you ever go through the scripture and just
21:57 look at what it has to say about God speaking.
22:02 I mean, it talks about Him doing all kinds of things.
22:05 It talks about Him whispering things in existence.
22:08 It even talks about Him whistling to the fly,
22:11 did you know that?
22:13 Talks about Him... great voice
22:16 that He proclaimed things into existence.
22:19 He could speak it, and it would come into being.
22:23 This One - The Word, God...
22:28 who was the Creator - came to this earth.
22:40 He who existed before the world was into being,
22:45 He who created everything,
22:48 this One became flesh.
23:03 This was Jesus Christ.
23:07 So when we're taking a look at Jesus Christ yesterday,
23:10 folks, I'm talking about what makes Him different.
23:14 Clearly, His pre-existence makes Him different.
23:20 Being Creator makes Him different.
23:25 These are things that nobody else claims
23:29 and nobody else can claim
23:31 but Him.
23:33 That He was the Creator of this world.
23:57 And folks, please notice. We read that many times
23:59 but it doesn't say He created the world.
24:02 It says He created the worlds plural.
24:07 And so when you step out at night and you see all these
24:10 stars, understand that He's the One
24:17 that spoke them into existence.
24:20 That He is the One who is the Creator of everything.
24:27 God... ever since... He is God.
24:46 Made all this; created all things
24:49 through His Son Jesus Christ.
24:52 So if you're looking for what makes Jesus Christ different
24:56 then I would tell you that He is the Creator.
25:00 And none of these others can claim that.
25:04 He is the One who is the Creator.
25:05 Not only is He the Creator but He's the sustainer of life.
25:10 You see, you're here this morning
25:15 because of Him.
25:17 You may not have realized that,
25:20 but when you woke up this morning and you found yourself
25:24 still breathing, that was because of Him
25:27 that you're breathing.
25:29 Because it says:
25:46 Through Jesus Christ that you and I live.
25:50 He is the One since He spoke the world into existence
25:55 and all the laws of nature took place because He placed
26:00 them in order and they operate at His command.
26:04 Therefore because He does those things
26:08 you and I can live.
26:11 Do you understand this morning?
26:14 Do you understand that some of the laws of nature
26:18 that if they were off just a fraction
26:23 you and I would not be alive?
26:28 See, that all happens. And it says here:
26:39 So Jesus Christ is the One that sustains our life day by day.
26:45 And dear friend, you and I certainly shouldn't be
26:51 so - how should I say? - so, uh,
26:56 unaware, so unconcerned
27:01 that we don't take time every morning
27:05 to thank Him that we're alive.
27:09 Thank Him that we're living.
27:11 That we move, we have our being in Jesus Christ.
27:16 These are things as far as Jesus Christ
27:21 yesterday, these are things that make Him decidedly different
27:27 than any other person who claims
27:32 to have any kind of salvation
27:37 or hope to offer to you.
27:40 I don't know. I would much rather put my hope
27:46 in One who created
27:51 and One who existed
27:55 than placing it in someone who had been created any day.
28:01 Secondly, it says Jesus Christ
28:05 the same yesterday but what? Today.
28:11 So what about Jesus Christ today?
28:14 What does it tell us? What has He done today
28:18 that makes Him different than anyone else?
28:23 Well, to begin with
28:25 it tells us that He took upon Himself
28:30 our form. It says:
28:39 What... we found that out... that He was the Creator.
28:44 That He was with the Father in the beginning
28:46 before the world was ever created.
28:48 That He was in the form of God.
28:50 That He was equal with God, if you please.
29:07 Umm, this is where, as far as I am
29:13 concerned personally,
29:16 I lose all concept
29:22 of what's involved in that.
29:24 It just completely leaves me.
29:28 I... I don't even start
29:30 to comprehend what that verse has to say.
29:34 That He took upon Himself, no reputation,
29:37 "Taking the form of a bondservant
29:40 and coming in the likeness of men. "
29:42 I can't comprehend that.
29:43 It just totally leaves me when I read it.
29:48 'Cause you think about it:
29:51 that He who was from the beginning,
29:55 from everlasting,
29:57 equal with God,
30:01 the Creator,
30:04 would take the form of His creation?
30:09 I can't comprehend that.
30:14 You know? Even... I couldn't even comprehend
30:21 it for Him to take that step.
30:25 But for Him to take the step and become an angel
30:31 maybe... maybe some way.
30:36 But He didn't do that.
30:39 He became a human being.
30:43 Became one of us.
30:47 That means that He became
30:51 lower than the angels.
30:57 Became human.
31:02 The Creator became
31:07 like one of His creations.
31:13 The Creator took...
31:17 took two steps down.
31:24 Would you be willing to do that?
31:27 Can... can you comprehend it?
31:30 I can't.
31:33 Would you take two steps down?
31:37 The next order of life below you would be what?
31:42 Animals.
31:44 Horses, cows, cats, dogs.
31:49 Would you be willing to become one?
31:54 And - don't misunderstand me - not just become one
31:58 for a day.
32:01 Would you be willing to become one for the rest of time?
32:08 But that's one step.
32:12 But he didn't take one step.
32:15 He took two.
32:19 The next order of life below that would be?
32:22 Insects.
32:24 You willing
32:27 to become an ant or a grasshopper?
32:34 And take that form upon you for the rest of time?
32:39 To always be like that?
32:41 I can't comprehend that.
32:45 I can't even start in any way to consider.
32:51 It wouldn't even be a question,
32:55 but that's what He did.
32:58 He took upon Himself the form
33:04 of His creation.
33:05 He became like you and me.
33:10 No one else ever did that.
33:16 No one else.
33:24 Indeed He did!
33:26 And it says "He humbled Himself"
33:28 like none of us would ever, ever, ever
33:34 be required to do.
33:44 Here... here, folks,
33:48 He's leaving... He's leaving all of heaven,
33:55 the glory He had with his Father and everything,
33:57 He's leaving all that and taking two steps down
34:01 and becoming human.
34:04 And we don't... have enough audacity...
34:09 to welcome Him as the King of Kings
34:16 but don't even give Him a place to lie in a manger.
34:22 Humbled Himself.
34:26 "Became obedient... even to the death
34:32 of the cross. "
34:35 Took upon Himself mankind.
35:00 That He just didn't take upon Himself our form
35:04 but He came here willing to die
35:11 for you and for me.
35:13 Now you tell me... now you tell me
35:16 who else has done that.
35:21 We're talking about what makes Him different.
35:23 Who else - willing to leave heaven, willing to leave
35:28 all that and come and face
35:33 what Jesus faced here on this earth.
35:51 He learned obedience by things that He suffered.
35:57 Interesting.
36:03 Has life been hard on you lately?
36:06 Had a rough time?
36:09 Let me tell you something: you never, never, never
36:15 learn obedience or suffering
36:20 in a book.
36:24 That doesn't come in a book.
36:26 Only way you learn obedience
36:29 and suffering is by experience.
36:33 You have to experience it.
36:36 And that's the way we learn.
36:39 And that's the way He learned.
36:41 He came here. Made Himself one of us
36:46 and then faced life just exactly like you and I
36:52 face life. He learned obedience.
36:56 He learned suffering.
36:58 Those were things that He experienced just like we
37:01 must experience it.
37:10 It says: "And having been perfected... "
37:14 that does not say "having been perfect. "
37:17 It says: "having been perfected. "
37:19 That meant day by day He learned through obedience
37:23 and suffering.
37:26 And so you and I must learn
37:31 day by day through obedience and suffering.
37:36 That's how we learn. That's what changes our characters,
37:42 folks. You see,
37:46 He who was from the beginning,
37:50 He who was the Creator,
37:53 He who came to this earth
37:58 and took upon Himself your form and mine
38:00 did that because you...
38:06 because you are lost
38:11 and He had to provide a way back
38:15 if you were going to be saved.
38:17 And so you and I must follow Him
38:22 and follow what He did
38:25 that we, too, might be made new
38:30 and have eternal life.
38:33 This is what He did for us.
38:46 He faced life just exactly like we face it
38:50 in every aspect.
38:55 And so if life's a little rough
38:59 then pick up the Bible.
39:03 Spend some time in it on the life of Jesus.
39:09 And take courage
39:11 'cause He's been there before.
39:14 He's lived it.
39:15 He learned it just like you and I must learn it.
39:19 Granted, at times it will test your faith
39:24 but you will come through much, much better
39:29 and much, much stronger
39:32 because you have walked with Him by faith.
39:37 So nobody else has done that.
39:43 Secondly, His divinity.
39:46 That He not only came to this earth
39:50 as a man like one of us
39:55 but He was also divine.
40:09 Came here as one of us
40:13 but veiled in this human form,
40:18 veiled in this body,
40:20 was One who was also the Son of God.
40:26 It was God.
40:28 Think... You talk about trials.
40:33 You talk about temptation.
40:35 Think about when if in your hand
40:42 lay all the power of the universe.
40:48 That you could speak and it would happen...
40:55 and you can't use it.
41:00 Think about that.
41:03 That you can't use it...
41:05 because part of His coming to this earth
41:09 was the fact that He was to come here
41:13 and live like we must live
41:17 and tempted in all points as we are tempted.
41:20 And therefore as the Son of God
41:25 He could not use that power to overcome
41:29 or to help Himself in any situation.
41:33 Oh, He exercised power as God
41:38 to help you, but never to help Himself.
41:44 This... this is part of the divinity
41:48 that He came here to this earth with.
41:51 That He, indeed, was God.
42:14 "Unto you a child is born. "
42:19 You understand what that's saying?
42:21 That's human.
42:25 "Unto you a child is born. "
42:29 Mary gave birth to Jesus.
42:33 "Unto you a child is born. "
42:36 "Unto you a Son is given. "
42:41 That's divine.
42:43 The Father - God the Father -
42:46 gave us His Son.
42:50 So One is born human. The other is given to us.
42:56 And the One who was given to us
43:01 is equal with the Father.
43:04 He is called Wonderful.
43:07 And oh, indeed, folks, as you look at His life
43:11 indeed He is wonderful.
43:14 No question. Counsellor.
43:16 There is guidance, there is direction,
43:21 there is help with Jesus Christ.
43:25 Oh so often... When you're burdened
43:29 and when you have something that you don't know what to do with
43:32 dear friends, go... go to Christ.
43:37 Go to Him; seek His counsel.
43:39 He'll give you counsel; He'll give you direction.
43:44 He's a Counsellor.
43:47 The Mighty God.
43:50 Do you... do you see Him as the Mighty God?
43:57 Do you realize that there is nothing that He can't do?
44:03 Do you realize that there is no situation
44:08 that you are in that He can't handle?
44:14 That if you and I will just simply turn it over to Him...
44:19 Everlasting Father.
44:22 From the beginning.
44:23 The Prince of Peace.
44:34 This is Jesus,
44:37 the divine Son of God.
44:41 No one else makes that claim.
44:53 This is not something that was forced upon Him.
44:59 This is something that He did of His own choice
45:04 out of love
45:09 for someone in our understanding
45:13 would be equal to an ant.
45:16 Out of love for that
45:19 He gave Himself.
45:23 Freely gave Himself.
45:37 This was not something that anybody forced upon Him.
45:42 This was done out of love for you.
45:59 So He said: "I can lay down My life.
46:02 I can take it again.
46:06 I do this out of the command of My Father. "
46:13 So God - Jesus Christ - came
46:17 and gave His life willingly
46:22 for you and for me.
46:40 Have you read that lately?
46:43 Have you noticed
46:45 "But He was wounded for... "
46:50 Now you ought to emphasize that word OUR...
46:53 "He was wounded for our transgressions. "
46:57 Not His, but ours.
46:59 "He was bruised for OUR iniquities. "
47:02 The things that WE did... this is what brought Him here
47:06 and put Him on the cross.
47:23 He came and He gave His life.
47:29 Now you need to understand, folks,
47:32 that Jesus Christ came and took upon Himself our form.
47:38 And He realized that when He
47:40 did that He took upon Himself
47:42 our form for eternity.
47:45 But He also understood
47:48 when He came here that He would have to die.
47:52 That was clear.
47:54 And as you read through His work with the disciples
47:58 time and time again He told them
48:01 this was what was going to happen.
48:03 They couldn't comprehend it.
48:05 But He told them over and over "I'm going to die.
48:08 This is going to take place. " He understood
48:11 that there could be no salvation
48:14 for anyone without His death.
48:18 Therefore don't let anybody ever tell you
48:23 that salvation can come any other way.
48:28 It cannot come by works.
48:34 Absolutely impossible. If it could come by works,
48:38 He would not have had to die.
48:42 But it could only take place
48:45 as He paid the price for your sins and mine.
48:51 And He willingly did that.
49:03 The thing that makes the difference here, folks,
49:06 is relationship.
49:08 You understand that?
49:10 When we talk about His death,
49:12 it's relationship that makes the difference.
49:15 Like right now here in West Frankfort
49:20 I'm sure in the funeral home
49:23 there's probably somebody laying there dead.
49:27 Doesn't mean anything to you.
49:33 You don't know them... they're laying there.
49:35 They're dead. Doesn't concern you or mean anything to you.
49:41 But if it was your brother laying there,
49:44 would it make a difference?
49:46 What makes the difference?
49:49 Relationship makes the difference.
49:53 He is our Elder Brother.
49:56 Came, became obedient... even to the death of the cross.
50:01 He died for you!
50:03 That's relationship... your Brother dying for you.
50:06 He became one of us... like one of us...
50:09 and died for us.
50:15 I must hurry.
50:16 Jesus Christ... the same yesterday,
50:20 today, and what? Forever.
50:25 What does forever offer?
50:38 I'm talking about what makes Him different.
50:41 Yesterday makes Him different.
50:44 Today makes Him different.
50:45 And dear friend, what the future holds makes Him different
50:50 because He will reign forever and ever.
50:56 He will always be God.
51:09 Jesus comes before Him, and it says:
51:31 He will always be there. His kingdom will last forever.
51:52 So throughout eternity
51:55 what He formerly had with His Father
51:59 before the earth was ever created
52:02 will be reinstated.
52:05 He is definitely different.
52:07 No one else offers these things.
52:10 He alone is God.
52:13 Greater, fairer than anyone else is Jesus Christ.
52:24 Fairest
52:27 Lord Jesus!
52:31 Ruler of all nature,
52:38 O Thou of God
52:44 and man
52:47 the Son!
52:52 Thee will I
52:56 cherish,
53:00 Thee will I
53:03 honor,
53:06 Thou art my glory,
53:11 joy,
53:13 and
53:16 crown!
53:22 Let us pray.
53:24 Heavenly Father,
53:27 as we consider that indeed there is no one else
53:33 like Jesus Christ.
53:37 For He has been from old...
53:41 from everlasting...
53:43 before ever there was an earth.
53:49 He, the Creator of all mankind
53:57 willing to come, Lord, and to lay down His life
54:02 that we each might reach out
54:07 and accept the sacrifice that was made in our behalf.
54:14 As we consider that indeed there is a day soon coming
54:20 in which He is coming back,
54:23 where again He will be Lord of Lords and King of Kings,
54:27 and there will be no longer sin
54:31 but peace and happiness
54:35 throughout all Your universe,
54:38 we ask Lord that each one of us here today
54:43 and all of us that are watching by television
54:45 or listening by radio
54:47 may have the privilege of being in Your kingdom.
54:50 Not because we're worthy...
54:53 indeed, we're not...
54:54 but because we have accepted You as Savior.
55:00 In this we give our hearts and our souls to you.
55:03 Amen.
55:06 Well, remember our next presentation
55:09 is Jesus: Prophet, Priest, and King.
55:13 So we hope all of you will join us again. God bless you.
55:18 Hello, friends.
55:20 In Luke the 12th chapter Jesus tells an interesting story
55:24 of a master who returned home from his wedding
55:28 hoping to find each of his servants eagerly waiting
55:31 to let him in
55:33 no matter what hour of the day or the night.
55:35 This story is about each of us
55:37 who have been bought by His precious blood
55:40 and therefore have become His servants.
55:42 And His hope is that we will faithfully be doing
55:47 the work He assigned while anxiously awaiting His return.
55:52 But this beautiful parable
55:53 has a dark warning as well.
55:56 Luke writes about a break-in that happens
55:59 in the night while the master of the house is fast asleep.
56:03 Under the cover of darkness,
56:05 a thief steals his most precious possession.
56:08 And Jesus goes on to say
56:10 "But know this, that if the master of the house
56:13 had known what hour the thief would come
56:15 he would have watched
56:16 and not allowed his house to be broken into.
56:19 Therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming
56:23 at an hour you do not expect. "
56:25 Friends, none of us know the hour of Christ's second coming.
56:29 To some it may seem like a far-off event.
56:32 But if their life should end today,
56:35 it will feel like only a moment.
56:38 Jesus' message is the same for us today.
56:41 Do all you can to prepare
56:43 and faithfully watch and wait.
56:46 Satan is a thief, and there is nothing he enjoys more
56:51 than stealing our relationship with Jesus.
56:54 He robs us by making us careless and indifferent.
56:58 He tries to distract us from spending time with our Lord
57:01 and to burden us with so much care that we become indifferent
57:05 to those who are suffering
57:07 and those who don't know about our loving Savior.
57:12 As Christians, we are given the great privilege of being
57:16 called the sons and daughters of God.
57:18 But with this privilege comes an awesome responsibility:
57:23 to be faithful servants and to tell others about Jesus.
57:27 Are you being faithful to God?
57:29 Are you ready to give an account of your stewardship?
57:32 Our ministry is geared entirely
57:35 to taking care of those spiritual needs
57:37 of those who watch us all over the world.
57:40 Won't you help us?
57:42 Please consider what you can do
57:43 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:46 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:48 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:02 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:05 through television and radio.
58:07 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
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