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00:19 Welcome to Give Me The Bible
00:21 right here in the 3ABN Worship Center in Thompsonville, IL.
00:25 I welcome all of you that are
00:26 here in the congregation
00:28 this evening. Thank you so much
00:30 for coming out! And I want to
00:32 welcome you from around the world
00:33 who are listening on radio
00:36 and watching on 3ABN.
00:37 We welcome you. You know, this is the 59th sermon tonight
00:42 that Pastor Cox has brought to us this year.
00:45 He's come every month and taken 12 different subjects
00:49 and thoroughly expounded from God's Word.
00:52 And you know, I have been blessed.
00:53 Have you been blessed?
00:55 Our church has been blessed,
00:56 and I know everyone around the world that's had the opportunity
01:01 to be a part of this Give Me The Bible series
01:04 has been thoroughly blessed as well.
01:06 Well, our subject matter tonight is No Other Name Like Jesus.
01:11 That's the series title,
01:12 and our message tonight will be Jesus: Prophet, Priest and King.
01:18 Again, this is the 59th sermon.
01:21 And I want to encourage every one of you...
01:23 if you haven't had the opportunity to listen
01:26 to all 59, get these sermons.
01:29 Listen to them over and over.
01:31 God's Word says that faith comes by hearing
01:34 and hearing by the Word of God.
01:37 It'll build you up and it will encourage you.
01:39 You know, last night Pastor Cox said something that
01:42 I had never thought about concerning God's Word.
01:44 This is what he said:
01:46 he said that "the very power
01:50 that God used to speak these worlds into existence
01:55 is the same power that He used when He spoke this Word
01:59 into existence. "
02:01 Do you know... this Word is a powerful force.
02:03 Well, Dona Klein is going to come now, and she's
02:07 going to minister a beautiful song on the organ.
02:10 It's The Family Bible.
02:12 And I'm convinced if we had more family Bibles
02:17 where the families gathered around the table in the evenings
02:21 and looked through God's Word
02:24 that there would be a lot less strife in this world today.
02:27 So before Pastor Cox comes
02:30 appreciate Dona Klein tonight.
04:59 Thank you. Family Bible.
05:02 You enjoy that?
05:04 Great. Thank you, Dona.
05:07 Appreciate that very much.
05:08 You know, the Bible has affected so many people's lives
05:11 when you stop and think about it.
05:13 I hear people talk, and
05:15 individuals that you wonder
05:18 and all, but the Bible has
05:20 affected them so much in so many ways.
05:23 That song - Family Bible - was written by Willie Nelson.
05:27 That's who wrote it.
05:29 And so you have many, many great songs
05:33 that have been written that... how it has affected
05:36 individuals' lives.
05:37 Well welcome to each of you.
05:39 We're very glad that you're here tonight.
05:41 We also want to welcome all of you that are joining us
05:44 by television or if you're listening by radio.
05:47 We welcome you and we thank you that you have been with us
05:51 as we've been going through this series
05:54 on No Other Name Like Jesus.
05:58 No Other Name Like Jesus.
06:00 And we've been looking at different aspects
06:04 of the life of Christ.
06:05 And our reason for spending this last series
06:10 in Give Me The Bible on Jesus is because
06:14 everything that we've talked about so far
06:17 doesn't have any value without Jesus Christ.
06:22 It all centers in Him.
06:25 And so we hope that you are clear
06:29 on who Jesus is.
06:32 That's what that first presentation was about
06:35 was to have you understand who Jesus Christ is
06:39 and that, without question, He is what He claimed to be...
06:44 the Son of God.
06:46 And then we took at look at Why Believe in Jesus Christ,
06:49 and we tried to give you Biblical reasons
06:53 and historical reasons for believing in Jesus Christ.
06:57 Why you should believe in Him.
06:59 Something to base your faith on,
07:02 to give you a solid foundation.
07:04 That was the purpose of that subject.
07:06 And then our last presentation that we just dealt with
07:10 was What Makes Jesus Different?
07:13 What makes Him different than anyone else?
07:17 What makes Him different than those who claim
07:21 to offer people salvation.
07:24 What makes Him different than Buddha
07:27 or Confucius or Mohammad and all?
07:30 And we gave you reasons that makes Him distinctly
07:35 different than they are.
07:37 So I hope those were helpful to you.
07:39 And then this evening we're talking about
07:46 And then our last presentation that we'll be doing
07:50 on the series is entitled
07:52 Unto You A Savior.
07:54 And so we hope that these subjects on Jesus Christ
07:58 will bless you in a special way.
08:01 Tonight's presentation:
08:05 Those are three offices that the scripture says
08:09 that Jesus holds.
08:11 How do they work?
08:12 What do they do for you?
08:14 What do they do for me?
08:15 That's what we're going to be looking at tonight.
08:17 So we hope you'll follow as we take a look
08:20 at Christ and what He has done.
08:23 We're pleased tonight
08:26 to have Dona and to have Danny
08:31 sing for us tonight. And they're going to sing
08:34 a wonderful song... one that was written by a pastor
08:39 over in China. There was a little lady
08:43 who didn't know anything about Jesus Christ
08:47 that was leaving this town.
08:51 She lived a long, long way away,
08:54 and it took her days of walking to get where she lived.
08:58 And as she was leaving the town she heard some singing.
09:01 And she went over to this little church and she stood there
09:05 and she listened to them sing
09:07 and she heard the minister talk about Jesus.
09:10 And she went on home.
09:13 And when she got home, she kept thinking about
09:15 what she had heard.
09:17 And several months later she had to come back to town.
09:20 And when she came back, she went by the little church
09:24 and she talked with the pastor.
09:26 And she said: "Tell me His name again. "
09:30 And from that, the pastor wrote the song that Dona
09:34 and Danny are going to sing for you tonight:
09:36 Tell Me His Name Again.
09:54 They told me
09:57 love's sweetest old story.
10:02 They told of a wonderful
10:07 name.
10:11 It thrilled all my soul
10:15 with its glory.
10:20 It burned in my heart
10:24 like a flame.
10:28 They told me of One
10:32 who so loved me
10:36 that in heaven He could not
10:40 remain.
10:45 He came down to seek
10:49 and to save me.
10:53 Oh, tell me His name
10:58 again.
11:01 Oh, tell me His name
11:06 again.
11:10 And sing me
11:13 that sweet refrain.
11:18 Of Him who in love
11:22 came down from above
11:27 to die on the cross
11:31 of shame.
11:35 That story my heart
11:39 has stirred.
11:43 The sweetest
11:45 I've ever heard!
11:51 It banishes fear,
11:55 it brings hope and cheer.
11:59 Oh, tell me
12:02 His name again.
12:08 They call Him the sweet
12:12 Rose of Sharon.
12:16 They call Him the Lily
12:20 so fair.
12:24 They call Him the blessed
12:28 Rock of Ages.
12:32 They call Him
12:35 the bright Morning Star.
12:40 He's Prophet and Priest
12:44 and Redeemer.
12:49 The King of all Kings
12:52 He shall reign.
12:56 He's coming in power
13:00 and in glory.
13:05 Oh, tell me His name
13:09 again.
13:13 Oh, tell me His name
13:17 again.
13:21 and sing me that sweet
13:26 refrain.
13:29 Of Him who in love
13:33 came down from above
13:37 to die on the cross
13:41 of shame.
13:45 The story my heart
13:49 has stirred.
13:53 The sweetest
13:55 I've ever heard.
14:01 It banishes fear.
14:05 It brings hope and cheer.
14:09 Oh, tell me His name
14:13 again.
14:16 It banishes fear.
14:21 It brings hope and cheer.
14:25 Oh, tell me
14:28 His name
14:31 again.
14:37 Jesus.
14:55 Without question, Lord,
14:59 the sweetest name we've ever heard is Jesus.
15:05 We pray, Lord, that we each tonight
15:09 may see Him as Lord...
15:14 as prophet, as priest, as king.
15:19 That our lives may be surrendered.
15:23 We pray that as we open Your Word this evening
15:26 that you'll give to each one of us understanding
15:30 that we may take into our hearts
15:35 what is written and that we might be responsive
15:40 to the work of Your Spirit upon our lives.
15:43 Bless each one here tonight,
15:47 each one that is watching by television
15:49 or listening on the radio or on the Internet
15:52 that they may find Jesus Christ to be
15:57 their salvation, their redemption, their Redeemer.
16:02 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
16:13 Well tonight we're going to take a look
16:15 at the different offices that Christ holds.
16:20 And of course, we find out
16:21 in the scripture that He holds
16:23 the office of prophet.
16:25 And you find that as you pick up the Word of God
16:28 and begin to read through it,
16:31 that this is something that was prophesied
16:34 a long, long time ago.
16:36 In fact, the scripture says this:
16:54 So Moses way back then
16:57 told that there would come a prophet like him
17:03 that would lead and guide the children of Israel.
17:05 So down through the years,
17:07 you have found that the children of Israel
17:10 believed that there would be a prophet that would come
17:14 that would be like unto Moses.
17:17 Now folks, when you stop and think about that
17:20 he said there was going to be a prophet that would come
17:23 like unto Moses... the only one that's ever come
17:27 is Jesus Christ.
17:29 He's the only one.
17:31 And He is that One that Moses spoke of.
17:46 So he said this is the prophet that was to come:
17:50 Jesus Christ.
17:52 The children of Israel anxiously looked forward
17:56 to that day when this prophet would show.
17:58 Now they misunderstood, because they looked...
18:02 They were expecting a prophet to come
18:05 that would basically free them from the Romans.
18:11 That would set them up and give them freedom,
18:14 and they looked for him to come.
18:16 And they were ready to accept somebody as a prophet.
18:20 There was no question about that.
18:23 You'll find that it says this about it:
18:32 They said: "This is Jesus the prophet
18:35 from Nazareth of Galilee. "
18:37 They were ready to recognize Him as the prophet
18:41 and they were ready to follow Him.
18:45 It's just that Jesus was willing
18:51 for them to accept Him as prophet
18:54 but He was not willing for them to end it there.
18:59 See? And that was the problem.
19:02 They were willing to accept Him as a prophet.
19:17 This was when Jesus had done all these miracles.
19:20 And they saw all these and they said:
19:22 "Ah, a great, great prophet has risen up among us. "
19:25 But they still were not to the place where they were willing
19:31 to accept Him as more than just a prophet.
19:42 So folks, in the time of Christ
19:45 and His life on earth,
19:47 great, great multitudes of people followed Him.
19:51 I mean, this wasn't... Sure, there were twelve
19:55 that were close-knit around Him,
19:58 but this isn't anything like the multitudes and crowds
20:02 that followed Jesus Christ.
20:04 I mean, great multitudes followed Him.
20:07 So much so that He couldn't...
20:12 He had to slip away to be able to find anything
20:16 in the way of rest because they saw Him as the prophet.
20:21 Great prophet.
20:22 Even after He had died and had been resurrected
20:30 they - many of them -
20:32 let Him die as a prophet.
20:37 In fact, as He was on the way down to Emmaeus
20:41 and He was walking with those two disciples...
20:43 And I hope you're clear that Jesus had many, many, many
20:48 disciples other than the twelve.
20:52 Do you understand the difference?
20:55 The difference was is those twelve
20:59 accepted Him as the Son of God.
21:04 They believed He WAS the Son of God.
21:07 Many of the others out there accepted Him as a prophet.
21:11 So as Jesus was walking with these two men
21:14 on the way to Emmaeus - which the scripture tells us
21:17 that their eyes were holden is what the scripture says -
21:21 which meant that God didn't permit them to recognize Him.
21:24 And as they're walking along and He's asked them some questions
21:29 and they said: "Are you a stranger here?
21:30 Don't you know what's gone on? "
21:34 "What has happened? "
21:48 You see, He had died... but as far as those two men
21:52 were concerned, He had died as a prophet.
21:56 That... that's what He was was a prophet.
22:00 When He sat at the table with them and broke the bread
22:05 and they recognized Him, then from that point on
22:09 to those men He was no longer just a prophet...
22:12 He was the Son of God.
22:14 They went out proclaiming that He was the Son of God.
22:17 But the Bible is interesting
22:19 in it tells us what the work of a prophet is.
22:23 What is a prophet to do?
22:26 What is his work?
22:27 Well, it's very interesting.
22:28 Christ fulfilled that work of a prophet to the "T"
22:32 because He was a prophet.
22:43 That's the work of a prophet:
22:45 edification, exhortation, and comfort.
22:49 That's what a prophet is to do.
22:52 And that's what Jesus did... He edified.
22:55 And you understand what edification means?
22:58 That means to be taught.
23:00 And most of us don't mind that if it's not overdone.
23:04 But we find that that's what Jesus did:
23:07 He came and He taught the people.
23:11 In fact, His teaching was such
23:14 that they had never heard anything like it before.
23:33 Oh how wonderful that would be, wouldn't it?
23:36 Today... came and walked through those villages
23:40 and He taught those people.
23:42 Taught in their synagogues and in their villages
23:46 and He healed all the sick people that were there.
23:50 Marvelous!
24:01 He edified the people... He taught them.
24:05 They saw for the first time...
24:09 they saw the kingdom of God and what it was
24:13 and what it was to be.
24:15 They saw it in light that they had never seen it before
24:21 that Jesus Christ made it real
24:24 to them.
24:33 You see, Jesus when He taught
24:38 He didn't say: "Well, it might be this way. "
24:45 Jesus didn't do that.
24:46 Or He didn't say:
24:48 "There's three ways you can look at this. "
24:50 No, that isn't the way He taught.
24:53 He said: "This is the kingdom of God.
24:56 This you can believe. "
24:59 And so you and I when we read the Word of God
25:03 we need to see it as it is and accept it as it is.
25:07 Not look at it and say: "Well how else might this be? "
25:12 He taught as one having authority,
25:16 not as one who had doubts about God.
25:21 There was no doubts in His life, no doubts in what He believed.
25:25 He taught them.
25:38 I want to read that again.
25:55 And oh, dear friend, I wish that we
25:58 would learn to walk in the Spirit.
26:04 The flesh profits nothing.
26:08 The time and the effort and everything that we spend
26:13 on the flesh...
26:17 it's worth nothing.
26:19 It's not going to last.
26:21 It's only what you find in the Spirit
26:26 that is eternal... that has lasting value.
26:30 And Jesus taught them this.
26:33 Not only did He do that, but He exhorted them.
26:36 Now you know what to be exhorted means?
26:39 Huh? Most of us don't mind being edified,
26:43 but to exhort means to... what?
26:47 Well it means to correct.
26:49 It means to urge you to do something,
26:52 to... to follow it, to walk in it.
26:55 And so He didn't just teach the people.
26:58 You'll find that as you looked at Jesus He exhorted the people.
27:02 Listen:
27:07 That's not just teaching, folks. That's exhorting.
27:17 Straightforward. Very clear.
27:21 That you and I to enter the kingdom of God
27:24 must be converted.
27:29 You cannot... you cannot bring
27:34 the old man to Jesus Christ.
27:38 I'm sorry. All the scripture says you can do with the old man
27:44 is crucify him.
27:47 It takes the new man,
27:50 and the new man only comes by conversion.
27:55 Except you are converted
27:58 and become as little children.
28:03 That means that I simply must walk by faith.
28:09 I must follow Him by faith.
28:20 And I find that so many today are unwilling...
28:27 ministers are unwilling to tell the people
28:31 that you need to repent.
28:33 You need to repent of your sins.
28:37 Uh, you can't continue to go on
28:42 and not repent of your sins
28:44 and find the relief that you need in your soul.
28:47 It only comes as I repent... get rid of it.
28:52 Jesus said: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. "
29:09 He said: "I'm not going to accuse you,
29:11 but Moses accuses you... and you trusted him. "
29:14 Because they said all the time... they said:
29:16 "Oh, we're children of Moses.
29:20 We're followers of Moses. "
29:30 Said: "If you believed Moses, you'd believe in Me
29:33 because He wrote about Me. "
29:35 When I was a young preacher
29:38 I believed that a preacher's responsibility
29:42 was to exhort the people.
29:44 I thought that that's what you were to do
29:46 was to get up and exhort the people
29:49 because I had read in the
29:50 scripture this text:
30:01 I read that and where it says "Stand on the walls of Zion
30:05 and show My people their sins. "
30:07 And so this particular Sabbath I had really let 'em have it.
30:13 I mean, I had exhorted them real, real well.
30:16 I mean, probably much, much more than I should have.
30:23 But I can remember I had finished
30:25 and I was standing at the door shaking the peoples' hands
30:29 when this old minister came by me.
30:32 He shook my hand and he said: "Young man,
30:36 can I share something with you? "
30:38 And I said: "Sure. "
30:41 He said: "You can shear your sheep often;
30:45 you can skin 'em only once. "
30:49 And I learned right then
30:53 that, you know... to exhort is one thing
30:56 but you can go too far in exhorting.
30:59 Christ exhorted but He never went too far.
31:04 Because not only does the scripture say
31:08 that we are to exhort but it also says
31:18 And that is also what we're supposed to do.
31:21 And this... Christ was a master at comforting the people.
31:26 He could take people in very, very hard circumstances
31:32 and bring great, great comfort to them.
31:35 And I wish today... I wish today so much
31:39 that we did more to comfort people.
31:43 You know, I guess any time
31:48 you stand up in a place like this
31:54 and where people all over can watch
32:00 and they can see, that you're going to have people
32:05 that are going to write and state things to you.
32:09 I wish... I wish many of the people that wrote
32:15 learned what it meant to "Comfort ye,
32:19 comfort ye My people. "
32:22 What a great difference it would make.
32:24 Jesus was a great, great Comforter.
32:42 Said: "Learn of Me, for I am gentle...
32:47 lowly of heart. "
32:58 I believe... I believe that my responsibility
33:01 and your responsibility is to
33:06 help people and to make their burden light...
33:10 not to lay on them heavier burdens.
33:13 But we are to be of help to them. And Christ did this.
33:16 I still remember - every time I read the story
33:19 it moves my soul - that He was at the village of Nain.
33:25 This poor widow... her only son
33:31 lying in the coffin
33:33 and they're walking out of the village to bury him.
33:46 I mean, here she's coming,
33:49 all the people mourning,
33:52 and His heart is moved with compassion.
34:10 What wonderful words!
34:12 You know, touched that coffin. Said: "Young man,
34:17 arise. "
34:27 What a wonderful, wonderful time!
34:30 That young man sat up there and began to talk,
34:35 and Jesus took him and presented him to his mother.
34:38 What great, great comfort that Christ offered.
34:48 Have you thought about that?
34:54 Have you? Is there somebody out there that
35:00 was really having a rough time
35:03 and you really didn't minister to them?
35:08 You broke that reed?
35:21 I've told this before.
35:27 The first church I ever pastored
35:32 the head deacon in my church smoked.
35:40 Walked into his welding shop where he worked
35:43 and there he was over in the corner
35:46 with a welding helmet pulled down
35:50 about half way with a cigarette in his mouth welding.
35:55 I was brand new.
35:58 I mean, I hadn't pastored before.
36:01 I... you know, I was just fresh out of the Seminary.
36:06 I wasn't prepared for this...
36:09 for the head deacon of my church to be smoking.
36:12 And I walked in there, and he didn't even see me.
36:17 Didn't know I was there.
36:19 Embarrassed me so bad
36:22 that I turned and walked away.
36:24 I came back to see him three times
36:30 and every time I came back I caught him in the same place
36:34 welding with a cigarette in his mouth
36:36 and left and he didn't know I was there.
36:40 I didn't know what to do.
36:44 Now this man was a wonderful man.
36:47 A - you know - a great help in the church.
36:51 A great heart... a big heart.
36:54 Everybody loved him; he was a marvelous person.
36:58 I didn't know what to do about it.
37:00 It took me six months.
37:05 I didn't know how I was going to handle it.
37:08 And finally I realized I had to do something.
37:12 And I walked into that welding shop
37:16 and there he was
37:17 over in the corner, helmet pulled down,
37:21 welding away with a cigarette in his mouth.
37:24 And I walked up behind him and I said:
37:27 "Dewey, how are you doing? "
37:29 And man, he grabbed that cigarette out of his mouth
37:33 and stuck it in his pocket
37:34 and stood up. And I said: "Dewey,
37:39 get that cigarette out of your pocket. "
37:42 Pulled it out, his hand all burned and all.
37:46 And I said: "Do you want to smoke? "
37:48 And he said: "No. "
37:50 He said: "It's the plague of my life. "
37:54 And I said: "Dewey, I'll tell you what:
37:56 I'm going to come here every day
38:00 and you and I are going to kneel right here in the welding shop
38:06 and we're going to pray.
38:08 And we're going to pray until you don't smoke any more.
38:11 And I went back every day and we prayed until he quit.
38:18 I'm just trying to say this man was a precious soul.
38:24 I could have been hard.
38:27 I could have been rough on him.
38:30 But no, that isn't what God wants us to be.
38:35 God wants us to be kind.
38:37 Wants us to be gentle.
38:40 Wants us to be forgiving.
38:42 This is what God calls us to be.
38:45 This is what Jesus Christ was.
38:47 Great, great Comforter.
38:53 Not only was He a prophet
38:56 but the scripture says He was a priest.
39:00 And dear friend, let me tell you:
39:03 no one, no one has ever
39:07 ever been saved without a priest.
39:13 Everybody has been saved by a priest,
39:19 and Jesus is that priest.
39:43 Jesus Christ is our priest...
39:47 seated at the right hand of God.
39:53 His work is there.
40:03 You see, a high priest is a mediator.
40:08 A high priest is one who represents you.
40:12 He's one that comes before God in your place.
40:17 And in order to do that... in order for Him to do that
40:23 He had to understand you and me.
40:29 And that's why it says:
40:35 Had to be like one of us.
40:43 Now, in order to be a faithful and merciful High Priest,
40:47 He also had to understand God.
40:58 So He had to understand man;
41:02 He also had to understand God.
41:06 And thank heaven
41:10 that He came here
41:13 and He understands each one of you.
41:17 You do not have a situation
41:22 that He can't understand.
41:24 He understands EVERY situation.
41:28 And thank the Lord He also knows God's side.
41:33 He knows both.
41:35 And therefore because He understands God
41:38 and He understands man
41:40 then He is
41:42 a perfect High Priest.
41:58 You see, He was tempted just as we are
42:02 yet He never sinned.
42:06 And so there is no temptation
42:10 befalling you that He doesn't understand.
42:16 All points tempted as we are
42:19 yet without sin.
42:21 So what is the work of a priest?
42:24 What is he to do?
42:26 Well the scripture tells us what the work of a priest is
42:29 and it says:
42:45 That's the work of a priest
42:47 is to offer gifts and sacrifices.
42:52 That's what the priest is to do.
42:54 Did Jesus offer those?
42:58 Well, we read that He did.
43:10 Interesting.
43:12 Jesus is a High Priest.
43:15 You read through your Bible and you read about the priest
43:18 and they were going into the temple or the sanctuary
43:21 bringing in sacrifices or gifts or so forth.
43:25 They were going back and forth and doing this all the time
43:29 and it never, never, never speaks of them sitting down.
43:34 In fact, I have never read in the scripture
43:38 where there is ever a chair in the temple.
43:42 Didn't exist
43:44 because they were constantly going on about their work.
43:48 But when Jesus offered the sacrifice
43:53 He what? He sat down.
43:57 And the reason He sat down
43:58 is because there wasn't another one to be offered.
44:01 He offered it once and for all for all mankind.
44:07 He offered that sacrifice for you and for me
44:11 and He's seated at the right hand of His Father.
44:14 So not only did He offer a sacrifice
44:17 but the scripture tells us:
44:29 He gave gifts.
44:33 The gifts of the Holy Spirit.
44:37 He gave those to you and to me.
44:42 Do you have them?
44:46 Have you received gifts?
44:50 You're supposed to.
44:52 I mean, this is not something that - you know -
44:56 this is something the scripture says you're to receive.
45:02 The Bible makes it very, very clear
45:05 that when you accept Jesus Christ
45:09 you receive the Holy Spirit.
45:12 That it's given to you when you accept Jesus Christ.
45:17 But then, how much the Spirit of God works in your life
45:24 depends on how much you surrender.
45:30 And the more you open yourself up
45:34 and the more you permit your life to be guided
45:39 and controlled by the Holy Spirit
45:42 the more you receive of it.
45:45 And dear friends, that is the secret of receiving the gifts.
45:50 Because many people never receive the gifts of God.
45:54 You know what the gifts are, don't you?
45:57 Huh?
45:58 The gifts listed... Some are knowledge,
46:01 wisdom, faith... uh, temperance,
46:06 uh, longsuffering,
46:09 uh, tongues...
46:11 interpretation of tongues.
46:13 All those are gifts of the Holy Spirit.
46:16 And you and I are to receive those, and it depends on you
46:22 'cause I'll tell you right now
46:25 if in your Christian experience
46:30 you are trying to manage yourself,
46:35 then you're missing the blessing of God.
46:39 You have to be willing to turn it over
46:43 and let God guide and direct.
46:46 And I'll tell you right now
46:49 there will come up situations over, and over, and over
46:53 in your life where you will be put
47:00 finding out whether you're willing to let God handle it
47:04 or whether you're going to try and handle it.
47:08 You see, this evening I had one of those situations.
47:16 You're unaware of it.
47:19 But you see, just before we went on
47:22 the computer out here in the truck
47:25 that handles all the graphics wouldn't work.
47:30 Completely went out.
47:31 Now I could have been all shook up over that.
47:35 See? But if you're going to put your life
47:40 in the hand of Jesus Christ
47:42 and you're going to let Him handle it,
47:45 then you must let Him handle it.
47:46 And you must realize that He is more than capable
47:52 of providing whatever it needs
47:55 to handle the situation.
47:57 If it is His desire that the computer got fixed -
48:00 which it did, and I thank Him for -
48:03 but if it wasn't, He still could handle the situation.
48:08 And you and I must learn to do that...
48:12 to let Him work in our lives.
48:15 And as He does, then you will receive more
48:19 and more of the Spirit of God.
48:29 So what does that mean?
48:32 That means that He tonight is your High Priest up in heaven.
48:35 Amen!
48:46 Marvelous!
48:48 I mean, there is no situation that He can't save.
48:55 Doesn't make any difference who you are!
48:58 Where you are, what situation you're in.
49:00 It doesn't make any difference how bad it is,
49:03 He is "able to save to the uttermost"...
49:12 He's there in heaven; He's your High Priest.
49:15 He represents you before God
49:17 and He can say to His Father:
49:20 "I died for that person, they've accepted Me.
49:26 Count that person as righteous. "
49:32 'Cause... how does that work?
49:34 Listen:
49:39 You going to condemn?
49:44 You didn't die for that person.
49:46 You didn't make that sacrifice so how could you condemn them?
49:53 Can't condemn them.
49:54 It's Christ who died.
50:07 So it says that Christ is the One that died.
50:10 He's the One that rose.
50:12 And He's the One that's there beside His Father
50:14 making intercession for them.
50:16 It all depends upon Him.
50:22 And then He also is the King of Kings
50:26 and the Lord of Lords.
50:28 And He comes back...
50:40 This Melchizedek, King of Salem,
50:44 and it says that Christ is after that order.
50:54 Jesus Christ was not just priest
50:57 but He was a priest king.
51:11 Like Melchizedek... who had no beginning
51:15 and no end.
51:18 "Without the beginning of days
51:20 or without the end of life"
51:22 is what the scripture says.
51:23 Christ is after HIS order.
51:27 He is a priest king.
51:41 You see, those twelve disciples
51:45 saw Him as more than prophet,
51:50 as more than priest:
51:53 they saw Him as king.
52:08 They saw Him as the Son of God.
52:33 Will you be on the Lord's side?
52:36 Will you be among these?
52:53 I hope that each one of you here this evening
52:57 will be able to sing that song
53:00 about Christ being King.
53:07 Jesus, Jesus,
53:11 Jesus;
53:15 There's just something
53:19 about that name!
53:26 Master, Savior,
53:31 Jesus,
53:35 Like the fragrance
53:38 after the rain;
53:45 Jesus, Jesus,
53:50 oh, Jesus,
53:55 Let all heaven
53:57 and earth proclaim;
54:05 kings and kingdoms
54:09 will all pass away,
54:14 But there's something
54:17 about
54:19 that lovely name!
54:25 Let us pray.
54:27 Father, thank you
54:30 for Your Son Jesus Christ.
54:33 That we can worship Him
54:36 and accept Him as Prophet,
54:40 Priest, and King.
54:43 And above all, as God.
54:47 May each of us here tonight
54:49 surrender our heart to You,
54:52 follow You in all that we do.
54:55 For this we ask in His name, Amen.
55:01 God bless you.
55:03 Thank you for being with us this evening.
55:05 One more presentation...
55:07 and that is: Unto You A Savior.
55:10 May God bless you.
55:14 Hello, friends.
55:15 In Luke the 12th chapter Jesus tells an interesting story
55:20 of a master who returned home from his wedding
55:24 hoping to find each of his servants eagerly waiting
55:27 to let him in
55:28 no matter what hour of the day or the night.
55:31 This story is about each of us
55:33 who have been bought by His precious blood
55:35 and therefore have become His servants.
55:38 And His hope is that we will faithfully be doing
55:42 the work He assigned while anxiously awaiting His return.
55:47 But this beautiful parable
55:49 has a dark warning as well.
55:51 Luke writes about a break-in that happens
55:54 in the night while the master of the house is fast asleep.
55:58 Under the cover of darkness,
56:00 a thief steals his most precious possession.
56:03 And Jesus goes on to say
56:05 "But know this, that if the master of the house
56:08 had known what hour the thief would come
56:11 he would have watched
56:12 and not allowed his house to be broken into.
56:15 Therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming
56:18 at an hour you do not expect. "
56:21 Friends, none of us know the hour of Christ's second coming.
56:25 To some it may seem like a far-off event.
56:28 But if their life should end today,
56:31 it will feel like only a moment.
56:33 Jesus' message is the same for us today.
56:36 Do all you can to prepare
56:39 and faithfully watch and wait.
56:41 Satan is a thief, and there is nothing he enjoys more
56:46 than stealing our relationship with Jesus.
56:49 He robs us by making us careless and indifferent.
56:53 He tries to distract us from spending time with our Lord
56:57 and to burden us with so much care that we become indifferent
57:01 to those who are suffering
57:03 and those who don't know about our loving Savior.
57:08 As Christians, we are given the great privilege of being
57:12 called the sons and daughters of God.
57:14 But with this privilege comes an awesome responsibility:
57:18 to be faithful servants and to tell others about Jesus.
57:22 Are you being faithful to God?
57:25 Are you ready to give an account of your stewardship?
57:28 Our ministry is geared entirely
57:30 to taking care of those spiritual needs
57:33 of those who watch us all over the world.
57:36 Won't you help us?
57:37 Please consider what you can do
57:39 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:41 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:43 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:57 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:00 through television and radio.
58:02 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
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