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00:19 Hello and welcome
00:20 to Give Me The Bible right here
00:22 in the 3ABN Worship Center
00:24 in Thompsonville, Illinois.
00:25 I appreciate all of you that
00:26 have come out this evening
00:28 to the 60th sermon
00:30 in this series. I'm kind of sad
00:32 that this is coming to an end.
00:33 Have you all enjoyed it? Just thoroughly enjoyed it?
00:36 Had an incredible time with the Lord
00:39 these last 60 sermons.
00:42 And now we're going to continue this evening
00:45 with our series entitled No Other Name Like Jesus.
00:49 You know, we have been learning...
00:51 we've been being refreshed
00:54 in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ
00:56 and once again learning of Him.
00:59 Some of the things I think that we've learned about Him
01:02 or been refreshed in is that Jesus Christ is the same
01:06 yesterday, today, and forever.
01:10 Something that I've learned is:
01:12 with Jesus... you can't live without Him
01:15 and you can't outlive Him.
01:17 Jesus Christ is Lord!
01:20 And we're continuing this evening with a sermon titled
01:24 Unto You A Savior.
01:25 And we have determined that this evening
01:28 is going to be committed solely to uplifting
01:31 and upholding the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:34 And we have a quartet with us this evening
01:37 that I know all of you are anxious to hear.
01:39 The King's Heralds are with us.
01:41 And the King's Heralds are the longest, continuous
01:47 quartet in the world today.
01:49 They started in 1927.
01:51 They ministered for 45 years with the Voice of Prophecy,
01:55 and they're with us tonight.
01:57 And they have dedicated and committed their music tonight
02:01 to upholding the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
02:04 They've dedicated this time to speak of the birth
02:07 of our Lord and Savior.
02:09 So we receive them now as they minister a beautiful song
02:13 Do You Hear What I Hear?
02:26 Said the night wind to the little lamb:
02:31 "Do you see what I see?
02:34 Do you see what I see? "
02:37 Way up in the sky, little lamb,
02:41 do you see what I see?
02:44 Do you see what I see?
02:46 A star, a star, dancing in the night,
02:50 with a tail as big as a kite.
02:55 With a tail as big as a kite.
03:02 Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy:
03:07 "do you hear what I hear? "
03:10 Do you hear what I hear?
03:12 Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy...
03:16 do you hear what I hear?
03:19 Do you hear what I hear?
03:21 A song, a song... high above the tree
03:25 with a voice as big as the sea.
03:30 With a voice as big as the sea.
03:37 Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king:
03:42 "do you know what I know? "
03:44 "What I know? "
03:47 In your palace warm, mighty king,
03:51 do you know what I know?
03:54 What I know?
03:56 A child, a child, shivers in the cold...
04:00 let us bring Him silver and gold.
04:05 Let us bring Him silver and gold.
04:16 Said the king to the people everywhere:
04:22 "Listen to what I say.
04:27 Pray for peace, people everywhere!
04:32 Listen to what I say. "
04:36 A child, a child, sleeping in the night.
04:40 He will bring us goodness and light.
04:45 He will bring us
04:48 goodness and light!
04:57 Bring us light!
05:08 Amen! Thank you King's Heralds quartet!
05:14 Wonderful!
05:17 Very thankful to have them with us here
05:20 and sure that you're enjoying this great music.
05:24 Welcome to each of you.
05:25 Glad to have you here tonight
05:27 as we bring to an end
05:30 this series that we're doing
05:32 on Jesus Christ entitled No Other Name Like Jesus.
05:36 And tonight we're talking about:
05:41 And since we're talking about Jesus Christ as our Savior,
05:46 we are doing a little something different
05:49 and that is that we're using Christmas music
05:52 because it talks about the Savior, Jesus Christ.
05:55 And we hope that that will bless you in a special way
05:58 as we hear songs about Christ as our Savior.
06:02 And I appreciate the King's Heralds bringing us that
06:05 beautiful song. Well, tonight we're talking about
06:08 Unto You A Savior. We have dealt so far in this series
06:13 uh... Who Is Jesus?
06:16 Something that every individual needs to be
06:20 clear in his mind... who Jesus Christ was.
06:24 Not somebody that just maybe you heard about in passing
06:30 or even ought to go farther folks than just saying
06:33 "Well, that's what my parents told me. "
06:36 Need to dig into it and find out what it has to say.
06:41 And so we talked about Who Is Jesus?
06:43 And then we dealt with Why Believe in Jesus Christ?
06:47 Why do you believe in Jesus Christ?
06:51 Is there reasons for your faith?
06:55 There should be.
06:57 And I hope that that presentation helped you
06:59 tie down some definite reasons why you believe in Jesus Christ.
07:04 And then we talked about What Makes Jesus Different?
07:07 He is distinctly, decidedly
07:10 different than anyone else,
07:14 and He did certain things that nobody else could do.
07:19 And that's the reason that He is without question
07:24 the Son of God.
07:26 So we hope it will bless you in a special way.
07:29 And then our last presentation we talked about
07:32 Jesus: Prophet, Priest, and King.
07:37 The three positions that He holds
07:39 and how He filled each one of those positions.
07:42 And then tonight... Unto You A Savior.
07:45 So we hope that this presentation
07:48 will make very clear to you
07:52 what He did as a Savior.
07:55 That's what you need to look for tonight
07:57 in this presentation is what did Christ do
08:01 that secured your salvation for you and for me.
08:07 That's what we need to find out...
08:08 what does the Word of God say?
08:11 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
08:15 This my only question be.
08:18 The teachings of man so often mislead us.
08:23 What says the Bible to me?
08:26 We need to know exactly what it has to say
08:29 in the Word of God that seals and makes complete
08:35 and settles in our heart and soul our salvation
08:39 that we find in Jesus Christ.
08:40 And so since we're talking about Christ as our Savior
08:46 in coming to this earth, accomplishing your salvation
08:50 and mine, we're going to ask the King's Heralds to come back
08:53 and to sing probably one of the most popular songs
08:57 that there is at this... concerning the birth of Jesus
09:01 Christ and all... and that's one entitled
09:03 O Holy Night.
09:13 O holy night,
09:17 the stars are brightly shining.
09:22 It is the night
09:24 of our dear Savior's birth.
09:33 Long lay the world
09:37 in sin and error pining
09:42 till He appeared...
09:44 and the soul felt its worth.
09:51 A thrill of hope...
09:54 the weary world rejoices.
09:59 For yonder breaks
10:02 a new and glorious morn.
10:07 Fall
10:10 on your knees.
10:15 Oh hear
10:18 the angel voices.
10:23 O night
10:27 divine...
10:30 oh night
10:34 when Christ was born...
10:39 O night
10:43 divine...
10:46 oh night...
10:49 oh night
10:53 divine.
10:59 Truly He taught us
11:03 to love one another.
11:08 His law is love
11:10 and His gospel is peace.
11:19 Chains shall He break
11:22 for the slave is our brother...
11:28 and in His name
11:30 all oppression shall cease.
11:37 Sweet hymns of joy
11:40 in grateful chorus raise we.
11:45 Let all within us
11:49 praise His holy name.
11:53 Christ
11:56 is the Lord!
12:01 Then ever, ever
12:05 praise we,
12:09 His power - His mighty power -
12:13 and glory... glory
12:17 ever more proclaim!
12:23 Proclaim!
12:25 His power... mighty power
12:29 and glory
12:34 ever more
12:38 proclaim!
13:04 Father in Heaven,
13:06 as we consider tonight
13:12 the greatest event that has ever happened
13:17 in the universe,
13:20 the greatest event that has ever happened
13:23 in the eons of time,
13:28 when You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ,
13:32 to be our Savior.
13:35 We ask tonight that the Holy Spirit
13:39 may come into our hearts.
13:42 That it may give to us enlightenment,
13:48 understanding. May our hearts be surrendered.
13:52 May they be open.
13:55 May Jesus Christ be uplifted
13:59 and may each of us rejoice
14:03 in the hope that we have in Him this evening.
14:06 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
14:16 When you pick up the scripture,
14:18 one thing that it does
14:21 is it gives you the promise
14:24 of a Savior.
14:26 Because it says
14:36 So we have that promise that we would have a Savior.
14:40 A Savior would come that would save the world.
14:44 That's the promise that's given to you and to me.
14:47 But in the last presentation that we talked about
14:52 we talked about Jesus as
14:56 prophet and priest and king.
15:00 But either Jesus Christ is a Savior
15:06 or He's nothing.
15:11 He is either a Savior or He's nothing.
15:17 You see, as a prophet
15:20 He could prophesy many, many things
15:24 that were going to take place
15:26 and all those things that He prophesied could happen.
15:31 But if He cannot
15:36 save you, He's worthless
15:41 as a prophet.
15:44 We talked about Him as a priest.
15:47 And He could bring sacrifices
15:51 and offer all those sacrifices in your behalf.
15:56 But if He can't save you, all those are useless.
16:04 We talked about Him as king.
16:07 And He could rule all the heavens
16:11 and be in charge of all that...
16:17 but if He can't save you, it's worth nothing.
16:23 You see, all of it - everything that we've talked about -
16:27 all that's written in God's Word
16:30 all that either stands or falls
16:33 on the question of a Savior.
16:37 Either He is able to provide you
16:42 and me salvation
16:46 and hope... or it's all worthless and useless.
16:52 And so, we have the promise of a Savior.
16:56 In fact, Jesus says that He is the Savior.
17:01 I mean, He is very, very clear about it.
17:04 Very distinct. No ifs, ands, buts about it.
17:07 He says that He is the Savior.
17:10 Listen to these:
17:19 He said: "I AM the Lord...
17:23 and outside of Me there is no Savior. "
17:27 In other words, He's saying: "I am the only One. "
17:32 So He claims to be a Savior.
17:45 So He says: "I'm your Savior.
17:48 And when you want to look at it all,
17:50 I'm the only One... there's none beside Me. "
17:53 So the thing that you and I must decide tonight:
17:58 is He the Savior?
18:02 Is He different?... which we've talked about.
18:08 Is He different than those others that claim to be Saviors?
18:12 If He says: "Beside me there is no other, "
18:17 then what's He going to save you from?
18:22 Why... why do you need a Savior?
18:26 What... what is the necessity of that?
18:32 There's plenty of evidence in God's Word
18:36 that others believed that He was a Savior.
18:40 And as you go down through time, they accepted Him
18:44 and believed that He was a Savior.
18:46 David of old...
19:01 David said all that about Jesus Christ.
19:05 That He was everything, and over and above everything else
19:11 He was his Savior.
19:14 OK?
19:17 You remember when Jesus was there in Samaria
19:21 talking to the woman at the well?
19:26 And you remember how He had told her that He was
19:30 the Messiah. That He was the One.
19:34 He was the Savior.
19:35 And that woman went from that well
19:39 and went throughout that village and told them
19:41 that they... who she had found and who He was.
19:44 And the people of the village came, and it says that Jesus
19:48 spent two days with them.
19:51 At the end of those two days they had this to say:
20:15 They said "No question about it.
20:17 We heard what you had to say
20:20 but we've heard it for ourselves now
20:23 and we KNOW that He is the Savior of the world. "
20:27 So they believed that He was the Savior.
20:31 And of course you read through the scripture
20:35 and there is no question that Paul
20:40 believed He was the Savior.
20:42 I mean, he believed it with all of his heart and his soul.
21:02 He said "Jesus Christ is the Savior. "
21:06 So as you go back through time
21:09 individual after individual accepted Him
21:14 as the Savior.
21:16 My question tonight is simply this:
21:24 Do you believe He is the Savior?
21:27 And if you believe that He is a Savior,
21:34 then what has He saved you from?
21:37 See? What has He saved you from?
21:40 I mean, wouldn't it have worked
21:43 for Him to have been a prophet only?
21:49 Or to have been a high priest only?
21:53 Or even a king?
21:59 Was it necessary for you...
22:02 I'm not talking about for Him,
22:04 I'm talking about for you... was it necessary for you
22:07 for Him to be a Savior?
22:09 Well, this is what He says He came to save you from:
22:25 Now that text, folks, is very, very personal.
22:32 You read it that way, for it says:
22:35 "For unto YOU... "
22:37 That's speaking to each one of you here tonight.
22:41 To those of you who are watching by television.
22:44 Those of you who are listening on the radio.
22:47 Those of you that have joined us throughout the world
22:52 in many, many different languages.
22:56 "Unto YOU... " That's a promise given.
23:02 So unto you what?
23:12 Born into this world a Savior which is Jesus Christ the Lord.
23:18 Distinct, absolute... a Savior for you and for me.
23:24 OK... so what? This Savior who is here
23:29 that was born into this world - Jesus Christ the Lord
23:33 that is a Savior to you - He is saving you from this:
23:56 So what is He saving you from?
24:00 Well, one thing He's saving you from is death.
24:04 Put it down. He's saving you from death
24:08 because all of us are under that. All of us are going to die
24:14 unless Jesus comes back and stops this whole process
24:19 that the world is in of decaying.
24:21 And year after year men and women pass off the scene.
24:26 And each one of us as we get older face that.
24:30 Or if our life is taken some other way...
24:34 You know, you die several different ways.
24:38 You can die at your own hand,
24:41 and there's people that die at the hand of somebody else.
24:45 Or you can die by disease.
24:49 Or if you live long enough, you can just die out of old age.
24:53 But nevertheless... you die!
24:56 So if there's going to be something that is going to
25:01 stop that process, you've got to have a Savior.
25:06 And that's what He came to do:
25:08 He came to provide for you and I life.
25:13 "and brought life and immortality to light
25:17 through the gospel. "
25:18 The Bible says the wages of sin is "death. "
25:23 OK. "The wages of sin is death. "
25:27 That is simply... and all of us have sinned.
25:31 I have never in all the years of my life
25:35 I have never had someone come up to me and say:
25:38 "I'm perfect. I have never sinned. "
25:42 I've never had an individual...
25:44 everybody I've ever talked to recognizes and understands
25:49 whether they're a follower of Jesus Christ
25:51 or whether they're not
25:52 they understand that they're sinners.
25:55 They all realize that.
25:57 And all of us are sinners. And because we are sinners
26:01 the wages of sin is "death. "
26:07 And you need - I don't care who you are -
26:09 but you need somebody to save you from that.
26:15 Because if He doesn't... then, that's it.
26:21 That's the end of it.
26:29 The last enemy that's going to be destroyed is death.
26:34 And thankful that Jesus Christ came...
26:40 And folks, He didn't just come here and teach.
26:47 He came here and did everything that was required
26:53 so that you and I could have life.
26:57 You see, He said:
27:11 You see, He didn't just come here and teach on this earth.
27:15 He came here and He paid the price...
27:20 He died.
27:22 Dear friend, if He had just died,
27:27 then you and I would be lost.
27:33 But - praise God! - He arose!
27:39 Came out of the grave.
27:41 And since He died and rose again
27:46 He can say to you and I: "Follow Me
27:50 and I will give you life. "
27:55 He is offering to us salvation.
28:05 He took the sting out of death.
28:08 That's what He did, you know.
28:11 I feel, my heart aches...
28:16 I feel for those people
28:19 who die not knowing Jesus Christ.
28:23 You see, they die with the sting of death still in it.
28:30 But He took the sting out of it.
28:40 There is none there
28:42 because He is the resurrection and the life.
28:52 It is totally and completely contained in Him.
28:57 And so He says: "I'm your Savior. "
29:01 There just isn't one outside of Jesus Christ.
29:06 He's the only One that has done what was necessary
29:11 for you and for me to be saved.
29:14 "For this corruption... "
29:16 That's this old body of ours.
29:18 This corruptible body of ours. Strange, you know...
29:23 as you get older you realize how corrupt it is.
29:30 You know, it just...
29:33 it just doesn't work as well as it used to.
29:36 Time has its effect upon our old bodies.
29:42 But He says:
29:54 Marvelous... the promises that He has given.
29:57 Now: He IS salvation.
30:05 And out of all the scriptures in the Bible
30:12 this one I'm going to share with you tonight
30:16 I consider to be the completest
30:19 and the one as far as I
30:22 personally am concerned
30:23 states the whole process of salvation
30:28 the clearest of any there is in God's Word.
30:33 To me, what I share with you tonight
30:36 tells the whole gospel story in marvelous words -
30:41 simple words, brief words -
30:44 but it tells exactly what Jesus Christ did for each one of us.
30:50 And so I'd like for you to look at it with me.
30:53 It's found in the book of Titus.
30:56 Titus the third chapter.
30:59 This is what it says:
31:07 Jesus Christ came and was born.
31:12 You think... up until that time
31:15 all the prophets and the people in the Old Testament
31:18 read about it. It talked about it,
31:21 but nobody saw it.
31:24 But when Jesus Christ came
31:27 all of a sudden there was living evidence
31:31 of what the kindness of God was.
31:34 And so when the kindness of God appeared in Jesus Christ
31:38 we saw in Him One that was
31:44 like us. In a body, folks.
31:49 In a body if you please, that went through the same process
31:54 that you and I go through.
31:57 In a body that age affected.
32:02 But we saw in Him One who was distinctly,
32:08 decidedly different.
32:11 He was the Savior.
32:14 Watch as Paul, writing to Titus, goes on:
32:36 Now Paul starts out and he makes it very, very clear...
32:41 Starts out right at the top and says:
32:43 "not by works of righteousness that we have done. "
32:48 Now I have highlighted different phrases in these verses
32:52 because those phrases as far as I am concerned
32:55 tell you step by step the whole plan of salvation
33:00 and what's involved.
33:04 Watch as Paul goes on...
33:10 That's the second point I want you to look at:
33:12 "according to His mercy He saved us"
33:15 "through the washing of regeneration"
33:20 OK?
33:21 "and the renewing of the Holy Spirit. "
33:26 All those are steps that take place
33:32 in salvation.
33:34 Now watch as he continues:
33:44 All this that we have just read
33:46 was poured out upon us in Jesus Christ.
33:51 OK.
34:04 Two other points there.
34:05 One: we're justified by His grace. OK?
34:10 And secondly, we have hope of eternal life.
34:14 Those are the steps of salvation,
34:18 and I want to look at them with you this evening
34:21 because to me and to you those ought to be crystal clear
34:26 in accepting Christ as my Savior.
34:30 And so...
34:35 Paul gets that right out front,
34:38 and let's clear it up.
34:40 It has nothing to do with your ability.
34:47 God does not give you salvation because you're smart.
34:54 God does not grant to you
34:57 salvation because you're good looking.
35:00 God does not give you salvation because of your wife
35:06 or he doesn't give you salvation because of your husband.
35:10 He gives you salvation not by your works.
35:17 Cancel it; forget it. You can't do anything.
35:21 Listen. This is what the scripture says:
35:38 Lest anyone should make any kind of a boast.
35:40 No! It doesn't come that way, dear friends.
35:44 And if you have any ideas that you in any way
35:50 can contribute to the plan of salvation
35:55 you have missed the mark.
35:58 It is a gift.
36:02 It's a gift.
36:04 It has nothing to do with your ability.
36:10 It's something that God gives to you freely
36:15 out of His mercy. OK?
36:19 So let's make that clear tonight.
36:21 Now let's go on:
36:27 "According to HIS MERCY He saved us. "
36:32 Do you understand that?
36:35 It's not because He has to.
36:40 Not something that God owes you.
36:43 Not something that He... you know...
36:48 It's strictly based on His mercy.
37:00 I want to get something clear because this really bothers me.
37:03 I run onto this all too often.
37:06 Dear friend, let me tell you something:
37:08 God is mighty to save.
37:11 He can save in any situation.
37:16 Are you understanding me?
37:18 I don't care how sinful you may be.
37:21 I don't care how bad you are.
37:24 I don't care how... if the devil
37:26 doesn't want to associate with you because you're so bad.
37:28 I don't care!
37:30 Jesus Christ is mighty to save! Amen!
37:36 So please... let's stop this stuff
37:39 that I hear people talking about "am I safe to save? "
37:43 No! God is mighty to save!
37:48 This thing of saying: "Well, you've got to be safe to save...
37:53 to be saved. " NO!
37:55 You're not safe. You never are.
37:58 If you go through your life trusting yourself,
38:01 you're in trouble.
38:03 Can't trust the "old man. "
38:06 He's sinful!
38:08 But Jesus Christ is mighty to save, and He will save.
38:14 And He does it totally and completely out of His mercy.
38:19 This... this is why He saves you
38:23 is because He loves you.
38:27 Because He is merciful.
38:30 Therefore in His kindness He reaches out and saves you.
38:36 This He offers to you
38:38 and to me.
38:40 Mighty! Mighty to save.
38:48 See? I'm so thankful for that
38:54 because He's the One that does the washing...
38:59 the "washing of regeneration. "
39:02 He doesn't say: "Well, if you clean yourself up
39:07 you can come to Me. "
39:09 No. That isn't what He says.
39:12 It says He does this by the "washing of regeneration. "
39:17 That means that He changes us.
39:28 I know some people have trouble with what I'm fixing to say,
39:33 but nevertheless I contend
39:38 that it's true.
39:40 If a person will give their heart to Jesus Christ,
39:45 I don't care what your background has been,
39:48 I don't care how bad you've been,
39:50 if you give your heart to Jesus Christ, HE WILL CHANGE YOU.
39:55 Amen!
39:58 This fellow accepted that.
40:02 Gave his heart to the Lord.
40:08 The pastor said: "Just give your heart to the Lord.
40:12 Follow Jesus; give your heart; stay with Him.
40:15 He'll change you. "
40:18 So he got home. Got to thinking about it.
40:23 A few days passed and he said: "I want to go to a party. "
40:29 Said: "I'd just like to go to a party. "
40:34 So he finally said: "OK, Jesus, come on.
40:36 We're going to go to a party. "
40:38 And so, we went to the party.
40:41 Got there. After a while he said:
40:46 "Jesus, we're not having a very good time. "
40:50 You see, it changes your life.
40:54 It... I've seen people change, folks.
40:57 Too many times I've seen people that change their whole way
41:02 of life. I'll never forget
41:08 holding a meeting.
41:11 In the door walked a lady and her daughter.
41:18 The daughter - probably in her early 20's -
41:22 came walking down the aisle.
41:26 She had purple hair,
41:30 and everything that she had on I could hold in my hand.
41:35 I mean it stopped the whole service
41:39 as everybody turned and watched as she walked down.
41:43 But they came night after night.
41:48 Some nights her hair was orange.
41:52 Some nights, I mean, she just didn't wear very much.
41:57 But they came
41:59 and they accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.
42:03 I will never forget... We got down to the end of the meetings.
42:08 They had given their hearts to the Lord.
42:11 They said: "We want to follow Jesus.
42:14 We want to do what He says. "
42:16 I can remember some of the dear saints
42:20 opposing me on baptizing them.
42:23 You know, they wanted them to clean themselves up.
42:28 You know?
42:30 Said: "No, Jesus will clean them up. "
42:33 So we baptized them.
42:37 But year... but month after month after month
42:43 the change took place.
42:45 Changed and the life became completely different.
42:49 Dear friend, let me tell you something:
42:52 it's the washing of regeneration
42:54 that Christ does that changes our lives.
42:58 That's what happens.
43:05 That is the work of the Holy Spirit.
43:09 If our people would just learn: that is not YOUR work.
43:13 That's the work of the Holy Spirit.
43:16 Your work... you want to know what your work is?
43:19 Your work is to keep your heart open
43:21 and let the Holy Spirit do its work.
43:23 This whole process of perfection, dear friends,
43:28 will only take place as you surrender
43:32 and let the Holy Spirit do its work.
43:34 That's the way it happens.
43:46 The Holy Spirit is more than capable
43:52 of changing you.
43:56 The problem is:
43:58 most of the time we want to manage our own lives.
44:03 We want to run it... we want to do it our way.
44:07 We don't like the way it's being handled.
44:13 Have you ever been there?
44:17 You ever been where... you know,
44:20 it's... sometimes it's uncomfortable, I have to admit.
44:24 Especially the times when... you know...
44:29 when I can't see. Have you ever been there?
44:33 When you can't see?
44:35 You know, most of us would like for the Lord to
44:39 open all the doors all the way up
44:43 so that you and I can look down all the way and say:
44:46 "Yeah, it's fine. "
44:48 But that isn't the way it happens.
44:50 You know what doors He opens?
44:53 Hmmm?
44:55 The ones behind you.
44:58 You can turn around and look down all of those...
45:00 see just as clear as a bell.
45:02 It's the ones in front of you that He opens only one
45:07 at a time.
45:10 And bless your heart,
45:12 He won't open another one until you walk through that one.
45:17 And when you walk through that one, He'll open another one.
45:21 And sometimes when you walk through it,
45:24 He slams the one behind you.
45:28 And the one in front of you doesn't open,
45:30 and there you stand. And you know what you have to do?
45:33 You just have to wait.
45:36 Let the Holy Spirit do its work in your life.
45:43 And if you do that, then He does His work and changes us...
45:49 makes us different.
45:50 That's the work of the Holy Spirit.
45:52 That's its purpose.
46:00 I'm thankful for that text.
46:04 "Having been justified by His grace. "
46:09 I am not justified any other way
46:14 other than by His grace.
46:18 You see,
46:21 there's times when
46:26 I'd like to be
46:29 justified... but I'm not.
46:36 Have you ever...
46:41 Maybe confession is good for the soul. I think
46:44 I heard Danny say it's not good for the reputation.
46:49 But
46:52 here while we've been doing
46:54 all these programs
46:55 my computer crashed
46:59 and I lost everything I had in my computer.
47:05 And I had to buy all new software, OK?
47:11 So I don't know if you understand. That runs into
47:16 hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars, see.
47:20 And I had just bought all new upgrades.
47:25 I mean, I had spent this money for upgrades
47:28 and now here my computer has crashed.
47:30 I've lost everything and the upgrades won't do me any good.
47:33 I've got to buy new programming completely.
47:37 Hundreds of dollars.
47:40 My granddaughter is in college,
47:46 and I thought... yeah, there it is.
47:50 I'll just buy it through her
47:53 and save hundreds and hundreds of dollars
47:57 because you can buy the programs as a student
48:01 and save lots of money.
48:03 So I went down and I bought them.
48:06 Had her buy them,
48:08 and I took them and put them on my computer.
48:12 And I "justified" what I had done -
48:17 or I should say I rationalized what I had done -
48:20 and thought since I had just bought new software and all
48:24 this was perfectly all right.
48:28 But when I got home, my conscience wouldn't justify it.
48:33 It just would not leave me alone,
48:37 and I had to write to Microsoft
48:41 and to Adobe and had to send them checks and say
48:45 "I'm sorry for what I have done. "
48:47 See... you have to be willing
48:51 to let the Holy Spirit do its work in your life...
48:56 and then you stand where Christ can stand
49:01 in your place. And He's the One
49:04 that can justify you...
49:07 because you and I are sinful
49:13 and we have to walk with the Lord.
49:23 No. You can't... you can't say...
49:28 somebody can't say: "Well Lord, this person is
49:31 a sinner. " You know what He's going to say?
49:33 Tell Me about it!
49:36 I know it.
49:37 He's very much aware of it
49:39 that person's a sinner.
49:50 Another person didn't die for you. Christ died for you!
49:54 He's the One that paid the price.
50:04 It's Christ that did all this.
50:07 And so you and I can come to Him
50:11 and say: "Lord, here...
50:15 here I am. Sinful, unworthy.
50:22 But because of Your Son Jesus Christ
50:26 I have hope. "
50:34 Hope of eternal life.
50:37 He's promised that to each one of you here tonight.
50:41 Each of you who are watching by television,
50:44 each one of you who are listening on the radio,
50:47 God has promised you hope of eternal life.
50:56 This is the promise.
50:59 And dear friend, this Savior
51:01 that we have talked about tonight is coming back.
51:05 And when He's coming back, is He going to be your Savior?
51:11 Is He going to be mine?
51:21 He's going to come back.
51:22 Going to gather all of His children.
51:24 Going to say: "These are Mine. I died for them.
51:28 I... out of mercy... have saved them. "
51:44 See? Promised that to you and to me.
51:48 Hope that's given to each one of us.
51:51 And so tonight I would say to each one of you:
52:08 To each one of you is born a Savior.
52:11 Tonight you have to be willing by God's grace
52:17 to step out and accept Christ in your heart
52:21 as your personal Savior.
52:22 So I don't know of any other way, folks,
52:26 that as I consider all that
52:28 Jesus Christ has done
52:30 and all that He has accomplished
52:32 for you and for me
52:34 than to ask the King's Heralds to come back and sing
52:37 Joy To The World.
52:52 Joy to the world!
52:55 The Lord is come!
52:58 Let earth receive her King;
53:03 Let every heart
53:07 prepare Him room,
53:09 And heav'n and nature sing,
53:12 And heav'n and nature sing,
53:15 And heav'n, and heav'n
53:18 and nature sing.
53:21 He rules the world
53:23 with truth and grace,
53:26 And makes the nations prove
53:31 The glories of
53:35 His righteousness
53:37 And wonders of His love,
53:40 And wonders of His love,
53:43 And wonders, wonders
53:46 of His love.
53:48 And wonders, wonders
53:52 of His love.
54:02 Amen!
54:04 Let's bow our heads for prayer.
54:06 Father, tonight as we have looked at Christ as our Savior,
54:14 as we have seen that He has done everything
54:20 that's necessary for us to be saved...
54:24 that we can't contribute anything
54:29 to the plan of salvation...
54:31 That all we can do tonight is accept...
54:38 accept His marvelous gift
54:40 that we each might be saved.
54:45 Not because we deserve it
54:47 but because of what Christ has done for us.
54:52 Bless each one.
54:54 May they reach out in faith tonight
54:58 and accept You into their hearts as their Savior.
55:02 For this we ask in Christ's name.
55:07 Thank you very much for being here.
55:10 Thank you for loving the Lord Jesus Christ.
55:14 Good night. God bless you.
55:18 Hello, friends.
55:20 In Luke the 12th chapter Jesus tells an interesting story
55:24 of a master who returned home from his wedding
55:27 hoping to find each of his servants eagerly waiting
55:31 to let him in
55:32 no matter what hour of the day or the night.
55:35 This story is about each of us
55:37 who have been bought by His precious blood
55:39 and therefore have become His servants.
55:42 And His hope is that we will faithfully be doing
55:46 the work He assigned while anxiously awaiting His return.
55:51 But this beautiful parable
55:53 has a dark warning as well.
55:55 Luke writes about a break-in that happens
55:58 in the night while the master of the house is fast asleep.
56:02 Under the cover of darkness,
56:04 a thief steals his most precious possession.
56:08 And Jesus goes on to say
56:09 "But know this, that if the master of the house
56:12 had known what hour the thief would come
56:15 he would have watched
56:16 and not allowed his house to be broken into.
56:19 Therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming
56:23 at an hour you do not expect. "
56:25 Friends, none of us know the hour of Christ's second coming.
56:29 To some it may seem like a far-off event.
56:32 But if their life should end today,
56:35 it will feel like only a moment.
56:37 Jesus' message is the same for us today.
56:41 Do all you can to prepare
56:43 and faithfully watch and wait.
56:46 Satan is a thief, and there is nothing he enjoys more
56:50 than stealing our relationship with Jesus.
56:54 He robs us by making us careless and indifferent.
56:57 He tries to distract us from spending time with our Lord
57:01 and to burden us with so much care that we become indifferent
57:05 to those who are suffering
57:07 and those who don't know about our loving Savior.
57:12 As Christians, we are given the great privilege of being
57:16 called the sons and daughters of God.
57:18 But with this privilege comes an awesome responsibility:
57:22 to be faithful servants and to tell others about Jesus.
57:27 Are you being faithful to God?
57:29 Are you ready to give an account of your stewardship?
57:32 Our ministry is geared entirely
57:34 to taking care of those spiritual needs
57:37 of those who watch us all over the world.
57:40 Won't you help us?
57:41 Please consider what you can do
57:43 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:46 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:48 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:02 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:04 through television and radio.
58:06 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
58:09 to millions around the world.


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