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Knowing God As The One Who Answers Prayer

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00:06 "And this is eternal life that they may know you,
00:10 the only true God and Jesus Christ
00:14 whom You have sent."
00:20 Welcome to 3ABN Australia Homecoming.
00:31 Welcome to 3ABN Australia Homecoming.
00:36 I like that. Do you?
00:38 Amen. It is a homecoming indeed.
00:40 And we're talking about knowing God.
00:43 I'm Rosemary Malkiewycz and...
00:45 This is a Ryan Day.
00:48 We have different accents if you didn't notice.
00:50 That is true.
00:51 I am from America,
00:53 and this is my first time in Australia.
00:55 In fact, this is my first time overseas.
00:58 I had been...
01:00 I travelled with Amazing Facts for about five years
01:02 and done evangelistic series.
01:04 And I had the wonderful privilege
01:05 of preaching messages all over the continent
01:07 of North America, but never actually
01:10 had the privilege to fly overseas.
01:12 And this is my first time being here in Australia.
01:15 And it's been a blessing. It's been such a blessing.
01:17 And when he went overseas, he went overseas.
01:20 That's true. Fifteen hours.
01:22 Oh, man, that flight here was...
01:25 It was tough. It was tough.
01:27 It was very, very interesting for him.
01:30 I'm sure.
01:32 But it's really great to have you here.
01:33 Yes, it's a blessing to be here.
01:34 And we're glad that you could come
01:36 and you're going to preach.
01:37 Yes. Two sermons.
01:39 Yes, I'm gonna have two sermons.
01:40 One will be tomorrow at 3 o'clock,
01:42 and then another one...
01:43 Actually, it's a last sermon on Sunday.
01:46 So, yeah.
01:47 And also you're going to do some more music for us.
01:49 I will be doing some more music.
01:52 Tim and I will be sharing our gifts,
01:54 our talents with you for God's glory.
01:56 That's what it's all about.
01:58 And we have a big 3ABN concert on Saturday night,
02:01 so make sure you're here for that.
02:02 We're planning something really powerful.
02:04 But we have a special item right now.
02:07 Yes.
02:08 And that person is David Aitken who is all the way
02:10 from Western Australia with us tonight.
02:13 And he is going to sing, but who is preaching?
02:16 Okay.
02:17 So this would be Pastor or Brother Danny Milenkov,
02:21 Milenkov.
02:23 And the title of his sermon is knowing God
02:26 as the one who answers prayer.
02:28 And you met him today?
02:29 Yes, he is wonderful man.
02:31 So I would like to introduce you right now
02:34 David Aitken who is going to be singing
02:37 "Would I Know You."
02:39 So, welcome David and Danny after that.
02:46 Good evening, everyone.
02:49 Have you been blessed?
02:51 Me too.
03:34 Would I know You now
03:40 If You walked into the room
03:45 If You stilled the crowd
03:50 If Your light dispelled the gloom?
03:55 And if I saw Your wounds
04:01 Touched Your thorn pierced brow
04:07 I wonder if I'd I know You now?
04:16 Would I know You now
04:20 If You walked in to this place
04:25 Would I cause You shame
04:29 Would my games be Your disgrace?
04:33 Or would I worship You
04:39 Falling on my face?
04:45 I wonder if I'd I know You now?
04:53 Or have the images I painted
04:57 So distorted who You are
05:01 That even if the world was looking
05:05 They could not see You, the real You?
05:10 Have I changed the true reflection
05:14 To fulfill my own design
05:18 Making You what I want
05:21 Not showing You forth divine
05:26 Oh divine?
05:34 Would I miss You now
05:40 If You left and close the door
05:45 Would my flesh cry out?
05:50 I don't need You anymore
05:54 Or would I follow You
06:00 Could I be restored?
06:07 I wonder
06:11 I wonder will I ever learn?
06:17 I wonder if I'd know
06:22 You now?
06:37 Amen.
06:47 Thank you for that beautiful message in song.
06:49 David.
06:51 Just a beautiful song,
06:52 I was at the back and reading the lyrics
06:56 to the powerful message in song.
06:58 And it really touched my heart.
07:02 Thank you for the opportunity
07:05 of having the opportunity to share God's Word here.
07:08 It's good to be back in this church
07:11 that was my home church for three years.
07:15 And it's wonderful to see each and every one of you here.
07:18 Some familiar faces, others that I don't recognize.
07:22 I want to welcome those who are watching,
07:24 wherever they may be around the world, listening.
07:27 It's great to be here
07:29 for this first homecoming service.
07:31 Amen?
07:33 Fifteen years of blessings, and I mean,
07:35 I'm just so blessed to have a small part to play.
07:39 And it's been a wonderful journey
07:41 to enjoy this time at 3ABN.
07:44 I'm a local boy lived here in Cooranbong.
07:47 So I didn't have to travel far to come to this church.
07:51 And so I'm looking forward to spending this time
07:55 in God's Word together.
07:59 As has already been shared,
08:01 my topic is knowing God as the one
08:05 who answers prayer.
08:07 And I really wanted to talk about this subject.
08:10 So when I came up,
08:11 I was one of the first ones to jump on board.
08:13 And I beat my good friend, Pastor Abel
08:16 who'll also be sharing.
08:17 He also wanted to share on this,
08:19 and he'll be sharing a powerful message as well.
08:23 Before we open up God's Word together
08:25 and unpack this all important message,
08:27 I just want to ask and pray
08:29 that God will bless our time together.
08:31 Loving Father in heaven,
08:32 we just want to thank you so much
08:33 for all that You have done, all that You are doing,
08:37 and all that You have promised to do.
08:40 So as we take a look at what Your Word has to say
08:43 about this incredible God of love
08:45 that loves to answer prayer.
08:47 I pray that as we open Your Word,
08:49 You'll open our hearts and our minds
08:51 that we may be willing to receive
08:52 what the Spirit has to say to the church,
08:54 is our prayer in His name.
08:56 Amen. Amen.
08:58 Well, I did some research on prayer,
09:00 and I discovered that in the scriptures,
09:03 there are some 650 prayers.
09:08 And of those 650 prayers, we have the answer to 450.
09:13 So what happened to those 200 prayers
09:16 that we don't have an answer in the scriptures?
09:18 Were they answered by this prayer answering God?
09:23 I believe they were.
09:25 That is, every prayer that was uttered by faith,
09:28 I believe, it was answered by God.
09:30 Now, how can I be so sure?
09:32 That's because Jesus said these words
09:34 and in John 14:14, we read the words of Christ.
09:38 "If you ask anything," in what?
09:41 "In My name, I will do it. I will do it."
09:45 Now what does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus?
09:50 The name in the Bible
09:53 is synonymous with the character of God.
09:55 Often, when parents in the Old Testament
09:57 or New Testament wanted to name their children,
10:01 they wanted to name their children
10:03 based on the character or the characteristics
10:05 they wanted to see in their children.
10:08 And so a name is synonymous with character.
10:12 It's synonymous with praying God's will,
10:15 praying that which is in harmony
10:16 with His divine will.
10:19 In 1 John 5:14 and 15, we read these words.
10:26 1 John 5:14 and 15, John the disciple writes,
10:33 "Now this is the confidence that we have in Him,
10:36 that, if we ask anything according to," what?
10:40 "His will," he does what?
10:42 "He hears us."
10:43 Verse 15, "And if we know that He hears us,
10:45 whatever we ask,
10:47 we know that we have the petitions
10:49 that we have asked of Him."
10:51 Notice what John, here, writes.
10:54 Everything and anything that is asked
10:56 in the will of God,
10:58 we can be assured that He hears us.
11:02 And we can know for certain that He hears us.
11:06 We can know, we can know,
11:08 because we have asked
11:09 and we have prayed in the will of God.
11:13 That is exactly how Jesus taught us to pray.
11:16 Jesus taught us to pray, and I think most of us,
11:18 if not, all of us here would be familiar
11:21 with at least the opening of the Lord's Prayer.
11:24 How does it begin?
11:25 Let's say together if we know it.
11:27 Our Father, which art in heaven,
11:30 hallowed be Thy name,
11:31 Thy kingdom come,
11:33 Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
11:37 So right at the very outset,
11:39 we are taught to pray according to the will of God,
11:42 to pray in the name of the Father
11:45 which is to pray in harmony with His will.
11:48 Now, did Jesus practice what He preached?
11:51 Did Jesus practice this opening prayer?
11:56 He indeed did.
11:58 All through His life, He practiced,
12:00 "Not My will but Thy will be done."
12:02 We want to go to the most excruciating time
12:06 in the ministry of Christ,
12:08 when the salvation of this world
12:10 was in the balance.
12:12 Your salvation and mine was in the balance.
12:15 And Jesus was there on that first day evening
12:18 in that oil press, the Garden of Gethsemane.
12:21 And notice the prayer that He prayed
12:24 to His heavenly Father.
12:25 We find these words recorded by Luke,
12:29 Doctor Luke, the evangelist Luke.
12:31 In Luke 22:41 to 43, notice what we read.
12:37 "And He was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast,
12:41 and kneeled down, and prayed, saying,
12:43 'Father, if Thou be willing, remove this cup from Me:
12:48 nevertheless," not what?
12:50 "Not My will, but Thine be done.'
12:52 And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven,"
12:55 doing what?
12:56 "Strengthening him.'"
12:58 You see, this is the truth, my friend.
12:59 This is what I have discovered.
13:01 And tonight, I want to share with you
13:02 a little bit of my journey.
13:06 And what I have discovered in praying this prayer,
13:09 "Father, not my will but Your will be done."
13:11 Each and every time we pray this prayer,
13:14 we can be assured,
13:15 just like Jesus was strengthened in the garden,
13:18 you and I will be strengthened, strengthened
13:21 for whatever will come when we say amen.
13:26 Now, what does that look like?
13:28 What does that strength that God alone imparts
13:32 look like when you pray,
13:34 "Not my will but Thy will be done"?
13:37 I want to share with you
13:38 a precious family that has become
13:40 very near and dear to me.
13:43 Those that you see on the screen there,
13:46 that is Lyndon.
13:47 He is someone I grew up with.
13:48 We went to the same church together,
13:50 there in Melbourne,
13:54 South of Cooranbong.
13:57 We spent number of years in church together.
14:00 He's a few years younger than me,
14:01 12, 13 years younger than me.
14:02 That's his dear wife Elizabeth,
14:04 she wasn't always a follower of Jesus.
14:07 But in 2007, through Mark Finley,
14:11 Pastor Mark Finley campaign in Melbourne,
14:13 she was going out with Lyndon, she gave her heart to the Lord.
14:15 That's their two precious children,
14:17 Sienna and Lukas.
14:20 Now, their photo was taken shortly after Lyndon
14:25 was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
14:29 That brain tumor was cancer.
14:33 For two and a half years, Lyndon and his wife,
14:36 his family, he is an only child,
14:39 battled this horrible disease, two and a half years.
14:43 I had the privilege and the honor
14:45 of journeying with them.
14:48 And we would pray.
14:50 I'm here, I'm thousand kilometers away
14:52 but we would pray together, and I'd encourage him.
14:55 At times, I was able to visit.
14:58 And we prayed,
14:59 "Father, take this affliction away,
15:02 take this bitter cup away."
15:04 Only in his early 30s, a young family,
15:07 his whole life ahead of him, and we prayed,
15:10 and we prayed and we prayed, and we prayed.
15:15 Two weeks ago today,
15:18 his wife sent me a text sharing with me that
15:23 Lyndon only had days to live.
15:27 And so I made a decision,
15:28 although I was really caught up at that time,
15:30 I was running a program,
15:32 I had made a decision
15:33 the Lord had provided a window of opportunity,
15:35 and I headed to Melbourne.
15:38 I went to Lyndon's home, encouraged him,
15:41 strengthened him, prayed with him.
15:43 The next day, there's a photo.
15:45 The next day, I was there by the bedside of Lyndon,
15:49 opening up God's Word to Lyndon,
15:53 and sharing with him once again those blessed promises
15:57 that he had put his faith and trust in.
15:59 Those blessed promises that had strengthened his faith,
16:03 that had strengthened the faith of his wife,
16:05 those promises that had brought him to the point,
16:08 where not once, not once did he question God
16:12 in allowing the enemy to afflict him in this way.
16:20 Just a few days ago, I received a text message
16:24 from his dear wife Elizabeth
16:27 sharing with me that Lyndon had passed away.
16:32 And she ended the text, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
16:37 Even so, come, Lord Jesus."
16:41 You see, my friends, when we go through the valley,
16:45 when we know God as a prayer answering God,
16:49 we know that He knows the end from the beginning.
16:53 And we can put our faith and trust in Him
16:56 like Job of old who,
16:58 in his time of trial and tragedy
17:02 that you and I cannot even begin to understand or imagine,
17:06 he prayed those words, "Even though He," what?
17:10 "Slay me, yet I will," what?
17:12 "Trust in Him."
17:15 I serve a prayer answering God.
17:19 Although I do not understand,
17:22 I can trust Him.
17:24 Although I do not understand,
17:26 I can trust Him.
17:31 Prayer was at the very heart of the DNA of Jesus Christ.
17:37 The Bible records 25 occasions when Jesus prayed.
17:43 Beginning with His ministry there,
17:46 as we read these words in Luke 3:21 and 22,
17:52 the Bible says,
17:54 "Now when all the people were baptized, it came to pass,
17:57 that Jesus also being baptized, and praying,
18:00 the heaven was opened and the Holy Ghost descended
18:03 in a bodily shape like a dove upon Him,
18:05 and a voice came from heaven, which said,
18:08 Thou art my beloved Son, in Thee I am well pleased."
18:14 Jesus prayed at the very beginning of His ministry.
18:16 And all the way through His ministry,
18:18 He continued to pray.
18:20 What I've discovered in my journey through scripture
18:23 and in particular, in my journey
18:25 in the ministry of Christ
18:27 is that prayer and the Holy Spirit
18:29 go hand in hand.
18:32 You notice from the scriptures that we have just read
18:34 that the Holy Spirit descended upon Christ as He prayed.
18:41 What were the final words of Jesus to His disciples
18:44 before He ascended to heaven?
18:46 Pray for what?
18:48 The Holy Spirit.
18:51 And all the way through the ministry of Christ,
18:54 the Holy Spirit was at the very heart
18:58 and at the very center of prayer.
19:00 Now, why ought that to be the case?
19:04 That is because the scriptures clearly teach us
19:06 that you and I do not know how to pray
19:09 as we ought to pray.
19:11 Notice what the Apostle Paul wrote
19:13 in Romans 8:26, we read these words.
19:17 "Likewise the Spirit," the Holy Spirit,
19:20 the third person of the Godhead,
19:22 "Also helps us in our weaknesses.
19:25 For we do not know
19:26 what we should pray for as we ought,
19:28 but the Spirit Himself makes intersession for us
19:31 with groanings which cannot be uttered."
19:34 We do not know how to pray for that
19:39 which God wants us to pray for.
19:41 And so that is why we need the Holy Spirit
19:44 to lead and to guide us in our time of prayer.
19:48 That is why the Holy Spirit is front and center
19:51 in the time of prayer in the Book of Acts.
19:54 As you go through those 28 chapters
19:57 in the Book of Acts,
19:58 you discover that the believers are praying together,
20:03 praying together, seeking the Holy Spirit,
20:06 and God is working in a mighty way.
20:11 That dunamis, dynamite power
20:16 was because they had prayer and the Holy Spirit together.
20:22 My friends, you and I are living in a day and age
20:25 as Pastor John Lomacang shared in that previous message,
20:29 we are living at the very end of earth's history.
20:34 I don't believe that there are too many more ages to come.
20:39 We've reached the information age
20:41 and Jesus said, "This gospel of the kingdom
20:43 will be preached in all the world
20:45 as a witness to all the nations," and what?
20:47 "The end will come."
20:50 Surely, the information age
20:52 is enabling God through the Holy Spirit
20:55 to preach the gospel to the outer ends of the earth.
21:00 You and I live in a time
21:01 where it's not business as usual.
21:04 It's not a time to namby-pamby around.
21:07 I believe, we live in a time
21:09 when we need to get on our knees collectively,
21:12 individually, and seek the Holy Spirit
21:15 like we've never sought the Holy Spirit before.
21:19 If 2000 years ago,
21:22 there was no plan B, surely today,
21:28 with all the attractions and the distractions
21:30 that the enemy throws,
21:34 we need the Holy Spirit, my friends.
21:37 So what happens?
21:39 What happens when God's people come together
21:42 as they did in the Book of Acts
21:44 and they pray for the Holy Spirit?
21:48 What happens?
21:49 Today in 2018,
21:52 well, let me tell you, my friend,
21:54 God works miracles. God works miracles.
21:58 Let me share with you the story of a Miko or Amy.
22:01 There is a picture, I think of her on the screen.
22:05 There is Amy, and she was baptized
22:06 in this very church.
22:08 This is a Miko, and Japanese young lady who,
22:14 to cut a long story short, met an Australian.
22:20 Met an Australian, former Seventh-day Adventist,
22:24 young man who grew up in a loving Adventist home
22:27 but wandered away.
22:29 She met him in the cinema.
22:32 Or as my friend Roy likes to say,
22:34 he's baptizing her, she calls him dad.
22:38 And that's Pastor Dan Brunt.
22:41 He calls the cinema, the picture theatre.
22:43 I guess that's what they used to call it,
22:45 the picture theatre.
22:47 The movies.
22:48 They met in the movie theater in Japan.
22:52 What's she doing
22:53 in the baptismal font in Cooranbong,
22:55 that's what I want to know?
22:57 You want to know that too, don't you?
23:01 We prayed.
23:02 We prayed as these two entered into a relationship
23:05 as the son of Roy Graham entered into a relationship
23:10 with Amy based on that first encounter
23:12 in that cinema there in Japan.
23:15 They got to know each other.
23:17 And through the course of events,
23:20 Graham sadly contracted a terminal illness
23:24 and he passed away.
23:26 But before he passed away, he gave his heart to the Lord.
23:31 And we prayed for Amy, we prayed for her,
23:33 we prayed for her that the Holy Spirit
23:35 would somehow touch her heart.
23:38 God has a thousand ways to reach people
23:40 of which we know nothing of.
23:42 And I was running an evangelistic program
23:45 in Blue Haven Church where I was before,
23:48 what I'm doing currently.
23:50 And we were praying that she would come,
23:53 and that she would be part of it,
23:54 and that she would hear the message,
23:56 and that God would touch her heart,
23:57 and she would give her heart,
23:59 but she couldn't come at the very beginning.
24:00 And then she eventually came,
24:02 sort of, halfway through towards the end of the program,
24:05 and there she was.
24:06 She was sitting there, and we had prayed for her.
24:09 We had prayed for her in our small group,
24:12 in our small prayer group.
24:13 And I saw her taking photos with her phone.
24:17 John, she was taking photos with her phone.
24:20 And I'm like, "Well, that's cute.
24:21 She's taking photos.
24:22 She's Japanese,
24:24 doesn't really know any English at all.
24:26 What would she understand?"
24:28 And at the end of the message, Roy says to me,
24:32 "Amy has something to say to you, Danny."
24:34 And I'm like, "Yeah, what is it?"
24:36 And Amy is like, "I want to get baptized.
24:38 I want to follow Jesus."
24:39 I'm like, "How do you know what I just spoke of
24:43 unless the gift of tongues was poured out.
24:46 That wasn't the case."
24:48 What she had been doing is
24:49 she had been taking photos of the scriptures
24:52 that I have been putting up on the screen.
24:54 And through some app, she had been translating them
24:56 into Japanese.
25:01 And this gospel will go to all the kingdom.
25:06 God is a prayer answering God,
25:07 and there is Amy from the movie theater
25:12 in Japan to the baptismal font
25:15 in the Cooranbong Seventh-day Adventist Church
25:17 at Avondale Memorial.
25:19 When you and I pray, God does some amazing things.
25:25 God is a prayer answering God.
25:28 All the way through the Bible, prayer is front and center.
25:31 The Apostle Paul, some 40 occasions, praised.
25:34 This is how the Bible ends.
25:36 It ends with a prayer.
25:37 The scriptures end with a prayer.
25:41 John writes,
25:42 "He which testifieth to these things says,"
25:45 Revelation 22:20 and 21, He is, Jesus speaking,
25:50 "Surely," I am doing what?
25:52 "I am coming quickly."
25:54 And notice the prayer of John, the final prayer in the Bible.
25:58 It comes from the Apostle John.
25:59 He cries out, he says, "Amen, even so," what?
26:04 "Come, Lord Jesus.
26:05 The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all.
26:09 Amen."
26:11 We serve a prayer answering God.
26:14 My conclusion based on my study of scripture is that
26:17 prayer and knowing God go hand in hand.
26:21 What's God's ultimate purpose for us
26:25 as His end time servants, His end time ambassadors?
26:29 Let's go to John Chapter 17 to our theme scripture.
26:33 John Chapter 17, our theme scripture.
26:38 And this is eternal life that they may know you,
26:42 the only true God and Jesus Christ
26:44 whom You have sent.
26:46 Notice the context that these words are found in.
26:49 Let's pick it up in verse 1, John 17:1.
26:53 "Jesus spoke these words,
26:54 lifted up His eyes to heaven and said,
26:56 'Father, the hour has come, glorify Your Son
27:00 that Your Son also may glorify You.
27:03 As You have given Him authority over all flesh
27:06 that He should give eternal life
27:08 to as many as You have given Him."
27:10 And then our theme scripture, "And this is eternal life
27:14 that they may know You the only true God,
27:16 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
27:19 I have glorified You on the earth.
27:21 I have finished the work which You have given Me to do."
27:24 Verse 5, "And now, O Father, glorify Me together
27:29 with Yourself with the glory
27:32 which I had with You before the world was."
27:35 As I meditated on these scriptures,
27:37 this prayer of Jesus Christ on the eve of His crucifixion,
27:43 I discovered that there is a word
27:44 that pops up over and over again.
27:49 Can anyone guess what that word is?
27:54 That's the word glory.
27:56 Five times.
27:59 Five times that word glory,
28:01 in its different forms, appears.
28:04 Glory, glorify, glorified.
28:08 The prayer of Jesus was, "Father,
28:11 the time has come for Your Son to glorify You,
28:16 and for You to be glorified in Your Son."
28:20 The glory of God that is at the very heart
28:26 of the prayer of Jesus Christ in this opening of His prayer.
28:30 Now, what's the glory of God?
28:32 There are several aspects to the glory of God.
28:37 But I believe at the very heart of the glory of God
28:40 is what Moses asked God
28:42 when Israel had that moral meltdown,
28:46 that spiritual meltdown.
28:47 They're at Mount Carmel,
28:48 they had heard the voice of God.
28:50 They had received the covenant of God
28:53 through the Ten Commandments.
28:55 And the very next thing we find
28:57 that they make that golden calf.
29:00 And Moses comes and he pleads on behalf of his people.
29:05 Says, "God spare their lives or take my name
29:08 out of the book of life."
29:10 And in the process of that pleading,
29:13 the words are recorded there in Exodus Chapter 33
29:16 where Moses prays
29:18 that all powerful prayer to God.
29:24 "Father, God, show me your," what?
29:29 "Glory. Reveal to me Your glory."
29:33 And then Moses records what he sees.
29:36 He sees the goodness, the love, the mercy, the grace,
29:40 the long-suffering.
29:44 Not slow to forgive but at the same time,
29:48 not turning His back on sin and evil.
29:51 The glory of God is His character.
29:54 It's His character.
29:55 That's why Moses witnessed, the character of God.
29:58 And now it was time for Jesus Christ
30:02 to reveal the character of God in a way that this world,
30:06 that this universe had never before seen or experienced.
30:12 Did the Father answer the prayer of Jesus?
30:16 What was that prayer?
30:18 "Father, the hour has come, glorify Your Son
30:21 that Your Son also may glorify You."
30:24 Was the Father, was the Son glorified?
30:27 He indeed was.
30:30 From the Garden of Gethsemane till Golgotha's cross,
30:36 the love of God was portrayed in a way
30:41 that this universe has not seen and will not see.
30:47 So what's God's plan for you and I?
30:49 The plan that God has for you and I, my dear friends,
30:52 wherever you are watching, wherever you are listening,
30:55 is this, I believe that at the end of time,
30:58 God's plan for His people based on that prayer of Jesus
31:02 is that the world would know God
31:04 through the character
31:07 that is demonstrated by His people,
31:11 who have chosen,
31:13 who have chosen to turn their backs
31:16 on the ways of this world.
31:21 And I have chosen to live their lives
31:24 in harmony with the will of God
31:27 and to emulate the character of Jesus.
31:30 That is what God is waiting for.
31:33 Really, is that what God is waiting for?
31:34 Is He waiting for His beautiful character
31:38 of love to be demonstrated
31:41 before the entire world through His people?
31:43 Is that what God is really waiting for?
31:47 If I read my Bible correctly, and I believe I do.
31:50 The final message of love
31:51 that needs to go to the entire world
31:53 contains these words.
31:56 Revelation 14:6 and 7, John cries out,
32:02 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
32:05 having the" what?
32:07 "The everlasting gospel." What's the everlasting gospel?
32:10 What's the word gospel mean?
32:12 It means good news. Good news about what?
32:14 Good news that God has tipped heaven upside down
32:17 in order to save the human race.
32:20 The goods news that God was willing
32:22 to bankrupt heaven in giving Jesus Christ
32:25 in order to save the human race.
32:28 The everlasting gospel that needs to be preached
32:30 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people,
32:33 saying with a loud voice, "Fear God and give Him, what?
32:37 "Glory, for the hour of His judgment has come
32:39 and worship Him who made heaven and earth, and the sea
32:42 and the springs of water."
32:43 That is God's plan,
32:45 that is God's aim for you and I.
32:47 At the end of time,
32:48 to be part of God's end time army
32:51 to show forth the character of God,
32:54 the love of God,
32:56 that all may know the reality of who God is.
33:00 This is eternal life that they may, what?
33:04 Know you, the only true God
33:07 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
33:10 That's God's plan.
33:12 That's God's plan A.
33:14 And there isn't a plan B.
33:16 If there isn't a plan B,
33:20 that's God's primary purpose for you and for me,
33:25 to give Him glory in all that we do.
33:28 And I have come to the conclusion
33:31 that there is no way,
33:34 there is absolutely no way that this wretched, miserable,
33:41 poor, blind, and naked sinner
33:45 that stands before you
33:48 can show forth the glory of God
33:52 as I have been invited to in the everlasting gospel
33:56 unless I'm daily willing to be filled
34:00 with the Holy Spirit.
34:02 I just can't, and I've tried.
34:04 Trust me, I've tried.
34:06 I've tried plan B, C, D,
34:08 E, F, Z, ZA, ZB, ZC.
34:14 I have tried them all.
34:17 And I've discovered, unless the Holy Spirit fills me
34:20 day by day, there is no hope.
34:25 But when the Holy Spirit fills you and the Holy Spirit
34:29 fills me for the glory of God,
34:31 we are willing to do everything and anything.
34:34 We are willing to go no matter where God leads
34:38 because we are daily praying in harmony with His will.
34:43 Because someone who knows God has learnt to trust
34:47 that the will of God is always the best way forward.
34:52 No matter what anyone says,
34:54 no matter even what the government says,
34:57 what do you mean by the government, Danny?
34:58 What's the government got to do with your sermon tonight?
35:00 Well, let me tell you a story.
35:03 This year...
35:04 Well, actually last year, I was invited to go
35:07 and preach an evangelistic series
35:10 in the country of Burundi.
35:13 Anyone know here who, where Burundi is?
35:15 Okay, a few of you know.
35:17 Burundi is there in mid Africa, borders with Uganda and Rwanda.
35:23 I think, most people here would be familiar with Rwanda
35:26 and the terrible atrocity
35:28 that took place there a couple of decades ago.
35:31 And anyway, I'm the kind of person
35:33 that when I'm invited to go to Africa,
35:35 I just love Africa.
35:37 Africa is like where I get my spiritual renewal,
35:42 evangelism, I'm not sure what it's like in America,
35:44 Pastor John.
35:46 But in Australia, evangelism is tough work.
35:49 You know, you invite people to the football,
35:53 and they'll queue up all night with their sleeping bag
35:56 to get tickets.
35:58 You invite them to come to hear the good news of the gospel,
36:00 and in Australia, it's hijacker.
36:02 So, when I have an opportunity to go to Africa, I do.
36:05 So anyway, without any hesitation,
36:08 I said, "Yeah, sure. I'm in."
36:10 I'm off.
36:12 And I was about to book my ticket.
36:14 And I mean, I got a call from a fellow pastor,
36:17 Pastor Fred who was also planning on going,
36:19 and he's like, "Danny, my wife has advised me that
36:24 it may not be all that safe to go to Burundi.
36:27 There's a travel warning by the Australian government."
36:30 And I'm like, "Really?"
36:31 So I get online and I go
36:33 to the Australian Foreign Affairs Department website
36:36 to check out what's up with Burundi.
36:38 And sure enough,
36:43 "Do not travel" in red, red alert.
36:48 We all know what a red light means, don't we?
36:50 Well, we should know what a red light means.
36:53 And I'm like, "What's up with this?
36:56 I was all excited, I was ready to go."
36:59 But that kind of really,
37:00 you know, put a dampener on things.
37:04 And so I looked at some of other countries
37:05 that have a red alert,
37:07 and you may recognize some of them as Afghanistan,
37:10 Yemen, Syria, South Sudan.
37:14 I mean, these were in the same basket.
37:17 So I'm like, "What do I do?
37:19 And I just started to pray.
37:23 I've learnt to trust in God.
37:25 "Lord, this is what the government says,
37:27 what do I do? What do I do?"
37:30 And so the Lord said, "I'll take care of it.
37:34 I'll take care of it."
37:35 So anyway, first hurdle, I had to tell my wife.
37:40 So I was like, "Lord, you've got to open up
37:41 a lot of doors for me to get on that plane to Burundi,
37:44 You've got to open up a lot of doors."
37:46 And the first hurdle was my wife.
37:48 And I said to her, I had to tell her.
37:52 I wasn't gonna jump on the plane
37:55 and then something happen, and she's like, "What?
37:57 You knew all of this and didn't tell me?"
37:59 Anyway, so I shared with her.
38:01 I said, I said, "Honey, you know, this is the story.
38:04 This is what the government is advising,
38:06 and I'm preparing to go, the people are waiting for me,'
38:09 and so and so, and so on and so forth,
38:11 there's a whole big TMI or Total Member Involvement
38:14 program going on there throughout Burundi.
38:17 And you know, I don't want to disappoint these people,
38:19 I've been preparing for months and months and months.
38:23 And you know, what she said to me?
38:25 "Go, I can't wait for you to go."
38:26 No, she didn't say that. She didn't say that.
38:31 I thought she was going to say, "No, don't go."
38:33 But instead, she said, "Pray about it.
38:38 Pray about it."
38:40 I'd received the all clear from the folk there in Burundi.
38:43 I was expecting that.
38:45 That, kind of, wasn't a big door to get through.
38:48 And then that morning, that morning,
38:50 when I prayed that prayer,
38:52 I have a habit of singing hymns.
38:54 I won't sing it here this evening.
38:57 Otherwise, it'll be the end of the whole weekend.
39:01 I cannot sing.
39:02 I'm not even allowed to sing at home.
39:05 Only to myself.
39:07 That morning, I was up to this particular hymn
39:10 in the hymn book.
39:11 I go through the hymn book,
39:13 and I sing the hymns that I know.
39:15 True story, God is my witness.
39:17 That morning, I was up to hymn number 508.
39:23 Can anyone guess what hymn number 508 is?
39:27 Anywhere with Jesus, and here I am singing,
39:31 "Anywhere with Jesus, I can safely go
39:34 anywhere He leads me in this world below,"
39:37 including Burundi.
39:39 "Anywhere without Him, dearest joys would fade.
39:44 Anywhere with Jesus, I am not afraid."
39:47 I was like, "Lord, I'm ready to go.
39:50 I'm ready to go."
39:53 When you know the prayer answering God,
39:58 even if the circumstances say no,
40:03 if God says yes, you can go forward in faith.
40:07 Little did I know that
40:08 there was a demon-possessed young lady
40:11 that God wanted me to minister to,
40:13 that was baptized and gave her heart to Jesus.
40:16 Little did I know that there was a Muslim woman
40:18 and her husband who was in prison
40:20 that gave their hearts to Jesus.
40:22 Little did I know what God would do,
40:25 little did I know.
40:28 I have learned to trust in God.
40:31 I have learned that God is a prayer answering God.
40:34 And when God answers prayer,
40:35 He gives you a peace,
40:36 a wonderful peace that passes all understanding.
40:40 Now when I go to one of my,
40:42 if not my favorite scripture, Philippians 4:6 and 7.
40:48 Philippians 4:6 and 7,
40:50 "Be anxious for nothing but in everything by," what?
40:54 "Prayer and supplication,
40:55 with thanksgiving in your hearts,
40:57 let your requests be made known to," who?
41:00 "To God, and the peace of God,
41:02 which surpasses all understanding,
41:04 will guard your hearts and minds through," who?
41:07 "Christ Jesus, our Lord."
41:08 Now what does that look like
41:09 and why has Philippians 4:6 and 7
41:12 become one of my, if not my favorite scripture?
41:15 Let me show you my right shoulder.
41:18 Is there a picture of my right shoulder
41:19 up there somewhere?
41:21 I'm not sure if there is.
41:22 There it is, that's my right shoulder,
41:25 and there's a 10-centimeter scar here
41:27 on my right shoulder.
41:29 Now I would take off my jacket and undo my shirt to show you
41:33 but that'll take time and I don't want to show you
41:35 my big muscles to scare you.
41:37 So just believe me, that's my right shoulder.
41:41 Why have I got that 10 centimeter scar
41:44 on my right shoulder?
41:45 Well, you see, back in 2007,
41:48 what had been diagnosed by doctors
41:52 over a period of about one to two years,
41:55 as simply a dark brown mole.
42:00 "Nothing to be afraid of, Danny.
42:01 Go home, live happily ever after."
42:05 After my brother-in-law, who's a doctor,
42:09 recommended I go and just simply take it out.
42:12 It was discovered that
42:13 it wasn't simply a dark brown mole,
42:17 but this was a melanoma, a malignant melanoma,
42:22 an invasive malignant melanoma that had been growing
42:27 ever so slowly, but it was growing.
42:30 Now what was the result?
42:32 What was the result?
42:34 Before we get to the result,
42:36 I want to share with you what took place immediately
42:40 after I had received that news from the doctor,
42:44 after the tests came through.
42:46 Before I share that,
42:48 let me share with you what took place immediately
42:49 before I entered the office of the doctor.
42:53 There on the wall, in the Port Macquarie
42:56 where I was living at the time on the Central Coast
42:59 of New South Wales,
43:01 there on the wall of the skin cancer clinic
43:05 was a poster with the tragic statistic
43:10 than more than 1,000 Australian males
43:13 every year die of melanoma.
43:16 So I had just read that, and I had that in my mind,
43:19 and I'm walking into the doctor's office.
43:22 And he shares with me the results,
43:24 "Danny, it's bad news, very bad news.
43:29 It's been there for a while.
43:30 We don't know if it's spread into your lymph nodes.
43:33 We don't know. We just don't know.
43:38 Do you have months to live? Do you have a year, two?
43:42 We don't know until we get that operation done.
43:46 And then we'll know."
43:48 I remember moving from the office into my car,
43:53 and I remember it like it happened yesterday.
43:57 I sat in my car and this incredible peace
44:02 overwhelmed me as I began to pray,
44:05 "Lord, I just want to thank you for the 36 years of life
44:11 that You have given to me.
44:13 I want to thank You that
44:15 You revealed Your love to me
44:17 in such a beautiful and such a powerful way
44:20 ever since I gave my heart to You,
44:22 some 18 years before.
44:24 This second half of my life has been beyond
44:28 what I could imagine.
44:29 I want to thank You, I want to praise You.
44:30 And, Lord, if this is the last year, so be it.
44:34 May Your will be done."
44:35 And I went home singing hymns as you do
44:40 after the doctors told you,
44:41 "You've got a malignant melanoma."
44:46 I went home singing hymns.
44:48 I went home praising the Lord.
44:52 My wife looks at me
44:53 and she thought the news was good.
44:54 She didn't know what the news would be.
44:56 I was just told that I needed to see the doctor
45:00 for the results.
45:02 And she thought the news was good
45:03 and she's like, "Danny, is all well?"
45:07 And I'm like, "Yes, it is."
45:11 God is good.
45:13 God is on His throne.
45:16 On the other side,
45:18 this is what I haven't, she's like...
45:20 You can imagine. You can imagine.
45:24 I'm still here.
45:26 God preserved my life, I believe.
45:28 But doctors were shocked that it had remained
45:31 dormant for so long.
45:34 Not my concern.
45:36 When I prayed,
45:38 "Father, not my will but Your will be done,"
45:40 I was in complete peace.
45:42 My friend, you and I can have complete peace
45:45 when we simply surrender whatever it is
45:48 into the hands of God,
45:50 knowing that when you know God through prayer
45:54 and you trust in Him with all things,
45:56 you can sing in the storm.
46:00 There was a beautiful, beautiful song
46:02 that I remember singing in Sabbath school
46:04 as a little boy, With Christ in the vessel,
46:08 I can, what?
46:09 I can smile at the storm.
46:13 With Christ in my vessel, I can smile at the storm.
46:18 I love this statement,
46:19 this one line statement from Ellen White
46:24 where she writes in Ministry of Healing,
46:27 that chapter entitled "Prayer for the Sick"
46:29 and I have shared this on so many occasions
46:32 to those that I have been privileged to anoint
46:37 in the name of God, in the name of Christ.
46:39 "God is too wise and good to answer our prayers
46:43 always at just the time
46:46 and in just the manner we desire."
46:49 He's too good, He's too wise.
46:52 He knows what's best for us.
46:56 We serve a loving and kind God who is always thinking of that
47:02 which is in our best eternal interest.
47:06 When you know that kind of God, everything will be okay,
47:13 and you can sing
47:16 no matter what you have been diagnosed with.
47:19 No matter what your financial situation may be,
47:22 no matter what your family situation may be,
47:26 no matter what storm comes your way,
47:28 you can sing in the storm,
47:32 because you know
47:33 that you serve a prayer answering, loving God.
47:38 As we prepare to land,
47:40 I want go to one of my favorite stories,
47:42 a chapter in the life of Christ from the Book of Matthew.
47:46 In Matthew Chapter 8,
47:48 we read these beautiful words
47:52 of what took place on one night,
47:55 one hairy and scary night.
47:58 Matthew 8:23,
48:01 "Now when He got into a boat, His disciples followed Him.
48:04 And suddenly, a great tempest arose on the sea,
48:06 so that the boat was covered with the waves,
48:09 but He was asleep.
48:13 Then His disciples came to Him, and awoke Him, saying,
48:15 "Lord," what?
48:17 "Save us."
48:19 What a prayer to pray!
48:20 "Lord, save us. We are perishing."
48:23 But He said to them,
48:25 "Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?
48:28 Then He arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea,
48:31 and there was a great calm.'
48:34 So the men marveled, saying," notice these words,
48:37 "Who can this," what?
48:40 "Be that even the winds and the sea obey Him?' "
48:46 My question for you tonight, for me, for all of us,
48:51 wherever you may be watching or listening is,
48:53 do you know, do you know the God
48:59 who answers prayer?
49:00 "Who can this be? Who can this be?"
49:03 Have you discovered who He is?
49:06 I can guarantee you, my friend, if you have discovered
49:09 who He is, you will not be afraid.
49:12 You will not be afraid
49:15 because instead of a great tempest,
49:18 it will be a great calm, a great calm, a great calm.
49:24 Do you know Jesus as the one who answers prayer?
49:29 Jesus said, "This is eternal life,
49:31 that they may know You, the only true God,
49:35 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."
49:39 I want to encourage you
49:41 to get to know Jesus through prayer,
49:43 and watch how He answers your prayers.
49:46 Watch how He changes and transforms your life.
49:50 I want to end by sharing with you a personal journey,
49:54 personal journey.
49:56 Now almost three decades old.
50:00 Some of you can see up on the screen here
50:02 and recognize these series produced
50:07 more than 30 years ago now by Pastor Kenneth Cox.
50:11 I understand he's still alive and going strong.
50:15 He must be filled
50:16 with the Holy Spirit, Pastor John.
50:18 He is indeed a man filled with the Holy Spirit.
50:21 The Book of Revelation through these videotapes
50:25 had a huge impact on my life.
50:27 As an 18-year-old, I had grown up
50:32 in a beautiful, loving, kind
50:35 Seventh-day Adventist Christian home.
50:38 But during my teenage years, I decided that
50:43 I needed to find out more about the world
50:45 and know less about God.
50:48 So I wandered away.
50:49 But through the prayers of a loving mother,
50:52 through the prayers of a loving mother
50:55 who was willing to travel by train, by train
51:00 two hours from where we lived
51:03 all the way to the conference office
51:05 there in Victoria in a place called Nunawading,
51:08 to go in and hire these videos.
51:11 Back in the days...
51:12 Do you remember the days when we had videos?
51:14 I don't even think many people even know
51:16 what DVDs are in this time, know little of videos.
51:19 She would go and she would hire these videos
51:23 produced by Kenneth Cox,
51:25 Pastor Kenneth Cox, an American evangelist,
51:28 bring them home, two more hours on a Friday afternoon
51:34 in order that God may work through these message
51:39 to touch the heart of her son, her prodigal son
51:43 at the age of 18.
51:46 At the age of 18,
51:49 this prodigal gave his heart to Christ one Friday night.
51:55 It was November, Friday night back in 1990
51:59 when Jesus took all my sins away.
52:02 I confess them all.
52:04 He took them all away,
52:05 and He gave me a brand new start.
52:09 Is God a prayer answering God?
52:12 My friends, I'm here.
52:14 I'm here today because of the prayers
52:16 of a mother who prayed and worked.
52:21 And through this American preacher,
52:25 through a video cassette, God was able to,
52:28 through His Holy Spirit,
52:30 to touch an 18-year-old teenager,
52:34 interested in everything...
52:38 but God has a thousand ways to reach people
52:40 of which we know nothing of.
52:42 My friends, pray, pray, pray.
52:46 If you have children, who have wandered away,
52:49 pray, pray, pray, pray, pray.
52:52 And God will impress you what to do.
52:54 You may need to go by train two hours
52:57 in order to pick up what you need
52:58 and go back home two hours.
53:00 You may need to make that sacrifice.
53:04 God is a prayer answering God.
53:06 The individuals
53:08 who were producing these videos,
53:11 Carl Branster who's still alive up there in Queensland
53:16 was heading up the videotaping in the productions.
53:20 There by his side was his son.
53:23 There by his side was his daughter-in-law, Liz.
53:29 God is a prayer answering God.
53:30 Twenty five years, fast forward 25 years from 1990,
53:35 and I have the opportunity
53:37 through a miraculous chain of events
53:41 to reach out to Elizabeth Liz
53:46 and lead her to Christ
53:48 who was there producing those videos.
53:53 I had the opportunity to study with her,
53:55 to baptize her in this very font here
53:59 at Avondale Memorial Church.
54:01 Twenty five years later, I had the opportunity
54:03 to study with her prodigal son and her prodigal daughter.
54:09 And God, through His Holy Spirit,
54:11 led them to Jesus.
54:16 God is a prayer answering God.
54:20 Through the ministry of an American evangelist,
54:23 through the hard work of church members
54:28 willing to do whatever it takes,
54:30 all hours of the night, God was able to work miracles.
54:35 They pray that these videos
54:36 would end up in the hands of someone
54:41 who would give their heart to Jesus.
54:42 Little did I know that that video would end up
54:45 in my mother's hand
54:46 who would share it with her son
54:48 who 25 years later,
54:50 God would use to reach out to them
54:51 and bring them back into the fold.
54:54 Our God is a prayer answering God, my friends.
54:59 Our God is a prayer answering God.
55:01 My question is, do you know
55:05 God as a prayer answering God?
55:08 Do you know God as a prayer answering God?
55:11 Taste and see that Lord is good.
55:13 Get to know Him,
55:14 get to know Him, get to know Him.
55:18 Let us pray.
55:19 Loving Father in heaven,
55:22 wow, You are indeed a prayer answering God.
55:28 Father, the prayer of Your son was
55:34 that they may know You, the only true God
55:40 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
55:43 Oh, Father, I stand here not because I'm worthy
55:47 but, Father, I stand here because a prayer answering God
55:51 answered the prayer of my dear mother
55:54 all those years ago.
55:56 And I am here now basking in the grace and the glory
56:01 of my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ
56:05 who has given me this privilege,
56:07 this incredible privilege that I do not deserve
56:11 to be a messenger of His love.
56:14 Oh, Father, that's Your prayer for each and every one of us.
56:19 Father, it's Your prayer that all of us
56:21 will live our lives
56:22 for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ,
56:25 that we will reveal the character of God
56:27 and His love to those around us who are in darkness,
56:31 deep darkness.
56:34 Oh, Father, may the things in our lives that attract us
56:39 and distract us from seeking the character of Christ
56:44 and being filled with the Holy Spirit
56:46 as Pastor John prayed earlier and preached,
56:48 may there be a blackout so that the light of Jesus
56:54 may shine in our hearts, that it may shine out
56:57 and that others may be brought
56:59 into the fold of Jesus Christ and prepare for His kingdom,
57:03 is our prayer in Jesus' name, and everybody say it,
57:05 amen and amen.
57:07 And God bless you.


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