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Congregational Singing #1

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Program Code: HCAU180007A

00:01 Music...
00:24 Welcome to 3ABN Australia Homecoming.
00:31 Music...
00:32 Welcome to a time of singing...
00:33 of... of congregational singing...
00:36 of sing along...
00:38 I have informed the audience
00:41 and congregation here in the church
00:43 to just lift up your voice to the Lord.
00:46 We're here to give praise to God
00:48 and to sing some wonderful songs that I sang as I was growing up
00:53 and maybe some of these songs will be familiar to you.
00:56 Let's start with the beautiful hymn...
00:58 Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,
00:59 all right, this is a good one.
01:01 Piano...
02:44 arms.
02:49 And that's how we do it.
02:50 See, wasn't that easy?
02:52 I love it...
02:54 We're going to sing, I Will Sing of My Redeemer"
02:56 piano...
03:45 song
05:02 amen... what a great song!
05:03 While we're in this key, let's continue to sing
05:08 about the redemption...
05:10 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb...
05:17 song
07:01 let's sing that chorus one more time...
07:02 I am redeemed
07:05 I'm redeemed...
07:06 redeemed by the blood of the Lamb,
07:10 I'm redeemed
07:15 redeemed
07:19 His child and forever I am.
07:27 Amen... that is good news.
07:29 What a privilege to be a child of God, right
07:32 and to be redeemed... thank you Lord.
07:36 This is a great song I love...
07:38 To God be the glory, great things He hath done.
07:41 So loved He the world
07:43 that He gave us His Son.
07:44 Scripture and song... just kind of re-worded...
07:47 Fanny Crosby, we thank you for this song.
07:49 This is good.
07:51 Piano...
08:19 song
08:48 All right, you sing it now, Oh, perfect submission...
08:50 song
10:34 I just... that thrills me
10:35 to hear you all singing like that,
10:37 just think what it does for our heavenly Father...
10:39 wow! I love the...
10:42 that song kind of has a personal meaning to me
10:45 especially since Mr. Shelton invited me
10:49 a couple of years ago to be a General Manager
10:52 for the: Praise Him TV Music Network
10:54 and I have been looking for songs
10:58 that had the word "praise" in them
11:02 so that we could have... just... maybe a program
11:06 all about praise music
11:07 with the "Praise Him" theme,
11:09 since we are the Praise Him Music Channel,
11:11 so I sat around listening and I'm excited about this song,
11:16 I just... I want to sing that chorus one more time,
11:19 just because I want to, all right,
11:21 so, sing it with me again, let's praise the Lord.
11:23 Praise the Lord,
11:25 praise the Lord,
11:28 let the earth hear His voice,
11:31 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
11:35 let the people rejoice...
11:38 song
11:56 praise the Lord.
11:58 What do we have next?
12:02 Oh, this is a wonderful song,
12:04 Marching to Zion
12:06 and I get a kick out of this song
12:07 this is a song that's in 6/8
12:10 and if you know anything about music,
12:11 6/8 is more of a waltz but they call it, "Marching"
12:15 so I'm not sure how they... how we're going to do that
12:18 but we'll figure it out, it's just the way we march.
12:22 We'll march in a nice waltz-like way, all right.
12:26 So... but... you have the advantage of being seated
12:29 so you don't have to worry about marching or waltzing, all right
12:31 so let's sing, "Marching to Zion. "
12:33 Piano...
12:43 song
12:52 This is going to be way to high, I can already tell...
12:55 and there's nothing worse than marching and singing high
12:58 even though you're seated, so let's lower this
13:01 to something that might be a little more convenient.
13:03 I play by ear...
13:05 so I don't have the music up here
13:06 to know what key it's in,
13:08 if anybody knows what key it's in, let's see...
13:10 let's try this key...
13:13 I'll just move my...
13:15 this will be better, I can tell already...
13:21 song
14:01 Now, listen to this verse...
14:02 song
15:06 amen.
16:10 We're going to skip on ahead...
16:14 piano...
16:24 this is a great song, He Leadeth Me
16:26 piano...
16:35 By His own grace...
16:37 He leadeth me
16:42 song
18:53 oh, that's so comforting to know
18:54 song
20:25 oh yes, thank you Lord for leading us.
20:27 Wow! those verses are great reminders that He is in-charge
20:33 and when we have a hand like His to hold on to,
20:38 it's not hard to follow if we will just do it...
20:43 trust and obey Him
20:45 and He has promises that He has given us in His Word
20:48 and I love to sing about those promises
20:50 so, let's sing a song about standing on the promises,
20:58 that sounds like a good segue.
20:59 Let's make sure we get a good key for this...
21:03 now let me see... that's not a good key...
21:06 humming...
21:11 this is a good key... A Flat, all right
21:14 so tune your voices to the key of A Flat
21:16 and let's sing about standing on the promises.
21:19 song
23:21 Do a lot of you know these songs?
23:23 I hear you sing aloud.
23:24 These songs are encouraging to me.
23:28 I was raised...
23:30 there's a time back in the... in the States, I know
23:34 that we began to sing a different kind of music
23:37 but I was blessed to be raised in the church
23:40 when we were just still singing some of these older ones
23:43 so I have a lot of these in my arsenal
23:45 and I can be riding my bicycle
23:48 and I'll hum...
23:51 start humming a tune from when I was a kid
23:53 and it will change my total outlook
23:55 and it will help me make it the extra mile on that bike
24:00 and... so I encourage you, if you don't know these songs,
24:05 get in the hymnal
24:06 but if you do know them,
24:08 sing them to your children and your grandchildren
24:11 because these songs never lose their message...
24:13 never lose their power...
24:14 they are truly inspired and they encourage me
24:18 and this is s fun song right here,
24:20 Oh that will be glory for me
24:22 piano
24:30 let's sing this
24:31 When all my labors and trials are o'er...
24:33 song
27:04 Well thank you for singing along...
27:05 that will be glory for me.
27:09 I look forward to singing eternally with you all.
27:11 Amen.
27:14 We'll do this again... forever.


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