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00:01 Music...
00:20 Welcome to 3ABN Australia Homecoming.
00:25 Music...
00:30 Hello and welcome to our Friday evening...
00:34 it's nearly Sabbath...
00:36 Ryan: It's almost Sabbath, best time of the week.
00:39 Rosemary: Yes, it is... Hello Ryan.
00:40 Ryan: Hello Rosemary, how are you?
00:42 Rosemary: I'm fine thank you
00:43 and look, we've got a crowd of people here
00:46 because we have a special concert tonight
00:48 at the 3ABN Australia Homecoming.
00:49 Absolutely and I...
00:51 I just have been listening to them rehearse
00:54 just a few minutes ago and they sound incredible,
00:56 what do you guys think?
00:57 Some of you heard them... some of you probably...
00:59 and they sound incredible
01:01 so we're looking forward to the treat
01:02 that we're about to be... that we're about to receive.
01:04 I just want to ask a question,
01:05 how many people here have come from...
01:08 out of New South Wales?
01:10 Oh, there's a few of you,
01:12 I know there's... a quite a few from Western Australia
01:15 and five of them have come from one country church
01:17 from West Australia so that's quite a feat.
01:20 Wow! praise God.
01:21 Well, we have got a special treat coming up
01:24 for our very first people
01:26 and we have two sisters
01:28 and they're well-known around here,
01:30 Gemma Richardson...
01:32 Richardson-Martin... she's now married
01:35 and her sister Meggie Richardson
01:37 and they're going to come and play the piano...
01:39 the violin...
01:41 and David Mensis is going to be playing the piano for them...
01:46 he's going to play...
01:48 and actually, Meggie's getting married next year,
01:51 I think it is too...
01:53 yes, her mother nodded... next year...
01:56 so they'll both be married
01:57 but they are wonderful young ladies
01:59 who are coming up right now
02:01 and they've been on 3ABN International for us before
02:06 and they're going to play, thank you Meggie
02:09 and thank you Gemma.
02:10 "In The Garden. "
02:12 Pause...
02:20 Piano...
02:25 more piano...
02:33 I come to the garden alone
02:42 While the dew is still on the roses
02:51 And the voice I hear
02:56 falling on my ear
03:01 The Son of God
03:07 discloses.
03:13 And He walks with me,
03:21 and He talks with me,
03:26 And He tells me I am His own;
03:34 And the joy we share
03:39 as we tarry there,
03:45 None other
03:48 has ever known.
03:53 He speaks,
03:59 and the sound of His voice,
04:05 Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,
04:14 And the melody
04:18 that He gave to me
04:22 Within my heart
04:29 is ringing.
04:35 And He walks with me
04:42 and He talks with me,
04:47 And He tells me I am His own;
04:55 And the joy we share
05:00 as we tarry there,
05:07 None other
05:12 has ever known...
05:17 known...
05:23 None other
05:26 has ever
05:33 known...
05:41 known.
05:50 Audience: Clapping.
05:55 Gemma and Meggie that was very beautiful,
05:58 thank you and David,
05:59 it's always good to have an accompaniment,
06:02 isn't it? Amen, that was beautiful.
06:05 I think so.
06:06 Amen. Audience: Amen.
06:08 I just want to say, "This is the two Johns. "
06:09 That's right, 1st and 2nd John, 3rd John is missing.
06:13 Audience: Laughter.
06:15 He's probably on the Isle of Patmos, maybe...
06:17 he's got bad directions.
06:18 Yeah John, we've got an item with David Aitken.
06:23 David Aitken has been with 3ABN Australia from...
06:26 well, he was a committee member for 3ABN Australia
06:29 for some time...
06:31 he has a talent that he discovered in the shower
06:33 and he's actually made a CD
06:36 and David sings in many different venues
06:39 around Australia at the Camp Meetings...
06:41 we're... we're very pleased to have him.
06:43 Yeah, we had a chance to meet him... my wife and I
06:45 when we were in Perth one time
06:47 and his wife and son and daughter...
06:50 but what I like about David is...
06:52 he sings out of a sincere heart
06:55 and that song that he's going to sing this evening,
06:57 "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"
06:59 is going to be one that communicates
07:01 the beauty of the gospel
07:03 so, I think that it's wonderful
07:05 if you, tonight, would make David welcome
07:07 with a hearty "Amen" or whatever way you'd like
07:09 we'd like to invite David out to come and minister to us
07:12 with the wonderful song about the gospel of Jesus,
07:16 "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. "
07:18 It's good to have you here David
07:20 and we know that you're going to bless us,
07:22 it all helps us to know God.
07:24 You recorded a CD, where did you record that David?
07:27 We had the wonderful privilege
07:30 of going over to Nashville, Tennessee in 2015
07:33 and... to a beautiful Christian Studio
07:37 which some in the Industry would know... Daywind Studios...
07:41 and we were so blessed, I tell you,
07:44 I could keep you here for a long time
07:47 with the stories that God worked... miracles...
07:50 not only from the journey,
07:52 it was 33 hours from door to hotel
07:54 travel...
07:56 and there were some amazing things even happening in there.
07:58 I want to get people to come and talk with you
08:00 when they come to get your CD,
08:02 we're going to leave you now to sing.
08:03 Next time, you can come to 3ABN...
08:05 we're just as good or better than Nashville.
08:07 Laughter.
08:09 Actually, that... that was my dream.
08:11 God bless.
08:19 Music.
08:26 more music...
08:31 some more music...
08:40 music
08:46 more music
08:52 some more music,
08:59 When I survey
09:06 the wondrous cross
09:13 On which
09:19 the Prince of glory died,
09:28 My richest gain
09:37 I count but loss,
09:44 And pour contempt
09:51 on all my pride.
10:00 Music...
10:08 Forbid it, Lord,
10:12 that I should boast,
10:19 Save in the death
10:23 of Christ my God!
10:31 All the vain things
10:36 that charm me most,
10:44 I sacrifice them
10:49 to His blood.
10:57 Music.
11:01 See from His head,
11:04 His hands, His feet,
11:11 Sorrow and love
11:15 flow mingled down!
11:22 Did e'er such love
11:27 and sorrow meet,
11:34 Or thorns compose
11:40 so rich
11:46 so rich a crown?
11:54 Music...
12:00 some more music...
12:05 music
12:10 more music
12:17 Were the whole realm
12:21 of nature mine,
12:27 That were a present
12:33 far too small,
12:38 Love so amazing,
12:44 love so divine,
12:49 Demands my soul,
12:54 my life, my all.
13:01 Demands my soul...
13:05 Demands my life...
13:10 Demands my all...
13:18 Demands my life
13:22 my soul
13:25 my all.
13:33 Pause...
13:39 Thank you David,
13:40 that's a beautiful hymn.
13:42 I really love that hymn... so precious.
13:46 He's a man after my own heart...
13:48 a Tenor... Tenor voice...
13:51 sounds great.
13:52 Well, we've got a very special person coming up now.
13:55 We do indeed.
13:57 This person is very dear to my heart.
13:59 Okay.
14:00 Why?
14:02 Because she's your daughter-in-law.
14:03 Yes.
14:05 She's my daughter-in-law
14:07 and I'm very pleased to have her as my daughter-in-law.
14:11 Yes, and she has an incredible voice.
14:13 How many... any of you have heard Diane sing?
14:15 Incredible voice.
14:17 So, she came up to me yesterday and said,
14:21 "I would like to sing "More than Wonderful" with you,
14:23 well, that's a very challenging song...
14:25 and so, we were just walking around back there
14:27 a few minutes ago and I heard her singing
14:29 I think, it was: In the Garden
14:31 and so we just started harmonizing...
14:32 she has a beautiful soprano voice,
14:33 and so, I know that she's going to bless
14:35 each and every one of us tonight.
14:36 And she's going to sing us a beautiful song,
14:38 Diane, why don't you come here?
14:41 pick up a microphone on your way
14:43 and tell us what song you're going to sing for us.
14:46 I'm actually going to sing a song from the 3ABN Album called,
14:51 "Calvary" the Calvary Album...
14:53 it's called, "Calvary Says Love To Me. "
14:55 Yes, and guess where she's from?
14:58 The Philippines...
15:01 Philippine people are usually musical.
15:04 Ryan: I know.
15:05 So Diane, we look forward to what you're going to sing
15:08 for us tonight and may God bless you.
15:12 She's a special girl, thank you Diane.
15:15 Pause
15:19 more pause
15:25 Hello, it's me again,
15:28 I love this girl so much, I couldn't resist...
15:30 I had to come out and join her.
15:32 They're having trouble with the tape...
15:36 with the... backing track so that's why...
15:39 why are we waiting...
15:45 why are we waiting
15:51 do you... who knows that song, do you want to sing with us?
15:55 Audience: Laughter...
15:57 There's one...
15:58 Oh someone knows it...
16:00 no, we're just killing a bit of time until I'm told that...
16:04 that actually... technology is wonderful isn't it?
16:08 Until it fails you...
16:10 David, you are fortunate... your tape played.
16:15 Not tape... it's a CD or something...
16:19 What are you going to do Tim?
16:23 You want me to play?
16:25 Okay.
16:28 Audience: Clapping...
16:35 Is this a minute man or is it not?
16:38 Is he a walking songbook? Well, a seated songbook.
16:42 Thank you Tim.
16:45 God bless.
16:47 Thank you, This was my original plan.
16:50 Piano...
16:56 more piano...
17:02 In compassion and love
17:07 He looked down to earth
17:12 And He sent His Son
17:17 born of a virgin birth
17:22 and knew from creation
17:26 what was to be
17:30 with great love for man
17:35 He planned Calvary...
17:42 Calvary says "Love" to me
17:51 Like words could never say
17:59 The blood He shed
18:04 was love written in red
18:09 Calvary says "Love" to me.
18:19 Separated by sin
18:27 was the whole human race
18:31 man was destined to die
18:35 were it not for grace
18:41 A cross and three nails
18:45 never held Him there
18:49 He willingly chose
18:54 the cross to bear
19:02 Calvary says "Love" to me.
19:10 Like words could never say
19:19 The blood He shed
19:23 was love written in red
19:28 Calvary says love to me.
19:37 Piano...
19:43 more piano...
19:48 The blood He shed
19:53 was love written in red
19:59 Calvary says love
20:03 to me.
20:08 The blood He shed
20:13 was love written in red
20:20 Calvary says love
20:25 to me...
20:31 Calvary says love
20:36 to me.
20:44 Ooooh... oooh...
20:53 Audience: Amen clapping.
21:00 Thank you Diane, that was special
21:02 and Tim, you thought you're going back to America,
21:05 I've got news for you... you are staying.
21:06 To pull that off of just at such notice like that,
21:09 that's a talent from God.
21:11 The next time, we'll have a little practice...
21:13 and we'll do it right.
21:14 That's right, so...
21:16 And then, maybe I can go home after that.
21:18 You're not going.
21:20 Okay, okay, well... yes.
21:22 It's so good to be able to have someone do that.
21:25 You know, our next item is with Henry Higgins
21:29 a young man Henry Higgins who plays the pan flute...
21:32 Do you know what a pan flute is?
21:34 I don't know... I'm not much of a cook.
21:35 It's one of those things that's curved.
21:37 Oh, that... don't have anything to do with a pan...
21:40 No, it has nothing at all...
21:41 He's having Chanel Scheman on the piano
21:47 but that's interesting,
21:48 these two young people are getting married in December
21:51 so you're all welcome... they want to hear me say that,
21:54 come in... come in...
21:56 Will he be playing the pan flute at the wedding?
21:58 Oh, I don't know...
22:00 There's no story to that, I guess.
22:03 No... and straight after that,
22:06 Henry will be playing a special item, "Be Still My Soul. "
22:12 No, "What a friend we have in Jesus. "
22:14 Oh, that's correct, I love this song.
22:15 See you even can do that without even looking at it,
22:17 I was looking over your shoulder,
22:19 anyway, wonderful, I... I love it.
22:21 Let's hear it.
22:22 Thank you very much for what you're going to do.
22:24 Pause...
22:29 more pause...
22:35 Piano...
22:41 more piano...
22:48 What a friend we have in Jesus,
22:56 All our sins and
22:59 griefs to bear!
23:03 What a privilege to carry
23:10 Everything to God in prayer!
23:17 Oh, what peace we often forfeit,
23:24 Oh, what needless pain we bear
23:31 All because we do not carry
23:38 Everything to God in prayer!
23:45 Have we trials and temptations?
23:53 Is there trouble anywhere?
24:00 We should never be discouraged
24:06 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
24:13 Can we find a friend so faithful
24:20 Who will all our sorrows share?
24:27 Jesus knows our every weakness
24:33 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
24:40 Piano.
24:45 Are we weak and heavy laden,
24:52 Cumbered with a load of care?
24:59 Precious Savior,
25:03 still our refuge
25:08 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
25:15 Do your friends despise, forsake you?
25:22 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
25:29 In His arms He's take and shield you;
25:38 You will find a solace there.
25:44 Do your friends despise, forsake you?
25:54 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
26:03 In His arms He'll take and shield you;
26:11 You will find a solace there...
26:20 You will find a solace
26:29 there...
26:36 there.
26:44 Audience: Clapping.
26:52 Pause...
26:59 Piano... Be Still My Soul...
27:08 more piano...
27:16 Piano
27:23 more piano...
27:30 piano.
27:37 Be still,
27:42 my soul:
27:47 the Lord is on thy side.
27:55 Piano...
28:00 Bear patiently
28:04 the cross of grief
28:09 or pain.
28:16 Piano...
28:19 Leave to thy God
28:25 to order and provide;
28:35 In every change,
28:40 He faithful will remain
28:48 Be still, my soul:
28:54 thy best, thy heavenly friend
29:01 Through thorny ways
29:09 leads to a joyful end.
29:16 Piano...
29:24 more piano.
29:30 some more piano...
29:38 piano...
29:46 Be still, my soul:
29:48 the hour is hastening on
29:55 When we shall be
29:58 forever with the Lord,
30:03 When disappointment,
30:08 grief, and fear are gone,
30:14 Sorrow forgot,
30:17 love's purest joys restored...
30:22 restored.
30:26 Be still, my soul:
30:29 when change and tears are past
30:34 All safe and blessed
30:40 we shall meet
30:46 at last.
30:53 Piano...
31:00 more piano...
31:06 Piano...
31:14 some more piano...
31:20 more piano.
31:28 Audience: Clapping...
31:37 more clapping...
31:40 Thank you Henry...
31:42 Henry plays the piano beautifully
31:45 and I really like listening to him.
31:47 "Be Still My Soul" I love that song.
31:49 It's a great, great great tune and wonderfully done.
31:52 It is, Tim, and it's good to have you out here with me.
31:55 Thank you.
31:56 We've got three people who are going to come now.
31:59 We do, and I just want to mention
32:01 I am the music... the General Manager
32:04 of the Praise Him Music Network
32:06 back in the States... United States...
32:07 and I've just been so impressed with the... the music
32:10 and I think we need to do an international Praise Him Program
32:16 on... on... on the Praise Him Network
32:18 so I'm going to be talking to Danny when I get back home
32:21 and talking to you and...
32:23 looking to see some of these artistes.
32:25 Isn't that really good... that's great.
32:28 I think it is... we're just talking among ourselves
32:30 right now.
32:31 Yeah, we're just doing my assessments...
32:33 We have a family who is going to come up right now,
32:36 we have Kevin and Jennifer Petrie
32:40 and their daughter Dayna...
32:42 Dayna is going to sing with her father accompanying her
32:46 and she's going to sing...
32:48 oh, she's going to sing it with me...
32:50 which was written by Kevin
32:52 but first he's going to sing with his wife, Jenny,
32:56 and they're going to sing "Cast Your Care"
33:01 and so, I'm really looking forward to this Kevin
33:03 because I enjoy your singing.
33:05 It's just... it just really soothes me...
33:08 very soothing voice.
33:09 Awesome... I think he's going to set up the mike.
33:12 Yes, thank you and so,
33:15 please enjoy the Petrie family tonight.
33:18 Yes.
33:19 Thank you.
33:26 Pause...
33:30 more pause...
33:37 Guitar strumming...
33:40 Every now and again, I have one of those days where
33:43 I actually can't face the next one to come
33:46 and this is one of those simple little songs...
33:49 that by the time I get to the end of it,
33:51 I'm actually reminded that I'm in very good hands.
33:55 Guitar...
34:03 When I'm feeling troubled
34:10 And peace seems far away
34:16 I turn my eyes towards heaven
34:22 And this is what you say,
34:30 "Cast your cares upon Me
34:36 For I care for you
34:44 If I know every sparrow
34:49 How much more
34:53 would I know you. "
34:57 Guitar.
35:01 When I'm feeling lonely,
35:08 friends seem far away
35:14 I turn my eyes towards heaven
35:21 And this is what you say,
35:28 "Cast your cares upon Me
35:36 For I care for you
35:43 If I know every sparrow
35:50 How much more would I know you.
35:58 Take my yoke upon you
36:04 Come and learn of Me
36:11 For My yoke is easy
36:18 And knowing Me
36:21 will set you free
36:25 Cast your cares upon me
36:32 For I care for you
36:39 If I know every sparrow
36:46 How much more...
36:50 how much more
36:54 will I know you. "
37:02 Audience: Amen. Clapping.
37:09 Pause...
37:14 more pause...
37:19 pause.
37:25 Piano...
37:33 more piano...
37:42 I didn't know I was responsible
37:49 I didn't know that it was me
37:56 Who took the hammer and the nails
38:00 And with these very hands
38:05 I didn't know
38:08 that it was me
38:12 I didn't know it was my death He died
38:19 I didn't know it was my sin
38:28 That cut Him off from all He loved
38:33 and left Him in despair
38:38 I didn't know
38:40 that it was me.
38:44 Piano.
38:46 I always thought it must have been
38:50 someone else who was to blame
38:56 who was to blame
39:02 I didn't know that written with His blood
39:08 was my name
39:12 was my name...
39:19 I didn't know the pain that hurt the most
39:27 I thought it must have been the nails
39:33 But not for the nails He cried
39:38 It was His heart that broke and died
39:42 And I didn't know
39:46 that it was me
39:52 I always thought it must have been
39:57 someone else who was to blame
40:02 who was to blame
40:08 I didn't know that written with
40:12 His blood was my name
40:17 was my name...
40:24 I didn't know I was responsible
40:30 piano...
40:34 I didn't know that it was me
40:40 who took the hammer and the nails
40:45 and with these very hands
40:51 I didn't know that it was me
40:58 I didn't know
41:05 that it was me.
41:13 Audience: Clapping.
41:20 I just want to say something...
41:22 the Petrie family is very talented, would you not say?
41:25 God has given them a special gift in singing
41:28 and I'm sure you've been enjoying the songs and the music
41:31 that's been presented,
41:33 it's been amazing, hasn't it Angie.
41:34 Absolutely...
41:35 You and I... both can't sing...
41:37 No... I sing... I sing in the hill far away.
41:39 Laughter...
41:42 But we really do appreciate
41:44 all the artistes that are here tonight,
41:46 these are the last two items that we're going to do
41:49 and it's with a special young lady, Malieta...
41:53 Malieta Fong...
41:54 and I just want to tell you, I met this family
41:57 when they were living in Sydney
41:59 where they still do live in Sydney
42:01 and I put a satellite dish in for them
42:02 and straight away, I met these two young girls
42:05 and Malieta was only quite young... it's a few years ago,
42:08 it shows you how old we get quickly...
42:11 come in Malieta, she's a lovely young lady
42:14 and if you get sick, there is a probability
42:17 that maybe she'll have something to say about you getting well,
42:21 isn't that right, you work at a hospital?
42:22 That's because I'm a nurse at the Sydney Adventist Hospital
42:26 so, I do sing to my patients on occasion and it's quite fun,
42:30 sometimes, they tell me to be quiet
42:32 and sometimes, they can't even hear me
42:34 so that works out just fine as well so I can do my thing.
42:37 We had the privilege of having her at our church
42:39 in Thompsonville, Illinois and she did an amazing song
42:43 and my husband had you come up and sing again at the end,
42:47 it was absolutely beautiful.
42:49 Malieta will be doing two songs tonight...
42:52 or singing two songs...
42:53 what's the first one, Angie?
42:55 "Give Me Jesus. "
42:57 That's right, and she's...
42:59 you're going to do it in a different way, aren't you?
43:01 I talked to you a little bit.
43:02 It may not be the most familiar version of "Give Me Jesus"
43:06 that you've heard,
43:07 but it certainly is a prayer
43:09 that I believe, we can all pray today,
43:12 and even beyond today...
43:14 I pray that it's our prayer always.
43:17 And the second item is: "As We Sail. "
43:19 Now, Malieta has two CDs,
43:21 remember I've been telling you all the way along,
43:23 these young people want to
43:25 get out the message out there through song
43:27 and we need to encourage them,
43:29 so, Malieta, we look forward to your two items.
43:31 Amen, God bless.
43:33 Pause.
43:37 Music...
43:45 more music...
43:51 I could hold diamonds in my hand
43:59 Own a thousand mansions by the sea
44:05 Write the secrets of the universe
44:10 and endless mystery
44:13 But they could never set my
44:17 spirit free
44:21 You can have the stars
44:24 just give me Jesus
44:28 you can rope the world
44:31 just give me Jesus
44:35 You can take tomorrow
44:40 I will still believe
44:43 for the love He's given me
44:47 It's all I'll ever need
44:51 You can have everything
44:54 just give me Jesus.
44:59 Piano...
45:04 more piano...
45:08 He has moved
45:12 mountains in my heart
45:17 Come the storms with whispers
45:21 of His love
45:24 Now I know that I could never live
45:28 without His tender touch
45:32 I never knew I needed Him
45:36 oh, so much...
45:39 You can have the stars
45:43 just give me Jesus
45:47 You can rope the world
45:51 just give me Jesus
45:55 You can take tomorrow
45:58 and I will still believe
46:03 For the love He's given me
46:06 It's all I'll never need
46:09 You can have everything
46:13 Just give me Jesus.
46:19 All the treasures on this earth
46:21 All the pleasures of this life
46:25 They turn to dust
46:28 in the light of His love
46:34 You can have the stars
46:37 just give me Jesus
46:41 You can rope the world
46:45 just give me Jesus
46:49 You can take tomorrow
46:53 and I will still believe
46:57 For the love He's given me
47:00 It's all I'll ever need.
47:05 You can have everything
47:09 just give me Jesus.
47:18 Music...
47:25 more music...
47:32 Audience: Clapping.
47:34 Amen... praise the Lord
47:35 may that be our prayer as we sail to heaven's shore.
47:39 Pause.
47:42 More pause...
47:45 Sound of a storm...
47:53 Piano...
48:02 more piano...
48:05 Storms may rise
48:08 on seas unknown
48:10 While we journey towards our home
48:17 Surely we'll learn
48:20 what grace is for
48:24 As we sail
48:27 to heaven's shore
48:31 music...
48:40 Send us strength,
48:42 O Pilgrim Guide
48:46 Sin would drown us
48:50 in its tide
48:52 So be close at hand
48:55 and go before
48:59 As we sail
49:01 to heaven's shore
49:04 Holy Spirit,
49:07 lead us on
49:10 Give us courage,
49:13 bring the song
49:17 Lord, we trust
49:20 Your Father's care
49:24 Will convey us safely there
49:30 So open or seal
49:33 off every door
49:36 As we sail
49:39 to heaven's shore
49:43 Straighten our course
49:46 with every prayer
49:49 Let heaven's breezes
49:52 speed us there
49:54 And grant us mercy
49:58 evermore
50:01 As we sail
50:05 to heaven's shore
50:10 music...
50:19 Draw us near
50:22 O finest Friend
50:26 From dawn's light
50:29 to evening's end
50:32 Each passing day
50:36 we love You more
50:39 As we sail
50:42 to heaven's shore
50:46 As we sail
50:49 to heaven's
50:54 shore.
51:01 Music...
51:07 more music...
51:13 Audience: Clapping.
51:17 Thank you Malieta known as "Mas" to her friends
51:22 she loves mas paz...
51:24 Can you believe the time has already gone?
51:27 It's amazing!
51:29 It is.
51:30 And I just want to say
51:32 it was fantastic!
51:33 I got to sit out the back there
51:35 and miss everything that you got to hear...
51:37 that's crazy!
51:40 I'm glad that you would have enjoyed it
51:41 but, right now, we're going to let you all have a chance
51:46 to join in the concert
51:47 because we have Mr. Walking Songbook here...
51:51 otherwise known as "Tim"
51:54 and we're going to do,
51:56 "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus"
51:59 so, we want...
52:01 well, I shouldn't say, "We want to raise the roof"
52:02 because we don't want to damage the church,
52:04 but we want you all to sing,
52:06 "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus"
52:09 sing it from your hearts
52:10 because it's true.
52:12 Tim.
52:14 Piano...
52:17 more piano...
52:19 Song.
54:58 You are a beautiful choir,
55:00 that was wonderful!
55:02 Well, there's one more verse to go
55:04 but I don't think we've got time.
55:07 Thank you Tim, oh, don't look so sad.
55:10 We'll do it tomorrow.
55:12 We'll do it tomorrow, thank you Tim,
55:14 thank you everybody, thank you John.
55:17 Yeah, we want to thank every artiste that came
55:20 and sang or performed
55:21 because it was a special blessing
55:23 for the opening of the Sabbath.
55:25 Yes, that's right and I'm sure that everybody here
55:29 and everybody who listens and watches
55:32 will enjoy some of the Australian talent
55:34 that we have locally and imported from western Australia
55:40 and that you will be just... I don't know... just excited
55:45 about what people can do here
55:48 and if anybody else has got talent,
55:50 we'd like to hear from you too
55:52 because we're always looking for more people, aren't we?
55:56 Yes, we are... and we're also looking for people
55:59 who are willing to serve the Lord.
56:02 So, goodnight from us for the concert
56:05 and we look forward to the next program
56:07 with Pastor Gary Kent.
56:09 That's right... from "The Incredible Journey. "
56:11 God bless.


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