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Knowing God Through His Truth

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00:06 And this is eternal life that they may know you,
00:10 the only true God,
00:12 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
00:20 Welcome to 3ABN Australia Homecoming.
00:29 Hello, and welcome to 2018 3ABN Australia Homecoming
00:34 down under, that's kind of a mouthful.
00:36 Yes.
00:38 We are delighted that you have joined us at home.
00:40 Amen.
00:41 And we are so thankful to be in the presence,
00:44 the church of the Avondale Memorial
00:46 Seventh-day Adventist Church
00:48 and for their hospitality with this event.
00:51 A special thanks to Pastor Abel,
00:53 the pastoral team and the church board
00:55 for opening up their church for this event.
00:58 My name is Jill Morikone, and I'm from 3ABN in the US.
01:01 And I'm standing here with my friend Angela Lomacang
01:05 who is 3ABN Radio producer and host.
01:08 And, Angie, we're having a wonderful time.
01:10 Oh, we are having a blessed time.
01:12 And you know what? I love meeting people.
01:14 I am made in a part of the family of God,
01:17 some of you for the first time
01:18 and some of you I have met before
01:20 since coming to Australia.
01:22 And we are going to have a blessed time here.
01:25 Absolutely wonderful time. The Spirit of God is here.
01:29 Amen.
01:31 We're divine service, this is Sabbath today.
01:34 And where the message,
01:36 the entire theme has been knowing God
01:40 based on John 17:3 and this is life eternal...
01:42 That's right.
01:44 That they will know you, the only true God,
01:46 and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.
01:50 The theme for this particular message
01:52 is knowing God through His truth.
01:55 Amen.
01:57 And our speaker today is Pastor John Lomacang
01:59 who happens to be my pastor,
02:01 and he's kind of special to you too.
02:02 Yeah, he's very special to me. He's my husband.
02:05 And he's been...
02:07 I told him, you're going to be my pastor
02:08 for the rest of my life.
02:12 And we've been married for 35 years.
02:15 I can't believe it's gone so fast.
02:17 We have no children. He always says we have sheep.
02:23 And so I am thrilled.
02:24 We are thrilled to be here to be a part
02:27 of this wonderful worship and this wonderful weekend,
02:30 and we're looking forward to God's blessings.
02:33 Amen. Absolutely.
02:35 Elder John Lomacang is a man of God,
02:37 he and his wife.
02:39 He's a man of the Word
02:41 and a man who stands for principle.
02:43 Yes.
02:44 And I'm looking forward to what God is going to do
02:46 in and through him for this divine worship hour.
02:49 But before he speaks... Oh, yes.
02:51 We're going to hear from Tim Parton and Ryan Day.
02:55 Tim is the general manager
02:57 of the Praise Him Music Network,
02:59 and Ryan Day is his assistant.
03:00 And the song they will be ministering
03:02 is "Where No One Stands Alone."
03:05 After they shall have sung, the next voice you will hear
03:09 is that of our pastor and friend Elder John Lomacang.
03:13 Thank you.
03:24 Once I stood in the night
03:30 With my head bowed low
03:35 In the darkness
03:38 As black as could be
03:45 And my heartfelt alone
03:50 And I cried, oh Lord
03:56 Don't hide
03:58 Your face from me
04:05 Hold my hand all the way
04:10 Every hour, every day
04:16 Come here to the great unknown
04:26 Take my hand
04:31 Let me stand
04:36 Where no one stands alone
04:51 Like a king
04:54 I may live
04:57 In a palace so tall
05:03 With great riches
05:06 To call my own
05:14 But I don't know a thing
05:19 In this whole wide world
05:26 That's worse
05:28 Than being alone
05:36 Hold my hand all the way
05:42 Every hour, every day
05:47 Come here to the great unknown
05:58 Take my hand
06:03 Let me stand
06:08 Where no one
06:11 Stands alone
06:18 Take my hand
06:23 Let me stand
06:30 Where no one
06:35 Stands alone
06:53 Amen.
07:01 Can the church say amen again?
07:03 Amen.
07:09 Let us pray.
07:15 Our Gracious Father in heaven,
07:17 this is a moment that belongs to You.
07:23 And we invite Your holy angels to come
07:27 and inhabit this place.
07:32 Send your all sufficient Holy Spirit today
07:38 to speak to our hearts.
07:42 And when this message is done,
07:43 may Your work continue in our hearts
07:46 and in our lives
07:50 that we may be ready for that great and glorious day
07:54 that is just over the horizon.
07:58 Lord, I give You my heart, and my hands, and my voice,
08:01 and I pray that even now,
08:03 I will recognize as I stand here
08:08 that I do not stand alone.
08:11 Take Your word anointed
08:17 and find the heart that needs to hear it
08:20 in this urgent hour.
08:22 In Jesus' name I pray.
08:25 Amen.
08:28 John 17:3 has been the scripture reading
08:31 for this entire homecoming,
08:37 and I'd like to begin by pointing us back to it.
08:41 My title is "Knowing God by His Truth."
08:46 John 17:3, and we read as follows.
08:51 "And this is eternal life, that they may know You,
08:57 the only true God,
08:59 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."
09:04 My brothers and my sisters,
09:06 Jesus links salvation not only to knowing Him,
09:10 but to knowing the truth.
09:13 He not only says
09:15 that eternal life is knowing Him,
09:16 but He also says in John 8:32.
09:19 "And you shall know the truth,
09:20 and the truth shall make you free."
09:25 There's quite a difference between being set free
09:27 and being made free.
09:29 You see, being set free is a singular act,
09:32 but being made free is a continual day by day,
09:37 moment by moment
09:40 connected relationship with Christ.
09:43 You can set a prisoner free,
09:45 but until he's free in his life,
09:47 until he's free in his mind,
09:49 he will return from whence he had been set free.
09:53 And so the Lord has not come
09:55 to just set us free,
09:57 He wants us moment by moment, day by day, hour by hour,
10:03 experience by experience
10:06 to maintain a relationship
10:12 that is being made,
10:14 that is making us free by our walk with Christ
10:17 on a day by day basis.
10:19 The truth makes us free,
10:21 the truth does not just set us free.
10:24 But Jesus did not stop there.
10:26 My brother, please don't tear me down,
10:28 just kind of keep it up there for me.
10:30 Appreciate it.
10:32 And John 14:6, Jesus continues, He says,
10:35 "I am the way, the truth, and the life.
10:40 No one comes to the Father except through Me."
10:43 These words burned like brass
10:47 in the minds of the apostles
10:50 when the Lord commissioned them
10:52 after the outpouring of His Holy Spirit.
10:55 They were able to ignite the world
10:57 because these words burn supreme in His mind,
11:00 I am the way, the truth, and the life.
11:03 They knew very well that the truth of God
11:07 could not be disconnected
11:08 from the commission of the gospel.
11:11 And so they went forth conquering
11:13 and to conquer as Revelation shows us
11:16 the rise of the church of Ephesus.
11:18 Nothing was able to withstand the progress of the gospel
11:22 because when you go forward in the power
11:26 and the glory that comes only from God,
11:29 the Bible says,
11:31 "If God before us, who can be against us?"
11:36 And when you study the Book of Acts,
11:37 12 times in the Book of Acts,
11:39 the success of the early church was linked
11:44 to the preaching of God's Word every juncture,
11:47 at every point in all 12 of those references,
11:52 each time the success of the early church was linked
11:58 to the proclamation of the gospel.
12:01 I would suggest today
12:03 that we need the proclamation of the Word
12:07 to be linked to the ending of the gospel.
12:10 Come on, say amen somebody.
12:12 As the church is winding down,
12:14 we ought to adopt and go back to the very foundation
12:18 that God inserted in the church as the church was winding up.
12:24 In Acts 4:31,
12:27 Dr. Luke writes the following words,
12:28 and he says, "And when they had prayed,
12:34 the place where they were assembled together
12:37 was shaken,
12:39 and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit,
12:43 and they spoke the word of God with boldness."
12:47 Now I'm in Australia, but I started in New York.
12:51 And if you've never been to New York,
12:53 allow me to introduce you to a New Yorker,
12:57 where we do everything with boldness in New York.
13:01 Case in point, Donald Trump.
13:07 But God took the mind of this New Yorker,
13:10 He synchronized my word, my words to His Holy Spirit
13:15 because when I was being raised,
13:17 my mouth was in fifth gear but my mind was in first.
13:21 But somewhere along the way, God inserted His Holy Spirit
13:26 to make sure that my mouth
13:28 and His will were synchronized together.
13:35 In these last days,
13:37 the people of God must pray for their minds
13:40 and the truth of God's Word to be synchronized together.
13:45 Because if you believe that the devil was subtle
13:49 and intense in the Garden of Eden,
13:52 and subtle and determined
13:54 as the Israelites journey from Egypt,
13:57 and his theory intensified
13:59 as the New Testament church was born and began to grow.
14:02 If you think that he was intense
14:04 at those times in history,
14:07 he is more intense today than ever before.
14:11 Now I want you to stay awake this morning
14:13 because right now,
14:16 the devil might make you think
14:18 that you're sitting on a mattress.
14:21 This is not St. Mattress Cathedral.
14:23 Come on, say amen. Amen.
14:25 So be awake.
14:26 After the sermon is done, you can sleep in the foyer,
14:30 in the aisles.
14:31 But be awake, be sober, be vigilant,
14:33 God has a message for you today.
14:37 The servant of the Lord in the book
14:39 "Darkness Before Dawn" writes the following words.
14:43 And she says,
14:45 "None but those who have fortified the mind
14:49 with the truths of the Bible will stand
14:51 through the last great conflict."
14:53 So to know God, you got to know His truth,
14:55 not just say you know Jesus, because today,
14:58 there is this impotent Christianity
15:01 that's inserted into our church.
15:02 Many of our churches are walking away from truth
15:05 and saying, all we need is Jesus.
15:07 If all we needed was Jesus, He would not give us His Word.
15:12 It's time to get back to the Word.
15:14 Can you say amen?
15:15 But not just get back to it, fortify your mind with it.
15:18 That means, allow your soul, your will,
15:23 your life, to be permeated, to be infused like medication
15:28 throughout your life, throughout your thoughts,
15:31 throughout the way you live, fortify.
15:35 She says, "To every soul will come the searching test."
15:39 And here it is, it's come and it's alive.
15:42 "Shall I obey God rather than men?
15:46 The decisive hour is even now at hand."
15:50 And those of you in Australia where so much apostasy is born,
15:55 you know it better than I do.
15:58 We've got apostasy in America.
16:01 We've got the arsenal of Satan against our institutions,
16:04 our churches, our schools,
16:06 we've got disharmony brimming over at the rim,
16:10 we've got people shouting their likes and dislikes
16:13 from the congregation,
16:14 we got people that hate and like our leadership,
16:17 the devil has aimed his arsenal at our church.
16:20 It is time for God's people to once again
16:23 rededicate themselves
16:25 to following Jesus and His Word.
16:27 Can you say amen? That's right.
16:30 And so much is happening in our world today,
16:32 we're being pulled in one direction or the other
16:35 forgetting that the Bible says, "Look unto me, and be saved.
16:37 For I am God, and there is no other."
16:40 I'm not looking at who's in Parliament
16:42 or who's in the White House,
16:44 my mind today is set on the right house
16:46 and they tell me that Jesus is still on the throne.
16:51 But she goes on to say,
16:53 "Are our feet planted on the rock
16:55 of God's immutable Word?
16:57 Are we prepared to stand firm in defense
17:02 of the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus?"
17:07 The apostles were commissioned to preach the Word
17:11 because the preaching of the Word was not intended
17:13 to just stimulate the mind, but to sanctify the life.
17:18 You know, we have people that have degrees,
17:19 and there's nothing wrong with a degree.
17:21 But if all the degree has done,
17:23 has stimulated you intellectually,
17:25 not sanctified your life, it is of no value.
17:28 God is calling us for the Word of God
17:30 to not stimulate our minds, but also to sanctify our lives.
17:34 The Word of God ought to effect the change in the way we live.
17:39 That's why the Apostle John writes the words of Jesus,
17:41 and I love it because Jesus Himself said
17:44 in John 17:17,
17:45 "Sanctify them through thy truth,
17:47 thy word is truth."
17:50 And effective discipleship
17:52 begins in a relationship with the living word,
17:57 but continues in a relationship with the written word.
18:04 It begins with Jesus, but it doesn't end there.
18:07 And we cannot connect to the living word
18:10 and disconnect from the written word
18:14 because in the Book of Acts,
18:17 when you chronicle and follow the success
18:19 of the New Testament Church, the apostles preached,
18:23 not caring who heard what,
18:26 and because of their faithfulness,
18:27 the Bible says, but the Word of God grew
18:29 and multiplied.
18:30 Acts 12:24.
18:33 And I must say today,
18:35 if the preaching of the Word was needed
18:37 for the inauguration of the church,
18:39 the preaching of the Word is needed
18:40 for the coronation of the church.
18:42 For soon and very soon, Jesus is going to come,
18:45 and I'm excited about that.
18:47 What about you? Amen.
18:49 But if the preaching of the Word was needed
18:50 to get the church started,
18:52 how much more is the preaching of the Word
18:55 needed to keep the church going,
18:58 getting ready for the coming of our Lord and Savior?
19:02 The preaching of the Word.
19:05 "In the beginning," the Bible says, "was the Word,
19:07 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
19:09 And there is some today that are denying
19:11 whether or not Jesus is even the eternal Word of God.
19:15 They come to you with their suggestions
19:17 ever so subtle, but ever so satanic,
19:21 somehow making you believe that unless you believe
19:23 that Jesus is somehow a being that was born
19:26 or begotten somewhere in the eons of time,
19:30 that somehow your salvation is affected.
19:33 My brother, it is too late, my sister, it is too late
19:36 to deny the divinity of Jesus.
19:40 No amens necessary.
19:43 In the beginning was the Word.
19:46 The Bible tells me in Revelation,
19:47 "When Jesus come,
19:49 He was clothed with a robe that dipped in blood
19:52 and His name is called the Word of God."
19:55 The Living Word of God is the alpha
19:58 and the living Word of God will be the omega.
20:03 The Apostle Paul outlined the condition of the last days.
20:06 And he inserts a pandemic condition
20:09 that is affecting not only the world
20:11 but affecting us.
20:12 Go to 2 Timothy 4:3-4 with me.
20:16 This pandemic is becoming widespread.
20:18 And the amazing thing about a pandemic,
20:21 you see, a pandemic is much larger
20:23 than just a cold or a disease.
20:25 It affects society on a grand scale.
20:28 And Paul the apostle, talks about a pandemic
20:31 that's not only affecting the world,
20:33 but it's also affecting the church.
20:35 2 Timothy 4:3-4.
20:39 The Bible says, "For the time will come..."
20:42 And let me alter that,
20:43 "For the time has come
20:47 when men will not endure sound doctrine,
20:50 but according to their own desires,
20:52 because they have itching ears,
20:55 they will heap up for themselves teachers,
20:58 and they will turn their ears away from the truth,
21:02 and be turned aside to fables."
21:07 It's very simple to me.
21:08 If the Bible doesn't support it,
21:10 don't preach it
21:13 Very simple.
21:16 And I don't have a problem with the words of inspiration.
21:19 I believe firmly that God inspired Ellen White.
21:28 But when people begin to arise,
21:31 questioning the validity of God's Word
21:37 and beginning to erode our foundational principles,
21:41 our teachings,
21:43 and begin to question whether or not
21:46 what God has revealed to us
21:49 through hours and months and weeks
21:51 and years of prayer and Bible study,
21:55 we ought to know that the time has come
21:57 that men will not endure sound doctrine.
22:00 What we ought to keep in mind is Satan's first attack
22:02 and his last attack will be identical.
22:05 Satan rejected God's truth and authority in heaven.
22:09 He led the first woman
22:10 to doubt the truth of God's Word,
22:14 and he's seeking to do it again to the last woman.
22:17 Look at Acts 20. Acts 20:28-30.
22:22 The first woman in the Garden of Eden,
22:24 he led her to doubt the truth of God's Word,
22:27 and he's seeking to do it again as we near the end.
22:34 Acts 20:28-30.
22:38 We are told by Dr. Luke,
22:41 "Therefore take heed to yourselves
22:46 and to all the flock,
22:48 among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers,
22:52 to shepherd the church of God
22:55 which He has purchased with His own blood.
22:59 For I know this that after my departing,
23:03 savage wolves..."
23:04 What kind of wolves?
23:06 "Savage wolves will come in among you,
23:09 not sparing the flock.
23:10 Also from among yourselves, men will arise up,
23:15 speaking perverse things,
23:18 to draw away the disciples after themselves."
23:23 Savage wolves will come in with the intent
23:25 to destroy the flock.
23:27 I've had to deal with this in my church in Thompsonville.
23:29 You would think that 3ABN is immune to that,
23:31 but the devil goes where he can get
23:33 the most bank for his buck.
23:35 So he goes to our institutions,
23:38 he goes to those of higher learning
23:40 and high degree,
23:42 he goes to men and women
23:43 who have established credibility through the years
23:45 and finds an opening in their armor
23:47 where they have not allowed that opening to be closed.
23:51 If the devil can find a way to get into our lives,
23:54 he'll use all of our experience
23:56 and twist it as he did to Uzziah.
23:59 Uzziah was a king for 58 years,
24:02 and all 58 of those years were linked to the success
24:06 of everything he did.
24:07 But in the 58th year of his life,
24:10 he stepped over a line that God established,
24:14 and all of his credibility went out the window.
24:17 And today, my brothers and sisters,
24:19 no matter how credible somebody is,
24:21 no matter how long they've been around,
24:24 everything that we are told must be measured
24:26 by the Word of God.
24:29 And by the revealed inspired words
24:32 that God has gifted this church with.
24:37 Can you say amen?
24:39 Check it out
24:40 because there's some great minds among us,
24:43 minds that are far greater than ours,
24:45 minds that are intellectual.
24:47 And I've been around the world, my wife and I were in Colombia
24:50 and we became aware of the great battle
24:52 that our church is undertaking even as we sit here
24:54 in Autumn Council,
24:56 Satan is trying to divide our church.
24:58 Let me make a point that's very clear.
25:00 It doesn't matter to me
25:04 who's in the first seat in the conference office,
25:08 who is in the union office,
25:12 who is in the division office,
25:14 or who is in the general conference,
25:17 because my mind is set on the immutable
25:20 Word of God which never changes.
25:22 And as long as God is still on the throne,
25:25 I'm going to make it in.
25:28 But I want to say something else.
25:31 When God puts a man in leadership,
25:33 you ought to study the Bible,
25:35 you ought to study every attempt
25:37 that adverse powers made to overthrow men
25:41 that God put in power,
25:42 God never put men that are perfect
25:46 and beyond reproach in seats of power.
25:51 But don't forget what David said about Saul,
25:54 he said, "Touch not, the Lord's anointed,
26:00 and do my prophet no harm."
26:02 If anybody had the right to unseat Saul
26:05 and to take revenge against Saul, David did.
26:08 I read a story.
26:09 My wife and I are reading our Bibles together,
26:11 I read a story, as David came to soothe Saul in his moments
26:16 of internal conflict, and he was playing his harp,
26:21 Saul picked up a spear and threw it at David
26:24 with the intent of pinning him to the wall.
26:29 But for the grace of God, servant of the Lord says,
26:31 an angel deflected that spear so it did not hit David.
26:35 And David saw Saul sleeping, he could have taken his life.
26:37 But what he did?
26:39 He took just a clip up his robe
26:40 to show him that I cannot even touch you.
26:42 I may not agree with you,
26:44 but don't ever place yourself in the position
26:49 where we believe that it is our responsibility
26:53 to correct somebody who only God can correct.
26:59 Because God remove any adverse position out of the way,
27:02 God has taken leaders down, God has removed men.
27:05 You look at Nehemiah,
27:06 all the adverse powers that came up against Nehemiah
27:10 when his only desire was to rebuild the walls
27:13 of Jerusalem.
27:17 And when they could not do it...
27:21 When they could not do it, they made a statement,
27:23 they perceived after the work was finished in 52 days,
27:26 they perceived that the work have been done by God.
27:29 Let me make a very important point.
27:30 The work is not being finished by us,
27:33 it's being finished by God.
27:35 God will finish the work.
27:37 Those of us who exist in this short span of life
27:41 described by James as a vapor, we ought to handle this dash
27:46 between our birth date
27:47 and our death date with humility
27:50 and not with intent to do a work
27:51 that only God can do.
27:54 Savage wolves will come in, from inside men will rise up
27:59 attempting to distort the truth.
28:01 I don't have any fear today. Listen to this quotation.
28:04 And it's not on the screen,
28:06 but I'm going to go ahead and read it to you.
28:07 In the devotional book, "The Faith I Live By" page 282.
28:10 The servant of the Lord says, "There is no need to doubt,
28:13 to be fearful that the world will not succeed.
28:16 God is at the head of the work..."
28:22 Presidents come and go,
28:24 but God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
28:28 "And He will set everything in order.
28:33 If matters need adjusting at the head of the work,
28:36 God will attend to that."
28:39 Who will attend to that?
28:41 Not committees, not men writing articles,
28:46 not people publishing material
28:49 that Satan can use to split this church,
28:51 but God will do it.
28:56 God will attend to that, and work to right every wrong.
29:01 Let us have faith that God
29:02 is going to carry the noble ship
29:04 which bears the people of God safely into port.
29:08 Read about Adventist history.
29:10 You discover we had earthquakes along the way,
29:12 we had our butlers,
29:14 we had all of the controversies
29:17 that are still stirring up our church today.
29:20 But every president that come and went,
29:23 every leader that came and was replaced by another,
29:26 the one consistency that God's Church has is God.
29:30 He's always there.
29:33 Amen, church. Amen.
29:36 What does the Bible mean when it says perverse things,
29:39 headstrong, stubborn, tenacious, willful?
29:42 Their intentions will be to draw away disciples
29:45 after themselves.
29:46 But I want to make a point as you go to John 10.
29:49 John 10:1-5.
29:51 Look at this, a very powerful part of scripture.
29:53 John 10:1-5.
29:57 You see, Satan knows who to target,
29:59 he does not come after everyone.
30:01 He sets a trap for those who do not listen to the voice
30:03 of the shepherd.
30:05 Look at John Chapter 10, a very profound truth
30:08 that Jesus taught.
30:10 Beginning with verse 1, the words of Jesus, He said,
30:14 "Most assuredly, I say to you,
30:17 he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door,
30:20 but climbs up some other way,
30:22 the same is a thief and a robber."
30:26 I've had to deal with issues in my church.
30:29 And through the years of pastoring,
30:31 31 years of pastoring, and 35 years of marriage,
30:34 I've been in congregations where people will come in.
30:37 They come in through the door,
30:38 they come in through another way,
30:39 not through the door.
30:41 They come in through the back door,
30:45 they climb up another way.
30:46 And the only way you know that they are there
30:50 is you begin to hear the rumblings
30:51 among your members of people
30:53 teaching things that are perverse.
30:56 I've been in churches where I've had to deal
30:57 with the Shepherd's Rod, and the Brinsmead,
30:59 and the Fordyce, and the Davidians
31:00 and the list goes on and on.
31:07 And if you think the past hasn't taught us something
31:10 about the future, the one thing it has taught me
31:12 is that the devil has come down having great wrath
31:17 because he knows he has but a short time.
31:21 Verse 2, the Bible says, in John 10,
31:24 "But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.
31:28 To him the door keeper opens, and the sheep hears His voice,
31:32 and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.
31:38 And when he brings out his own sheep,
31:40 he goes before them, and the sheep follow him..."
31:43 And why do they follow him? Look at the reason why.
31:46 "For they know His voice."
31:49 Knowing God through His truth, they know His voice.
31:54 I'm going to reiterate what I said
31:55 to lead into this text.
31:57 The devil doesn't come
31:58 after those that study God's Word,
32:00 he can't.
32:02 He can't.
32:04 It's impossible for a person that is established
32:08 on the unchanging Word of God,
32:10 it is impossible for them to be shaken.
32:14 That's why the Bible says,
32:15 "If it were possible,
32:17 he shall deceive the very elect."
32:18 What makes the elect elect?
32:20 Because they study God's Word,
32:23 and their faith is established on God's Word.
32:26 "Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God."
32:30 Romans 10:17.
32:31 When you spend time studying God's Word,
32:33 I worked in a Bank of America,
32:35 Downtown Manhattan in the Wall Street area.
32:38 And when I got the job there, they told us, they said,
32:41 "We want you to study the real money.
32:44 Look at the real currency."
32:46 If you study real currency,
32:49 you can spot the fake the moment it shows up.
32:53 The problem with us
32:55 is we spend time studying fake currency.
32:59 Let me make it even clear.
33:00 We spend time studying books that people write
33:04 to try to gain access to our minds.
33:06 The reason I don't waste time with that
33:08 'cause I study the real currency.
33:09 Come on, somebody say amen.
33:11 When you study the real currency,
33:13 you can smell a counterfeit message
33:15 a mile away.
33:19 And so people come in subtlety, they say,
33:21 "Well, if you would just simply study this,
33:23 maybe you'll see the truth that I have seen."
33:25 Well, in just a moment, I'll tell you
33:26 why error is never harmless.
33:30 And verse 5 ends by saying, and I love this passage.
33:33 John 10:5,
33:35 when all the adverse voices come,
33:37 the Bible says,
33:38 "Yet they will by no means follow a stranger,
33:42 but will flee from him,
33:44 for they do not know the voice of strangers."
33:47 When you study God's Word, you know the voice of God.
33:49 Amen somebody.
33:50 You can tell if somebody says, like,
33:52 I remember reading years ago
33:54 Jehovah's Witness material and they quoted,
33:56 they tried to give it to the Sabbath.
33:57 They said, they quoted the passage
34:00 in Ephesians 2 and it says
34:04 that the Lord did away with the commandments
34:08 and they quoted that part of the passage.
34:10 You know, doing away with the commandments,
34:13 but they deleted contained in ordinances.
34:17 And so when one of the Jehovah's
34:19 Witnesses gave me that material,
34:21 I said to them, "What happened to the rest of the passage?"
34:24 He said, "The rest of the passage..."
34:26 I said, "The rest of the passage..."
34:27 There are three words missing contained in ordinances,
34:32 which completely changes what God said in His Word.
34:37 It's happening in our church.
34:39 People are taking bits of Ellen White quotes
34:41 here and there.
34:42 I had a very good friend that was a Shepherd's Rod.
34:45 He tried his best to gain access to my mind,
34:47 and for time I studied with him when I was a young man
34:49 before I became an Adventist pastor.
34:53 And the one thing it did for me was I went back
34:56 and studied through the...
34:58 I studied the whole picture.
35:00 I didn't just take a piece here and a piece there.
35:02 I study what Ellen White said
35:04 before three pages and three pages after
35:08 what they showed me.
35:10 And I came to discover
35:13 that Satan is more clever
35:14 than we even give him credit to be.
35:19 But when we don't study,
35:21 our minds are open to deception very easily.
35:25 My brother and my sister, the time has come
35:28 that the Apostle Paul said would come
35:31 and we must be a people of the Word.
35:33 Can you say amen?
35:35 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, notice what we are told.
35:39 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12,
35:43 what kind of attitude...
35:46 We are told,
35:47 the Apostle Paul speaking of the deception
35:49 of the last days, he says,
35:50 "And with all unrighteous deception
35:53 among those who perish,
35:56 because they did not receive the love of the truth..."
36:00 Notice, it didn't say the truth,
36:02 it said, "The love of the truth,
36:06 that they might be saved.
36:08 For this reason
36:10 God will send them strong delusions,
36:12 that they should believe the lie,
36:15 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth
36:20 but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
36:22 My brothers and sisters, error is never harmless.
36:26 This is the words of Ellen White
36:28 in Testimony Treasures.
36:30 Listen to what she said.
36:32 "Error is never harmless."
36:36 I'll move aside so you can see it.
36:39 "Error is never harmless.
36:41 It never sanctifies, but always brings," what?
36:46 "Confusion and dissension."
36:48 One of the earmarks of error, confusion and dissension.
36:53 "It's always dangerous.
36:56 The enemy has great power over minds
36:58 that are not thoroughly fortified by prayer
37:03 and established in Bible truth."
37:06 That's why I guard the new people
37:08 that come to my church.
37:09 Anytime new people walk into my church,
37:11 I can always see those adverse influences
37:14 trying to find out where they sit
37:15 for fellowship lunch,
37:17 and I can always see them waiting for them
37:18 when they're walking out the church,
37:20 they stand by the front door and they say,
37:21 we want to give you something to read,
37:23 and I have my elders say,
37:24 "Go get what they gave that person,
37:26 we must guard the flock that is among us."
37:28 Come on, pastor, say amen.
37:30 Got to guard the flock.
37:32 And somebody said to me,
37:33 "Pastor, but you don't want to offend them?"
37:34 Yes, I do.
37:38 Of course, I want to offend. I'm from New York.
37:40 I offend everybody.
37:43 Not really.
37:45 But if telling the truth offends you,
37:48 the problem is not me, it's you
37:50 because my good brother who's now resting in Jesus,
37:53 Elder Brooks said, Elder C.D. Brooks said,
37:55 "Sometimes we preach a message and one person likes it,
37:58 the other person has an issue with it."
37:59 He said, "Sun melts butter, but it hardens clay."
38:05 The issue is not the sun,
38:06 it's the condition of your heart.
38:09 But error is never harmless.
38:11 And Satan comes to those
38:12 whose minds are easily engaged through the same subtle methods
38:17 he used to engage Eve.
38:20 The deception of Eve started with a simple conversation.
38:23 Let's talk about what God said.
38:26 Have you forgotten David Koresh.
38:29 He was a young man that gave Bible studies
38:31 about 15 miles away from where my church was.
38:34 Sabbath afternoon, he began, had Bible studies with people,
38:37 young people that wanted to have Bible studies.
38:39 People like Bible studies, so he had Bible studies.
38:43 You know the rest of the story.
38:46 Burned down in Waco, Texas.
38:50 But it all began
38:52 with the same subtle invitation.
38:53 Let's talk about God's Word.
38:54 You want to talk about God's Word,
38:56 go to your pastor. Come on, somebody.
39:00 No amens on that one.
39:02 That's okay.
39:04 I'm working hard for you, Pastor.
39:07 Our churches ought to be the place
39:08 where the truth of God can be communicated
39:10 without fear of distortion.
39:16 And my aim is to make sure that my leaders don't teach
39:18 what another leader is not teaching.
39:22 When I have people among our church,
39:23 whether in leadership or otherwise
39:25 that become confused about what they believe,
39:28 I would personally sit them down and iron it out
39:31 because we must maintain unity at all costs,
39:37 and unity is never to be sacrificed
39:41 on the platform of something that's called a new light.
39:46 Look at Testimony Treasures, volume 2, page 104,
39:51 the devil introduced a lie to Eve and she fell for it,
39:53 but he hasn't stopped.
39:54 Notice what happens. Notice what happens.
39:58 "One accepts some new and original idea
40:01 which does not seem to conflict with the truth."
40:03 That's how it always begins. It doesn't seem to conflict.
40:06 "He talks of it and dwells upon it
40:10 until it seems to him
40:12 to be clothed with beauty and importance,
40:16 for Satan has power to give this false appearance."
40:21 It goes on to say,
40:23 "At last, it becomes the all-absorbing theme,
40:28 the one great point
40:30 around which everything centers,
40:33 and the truth is uprooted from the heart."
40:36 That's what's happening to this whole idea
40:37 about the Holy Spirit not being the Holy Spirit,
40:39 and Jesus being a lesser God created somewhere in eons past.
40:43 You could believe that foolishness if you'd like.
40:46 But I'm not going to put myself
40:47 the salvation on line offending the work of God's Holy Spirit.
40:51 No, not me.
40:54 Grieve not the Holy Spirit
40:58 whereby you are sealed until the day of redemption.
41:03 How could he not be divine?
41:06 How can he not be the third person
41:08 of the Godhead?
41:09 Peter made it very clear to Ananias and Sapphira.
41:11 When they came to Peter and lied,
41:13 Peter said to Ananias and Sapphira,
41:15 how has Satan filled thine heart
41:17 to lie to the Holy Spirit?
41:19 You have not lied to man, but to God.
41:23 Nowadays, all of a sudden,
41:26 the Holy Spirit whom Jesus has sent
41:29 to finish the work
41:32 is all of a sudden, not really the Holy Spirit,
41:36 but some force that's just floating around
41:39 amongst our leadership and our church.
41:41 My brother,
41:42 the devil has come down having great wrath
41:44 because he knows he has a short time.
41:47 And I had seven quick keys
41:49 and I'm going to hit very quickly
41:50 before I end the sermon.
41:51 But one of those is...
41:53 One of the earmarks of apostasy
41:54 is it creates rebellion and attacks the unity.
41:58 Did you hear that?
41:59 It creates rebellion and attacks unity.
42:02 That's why I like what Jesus said
42:03 in John and Matthew 16:18.
42:05 He says, "Upon this rock I build my church
42:08 and the gates of hell will not prevail against it."
42:10 The church is not built on our institutions,
42:13 the church is not built on our administration,
42:16 the church is built on the rock Christ Jesus.
42:18 Amen.
42:23 And I've learned if I hang on long enough,
42:25 the storm will pass over.
42:27 If I stay in the boat with Jesus,
42:29 He'll calm the waves.
42:31 If I stay in the ship with Jesus,
42:34 He'll say to the waves chill out,
42:37 and to the wind, shut up.
42:40 And we'll make it safely into port.
42:43 So I'm not getting blown away by one theory here,
42:46 I have people come to me ever so sincerely.
42:48 They say, "Pastor John, have you studied this?"
42:51 I say, "Young man, how old are you?"
42:54 I'm 60. That's right.
42:56 I'm a good looking 60 by the way.
42:59 I must say that since I know you're thinking that.
43:05 But I've been around long enough.
43:07 My wife and I've covered 60 different countries,
43:10 well, maybe 62 or whatever the case may be.
43:12 We've been in various fields.
43:16 We've seen God's Word suffering
43:18 because they don't understand how Satan works.
43:23 And people always having some new method
43:25 to draw them away.
43:27 They create rebellion.
43:31 But as the Lord made it very clear to Saul,
43:35 rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft
43:38 and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.
43:42 Don't join any movement
43:44 that determines to be rebellious.
43:49 When you find yourself in the camp
43:51 that wants to overthrow leadership,
43:55 you better watch out.
44:02 And when the church becomes more absorbed
44:03 in women's ordination than evangelism,
44:05 something's wrong.
44:10 I'm leaving next week,
44:11 so I got to tell you like it is.
44:17 The amounts of millions of dollars spent
44:20 trying to figure out whether or not
44:21 a woman should be ordained.
44:26 Does ordination,
44:29 all of a sudden, give you the right to speak?
44:34 I didn't think so,
44:35 but maybe somebody had a different answer.
44:39 I don't disrespect gender.
44:41 I believe everybody is gifted
44:43 and God has called every one of us
44:45 to proclaim this message.
44:46 Come on, say amen somebody.
44:48 But I'm not spending my life
44:49 trying to figure out whether or not
44:52 when the voice of the church is expressed
44:54 in general conference session,
44:56 and we determined to go in a different direction,
44:58 we are standing on unsafe ground.
45:07 Maranatha, page 60, look at this quotation.
45:10 Don't understand how Satan is working in secret.
45:13 Once again listen to this.
45:17 You can't see him coming? Here is why.
45:19 "Therefore Satan's step is noiseless,
45:23 his movements are," what?
45:25 "Stealthy, and his batteries masked.
45:29 He does not venture to show himself openly,
45:33 lest he arouse the Christian's dormant energies
45:37 and send him to God in prayer."
45:39 He doesn't say I'm on my way, he just shows up.
45:44 He shows up through issues, he shows up in newsletters,
45:48 he shows up in magazine articles,
45:50 and unless we are sanctified by the truth of God's Word,
45:53 unless we are not distracted by side issues.
45:58 There are enough side issues
46:00 to build all the denominations you want to build,
46:03 but I'm keeping my eye fixed
46:05 because the Bible says the road
46:06 that leads to eternal life is a narrow path
46:09 and few there be that find it.
46:11 I'm staying on the narrow path.
46:12 Come on, somebody else, can you say amen?
46:15 Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary, the devil,
46:18 walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
46:22 Satan is not interested in a church
46:25 that doesn't keep God's commandments.
46:28 And whether you know it or not,
46:30 like I said to a Congressman on Capitol Hill,
46:32 I was invited to Washington DC
46:34 when Pope Francis was invited to speak to Congress.
46:37 And a Baptist Senator invited me into his chambers
46:40 with his entire staff.
46:43 And he said to me,
46:44 I don't support Roman Catholicism,
46:46 I'm a Baptist.
46:48 He said, "But why don't you tell me
46:49 what you think is happening here today."
46:54 That's like telling the dog to succumb.
46:57 I began in Daniel 2, went to Daniel 7,
47:02 then Revelation 13, then Revelation 14,
47:07 Revelation 17, Revelation 18,
47:10 I had the ear of a US Senator for 47 minutes
47:15 and his entire staff, you know why?
47:18 Because I believe what the Apostle Paul says,
47:20 "One plants,
47:22 another waters,
47:24 but God gives the increase."
47:28 But I also remember something very clearly.
47:29 And I said to him, my brother...
47:32 Dear, Congressman,
47:34 America is the only nation
47:41 that Rome is interested in
47:44 because it was established
47:48 to guarantee religious freedom.
47:52 It's the final battalion,
47:54 the final gauge
47:56 against Rome's universal dominance.
48:00 That's why they're interested in America.
48:03 Now let me segue on my point.
48:05 The Seventh-day Adventist Church
48:07 has been established as a fortress of truth.
48:12 And the Bible says,
48:13 and the dragon is angry with the woman,
48:16 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
48:19 which keep the commandments of God
48:22 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
48:23 That's why all the major controversies
48:25 are aimed at the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
48:28 You got the Brinsmead, the Shepherd's Rod,
48:30 the Davidians, the Fordyce, the Feast people.
48:39 I got to take a breath.
48:43 And the new ones
48:45 that kind of like a hurricane from the down under,
48:49 just finds its way in America.
48:51 I had to cut people off on my Facebook page.
48:54 I'm not a Facebook junkie.
48:58 Amen somebody.
49:00 But I had Australians argue with me
49:02 about the nature of Jesus.
49:04 And I said to them,
49:05 being on my page is a privilege,
49:06 not a right, click.
49:11 I'm not giving them room on my wall
49:13 to spread their cancerous lies.
49:21 And there are people that are suggesting
49:23 that doctrines are more controversial
49:26 than unity.
49:27 There're even some churches
49:28 that claim not to teach doctrine at all.
49:30 But I'm going to give you a few more points
49:32 before I close because the clock just
49:33 is refusing to stop.
49:36 Go to 1 Samuel 17 with me.
49:39 Look, I had a couple of passages.
49:42 1 Samuel 17,
49:44 how should we deal with issues
49:48 that have not been tested
49:51 by God's Word?
49:53 1 Samuel 17:38,
49:57 notice what happened.
50:02 "So Saul clothed David with his armor..."
50:07 Let me make a point.
50:08 Watch out
50:09 when people want to give you their armor.
50:13 Did you get that?
50:15 Your armor ain't my armor.
50:19 And he put a bronze helmet on his head.
50:26 People are trying to get to your head.
50:29 So he clothed him with a coat of mail,
50:32 weighed him down, little guy, little kid.
50:37 David fastened his sword to his armor
50:40 and tried to walk powerful, powerful analogy.
50:45 Giving, taking things from people
50:47 that challenge your walk.
50:51 Why did he have a hard time walking,
50:53 for he had not tested them?
50:56 And David said to Saul, I cannot walk with these,
51:00 for I have not tested them, so David took them off.
51:04 Ooh!
51:07 On Monday morning, you're going to wake up and say,
51:09 "Hallelujah, it's going to sink in."
51:14 Don't let people put on you
51:18 what the devil has put on them.
51:27 Don't let them cover your head
51:30 with what's messing up their head.
51:37 And if they have been wearing an armor
51:39 that can't straighten out their walk,
51:42 their armor is not going to straighten out your walk.
51:48 Do you know who Saul was?
51:51 Saul ended up at a witch's table,
51:54 eating lunch with a witch,
51:56 claiming divine protection
52:00 until God spoke the words of final judgment
52:03 to that king and apostasy.
52:09 If it has not been tested by the Word of God,
52:12 take it off.
52:13 Matter of fact, don't even put it on.
52:17 The Apostle Paul says, "Prove all things,
52:20 hold fast that which is good."
52:23 1 Thessalonians 5:21.
52:26 When we preach the Word,
52:27 we don't need immediate evidence
52:29 that the Word of God is going to make a difference
52:30 because the Lord says in Isaiah 55:11,
52:32 "My word shall not return to me void."
52:36 I don't even rush people into baptism.
52:38 I'm not after numbers
52:40 'cause I believe that premature birth
52:42 leads to premature death.
52:45 I'm not into numbers.
52:46 If you cannot believe this message,
52:47 you don't need to be a part of this church
52:52 'cause this is not my church.
52:54 Somebody once said,
52:55 "Is this what you require of me?"
52:57 I said, "No, that's what God requires of us."
53:04 So let's talk about
53:06 the most powerful weapon on earth,
53:09 the Word of God.
53:11 It can outlast any onslaught and transform any life.
53:16 It can humble the exalted and educate the simple,
53:18 the Word of God.
53:20 It is a light in darkness and a pathway to the lost
53:23 to the Word of God.
53:24 It can encourage the weak and comfort the weary.
53:27 If you are hungry, it will feed you.
53:29 If you are thirsty, God's Word will soothe you.
53:32 I speak of nothing other than the Holy Bible,
53:34 the book of truth.
53:36 This book reveals the mind of God, the state of man,
53:39 the way of salvation, the doom of sinners,
53:40 and the happiness of believers.
53:42 Its precepts are binding, its history is true,
53:46 and its decisions are immutable.
53:49 Read it to be wise,
53:50 believe it to be saved, and practice it to be holy.
53:54 It contains the light to direct you,
53:56 food to support you, and comfort to cheer you.
53:58 It is a traveler's map, the Christian's charter,
54:01 it cannot lie, but it can detect one.
54:04 It has no pulse and yet it lives.
54:06 In it, paradise is restored,
54:08 heaven opened and the gates of hell are closed.
54:10 Can you say amen?
54:12 Christ is the grand theme are good is its design
54:16 and the glory of God its end.
54:18 Read it slowly, frequently, and prayerfully.
54:22 It is a mind of wealth, a paradise of glory,
54:24 a river of pleasure.
54:26 It will reward the greatest labor
54:28 and condemn all who trifle with its sacred contents.
54:31 Paul turned the world upside down with it.
54:34 Elijah called down fire through it,
54:37 and God created the world by it.
54:39 It can't be stopped, prevented, denied, destroyed,
54:42 it will outlive any novel and outlast any show.
54:45 It is divine, dynamic, didactic, and delightful
54:49 at the same time.
54:51 It is a conundrum to the proud and a solution to the humble.
54:54 It can open and close your eyes at the same time.
54:57 It can confuse the scoffer and enlightened the seeker.
55:00 The book, the book of books, the book of life,
55:03 the book of God, the Bible, the revelation of God to man,
55:06 and it comes with a warning.
55:08 This book will keep you from sin
55:10 or sin will keep you from this book.
55:13 Reading it and confessing this book
55:15 will terrify the devil,
55:16 stupefy the rebellious, mystify the world,
55:19 pacify the critics, ratify the covenant,
55:22 edify the church, magnify the Word,
55:25 and glorify the Lord.
55:27 And it is still the number one bestselling book in the world.
55:29 Can you say amen?
55:30 So I tell you as I close,
55:32 they didn't give me enough time,
55:33 but I'm going to tell you this.
55:35 Wherever I go, I carry my Bible with me.
55:37 I carry my God with me,
55:38 I carry the truth of God with me,
55:40 I carry my wife with me.
55:42 We got plans on spending eternity together,
55:47 knowing God through the truth,
55:49 knowing God through His Word.
55:51 We've travelled together my Bible and I
55:53 through all kinds of weather
55:56 with smile or with sigh!
55:57 In sorrow or sunshine in tempest or calm!
56:00 My friendship unchanging my lamp and my psalm
56:04 We've travelled together my Bible and I
56:07 When life has grown weary and death even nigh!
56:09 But all through the darkness of mist or of wrong
56:12 I found there a solace,
56:14 a prayer and a song.
56:16 So now who shall part us my Bible and I?
56:19 Shall "isms" or "schisms" or "new light" just try?
56:24 Shall shadow for substance
56:25 or stone for good bread supplant thy sound wisdom
56:28 and give folly instead?
56:31 And, no, my dear Bible exponent of light!
56:34 Thou sword of the spirit put error to flight!
56:37 And still through life's journey
56:38 until my last sigh,
56:41 we'll travel together my Bible and I.


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