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Congregational Singing #2

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Program Code: HCAU180012A

00:01 Music...
00:20 Welcome to 3ABN Australia Homecoming.
00:25 Music...
00:31 Hi and welcome a half hour of congregational singing.
00:35 Back in the States, I have a program called,
00:38 "Your Favorites by Request"
00:40 and I am delighted at the people who I have met here
00:44 at Australia 3ABN... and in the... at the Homecoming
00:47 who have said that they sing along
00:50 and I'm just... it amazes me because
00:54 back in the Studio in West Frankfort, Illinois,
00:56 I think I'm just singing to myself
00:59 but lo and behold, there are people actually listening
01:03 and singing along
01:04 so, thank you, thank you, thank you
01:06 and I'm honored and humbled.
01:08 Nothing I've done but it's wonderful songs
01:11 that we all know and love and so, we sing them together,
01:14 so, as long as you continue to send in your requests,
01:18 to tim. parton@3abn. org
01:21 I will continue singing them,
01:23 one lady sent me recently, 52 songs...
01:26 so, she's going to wrap up the whole year for me
01:28 and I'll have to wait for yours till next year,
01:31 so, if you don't hear yours till next year,
01:33 you'll know why... but...
01:35 because I take them first come... first served.
01:38 But anyway, today we're just going to sing
01:40 some wonderful songs.
01:41 I hope you came ready to sing
01:43 and I hope that you know these songs.
01:45 I hope that they bring back some great memories
01:48 and sometimes our churches don't sing familiar songs anymore
01:51 or some of the older ones,
01:53 but these are great old hymns of the faith
01:55 right out of the hymnal
01:57 and we'll have the words here on the wall... you sing along
02:01 and hopefully it's in a key that you can sing along,
02:03 if you don't sing along, just smile really loud, okay.
02:06 Can you smile loud? Let's do this.
02:08 Piano... Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine.
02:18 Song.
04:44 I'm praising my Savior...
04:45 Song.
04:56 Amen.
04:58 Precious... precious music...
04:59 This is a great song, "In the Sweet By and By. "
05:05 There's a land that is fairer than day.
05:08 Song.
07:32 Yeah, you sing it once.
07:34 Song.
07:58 That's wonderful...
08:00 give yourselves a hand... why not?
08:01 I love it...
08:03 that's great.
08:04 Piano...
08:09 more piano...
08:14 Song.
10:40 Amen! I love it.
10:42 Praise the Lord, He does save.
10:44 Still is very dear... He saves.
10:47 "Take the name of Jesus with you. "
10:56 Song.
13:12 One more verse.
13:14 Song.
13:59 Amen... wow! precious.
14:02 Piano...
14:09 My Jesus I love Thee
14:15 my Jesus, 'tis now.
14:21 Song.
15:09 Don't you know He's smiling...
15:10 I love that.
15:12 Beautiful singing you all.
15:14 I love Thee because thou has first...
15:17 Song.
17:50 That's beautiful!
17:54 "Be still, my soul. "
18:02 Be still my soul...
18:09 Piano.
18:13 Song.
21:02 Praise the Lord.
21:03 That's priceless, you know,
21:06 such words... thank the Lord that He gave
21:08 writers words... right...
21:13 melodies are beautiful and we remember a lot of songs
21:17 you know, by putting the melodies to the words
21:21 or the words to the melody whichever we think of first,
21:24 but if it weren't for the words,
21:26 it would just be a bunch of music
21:28 and that's... anyway...
21:30 I just love words...
21:32 now, I'm not good at memorizing words... remembering words...
21:36 thank God for the man who created the teleprompter
21:41 and the screen
21:42 and thank God for the teachers who taught me how to read
21:45 and... otherwise, I'm half ignorant
21:51 but anyway... I have led congregations before
21:57 where we would sing out of the hymnals
21:59 and I remember one Sabbath that I was leading in a church
22:05 that I hadn't been to
22:07 and I took a hymnal that I thought they might be using
22:11 and so, I was... I would call out a number
22:15 and I would kick it off and start with the intro
22:19 and I'd be into the first verse well
22:21 and I'd see this "deer in the headlights" look
22:25 or "kangaroo in the headlights" look... may be as it were...
22:28 and they didn't know what I was singing
22:31 because I was from... calling from a different hymnal
22:34 and so... that's why it's nice...
22:37 I know a lot of people don't like the words on the wall,
22:40 but at least we all know what we're singing
22:41 the same words... okay...
22:43 so, anyway... that has nothing to do with this
22:46 except for the fact, I do love to tell the story
22:49 and that is the name of the next song.
22:51 I Love to Tell the Story.
22:53 We'll sing this in the key of F
22:56 so, if you... if you play the guitar
22:57 strum along with me in the key of F, all right.
23:01 Piano.
23:10 Song.
24:06 Now you sing it.
24:09 Song.
27:31 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus... sweetest name I know...
27:39 fills my every longing, keeps me singing as I go.
27:46 Thanks for singing along...
27:51 it's been wonderful, thank you.


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