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00:38 Hello and welcome to "Help in Daily Living."
00:41 This is the first of the 13-part series
00:43 based on this little book "Help in Daily Living."
00:46 The four chapters of this book are full of practical
00:49 down to the earth everyday guidance
00:51 to make Christianity real and meaningful.
00:54 The few chapters of this little book
00:56 are actually the closing section of the popular
00:59 and widely read book "Ministry of Healing."
01:02 This entire series was produced by the students
01:05 and staff of Fountainview Academy
01:06 in beautiful British Columbia,
01:08 but we're obviously not there right now.
01:10 We are here in the island of Kauai,
01:12 one of the Hawaiian Islands to film this production.
01:16 We hope that the music and message of this production
01:20 will help you to cope with the realities of daily living
01:23 and walking with Jesus.
01:25 On today's program, we're gonna be
01:27 looking at the important topic of "influence."
01:30 But before we begin,
01:31 I'm gonna ask Cyrus to lead us in a word of prayer.
01:37 Dear Heavenly Father, Lord,
01:38 thank you for this beautiful place
01:40 we can come to and I ask that
01:42 You will be with us each individually
01:44 now as we come together in fellowship.
01:46 Lord, as we begin this production,
01:48 I ask that You would help us in our daily lives, Lord.
01:53 And that our influence would be
01:55 uplifting instead of degrading, Lord.
01:57 Thank you for this and be with us now
01:59 in Jesus name I pray, amen. Amen.
02:04 Every morning I wake up, get out of bed
02:08 and take my Bible to go spend time alone with God.
02:11 But so many times as I kneel down
02:13 by the couch to pray,
02:15 a runaway thought chain raises through my mind.
02:18 And I find myself thinking about all my problems
02:21 and worries, my plans and ideas.
02:24 I get so distracted wondering
02:27 what am I gonna do about this
02:29 or wondering if I should do that?
02:31 And I begin to get anxious,
02:34 but then God whispers in my ear and says,
02:36 "Be still and know that I'm God."
02:39 Reminding me that the reason I'm on my knees
02:42 spending time with Him
02:44 is so that I can be prepared to live
02:46 the quite consistent life of a Christian.
02:50 But I cannot have a loving influence
02:52 and reflect Jesus unless I'm at peace with His love
02:56 flowing in my heart.
02:58 When I begin to take anxious thought,
03:00 I must have confidence that the voice
03:02 who ruled the winds and waves
03:05 belongs to the one who will silence my worries,
03:08 take care of my plans, and give me peace,
03:11 if I would but be still.
03:36 In the heart of Jesus there is love for you
03:49 Love most pure and tender love most deep and true
04:02 Why should you be lonely why for friendship sigh
04:15 When the heart of Jesus has a full supply
04:31 In the mind of Jesus there is thought for you
04:44 Warm as summer sunshine sweet as morning dew
04:58 Why should you be fearful why take anxious thought
05:11 When the mind of Jesus cares for those He bought
05:40 Be still, my soul thy God doth undertake
05:54 To guide the future as He has the past
06:07 Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake
06:22 All that's mysterious shall be bright at last
06:36 Be still, my soul the waves and winds still know
06:50 His voice Who ruled them while He dwelt below
07:35 Be still, my soul the hour is hastening on
07:49 When we shall be forever with the Lord
08:03 When disappointment grief and fear are gone
08:16 Sorrow forgot love's purest joys restored
08:30 Be still, my soul when change and tears are past
08:44 All safe and blessed
08:50 we shall meet at last
09:04 at last at last
09:29 Obviously Christ has had
09:31 an influence in your life, Brooke.
09:33 How do you shared that influence with others,
09:34 were you successful?
09:36 Ah, definitely not at the beginning.
09:38 When I first came back from selling Christian books,
09:41 my life did a complete like 180,
09:44 like almost every aspect was different like,
09:45 I didn't like the same music
09:47 and just my taste of food was different.
09:49 And the biggest one has been I quit playing
09:50 competitive sports.
09:52 And so I went back to school like,
09:53 I wanted to share with everybody
09:55 what God had been doing in my life,
09:56 but it seems like every time I would share it like,
09:59 it would just go wrong and as I'm uncomfortable,
10:01 and people just, they didn't want to listen to me,
10:03 and I didn't understand what I was doing?
10:05 And so I recognized that, instead of like sharing them
10:08 and encouraging them it was more like,
10:10 I was like Bible bashing them
10:11 or like kind of showering down their throat like
10:13 this is what you're doing wrong,
10:14 this is what I'm doing right. Yeah.
10:15 And at the most stressful was when I would go home because,
10:18 you know, it's most comfortable with your family
10:20 and I tell to mom,
10:21 I'm not gonna do that because of this,
10:22 or dad you shouldn't do that because of that,
10:24 and it was just really stressful situation
10:26 and eventually like my friend Heidi,
10:29 who was one of my mentors
10:30 kind of recognize what I was doing.
10:32 And she kind of pulled me aside
10:33 and we talked,
10:34 and she just kind of give me example of Christ.
10:36 And how the first 30 years of His life,
10:38 He spent like serving others instead of preaching at them
10:42 and the last three years of His life
10:43 was when He did like His full time ministry.
10:45 And I started to recognize that
10:46 before I can ever start preaching at someone,
10:49 I need to show them like the influence
10:50 of the loving a Christian.
10:52 And I praise God, because He's helped me in learning
10:55 how to do that especially at home with my family
10:56 and friends to show them that,
10:58 you know, show them Jesus first, you know.
11:00 Praise the Lord.
11:01 In your life, Alley, what's your influence
11:04 that brought you to Lord?
11:06 Well, there are many influences,
11:09 but one of them was my sister.
11:12 It didn't start all that way though.
11:15 When I was younger, we didn't get along at all.
11:20 I used to tease her a lot,
11:21 I would just do things to annoy her on purpose like,
11:23 like just drumming my fingers on the table constantly
11:26 or cooking by tagine,
11:27 just little things like that would drive her crazy.
11:30 And I would do that on purpose
11:31 and I remember one time she'd just made lunch
11:34 and I was making some weird noise
11:37 and she is like Alley, if you don't stop that
11:39 I'm gonna shove this macaroni in your ear.
11:42 And I was just like, okay whatever
11:44 and I just kept doing it and she did.
11:47 And yeah, it's so interesting.
11:51 But, there were other things too like,
11:54 my mom would ask us to do
11:55 like to fold the laundry or something.
11:57 And she would beautifully trying to fold the laundry
12:00 and get the job done and I'll be playing in the clothes,
12:02 because I just didn't care and can you believe,
12:04 how we need to get this done,
12:05 you should don't want to get in trouble?
12:07 And I just be like, yeah whatever and like,
12:10 it was just not very good.
12:11 And then when she was a freshman in high school,
12:14 she went away to Fountainview.
12:16 And when she came home on break,
12:19 I noticed a change in her, she was a lot kinder to me
12:23 and she was a lot nice to me,
12:24 and she really try to share her faith.
12:25 And that, you think that would have been
12:27 made me want to be kind of her and appreciate her more,
12:30 but it actually did the opposite.
12:32 I felt really, it just made me so angry
12:35 and I just got so annoyed and irritated with her
12:37 because she was so nice.
12:39 And I was just,
12:41 she could walk into her room, and I'll be mad at her.
12:43 I remember one time we,
12:45 she was home on Thanksgiving break
12:46 and my mom asked me, she's say,
12:48 Alley and Katie, I want a break,
12:49 I wanted you to do the dishes.
12:50 And doing the dishes was just another thing
12:53 I hated and so I walked over to the sink
12:59 and Katie being her lovely self,
13:01 she comes out, she like, oh, Alley, "I'll help you,
13:04 we can do them together."
13:06 And oh, my goodness, I was so mad at her,
13:09 like I didn't even say anything,
13:10 I just, just kept doing what I was doing.
13:13 And yeah, I just glared to her as best as I could.
13:16 And yeah, so it was really hard like I just,
13:22 I just had such anger towards her,
13:24 but eventually the life move along
13:27 and I realized what this, this needs to stop,
13:29 I need to, she's being consistently kind,
13:32 she never retaliate, never once.
13:34 She never liked snapped back when she so could have,
13:37 I would have totally deserve it,
13:39 but she never did.
13:40 And eventually that got to me and I realized,
13:43 look I need to stop this, and by God's grace I did.
13:46 And now she is like my best friend
13:49 and because of the influence she has had on my life,
13:51 because we developed that bond,
13:53 I went to trust her
13:54 because she was consistently kind to me.
13:56 I began to love her and because I loved her,
13:59 I was willing to listen to her
14:00 when she talked to me about Christ
14:02 and she talked to me about God
14:03 and having my devotions
14:05 and I wouldn't be who I am today,
14:07 if she hadn't been that loving Christian to me. Amen.
14:13 Do you have a person in your life who has a calm,
14:16 quiet influence that glues you beliefs together.
14:18 In my family, my grandfather is that person.
14:21 Whenever we get together for holidays or meals,
14:24 we don't start eating until
14:25 my grandfather has said the blessing.
14:27 Although he isn't loud and boisterous,
14:28 he sets the atmosphere for the whole time
14:30 that we're together.
14:32 He not only has that influence on her family,
14:34 but on our community as well.
14:36 Support from my belief and my grandfather's integrity
14:39 came once at a local auction.
14:41 The auctioneer was rambling on about different cows
14:44 and then came to my grandfather's cows.
14:46 He stopped the whole auction
14:47 and said before I start the bidding on these cows
14:50 I just wanted to let you know that
14:51 these are Paul Miller's cows.
14:53 Now I've known this man for many years
14:55 and I have come to the conclusion
14:57 that he is the most honest man I've ever met
14:59 and that he will stand behind these cows.
15:02 A lot of the current business transactions on our farm
15:04 are sealed with a hand shake
15:06 because of my grandfather's integrity.
15:09 How has my grandfather become a man of integrity,
15:13 by being consistent in his everyday choices?
15:17 You know, you and I need to set a standard
15:20 for our Christian walk
15:21 and if we're just floating around in like swamps,
15:23 there is no way our circumstances will improve.
15:26 But if we set our sights on a higher standard,
15:29 then we'll naturally gravitate towards it.
15:32 When people look at us,
15:34 they are able to tell what we're focused on.
15:37 Whether it's God or ourselves?
15:40 What do they see when they will get you?
16:07 Teach, me, Father, what to say Teach me, Father, how to pray
16:21 Teach me all along the way How to be like Jesus
16:36 Be like Jesus, this my song In the home and in the throng
16:50 Be like Jesus, all day long I would be like Jesus
17:05 Teach me how will may be one Like the Father and the Son
17:19 And when all is overcome I will be like Jesus
17:35 Be like Jesus, this my song In the home and in the throng
17:49 Be like Jesus, all day long I would be like Jesus
18:25 Be like Jesus, this my song In the home and in the throng
18:38 Be like Jesus, all day long I would be like Jesus
19:01 You know, the influence of Christ
19:03 in our lives is so great.
19:05 We just want to share that with others
19:06 and sometimes we get it right
19:07 and sometimes we blow it and just fail.
19:12 You know in my experience, I've definitely failed.
19:14 I, some years back I had this group of friends
19:18 that I was hanging out with and whatever we did,
19:20 you know we did together basically.
19:23 And what we did wasn't really,
19:25 you know, the most uplifting things
19:27 to do like our conversation was very degrading
19:30 and we were just really dump.
19:32 And once in a while somebody would pop up and say,
19:38 "you know guys, what we're doing isn't really right?"
19:41 But that was, you know, it was usually diffused
19:43 and we just forgot about it after a while.
19:45 But looking back now, I have a feeling of remorse
19:49 and guilt on what sort of influence I had on my friends
19:52 and especially people who are looking at us. Yeah.
19:55 You know, and in Help in Daily Living,
19:57 it says that, "It is our own character and experience
20:00 that determine our influence on others."
20:02 And I've definitely failed at that,
20:05 but God is not teaching me to be more dependent on Him
20:09 instead of depended on others. Yes.
20:10 So that my influence will change,
20:13 you know, myself, my influence will change
20:16 and then the influence on others that I have to change.
20:19 Yeah, so I have got positive influence
20:21 is a constant daily surrender to Him.
20:24 Have you had that experience, Megan?
20:25 I have, there was opportunity last year that I had,
20:31 it was on spring break at my uncle's house.
20:33 And he was holding a Bible study
20:35 for all of his friends and neighbors
20:37 and there was a family with a few teenagers
20:38 that were coming, that were of my age.
20:41 And at that Bible study I was talking with the sister,
20:46 and she was telling me about all her interest
20:48 in different things and I was telling her
20:50 what I like to do and about my school.
20:52 And every single thing that I said,
20:54 she would say something negative,
20:56 or sarcastic, or mark back to me.
20:58 I was really having a hard time holding my tongue
21:00 and not saying something back to her.
21:03 And I have prayed that God would help me
21:05 be a positive influence upon them
21:07 and help them to want him more.
21:10 And so later on in that evening,
21:14 the two brothers came up to me and they said,
21:17 "Megan, why are you so different?
21:19 Why, how can you be so happy
21:20 the whole evening even when our sister
21:22 makes remarks to you?"
21:24 And it surprised me because I thought,
21:28 you know, God was able to use even that,
21:32 that small opportunity
21:34 to have a powerful impact upon them. Amen.
21:37 And it says in Help in Daily Living on page 8,
21:43 "No other influence that can surround the human soul
21:46 has such a power
21:47 as the influence of an unselfish life.
21:50 The strongest argument
21:51 in favor of the gospel
21:52 is a loving and lovable Christian."
21:55 God turn my selfishness into something
21:58 that was loving and lovable and help them
22:02 see that there is something more out there
22:05 and made them want Christ more.
22:08 Yeah, and to have that powerful influence,
22:09 you had to practice self restraint
22:12 and totally trust in the Lord
22:13 to help you and He came through.
22:15 It's only through His grace. Amen.
22:20 I love fruit.
22:21 This fruit has a label on it to help me
22:23 identify what kind of fruit this is.
22:26 But I don't need a sticker to tell me that this is a kiwi,
22:30 I know that's a kiwi simply by looking at it.
22:32 In the same way, the badge of Christianity
22:35 is not an outward sign,
22:37 it's not the wearing of a cross,
22:39 but it's an inward experience,
22:41 it's that which reveals the union of man with God.
22:44 Jesus said the same thing
22:46 when He was talking to His followers.
22:47 He said, "By this they will know that
22:50 you are my disciples, if you love one another."
22:53 How will others be able to see that I am a Christian?
22:55 They will see Christ love shining out through me.
23:12 There is beauty all around When there's love at home
23:22 There is joy in every sound When there's love at home
23:33 Peace and plenty here abide Smiling sweet on every side
23:43 Time doth softly sweetly glide
23:49 When there's love at home
23:54 Kindly heaven smiles above When there's love at home
24:05 All the earth is filled with love
24:10 When there's love at home
24:16 Sweeter sings the brooklet by Brighter beams the azure sky
24:26 Oh, there's One who smiles on high
24:31 When there's love at home
24:37 Love at home love at home
24:48 Time doth softly sweetly glide
24:53 When there's love at home
24:59 Jesus, make me wholly Thine Then there's love at home
25:09 May Thy sacrifice be mine Then there's love at home
25:19 Safely from all harm I'll rest With no sinful care distressed
25:29 Through Thy tender mercy blessed
25:34 When there's love at home
25:40 Love at home love at home
25:51 Time doth softly sweetly glide
25:56 When there's love at home
26:25 "There isn't eloquence far more powerful
26:27 than the eloquence of words in the quite,
26:29 consistent life of a pure, true Christian."
26:32 That person to me is my grandfather,
26:34 like my family we go and visit him and it's like,
26:38 he lived in like one of those cookie cutter type houses,
26:40 it wasn't like anything fancy yet.
26:42 But he has this amazing garden and so we go
26:44 and like had pomegranates and figs,
26:46 and you know, tangerines and we just loved,
26:48 it's just such a wonderful break
26:50 from my hectic lifestyle to go into his lifestyle simplicity.
26:54 And like the thing is though is that just by observing him
26:59 like I learned so much
27:00 because he doesn't really speak English
27:03 and I don't really speak Korean,
27:04 so conversation such as you know,
27:06 how was your day or what school like, you know.
27:09 It doesn't really, it doesn't really,
27:11 they're kind o nonexistent.
27:12 And so like the eloquence of his life was so much
27:18 and powerful than the word,
27:19 like a few words that he did say
27:21 and through that like I've learned
27:23 what it meant to be a loving and lovable Christian
27:25 and it showed me like what I want just like to be.
27:28 Wow, that's really
27:29 what influence is all about. That's right.
27:31 Now, Alley, I'm gonna ask you to
27:32 closing the word of prayer. Okay.
27:35 Father, God, You live the truth
27:37 before You ever spoke it to anyone.
27:39 And I just pray that You'll help us to do the same.
27:42 We can't do that on our own Lord,
27:44 so, please put Your character in us.
27:45 So, all people need to do is look at our lives
27:47 to see a picture of You in Jesus name.
27:50 amen. Amen.
27:56 Help in Daily Living is a 13 part series
27:59 from Fountainview Productions
28:01 designed to share the solid principles
28:03 of practical everyday Christianity.
28:05 It's a simple way to share the good news
28:08 about the power of the gospel with your friends,
28:10 family, and coworkers.
28:12 Order your copies now by calling 1877-490-4141
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28:25 Help in Daily Living is also available
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