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00:38 Hello, and welcome to Help in Daily Living.
00:40 Today, we're gonna be talking about
00:41 The Discipline of Trial.
00:44 You know, trials and obstacles are the Lord's
00:47 chosen methods of discipline
00:49 and His appointed conditions of success.
00:54 That sounds completely opposite
00:55 of what we really want.
00:57 We want to have success and we want to have it
01:00 smoothly and peacefully and we don't want
01:02 trials and obstacles, but that's the way
01:05 the Lord has appointed it for us.
01:07 We grow through going through these trials and obstacles.
01:11 And so as we go into this very important
01:14 and sacred topic, I'm gonna ask Katie
01:16 to lead us in a word of prayer.
01:18 All right, Father in heaven,
01:22 thank you so much for taking so much interest in us
01:25 that you would make us like you
01:29 and that you would purify us.
01:32 Father, I just pray now that You'll guide us to see
01:37 how You lead and how Your ways
01:39 are so much different than ours.
01:42 Please help us to trust You even as
01:44 we go through trials and obstacles.
01:46 Thank you so much for being our guide,
01:48 in Jesus name, amen. Amen.
01:54 When I was a little kid, I remember feeling
01:56 really scared about the future.
01:58 One time I was riding in my family Suburban with my mom
02:00 telling her how I didn't think I could stay
02:03 close to God, if certain trials came in my life.
02:06 What if I was persecuted from my faith?
02:09 At that point in time, I didn't feel that I had
02:11 the strength to stand up for
02:12 what I believed and be a marker.
02:15 However after talking with my mom,
02:17 I learned something really encouraging.
02:20 I don't have to worry about future trails,
02:22 because when those hardships come,
02:25 God will give me the strength I need to bear them.
02:28 He doesn't give me that strength today,
02:29 because I don't need it today.
02:32 The Bible says in Deuteronomy 33:25
02:36 "As your days, so shall your strength be."
02:38 God knows what each day in my life will bring,
02:41 whether its heartache or joy.
02:43 And He has the exact amount of grace I need to make it
02:46 through each of one of those days.
02:48 I don't have to be anxious wondering how I'll cope
02:50 if I lose everything financially or if
02:53 a member of my family dies,
02:55 God has the strength set aside if that happens.
02:58 Each day bring something new and eventually
03:01 we're all going to experience the feeling
03:03 of our world crumbling at our feet,
03:05 but God Has promised that if we trust Him,
03:08 He will hold us together day by day.
03:36 Day by day, and with each passing moment
03:42 Strength I find, to meet my trials here
03:50 Trusting in my Father's wise bestowment
03:58 I've no cause for worry or for fear
04:05 He Whose heart is kind beyond all measure
04:12 Gives unto each day what He deems best
04:20 Lovingly, its part of pain and pleasure
04:28 Mingling toil with peace and rest
05:08 The protection of His child and treasure
05:16 Is a charge that on Himself He laid
05:22 "As thy days, thy strength shall be in measure"
05:30 This is the pledge to me He made
05:40 Help me then in every tribulation
05:47 So to trust Thy promises, O Lord
05:54 That I lose not faith's sweet consolation
06:01 Offered me within Thy holy Word.
06:10 Help me, Lord, when toil and trouble meeting,
06:17 E'er to take, as from a father's hand
06:24 One by one, the days, the moments fleeting
06:32 Till I reach the Promised Land
06:56 Till I reach the Promised Land
07:19 You know, while we were recording that song,
07:22 I actually had a sort of trial experience.
07:26 You know, I sit right in the front of the mic
07:28 because I'm the concertmistress.
07:30 And I guess sitting there kind of brings
07:33 a little bit of responsibility and like
07:35 in concert if you start playing the wrong song and--
07:38 Everyone hears it.
07:39 Half of the people will start playing the wrong song
07:40 and it's just the big mess
07:42 and it's kind of embarrassing.
07:44 But another thing is that, that Craig, our conductor,
07:48 He like, he trust my opinion I guess
07:51 and he likes to ask for it sometimes.
07:52 Sometimes he doesn't ask for it
07:54 and I end up giving it at the wrong time.
07:57 And in this particular situation there is a chord
08:01 in the song and it wasn't quite working,
08:04 we're trying to fix it, I think it's right
08:05 at the key change and all of us music kids
08:09 were talking over each other and we're trying
08:11 to fix chord and its taking quite a bit of time
08:14 and we're getting nowhere.
08:16 And, you know, every precious second counts
08:19 when we're recording, so Craig turns to us and says,
08:22 so how much time do you want to spend on this.
08:25 What you want to do about it?
08:26 And in my state of mind I was just focused on trying
08:29 to fix the chord and so I guess in my partake
08:33 kind of thought, well, if he wants us to fix it,
08:36 why is he telling us it's a waste of time.
08:38 And then I didn't think before I spoke
08:42 and I started to say, well no body is going
08:45 to want to act sir and then I paused because
08:49 warning bells are going up in my mind and Craig said,
08:53 no, say what, finish what you're gonna say.
08:55 And so I just had to finish and I said nobody is gonna
08:59 want to answer, if we're addressed that way.
09:02 And Katie was there, she remembers the tension
09:06 was palpable and I felt really bad and embarrassed
09:10 about what I'd said and I just wanted to,
09:13 I just wanted to leave and get out of there.
09:16 But I couldn't and Craig said, well,
09:18 how would you like to be addressed and situation
09:21 was just very uncomfortable and afterwards
09:26 we've had figured out the chord and it was
09:28 all good, the song went well.
09:31 But afterwards I apologized to Craig,
09:33 and we talked in and it was all good.
09:36 But it seem that this type of thing happened to me
09:39 too often and that I find myself in situations
09:42 where I let my tongue get the better of me or my pride
09:45 and it reminds me of a section
09:48 in Help in Daily Living, where it says
09:51 "Many who sincerely consecrate their lives
09:54 to God's service are surprised and disappointed
09:56 to find themselves, as never before,
09:59 confronted by obstacles and beset
10:01 by trials and perplexities.
10:03 They pray for Christ-likeness of character,
10:06 for a fitness for the Lord's work, and they are placed
10:08 in circumstances that seem to call forth
10:11 all the evil of their nature."
10:13 Now in my devotions I've been praying and asking God
10:16 to make me more like Him and it seems that especially
10:20 those times that I would pray that,
10:21 I'd find myself in these situations that call forth
10:24 all the evil of my nature.
10:25 And it's kind of discouraging,
10:27 but as I was reading this, God was teaching me that,
10:31 that He-- that I needed to go through those trials,
10:34 so that He could show me the defects in my character
10:37 and it's the only way that I'll be able to give them
10:40 to Him and ask Him to help me with them.
10:43 Yes, so you go through, we pray to the Lord that
10:46 You'll make us like Christ and then all of sudden
10:48 we realize all these evil things are inside of us,
10:51 and we're like what's going on,
10:53 why is this happening and it's because the Lord
10:56 loves us so much, He knows that's in there,
10:58 and He reveals it to us.
11:02 On another note Zach, kind of from different angle how,
11:06 how God led you through a trail, through an obstacle
11:09 that was in your life, but to a deeper
11:12 relationship with Him to trusting Him.
11:15 Yeah, I'd always wondered how I would react and,
11:18 you know, in trails situation how, how my faith
11:21 would be tested and if I'll succeed.
11:23 And I had the opportunity to put my faith into action.
11:26 I'd gotten very sick, and I had some lumps
11:30 underneath my neck and there were producing
11:33 some weird symptoms and the doctor said
11:35 there is a chance it was cancer gallstones lymphoma.
11:38 I-- there is one night in particular,
11:41 I was very fatigued, I was so tired,
11:44 it was like 8 o'clock I skipped on vespers
11:46 and I was going to bed as I was just ways beyond belief.
11:50 And I was crawling into bed and the reality situation
11:55 that thoughts hit me, you know,
11:57 what if I don't wake tomorrow, you know,
11:59 I mean cancer is a dangerous thing, you know,
12:01 what if I'm so tired I just don't wake up.
12:04 This thoughts that I have plaguing my mind,
12:06 I did my best to try to give to the God where
12:07 I didn't try not to like encourage these thoughts
12:09 before I knew I'd fallen to sleep and woke up
12:12 the next morning, praise God.
12:14 Another time I was having a needle biopsy done
12:16 and it was excruciatingly painful, I was in a lot pain
12:20 and really the only thing that could bring me thought
12:21 right then was that could bring me comfort was that,
12:25 you know, Jesus suffered more than I have,
12:27 He and He is right there suffering with me,
12:29 He is right there, you know, like holding me
12:31 and that brought me like a lot comfort, you know,
12:35 numerous school days missed, lots of dodge provision
12:39 test done and later, you know, a small surgery
12:41 taking them out reveal that it wasn't lymphoma but just
12:44 reacting influence for the staph infection.
12:46 Praise the Lord, and I was, you know,
12:48 my family was so thankful and so excited to hear that.
12:50 And I can now look back and see that these trails,
12:53 they really, they taught me to rely on God to refine
12:56 my character in a way that I hadn't expected
12:58 and showed me that, you know,
12:59 He is the God, that you can trust,
13:01 you know, you can cling to.
13:02 Absolutely, praise the Lord.
13:06 When I was growing up, my family frequently
13:09 went on Sabbath afternoon hikes but I hated them.
13:12 After a short time, I would slowdown and complaint
13:15 that I was tired and I wanted to go home.
13:17 But my dad would encourage me,
13:19 take my hand and help me up to steep through.
13:22 And when I became too exhausted, he would
13:25 pick me up put me on his shoulders and carry me.
13:29 God is the same way, He calls us to walk
13:32 the straight and narrow path,
13:33 but He doesn't want us to walk it alone.
13:36 He promises in Hebrews 13:5 that
13:39 "He will never leave us, nor forsake us."
13:41 We may became tired and exhausted,
13:44 but God will never fail to take our hands
13:46 and lead us among His narrow path.
14:14 He leadeth me! O blessed thought
14:21 O words with heavenly comfort fraught
14:29 Whatever I do, wherever I be
14:35 Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me
14:44 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
14:50 By His own hand He leadeth me
14:58 His faithful follower I would be
15:03 For by His hand He leadeth me
15:23 Sometimes mid scenes of deepest gloom
15:30 Sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom
15:39 By waters still, over troubled sea
15:45 Still 'tis His hand that leadeth me
16:19 Lord, I would place my hand in Thine
16:25 Nor ever murmur nor repine
16:33 Content, whatever lot I see
16:40 Since 'tis my God that leadeth me
16:49 He leadeth help me He leadeth help me
16:55 For by His hand He leadeth me
17:02 His faithful follower I would be
17:09 For by His hand He leadeth with me
17:46 And when my task on earth is done
17:52 When by Thy grace the victory's won
17:59 E'en death's cold wave I will not flee
18:07 Since God through Jordan leadeth with me
18:18 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
18:25 By His own hand He leadeth me
18:35 His faithful follower I would be
18:45 For by His hand He leadeth me
19:24 You know, the Lord has a divine appointment for us,
19:27 a something that we don't, we wouldn't
19:31 choose for ourselves, a divine appointment.
19:33 We think of a divine appointment,
19:34 ah there is light shining down on me
19:36 and it's a glorious day.
19:37 But that divine appointment is going
19:39 to be a trail or an obstacle.
19:42 And He has appointed that, so that
19:43 you can be successful, and I think of our bird.
19:47 We had a bird and his name was Prince.
19:48 And he was a Cockatiel and we put him in a cage
19:52 and we wanted him to sing.
19:54 We wanted to sing-- wanted to teach him
19:56 how to sing the Canadian national anthem.
19:58 But he was singing all the other bird songs because,
20:01 you know, he was at home during the day
20:03 and he would pick up and so he would
20:05 sing these other bird songs.
20:07 And so during the day, we covered the cage
20:09 and I put on the Canadian national anthem,
20:12 so that he would sing it.
20:13 Eventually he learnt to sing that song and so
20:17 I could lift the top of it, you know,
20:20 the covering from the cage
20:21 and he would sing it ever after.
20:24 And the Lord has that way kind of sometimes
20:27 He puts us in a dark or in a place where we can
20:29 just hear His voice, where we can hear Him leading us
20:33 and guiding us the way He wants to.
20:38 Rachel, can you relate to that.
20:39 Yeah, well actually your story about the bird
20:41 reminded me of a similar experience.
20:45 I remember one day I was taking walk in PT class.
20:48 It was during the fall and the all the PT class
20:50 were out and everything.
20:52 And I've been super stressed out and I was up late
20:54 studying the night before, I was really tired.
20:56 So eventually I just fell behind all my other
20:58 classmates as I was walking really slow
21:00 just kind of enjoying the nature.
21:02 And I notice this little stream just like
21:04 flowing by there, and so I was trying to hear
21:06 the sound of a water, but I couldn't,
21:08 so I stopped and I listened
21:10 and I still couldn't hear it.
21:11 So I just stood still for like ten or fifteen minutes
21:14 just like holding my breath and finally
21:17 I can just barely hear just trickling along.
21:20 It was really cool and later I was thinking about it
21:23 and it made me realize that when I've been having
21:26 my devotions and like spending time in God's words
21:28 though, I wasn't really focusing on it.
21:30 Yeah. Like I needed to come to a more quite place
21:34 where I can just like tune out everything.
21:37 Yes. That was happening around me like the bird
21:39 that when you cover the cage everything.
21:40 Just need to come to that quite place and be still
21:43 and just let my mind settle down, so I can really
21:45 focus on what God had to tell me for the day.
21:48 Awesome, you know, that divine appointment Aaliyah,
21:51 you were telling me about how Sasha
21:53 had told you about you need a divine appointment.
21:56 Yeah. Well, these are some, I like canvassing
21:59 and it was definitely a really trying experience.
22:03 And the first week I was really discouraged
22:05 and I was talking to my leader Sasha and she--
22:08 I was just lending to all my frustrations.
22:10 And she said, Aaliyah, I don't think you really
22:12 had one of those experiences, where you know,
22:15 God used you, one of those divine appointments.
22:17 And she told me, she said pray for that today.
22:21 So all that day we prayed, she prayed with me,
22:24 we've stopped in some of these yards and pray
22:26 together and really it was one of my hardest days,
22:29 I got four books by 8:30 and that's not very good.
22:33 And you prayed for a divine appointment,
22:35 now have you your hardest day.
22:36 Yeah, it was really not a very good day.
22:38 And so about 8:30 P.M. she finally dropped me off
22:41 the street and I knocked on the door and I started
22:45 showing the gentlemen one of the books and it was on
22:48 Bible Prophecy and End Times Events.
22:49 And it turned out he already read it, and so we started
22:52 talking and I showed him another DVD
22:54 on the same thing, and he started telling me
22:57 all these things that he had been learning
22:58 from his own studying the Bible.
23:00 And it was just crazy how much God had taught him
23:03 and he started asking me questions and I was like
23:05 look you just have to get that book,
23:07 it's gonna answer, sorry not the book, the DVD.
23:10 Yeah. I told almost, you have to get the DVD
23:11 it's gonna answer everything.
23:13 And so I went inside and he was writing on the check
23:16 and his wife asked me about if I had anything,
23:19 it's just like more devotional about Jesus
23:21 in his life and though we did have a book about that,
23:25 but it was one book I didn't have because
23:27 I come late to the program.
23:28 So meanwhile my leader Sasha is on a totally
23:31 different street and she kept getting impression
23:33 go work with Aaliyah she's inside
23:34 the house and bring the book.
23:37 And so while I was in the house, I just decided
23:40 to tell lady about the book anyway even though
23:42 I didn't have it, I just started telling her
23:44 about it and just a couple minutes after that
23:46 my leader walks in with the book.
23:48 And I walked away from that house being able to leave
23:51 with them like four books, there was a couple
23:54 for her son and some for her and the gentleman
23:56 and then the DVD as well.
23:59 And it was just so amazing and even though
24:02 that was one of the hardest days and if my leader
24:03 and I hadn't persevere and praying
24:05 and striving to be faithful, yes.
24:08 Then we never would have received that blessing
24:10 and they wouldn't have either, maybe they are
24:12 gonna be in heaven because of that.
24:14 Oh, that be wonderful. Praise the Lord.
24:19 When I feel unimportant, it's often because
24:22 I'm trying to be someone I'm not.
24:24 God has created me to do a specific work and in that
24:27 line of work there are those whom
24:29 I maybe blessing to and be blessed by.
24:32 When I'm dissatisfied with my apparently low calling
24:35 and try to do something I think is best for me,
24:37 I end up dissatisfied and disillusioned.
24:40 It's in those times I realize that I need to go
24:43 to God and give Him my life, my heart and my will.
24:46 During the duty God has called me to gives me peace,
24:49 joy and makes me feel fulfilled.
24:51 No matter how insignificant the duty it seems.
24:55 When I surrender self, His spirit can fill the void
24:58 and change me into others can
25:00 clearly see Christ example in my life.
25:04 Have thine own way, Lord! Have thine own way
25:11 Thou art the potter, I am the clay
25:19 Mold me and make me after Thy will
25:26 While I am waiting, yielded and still
25:34 Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way
25:41 Search me and try me, Master, today
25:48 Whiter than snow, Lord, wash me just now
25:55 As in Thy presence humbly I bow
26:04 Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way
26:11 Wounded and weary, help me, I pray
26:19 Power, all power, surely is Thine
26:27 Touch me and heal me, Savior divine
26:36 Have thine own way, Lord! Have thine own way
26:43 Hold o'er my being absolute sway
26:51 Fill with Thy Spirit 'till all shall see
26:58 Christ only, always, living in me
27:13 This last semester I got sick for two weeks.
27:15 And my parents and my deans they wanted me
27:18 to go home just to recover.
27:20 But I didn't really want to, because I wanted to attend
27:25 the class banquet that my class is going to have.
27:28 But I had to just give it to God and I decided to go home
27:33 and I'm really glad that I did,
27:35 because if I hadn't gone home and mostly likely
27:37 would not have been able to go
27:39 on the mission trip with my class.
27:42 You made a choice to let God have His way
27:44 and you're healthy and strong.
27:46 Zach, can you close with the word of prayer for us.
27:49 Dear Heavenly Father, Lord,
27:50 have Your own way in your lives.
27:52 Guide us with Your hand of mercy and help us to
27:56 realize that when trails be falls that it's your
27:59 method of to find character Lord and lead us to success.
28:02 You've been such a good God,
28:03 you've been so good in our lives and I just pray
28:05 you continue leading us thinking that we can all
28:07 be together, I'm healthy and happy and Lord
28:10 that we love you and you love us.
28:12 Come into our hearts today, in your name, amen, amen.
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