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00:38 Hello and welcome to Help in Daily Living. Today we're going
00:41 to be looking at true greatness. What does it mean to be truly
00:44 great in God's kingdom. Jesus says if you want to be great
00:47 in my kingdom you must become the servant of all. Or in
00:52 Jeremiah 45:5 it tells us: Seekest thou great things for
00:55 thyself? Seek them not. Why does it say seek them not?
00:59 Because God has no place in his work for those who have a
01:03 greater desire to win the crown than to bear the cross.
01:06 God is saying to us if you want to go higher you must go lower.
01:12 So in this episode we're going to be looking at characters
01:15 like Moses and people like John the Baptist and Jesus himself
01:20 who, in order to become great, became lowly and became servants
01:24 of all. Such a very important topic, I'm going to ask Allie
01:28 to lead us in a word of prayer to beging with.
01:31 Father in Heaven, I want to thank you that you to bring
01:36 us all higher. Lord help us to realize though that being great
01:41 isn't really about being center stage; it's about being humble
01:45 and doing the duties faithfully that you called us to. Help us
01:49 to follow your plan every single day of our lives.
01:51 In Jesus name, Amen.
01:56 Have you ever been in a period of indecision, a time when you
02:01 really didn't know what's next in your walk in life. Well I'm
02:06 in that indicision right now concerning my future. College,
02:10 a career? Really everything is up in the air right now and
02:15 being in this position is very unsettling. I mean what if the
02:19 decision I make causes me to make an utter failure of my
02:23 life? I could try to work through this time of uncertainty
02:27 by myself, but that's not the best way of making such an
02:31 important decision. And just like a lot of things in life
02:36 an advisor can always be beneficial. For some of us that
02:41 advisor could be our parents, our spouse or any other good
02:46 friend. But why not Christ? I mean, who better to go to
02:50 than to him who knows you better than you know yourself
02:53 and who only wants the very, very best for you?
02:58 In Jeremiah 29:11 it says: For I know what I have planned for
03:03 you says the Lord. I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you.
03:08 I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.
03:11 So leaving my future to God is one of the greatest decisions
03:17 that I've made. He sees 1000 ways where I can't even see one.
03:22 When I ask him to give me his eyes and to guide my future
03:27 according to his will, that burden of worry is taken away
03:31 and that peace of God that passes all understanding will
03:35 help me to overcome as it says in the Bible. So what about
03:40 you? Why don't you turn to him in prayer and ask him to
03:44 give you his eyes and to guide your future according to his
03:49 will? Open your heart to him and say, Lord, I want you to
03:53 be my vision.
04:20 Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart; Naught be all else
04:31 to me save that thou art. Thou my best thought by day or by
04:42 night. Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light
05:00 Be thou my wisdom, Be thou my true word
05:08 I ever with thee and thou with me Lord
05:16 Thou my great father, I thy true son;
05:25 Thou with me dwelling and I with thee one.
05:34 Riches I heed not Nor man's empty praise;
05:42 Thou my inheritance Now and always.
05:51 Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
06:03 High king of heaven, my treasure Thou art.
06:13 Be my vision, Be my vision Oh ruler of all.
06:50 You know that song, Be Thou My Vision is a prayer and it's
06:54 really a prayer that you can pray when you're truly humble.
06:59 Humble enough to say, Lord, I don't want to trust my
07:03 definition of true greatness. I don't want to see how I
07:07 want true greatness but I want to see your definition of true
07:10 I want to see your definition worked out in my life. Can you
07:13 relate to that Victoria?
07:15 I really can, because before I came to Fountain View I was a
07:19 really good violinist in my church and also I would speak
07:22 up during Sabbath School. I was considered to be one of
07:25 the more spiritual kids. Then also I was a really hard worker
07:30 and I had a lot of things going for me when I was at home.
07:34 When I came to Fountain View I guess I expected the other
07:38 kids would be talented but maybe not as talented or gifted
07:43 as I was. So when I got to Fountain View I got into the
07:46 first violin section, which I was really excited about, but
07:49 I was half way back. Hmm, that's kind of humbling. Yes I wasn't
07:53 the best violinist at Fountain View. Then also as far as
07:56 spirituality, there are lots of other kids that had a
07:59 relationship with God and that was a more common thing and
08:02 they would display it in their everyday lives. So I wasn't
08:06 the most spiritual either. Also I was wanting to work in the
08:10 music office this year so I got to be a music arranger
08:13 and that was really fun. I arranged like two songs, but
08:16 then I guess they realized that they wanted something different
08:21 in the music arranging or something so I realized that
08:24 really wasn't my strong place either as music arranging.
08:27 I wasn't the best at that either. So now here I am, I'm
08:30 working in the cafeteria, that's what I've been doing recently
08:33 and I'm not really the best cafeteria worker either. I'm not
08:36 the one doing all the cooking and all the fun stuff but I'm
08:39 the one scrubbing potatoes and scrubbing the floors and
08:42 wiping the tables, all the things that need to be done but
08:44 that people don't necessarily want to do, the more lowly
08:48 tasks. God's really had to take me from my exalted position,
08:52 you know, he's made me more humble in coming to Fountain
08:56 View. You know, it makes me think of
08:58 a time last year when we went on a campout to Rosea Beach in
09:03 Washington. It was after our Christman music tour. So every
09:06 body was tired. It was change in semester and everybody was
09:10 ready for a break. We got there and I was assigned for cleanup
09:14 for one of the meals. I went in the kitchen and I went toward
09:18 the sink and Scott, our school's president, and Mr. Brousson
09:22 who is the owner of a large company were there and I was
09:25 so surprised to see them there. It really inspired me because
09:30 they didn't have to be there, because there were other people
09:34 assigned to kitchen duty. But they chose to be there and to
09:37 help out. That really inspired me because I thought wow that
09:40 makes me want to be the kind of person who's truly great,
09:44 who's truly humble enough to step down and do the duties
09:48 they don't necessarily have to do or that nobody really wants
09:50 to do. That's very inspirational.
09:53 When I was younger my family would grow a garden each year.
09:58 In the spring, my dad would take the entire family outside and
10:02 we would all help plant. Then throughout the summer we would
10:05 to out on Sundays to work in the garden. My dad would ask us
10:09 kids to come and join him. Sometimes we would protest
10:12 that we didn't want to work in the garden, but he would
10:15 explain that he needed us to work with him. After a while
10:19 though we would become bored with weeding and we would wander
10:22 off to do something else leaving my dad working there in the
10:26 garden alone. Jesus is working in the garden of this world.
10:29 He calls us to come and join him, to sow the seeds of truth
10:33 in uncultivated minds. He's already there working. Why
10:37 should we make him who died for us work alone? We are called
10:40 to work with Christ for the salvation of souls. Cooperation
10:44 with him in the work of salvation is the greatest
10:47 privilege that we could ever have.
10:50 ¤
11:16 Must Jesus bear the cross alone and all the world go
11:31 free? No there's a cross for everyone, And there's a cross
11:48 for me...
12:10 The consecrated cross I'll bear, Till He shall set me
12:25 free; and then go home my crown to wear, For there's a crown
12:44 for me...
13:25 Upon the crystal pavement, down at Jesus' pierc-ed feet,
13:44 With joy I'll cast my golden crown, And His dear name repeat.
14:05 His dear name repeat...
14:41 You know that song Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? The word
14:45 that really hits me there is alone. Moses was taken from a
14:49 place where he had family around him, people looking up
14:53 to him and now he's alone in the wilderness. Jesus is taken
14:57 from a place where the crowds are around him and then he's
15:02 alone and he's bearing the cross. You know, we go from
15:07 greatness or, in our eyes, from high to low. You know
15:12 Sarah I know you kind of had a type of an experience where
15:16 it felt like you were going from high to low when you came
15:19 to Fountain View. Yes, Fountain View for sure
15:23 as I reflect on my life has been my wilderness experience.
15:27 Just like Moses, he's this mighty prince of Egypt and God
15:30 takes him away and he says no come here, spend time with me,
15:34 and he has him herd sheep for 40 years. I'm sure Moses and
15:39 other people wonder how is that helping Moses? Because he is
15:43 this prince, he's had the best education, he's the highest
15:48 military leader, he's popular, he's got a great family and
15:52 yet God still takes that and he says no, come abide with me
15:56 right? So likewise Fountain View was that for me.
16:00 I came to Fountain View and I was wondering, God, why?
16:04 I'm not going to have the same academic opportunities like at
16:07 home. I'm not going to have the same musical opportunties.
16:09 So what is my purpose in coming here? I realize now
16:16 he wanted to teach me how to have a relationship with him and
16:19 also to develop meekness and humility. That's what Moses
16:23 developed in his character. In the book Help in Daily Living
16:29 Ellen G. White writes and says that Moses' 40 years that he
16:33 spent in the wilderness, that was the most important part
16:38 of his education. For me, I had this job working dorm and
16:43 for six months I got to scrub toilets every day. It was a
16:48 very humbling experience for me. But I wouldn't trade it for
16:53 anything at all. It's been the best situation God could have
16:58 placed me in. So you're not going to this
17:01 straight private school where you can wear a uniform and be
17:05 preppy but a place where you can clean toilets and yes, you
17:08 can perform in an orchestra and yes you can perform, but
17:11 there are certain things that you can do but it's not the
17:14 same as what you had. It seemed like a step down but God was
17:18 leading you because that was the highest position where he
17:21 could lead you to for true greatness in your life.
17:25 And then nature, Zach, I know you like to be out in nature.
17:29 How do you relate to Moses' experience in that way?
17:31 Well I grew up in eastern Canada rambling around the woods
17:35 and forests of Prince Edward Island and I always loved
17:39 getting away to the sounds of the trees. Back wading through
17:42 creek and mud and just being in God's beautiful creation.
17:45 It's a phenomonal feeling. Not much has changed as I've
17:48 grown older. I mean I still love getting out and speaking to God
17:52 and seeing his hands through what's around us. It's a really
17:55 neat experience that he likes to share with us. Just recently
17:59 I had the opportunity to go on a campout to Strime. It's a
18:02 cabin tucked up way in the woods in the mountain and it's in the
18:06 middle of a snow bank and it's just beautiful beyond belief.
18:10 The night before I decided to go, I wasn't planning on going,
18:12 I had a lot of stress in my life at that time. It had been a
18:16 busy last month or so. It just seemed like stressful life in
18:19 school like crazy. I was just not planning to go. I was going
18:23 to chill. But the night before I decided to go and man I was
18:26 so glad that I did. It was a worthwhile three-hour hike up
18:30 the mountain through snow and slippery ice. Once we got up
18:34 there just the beauty of the snow made everything so white
18:39 and clean. We spent that weekend snow shoeing rigorously, just
18:44 sleeping on the ground. That may not sound like a restful
18:47 weekend to some, but for me it was a rest beyond all other
18:51 rest. God really helped my soul to relax, to become refreshed
18:56 and to become transformed by spending that quiet time with
19:00 God. I think it's cool that he did the same with Moses.
19:04 It's neat that I can share in the same experiences that
19:07 Moses had in a way. He took Moses from the busyness and
19:10 the stresses of the city and he brought him to a place that
19:13 was peaceful where he could just really transform his
19:16 character for the big task he had ahead and I just think it's
19:19 so neat that I could be a part of that same kind of
19:21 transforming character that God had.
19:23 So true greatness is not just coming from a high position
19:27 to a low position but God is actually leading us to hear
19:31 his voice and trust him completely and often he does
19:34 that through nature where we can actually be still and hear
19:38 him speak to us through the works of his creation that are
19:42 around us. God has given you and me so
19:48 many different gifts. You know one of the gifts God has given
19:51 me is the gift of singing and he asks that I would use this
19:55 gift to honor and glorify him. But to be honest, I have a big
20:00 problem. So often I become captive to the thought of what
20:04 does the audience think of me when my thought should be what
20:08 does the audience see of Christ through me. I want to use my
20:13 gifts for their intended purpose. So every day my
20:17 prayer is that God would take my sinful foolish desires and
20:22 make me a captive to him.
20:24 Make me a captive, Lord, And then I shall be free;
20:35 Force me to render up my sword, And I shall conqueror be.
20:47 I sink in life's alarms When by myself I stand;
20:57 Imprison me within Thine arms, And strong shall be my hand.
21:10 My heart is weak and poor, Till it a master find;
21:19 It has no spring of action sure It varies with the wind.
21:30 It cannot freely move Till Thou has wrought its chain;
21:40 Enslave it with Thy matchless love,
21:48 And deathless it shall reign.
21:53 My will is not my own Till Thou hast made it Thine;
22:03 If it would reach a monarch's throne
22:09 It must its crown resign;
22:15 It only stands unbent, Amid the clashing strife,
22:25 When on Thy bosom it has leant And found in Thee its life. Amen
22:53 You know the words of that song Make Me a Captive, Lord?
22:56 They're absolutely the opposite of what we think we need to
22:59 become truly great. You don't want to be a captive. But the
23:03 words are Make me a captive Lord and then I will be truly
23:08 free. I will be truly free for you to work in me and the
23:12 words of the song also talk about how we can surrender up
23:17 our sword, which tells me it's a symbol of how we force our
23:22 own way and we want to achieve greatness by our own strength.
23:27 So as we surrender to God we become truly great. James, you
23:31 know what it means to surrender to God? You grew up in a
23:35 Christian home and so you were always surrendered to God.
23:39 Was that your experience?
23:41 Not really. I had to realize my need of Christ was much
23:45 greater than I every thought. As a kid I had a pretty good
23:50 Christian walk. I had a pretty good relationship with God.
23:55 But then when I started becoming a teenager around age 14, 15, I
24:00 started getting into computer games and I started developing
24:06 friendships with friends who weren't the best for my
24:11 Christian experience. Most people when they look at
24:16 computer games they think oh that's just innocent fun, I mean
24:20 kids are having fun. So why is that a problem to your Christian
24:23 walk? Well actually towards the
24:25 beginning, my friends and I, we started playing games that
24:29 more "innocent," as you might say. They were just time
24:34 wasters. But we eventually got into other games. We were
24:38 getting more numb to the innocent games and getting into
24:43 games that were more violent and movies and stuff. So we
24:48 got into all these evil habits. I felt like a hypocrit because
24:52 the Lord kept on convicting me that these things were wrong
24:58 in my life. But yet I kept on doing them. Eventually when I
25:02 was home I listened to a sermon or something and I felt
25:07 convicted that these games were wrong. So I deleted the games
25:12 off my computer. I felt so free and revived and stuff. But the
25:16 very next time I saw my friends we got together and played
25:20 the games again. I installed them again onto my computer
25:23 and I kept on doing that for a long time, several years.
25:28 That's a struggle. Now you're going back and forth, you're
25:33 taking them off and then you're putting them back on.
25:37 I know. I felt like such a hypocrit. But eventually the
25:41 Lord convicted me that this was wrong and this dual face
25:47 was wrong, appearing like a good Christian to my church
25:52 family and family but yet indulging in these games just
25:57 was wrong. But eventually the Lord helped me to have the
26:02 strength finally just delete the games off my computer
26:07 and just tell my friends that no I don't want to play these
26:12 games anymore. So my friends, they kind of became not my
26:17 friends anymore. So I kind of just had to sacrifice those
26:22 relationships for my relationship with Christ.
26:25 But as I became more interested in spiritual things, I became
26:31 more interested in more reading of the Bible and gardening and
26:36 nature. Mom was so surprised because I was spending so much
26:41 time in the garden. Yes it was just a turning point in my life.
26:46 And all these talents on my computer I transfered to
26:50 productive things like web development for God's cause.
26:54 So becoming a captive to the Lord, he set you free indeed.
26:58 Amen, Amen. Katie, I'm going to ask you to
27:01 close with a work of prayer for us now. Sure.
27:03 Father in heaven, thank you so much for your love for us and
27:07 how you're willing to fight our battles. Lord, I just pray
27:11 that you'll help us to surrender up our sword. Help us to not
27:15 try to make ourselves great but to trust you with our future
27:20 and Lord I pray that you will help us to reveal your greatness
27:25 and to glorify you through the life that you have given
27:29 us. Thank you so much Father. In Jesus name, Amen.
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