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00:38 Hello and welcome to "Help in Daily Living."
00:41 Today, we're gonna be looking at
00:42 making "Plans for The Future."
00:44 Often when people make Plans for The Future,
00:47 they are worried and unsettled.
00:51 And what I've come to realize is
00:53 that the life of a Christian
00:54 in this world is a pilgrim life.
00:56 And we need to completely trust
00:59 every single day of our lives to God's leading.
01:02 And not be anxious about our future.
01:05 Before we begin this very important topic,
01:07 I'm gonna ask Jessica to lead us in a Word of prayer.
01:11 Father God, today as we discuss
01:14 about what you wanna us do
01:15 in the future of our lives
01:17 and just how we need to live on a day,
01:19 day-to-day basis, I just pray
01:21 that you would come into our hearts
01:22 and help us to open our hearts to You
01:24 so that we may know how to plan for the future.
01:26 Thank you, Father, for hearing our prayers.
01:28 I love You. In your name, amen.
01:32 When I was growing up,
01:33 I wanted to be a medical worker
01:35 saving lives and curing diseases.
01:37 My younger sister, Morgan, had the dream of
01:39 becoming a pilot and mechanic of her own plane.
01:41 We envisioned that one day
01:43 we'd work together for God as a team,
01:45 push piloting in the jungles of remote machine field.
01:48 She'd fly me and I'd help healing the sick.
01:50 Nothing was wrong with our idea
01:52 and others would see us successful
01:53 in our dreams and goals.
01:55 But what if that is not what God wanted for us.
01:58 God sometimes calls us
01:59 to do things outside of our personal plans.
02:02 It may be simple job without any reward or recognition.
02:06 But all He asks is for a willing spirit.
02:09 It may not be on a mountain's height
02:10 or over a stormy sea.
02:12 But God says, in Jeremiah 29:11,
02:14 I know the thoughts I think toward you,
02:17 thoughts of peace, and not of evil,
02:18 to give you a future and a hope
02:21 I want my prayer to be I'll go where you want me to go,
02:25 here I am Lord send me.
02:53 It may not be on the mountain's height,
03:01 or over the stormy sea
03:08 It may not be at the battle's front
03:18 my Lord will have need of me
03:26 But if by a still,
03:30 small voice He calls to paths I do not know
03:42 I'll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Thine
03:52 I'll go where You want me to go
04:01 I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord
04:10 O'er mountain, or plain, or sea
04:18 I'll say what You want me to say, dear Lord
04:29 I'll be what You want me to be
05:02 Perhaps today there are loving words
05:10 which Jesus would have me speak
05:17 There may be now, in the paths of sin,
05:27 some wand'rer whom I should seek
05:36 O Savior, if Thy will be my Guide,
05:44 though dark and rugged the way
05:52 My voice shall echo the message sweet
06:02 I'll say what You want me to say
06:11 I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord
06:18 O'er mountain, or plain, or sea
06:27 I'll say what You want me to say, dear Lord
06:37 I'll be what You want me to be
07:57 So, trusting my all unto Thy care,
08:06 I know Thou always love me
08:15 I'll do Thy will with a heart sincere
08:26 I'll be what You want me to be.
08:35 I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord
08:43 O'er mountain, or plain, or sea
08:52 I'll say what You want me to say, dear Lord
09:02 I'll be what You want me to be
09:50 I think what makes people most anxious
09:52 about the future is that we don't want to make
09:53 an utter failure of our lives.
09:56 And--but we won't make a failure of our lives,
09:58 if we live our lives the way Jesus did.
10:01 And Jesus made no plans for his future.
10:04 He was at complete peace with leaving the plans
10:08 for His life in the hands of His Father, really.
10:13 Um, Laelle, how does that make you feel
10:16 about planning your future.
10:18 Well, um, as being a senior and all,
10:21 like, I have been, you know, making plans for my future.
10:24 And, like, making plans,
10:26 you know, go to--decide which college to go to
10:28 and what courses to take and you know.
10:32 You know, just planning my life
10:33 and I was just sort of in this
10:36 once conceived like preconceived box, like,
10:39 and there was this one certain college
10:40 I wanted to go to and just this one course
10:43 I wanted to take and that was gonna be it,
10:45 and that's how my life is gonna be.
10:48 But I think God saw that I needed to open up
10:52 and see what was out there and so this part--
10:56 on the first semester, when I got sick, I went home.
10:59 And I heard about this one college
11:01 and actually had the opportunity to go there.
11:05 And it was just a real, like,
11:07 eye opener for me to see that there, like,
11:13 like it was actual material.
11:15 And like, you know, this is what I could do with my life.
11:19 And, I mean, I am probably not gonna go to that college.
11:24 But it was like a stepping stone for me,
11:26 you know, to get outside of my box.
11:30 And as of right now, I've absolutely no idea,
11:34 where I'm gonna go or what course I'm gonna take.
11:38 I've just like totally left it in God's hands. Yeah.
11:40 And you're at peace with that?
11:41 Mm-hmm. That's great.
11:44 That's wonderful, just trusting God completely.
11:47 What about you, Wesley, planning for your future?
11:50 Hmm. How does that work for you?
11:51 Well, for the longest time,
11:53 all I could remember wanting in my life
11:54 was to live my life the way I wanted to.
11:57 I wanted to serve God the way I wanted to.
11:59 And I can remember,
12:01 ever since I was about 14 years old,
12:03 I would spend hours trying to
12:04 meticulously plan out all
12:05 the little details in my life. Wow.
12:08 And after coming to Fountain View,
12:11 you know, sophomore, and junior,
12:14 and coming up senior year.
12:16 And I was just thinking about,
12:17 you know, what am I gonna do with my life?
12:18 And as I started to think about my plans,
12:21 I just felt this, this sense of unrest, of uneasiness.
12:25 Like, I didn't know what is gonna happen tomorrow. Yeah.
12:28 And I talked to a friend about how I felt and I told him,
12:32 you know, how I felt uneasy about the future.
12:34 And he said, it seemed like
12:35 I hadn't submitted my life to God totally. Mmm.
12:38 And deep down inside, I knew he was right. Yeah.
12:40 Proverbs 5 verses, sorry Proverbs 3 verses 5 and 6,
12:45 says that, "Trust in Lord with all your heart
12:49 and lean not on your own understanding.
12:51 Acknowledge Him in all your ways
12:52 and He will direct your paths."
12:54 And I knew deep down in my heart
12:56 that I hadn't done that,
12:58 that I only wanted what I wanted, not what He wanted.
13:02 And I'm still learning how to trust him
13:04 but even though I don't know
13:08 what is plans are exactly for my life.
13:10 I feel at peace knowing
13:11 that He's always gonna be with me and that,
13:13 I know that whatever plans He has for my life,
13:16 I can trust in that, He will be the best.
13:17 Praise the Lord. Amen.
13:21 My face fell as I looked at the worklist.
13:24 Cafeteria again? I complained.
13:26 I've been working there for the past two weeks.
13:28 And I was ready for a change.
13:30 You see at Fountainview, the staff believe
13:32 that work is important for all of us
13:34 and so we all work for half the day.
13:36 We are assigned daily to different places of work.
13:38 That particular day, I wanted to work market gardens,
13:41 bagging and sorting carrots.
13:42 Not in the cafeteria.
13:44 So I went to talk with the work supervisor, Mr. Hines.
13:46 I spoke with him quite often
13:48 never being completely satisfied
13:50 with where I was working.
13:51 That day, however, his response was no different than usual.
13:54 I'll see what I can do.
13:55 I accepted it reluctantly
13:57 and headed off toward cafeteria.
13:58 But the whole time rather than being cheerful,
14:01 I dragged my feet and hardly smiled at all.
14:03 It's might as me, I was signed there again the next day
14:06 and the day after that for the rest of the week.
14:09 A couple weeks later, I was reading the book
14:11 "Help in Daily Living" in my devotions.
14:13 It said let us remember that while the work
14:15 we have to do may not be our choice,
14:17 it is to be accepted as God's work for us.
14:20 Whether pleasing or unpleasing,
14:22 we are to do the duty that lies nearest.
14:24 Whatsoever thy hand find it to do,
14:26 do it with all thy might.
14:28 I instantly felt reprimanded for my bad attitude.
14:30 I should've accepted that it was God's will for me
14:32 to work in the cafeteria.
14:34 Even if it wasn't my choice,
14:35 it was what my Master had chosen for me.
14:37 And His plans are always perfect.
14:40 Everyday there are always small insignificant duties
14:43 I must do.
14:44 These not only shape my character
14:46 but give me an opportunity to work for God.
14:48 And prepare me for heaven.
14:49 I can choose to go on my work
14:51 by having consistently energetic, cheerful attitude
14:54 and faithfully performing my duties.
14:56 However, God is the only one
14:58 who can completely transform my outlook
15:00 on the humble duties of life
15:01 so that I can experience real joy in service.
15:13 O Master, let me walk with Thee
15:22 In lowly paths of service free
15:30 Tell me Thy secret; help me bear
15:37 The strain of toil, the fret of care
15:46 Help me the slow of heart to move
15:54 By some clear, winning word of love
16:01 Teach me the wayward feet to stay
16:09 And guide them in the homeward way
16:18 Teach me Thy patience; still with Thee
16:27 In closer, dearer, company
16:35 In work that keeps faith sweet and strong
16:42 In trust that triumphs over wrong
16:53 In hope that sends a shining ray
17:01 Far down the future's broadening way
17:08 In peace that only Thou canst give
17:15 With Thee, O Master, let me live
17:30 You know, when we're planning for our future,
17:33 one of the sources of wisdom
17:36 that we can look to is our parents.
17:38 And they can help us and give us guidance.
17:41 Bristi, how did you feel about that with your parents?
17:44 Well, when I was 16,
17:47 I was very rebellious and defiant.
17:50 And my parents, you know,
17:53 sometimes they would ask me to do
17:54 a simple task like wash dishes or,
17:57 you know, clean the house or something.
17:59 And I would always just roll my eyes at them,
18:01 or retort, or just, you know, be sarcastic or something.
18:06 This just kept getting worse and worse
18:08 like this rebellion inside my heart
18:10 just kept growing until finally my parents realized
18:13 they needed o take me out.
18:14 And so they decided to take me to Bangladesh
18:18 for six months to live with them.
18:22 And at that time, you know,
18:24 I felt like that was the worst thing
18:26 in the world that could happen.
18:27 'Cause I wanted to go back to school
18:30 and be with my friends
18:31 and just finish the year off like any normal student.
18:33 Well, it turned out I went to Bangladesh that year.
18:39 And at the beginning of the trip,
18:41 you know, I was still very resentful
18:43 and very distant like, you know, from my parents.
18:48 But then, they saw that and they told me
18:52 that I needed to start working.
18:54 So they gave me a job
18:56 taking care of little children at an orphanage.
19:00 And as I would be taking care of these children,
19:04 it was really difficult for me to be unhappy
19:07 and be resentful and that because
19:10 these children were always so happy like
19:13 they just radiated so much sunshine into my life
19:16 that I started becoming a happy person.
19:19 And my relationship with my parents was a lot closer.
19:23 It just started to get better and better.
19:25 And my relationship with God even started growing.
19:29 And looking back now, like,
19:32 I would not have missed
19:33 that trip for anything in the world
19:35 because it really changed my outlook on life.
19:40 I believe that, you know, at that time,
19:42 God knew the best thing for me.
19:46 He had the best plan in mind and He knew
19:48 that those children would be able to reach me
19:50 in no other way, like, no one else
19:53 could have reached me at that point.
19:55 And He used them because they were dependent on me.
20:00 And as I was taking care of them,
20:04 I realized, you know, how much my parents are sacrificing,
20:07 how much they really cared about me because--
20:09 and I realized how dependent on them I was as well.
20:12 And now I, I have a very close relationship with my parents.
20:17 So when planning for your future,
20:19 you are a senior now, would you trust them,
20:22 if they gave you guidance about your future?
20:24 Sure. For sure.
20:25 And going through that rebellious stage
20:27 and just seeing that their wisdom was something
20:30 you can trust has given you guidance
20:33 and kind of given you a trust in them
20:36 that you never had before?
20:37 Yeah, sure. Praise the Lord.
20:42 Take a look at any library or book store,
20:44 and you'll find lots of books
20:45 claiming to have the answer to raising perfect kids.
20:48 But open up a newspaper
20:49 and you'll see a different story.
20:51 Headlines scream news of murder
20:53 or child abuse and poverty.
20:56 Despite the best efforts of modern parenting,
20:58 our society has failed to deliver
21:00 the bright futures of its children as promised.
21:04 God warns us in the Bible
21:06 that unless we depend on him for strength,
21:08 our plans can't succeed.
21:11 This is because what feels like self reliance to us,
21:14 is actually a submission of our world to Satan.
21:17 Eventually, this slavery to sin will end in disaster.
21:23 We must depend on Christ for everything.
21:25 In order to be free from bondage,
21:27 today I choose to find refuge from sin
21:30 in my relationship with Jesus.
21:31 By His strength, I can stop my failing plans
21:34 and let Him lead me to victory.
21:58 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
22:03 Pilgrim through this barren land
22:07 I am weak, but Thou art mighty
22:12 Hold me with Thy powerful hand
22:17 Bread of heaven, bread of heaven
22:21 Feed me till I want no more
22:26 Feed me till I want no more
22:37 Open now the crystal fountain
22:42 Whence the healing stream doth flow
22:47 Let the fire and cloudy pillar
22:52 Lead me all my journey through
22:57 Strong Deliverer, strong Deliverer
23:02 Be Thou still my Strength and Shield
23:07 Be Thou still my Strength and Shield
23:20 When I tread the verge of Jordan
23:27 Bid my anxious fears subside
23:34 Death of deaths, and hell's destruction
23:41 Land me safe on Canaan's side
23:48 Songs of praises, songs of praises
23:53 I will ever give to Thee
23:58 I will ever give to Thee
24:23 You know, Mr. Lemon, I have a particular story
24:26 that every time I think of it reminds me
24:28 that God has a special plan for my life.
24:30 You see when I was one month old,
24:33 I became very sick.
24:34 I was down for a nap on one afternoon
24:37 and my dad came to get me up.
24:39 And he realized that I was just like
24:40 burning up with fever and he checked my fever.
24:42 I had a 104 degrees fever.
24:45 So I was just like doing really badly.
24:49 Anyways, my mom was away on a dayshift that day
24:52 and so my dad rushed me
24:53 to the hospital as fast as possible.
24:55 And as he got me to the ER,
24:57 I started having convulsions and seizures
24:59 and the nurses saw that and doctors saw
25:01 that and they quickly rushed me,
25:03 you know, back and started me on IV fluids
25:05 to get my body settling down.
25:09 Basically, they figured out that I had a blood infection
25:11 and this blood infection had been caused by a disease
25:14 called vesicoureteral reflux.
25:17 So they, you know, got me
25:18 and started on the blood infection,
25:19 IVs and stuff then working on the reflux stuff
25:23 and basically to make the long story short,
25:26 in my first year of life,
25:27 I was in and out of the hospital four times.
25:30 And each time I was in,
25:31 I was in there for like 10, 12 days like,
25:34 you know, a good amount of time.
25:35 A lot of time. Yeah.
25:37 And I had to be on antibiotics every single day.
25:40 And just for that, particularly that first year of life.
25:43 And eventually the doctors decided
25:45 that in order to fix my problem
25:47 and the disease that I had,
25:48 they had to do surgery.
25:50 So they did surgery for me
25:53 and I recovered with flying colors,
25:55 like it was absolutely a miracle.
25:58 The disease should have really like
25:59 affected my kidneys and given me
26:00 really bad health problems for like the rest of my life.
26:03 But I haven't had a single health problem since
26:06 and the doctors basically told me,
26:07 hey, you're good to go now, right?
26:09 And I am just so grateful that God has spared my life.
26:13 And I was really young obviously
26:15 when I had this experience happen.
26:16 But as I've grown up,
26:18 my parents have told me this story.
26:20 And they told me and reminded me
26:22 that God has a special plan for my life
26:25 and that He saved my life for a particular reason.
26:27 I mean, I should have died,
26:28 you know if my dad had come in
26:29 maybe 20 minutes later to get me up from a nap
26:31 or something like that.
26:32 Like I, I don't know, maybe, I could have even be dead.
26:35 I don't know what could have happened.
26:37 But it would have been possibly too late.
26:40 And just when I think about that,
26:43 I just know that God has such a wonderful plan.
26:46 In "Help in Daily Living," on page 19,
26:49 it says, let God plan for you.
26:52 So as I am planning for the future of my life,
26:54 you know, I need to ask God to really come and help me.
26:57 And a little later, it says
26:58 God never leaves His children otherwise.
27:00 And they would choose to be lead
27:02 if they could see the end from the beginning
27:04 and then discern the glory of the purpose
27:06 which they are fulfilling as coworkers with Him.
27:09 I have such an important job to do in my life
27:12 and we all do and I know
27:13 that if I have God really help me
27:15 that my life will be a success.
27:17 Praise the Lord.
27:18 And you can trust Him
27:19 that He will lead you in the future.
27:21 Wesley, I'm gonna ask you to close
27:23 with a word of prayer for us.
27:24 Okay. Let's bow our heads.
27:27 Dear, Heavenly Father, thank You so much
27:29 for the promise that You are with us
27:30 and that You've always cared for us.
27:33 And that You know the beginning through the end,
27:35 Lord, and that You care for each of us so personally
27:37 that You'll plan each of our lives for us.
27:40 So we don't have to walk in the dark.
27:43 Lord, please help us to realize today
27:45 that no matter what, You're always gonna guide us
27:48 and protect us. Amen.
27:49 We thank You for this and we pray in Your name. Amen.
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