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00:38 Hello and welcome to Help in Daily Living.
00:40 Today we are going to be looking at a very important
00:42 topic, the topic of wages.
00:44 What does the Bible has to say about wages?
00:46 Well when Jesus called His disciples, it says, like in
00:50 the case of Matthew, and I'm sure he was making a pretty
00:54 good income he was a tax collector.
00:55 It says that immediately he left all and he followed Jesus.
01:00 Also in the case of Peter and his companions, they left
01:04 their boat and their nets, they left all and they followed Him.
01:08 So how do we relate to wages as Christians?
01:12 Is the question of compensation supposed to be uppermost
01:16 in our minds, or can we trust that with God?
01:19 Let's start with the word prayer, I'm going to ask you to
01:22 pray for as Carmen.
01:25 Dear God, thank you so much for this beautiful day through
01:28 Your nature out here Lord.
01:29 Thank you so much that You promised to be with us always,
01:34 and to provide for our every need.
01:35 And God I just want to ask You Jesus now as we have our
01:38 discussion to help us to focus on You. In Jesus name, Amen!
01:44 A couple of months ago, my family had an amazing
01:47 experience. My mom had been just about to make lunch
01:49 and she thought she would invite the neighbors over.
01:52 When my dad asked them over, they said they had already
01:55 planned to go out to eat.
01:56 So my mom cooked just enough soup for my family.
01:58 They prayed over the food and then they heard a knock at
02:01 the door, the neighbors had changed their mind and had
02:04 come over to eat.
02:05 My mom knew there wasn't enough food but she gave them
02:07 what she had.
02:09 One by one everyone filled up their bowls, eventually
02:12 someone headed back to the kitchen for more.
02:14 My mom thought the soup was gone, but they soon returned
02:17 with another full bowl.
02:19 Again and again our neighbors went back for more until
02:22 everyone had had enough to eat.
02:23 My mom was so confused, she had only made enough for my
02:27 small family, but the pot of soup never seemed to end.
02:30 Just like Jesus multiplied the fish and loaves to feed
02:34 5000 people, God gave my family a pot of endless soup.
02:37 They gave the little they had to their guests and God
02:40 multiplied their sacrifice many times over.
02:43 God is faithful in everything and though I can't even
02:46 begin to imagine how my heavenly Father will satisfy
02:49 my needs, I can still have faith and know that
02:52 He will always provide for me.
03:02 ¤ [music playing]
03:24 My Father is rich
03:30 in houses and lands
03:36 beholdeth the wealth of
03:42 the world in His hands
03:47 of rubies and diamonds
03:53 of silver and gold
03:59 His coffers are full
04:05 He has riches untold
04:15 ¤ [music playing]
04:41 My Father's own Son,
04:46 the Savior of men
04:51 once wandered on earth
04:57 as the poorest of them,
05:02 But now He is pleading
05:08 for sinners on high,
05:14 He will give me a home
05:21 When He comes by and by.
05:29 I'm a child of the King;
05:35 A child of the King,
05:41 With Jesus my Savior,
05:48 I'm a child of the King.
06:01 ¤ [music playing]
06:13 I once was an outcast
06:18 A stranger on earth
06:24 A sinner by choice,
06:29 and an alien by birth;
06:35 But I've been adopted,
06:41 my names written down,
06:46 All glory to God
06:52 I'm a child of the King
07:02 I'm a child - I'm a child
07:06 a child of the King
07:13 with Jesus my Savior,
07:20 I'm a child of the King.
07:27 ¤ [music playing]
07:39 I'm a child of the King!
08:02 We really are children of the King, God is our Father and
08:07 He can provide for all of our needs.
08:10 In Psalms 84:11 it says, "no good thing will He withhold
08:13 "from those who walk uprightly." So we can trust Him.
08:16 But when you are talking about your future and you are
08:20 a senior now, Wesley, how do you relate to that in wages?
08:23 It is hard being a senior in high school and trying to
08:27 figure out what I am going to do as a career.
08:29 Throughout my entire life I have heard the question,
08:32 What do you want to be when you grow up?
08:33 I've never had to take it that seriously but now it is
08:36 a totally different story.
08:38 You're just about there?
08:40 Yeah things I've only thought about are legitimate career
08:43 options, honestly it is kind of scary to be planning
08:46 something so pivotal. - Right!
08:48 And in such a short amount of time for my own life.
08:52 You know every single job that I think of, the question
08:56 always seems to pop up in my mind is, will I be making
09:00 enough money to support my future family? - Yeah!
09:02 It is a good thing to be planning, you know for a family
09:06 but if I plan my whole future around the amount of money
09:10 that I make, I'm planning with the wrong motive.
09:13 In Luke 16:13 it says, "no servant can serve two masters,
09:18 "for either he will hate the one and love the other, or
09:21 "else he will hold to the one and despise the other,
09:24 "ye cannot serve God and money."
09:30 So you know, putting God's will before my own in my life
09:32 is something that I really have to work on.
09:34 But I know that God knows my future more than I ever will.
09:37 He knows the end from the beginning, and He knows what
09:40 is going to be best for me. - Yeah!
09:42 No matter how much money I make, I know if I trust Him
09:46 and put my life in His hands the income I will make
09:50 will last forever.
09:51 That is really the difference between a job and a career,
09:54 I mean a calling.
09:56 When God has called you, you know you can trust Him.
09:58 When you are just doing a job for the money, it is not
10:01 really that fulfilling is it?
10:05 I love to go walking out in nature with my daddy.
10:08 The land surrounding our home which is nestled in beautiful
10:11 Fraser Canyon offers many different trails
10:13 to go walking on.
10:14 Like this beautiful garden, the gorgeous scenery is
10:17 so good for my soul.
10:18 While we are walking my dad and I like to talk.
10:21 Some of the things we like to talk about are our plans
10:23 for the future, things that are going on in my life,
10:26 and the struggles I may be experiencing.
10:28 What ever I talk about, he always has words of wisdom
10:31 and encouragement, he helps me to sort out the things
10:35 that are on my heart and mind.
10:37 Because of this my life gets easier.
10:40 Now my heavenly Father wants to have a similar
10:43 relationship with me.
10:45 He is willing to listen to whatever I have to say.
10:47 He is just waiting for me to share my burden with Him
10:50 and He is more than willing to give comfort and advice.
10:55 In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus said, "come unto me all ye that
10:58 "labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
11:02 How comforting to know that I can meet with my heavenly
11:05 Dad alone, I can just come out here in the garden and
11:09 walk with Him and talk with Him.
11:11 You know I can talk with Him in my room too, but it is
11:15 not the same. Out here in the beauty of creation,
11:18 I can really just pour out my heart to Him.
11:21 Jesus invites you too, to come and spend some
11:24 time alone with Him.
11:32 ¤ [Music playing]
11:44 I come to the garden alone
11:52 while the dew is still on the roses
12:01 and the voice I hear,
12:05 falling all my ear
12:10 the Son of God discloses
12:24 and He walks with me
12:29 and He talks with me
12:34 and He tells me I am His own
12:43 and the joy we share as we tarry there
12:53 none other has ever known
13:10 ¤ [music playing]
13:18 He speaks and the sound of His voice
13:25 is so sweet the birds hush their singing
13:35 And the melody that He gave to me
13:44 Within my heart is ringing
13:54 And He walks with me
13:59 And He talks with me
14:04 And He tells me I am His own
14:12 And the joy we share as we tarry there
14:22 None other has ever known
14:47 I'd stay in the garden with Him
14:57 'Tho the night around me be falling
15:07 But He bids me go; through the voice of woe
15:16 His voice to me is calling
15:27 And He walks with me
15:32 And He talks with me
15:37 And He tells me I am His own
15:46 And the joy we share as we tarry there
15:55 None other has ever known
16:19 ¤ [music ending]
16:38 So you sing that song Laura, I Come to the Garden Alone?
16:41 What is that song about? It's about going out in nature
16:45 and getting to know God more, and spending time with Him,
16:48 and being still and knowing He is God.
16:51 We are talking about wages now, how does that relate to
16:55 going out into nature, God, and the garden?
16:59 To answer that question I should tell you
17:02 what my parents taught me.
17:04 When I was about seven years old they decided that they
17:08 wanted to take me away from the influences of the city
17:11 and raise me in a country environment so that
17:16 I could get close to God.
17:17 So they put our house on the market and quit their job.
17:24 That is really an act of faith. - yeah!
17:26 We had no idea where we were going to go, where we would
17:29 live, or my dad would work for anything.
17:30 But they stepped out in faith and we made the move to
17:33 Montana, out in the middle of nowhere.
17:36 We had at least a year or so of complete dependence upon
17:41 God, we didn't know sometimes where our next meal would
17:45 come from, we didn't know where my dad's next job would be.
17:52 One of the situations that I remember that sticks out the
17:55 most in my mind is that my parents had asked the church
17:58 that we went to if they wanted to buy our piano?
18:01 They said they didn't need it at the time, and so a couple
18:06 weeks later my dad was walking aimlessly through the
18:08 Office Max and we had no food at all.
18:11 We didn't know where we were going to make any money.
18:15 This lady randomly came up to him and handed him a $1200
18:18 check and said we would actually like the piano.
18:21 It was just the amount we needed, it strengthened our
18:27 faith in God's timing, He always provides.
18:29 Because my parents were willing to go through all of that
18:33 I was able to be raised in the country and to have that
18:38 time to spend with God and get to know Him more.
18:40 I'm sure that was a character building experience for you,
18:45 for your parents, and trusting Him.
18:48 You learned it as a child and you don't have to worry
18:52 about your own future, you know that He will provide.
18:55 There's a quote now that has come to be one of my favorite
19:00 quotes, it's in Help In Daily Living, it says that " the
19:03 "glory is Mine and you cannot discern the future. But
19:07 "Jesus sees the end from the beginning, and in every
19:09 "difficulty He has His way prepared to bring relief."
19:12 He also goes on to say, "our heavenly Father has a thousand
19:15 "ways to provide for us in which we know nothing."
19:18 Looking back on that experience I completely know that is true
19:22 and I can remember that as I experience more.
19:25 So where we can't see anything and we are worried about it,
19:28 He has a thousand ways He can see and we can see nothing.
19:32 Wow, what a powerful testimony that is.
19:39 Have you ever bought something and days later you
19:41 regretted paying that much for it?
19:42 I bought a watch off the Internet and I could not wait
19:45 to receive it in the mail.
19:47 My friends mom brought it to me at Fountain View and
19:49 once I opened the package, I was immediately disappointed.
19:53 It looked a lot different than it did online.
19:55 After having it for about an hour, it made a high screech
19:59 and then the battery died.
20:01 I greatly regretted paying that much and
20:03 regretted buying that watch.
20:04 Well Jesus bought you and never has a day gone by that
20:08 He has regretted it.
20:09 He paid the ultimate price on Calvary, His own life.
20:12 Because of this our sins can be forgiven.
20:15 Our lives can be whiter than snow as the Bible promises
20:18 Isaiah 1:18. Jesus truly paid it all.
20:21 All to Him I owe.
20:26 ¤ [Music playing]
21:04 I hear the Savior say
21:09 Thy strength indeed is small
21:15 Child of weakness watch and pray
21:20 Find in me thine all in all
21:28 Jesus paid it all
21:33 All to Him I owe
21:39 Sin hath left a crimson stain
21:46 He washed it white as snow
22:01 Since nothing good have I
22:07 Whereby Thy grace to claim
22:13 I'll wash my garments white
22:19 In the blood of Calvary's Lamb
22:27 Jesus paid it all
22:32 All to Him I owe
22:37 Sin hath left a crimson stain
22:45 He washed me white as snow
22:52 ¤ [Music playing]
23:27 And when before the throne
23:32 I stand in Him complete
23:37 I'll lay my trophies down
23:43 all down at Jesus feet
23:49 Jesus paid it all
23:55 All to Him I owe
24:00 Sin hath left a crimson stain
24:08 He washed it white as snow
24:17 ¤ [Music playing]
24:49 You know the whole Christian walk, following Christ and
24:53 just knowing that we have enough provided for us is an
24:58 act of faith. - yeah it really is.
25:00 My family, I know has never been especially wealthy or
25:04 well-off, but we have always had our necessities provided
25:08 for us and I remember when I was in eighth grade I had
25:11 the opportunity to collect pop bottles and send them to
25:15 the depot and get some pocket change, just for something to do
25:19 I was in eighth grade and we were at Fountain View for my
25:23 sister's graduation, I was planning on going to Fountain
25:27 View for ninth grade and I remember my dad was joking with
25:30 me that I should start saving up my pop bottle money so
25:34 I could go to Fountain View.
25:36 But God knew I needed more than a pop bottle money to go
25:39 to Fountain View. So He really lead the way, He
25:42 provided a lot for me to come to Fountain View for all four years
25:46 and also to go on two mission trips while I've been here.
25:49 It has been really amazing to see how God has provided,
25:53 and not only for me to be a Fountain View but He also
25:56 provided for my family's needs while I have been away.
25:59 They are expenses with the car and house and everything,
26:03 it has been encouraging to my faith to see how God has
26:07 provided for my family.
26:10 Sometimes I feel guilty being at Fountain View, I feel
26:13 like I should go home and lessen the load for them.
26:16 But God has really provided even without asking,
26:19 He's knows what we need right on time.
26:20 And while you are at Fountain View you are able to work?
26:24 Yeah, I work during the summer weeding
26:27 to help just a little bit. And it was fun.
26:30 That is a real character building experience as well as
26:32 muscle building, that's good.
26:34 I had a similar experience when I was growing up as
26:39 a Christian, I had always heard stories about
26:41 missionaries in Africa and read books and things about
26:44 them and how God has always provided for them.
26:46 It was a special encouragement to me this coming up
26:50 school year because my family has just enough,
26:52 but we weren't sure I was going to be able to make it
26:54 coming to school here, if we had enough money.
26:57 It's been a real blessing being here and one day at
27:01 Fountain View, I was on a walk with Wesley and other
27:05 friends and it struck me that if instead of having
27:08 that struggle of being my will or God's will.
27:11 If my will was to do God's will, I wouldn't have that
27:14 struggle anymore and I knew everything would be okay.
27:17 That is the complete trust in Him.
27:19 Surrender our will to Him and He will provide.
27:22 Wesley, can you close with a word prayer? - sure!
27:26 Dear God, I just want to thank You so much that we were
27:28 able to have this discussion today and I pray as we go
27:32 about our life we will learn to trust You and have faith
27:36 that You will provide for our every need.
27:38 In Jesus name. Amen.
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