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00:38 Hello, and welcome to Help in Daily Living.
00:40 Today, we're gonna be looking at the love of Jesus.
00:44 Love can motivate a person like a father and mother
00:47 to get up and stay up late and deny themselves sleep.
00:50 So that they can take care of a sick child.
00:53 Love can motivate a lover to give up energy and time
01:00 and even money for the sake of a beloved.
01:03 But we're not talking about human love,
01:05 we're talking about the love of God,
01:06 the love of Jesus.
01:08 And Paul says, it's the love of Jesus,
01:11 the love of Christ that constraineth us.
01:13 It's the love of Christ that motivates us
01:16 and changes us and transforms our lives.
01:19 I'm gonna -- before we start this very important topic,
01:22 ask Cyrus to lead us in a word of prayer.
01:27 Heavenly Father Lord, thank You for this opportunity
01:30 to come out into Your nature.
01:32 And Lord, I ask that, in our lives You would help us
01:35 to have that motivating, energizing,
01:37 and transforming love that You gave to us.
01:41 Thank You, Lord. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
01:47 When I was little, my family and I
01:49 always went to Disney World every year for our vacation.
01:52 Usually I loved going to Disney World
01:54 with all the rides and Disney characters.
01:56 But that day it was particularly hot and humid.
01:59 I have been walking around the whole day,
02:02 and I was beginning to get a little tired and cranky.
02:04 So as most little kids do, I began complaining
02:07 about the heat and begging that we go back to the hotel.
02:10 My parents tried everything to get me to stop,
02:13 but none of it worked.
02:14 Finally, my dad bent down and whispered in my ear.
02:17 If you're good for the rest of the time we're here,
02:20 I'll get you some of your favorite ice cream tonight.
02:22 And suddenly, it didn't seem so hot anymore,
02:25 as long as I kept thinking about the ice cream,
02:27 I can walk around for hours in the heat.
02:30 When we focus on the cross
02:32 and see the significance of God's amazing sacrifice.
02:35 We'll lay down our pride and selfishness.
02:37 Just like the heat faded away
02:39 when I focused on the ice cream,
02:40 so will our earthly desires and pride disappear,
02:44 compared to the cross everything else
02:46 seems small and unimportant.
02:48 All our pride, money, earthly possessions,
02:52 all become meaningless when we place them
02:54 in the light of the cross.
03:54 When I survey the wondrous cross
04:09 On which the Prince of glory died
04:22 My richest gain I count but loss
04:38 And pour contempt on all my pride
05:20 Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast
05:34 Save in the death of Christ my King
05:49 All the vain things that charm me most
06:04 I sacrifice them to His blood
06:51 See from His head, His hands, His feet
07:06 Sorrow and love flow mingled down
07:21 Did e'er such love and sorrow meet
07:32 Or thorns compose so rich a crown
07:45 Were the whole realm of nature mine
07:58 That were a present far too small
08:11 Love so amazing, so divine
08:28 Demands my soul, my life, my all.
08:50 The Apostle Paul was absolutely convinced
08:53 that if people could see, understand, realize
08:58 what Jesus did on the cross,
09:00 that our selfishness would be absolutely banished
09:03 from our hearts and I think
09:05 that's the only thing that really changes us
09:07 is to see the love of Christ when we look at the cross.
09:11 Ally, in your experience, your devotions with Christ,
09:16 was that the motivating factor for you.
09:19 Not at first, there was a time last year
09:22 where I was in a really rough spot spiritually
09:25 and I was, I was having my devotions faithfully
09:29 and praying everyday but it was more just because
09:31 I wanted to go to heaven than anything else.
09:33 And actually had kind of a lot of anger towards God.
09:37 I'd heard people say that Jesus and--God sends us trials
09:42 to bring us closer to Him.
09:44 Which is true, it's true in a sense but
09:48 Satan kind of used that and I started thinking that
09:51 God made the bad things happen,
09:53 to try to bring us closer to Him.
09:55 And so that just made me angry
09:57 and I didn't really make a place in my heart
09:59 to really love God.
10:01 And I, you know, when we don't make
10:04 God our first love we normally turn to people,
10:06 you know, our friends, or guys, or girls,
10:09 whatever and, you know, that's what I did.
10:11 But eventually I came to the place where I knew,
10:14 I needed a God, give God a chance,
10:17 a real chance to experience His love myself.
10:20 And to just distance myself and certain people.
10:22 And, my sister really encouraged me
10:25 to read this book called "An Endless Falling in Love"
10:27 by Ty Gibson, and so I started reading
10:29 and there was one chapter that,
10:31 that's totally blew my mind away.
10:35 It was talking about the risks God took
10:36 in sending Jesus to die for us.
10:40 And they were really real risks,
10:42 say some people can't understand the idea that
10:45 a sovereign God could have the possibility of failing.
10:48 But that's what Jesus faced,
10:50 there was a very real possibility
10:52 that Jesus could sin and the plan of salvation
10:55 wouldn't work out.
10:57 And He was willing to take that risk for me.
10:59 And I just, the author brought out the point of
11:03 what would have happened if Jesus had sinned,
11:04 like the whole universe would have been thrown into chaos.
11:07 And we would have ceased to exist
11:09 and who knows what would have happened to God's authority.
11:12 But Jesus soul came for me anyway.
11:15 And even though He did that,
11:16 He wouldn't force me to accept that gifts.
11:19 That's right, and because true love doesn't force.
11:21 That's right. And that just blew my mind
11:24 and I remember sitting on my bed,
11:26 thinking wow that's someone I can really trust.
11:30 And now as I look back I think,
11:33 that's why I need to have my devotions,
11:35 It's because I look at what He has done for me,
11:37 He's, God's totally worth loving.
11:40 That's why we have our devotions,
11:42 that's why we go to Church.
11:43 That's why we do what we do in a Christian walk.
11:46 So it's love of Christ completely that constrains us.
11:50 Totally. Yeah.
11:54 When I was younger,
11:55 I always wanted to fit in everywhere.
11:57 I would buy something to make me look better
12:00 or I would do something to make people think I was cooler.
12:03 I would try to change myself,
12:05 but no matter how hard I tried, I was never satisfied.
12:09 I always wanted more.
12:11 I can strive for worldly or wealth.
12:14 But it's when I ask God to come into my life
12:16 that I'll be changed,
12:18 that is when I'm truly satisfied.
12:38 All my life long I had panted
12:43 For a drink from some clear spring
12:48 That I hoped would quench the burning
12:53 Of His thirst I felt within
12:59 Hallelujah! I have found Him
13:04 Whom my soul so long has craved
13:09 Jesus satisfies my longings
13:14 Through His blood I now am saved
13:22 Feeding on the husks around me
13:28 Till my strength was almost gone
13:33 Longed my soul for something better
13:39 Only still to hunger on Hallelujah! I have found Him
13:50 Whom my soul so long has craved Jesus satisfies my longings
14:01 Through His blood I now am saved.
15:00 Well of water, ever springing Bread of life so rich and free
15:14 Untold wealth that never faileth
15:20 My Redeemer is to me Hallelujah! I have found Him
15:34 Whom my soul so long has craved Jesus satisfies my longings
15:48 Through His blood I now am saved
15:54 Through His blood I now am saved
16:02 Through His blood I now am saved.
16:17 In the Christian walk, sometimes we're doing things
16:19 that are just not satisfying
16:21 and they're tough, difficult jobs.
16:25 I know working out in the sun or summer, is a difficult job.
16:29 Yeah, when I first came to Fountainview,
16:32 it was the summer before my first man year
16:34 and I never had a job before.
16:36 And my first job I had to do was weeding out
16:38 in the carrot field for eight hours a day,
16:40 in the hot Sun, it was boring and it was uncomfortable
16:44 and I complained a lot, becuase
16:46 like I didn't want to do it and it was,
16:49 you know, it wasn't the glamorous--
16:51 Not a glamorous job, no.
16:52 Yeah, it wasn't that wonderful a job.
16:54 But, been working over the years
16:59 after the end of four years,
17:01 every summer and learned a little bit about
17:03 like just doing it because it needs to be done.
17:08 And recently I've been thinking about doing my work
17:11 as if I was doing it unto God.
17:15 And it says in, Help in Daily Living it says,
17:18 "The true worker for God will do his best,
17:21 because in so doing he can glorify his Master.
17:24 He will perform every duty as unto God.
17:26 His one desire will be that Christ
17:28 may receive homage and perfect service."
17:31 And I was thinking like the love of Christ,
17:37 it cast out the selfishness.
17:40 Like if I realize that God is my boss, yeah
17:42 you know, like if I'm doing my work as if God is my boss.
17:45 And then I realize His love for me,
17:48 like how can I be selfish and complain. absoulutely.
17:50 And I just do my work as unto God.
17:52 And I know that He--if I'm doing
17:54 what He wants me to do like I just can't complain. amen.
18:01 Selling Christian books door to door,
18:03 I have met so many people who are hungering
18:06 and thirsting for something more than this world can offer.
18:09 At almost every door,
18:11 I see hurting people who see no way out.
18:14 They're reaching for the standard that this world
18:16 offers a fame and fortune, and the end of empty.
18:19 I have had so many experiences
18:22 where peoples lives have brightened up
18:23 and the five minutes that I have shared Jesus
18:25 with them at the door.
18:27 They come to realize that Jesus is what
18:29 they have been searching for.
18:31 It's a life changing experience for me
18:34 and the person I'm speaking to at the door.
18:36 God has given you and me the privilege to be used by Him
18:40 and to win souls to His kingdom.
18:41 He calls each of us to live each day as if it's the last
18:45 and to plead with the people to give their lives to God.
18:48 So open their eyes to His love
18:49 and His promise of eternal life.
18:52 I want to do what Christ has called me to do
18:54 and rescue those who are perishing.
19:20 Rescue the perishing, care for the dying
19:27 Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave
19:35 Weep o'er the erring one, lift up the fallen
19:43 Tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save
19:51 Rescue the perishing, care for the dying
20:07 Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save
20:27 Though they are slighting Him, still He is waiting
20:35 Waiting the penitent child to receive
20:43 So plead with them earnestly, plead with them gently
20:51 He will forgive if they only believe
21:40 Rescue the perishing, care for the dying
21:58 Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save
22:17 Someone is all alone, looking for the Jesus
22:33 Someone is trying to find the way to go
22:40 Will He be alone to make that work
22:51 Rescue the perishing, duty demands it
22:58 Strength for thy labor the Lord will provide
23:07 Back to the narrow way patiently win them
23:15 Tell the poor wand'rer a Savior has died.
23:40 That song, "Rescue the Perishing,"
23:42 says that we should rescue the perishing
23:44 'cause duty demands it.
23:46 But think of Christ, I mean, what was His duty.
23:49 Was there a list that said, you have to do this?
23:51 No, it's right--it was in His heart
23:53 that His duty was to come here and He took a risk,
23:57 you know, He could have failed, but also we could reject Him.
24:01 And, you know, it's just all of that,
24:04 that constrains the love of Christ
24:06 and all that's within that.
24:08 We won't really fully understand it,
24:09 but it does change us.
24:11 How did Christ's love change you, Brooke?
24:14 Well, I wanted to come into Fountainview my junior year
24:17 and I applied because I wanted to kind of get away
24:20 from the negative influences of my old school.
24:23 And so I applied for my junior year,
24:24 but due to some situations
24:26 I wasn't able to come my junior year.
24:28 And I don't really understand why?
24:29 When I look back I understand that God had me
24:32 at my old school for a purpose and by keeping me there
24:34 He grew parts of my character that if I was anywhere else,
24:37 I wouldn't be able to be developed.
24:39 And while I was there about like December,
24:42 God was really impressing my heart again to apply.
24:44 And, so I applied, and then the summer came
24:48 and I really haven't heard much,
24:49 if I was accepted or not accepted.
24:51 And so I went to go sell Christian books,
24:53 not knowing where I was gonna go the next school year.
24:55 And I got a phone call about five weeks in
24:59 and it was from Fountainview saying that a girl
25:02 in the senior class was debating whether to come back,
25:04 or she's gonna go to Oakland Community College.
25:06 And so if she didn't come back I would be coming
25:09 and so I was like whoa! So I was just praying that God,
25:12 God would lead me where He wanted me to go.
25:13 And I knew, you know, that if I got accepted
25:17 that's where He wanted me or so I thought.
25:18 And I told my parents that this was happening
25:20 and they kind of like faked excited,
25:23 because they don't want their little girl to leave home
25:24 you know, and I waited that whole week
25:28 and I was just praying for God's will
25:29 to be done, you know.
25:30 And was praying that I wanna go where He wanted me to go.
25:33 And then a week later I got a phone saying that,
25:35 I've been accepted.
25:36 And as soon as I found that I got accepted.
25:39 I was like, wait, maybe God
25:40 wants me to stay in my old school.
25:41 I just really didn't know.
25:42 And there is a paragraph in Help in Daily Living,
25:46 that says, "There is a picture representing a bullock
25:49 standing between a plow and an altar,
25:52 with the inscription, 'Ready for either,'
25:54 ready to toil in the furrow or to be offered
25:56 on the altar of sacrifice.
25:58 This is the position of the true child of God,
26:00 willing to go where duty calls,
26:02 to deny self, and to sacrifice for the Redeemer's cause."
26:06 And that's kind of how I felt.
26:08 You know, like, I didn't know,
26:10 I didn't know if God wanted me to go to my old school
26:11 where I knew it was gonna be hard work,
26:13 you know, like the plow.
26:15 Or if He wanted me to go to Fountainview
26:16 where it's gonna cause lot of sacrifice on my part,
26:19 and also my parents more importantly,
26:20 you know, financially, and just letting their child leave,
26:24 you know, who's the youngest in the family.
26:25 And about a week after I got accepted
26:29 I talked to my parents on the phone.
26:31 And we ended up meeting up
26:33 a couple of days later and we talked in person.
26:35 I had a really good conversion and they just shared
26:37 how God had been showing them and giving them
26:39 complete peace that Fountainview is
26:41 where they--where God wanted me.
26:42 And where they thought that I would grow the most.
26:46 And so I was praising God because He gave my parents
26:48 complete peace and also financially
26:50 He provided some donations and stuff.
26:52 And ever since I'd been here, there's been sacrifice
26:56 but God's always provided.
26:57 And I know this isn't exactly where duty called,
26:59 and I praise God for bringing me here.
27:01 Amen, amen. It's the love of God
27:04 that changes us and gives us exactly what we want
27:08 and we can trust Him with that.
27:09 Val, can you close it with a word of prayer for us.
27:14 Dear Father in Heaven, Lord,
27:16 we want to thank You so much for the love
27:18 that You had in coming down and giving Your life
27:22 and showing us what true self-sacrifices.
27:26 And I pray that You would give us that same love for You.
27:28 So that we'll be willing to go every call us to
27:31 and to do whatever You ask us to.
27:35 In Jesus name, amen. Amen.
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