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00:38 Hello, and welcome to "Help in Daily Living."
00:41 Today, we're gonna be looking at how God wants us to reach
00:43 a higher experience in our relationship with Him.
00:47 It says, Jesus says, when He speaks to His disciples
00:50 in John Chapter 15 verse 11 where He says,
00:53 "I have told you these things so that my joy might be in you
00:57 and so that your joy might be full."
01:00 He wants us to have a fuller, deeper,
01:03 more broader relationship with Him.
01:07 But this is such an important topic.
01:08 And before we get into something like this,
01:10 we really need to turn to God and ask Him to bless us.
01:14 And so I'm gonna ask Cyrus to lead us
01:15 to lead us in a word of prayer.
01:17 Let's pray. Heavenly Father, Lord,
01:21 thank you for Your many blessings that You give to us.
01:24 And I want to thank You also, Lord,
01:26 for the time for fellowship that we can have.
01:29 And Lord, I ask that You would help us
01:32 to have a perpetual growth in our relationship with You.
01:36 In Jesus' name I pray, amen. Amen.
01:41 Having a relationship with God is important to me,
01:45 but I often struggle with knowing
01:46 how to have a strong one.
01:48 I've read my Bible, I prayed,
01:50 I've tried to do all the right things,
01:52 yet nothing seemed to change.
01:54 But I've learned something.
01:55 It's not the amount of time I spend talking with God,
01:58 it's what I told Him.
01:59 I need to communicate honestly from my heart.
02:02 If I am hurting, He wants to know,
02:03 and if I'm really excited, He wants to know that too.
02:07 Slowly but truly, I'm coming to the point
02:09 where I must tell Jesus my burdens and cares.
02:12 Knowing that He understands
02:13 and wants to be with me through it all.
02:46 I must tell Jesus all of my trials
02:52 I cannot bear these burdens alone
02:59 In my distress He kindly will help me
03:06 He ever loves and cares for His own
03:12 I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus
03:19 I cannot bear my burdens alone
03:25 I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
03:31 Jesus can help me, Jesus alone
03:49 I must tell Jesus all of my troubles
03:57 He is a kind, compassionate Friend
04:04 If I but ask Him He will deliver
04:11 Which are troubles quickly an end
04:17 I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus
04:24 I cannot bear my burdens alone
04:30 I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus
04:36 Jesus can help me, Jesus alone
04:44 O how the world to evil allures me
04:49 O how my heart is tempted to sin
04:55 I must tell Jesus, and He will help me
05:01 Over the world the victory to win
05:08 I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus
05:14 I cannot bear my burdens alone
05:20 I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus
05:27 Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.
06:04 You know that song "I must tell Jesus,"
06:06 it's really about turning to Him
06:09 whatever is on your heart.
06:11 And I know, Rachel,
06:12 when you were working door to door,
06:14 I mean, going door to door is not an easy thing,
06:17 and you're selling books.
06:20 It's really, you're walking.
06:21 You can be feeling like you're walking along,
06:24 but you're really walking with Jesus.
06:26 And tell us about that experience.
06:28 Okay. Well, when I went selling
06:31 books door to door last couple of summers ago.
06:34 It was really hard work like way harder than I expected.
06:37 The sun was really, really hot and I know just wanna goes,
06:40 constantly wearing a layer of sweat,
06:42 and my bag of books got really heavy, really fast.
06:45 I can imagine. But at the end of the day,
06:46 I got, I get back to where we were staying
06:48 and my feet would be sore, my back would hurt,
06:51 and for a long time to me, it seemed really pointless.
06:54 'Cause most of the time when we were out there,
06:55 we just get met with rejection door after door after door.
06:58 People says, "Oh, sorry, I'm not interested or no,
07:01 I can't help you today or no, tengo dinero.
07:04 Like it was over and over and over.
07:05 I remember one day I got so many doors slammed in my face.
07:08 I just wanted to sit down on the curb and cry
07:10 and think like, you know, what is the point?
07:12 Right now looking back now though,
07:14 I realize that through that experience,
07:16 God was like reshaping the way I was thinking
07:18 and like teaching me to keep my mind focused on the purpose
07:21 for what I was doing.
07:23 And I didn't really see that clearly
07:24 until the end of the summer,
07:26 it's like two days before our program ended
07:29 and I met this girl at a door
07:30 and I was able to give her "Steps to Christ,"
07:32 and I prayed with her and stuff.
07:34 And I kept her contact information
07:35 and at the end of week
07:37 I was able to get together with her.
07:38 We had a Bible study,
07:39 and she continued doing that after
07:41 I left with a different Bible worker.
07:42 And now I know she is doing
07:44 a lot better than when I first met her.
07:46 And just being able to look back
07:47 and see that all that hard work
07:50 and just everything I had to go through
07:51 made a difference in one person's life.
07:53 Yeah. It made it totally worth it,
07:55 even though it was really hard.
07:56 You feel like you were getting,
07:58 like you were walking with Jesus from door to door,
08:01 you know, like you were telling Him
08:03 what you were going through.
08:04 It's more than just a job then--
08:06 Oh, totally, it's more than job.
08:08 There's a much higher purpose involved.
08:09 You're not just selling any random books.
08:11 It's like giving the truth to people
08:13 that could potentially get them into heaven one day.
08:16 And to be able to reach that higher experience,
08:17 you have to be unselfish.
08:19 And when I think of unselfishness,
08:20 I think of Bristi's parents.
08:24 You want to tell us about your parents.
08:25 Yes, my parents are in their 60s and late 80s.
08:31 And you know, they could be enjoying
08:33 their retirement year. You know, relaxing,
08:36 putting their legs up in a chair and just,
08:38 you know, letting life go by.
08:40 But instead they chose to spend their time
08:44 volunteering at orphanages and their money,
08:48 their time, their energy just everything like--
08:51 So in this orphanage, you went to that orphanage,
08:54 I mean, you-- That's where they found you.
08:57 Yeah. And so they unselfishly
08:59 took you in as a daughter.
09:01 Yes, they did.
09:02 And they've been just sacrificing so much
09:08 of their whole life basically for these children.
09:12 And so many of times I see these same children
09:15 and they just don't seem very grateful at times.
09:17 And I would often wonder, you know,
09:20 why, why make such a sacrifice for these people
09:23 when they are really not showing any gratitude back.
09:26 Right. And so, then I realized,
09:29 you know, it relates so much
09:30 to what Christ has done for me in my life,
09:33 like when He was on the cross
09:35 and He had the weight of the world on His shoulders.
09:39 You know, the only thing that was holding Him
09:42 on that cross was the fact that He had a aim,
09:45 He had a purpose. Yes.
09:46 And His purpose was to may be one day
09:49 see me in heaven and know that,
09:51 because of His sacrifice I can be there.
09:53 Yeah. And that's,
09:55 that's what my parents were doing.
09:58 Their aim, their goal in sacrificing their time,
10:02 their energy, everything was to one day
10:05 see those children in heaven. Amen.
10:07 And that's a good picture of Jesus
10:09 and His love for us. Yes.
10:14 My dad is a farmer with huge hands.
10:17 They're rough and callus,
10:18 the result of many years of hard work.
10:20 He has deep cracks edging in the fingers of hands
10:23 from working outside during cold winters.
10:26 When I was a little girl, I loved his hands.
10:28 In fact, when I grew up, I wanted hands just like his.
10:32 I would put my hands on my bed and stretch them
10:34 until I was sure that they were gonna have to grow
10:37 a bit that night.
10:38 I know now that the real reason
10:40 why I wanted to have hands like his,
10:42 was because I loved and respected my dad.
10:45 Obviously, his hands represented his character.
10:48 Gentleness shown through his hands,
10:50 revealing the reason I wanted to be like him.
10:52 They were giving hands, holding nothing back
10:54 from friends, family, and people in need.
10:58 Just like I can tell that my dad is a man
11:00 with a strong characterized hands,
11:02 people should be able to tell
11:03 that I am a real Christian by the way I act.
11:06 If I look at my life and realize
11:08 that my heart is callous and hard,
11:10 I need to ask Jesus to change it.
11:12 Only when I draw near to Jesus will people see
11:15 that I am a real Christian.
11:49 Nearer, still nearer, close to Thy heart
12:02 Draw me, my Savior, so precious Thou art
12:15 Fold me, oh, fold me close to Thy breast
12:28 Shelter me safe in that "Haven of Rest"
12:42 Shelter me safe in that "Haven of Rest"
13:02 Nearer, still nearer, nothing I bring
13:14 Naught as an offering to Jesus, my King
13:26 Only my sinful, now contrite heart
13:39 Grant me the cleansing Thy blood doth impart
13:52 Grant me the cleansing Thy blood doth impart
14:13 Nearer, still nearer, Lord, to be Thine
14:25 Sin, with its follies, I gladly resign
14:38 All of its pleasures, pomp and its pride
14:50 Give me but Jesus my Lord, crucified
15:03 Give me but Jesus my Lord, crucified
15:38 Nearer, still nearer while life shall last
15:51 Til safe in glory my anchor is cast
16:05 Through endless ages ever to be
16:19 Nearer, my Savior still nearer to Thee
16:32 Nearer, my Savior still nearer to Thee
16:52 Still nearer to Thee.
17:14 You know, Jesus came to this world
17:16 because He wanted to draw nearer to us
17:18 and He had to come down from heaven really to this,
17:21 this sewer, this dirty planet compared to heaven. Yeah.
17:25 And that's a dirty job.
17:28 And sometimes we have to do dirty jobs
17:29 and it kind of reminds us of Jesus' job
17:32 in coming down here to this planet.
17:34 I know on the farm, there are some dirty jobs
17:36 you have to do, Daniel. Yeah.
17:38 Well, I was working indeed with my friend, Carmen here.
17:41 And with my supervisor Ken, we were out in the fields
17:44 and we were moving the pipe.
17:46 When we were done with that field,
17:48 I sent Carmen to go to turn it on.
17:49 She turns it on, and then Ken walked over
17:51 to make sure all the things were not--were not plugged,
17:54 all the sprinkler heads. Yeah.
17:55 So me and Ken noticed that
17:57 one in the corner is all plugged up.
17:59 So I sent Carmen back to get that to turn it off. Yeah.
18:03 And as we're waiting for it to sink down,
18:05 we go walk over there, I mean, and I'm turning it,
18:08 you know, taking it off. Yeah.
18:10 And all of a sudden a strand of water gets to my mouth,
18:13 and I remember thinking,
18:14 "Man, this stuff is really weird tasting water."
18:17 So I spit it out and lo and behold,
18:19 there is red stuff out of my mouth and I'm like,
18:22 "Oh, this is disgusting, what is this?"
18:24 And I looked over to my supervisor,
18:26 he was hysterically laughing,
18:27 holding the sprinkler head up with the dangling dandles,
18:30 headless rat. Whoa!
18:32 Oh, man, it was so disgusting.
18:34 I didn't realize that it was blood.
18:35 I was like, "Oh, yuck, and I spit it out."
18:38 As I look over to my supervisor,
18:40 and he's just hysterically laughing at me
18:42 and I laughed with him.
18:45 That is a dirty job. Disgusting.
18:47 Well, I have a similar experience though.
18:50 Let me tell you.
18:51 I was working with the sewerage,
18:53 sewerage tanks, right? Whoa!
18:55 And so in that job,
18:58 you know, involves spraying the contents with,
19:02 you know, hose like a fire hose,
19:04 really high pressure.
19:05 So you know, loosen everything up
19:06 and then jamming it with a pole to take out
19:09 all the blockages so that we can take it all out easily.
19:12 Well, for that specific site, I was the pole jammer. Yeah.
19:16 And it took a certain technique to do that. Yeah.
19:18 You have to put the pole underneath
19:20 the surface before jamming it,
19:22 so that nothing would splash out on you, right?
19:25 But I obviously had to learn that technique
19:28 well enough and I got splattered all over on my face
19:30 and in my mouth, and on my buddy
19:32 that I was working with.
19:34 By the end of the day, we were pretty filthy.
19:36 Yeah, and you know, when people are listening to this,
19:39 they're probably thinking, "Now, why are you telling
19:40 the stories of that sewerage and all that kind of stuff."
19:43 But it's really an illustration of,
19:45 you know, we think, okay, this is beautiful like,
19:47 look at the ocean and this is a beautiful world
19:50 and there are some beautiful places on this planet,
19:52 but compared to heaven--
19:54 God wants to bring us to a higher experience
19:57 and that's why Jesus came to this planet.
19:59 And can you imagine what was going through Jesus' mind.
20:02 This is a sewer compared to heaven.
20:05 He's got all this sin splashing onto Him.
20:09 And you know, and He comes down here
20:12 to draw near to us,
20:13 so that He can draw us near to Him
20:16 and bring us up to heaven.
20:18 And that's really the Plan of Salvation.
20:20 And Jesus wants a higher experience
20:23 for every one of us, to pull us out of this planet,
20:27 to see the unseen, to see heaven
20:30 the way that Jesus sees it.
20:34 Have you ever seen a wilderness sunrise?
20:36 It seems to get more and more beautiful every second.
20:39 First, the blacken of the night fades to blue
20:42 revealing the silhouette of the surrounding mountains.
20:44 Then the first white rays of sun
20:47 tint the western mountains rosy.
20:49 The sun blazes over the ridge, lighting up the whole valley
20:52 with a flood of light and warmth.
20:54 What a start to the day!
20:57 Far too many Christians
20:58 settle for twilight glimpses of God's love,
21:01 but there's more.
21:02 Everyday we should pray,
21:03 Lord, draw me to a nearer walk with You.
21:06 So far I've only seen the first rays of His glory.
21:09 But Proverbs 4:18 says,
21:10 "That the path of the righteous
21:12 is like the light of dawn,
21:14 which shines brighter and brighter until full day.
21:17 I can't wait to see what the day will hold
21:33 I am Thine, O Lord I have heard Thy voice
21:37 And it told Thy love to me
21:41 But I long to rise in the arms of faith
21:45 And be closer drawn to Thee
21:49 Draw me nearer nearer blessed Lord
21:54 To the cross where Thou hast died
21:58 Draw me nearer, nearer nearer blessed Lord
22:04 To Thy precious bleeding side
22:09 Consecrate me now to Thy service, Lord
22:14 By the pow'r of grace divine
22:19 Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope
22:25 And my will be lost in Thine
22:30 Draw me nearer nearer blessed Lord
22:34 To the cross where Thou hast died
22:39 Draw me nearer, nearer nearer blessed Lord
22:46 To Thy precious bleeding side
22:51 Oh, the pure delight of a single hour
22:56 That before Thy throne I spend
23:01 When I kneel in prayer and with Thee, my God
23:06 I commune as friend with friend
23:10 Draw me nearer, nearer nearer blessed Lord
23:15 To Thy precious bleeding side
23:20 Draw me nearer, nearer nearer blessed Lord
23:27 To Thy precious bleeding side
23:45 This topic that we're talking about drawing nearer to God,
23:49 having a higher experience is a very serious topic.
23:52 And you really have to look at life seriously.
23:55 And sometimes, it's life changing experiences
23:59 that happen to us,
24:00 that cause us to look at life seriously.
24:03 Yeah, a few weeks ago, it was like we're just,
24:08 it was a group of students and I in a--in this minivan.
24:12 And we had gone down to Vancouver,
24:15 which is a few hours away from our school,
24:18 for music lessons.
24:19 And it was kind of late at night we had--
24:23 though the day had drawn out and we're all exhausted.
24:25 And, so I fell asleep in the back of the car,
24:30 we're driving back,
24:31 the weather conditions were getting really bad,
24:34 and the roads up to school are pretty curvy and windy,
24:39 and like not too safe,
24:41 especially in bad weather conditions. Yeah.
24:43 And so we were driving along
24:45 and I was so tired, I fell asleep.
24:47 And I was sitting in the back of the car
24:51 and I remember I woke up and at some point in time,
24:55 and I was so hot like the car was just like burning up,
24:58 the heat was on full blast 'cause it was cold outside.
25:01 But I was just like frying.
25:03 And so I took off like my few wears of jackets
25:06 that might have had something to do with it. Yeah.
25:08 And then I put my seatbelt back on
25:11 and went back to sleep.
25:12 And the next thing I remember is that
25:15 like we were being like banged
25:17 and jolted around like I woke up and like,
25:20 I realized immediately what was happening like.
25:23 I was like, we were getting in a car accident
25:25 and I realized that.
25:28 And I sat up and I was like, "Oh, my."
25:31 And it looks like, I didn't know where we were
25:34 but I sat up
25:36 and I saw the headlights of a semi-tractor trailer
25:39 coming straight toward us
25:41 and/or so it seemed from my prospective.
25:43 And at that moment in time like, it was so scary.
25:49 That's got to be
25:51 one of the most terror-filled moments of life,
25:52 like just those few split seconds.
25:55 And I remember I thinking like, "Oh, no.
25:59 We're gonna die or and you know,
26:02 I was like, you know, this is really gonna hurt.
26:04 And but then the next thing I knew
26:06 like we were just kind of slowing down
26:08 and we stopped by the side of the road
26:10 and we checked around
26:12 to make sure that everyone was okay,
26:14 and Cyrus was there.
26:16 And we all just like, you know, I like,
26:20 "Okay, we're all okay."
26:22 Then we're like, we get out of the car
26:24 and look back and we had actually
26:26 been on a bridge. Yeah.
26:27 And we hit another car
26:31 and that it lost control in the snow
26:33 and spun into our way.
26:35 And, so we hit it and shoved it
26:39 into the path of the semi- tractor trailer that came.
26:42 And we kind of bounced into the bridge
26:44 and it shoved us into the path of the semi.
26:49 And that's when I thought that we were gonna hit it.
26:52 But somehow like, I know God was protecting us.
26:55 So we've been-- and looking back,
26:57 you know, just standing there on the bridge.
26:59 Thankfully the lady in the car was--
27:01 The other driver in the car was okay. Yeah.
27:04 But just looking there on the bridge
27:07 and seeing like what could have happened.
27:09 And if the timing had been any different,
27:13 it just made me realize like how,
27:17 how valuable life is. Yes.
27:19 You know, and how I needed
27:21 to take life more seriously. Yes.
27:23 And how some of the like trivial things
27:25 like really don't matter. Yes. You know. Yeah.
27:27 That we get caught up in so much.
27:29 So here's a life and death situation.
27:32 And you started realizing wait.
27:34 You know, it's not just every day,
27:36 not just getting up and fooling around.
27:39 Now I need to, I mean, God saved my life
27:42 and it must be for a purpose.
27:44 And it puts your mind on a different track
27:46 and you really do want to draw nearer to Him.
27:50 God wants us to draw nearer to Him
27:52 and I'm gonna ask Carmen
27:53 to close this with a word of prayer.
27:56 Dearly, Father Lord, thank You so much
27:58 for taking an interest in sinful humanity here.
28:02 And Lord, help us to realize our great need of You
28:05 and to draw closer to You each day,
28:08 and to come to that higher experience with You.
28:09 In Jesus' name, amen.
28:11 Amen. Amen.
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