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00:38 Hello and welcome to "Help in Daily Living."
00:41 Today we're gonna be looking at
00:42 Communion with God in heaven.
00:45 Jesus wants us to be in heaven.
00:46 He wants to have communion with us.
00:48 In Revelation Chapter 3, verse 20,
00:50 He says "Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
00:53 "If anyone hears my voice and opens the door
00:56 I will come in and sup with him and he with me."
00:59 Jesus wants us to have communion with Him.
01:02 But He leaves it up to us to open the door
01:04 and let Him come in.
01:05 Let's begin our time together with a word of prayer.
01:09 Dear God, I just want to thank you so much
01:11 that we're able to have a personal friendship
01:13 and relationship with You
01:15 and that we'll able to experience that relationship
01:17 throughout eternity in heaven with you,
01:19 in Jesus name, amen. Amen.
01:25 I love beautiful things.
01:27 It is so much fun to walk outside everyday
01:29 and find more of the blessings God has made for me.
01:32 Sometimes I think that something is beautiful
01:34 that most people wouldn't even notice.
01:37 I also think that something is beautiful
01:39 even after seeing it many times.
01:41 For example, the mountain right outside my door.
01:45 Every morning as I walk outside,
01:47 I say, "Wow! That is so beautiful."
01:50 And all the girls around me just roll their eyes
01:52 and give me a funny look, because I've been yelling
01:54 that it is so beautiful for the past two years.
01:58 Jesus thinks that remnant things are beautiful too.
02:01 He thinks that dirty feet are beautiful.
02:03 He gets so excited every time He finds another pair.
02:07 The feet that He likes have a reason for being dirty.
02:10 They've been spreading the gospel.
02:12 They've been traveling through
02:13 countries and cultures spreading His love.
02:16 They've been walking with Jesus.
02:18 God thinks that you are beautiful.
02:20 God loves you and thinks that you're beautiful,
02:22 not because of the number of people you've converted,
02:25 nor because of how many sermons you've preached.
02:28 He thinks that you're beautiful,
02:30 because of your heart.
02:31 Jesus wants to walk with you
02:34 and Jesus wants to walk with me too.
02:37 But the only way, He can truly connect
02:39 with you and me is if we allow Him
02:41 to peel the harsh rough stone of our hearts
02:44 and reveal the soft beautiful flesh inside.
02:48 Once I allow Him to shape my heart,
02:50 I can truly walk with Him.
02:52 I want Jesus to walk with me.
02:54 Will you chose to let Him walk with you too.
04:02 I want Jesus to walk with me I want Jesus to walk with me
04:26 All along this pilgrim journey I want Jesus to walk with me
04:50 In my trials Lord, walk with me
05:02 In my trials Lord, walk with me
05:14 When the shades of life are falling
05:26 I want Jesus to walk with me
07:32 In my sorrow Lord, walk with me
07:45 In my sorrows Lord, walk with me
07:57 When my heart is aching I want Jesus to walk with me
08:23 I know Jesus will walk with me
08:34 Walk with me walk with me
08:47 Walk with me
09:00 So what do you looking forward to about having the most?
09:04 No more pain.
09:06 You know, I was sort of thinking along those lines.
09:09 So, what is heaven and communion
09:11 have to do with each other.
09:14 Well, you know, heaven I think it's actually the same thing.
09:17 Heaven wouldn't be heaven without God there.
09:20 And what makes heaven what it is,
09:22 is spending time with Him and communion with Him.
09:24 Communion with Him
09:26 Yeah, it's like at Fountainview,
09:28 those buildings, and it's the farmers,
09:30 it's not really down viewing other people there.
09:34 Yeah, the thing I'm looking forward to most about heaven
09:36 is because this world is just so messed up
09:40 like everyone has all this dysfunctional relationships.
09:44 I'm looking forward to being at peace with everyone
09:47 and being with people I love for eternity.
09:50 To me it doesn't really matter where I'm,
09:52 if I'm with people I love that's heaven.
09:56 At the beginning of the school year,
09:58 I skip throughout the halls trying to have a good time.
10:01 I really love to make people laugh,
10:03 but more and more I found my jokes
10:05 were at the expense of others.
10:06 I always had a quick come back or a snappier look.
10:10 Making people laugh became my primary focus.
10:13 I'll never forget the day
10:14 a friend pulled me aside to talk.
10:16 What I received was a much needed wake up call.
10:18 He opened my eyes to the influence
10:20 that I had on those around me.
10:22 And he challenged me to think about
10:23 how I was influencing others with my humor.
10:26 The more I thought about that
10:28 the more the image of my influence changed.
10:31 I considered my jokes innocent fun,
10:33 but they had a much deeper impact then I ever imagined.
10:37 Instead of spreading the joy I had intended,
10:39 I had been sowing seeds of sarcasm and disrespect.
10:42 I didn't realize the influence my actions had on others.
10:46 In order to spread the gospel to those around me,
10:48 I must first let it work in my own life.
10:50 My character in life must show Christ to others.
10:53 It is that in only then
10:54 that I could make a positive impact for God
10:56 in the lives of those around me.
11:31 Live out Thy life within me O Jesus, King of kings
11:46 Be Thou Thyself the answer to all my questionings
12:01 Live out Thy life within me in all things have Thy way
12:15 I, the transparent medium Thy glory to display
12:31 I need thy presence every passing hour
12:44 What but thy grace can foil the tempter's power
12:56 Who, like thyself, my guide and stay can be
13:09 Help of the helpless O abide with me
13:57 I need Thee every hour stay Thou nearby
14:08 Temptations lose their power When Thou art nigh
14:20 I need thee, oh, I need thee every hour I need Thee
14:31 Oh, bless me now my Savior, I come to Thee
14:46 I need thee, oh, I need thee every hour I need Thee
14:59 Oh, bless me now my Savior, I come to Thee
15:57 What I'm looking forward to the most of our heaven,
15:59 is just being in the presence of God.
16:01 I could look at His hands and like see His scars,
16:03 and the scars in His feet.
16:04 And so like He reminded well, like He really went through,
16:07 you know, like I'm a visual person
16:09 and I'm just looking forward to seeing that
16:10 and in looking back in my life
16:11 and recognizing on my sacrifices
16:13 like they were so small in comparison to Christ.
16:15 Like they weren't really anything
16:17 and it was holy worth just to be with Him in heaven.
16:20 You know in Zechariah Chapter 13 verse 6
16:22 it says "That there will be someone in heaven,
16:26 people who will say what are those scars in your hands
16:29 and your side and your feet,
16:31 and He will say I received these and also my friends."
16:35 So there will be people there
16:36 who didn't know Jesus or the story of Jesus,
16:39 but through the grace of God they will be there
16:42 and Jesus will have those scars for eternity.
16:44 We will have the scars of sin removed from us
16:47 and yet He will bear those scars showing us
16:50 His great love for us
16:51 and the great sacrifice He made for us.
16:56 What is a home?
16:58 Is it a big posh mansion with manicured lawns,
17:00 perfect landscaping and beautiful architecture?
17:04 Every year Fountainview Academy
17:05 does a Christmas music tour to California.
17:08 Sometimes we get to build our church members homes,
17:11 which is really special.
17:12 Since we can eat some delicious home cooking,
17:14 do our laundering, have showers,
17:16 and sleep in a comfortable bed.
17:18 Now every year, all the girls stay at a certain house.
17:21 These people live in a gorgeous grand mansion
17:24 with beautiful garden surrounding it.
17:26 We get a delicious breakfast, hot showers,
17:28 and some extra time in the morning
17:30 to stroll around the yard.
17:31 This house is the most picture perfect house of any I know,
17:35 but this does make it a home to me.
17:37 No, of course not.
17:39 Even if my family were to live
17:40 in a cardboard house in a shanty town
17:42 that would be my home,
17:44 because home is where my family is.
17:46 Home is where the people I love the most are.
17:49 Sometimes I catch myself thinking of heaven,
17:51 as just a place of which is in glory.
17:53 I think of the manicured rolling hills,
17:55 the perfect flowerbeds, the golden streets,
17:57 the splendid mansions.
17:59 I even talk of riding on dolphins back,
18:01 sliding down giraffe's necks
18:03 and swinging through the jungles with the monkeys.
18:06 But heaven is not just some glorified theme park.
18:09 It is not just a personal mansion either.
18:12 Heaven is going home to the one I loved most,
18:15 all the rest is grade two.
18:16 After all Jesus says,
18:18 "In My Father's house there are many mansions.
18:20 I go to prepare a place for you.
18:22 Jesus also tells me that the reason
18:23 He is going to prepare place for me
18:25 is so that we can be together forever.
18:27 Heaven is being with Jesus.
18:33 I'm going home, I'm going home I'm going home to die no more
18:54 To die no more, to die no more I'm going home to die no more
19:23 My heavenly home is bright and fair
19:34 No pain nor death can enter there
19:46 Its glittering towers the sun outshine
19:57 That heavenly mansion shall be mine
20:33 This world is not my home I'm just passing through
20:37 My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
20:42 The angels beckon me from Heaven's open door
20:46 And I can't feel at home in this world anymore
20:50 O Lord you know I have no friend like you
20:54 If Heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do
20:59 The angels beckon me from Heaven's open door
21:03 And I can't feel at home in this world anymore
21:11 O Lord you know I have no friend like you
21:16 If Heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do
21:20 The angels beckon me from Heaven's open door
21:24 And I can't feel at home in this world anymore
21:47 My home saith my heart Jesus all the way
21:56 Learning to way signs everyday Whenever our heart is never
22:14 I want for my heart over there
22:39 In the land of fadeless day Lies a city foursquare
22:50 It shall never fade away
22:56 And there is no night there
23:02 God shall rise wipe away all tears
23:08 There is no death, no pain, no fears
23:14 And they count not time by years For there is no night there
24:01 Sing the wondrous love of Jesus
24:05 Sing His mercy and His grace
24:09 In the mansions bright and blessed
24:12 He'll prepare for us a place
24:16 When we all get to Heaven
24:19 What a day of rejoicing that will be
24:24 When we all see Jesus
24:28 We'll sing and shout the victory
24:41 Onward to the prize before us Soon His beauty we'll behold
24:49 Soon the pearly gates will open
24:52 We shall tread the streets of gold
24:55 When we all get to Heaven
24:59 What a day of rejoicing that will be
25:03 When we all see Jesus
25:07 We'll sing and shout the victory, victory.
25:30 What I look forward to most about heaven is,
25:33 yes there will be no more pain,
25:35 but really it's being with Jesus,
25:37 because He is our Savior.
25:39 And what that means is that He took away our sins
25:41 and we kind of make light of sin,
25:43 like it's not a big deal.
25:45 But if He had to die for it,
25:46 I mean if God had to send His only son to die for sin,
25:50 it must be a terrible thing
25:52 that would destroy the peace of heaven
25:54 if it were to enter there.
25:57 So, what I look forward to is having the guilt removed
26:00 and to be with my Savior for eternity.
26:04 I know that God can remove each of our guilt,
26:07 because He has done in my own life.
26:10 Several years ago I had a friend
26:11 who started having seizures
26:13 and they weren't seizures where they convulse,
26:16 but they would space out
26:18 and I knew when they're having them.
26:20 And I began to tease them
26:21 and I like talking about it a lot and I knew they were
26:24 really uncomfortable with the subject.
26:26 And years later I felt really guilty for what I have done
26:30 and I went and asked them for forgiveness.
26:33 But it just get plugging my mind what I've done
26:36 and I was ashamed of my past.
26:38 And I came to God and I told Him
26:43 I couldn't deal with the shame I was feeling
26:47 and He really gave me the reassurance to move on
26:50 and He gave me vision for my future
26:53 and that vision He gave me
26:57 did not have anything to do with my past.
26:59 And He doesn't hold that against us. No.
27:01 He completely cleanses us for eternity.
27:05 Zach, you want to close with a word of prayer for us.
27:08 Let's pray.
27:10 Jubilee Father, I'm so thankful for the,
27:12 for the lack of guilt that we have
27:14 when we come to you.
27:15 Lord you take it off, You take it all away,
27:18 and You give us a clean slate
27:19 of fresh robe of righteousness.
27:21 I'm so excited and I know I speak for all my friends Lord
27:24 that we can spend eternity with You.
27:26 Learning about your mercy and how good You're to us.
27:29 Help us never to forget that You're there,
27:31 ready to cleanse us, and to wash our sins away.
27:34 Lord, we're looking forward to being with you
27:36 and we pray that help us have heaven on earth,
27:40 help us to maintain our relationships with others,
27:42 so that we can be happy and healthy Christians for you.
27:46 Thank you Lord Jesus, for sending Your son
27:48 in your name, amen. Amen.
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