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00:01 Welcome back.
00:03 I'm your host Don Mackintosh.
00:04 We're glad you are with us today.
00:05 We also join with Dr. Neil Nedley,
00:07 who is the President
00:09 of Weimar Center for Health and Education.
00:11 We're talking with him today about program
00:13 that's been around since the late 70s,
00:15 but has just become increasingly more and more,
00:19 or better received by people around the world.
00:22 We're talking about the Newstart program.
00:23 Right? Yes.
00:24 And that program is exciting.
00:26 It stops, it prevents,
00:28 it reverses the common killers.
00:30 We talked about diabetes a bit.
00:32 We talked about arthritis,
00:35 but Dr. Nedley what about heart disease?
00:38 Oh, it significantly helps heart disease.
00:41 Actually the Weimar diet
00:44 will reverse coronary artery disease,
00:47 yet it is a diet that has actually been
00:50 shown to improve the patients' angiograms.
00:56 And to get on that program and to stay on the program
00:59 can actually reverse the major killer in America
01:02 and that is coronary artery diseases.
01:05 And unfortunately a lot people come to Weimar,
01:08 after they've had their second bypass,
01:10 third bypass, they ran out of veins. Right.
01:12 And their doctor says,
01:14 you know, we have done everything
01:16 that we can as far as bypassing,
01:18 you have nothing else that we can bypass
01:20 and your disease is back.
01:22 You know, bypass surgery only lasts about 10 years
01:24 in the average individual
01:26 because they don't change their diet that much
01:29 and it should last a whole lot longer than that
01:32 and it can, on the Weimar diet.
01:35 But often by the time they come their heart
01:37 is so disease that it's extremely weak,
01:39 yet still can benefit the individual
01:42 coming to Weimar their heart will strengthen coming there.
01:46 But how much better it would have been
01:48 had they gotten to the point where
01:51 they are before the heart
01:53 actually got irreversibly weak.
01:55 And once you have a bad pump,
01:58 it's really hard to be able to get
02:00 into the 50 miles of trails there at Weimar
02:04 and be able to see that beautiful scenery
02:07 through all of its glory.
02:09 Even those, you know, the very challenging cases
02:11 we see amazing things.
02:13 But what you are saying is get there now,
02:14 don't wait till later.
02:15 And if you've had a history of heart disease
02:18 or if you've, you know, had that problem
02:20 in your family then go on and address it.
02:24 It's really quite fun.
02:25 I mean one of the things,
02:26 you know, you have got
02:28 someone is getting a little overweight,
02:29 someone has high blood pressures,
02:31 all those things are leading the heart disease.
02:34 Absolutely, yes.
02:35 So it's good time to get out there.
02:36 And you know, the before and after pictures
02:38 at Weimar are pretty amazing,
02:40 and what it happens with the weight loss.
02:43 It's just incredible.
02:45 It's, it really rivals the gastric bypass surgery
02:50 in most cases and without all of the complications,
02:53 you have the gastric bypass surgery often,
02:55 you have iron deficiency.
02:56 You don't observe iron very well.
02:58 You have a number of nutrient deficiencies
03:00 that you happen to deal with.
03:02 The skin changes,
03:04 you know, it's a much harder type of skin
03:06 on the individual and also,
03:11 they are dealing with health issues,
03:12 the complications of the surgery.
03:15 Why not give this a try, where you don't have to go
03:17 to any of those complications,
03:19 far less expensive against gastric bypass surgery
03:22 and you can have the same results.
03:25 Now the starving people, have to review this?
03:27 No, it's not starvation.
03:29 Actually you will feel full at Weimar.
03:32 It's just that the food that utilized is very tasty
03:35 and much less dense in calories
03:38 and the individuals educated be able to do that at home
03:42 and it's just simple choices utilizing that frontal lobe
03:47 that can produce a dramatic benefit
03:50 and you know this brochure that you showed there,
03:53 if you have chance you know call for the brochure
03:56 you will see some of this before and after pictures
03:58 of these real life patients who have come there.
04:02 And you will see what has happened to them
04:05 just in regards to weight loss,
04:08 and how they are able to stay
04:10 with the program and enjoying.
04:11 A lot people think if you get on a program like this
04:13 you are not gonna enjoy life anymore, that is so false.
04:16 In fact, study after study shows
04:18 your enjoyment of life goes up.
04:20 Your social relations improve.
04:23 Even depression can significantly improve
04:26 and your life is gonna be far more abundant
04:30 by getting on a program that is best for your body.
04:33 And they have a yearly a long term program for people
04:35 and many people come back.
04:37 And they come back just to eat the food,
04:38 food so good. That's right.
04:41 I was amazed, you know, coming back for that
04:44 and you think, man I can't think
04:46 of anything better to eat than what I mean,
04:48 that's why I don't go these places
04:49 because I want eat when I want to eat.
04:51 But people find food that's good there.
04:54 Well, you know, we did another
04:57 Health for Lifetime program about a very important study.
05:01 Landmark Study that show when the food tastes better
05:04 you actually lose weight.
05:06 And so the food tastes good at Weimar
05:09 and that's one of the reasons why you lose weight.
05:11 It's when the food is not as tasty
05:14 that people have a tendency to overeat
05:16 because they are hoping to be able to find some taste.
05:19 When the taste is there, you don't have that desire
05:22 to continue to go back to it.
05:25 Now you know another thing that the program
05:28 talks about being able to do is that it will renew
05:32 or will boost the immune system
05:34 and we're talking about this specially with people
05:37 that maybe are concerned about a diagnosis of cancer
05:40 or have been, you know,
05:42 just kind of beatdown or whatever reason.
05:44 They want get their immune system backup.
05:46 How does that work?
05:48 Well it actually it works through
05:51 all eight of those remedies.
05:53 You know, sunlight for instance
05:55 does improve the immune system.
05:57 Vitamin D will reduce the risk of cancer
06:00 by 50 to 70 percent
06:02 and if you have breast cancer,
06:04 colon cancer, both of those have now been proven
06:08 that sunlight will improve your longevity
06:11 after a cancer diagnosis
06:13 and that is just proper use of sunlight alone.
06:16 If you add to that, the nutrition changes
06:18 where you are getting more beta carotene.
06:20 You're getting more Vitamin A,
06:22 you are getting more Vitamin C,
06:24 Vitamin E from the foods that you are eating
06:27 and then the antioxidant levels are very high.
06:30 It's a very rich antioxidant food menu
06:35 that is being supplied there
06:37 and that also has its role in preventing
06:40 and boosting cancer. Or immune system.
06:42 In fact, if you are, yeah I'm sorry
06:44 yes boosting the immune system
06:46 which prevents the cancer spread in some cases.
06:50 You know, if you call the Newstart number,
06:53 you will be able to talk to a gentleman there
06:57 who was only given a few weeks to live
06:59 when he came to Weimar.
07:01 He actually works for Weimar now in the call center
07:04 with a brain malignancy and... Brain tumor.
07:08 as the result of the program and proper treatment,
07:13 he is disease-free and it's been I believe 12 years
07:17 or more since that time
07:19 and it's a good picture of health
07:22 and Weimar made major difference in that outcome.
07:27 You know, some people listening and thinking
07:30 about a place like this,
07:31 they were considered alternative medicine
07:33 but is it just the plans, is it just the walking
07:37 or is medicine involved, the practice of medicine.
07:42 Oh, the practice of medicine is involved
07:43 That's not like the doctors
07:45 there are going to not use any medicine period.
07:50 Actually it's a very scientific program.
07:53 Often the term Alternative Medicine,
07:55 is a term that means unproven medicine.
07:59 And what is being utilized at Weimar is not unproven.
08:03 It really shouldn't be an alternative.
08:04 There should be something.
08:05 They should be offered virtually to every patient
08:08 with the chronic diseases problem in America today.
08:12 But it isn't, even though it's proven.
08:15 And that's something we really need
08:17 to educate the healthcare providers,
08:19 that's one of the reasons
08:20 why I'm associated with a organization
08:22 call the, American College of Lifestyle Medicine,
08:25 where we are bent on educating physicians
08:29 in regards to the good scientific principles
08:32 where changes in diet and lifestyle
08:34 and hydrotherapy and proper rest
08:38 with the proper light cycles etc,
08:40 can actually be very healing for a number of diseases.
08:45 So they can offer their patients
08:46 more than just typical prescriptions.
08:50 So does it boost your mental health,
08:51 you feel better going there mentally even?
08:54 Absolutely! In fact, one of our goals
08:58 is to start a Mental Health Program
09:02 right there at Weimar,
09:04 where we run Depression Recovery Programs
09:07 several times a year.
09:08 We run programs for other mental health,
09:10 a problem as well.
09:12 And we have already run these programs in other settings,
09:15 you know, moving from Oklahoma
09:17 to health out with the mental health component
09:21 there in California.
09:24 And we have found that the program
09:26 that we're going to be taking to Weimar
09:28 actually works better than any combination of medicines
09:31 on the planet for Depression.
09:33 In fact 90 percent of people are able to live
09:36 depression-free without any medication
09:38 without continued counseling,
09:41 once they go through this program.
09:44 They have the tools so they will not be able to,
09:47 they won't suffer from depression anymore.
09:51 This is major Depression.
09:52 You are not talking Bipolar, probably helps Bipolar.
09:54 Does help Bipolar, but some Bipolar patients
09:57 are gonna continue to need medicine, and it depends
10:01 upon the severity of their Bipolar.
10:03 So would it be fair to say that the principles
10:05 of Newstart physically lived out
10:07 also been helped you mentally?
10:10 Oh, absolutely.
10:11 There is no question. It helps you mentally.
10:12 Your mental performance will go up we're tired.
10:16 You know, people will talk about
10:17 their memories improving.
10:19 They will talk about how their relationships
10:21 with their spouse have improved.
10:23 You know, we've had many people that have had
10:25 marital problems that come to Weimar
10:27 and the side benefit that they weren't anticipating
10:30 is their marital problems improved.
10:32 And how did they improve?
10:33 Because many marital problems
10:34 are doing mental health problems,
10:36 of one or both spouses,
10:37 and so if the mental health issues improve
10:40 than it stands to reason
10:42 that the marriage will improve as well.
10:44 Well, you know, I see on brochure,
10:46 sure I want to show the back of the brochure
10:48 again with the map in the website
10:50 and the phone number.
10:52 I see on that this is listed
10:53 as the top in the top 10 program.
10:57 It's actually number two
10:58 among these types of programs in this country in America...
11:03 And that was for weight loss.
11:04 That was the physician committee
11:05 for responsible medicine. Right.
11:07 But there is the number 800-525-9192.
11:11 You can see very easy access right off I-80.
11:15 Log into, and check this out
11:18 actually just start come there
11:20 and I take a day and visit or just call that number
11:25 and find out how you can get that brochure
11:28 with all of the information that's packed into it.
11:30 Yeah, they will say you have a DVD.
11:33 You can, on the website they have
11:35 all kinds of different things too
11:37 that are resources and what not.
11:39 And it's really quite a place. Quite place.
11:42 You know, there is about 450 acres
11:46 and they say it's about 15 miles of trails
11:49 and you might think, well I can walk.
11:51 But many people that come, they do not be able to walk.
11:55 We see them walk in the trails.
11:57 They really get life back.
11:59 Yes, and 15 is conservative estimate,
12:02 actually that there is significantly...
12:04 Hope it get loss in three months.
12:08 What, just one last quick thing.
12:10 Do you have to wait till you get sick to go there
12:12 or should you go when you are older
12:14 or is okay for young people to go there? No.
12:16 It's okay for young people to go there.
12:18 Actually we talked about peak,
12:19 physical, and mental performance.
12:22 And if you are wanting to reach peak performance
12:24 and also want to age successfully,
12:26 you know, if you are young,
12:28 the chance of new aging successfully
12:30 is less than 10 percent.
12:32 If you go to a program like this
12:33 it goes up to about 80 percent chance
12:35 of successful aging
12:36 and that means you keep your mind, your body,
12:39 and your health past the age of 85.
12:42 Well Dr. Nedley, we're excited about,
12:45 you know, you being out there at Weimar,
12:46 we believe that a lot of good things
12:49 that are going to be happening
12:50 and the team that you pulling together
12:52 and is already there.
12:54 They are just doing great things,
12:56 and we appreciate the Newstart program.
12:59 We hope that you take advantage of.
13:00 Thank you for being with us. You welcome.
13:02 And thank you for being with us.


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