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Don't Get It Twisted

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00:42 He's brought me through hard trials
00:47 He brought me through tribulations
00:51 Never let a day go by and not realize
00:58 Had not been for the Lord who was on my side
01:02 Back was against the wall He looked out for me
01:05 He heard my cry and rescued me
01:10 Never let a day go by and not realize
01:15 We are blessed, don't take it for granted
01:21 that we are here today
01:27 Just know that we are blessed and highly favored
01:35 Just know
01:39 that we are blessed and highly favored
01:48 He brought me through hard trials
01:52 He brought me walking through tribulations
01:57 Never let a day go by and not realize
02:02 Had not been, had not been for the Lord who was on my side
02:07 When my back was against the wall He looked out for me
02:11 He heard my cry and rescued me
02:16 Never let a day go by and not realize
02:20 We are blessed, don't take it for granted
02:27 that we are here today
02:32 Just know that we are blessed and highly favored
02:41 Just know
02:45 that we are blessed and highly favored
02:52 As I look back through the years
02:56 It's amazing how he helped me
03:01 What the devil meant for evil
03:06 God turned it around, turned it around just for my good
03:11 I know I'm blessed and highly favored
03:18 Just know that we are blessed and highly favored
03:30 We just come to think of it for a moment
03:36 It could've been me, it should've been me
03:40 it could've been me if it wasn't for the blood
03:46 It could've been me, it should've been me
03:49 it could've been me if it wasn't for the blood
03:55 It could've been me, it should've been me
03:59 It could've been me if it wasn't for the blood
04:04 It could've been me, it should've been me
04:08 It could've been me if it wasn't for the blood
04:13 It could've been me, it should've been me
04:17 It would've been me if it wasn't for the blood
04:23 It could've been me, it should've been me
04:26 It would've been me if it wasn't for the blood
04:32 Grace and mercy
04:48 Grace on me
04:50 Yeah, grace and mercy
04:53 Grace and mercy
05:00 Grace and mercy
05:04 Grace
05:07 Just know that we are blessed and highly favored
05:17 Just know
05:19 that we are blessed and highly favored
05:47 Order my steps in Your way dear Lord
05:54 Lead me, guide me, everyday
06:00 Send Your anointing Father I pray
06:06 Order my steps in Your Word
06:12 Please order my steps in Your Word
06:20 Humbly I ask Thee Lord
06:24 Teach me Your will
06:26 While You are working, help us be still
06:32 Satan is busy but My God is real
06:40 Order my steps in Your Word
06:45 Yes, order my steps in Your Word
06:53 Write on my tongue, let my words edify
06:59 Let the words of my mouth be acceptable in Thy sight
07:04 Take charge of my thoughts both day and night
07:11 Order my steps in Your Word
07:17 Please order my steps in Your Word
07:24 Order my steps in Your Word dear Lord
07:30 Lead me, guide me, everyday
07:36 Send Your anointing, Father I pray
07:43 Order my steps in Your Word
07:48 Please order my steps in Your Word
07:53 I want to walk worthy
08:00 my calling to fulfill
08:05 Please order my steps
08:08 And I will always do
08:12 Your blessed will
08:17 The world is every changing
08:23 Ever changing
08:26 But You are still the same
08:30 If You order my steps
08:35 I'll praise Your name
08:43 I want to walk worthy
08:49 I want to walk worthy
08:54 Please order my steps
08:57 Order my steps
08:59 I will always do
09:01 Your blessed will
09:06 The world is ever changing
09:09 Ever changing
09:12 But You are still the same
09:17 If You order my steps
09:21 I will praise Your name
09:30 I want to walk worthy
09:37 I want to walk worthy
09:48 I will always do
09:50 Your blessed will
09:52 The world is ever changing
09:58 But You are still the same
10:03 If You order my steps
10:07 If You order my steps, I will praise Your name
10:15 Order my steps
10:21 In Your word, order my tongue
10:27 Order my tongue in Your Word
10:30 Guide my feet
10:34 In Your Word
10:36 Show me how to walk in Your Word
10:42 Show me how to walk
10:45 In Your Word
10:48 Show me how to walk
10:50 In Your Word
10:53 Provide me a brand new
10:56 song to sing
10:59 Show me how to let
11:02 Your praises ring
11:05 In Your Word
11:07 In Your Word, yes
11:10 In Your Word
11:13 Word
11:16 Order my steps in Your Word
11:21 Please order my steps in Your Word
11:27 In Your Word, in Your Word
11:30 Order my steps, in Your Word
11:34 Please order my steps
11:37 In Your Word
11:40 Please order my steps
11:44 In Your Word
11:46 Please order my steps
11:50 In Your Word
12:03 Journey with me to the book of Second Peter
12:07 Second Peter the 3rd chapter
12:10 2 Peter 3, verses 3-4
12:17 And 9 and 10
12:21 2 Peter 3, verses 3 and 4
12:27 and 9 and 10
12:37 2 Peter 3:3-4 and 9-10
12:42 You have it, say Amen
12:45 Let's read together. What does it say?
12:48 Knowing this first that there shall come in which days?
12:54 what will come? Scoffers. Doing what? Walking after their own
12:59 lusts and saying what?
13:03 Keep going
13:12 Let's skip down to verse 9
13:15 I like this, it says what?
13:19 He's not slack concerning what?
13:23 His promise, as some men count slackness
13:27 But what is He? He's long suffering towards who?
13:31 Not willing that any should what?
13:34 But that all should do what?
13:36 Come to repentance.
13:38 Let's read that last verse, verse 10
13:41 But the day of the Lord might come
13:47 The day of the Lord should come
13:50 Will come
13:52 Will come as what? A thief in the night
13:57 in the which the heavens shall do what?
14:00 pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt
14:05 with what? the earth also and the works that are therein shall
14:09 be what? Why don't you think with me today on this thought
14:13 Don't get it twisted.
14:20 Don't get it twisted
14:22 One of the more intriguing idioms
14:26 of the modern era has been loose lips
14:31 sink ships
14:34 Anybody ever heard that?
14:37 Loose lips sink ships. The phrase became vogue
14:44 during World War II when sailors were cautioned when they were
14:48 going on leave not to share what ship they had sailed on
14:54 where they had been and where they were going.
14:58 The military believed that if they would talk too much
15:05 they feared that the sailors might inadvertently give out
15:10 some anecdotal information that would assist the enemy to track
15:15 that ship and sink it.
15:19 In time the phrase came to mean excessive talk that might
15:25 sabotage a person, project or event.
15:32 The phrase has also become an example of what is termed
15:38 in the Latin, Ignorancio olanci
15:43 What did I say?
15:52 No everybody
15:54 Ignoratio Elenchi
15:58 It translates ignorance approved
16:04 Ignorance approved. And ignoratio elenci
16:10 is a fallacy in logic of supposing that a point you made
16:16 somehow proves or disproves
16:19 something that really isn't an issue at all
16:24 Loose lips, sink ships.
16:29 Now can a pair of human lips really sink a ship?
16:36 Unless you have the kind of teeth that can somehow gnaw
16:40 a hole in the hull of a ship
16:46 That's ridiculous, it's ludicrous.
16:50 Maybe figuratively that is the case
16:54 But since literally it is not
16:57 is it really an issue about loose lips sink ships?
17:01 Our Scripture presents to us another ignoratio elenci
17:07 Look at it there in verse 4
17:11 Knowing this first that there shall come in the last days
17:15 scoffers walking after their own lusts
17:19 and saying, where is the promise of His coming
17:22 for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue
17:27 as they were from the beginning of creation.
17:31 Here it is. Just because generations of people have died
17:38 that does not mean that Jesus is not coming back.
17:42 Don't get it twisted.
17:47 That has absolutely nothing to do with the coming Lord
17:52 The fact of the matter is that Jesus is coming back
17:57 whether you will believe it, whether you prepare for it
18:01 whether you're ready, whether you're looking for it
18:05 whether you're curious about it whether you're interested in it
18:09 Jesus is coming again.
18:11 And I say Amen to that.
18:16 Amen. Well pastor, how do you know He's coming back?
18:21 You ain't sayin anything.
18:25 In fact there's a song that I like, that says, Mine eyes
18:30 have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
18:35 I haven't seen Him coming but I've seen the glory that
18:39 precedes whenever He goes anywhere.
18:42 Wherever He goes anywhere
18:44 There's such an effulgent glory
18:49 that precedes Him and so the songwriter says
18:53 that's what I was seeing. In fact I was reading a while ago
18:57 I don't know if it's true but I was reading an article
18:59 the other day where astronomers were looking in constellations
19:05 and they were looking at the constellation of Orion
19:09 and they said they heard sounds coming from the other side
19:13 of the hole of Orion and when they put it into the computer
19:17 the computer said it's some kind of music
19:24 You do know that when the Lord comes He's supposed to come
19:27 through the nebula of Orion, don't you?
19:30 My eyes have seen the glory of the coming
19:34 That's how you know. Matthew 7.
19:37 Matthew 24. Turn to Matthew 24.
19:40 Matthew the 24th chapter.
19:46 Here's the first way I know
19:49 I know He's coming because the signs say He's coming
19:52 Matthew 24. And Jesus went out and departed from the Temple
19:58 and His disciples came to Him for to show Him the buildings
20:02 of the Temple. And Jesus said unto them
20:05 See ye now all these things, verily I say unto you
20:09 there shall not be left here one stone upon another
20:14 that shall not be thrown down and as He sat upon the
20:19 Mount of Olives the disciples came unto Him privately
20:22 saying, Tell us when shall these things be?
20:26 And what shall be the sign of Thy coming and of the end
20:30 of the world. And Jesus answered and said unto them
20:35 Take heed that no man deceives you for many shall come
20:40 in my name saying what?
20:41 I am Christ and shall do what?
20:48 Do you know that from the time Christ uttered these words
20:55 until this day, that there have been about 33 individuals that
21:02 have on the scene proclaiming and professing to be Christ
21:06 What's even more interesting, two of them had been women
21:16 It hasn't been relegated to just one race, we've had black people
21:23 who've come forth saying they're Jesus.
21:25 We've had Asian folks step forth
21:28 and say they're Jesus. We've had Caucasian folks step forth
21:32 and say they're Jesus. Most recently Jose Luis de Jesus
21:36 Miranda from Puerto Rico, the preacher, he come forth and
21:40 said he's who? He's Jesus.
21:47 It's interesting when you read through Matthew 24
21:50 that we are warned about the deceptions of false christs
21:54 and false teachers more than any other sign, three times
21:57 What does that suggest to us?
22:01 That we've got to have our eyes wide open
22:05 We've got to get those eyes focused on the Word
22:09 We need to know what "Thus saith the Lord"
22:12 Stop picking on somebody else
22:15 to spoon feed us the truth. the Lord says
22:18 I'll feed you right from the _if you just open the Word
22:23 And study to show yourself approved.
22:29 That's one thing I liked about the Bereans
22:32 When they were in the church and they heard the teaching
22:36 They just didn't say, ummm the show sure was good today
22:40 They went home and studied to see if those things were so.
22:50 You don't need to take anybody's word
22:54 for what's in the Word. You ought to go the Word
22:57 so He can explain the Word
22:59 I can't believe that
23:07 Look at verse 6, look at verse 6
23:10 And ye shall hear what?
23:12 Wars and rumors of wars. See that ye be not troubled
23:18 for what? All these things must come to pass, but the end is
23:23 not yet, for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom
23:28 against what? against kingdom
23:32 Out of 200 countries recognized by the United Nations
23:39 67 of them are at war.
23:42 There are probably many wars going on simultaneously
23:47 as we speak. We just left a war didn't we?
23:53 And we're still involved in other wars at the same time.
23:59 Look at the second half of that verse
24:02 It says, and there shall be what?
24:06 Famines, what else? what else? earthquakes, where?
24:12 What does that verse mean?
24:15 Different places. Places that did not use to hear about
24:19 earthquakes, is that right?
24:24 Listen, approximately 15 million children
24:29 die every year from hunger.
24:36 That means about every 3.6 seconds
24:40 somebody's dying of hunger
24:46 and yet the awesome reality is
24:49 that if we took the money that we spend on one missile
24:55 we could feed a whole school of hungry children lunch for 5 year
25:04 Just cash in a missile
25:10 Just cash in a missile and you can feed a school for 5 years
25:20 Wars, famines and what's the last thing?
25:33 Just jumped over one, just went all over money
25:36 What comes after famines?
25:39 Oh you couldn't pronounce it is that what it was?
25:49 Pestilence. You don't just see it.
25:51 Disease, disease. Out of 59 million people who die each year
26:00 30 million of them die from disease.
26:04 Pestilence is everywhere.
26:08 Doesn't it sound like the Dallas morning news?
26:10 But I'm reading from Matthew 24.
26:15 You can't get a better editor than that.
26:18 Can't pretend what was going to happen in 2012.
26:22 Earthquakes, listen to this. I'm kinda curious about
26:26 stuff. I go digging. I learned that from 1800 to 1900
26:34 that's a 100 year period, there were 645 earthquakes
26:41 In a 100-year period. Then from 1900 to 1997
26:48 there were 1847 earthquakes
26:55 That means in 94 years the occurrence and incidence of
27:01 earthquakes had almost tripled 2.8%, almost tripled
27:06 in the next 100 years. But listen to this, from 1994
27:11 to the year 2000, which is just how many years?
27:17 Seven, a little over seven
27:22 You going to tell me what's in this service?
27:26 If it's wrong, just go along with your pastor. 7 means 7.
27:30 7 years. Listen, listen. Listen there were 1163 earthquakes
27:37 in just 7 years. That means the incidence of earthquakes
27:43 has increased by almost 175 times
27:50 in seven years.
27:54 If something doesn't click into our reality, and
27:58 let us know something is going on we've got to be fast asleep.
28:05 Look at verse 8. This is a scary verse.
28:11 Read it, what does it say?
28:17 You think it could get worse?
28:19 You've got to be kidding. It can be worse.
28:25 All these are the beginning of sorrows. In fact, I looked at
28:32 the etymology of that word 'sorrow' and in the Greek
28:35 the word is Audine. Do you know what Audine translates at?
28:37 All these are the beginning of labor pains.
28:41 When I think of the pain that can be caused by war
28:45 the pain that can be caused by starvation
28:50 the pain that can be caused by dying and disease
28:55 the pain that can be caused to hang on walls, on brick walls
28:59 throwing tiles on you and crush you
29:01 and I said to myself, she musta been in a whole lot
29:05 of pain if this just represents the beginning of labor pain.
29:15 That's true. How do you know Jesus is coming?
29:20 Verse 14 of Matthew 24.
29:24 First of all, the signs say so.
29:28 But look at verse 14. And read it with me.
29:32 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be what? preached where?
29:36 In all the world for what? for witness to all nations
29:41 and then what's gonna happen?
29:43 The reason I know is because the gospel is being preached
29:47 everywhere. When this church convened in the city of Atlanta
29:55 in the year 2012, 2010
30:00 I took a special interest in the last page of the booklet
30:06 because it had that there a little notation that probably
30:13 most people took little note of.
30:15 It said that there are 218 countries recognized by the
30:20 United Nations and this church has preached the gospel
30:25 203 of them.
30:31 How many does that leave?
30:35 Fifteen.
30:37 Think with me now, think with me.
30:41 218, the gospel has already been preached
30:46 I heard one Praise God
30:51 203 have been entered. 15 are left. Now anybody have any idea
31:00 how many satellites we got up there?
31:03 With technology being what it is how long do you think it will
31:08 take for the gospel to get to those lands of 15 countries?
31:14 Absolutely no time at all.
31:17 In fact the Gospel can be preached in every country
31:22 if people just got on FaceBook.
31:31 I got a friend request from somebody in Malaysia
31:36 I had absolutely no idea how to pronounce their name
31:43 I've never met them, but some kinda way they were able to
31:49 navigate to my page. How long do you think it'll take
31:54 beloved, for the Gospel to be preached, what is the Gospel?
31:58 by the way? What is the Gospel? The Gospel is what?
32:04 Say it again.
32:06 Good News. Good news about what?
32:11 About Jesus Christ? What about Jesus Christ?
32:18 Let me help you out a little bit.
32:22 Romans 6:23.
32:26 Turn there, I gotta help you with this good news.
32:31 Romans 6:23
32:35 You have it? You might even know it.
32:38 Tell m what does it say?
32:40 For the what? The wages of what?
32:44 is what? Say it again.
32:49 Is there a but?
32:50 I like things that follow but
32:54 It changes the situation.
32:57 It alters the state of being.
33:00 But what? Keep on reading.
33:01 But the gift of God is what?
33:04 Eternal life. You've got to understand that there is a
33:10 cosmic chasm that has been exacerbated by my sins
33:14 Isaiah 59:2 says Your iniquities have separated me from you
33:21 I told you last Sabbath that Jesus loves you and misses you
33:27 and He loves to get back with you.
33:30 He can't stand the separation.
33:35 And so He wanted to make sure there'd be no more separation
33:40 He's got to destroy sin and sinners.
33:50 But the gift of God is eternal life.
33:55 We're sinners, we're sinners.
34:00 We have to acknowledge the fact that we're sinners.
34:03 I said what? I don't hear you.
34:06 Acknowledge the fact
34:09 that you're a sinner.
34:10 Anybody get to AA yet?
34:15 I have two honest souls.
34:19 Two. That's ok.
34:24 They put their hands up in testimony, not telling.
34:32 In testimony.
34:35 You're not going to be saved without a testimony.
34:39 Rev 12:11 says, but they over came by the blood of the Lamb
34:44 and what else? The word of yours you can't talk to everybody
34:49 but somebody that will listen to me. You can't talk to everybody
34:52 how can you all talk to me about drugs if you ain't
34:55 never been high?
34:59 You can't talk to me about how it feels
35:03 to ache, to have a high that will only last a few seconds.
35:09 And so you gotta get another high, another high, you can't
35:12 talk to me about that unless you've walked in my shoes
35:16 How you goin to come to me and be part of the prison ministry
35:20 and you don't know what it is to live behind bars?
35:22 You don't know what it is to be incarcerated.
35:26 Even in your spirit? How in the world will you go and talk to me
35:31 about being a battered and abused wife if your husband
35:37 is taking you out to Cheesecake Factory once a week?
35:46 Hello somebody.
35:53 Let me do one thing better.
35:55 Everybody ain't ready for your testimony.
36:02 You testify about what God has done for you
36:06 Then someone's gonna say, whoo girl
36:09 She says she'd been with five men.
36:15 If I caught the other part of the testimony
36:17 But Jesus became the only man in my life
36:21 Jesus made me free of all those men in my life
36:25 Where is the rest of the every body can't handle your testimony
36:31 God has given your experience to you and He's going to use you
36:35 to talk to somebody who shares the same kind of experience
36:40 as you've been through. That's why you can't look down
36:45 your nose at anybody despite what they've been through
36:49 despite where the road has taken them because God has given them
36:55 a testimony so that they will be able to minister to His glory.
36:59 There's somebody that you and I can't minister to
37:09 That Gospel is about good news
37:11 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
37:15 Acts 16:31 says, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
37:22 and what happens? You gonna be saved.
37:25 You gonna be saved. Your separated self is gonna be saved
37:31 Because this, Oh Jesus
37:35 Somebody called Him the Rose of Sharon.
37:39 Somebody called Him the Lily of the Valley
37:43 Somebody called Him the Bright and Morning Star
37:47 Somebody called Him the way out of nowhere
37:50 Somebody called Him Bread somebody called Him Water
37:55 Somebody understood something about our Lord
37:58 That He had a way of preaching He's the bridge maker
38:03 The bridge builder, the goel? so no matter how far
38:08 sin has separated us from God
38:11 He is big enough to bridge the gap.
38:19 The good thing about it is
38:23 I don't have to feel bad that I messed up
38:26 Because I read my Bible the other day and Romans 3:23
38:32 says, There is none righteous
38:35 So shut up, there is none righteous
38:40 So mind your business
38:43 There is none righteous, go soak your head
38:47 There is none righteous, not even you.
38:50 There is none righteous
38:52 therefore we're all on level ground
38:56 And it's the cross that gets off that level ground
39:00 And He said, And I, if I be lifted up, I'll draw all
39:04 all men unto me.
39:07 It's right what you done.
39:10 How low you've gone. 1 John 1:9. After I acknowledge my sin
39:18 that I'm a sinner, the good news is that if I believe on the Lord
39:22 Jesus Christ I can be saved but in order to do that I
39:25 got to do something. 1 John 1:9 says what?
39:29 If we confess our sins
39:34 He is what? And what else? To do what?
39:40 Cleanse us from all unrighteousness
39:46 You ever said you were sorry to somebody for something
39:49 you did to them and they still didn't let you off the hook?
40:00 You better be glad I ain't running...
40:09 Whatever the Bible says I turn it up on you
40:21 The Good News that people are waiting to hear
40:25 is not that they are sinners but that there's a Savior.
40:31 They don't want to live in the memory of all the filth
40:40 and the bad living they've done. They want to be lifted up
40:44 from that low state and if you don't get it right
40:48 you'll never find liberation or deliverance in the Lord
40:52 So don't get it wrong.
40:59 Fascinating. How do you know He's coming?
41:03 Let's go back to our Scripture Reading in 1 Thessalonians
41:08 as I bring this thing to a close.
41:12 1 Thessalonians 4. I like this passage.
41:23 Look at it. Look at how Paul starts it off.
41:28 But I would not have you, what?
41:30 Just stop there. Ignorant.
41:34 Remember what we were talking about?
41:40 Ignoratio Elenchi?
41:42 Being ignorant proof.
41:45 Paul says I don't want you to be ignorant.
41:49 He said that because he had just somewhere around AD 50
41:53 he had been expelled. He and Silas had been expelled from
41:58 Philippi and so he went to retreat in Corinth
42:02 and while they were there in Corinth Pastor Timothy came
42:07 to be with them. Timothy was the pastor in Thessalonica
42:11 and he came down for a workers' meeting and gave a report
42:16 to Paul about the saints that were in Thessalonica.
42:20 He said, you need to know that the saints are being persecuted
42:26 there. They're being persecuted for their beliefs
42:32 and when I look at their beliefs
42:35 some of their beliefs are a little askew.
42:40 They have ethical problems and they have eschatological problem
42:46 The ethical problem is that they believe that since the coming
42:51 of the Lord is going to be as a thief in the night
42:55 and you can't tell when the thief is going to break in
42:58 then we don't need to work for souls any more.
43:06 We can stop laboring for people
43:10 because the Lord is on His way. It could be today, it could be
43:14 tomorrow so let's just get ready.
43:17 Then they had an eschatological problem.
43:21 Because they were being persecuted they didn't quite
43:26 understand. I don't think Paul had really explained it to them
43:31 yet. But he would eventually say that they who live godly
43:36 in Christ Jesus shall be what?
43:38 I don't hear you.
43:40 Shall suffer persecution. They believed that since they
43:44 were suffering persecution that perhaps Jesus had already come
43:50 and forgot about them.
43:55 And so Paul decides he better send a pastoral letter
44:01 to the saints of the church in Thessalonica.
44:06 He wants to reassure them of one central fact
44:12 It's right there in verse 16.
44:17 Look at it. It says, For
44:23 What does it say brethren?
44:24 For the Lord Himself. Stop right there.
44:31 It's not the secretary of heaven
44:34 It's not the emissary
44:38 It's not a representative
44:40 But the Bible says, just in case you get it twisted
44:47 The Lord Himself!
44:51 That means when the Lord comes that His coming will be
44:57 Himself. I'm not sending a representative
45:02 I'm coming Myself
45:06 What's the next part of it say?
45:10 The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with what?
45:14 With a shout and what else? With the voice of the archangel
45:20 What else?
45:21 Now this is why I believe God is black
45:29 He shouts and He plays the trumpet
45:40 The Lord Himself shouts it says
45:44 With a shout
45:46 The voice of God
45:47 The trump of God, the voice of the archangel
45:51 Understand something, not only will His coming be personal
45:55 but His coming will also be public.
46:00 I was sitting in my house the other day
46:05 and a man across the street was working on his car
46:09 And all of a sudden I found myself
46:14 just singing Summer Breeze
46:18 makes me feel fine
46:20 blowing through the castles of my mind
46:25 Then I got up, summer breeze makes me feel fine
46:32 I saw myself in the glass and I said, what did I do?
46:40 If I don't stop this it's gonna to be summer for a long time
46:43 It will be real hot.
46:48 But I learned something.
46:50 When we listen to the music we like to heat it up
46:54 A little bit. Little loud. He's just working on his car
46:59 but I can hear it in my house
47:04 There's something about the coming of Jesus
47:07 Not only will it be personal but it will also be public
47:11 It will have the ability for dead ears to hear Him come.
47:17 Ears that have disintegrated. Ears that have rotted away
47:23 Ears that have become dust and dirt. And yet in some kinda way
47:28 when Jesus comes
47:32 even the skull will be able to hear His coming.
47:35 And obey when He says to the North
47:38 Give Up, and to the South Give them back
47:43 Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of earth
47:47 In some kind of way the dead in Christ are going to be able to
47:52 to hear Him and get up from the grave
47:58 I used to wonder, wait a minute Lord
48:01 Why they got to go first?
48:05 All these problems I'm having down here
48:07 Why are You raising them up first?
48:12 You know what the Lord put in my spirit
48:14 Because they have died in faith waiting for me to come
48:22 They've been waiting longer for this thing to happen
48:27 You still will live here. Look at the last part here
48:31 Look at the last part here
48:33 The dead in Christ shall rise, then we which are alive
48:39 and remain, shall be what?
48:42 Say it again
48:43 Caught up together with them
48:46 in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air
48:50 And so shall we ever be with the Lord
48:59 It's interesting to me that Paul says, when Jesus comes
49:04 it will be personal. When Jesus comes it will be public
49:09 And then finally he says,
49:12 when Jesus comes it's going to be permanent.
49:15 Then shall we ever be with the Lord. Now never mind the fact
49:22 that there are other people up in the clouds
49:24 He didn't comment on that. He said we'll be with the Lord
49:28 forever. Now by default you'll be with those people who were
49:33 resurrected as well. But when it comes to being with Jesus
49:37 versus anybody else, Paul says I'd rather be with Jesus
49:46 than to be with anybody else. So don't get it twisted
49:54 He that shall come will come
49:57 and it won't be long. Don't get it twisted
50:02 because He says if I go and prepare a place for you
50:06 I will come again. Don't get it twisted
50:12 If He came the first time, He'll come back the second time
50:17 So don't get it twisted.
50:21 Jesus is coming back, the signs say so.
50:25 The preaching of the Gospel says so.
50:28 But more important, He says so.
50:34 Mom taught us to pray for that, Amen. At World War II
50:40 The Korean conflict. Vietnam, the first time.
50:46 And he was on his second tour?
50:53 I was out in the yard playing...
50:56 Mom had told us about three weeks before.
50:59 Your daddy's coming home.
51:02 And she made us clean up the house.
51:06 Every day, as if daddy was coming that day.
51:14 Day after day I had to dust my floor, dust my?
51:20 make my bed because daddy was coming home.
51:24 One week went by, two weeks went by.
51:29 Three weeks went by, no daddy.
51:35 Not only had I pushed the no-daddy button
51:39 but I also pushed the no-coming button
51:42 He ain't coming back.
51:46 So while I was out there in the yard I saw
51:49 an army green staff car coming down Liberty Street
51:58 It slowed down at 167 Liberty Street
52:01 turned into the driveway at 167 Liberty Street
52:09 The glass was tinted so I didn't know whether it was someone
52:16 coming to inform my mother of her new found status
52:21 as a widow and ours as fatherless.
52:29 So when the door opened
52:34 and I stood there looking at the car
52:37 all of a sudden a figure stepped out
52:43 that I kinda recognized
52:47 And that same black head
52:52 just like mine
52:54 black as 52 midnights
53:00 muscular in his frame
53:04 got out with that winsome smile
53:08 punched me in my chest
53:14 and I said, Hi Daddy
53:18 I knew daddy was home
53:22 Ain't nobody ain't like daddy
53:25 It wasn't an apparition
53:27 it wasn't my imagination
53:30 Daddy gave me confirmation that I'm back home
53:34 and not only am I back home but I'm back home to take control
53:39 to take charge, to get the house back in order
53:44 to make sure that everything goes right
53:48 Daddy's home. Soon and very soon daddy is coming home
53:56 no matter what the world says
53:59 no matter what the scoffer says
54:02 no matter what the nay-Sayers say
54:05 no matter what the skeptics say
54:08 no matter what the pessimists say
54:10 no matter what the atheists say
54:13 Jesus is coming again
54:18 The issue, the core fundamental issue
54:23 is not whether Jesus is coming again
54:27 but whether we're going to be ready when He comes
54:33 That's the issue
54:36 That's the issue.
54:39 Stand on your feet with me
54:42 Stand on your feet with me
54:45 God has been good to you, I said God been good to you?
54:50 I don't care if you don't have a job, God has been good to you
54:53 cause you have your breath. God has been good to you
54:57 You've got your life.
55:00 You can get another job, but you can't get another life
55:04 But the one thing that you may not have
55:10 is a personal solid relationship with Jesus Christ
55:16 Nothing that you can... on this earth
55:20 Nothing can compare in value
55:24 to a saving relationship with Him
55:30 But I don't know
55:33 if you've formed that with Him yet
55:36 Blessed Assurance. And therefore this first Sabbath of 2012
55:43 I don't want anybody to get twisted. I want somebody
55:48 to get it right. You need Jesus
55:53 and you know you need Him
55:56 you know this year will be messed up like last year was
56:01 if He leaves it up to you to handle your business
56:05 and today you want to come to the altar and say
56:09 Jesus, I want you. I want to accept you
56:13 While we're singing and the Spirit is talking to you
56:18 whether you're in the overflow or not
56:20 I'm going to invite you to come to the altar
56:21 Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
56:30 Come on. Why don't you get it straight
56:34 Why don't you get it straight today?
56:37 Come on now, come on now
56:39 Get it straight with the Lord
56:41 Heir of salvation, purchase of God
56:48 Born of His spirit, washed in His blood.


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