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00:43 Take the world
00:47 Give me Jesus
00:50 Take the world
00:54 Give me Jesus
00:58 Take the world
01:02 Give me Jesus
01:05 Take the world
01:10 Give me Jesus
01:13 You can have all the
01:17 All the world
01:21 You can have mercy
01:25 All day
01:29 You can be happy
01:31 with Jesus the Lord
01:37 Take the world
01:40 Give me Jesus
01:44 Take the world
01:48 Give me Jesus
01:52 Take the world
01:55 Give me Jesus
01:59 Take the world
02:03 Give me Jesus
02:07 You can have all the
02:11 All things
02:15 You can have mercy
02:18 All day
02:23 Happy with Jesus the Lord
02:30 Take the world
02:33 Take the world
02:38 But I'll take
02:40 Jesus for me
02:45 Take the world
02:49 Take the world
02:53 But I'll take
02:56 Jesus for me
03:00 Take the world
03:04 Take the world
03:09 But I'll take
03:11 Jesus for me
03:16 Take the world
03:20 Take the world
03:24 But I'll take
03:26 Jesus for me
03:31 Take the world
03:35 Take the world
03:40 But I will take
03:42 Jesus for me
03:47 Take the world
03:50 Take the world
03:55 But I'll take
03:57 Jesus for me
04:01 Amen
04:16 There is a name
04:21 That is so precious
04:26 A name so wonderful
04:31 To me
04:33 This name is worthy
04:38 Of all praises
04:42 Because of him
04:45 See I am made free
04:49 You know the name is Jesus
04:54 Oh how I love him
04:58 The one who gave
05:02 His life for me
05:06 Because of love
05:11 so unconditional
05:15 I will have life
05:18 Oh eternally
05:39 His name speaks peace
05:43 To our lives storm clouds
05:47 His name speaks calm
05:51 Through all mercies
05:55 And when I feel
05:59 That no one can love me
06:04 His loving presence
06:07 Is so near
06:12 His name is Jesus
06:16 Oh how I love him
06:20 The one who gave
06:24 His life for me
06:28 Because of love
06:32 So unconditional
06:37 I will have life
06:40 Oh eternally
06:47 Oh Praise
06:51 That name!
06:55 Praise
06:59 That holy name!
07:03 Praise
07:07 That name!
07:11 Praise
07:14 That name!
07:21 Well, someday we want to leave
07:26 This earthly dwelling
07:31 And through time and space
07:35 We all want to soar
07:40 Till we finally see
07:45 The face of Jesus
07:49 Oh the one who raise
07:53 Forevermore!
07:57 City Temple, That name is Jesus
08:02 Oh how I love him
08:07 The one
08:08 Who gave his life
08:15 For me
08:17 For me
08:21 Because of love
08:25 So unconditional
08:30 I will have life
08:33 Of eternally
08:40 Oh, my Jesus
08:44 Is that name
08:50 Glorious
08:54 Is that holy name!
08:59 Wonderful
09:03 Is that mighty name!
09:07 Oh praise
09:14 That name!
09:27 It is certainly good to be back in the house of God.
09:31 Again we know that it might be little chilly outside.
09:37 That's why you come inside
09:39 where the spirit can warm your heart.
09:42 On last week we began a series
09:46 entitled "Spiritual Vital Signs."
09:50 "Spiritual Vital Signs."
09:53 In that series we lifted up the fact
09:56 that when we go to see a physician,
10:00 when we go to the hospital they usually check us
10:04 by checking our vital signs, our temperature, our pulse,
10:08 our respirations and our blood pressure
10:10 to give an overall view
10:13 of how well our body is functioning.
10:16 That happens in the natural
10:19 and it also happens in the spiritual,
10:21 in the spiritual.
10:23 You know, last week we talked about,
10:26 we talked about our spiritual temperature
10:28 under the title "Do you have the holy ghost?"
10:32 "Do you have the holy ghost?"
10:34 Because we found in scripture that the Lord said,
10:37 I got a little substance that gives you
10:39 because you need a hot, no cold.
10:41 You don't have a temperature.
10:44 You need the Holy Ghost
10:46 and so we lifted up
10:49 the third person of the God here.
10:50 On this morning
10:52 we are going to be looking at the pulse now
10:56 and in the spiritual realm
10:58 and I want to direct your attention
11:00 to the Book of 2 Kings.
11:01 What book did I say?
11:03 2 Kings.
11:05 2 Kings 13 Chapter
11:09 2 Kings 13:20, 21.
11:17 2 Kings 13:20, 21
11:22 there you will find these words recorded.
11:25 "And Elisha died, and they buried him.
11:30 And the bands of the Moabites invaded the land
11:34 at the coming in of the year.
11:37 And they came to pass, as they were burying a man,
11:41 that, behold, they spied a band of men,
11:45 and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha:
11:50 and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha,
11:56 he revived, and stood up on his feet."
12:00 I thought today we talk on the subject
12:03 "Dead Man Walking."
12:05 "Dead Man Walking."
12:07 Now perhaps you may not have figured out by now
12:11 but pastor has a certain comedic element
12:15 about his personality.
12:16 I know that I come across
12:18 as being very serious and stoic and steam,
12:22 but nobody enjoys a better laugh than I.
12:26 In fact, I grew up in a home that was full of laughter.
12:30 I can recall my earliest memories
12:33 were of my mother laughing about something.
12:37 She would be on the phone laughing.
12:39 She talked to somebody and she would be laughing.
12:41 And so laughter is in my DNA.
12:45 This story is one that makes me laugh.
12:50 It makes me laugh because of how it progresses.
12:55 I look at it and I'm thinking to myself
12:59 now something is wrong here.
13:01 A dead man is laid down
13:04 to the grave of another dead man
13:07 and the dead man comes back to life
13:09 on touching the other dead man.
13:14 If the dead man
13:15 can make another dead man come back to life,
13:17 why didn't the original dead man
13:18 come back to life?
13:21 But let me get into, let me get to--
13:23 I want to get too far here myself
13:25 because there are some obvious questions
13:28 that comes to my mind.
13:30 Who do these bones belong to?
13:34 How did they get there?
13:36 And most important of all how did they get so much power
13:41 that when another dead man touches these bones,
13:45 they come back to life?
13:48 We have the answer to my first quandary
13:51 in verse 21.
13:53 It says that the bones belong to whom?
13:57 Elisha. Elisha.
13:59 Elisha.
14:01 Perhaps then if we can kind of rejoice the life of Elisha,
14:06 it might help us a little bit to understand
14:09 where all this power came from.
14:11 Isn't that right?
14:12 All right.
14:13 When I came into the ministry,
14:17 in fact, I was aware of my call to the ministry
14:22 at a very young age.
14:24 About the age of seven,
14:26 I remember going into the room and telling my mother
14:29 that I was going to be a minister.
14:34 Now she didn't say anything then
14:38 but being older, you know, and remembering my life,
14:42 I guess she might have said to herself,
14:44 she won't discourage me but you want to be minister?
14:49 Baby, what is this? You're not going to be.
14:53 I discovered when I got to college
14:56 that God calls me and other women into ministry
15:01 by one of three ways.
15:03 The first one is called original conviction.
15:06 What did I say?
15:07 Original conviction.
15:09 Jeremiah 1:4-10
15:12 talks about Jeremiah and how the Lord said,
15:16 "While you were still in the womb, Jeremiah,
15:20 I did" what?
15:21 "I called you
15:23 and I ordained you to be a prophet unto all."
15:27 Beloved, Jesus has said that He has plans for us,
15:32 isn't that right?
15:33 Before we are formed and we in the very womb,
15:37 God has a plan for our life
15:40 and you think of the stake about it.
15:42 He doesn't had plans
15:44 for the lives of those individuals
15:46 who were just born legitimately.
15:49 All right, we can see that.
15:50 See that.
15:52 Too many folk running around here with guilt trip
15:54 because of their birth origin.
15:57 I don't care whether you were born out of wedlock
16:02 or in the holy deadlock,
16:04 the fact of the matter is that if you're born at all,
16:09 it's not your idea, it's God's idea,
16:12 and God has a plan for your life.
16:15 Amen. Amen. Amen.
16:17 Too many folk walking around burdened,
16:21 feeling as if they don't matter,
16:24 they had no value because of their origin.
16:30 The last time I checked,
16:32 God made babies before they made mistakes.
16:35 Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
16:39 Yes, sir. Hello.
16:42 And so therefore
16:44 Jeremiah has been called to the ministry
16:48 by original conviction.
16:50 Then the second way,
16:51 an individual is called into the ministry
16:53 is by direct confrontation.
16:56 What did I say?
16:58 Direct confrontation.
16:59 You can mean that kind of inspiration.
17:01 Acts 9:1-22 where Saul is called
17:08 and he becomes the Apostle Paul.
17:11 Sometimes the Lord has to knock you off your donkey.
17:20 I told you I have a comedic side.
17:23 I won't say donkey.
17:25 He will knock you off your name so that He impress you up,
17:30 stand you up and send you where He wants you to go.
17:35 The third, the third way,
17:37 an individual is called into the ministry
17:40 is by association.
17:42 What did I say?
17:43 Association. Association.
17:45 1 Kings 19:19-20
17:49 this is the way that Elisha received his call
17:54 to the ministry.
17:56 He was affiliated,
17:57 well associated with the prophet Elijah.
18:02 You know Elijah, don't you?
18:04 Amen.
18:05 Elijah was the man who in 1 Kings 18
18:12 was so, he was so bad, brazen, and bold
18:18 that he went up some 1,700 feet to the site of Mount Carmel
18:23 to take off 450 other fellows.
18:28 Now you don't let them sound like a fair fight already.
18:33 But that means something over the mountains.
18:36 One that gets 450
18:40 and he is not there
18:42 because they are in the midst of getting warfare.
18:47 It's not a battle between the Prince and the Blood.
18:51 This is another time of warfare.
18:54 This is a warfare between good and evil.
18:58 God's prophets and the devil's prophets,
19:02 they are looking each other in the face
19:05 and they are trying to decide whose God is bigger,
19:10 whose God is better, whose God is more powerful.
19:14 You know, when you are growing up
19:16 and you outside selling your woof tickets
19:18 and you say "My daddy is bigger than your daddy.
19:22 My daddy is stronger than your daddy.
19:25 My daddy can beat your daddy."
19:28 I remember called my dad was in the 30,
19:31 and the people would say that.
19:33 I would say, "Oh, my dad all he got to do
19:36 is pull out a granite out of his pocket
19:37 and blew your daddy up."
19:45 We're just always trying,
19:47 trying to fight for the supremacy
19:50 and so it has Elijah up there.
19:53 Now remember, this is a man that was so bad
19:55 that this three years before the man said a prayer
20:01 and then told the people that it's not going to rain.
20:05 In a time, a man can pray
20:08 and the rain not fall for three years.
20:11 You know that man's got a lot of power in his life.
20:15 I like folk that have powerful prayers,
20:19 prayers that can move mountains,
20:21 prayers that can cast out devils,
20:24 prayers that can raise up the sick,
20:26 prayers that can seek the holy,
20:28 prayers that can call the death.
20:30 I like folk that had powerful prayers.
20:34 The reason I'm in the ministry today
20:37 is because momma prayed a powerful prayer over my life
20:42 because if you handle me, you will look at me and laugh,
20:46 I said that way it will be nothing.
20:49 It's about praying, you don't be a devil.
20:52 That's his planted life
20:55 but God honors the prayers of a sincere and the faithful.
21:01 And so, Elijah is up there and he says
21:06 "We want to settle this thing once and for all.
21:09 I'm tired of you all arguing and gives me trying to say
21:13 whose God is greater."
21:15 We are going to put people two altars
21:17 and we're gonna put two sacrifices over there
21:20 and we are not going to make this sacrifice,
21:23 we are gonna ask our gods.
21:28 You ask your God to light of,
21:32 in fact, your God is so bad,
21:34 I'm gonna let your God go first.
21:37 Let him get the first turn here
21:40 and then I'll ask my God.
21:43 And so that year almost 450 prophets of Baal
21:50 calling themselves and screaming
21:52 and calling up for their gods
21:55 and that's invite a cool, comfort and collective
21:59 sitting back there watching
22:01 as they're running out of brethren.
22:03 Maybe your God is asleep.
22:06 Maybe He is caught in a way going to movie.
22:08 You should cry out a little bit longer
22:11 and they cry for more."
22:13 And yet they did it all day without even a spark.
22:20 Then Elijah says, it's my turn.
22:24 I'll talk to my God.
22:27 He said, in fact,
22:29 I'll make it little bit harder for my God.
22:33 I want you to dig a trench around my altar
22:38 and then we are gonna put water on my sacrifice
22:41 and, you know, we don't really have fire.
22:43 Water does what?
22:45 Puts outside, isn't it right?
22:47 It extinguishes, put some water on my sacrifice.
22:51 They put some water in the ditch around the altar
22:55 and then I'll talk to my God.
22:58 And there he is a man who prayed for thought
23:01 that it would rain for few years.
23:02 God, we got 450 unbelievers.
23:09 They said that their God is stronger than you
23:13 In fact, you know that, snap in if you will
23:17 I'm flexible,
23:21 put miracles in my life and in the life of Israel,
23:25 not one shall tell who the real God is.
23:30 Will the real God please stand up?
23:34 God come down and then light the fire
23:38 and the Bible says there at 1 Kings 18
23:42 that the fire came down from God
23:46 and it lit up the altar, lit up the water,
23:52 lit up the dust around in altar,
23:55 lit up the sticks under the sacrifice.
23:58 Burnt up everything that was in place
24:01 and there was nothing standing there
24:03 after Elijah's God got down.
24:08 You know, our God is a real God.
24:11 He doesn't have to, He does things to perfection
24:16 and yet after such a momentous event,
24:20 the Bible says, that just a chapter later
24:24 in 1 Kings 19
24:26 we find that same prophet Elijah
24:30 depressed, distressed
24:34 and hiding in a leaf.
24:38 You got to, you got to say something.
24:41 With the Lord let you have a mountain top experience
24:46 that he prepared for me.
24:48 Good. That's right.
24:50 Because the devil doesn't quit when he loses.
24:55 That's true. That's true.
24:56 He keeps on fighting, he keeps on our treadle,
25:00 he won't let up, he won't let you go.
25:04 Yes, you may have gotten off a dress,
25:06 yes, you had a good job family back together.
25:09 Yes, you might have raise your children right.
25:12 Yes, you might have return a faithful tithe,
25:15 but the devil is not going to stop.
25:18 He is trying to check us up
25:21 and each and every one of us need to look for the cave
25:25 after the mountain.
25:30 What's wrong with your life?
25:33 I got to preserve myself, why?
25:37 Because if they give me,
25:40 you won't have anybody to testify.
25:44 You won't have any witnesses if they--
25:48 Don't you know that seven thousand of us,
25:52 they had to pick up--.
25:54 We have to get out of this me thing.
25:57 Well, we think the only way
26:01 only presence set to God.
26:03 God has it everywhere.
26:05 You don't know anything about and make the mistake about,
26:09 they all went inside this church.
26:12 All right, all right, we can see that.
26:15 I'll start faithfully everywhere
26:19 and you don't know anything about it.
26:22 Yes, to encourage him.
26:25 He says, well, I take that as a comment,
26:29 she might get me.
26:32 She who?
26:34 Jezebel.
26:37 You know, she don't have no fury like a woman's heart.
26:43 I told you come out of cave.
26:46 I will take care of the woman.
26:49 You come out of cave.
26:50 I want you to go and find,
26:52 find a Tishbite fawn name Elisha.
26:58 I want you to mentor him
27:00 and because I'm calling him into ministry
27:04 and so Elisha becomes a constant companion of Elijah
27:10 and Elijah wants to test his mettle,
27:13 to test his faithfulness.
27:16 So in 2 Kings the 2 Chapter we find that
27:20 he tries to get rid of him in a number of places.
27:24 In Gilgal and in Bethel and in Jericho
27:28 and going back to the Jordan and you still followed me.
27:33 I thought that can't be, you're some type of difficult.
27:37 You ain't get rid of me.
27:40 I'm called to the ministry.
27:42 God send me here for purpose
27:45 and He said, what can I do for Him?
27:49 You sent out what you got.
27:54 When folk see galore in your life,
27:58 they want what you got.
28:02 You sent him over to your house,
28:05 you sent him over your grave,
28:07 you sent him over to-- you sent him over to occult.
28:11 but in fact just give me Jesus.
28:16 That's what people really want.
28:20 If you will just find way,
28:22 I want the same kind of Holy Ghost power
28:27 that's of your life or my life but they came to see Elijah.
28:33 I wanted in double dose.
28:37 I see what you got is just a single dose.
28:41 Imagine my ministry would be like that
28:43 and I have a double dose of Holy Ghost.
28:47 And Elijah said, if you are with me,
28:50 when I'm translating.
28:53 If you are with me,
28:54 you are going to get your request
28:56 and the Bible says a world that came about Elijah
29:00 and as he was being lifted up into the air,
29:04 elevated to the air brought up by angel
29:07 that he remembered, remembered his commitment to Elijah
29:12 and drop his mantle down,
29:15 that mantle that was who?
29:18 The Holy Ghost power.
29:21 And so, Elijah tells us
29:23 that through the association of Elisha with Elijah,
29:28 many miracles were brought in the ministry of Elisha.
29:35 He saw Elijah transfer him.
29:38 He heal petty wars at Jericho
29:41 when he was stopped by 42 by children, 42
29:45 she bears came out and ate up.
29:48 You can't tell about God's service
29:50 in your kind of way.
29:51 You can't change in your kind of way
29:54 with the help of another prophet's widow
29:57 but don't apply the oil supply miraculously
30:01 he entertained the childless couple
30:04 in their Shunem
30:05 and prophesied you will have a child one day.
30:09 He was called to resonant another child
30:12 and in time, a short time but he locate to it
30:16 and he performed mouth to mouth resuscitation.
30:20 Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.
30:24 Brought back their child back to life.
30:27 Okay, he was able to transform but he is in black beans.
30:35 You all know black beans, don't you?
30:37 Yeah, you all cook, don't you?
30:39 Beans, he was in the place, eat at this place and beans
30:44 at the school of prophet
30:45 and make them come soon.
30:47 He healed Namaan, the leper, of his leprosy.
30:51 He made and ask it for.
30:53 For 60 years he preached the gospel
30:57 and when he was 80
30:59 we see him off his deathbed sick,
31:04 the pillow taken.
31:07 It may sick him, but not discourage.
31:13 They didn't bring that child of God.
31:17 You recognize that the surface of this present life
31:22 they're just not worthy to be compared with the God,
31:26 with the glory that shall one day be revealer.
31:30 You ain't seen nothing yet.
31:34 God gives you a divine perspective of legions
31:37 of being able to seeking on the purpose of this life,
31:42 to see what life will be only outside.
31:46 And one of my favorite authors Ellen White writes this
31:50 Satan must be given the opportunity to annoy us,
31:56 let's he be able to advance the charge
32:00 that he was not given
32:02 a fair opportunity with every soul.
32:10 That's how he will level with God.
32:12 Way back in Job 1, 2 chapters
32:18 the only reason he is serving you
32:22 is because everything is peaches and cream.
32:27 Well, if you change that formula,
32:31 he will crash and die.
32:35 How many times that things come into our lives
32:39 that we couldn't understand
32:41 because we thought we were living
32:43 the right kind of life,
32:46 walking down the right road
32:48 and yet in the midst of our journey
32:50 things just came out of nowhere.
32:53 Take that insist to us all.
32:56 If God was fair, if He was just
33:00 because we hadn't done anything wrong.
33:03 It maybe he's just thinking, it might have been God's way
33:08 of trying to tell the panel,
33:11 I'll give you an opportunity to touch him.
33:13 Don't take his life, I'll give you an opportunity
33:16 to deal with them but understand something,
33:19 the only reason
33:21 why I'll let you have your faith in him
33:23 is because I know that he will set me
33:27 even if it means death.
33:30 That's the kind of image the three Hebrew boys have.
33:33 We are not careful to answer he who came.
33:37 The God who we say is able to deliver us
33:42 from the burning fiery furnace,
33:44 but if not we stay and we'll serve you,
33:50 we stay and we'll bow down.
33:53 It doesn't matter if we are going to become partners
33:56 you in your furnace,
33:58 we are glad to beat out the bar.
34:03 You must have that kind of commixture,
34:06 hot cast to be fixed, mind me up that you want to live
34:10 for the Lord and Elisha, Elisha died and he gets buried.
34:17 And then comes his funeral is ready.
34:22 They are burying, it doesn't say
34:25 whether he's a family member or dear friend--
34:30 He just says, they were burying him
34:35 and because they're spying in the distance, the enemy,
34:41 the Moabite enemy,
34:44 they looked and he turn to say,
34:47 we got to finish this funeral later.
34:51 Before and because of last funeral.
34:56 So here he is buried here.
34:59 Let's just put this man in this grave.
35:03 Look, I can't help myself.
35:07 And your prayerfulness.
35:10 The Bible says, they dropped the man in this old grave
35:16 and the Bible says
35:19 that when the dead man touched the bones of Elisha
35:24 that he jumped up out the grave,
35:28 and I can imagine why his buddies were running.
35:31 He caught up with them and say, hey, wait,
35:33 why you're running.
35:35 Yes. Yes, sir.
35:36 Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
35:38 Come on now.
35:39 Yes, sir.
35:40 Why do you have to move like this?
35:43 You know Jack ran fast than us
35:46 because he's talking, they left them in the hole.
35:50 but there's problem in the life of the believer
35:55 that nobody can understand
35:58 and the thing we need to act where people
36:01 who are dead man walking,
36:04 something miraculous has to happen to their lives.
36:08 They ought to come back to life just because we touched them.
36:12 Just because we were interactive.
36:15 Just because they knew us.
36:17 Just because they came close to us.
36:19 If they are not coming back to life,
36:22 they take and retake too.
36:24 Amen. That's right.
36:28 When something, when someone is dead,
36:33 I understand that when we tell if you're dead,
36:37 you check the pulse.
36:40 Isn't that right? That's right.
36:42 Yes, philosopher, physician, surgeon Galen
36:47 was the first individual to talk about pulse.
36:51 The pulse is the rate at which the heart contracts
36:56 and sends life giving blood throughout the entire body.
37:02 The pulse getting changed in another places
37:05 as long as you can compress an artery against a bone.
37:10 I understand that if you push on the neck
37:14 and push your artery the carotid artery of the neck
37:17 and hits the ball, you will be able to tell the pulse.
37:19 I understand that behind the knee is a popliteal artery
37:25 that you press it against the back of the knee ball,
37:28 you will be able to check the pulse.
37:30 Out here that inside elbow if you press your artery
37:35 the, brachial artery against the ball in the elbow,
37:38 you will be able to check the pulse.
37:40 And here that somewhere near the knee
37:43 is the posterior tibial artery.
37:46 If you press it, you will be able to tell
37:48 whether somebody is alive or not.
37:50 I walk in this morning, brother and sister,
37:53 if somebody would come
37:55 and check our spiritual pulse today,
37:58 would they say dead or alive.
38:01 Have mercy. Have mercy.
38:02 Have mercy.
38:04 Is he living or is he dead?
38:08 Is she living or is she dead?
38:12 Do we have a right giving power horsing
38:17 through our veins?
38:23 The Bible says in Romans the 8 chapter,
38:28 turn there with me
38:29 I'll come down the whole stretch here.
38:32 In Romans the 8 chapter, Romans 8:13
38:39 listen to what the word of God says.
38:42 "For if ye live after the flesh,
38:47 ye shall" what?
38:49 "Ye shall die,
38:51 but if ye through the Spirit
38:54 do mortify the deeds of the body,
38:57 you shall" what?
38:59 "You shall live."
39:05 You shall live.
39:08 I heard the same writer
39:11 in chapter 6 and verse 23 says,
39:16 "For the wages of sin is" what?
39:20 "Death."
39:22 Sin is a bad experience.
39:26 Yes, it is. Yes, it is.
39:27 It is contrary to life.
39:32 The end product of sin always is death.
39:38 I had the spirit anything down here
39:42 that has been so dreadful and so terrible
39:46 that--
39:50 Standing out in the street,
39:52 I did called him again hit by the car
39:56 and he was standing to the street
39:58 and I said, daddy, what's wrong with it.
40:00 You want to kill yourself.
40:02 He said, I won't die, I won't live.
40:07 Isn't that a life doesn't wants to live.
40:10 Yes, sir.
40:11 It doesn't matter how lower your stake in life,
40:17 you recognize something and stick them
40:20 when they are said as bad as things might seem.
40:23 Sin I'll still gonna live at a time.
40:27 What if we continue in sin, if we tackle inequity,
40:33 you bring whole on to that target sin and I'll arise,
40:38 they only out come for us instead.
40:41 True.
40:43 That's right.
40:44 No pulse,
40:47 just death.
40:51 There is a death however.
40:54 Listen, listen, listen, there is a, there is a death,
40:57 a good death.
41:00 I was watching a film one time,
41:02 I came a little late,
41:05 but it ends by saying, it was a good death.
41:08 He died in good.
41:09 What do you mean a good death?
41:13 Look at Romans the 6 chapter,
41:16 Romans 6:3, 4.
41:21 Those are the words that says.
41:24 "Know ye not,
41:26 that so many of us as were" what everybody?
41:29 Baptized. Loudly.
41:31 Baptized.
41:32 "Baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into" what?
41:37 "His death?
41:38 Therefore we are buried with him
41:42 by baptism into death,
41:44 that like as Christ was raised up from the dead
41:49 by the glory of the Father,
41:51 even so we also should walk in the newness of life."
42:00 There is a one death,
42:03 that too death is when we die to sin.
42:07 And we are daily with our Lord in what?
42:11 Don't whisper.
42:13 In what?
42:15 Baptism.
42:18 That's the best funeral that you've been at.
42:23 The funeral of that old man of sin
42:26 and that's what we all have one.
42:29 Romans 3:23 says "That is none righteous."
42:35 No, not, wait, wait, wait, wait.
42:38 Preaching, you're preaching it hard and listen,
42:40 you mean you got some problem?
42:42 Yes, my momma's back there you will ask her.
42:49 But, pastor, we're Christians.
42:55 Well, you're trying to telling me that
42:56 Christians don't have problems?
42:59 If anybody has problems, we have problems.
43:03 Why?
43:05 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
43:07 and went out to make war
43:09 against the remnant of her seed,
43:10 which keep the commandments of God,
43:12 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
43:15 If you declare yourself to be a friend of God,
43:19 you also want to declare yourself
43:22 to be an enemy of the devil
43:24 and I already told you that it's not for the take up,
43:28 not without a fight.
43:31 It's his desire
43:32 that all of us be in the big swim party
43:36 that's planned for him in Revelation 20.
43:43 I ain't trying to go swimming in fire.
43:45 Amen. Amen.
43:47 Amen.
43:49 It doesn't matter whether you put on the rank--
43:50 this world can have
43:55 but he will tell us to be with him
43:59 in that baptism of fire of destruction.
44:05 We all got our hills to climb
44:11 and Jesus calls us to a life of holiness.
44:16 Get in your life in the waters of baptism
44:21 because when you got out in the waters of baptism
44:25 and your heart is sincere
44:29 and you want to follow Jesus everywhere,
44:33 then we'll get cut up when you get up out the water.
44:37 You are not just wet,
44:40 you are clean everywhere
44:43 and only you can decide
44:46 if you are going to keep your clothes clean.
44:50 Keep your life pure.
44:52 Keep everything spotless before your Lord.
44:56 That's a good kind of death.
44:59 When somebody takes your pulse then?
45:03 It's off the skin.
45:07 I can't tell you how hard, your heart will beat
45:11 but they will change us, takes only inside of you.
45:18 They got, no, what they've got no instrument back then
45:22 to keep up with your heart rate
45:24 because they were so excited about what God is doing.
45:28 So excited about how God will use you.
45:31 So excited about the fact that God is going to save you.
45:36 You just can't keep it to yourself.
45:40 Amen. Amen.
45:42 Over here and we end with this last text
45:48 is a text that I have come to love it.
45:52 You have to it is Galatians 2,
45:55 Galatians 2:20.
46:00 I'm so excited about,
46:01 I want you to find it immediately.
46:04 Galatians 2:20,
46:10 Galatians 2:20
46:15 the Bible says, read it what does it say,
46:19 "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live,
46:26 yet not I, but Christ liveth in me,
46:31 and the life which I now live in the flesh I live" how?
46:36 "By the faith of the Son of God,
46:39 who did what?
46:40 Loved me, and gave Himself."
46:45 Oh, somebody ought to say hallelujah.
46:47 Amen. Amen.
46:49 Somebody ought to say thank You, Jesus.
46:51 Somebody ought to say praise the Lord today.
46:56 We've a legend to watch.
47:00 A legend that involved a search for the cross
47:04 that Jesus died.
47:08 They tell me that they brought three crosses
47:13 to an empress namely Helena.
47:18 And said one of these crosses is a cross
47:23 that Christ was crucified.
47:26 Helena said, well, which one?
47:30 We don't know but we collected the three crosses
47:36 that everybody said
47:38 was the cross that Jesus died on.
47:42 She said He only died on one cross,
47:44 I know from the story that there were three crosses
47:49 but all of them didn't have the Son of God on.
47:53 All of them didn't have the Savior on.
47:55 All of them didn't have the Son of man,
47:57 only one of them was the cross that Christ died on
48:02 and they said, and they said what?
48:04 Miss Helena, Empress Helena,
48:06 we don't know which one
48:08 represents the cross that He died on.
48:11 She said, do we have any dead man in the house?
48:15 Come on. Come on. Come on.
48:16 Come on now.
48:18 Yeah, there is some dead people right in.
48:19 Call it, we need a dead man.
48:22 I will watch how they put the dead man
48:24 on each one of the crosses,
48:27 I don't believe that the real cross
48:32 if it's the cross that Jesus died on
48:35 that when that dead man touches the cross
48:40 like the dead man touched the pulse of Elisha,
48:45 that man is gonna come back to life
48:48 and so they put that dead man on one cross.
48:51 They put him over the second cross
48:53 but when they come to the third cross,
48:56 he come on the third cross he came back alive.
49:00 He was a dead man walking.
49:03 Every time we come to the cross that Christ died on brother.
49:08 We become dead man walking
49:10 and so we are declare with the apostle.
49:12 I'm crucified with the Christ yet I still live is not me
49:20 but Jesus never forget me, let's pray by the grace of God
49:24 that from this date on,
49:26 we're not going to try to live under our own power,
49:29 but we want to lean on the power
49:31 of the cross of Christ and people who live in us
49:34 and says there is a dead man walking.


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