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Waging War - Aiming Our Worship Weapons

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Participants: Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges


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00:34 Sing this Sabbath song.
00:35 We call, this is Black History Month.
00:37 We'll take it back a little bit.
00:38 Is that all right? Come on and sing with us.
00:41 I love to praise Him
00:45 I love to praise His name
00:47 I love to praise Him
00:50 I love to praise His name
00:52 I love to praise Him
00:56 I love to praise His name
00:58 I love to praise His Holy name
01:03 I love to praise Him
01:07 I love to praise His name
01:09 I love to praise Him
01:12 I love to praise His name
01:14 I love to praise Him
01:17 I love to praise His name
01:20 I love to praise His holy name
01:25 Say He's my rock
01:27 He's my rock
01:28 My rock, my rock My sword and shield
01:30 And He's my wheel
01:32 He's my wheel in the middle of the field
01:36 I know He'll never I know He'll never
01:39 Never let me down Never let me down
01:41 He's just a jewel He's just a jewel
01:44 That I have found
01:47 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
01:50 I love to praise His name
01:53 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
01:56 I love to praise His name
01:58 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
02:01 I love to praise His name
02:04 I love to praise His Holy name
02:07 Let say it again, say.
02:08 Say He's my rock
02:10 He's my rock
02:11 My rock, my rock My sword and shield
02:14 And He's my wheel He's my wheel
02:17 In the middle of the field
02:19 I know He'll never I know He'll never
02:22 Never let me down Never let me down
02:25 He's just a jewel He's just a jewel
02:27 That I have found
02:31 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
02:34 I love to praise His name
02:36 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
02:39 I love to praise His name
02:42 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
02:44 I love to praise His name
02:47 I love to praise His Holy name
02:52 Say He's my rock
02:53 He's my rock
02:55 My rock, my rock My sword and shield
02:57 And He's my wheel He's my wheel
03:00 In the middle of the field
03:02 I know He'll never I know He'll never
03:05 Never let me down Never let me down
03:08 He's just a jewel He's just a jewel
03:10 That I have found That I have found
03:14 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
03:17 I love to praise His name
03:19 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
03:22 I love to praise His name
03:24 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
03:27 I love to praise His name
03:30 I love to praise His Holy name
03:33 I love to praise His name
03:36 I love to praise His name
03:38 I love to praise His name
03:41 I love to praise His Holy name
03:52 Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
03:55 How great is our God
03:57 We all know that one.
03:59 Sing with me how great is our God
04:05 All will see how great
04:10 How great is our God
04:15 You know he is great. Come on, sing that again.
04:18 How great is our God
04:24 Sing with me how great is our God
04:30 All will see how great
04:34 How great is our God
04:41 Come on, I'm gonna sing and I want to hear you'll sing.
04:42 Come on.
04:43 I am ready now God
04:46 That's not good. Come on.
04:47 He is my Lord.
04:49 Everybody sing with me, sing with me.
04:51 How great is our God.
04:55 Only sing, yeah...
04:59 How great is our God.
05:04 Here we go, come on.
05:06 You're the name above all names.
05:08 You're the name above all names
05:10 You're the name above all names
05:14 You are worthy of my praise You are worthy of my praise
05:21 And my heart will sing And my heart will sing
05:25 How great How great
05:27 Is our God Is our God
05:33 You're the name above all names You're the name above all names
05:40 You are worthy of my praise You are worthy of our praise
05:46 And my heart will sing An my heart will sing
05:50 How great How great
05:53 Is our God Is our God
05:58 Listen to my theme, come on.
05:59 Then sings my soul Come on.
06:04 My Savior God, to Thee
06:10 How great God Thou art You know it, come on.
06:12 How great Thou art How great Thou art
06:19 How great Thou art
06:24 Then sings my soul Then sings my soul
06:30 My Savior God, to Thee
06:37 How great
06:39 How great Thou art
06:44 How great
06:45 How great Thou art
06:50 How great
06:53 How great is our God
06:59 Sing with me how great is our God
07:04 All will sing All will sing how great
07:08 How great How great
07:10 Is our God Is our God
07:14 Is our God Is our God
07:16 Come on.
07:17 Is our God Is our God
07:20 Is our God Is our God
07:22 Come on.
07:24 Is our God Is our God
07:27 Is our God Is our God
07:30 He's my God Is our God
07:33 He's my God Is our God
07:36 Is our God Is our God
07:40 Is our God Is our God
07:43 Is our God Is our God
07:46 Is our God Is our God
07:49 How great
07:51 No music, come on.
07:52 How great is our God
07:56 Sing with me
07:57 Sing with me how great is our God
08:01 You got to believe in this song.
08:03 All will sing All to sing how great
08:07 How great How great
08:11 Is our God.
08:15 Hallelujah.
08:26 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
08:30 Moves in my heart
08:34 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
08:38 Moves in my heart
08:42 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
08:47 Moves in my heart
08:51 I'm gonna sing 'till Jesus comes
08:57 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
08:59 Moves in my heart
09:01 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
09:03 Moves in my heart
09:04 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
09:06 Moves in my heart
09:07 I'm gonna sing 'till Jesus comes
09:10 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
09:12 Moves in my heart
09:14 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
09:15 Moves in my heart
09:17 I'm gonna sing 'till the Spirit
09:19 Moves in my heart
09:20 I'm gonna sing 'till Jesus comes
09:23 It was grace that brought me It was grace that taught me
09:30 It was grace that kept me
09:33 And it's grace that will lead me home
09:36 I'm gonna pray 'till the Spirit
09:38 Moves in my heart
09:39 I'm gonna pray 'till the Spirit
09:41 Moves in my heart
09:43 I'm gonna pray 'till the Spirit
09:44 Moves in my heart
09:46 I'm gonna pray 'till the Spirit moves in my heart
09:48 Can't you feel the spirit moving?
09:51 Can't you feel it moving?
09:55 Can't you feel it moving?
09:58 Can't you feel it moving?
10:02 I'm gonna shout 'till the Spirit
10:04 Moves in my heart
10:05 I'm gonna shout 'till the Spirit
10:07 Moves in my heart
10:08 I'm gonna shout 'till the Spirit
10:10 Moves in my heart
10:11 I'm gonna sing 'till Jesus comes
10:14 I'm gonna shout 'till the Spirit
10:16 Moves in my heart
10:18 I'm gonna shout 'till the Spirit
10:20 Moves in my heart
10:21 I'm gonna shout 'till the Spirit
10:23 Moves in my heart
10:24 I'm gonna shout 'till Jesus comes
10:27 Till He comes
10:30 I'm gonna sing
10:37 'Till my Jesus
10:46 Till He come.
11:10 Waging War - Aiming Our Worship Weapons.
11:14 Let's pray.
11:16 God our Father,
11:18 we come before You humbly
11:19 and we just ask for You to fill this place.
11:22 There's nothing I can say or do dear Lord
11:24 without Jesus Christ, speaking on my behalf.
11:28 So hide me behind the cross
11:30 and let this "word" be a word from you.
11:32 We pray in your holy Son's name.
11:34 Amen.
11:36 War, it's a small three letter word,
11:42 that can radically change one's life for ever.
11:46 For most of us the word "War"
11:48 conjures up images of the injured, the destitute,
11:52 the frightened people embroiled in war
11:55 all over the world in far away nations.
11:58 We watch this on the news every day,
12:01 and we hear incisive reports
12:03 of people from around the world,
12:05 whose homes, whose workplaces,
12:08 whose lives are ravaged by war.
12:13 All though it is a small three-letter word,
12:17 War is no small matter.
12:22 War experts
12:24 who consider they're an nefarious trade and art,
12:27 they tell us that there are various types of wars
12:30 that can be waged through out the world.
12:34 They tell us that there is conventional warfare,
12:36 they uses the weapons of tanks, planes, and troops.
12:41 There's also guerrilla warfare,
12:43 they use as the tactics of fighting
12:46 in small bands and ambushes.
12:49 Then you have psychological warfare,
12:52 which uses propaganda, threats, intimidation
12:56 and demoralization.
12:58 And there is political warfare,
13:00 which we've seen a lot of, haven't we recently?
13:03 Political warfare, which uses political means
13:06 to compel your will.
13:09 And then finally, there is ideological warfare,
13:12 which uses opinions and ideas as weapons.
13:18 But you know, United States of America,
13:21 here, we're talking Black History Month,
13:23 has waged 12 wars in its history.
13:27 But the most heinous war,
13:29 the most hard war was the Civil War,
13:34 The Civil War.
13:35 It was filled by the debate over slavery and state rights.
13:39 The American Civil War
13:42 was a war that pitted north against south.
13:45 It was so despicable and so horrible.
13:49 This war was a war that was waged on our own soil.
13:54 Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins
13:58 fought amongst each other.
14:00 And so in this war,
14:02 it boasts the highest causalities
14:05 of any war in the United States.
14:07 Over 140,000 people died in that war.
14:14 It was an illusive, horrible, ideological war
14:18 that had been fought for generations.
14:20 It was a war that only took four years of weaponry.
14:24 But yet, civil rights
14:25 and slavery rights were being fought
14:27 even after the weaponry war was ended.
14:31 It was a war that if you look closely,
14:33 is still being fought today.
14:38 You know, I--
14:40 as pastor said, I attended Andrews University.
14:43 And back when I was at school
14:44 at Andrews University in Radiologic technology.
14:48 The program had a two year internship,
14:50 where you had to attend a medical facility.
14:54 Now Andrews has no medical facility
14:56 near the campus,
14:58 so you had to select one of three.
14:59 And I selected Hinsdale University
15:01 in Hinsdale, Illinois.
15:03 Now Hinsdale, Illinois is a beautiful affluent town.
15:07 If you look at the 2010 census today,
15:10 it's 90 percent Caucasian,
15:13 and it is one in the one percent
15:16 highest affluent area in Illinois.
15:18 So imagine when I was going to college back in the back,
15:23 in the--
15:26 back in the.
15:28 So it was very affluent and it was predominantly white.
15:31 Unfortunately I was one of two African-Americans students
15:35 selected to join that program.
15:38 It was a prestigious honor.
15:40 I said it was a prestigious honor
15:43 until I experienced the prejudice.
15:49 Until I experienced the overt racism,
15:52 until I experienced the bigotry
15:55 from our own Christian brothers and sisters.
15:58 I said it was a civil war, did I say that?
16:01 Because back then, I wasn't fully converted,
16:04 help me Jesus.
16:06 And so, therefore civil war broke out.
16:09 But thank God, I was able to maintain my academic status.
16:15 Transferred out of there
16:16 and not become academic fatality.
16:17 Amen. Amen. Amen.
16:21 But sometimes, we have to endure that kind of war,
16:25 and the United States was not the first kingdom
16:28 to be embroiled in a civil war.
16:30 The Bible tells us, that in Revelation 12:7-8,
16:34 that there was war in heaven.
16:36 There was a civil war that was fought
16:38 between Michael, Jesus Christ
16:40 and the dragon, the devil in heaven.
16:43 The celestial war between the forces of good and evil
16:47 continues here on earth.
16:49 For millennia, Satan and his minions
16:53 have waged spiritual warfare against God's people.
16:56 Satan's war weapons that he aims at us
16:59 are temptations and trials.
17:03 Temptations and trials.
17:07 Let's read our text
17:08 that was read so nicely by the elder, Exodus 17,
17:11 I'm gonna read 14-16 again.
17:14 And I'm reading from the New King James Version,
17:18 and it says, "Then the Lord said to Moses,
17:22 "Write this for a memorial in the book
17:25 and recount it in the hearing of Joshua,
17:27 that I will utterly blot out
17:29 the remembrance of Amalek from under the heaven."
17:32 And Moses built an altar and he called its name,
17:36 The-Lord-Is-My-Banner, for he said,
17:40 "Because the Lord has sworn:
17:42 the Lord will have war with Amalek
17:44 from generation to generation.'"
17:47 Now we have to ask the question,
17:49 what happened,
17:51 why did God decide to have war with Amalek,
17:55 what is the explanation for this text?
17:58 Well, in order to find that out, we got to go back.
18:00 Amen.
18:01 We got to go back, because we need to know who is Amalek.
18:05 Well, in Genesis 36:12, you don't have to turn there.
18:08 Amalek was the grandson of Esau,
18:13 the grandson of Esau.
18:15 Now Esau, we remember was the twin brother of who?
18:18 Jacob.
18:20 Of Jacob, the twin brother of Jacob.
18:21 And Jacob was the father of the Israelites, right?
18:26 So Amalek and Israelites were cousins.
18:32 They were cousins. They were family.
18:34 Now the Amalekites, the Bible tells us,
18:38 "They were the first people to fight Israel
18:40 in the wilderness.
18:42 Three trials took place in wilderness.
18:43 The first one was drought.
18:46 There was bitter water made sweet.
18:49 And then the second one was a famine.
18:52 Bread was sent from heaven.
18:53 And the third one was a drought again.
18:56 Lord was trying to teach them something, wasn't He?
18:58 Was a drought again, and water came from the rock.
19:01 And they journeyed from Elim,
19:05 and all the congregation of the children of Israel
19:07 came to the wilderness of sin.
19:10 So they should've known there is going to be a problem.
19:11 Amen. Amen.
19:13 In the wilderness of sin which is between Elim and Sinai
19:17 on the 15th day of the second month,
19:19 after they departed from the land of Egypt.
19:21 So they just left Egypt.
19:23 Then the whole congregation,
19:25 the children of Israel complained against Moses
19:27 and Aaron in the wilderness.
19:29 And the children of Israel said to them,
19:31 all that we have died
19:33 at the hand of the Lord in Egypt,
19:35 when we sat by the pots of meat, can you hear them?
19:38 And we ate the bread to the full,
19:40 for you have brought us out into the wilderness
19:43 to kill the whole assembly with hunger.
19:46 Then the Lord said to Moses,
19:48 "Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you.
19:51 And the people shall go out
19:53 and gather a certain quota every day,
19:56 that I may test them,
19:57 whether they will walk in My law or not."
20:02 Now, the Israelis were in the wilderness of sin,
20:05 and Satan tempted that Israelis with trial of famine, okay.
20:11 They complained that they were hungry,
20:13 'cause there was no food out there for them to eat.
20:16 They were so accustomed to the meals
20:19 and the food that they had in Egypt,
20:20 then when it was time for the Lord to feel them,
20:22 feed them, to strip them down, they complained.
20:26 How many of us do the same thing, come on?
20:29 When it's time for the Lord
20:31 to get into our minds and to talk with us.
20:33 He starts removing things from us, we start to complain,
20:37 instead of seeing it as God doing something in our lives.
20:42 So they started to complain,
20:44 but Satan's weapons of temptations and trial
20:47 can become God's test of faith.
20:49 Amen.
20:51 Now we're complainers, and I know for me,
20:53 my parents are West Indian, my parents are from Trinidad.
20:56 Amen. Any Trinidadians here?
20:59 And my parents used to say, "You want to complain,
21:02 I'll give you something to complain about."
21:04 You'll know that? You know that.
21:08 Some of y'all know that.
21:09 Not nowadays, you all will know what that's about.
21:12 That was back in the day.
21:13 But you see, God is not like us.
21:16 And He is not like my parents used to be.
21:18 When they complain, God said,
21:21 He was gonna give them His glory.
21:24 When they complain, God said, "I've heard your complains
21:28 and in the morning you will see My glory."
21:32 So we give God grumbling and gripes,
21:35 and God hears our complaints and He gives us a gift.
21:39 He gives us His glory.
21:45 But if God is gonna give us His glory,
21:48 then we need to understand what does that mean.
21:52 What exactly does it mean for God to give us His glory?
21:56 Let's go to Exodus 33. Let's go to Exodus 33.
22:02 And many of us know this story.
22:05 This is the story where Moses is asking God
22:08 to show me Your glory, show me Your glory.
22:12 And so, in verses 18 and 19,
22:18 Moses said, "Please show me your glory."
22:21 And then God says,
22:23 "I will make all my goodness pass before you.
22:26 And I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you,
22:29 I'll be gracious to whom I'll be gracious,
22:32 and I will be--
22:33 have compassion on whom I'll have compassion."
22:36 So you see, when God gives us His glory, God said,
22:40 "I will make My goodness pass before you."
22:44 "I will make My goodness pass before you,
22:46 and I will proclaim the name of the Lord."
22:48 God's glory is God's goodness.
22:51 What God has done for us is His goodness.
22:54 Amen. Amen.
22:56 The things God has done for you over and over
22:58 is God's goodness.
23:00 And don't we say God is good.
23:02 God is good. In all the time.
23:04 Because what He's done for us is His goodness.
23:07 And that is why we praise. Yes.
23:10 Don't we praise God 'cause He is good.
23:12 'Cause He brought you out,
23:13 because He's done things for you.
23:15 So God's goodness is why we praise.
23:18 And then God's glory is God's presence,
23:21 because the Hebrew word for glory means honor,
23:25 splendor, and reputation.
23:28 Exodus 16:8.
23:32 We shall be seen,
23:33 when the Lord gives you meat to eat in the evening,
23:36 meaning his glory.
23:37 And in the morning, bread to the full,
23:39 but the Lord hears your complaints
23:41 which you make against him.
23:42 Okay.
23:44 So God gave them the manna, manna rained from heaven,
23:50 bread from heaven, the manna.
23:52 And when they ate that bread,
23:54 the digestion of the bread of heaven
23:57 allowed them to partake of God's glory.
24:00 Now, how did that happen?
24:01 Because the Bible says in Psalms 38,
24:04 "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good."
24:08 The Bible also says in John 6:51,
24:11 Jesus said, "I am the living bread
24:14 that came down from heaven.
24:16 If anyone eats up his bread, he will live forever.
24:19 And the bread that I shall give is my flesh,
24:22 which I shall give for the life of the world."
24:25 Jesus Christ was symbolizing the manna, the living bread.
24:30 So when they ate the bread,
24:32 it was symbolic of having Jesus Christ
24:34 being part of their life,
24:35 digesting the word, eating the word,
24:37 the living bread of Jesus Christ.
24:40 And we're only able to worship God,
24:42 when we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.
24:44 Amen.
24:46 Otherwise our worship is as filthy rags.
24:50 So they have to ingest the bread
24:52 to have Christ inside.
24:53 So if they worship,
24:55 when that glory fell down could be covered by the blood.
24:59 And that's what we need to do today.
25:00 Amen.
25:01 To experience God's glory and His goodness in the manna.
25:05 We had to digest the living bread,
25:07 the word of God, and have Jesus Christ inside,
25:10 so that our worship is not like clanging gongs
25:12 and tinkling cymbals.
25:14 So then our worship becomes something
25:16 that is a sweet melody to the ear of God.
25:19 Amen.
25:20 You don't have to worry about the ear of man.
25:23 It's God who we're trying to please with our worship.
25:25 Amen.
25:27 It is God that we're trying to please with our praise.
25:31 And therefore, we need to be covered
25:32 by the blood of Jesus Christ.
25:34 Now this is a worship lesson to all of us.
25:37 You see, each day
25:39 we should be having praise and worship on our own.
25:42 Collecting and getting that bread down,
25:44 digested deep down inside.
25:47 And each day we should be getting a portion
25:49 like God said just a portion,
25:51 and then when Friday night comes,
25:53 and you have your Friday night worship,
25:54 then you'll get a double portion.
25:56 Amen. Amen.
25:57 With your family and friends in a double portion.
25:59 So when you come here to this house,
26:01 you're not coming to get, you're coming to give.
26:04 You're so filled up with worship,
26:07 you're not coming to receive, you're coming to give.
26:10 You have the worship down inside
26:12 and you're not coming to be fed,
26:14 there's somebody to feed you.
26:16 You're coming to help others
26:18 and to make sure that your worship is a witness.
26:20 Amen.
26:23 So when they were in the wilderness,
26:25 and He was the living bread,
26:27 and He gave them manna from heaven.
26:28 And now we've learned outworship lessons.
26:31 So in the wilderness,
26:32 when you have trials and tribulations,
26:34 in the wilderness when you have problems,
26:36 in your wilderness God can turn your problems into praise.
26:40 Amen.
26:42 You don't have to worry about what's happening in your life,
26:44 God can turn your problems into praise.
26:47 The third trial, talking about the trials in the wilderness
26:51 was water from the rock in Exodus 17.
26:54 The Israelites were still in the wilderness of sin.
26:57 And they complained and complained again,
26:59 they started complaining again, right?
27:02 They were thirsty and there was no water
27:04 and they wanted to return to Egypt.
27:06 So in Exodus 17:4,
27:08 Moses cried out to the Lord saying,
27:11 "What shall I do with these people,
27:14 they are almost ready to stone me?"
27:18 Don't we do that sometimes?
27:20 Behold God says, "I will stand before you
27:23 on the rock of Horeb, and you shall strike the rock,
27:26 and water will come out of it, that the people may drink."
27:29 Now look at this, Moses is so upset,
27:32 because the people that are his people,
27:34 his own family are trying to stone him
27:36 because of trials and tribulations
27:38 that they are going through.
27:39 Like he had anything to do with there not be a water.
27:42 And don't we do that,
27:43 blame other people for our own issues.
27:45 God's trying to teach us a lesson.
27:47 We blame the boss, 'cause he fired me,
27:49 or maybe you weren't a good worker.
27:55 Maybe I shouldn't have said that.
27:57 But maybe you weren't a good worker,
27:59 maybe you were so obsessed,
28:00 you weren't spending time with your family.
28:02 Maybe the Lord wants to show you,
28:04 that you shouldn't worship your job,
28:05 you should worship him.
28:09 Sometimes our trials are for a reason.
28:12 And we have to go back and learn the lesson.
28:14 So Satan takes stones, and he pelts them at us,
28:18 but you see when Moses said, "They are trying to stone me."
28:22 God said, "Strength the rock."
28:23 See, God will take our problems.
28:26 There are stones Satan is throwing at us
28:28 and turning it into a rock of Jesus Christ.
28:31 He'll take that problem, that marriage,
28:34 that might be a stone is thrown at you,
28:36 because you're getting a divorce
28:37 or you're having marital problems.
28:39 And He will turn it into the rock
28:41 of a stronger relationship down the road.
28:44 He may take that stone of illness,
28:47 you're diagnosed with cancer,
28:49 and turn it into the rock of a stronger faith.
28:54 We have to know
28:55 that Jesus Christ in our wilderness,
28:58 God can turn our misery into a miracle.
29:01 Amen.
29:02 God can turn our misery into a miracle in Isaiah 30:20,
29:09 Isaiah 30:20, it says,
29:12 "And though the Lord gives you the bread of adversity,
29:15 and the water of affliction," in verse 21 it said,
29:19 "Your ear shall hear a word behind you saying,
29:23 'this is the way, walk ye in it.'"
29:28 God may allow adversity and trials
29:30 to come into your life.
29:32 But it is not to give you misery,
29:35 it's to show you His power
29:36 and work a miracle in your life.
29:39 And sometimes, when we are in battle,
29:42 and when we are in our wilderness,
29:45 God will turn your problems into praise,
29:48 and your misery into a miracle.
29:50 Now Moses, when we're talking about Amalek,
29:54 why did they want to have war with Amalek?
29:56 And when God made that promise to Moses
30:00 and told him that he was gonna fight Amalek for generations.
30:04 Then Moses built an altar, remember that,
30:07 Moses built an altar,
30:08 and he called the name of the altar "Jehovahnissi."
30:12 Amen.
30:13 Let God fight your battles.
30:16 Let him turn your misery into a miracle.
30:20 And sometimes it's not the miracle we expect.
30:23 But we got to give God praise anyhow.
30:25 Amen. Amen.
30:27 Because He's sovereign.
30:29 And we have to stop trying to tell God
30:30 what we want Him to do,
30:32 and allow Him to do for us what's best.
30:34 Amen.
30:37 So Satan's weapons of temptation and trials
30:40 becomes God's test of faith.
30:42 Before God can send you out to fight,
30:45 first God will test you to build your faith.
30:54 You know, I'm from New York. We had a basketball game.
30:58 Now I was the captain of the cheerleaders.
31:00 I dated one of the basketball team members.
31:02 So the girls from Turtle Hook were there,
31:04 and they decided to launch a threat.
31:08 They came over to us,
31:10 me and my girlfriends are sitting down in the area,
31:13 and he said, "look,
31:14 we are tired of you all taking our men,
31:17 you need to meet us in the cemetery tomorrow,
31:21 and we are gonna kick your butt."
31:24 So the question is why did God say--
31:31 Come back with me. Come back with me.
31:34 Why did God say that He was gonna blot out Amalek.
31:40 We haven't answered that question yet, have we?
31:42 Why did God said,
31:45 that He was gonna utterly blot out Amalek.
31:49 Let's read Deuteronomy 25,
31:51 I'm gonna get back to the story, don't worry.
31:54 I will leave you hanging.
31:56 Let's read Deuteronomy 25:17-18,
32:00 but I'm going somewhere with the story.
32:01 There is a point.
32:03 Deuteronomy 25:17-18,
32:05 and the point is not I get beat up.
32:10 In verse 17, it says,
32:14 "Remember what Amalek did to you
32:17 on the way as you were coming out of Egypt,
32:21 how he met you on the way and attacked your rear ranks,
32:26 all the stragglers at your rear,
32:28 when you were tired and weary, and he did not fear God."
32:39 Now Amalek, attacked Israel,
32:43 the attack on Israel was unprovoked.
32:45 They met them on their way, when they were tired and weary
32:48 and they ambushed them.
32:51 The attack on Israel's ranks was above barbaric,
32:55 guerrilla warfare that they launched.
32:58 And the Israelis stragglers in the rear,
33:01 were all taken captive or killed.
33:04 Now many other heathen tribes had attacked the Israelites.
33:09 Many other heathen tribes
33:11 had probably ambushed the Israelites.
33:14 So why did God say
33:17 that He was going to blot them out.
33:20 Because Deuteronomy 25:18 gives us the answer.
33:24 It says, "He feared not God."
33:28 And the Hebrew word for fear there
33:30 means reverence, worship.
33:34 Amalek did not worship God.
33:39 So God decided to blot them out.
33:44 Now this is one of the most insipid
33:47 and subtle tactics,
33:49 that the devil uses to war against us as Christians.
33:53 You see, because it's not that we don't worship,
33:56 it's the context,
33:58 it's how we worship and what we worship,
34:04 because when our worship is weak,
34:07 anemic, focused on ourselves,
34:09 self-centered, people-centered, other-centered.
34:13 You see that worship is not powerful worship.
34:17 And it doesn't have the power of God embedded in it.
34:20 So you're a weak Christian.
34:22 And when somebody says something about the song,
34:25 you take offence.
34:27 Because, see, your worship isn't rooted
34:29 in the God of the worship,
34:30 it's rooted in the song of the worship.
34:35 And so every little thing that happens
34:37 is an offence to you.
34:44 And so therefore, we become worshipers we think,
34:48 but we're really spiritual weaklings.
34:51 We're not worshipers, we're spiritual weaklings.
34:54 So then, when something happens,
34:56 you're sitting there and sister or brother so and so
34:59 was here last week,
35:00 but now they are out of the church
35:02 because they are the stragglers in the back.
35:05 They're the ones that we don't notice.
35:07 They're ones in the back.
35:09 So when Satan ambushes them,
35:11 they're not strong enough to maintain.
35:14 Your worship has to be deep,
35:16 personal inter-relationship with God almighty.
35:20 Amen.
35:23 We worship in order to engage with God,
35:26 to seek out His faith, His plans for our lives,
35:29 not to tell Him what we want and expect Him to do it.
35:38 We wonder why,
35:40 we don't have the fortitude to make it through the trials.
35:43 Because our worship needs to be deeper,
35:46 our worship relationship with God
35:48 needs to be seeking his face.
35:51 And when we do that, then God's power,
35:54 God's strength will envelop our lives,
35:57 and then we can withstand the trials.
35:59 Amen. Amen.
36:00 And the tribulations.
36:03 To fight a war, to fight a war, and this is war, amen.
36:08 Its war, when you're Christian.
36:10 Satan has declared war against you.
36:13 This is war. You must have weapons.
36:18 Satan has all kinds of crafty subtle ways
36:22 to infiltrate our lives,
36:24 and to launch his simple war weaponry against us.
36:28 We live in the "I" culture, don't we?
36:32 We got the iPhone, the iPad, the iBook,
36:34 the I life, the I world.
36:36 It's all about me. It's "I" life.
36:40 And we look at this,
36:41 and we are just steeped in this American culture.
36:45 And there are Amalekites all around us.
36:49 There are Amalekites all around us,
36:52 and we don't mind any more.
36:54 We kind of like the Amalekites.
36:56 We don't have a problem with the Amalekites,
36:59 because we live in a culture of creeping compromise.
37:05 Look at what we look or at on TV.
37:11 Reality TV has just completely changed our culture.
37:16 And things like pride, selfishness, materialism,
37:20 greed, anger, I have never seen such careless,
37:24 ruckus women in my life as on reality TV,
37:29 and our young women are emulating these people.
37:33 We have got to do something...
37:35 Okay, at the moment I'm so block, I'm sorry.
37:37 We have got to do something
37:39 about what we allow our children to watch.
37:42 Greed, anger, lying, lust, gossip, adultery, pornography
37:48 all of these things have become acceptable social behaviors.
37:53 The next day, after school...
37:59 my girlfriends and I--
38:01 and so the first thing we had to do
38:03 was get our hair cornrow,
38:04 back in the day, you remember that?
38:06 We had to get our hair cornrowed.
38:09 Now the second thing women are gonna do in a fight
38:11 is they're gonna mess your face up.
38:15 They're gonna scratch you, and leave you scarred,
38:18 and that's humiliating.
38:20 You can't go to school the next day with scar.
38:22 So back then, we had to use petroleum jelly.
38:25 Hey, someone know what I'm talking about,
38:27 that's you need to slap that stuff on,
38:30 'cause you didn't want them to scratch your face.
38:34 Now the other thing,
38:35 I told you, I went to public school, right?
38:38 The thing they're gonna do is rip your jewelry out,
38:41 or have on the biggest rings you ever saw.
38:44 Some people have been in the street fight, I see it.
38:48 Put on the biggest rings you ever saw,
38:50 and punch you with those rings.
38:53 Now I was like David, I opted out of the armor,
38:55 didn't need the jewelry,
38:56 'cause my girlfriends had on all these jewelry.
38:58 Said, "I don't need the jewelry."
38:59 But they were getting the jewelry ready
39:01 for the fight.
39:02 Now the other thing you need to do,
39:04 when you're gonna be a girl in a fight
39:06 is you got to put on a lot of clothes,
39:08 'cause they're gonna rip your clothes off,
39:12 and expose you to the neighborhood.
39:15 So you got to have on layers and layers
39:18 and layers of clothes.
39:19 And then the final thing you have to do,
39:21 when you are in a street fight,
39:23 is you got to have on the right shoes.
39:26 Somebody is talking about the armor, right,
39:27 you got to have on the right shoes.
39:29 And see you can't be cute with the heels on that day,
39:32 and me, I was planning to run, so I had to have sneakers.
39:38 So there is a ritual and you must prepare,
39:42 and you need the right weapons to be in a fight
39:46 and to have warfare.
39:47 You with me today? Okay. Yes.
39:49 So the question is, how can we be prepared
39:53 if we are Christians in a warfare with Satan,
39:56 how can we be prepared to fight?
39:59 What are the weapons, and what is the ritual,
40:03 that allows us to fight Satan?
40:06 Come on now, 'cause we need to aim our war weapons at him.
40:11 So let's look at God's war weapon in the second text
40:14 that was read today.
40:15 Exodus 25:8-9,
40:20 Exodus 25:8-9, it says,
40:26 "And let them make me a sanctuary,
40:30 that I may dwell among them,
40:34 according to all that I show you,
40:36 that is the pattern of the tabernacle,
40:39 and the pattern of its furnishings,
40:42 just so shall you make it."
40:45 So God's war weapons are lost from his sanctuary,
40:49 where there is a pattern, and a ritual for worship.
40:54 Now God's word weapons that he gives to us
40:57 is praise and worship.
40:59 God gives us praise and worship
41:03 as our war weapons to combat Satan.
41:06 You see, because when you are worshipping,
41:08 you're in the presence of God.
41:10 And that means that God feels you,
41:12 and when you praise Him,
41:14 we know we inhabits our praises,
41:16 so that means that God's presence is with you
41:18 and therefore demons have to flee.
41:26 They cannot launch their weapons
41:29 against you.
41:31 So God's war weapons are praise and worship.
41:33 And there is a proper pattern for praise and worship.
41:37 Praise is the gateway to worship.
41:40 Praise is what?
41:41 Gateway-- To worship.
41:42 Praise is the gateway to worship.
41:45 God gives us praise and worship to wage war against Satan,
41:50 not war against each other.
41:53 Amen.
41:55 The first mode of praise is, offering a sacrifice.
42:00 Back in the Bible times, they had to kill a bull or goat
42:05 all that drag something to the altar.
42:07 Today hallelujah, Romans 12:1, we offer ourselves.
42:10 The second mode of praise is physical movement.
42:14 What is it? Physical movement.
42:15 Physical movement.
42:17 So when you are in worship,
42:19 and you stand to read a scripture,
42:21 what is that?
42:23 When you're in worship
42:24 and you kneel down to read a scripture,
42:25 what is that?
42:27 When you're in worship, and you bow your head,
42:29 what is that?
42:31 There are also other kinds of physical movement,
42:33 you can clap your hands.
42:34 In Psalms 47:1, and in Nehemiah 8,
42:38 it shows you standing and sitting and bowing,
42:40 they're all physical movements.
42:42 Clapping, Psalms 47:1 is a physical movement,
42:45 Psalms 96:5,
42:47 bowing and kneeling, physical movement.
42:49 2 Samuel's 6:14-16,
42:52 dancing, leaping, whirling, physical movement.
42:54 Psalms 63:4, 1 Timothy 2,
42:57 lifting our hands, physical movement.
43:01 Now you don't have to do all of them,
43:03 and every church doesn't have to participate in each one.
43:06 But why we're fighting about it?
43:07 Amen.
43:15 If you go to the church, get stands when they read,
43:18 hallelujah, physical movement.
43:21 And if you go to the church that claps when they sing,
43:23 hallelujah, physical movement.
43:26 But is God the focus?
43:30 Because that's what determines. Yeah. Amen.
43:35 Because if it's all about us and what we do
43:37 that God's not hearing that anyway.
43:40 The most beautiful music that we can sing,
43:43 the most glorious sounds of the anthem
43:46 and the operatic voice.
43:48 If God is not feeling that sound,
43:50 it is noise before His throne.
43:57 So we have to stop judging one and other,
44:00 and allowing ourselves
44:02 to understand the biblical knowledge
44:04 and understanding of worship, and stop fighting each other
44:07 and aiming these weapons at Satan,
44:10 where they belong.
44:13 Third one, silence and meditation.
44:17 Silence and meditation.
44:22 We go to churches and we say, it's too dead in there,
44:24 it's too silent, I can't worship in there.
44:25 Silence is the form of worship.
44:29 You need to take time to hear God's voice.
44:33 You need to take time to meditate on His word.
44:36 Psalm 77:12 tell you, silence is necessary.
44:40 Psalm 119, silence is part of worship.
44:44 You go to some churches,
44:46 there is never a minute of silence.
44:48 Well, testimonies are mode of worship.
44:50 2 Chronicles 16:9, Psalm 66:16,
44:54 I'm not telling you without the bridges things,
44:56 I'm giving you the word of God.
44:58 Amen.
44:59 Testimony is the mode of worship.
45:02 Prayer is the mode of worship.
45:04 Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 23:13, God said,
45:07 "My house will be a house of prayer for all people."
45:10 It is a mode of worship.
45:11 A holy life is a mode of worship.
45:15 We're worshiping, worshiping, worshiping all the time.
45:17 This is my praise team leader
45:18 and they're just worshipping all the time.
45:20 And then they're leaving it
45:21 a meanest person in your church.
45:26 If you're involved in worship and it's serious,
45:28 you would be transformed.
45:31 Nobody goes into the presence of God and Jesus Christ
45:34 and comes back out the same.
45:37 Something in you would have to change.
45:39 Even if it's incremental, something would have to change.
45:43 And so the fruit of worship is also a holy life.
45:49 These are forms of worship,
45:51 but finally and you see that in 1 Peter 3:9
45:55 and in Hebrews 12:14
45:57 that the mode of worship, form of worship is a holy life.
46:01 But finally, music, the seventh,
46:05 is a form of worship.
46:07 Praise is most invariably linked to music,
46:10 both instrumental and vocal.
46:12 References to music in the Bible,
46:14 44 out of the 66 books in the Bible reference music.
46:19 The Book of Psalms,
46:20 the largest book in the Bible is God's personal hymnal.
46:27 Music is God's choice for worship.
46:31 It continues incessantly at his throne, music.
46:35 Psalms 69:30, Psalms 150:3-5 and 2 Chronicles 7:6,
46:41 is a form of worship.
46:46 But too many of us worship the music,
46:49 and not the Master.
46:53 Too many of us worship the music
46:56 and not the Master.
46:59 When we engage regularly
47:02 and praise is a part of our daily ritual,
47:04 it is God's weapon to fight against Satan.
47:09 You see when your life is filled with praise,
47:12 and these hardships come into your life,
47:14 it's a hardship, it's a difficulty,
47:16 but you take it differently,
47:20 because you are involved with the Master,
47:23 and you see the divine purpose.
47:25 And you can summit yourself to whatever like Joe said,
47:29 "Though he slay me, yet will I trust him."
47:33 Ellen G. White, says in her writings
47:34 in Gospel Workers,
47:36 "The human heart, uncontrolled by the Spirit of God,
47:40 is void of the meekness of Christ,
47:44 but loves to battle for the truth.
47:47 Those who are proclaiming God's message to the world
47:50 must not be captious or critical or overbearing.
47:54 They should not be too free to criticize or condemn others.
47:58 They should be careful not to let the words wound,
48:02 but should led pure biblical truth
48:05 cut its way to the heart."
48:10 So let's quickly look at the biblical truth
48:13 of the pattern of the sanctuary.
48:15 The sanctuary is God's blueprint for worship.
48:21 The sanctuary is what? God's blueprint for worship.
48:23 It's God's blueprint for worship.
48:25 The sanctuary service of ancient times
48:28 is the cornerstone of the musical motif
48:31 of today's contemporary praise of worship.
48:35 So the sanctuary service of ancient times
48:38 is a model of today's praise and worship service.
48:43 Now Judson Cornwall,
48:45 who is a Pentecostal worship writer
48:48 from the late '70s and '80s promoted the idea
48:53 that the worship leader can take the people
48:56 on a musical worship journey
48:59 that mirrors the journey into the holy of holies
49:02 or the most holy place.
49:05 At every point, and he used Psalms 100 as his model.
49:10 Then later he said, first, must know where the people are,
49:16 where he wants or she wants to take them
49:18 and then when they've arrived.
49:21 So in order to know that,
49:22 you have to understand the needs of the people.
49:28 Now there are three areas
49:29 we know of that comprise a sanctuary,
49:31 the outer court.
49:33 And the outer court had an open space
49:35 that was enclosed by gate
49:37 and this area contained the brazen altar
49:39 of burnt offering,
49:41 which was closest to the entrance.
49:43 And then between the altar and the door
49:45 was a tabernacle with the bronze laver
49:47 and with bronze laver was made from mirrors
49:50 that was given by the women.
49:52 And the bronze laver
49:53 was where the priest washed their hands and their feet.
49:56 So it was made by mirrors,
49:57 because you need to see your sins
49:59 before you want to be cleansed out.
50:01 Amen.
50:03 So the first phase
50:05 in this five phase musical model
50:08 is that, when you enter into the sanctuary,
50:12 the outer court and you're just so thankful,
50:14 that you can be cleansed of your sin,
50:16 and that Christ was the sacrifice.
50:19 The first phase is songs of personal testimony
50:21 in the camp or jubilation.
50:24 Songs of jubilation, love lifted me,
50:27 songs of jubilation.
50:28 The second phase is through the gates with thanksgiving,
50:33 so songs of thanksgiving,
50:35 through the gates with thanksgiving.
50:36 And the third phase, we enter into his courts with praise.
50:41 So that's the musical model.
50:43 Then you have the two apartments,
50:45 the holy place, and the most holy place.
50:47 And in the holy place, we know was a table of showbread,
50:50 the golden lampstand with a seven candlesticks,
50:53 the altar of incense.
50:54 And then there was also the altar of incense
50:57 where the horns were sprinkled with blood
50:59 and this is before the veil.
51:00 Now in that, in the holy place, the fourth phase is all,
51:05 because in that place
51:07 where the prayers of the saints go up.
51:09 The candle is the Holy Spirit,
51:12 you're in awe that Christ can dwell within you.
51:15 So the musical motif is one of all,
51:18 and then the final,
51:20 when you go into the most holy place.
51:22 And you're taking them on a musical journey
51:25 where you see the Ark of the Covenant
51:26 where the presence of God is, is falling down in adoration.
51:31 For the presence of God, so it's the adoration.
51:35 So the musical, the sanctuary message
51:39 has a modern application for today.
51:42 We as spiritual Levites, we as those, the last day,
51:46 the remnant church will worship
51:47 is the core of our remnant message.
51:49 We need to understand worship,
51:52 and we need to be the ones out there,
51:53 sharing the message without the phase.
51:56 Amen.
51:58 Not squabbling against one another.
52:04 Now you may say, now the bridges, I don't know.
52:09 I don't believe what you just said
52:10 about praise and worship music.
52:12 I don't believe that music can be a weapon
52:16 to fight a war against Satan.
52:18 Well, I tell you then ask David,
52:20 because when King David played his heart
52:23 and Saul was filled with the demon.
52:25 The demon had to flee.
52:29 Well, you say I don't know, Elder Bridges I don't know,
52:32 because that still doesn't mean anything to me.
52:34 Well, ask Joshua, because Joshua,
52:37 the Lord didn't even tell him to fight the war.
52:39 He just said, "Blow the trumpet."
52:41 And the walls came falling down.
52:45 I don't know, you say,
52:46 it still doesn't seem like proof enough.
52:48 Well, ask Jehoshaphat
52:50 because he just sent out the Levites to sing.
52:53 And the Lord sent ambushes among the armies.
52:56 But finally Jesus Christ says
52:58 that when He conquer sin and dead,
53:00 the trump shall sound the dead in Christ shall rise.
53:04 And then sin, dead and hell will be blotted out.
53:13 We need to understand that this is a war,
53:18 and that musical worship is a weapon to fight Satan,
53:23 not each other.
53:25 And I don't know if you have a piano player,
53:27 that will be good.
53:30 The next day we made it to the cemetery.
53:36 We had on all our gear,
53:39 we were dressed to fight.
53:43 And as we were walking in to this huge cemetery
53:47 around the corner from my house.
53:51 All I could think to myself is Lord, Jesus,
53:55 my parents are gonna kill me.
54:00 and unfortunately,
54:03 as I was walking to that cemetery,
54:09 the only Christian among my friends,
54:14 I should have been the one to convince them
54:17 that this was foolish.
54:19 I should not have succumbed to temptation and trials
54:23 but I did.
54:26 And while we were walking to that cemetery,
54:30 I kept thinking to myself,
54:32 "Lord, how can You get me out of this.
54:34 This is gonna be a mess.
54:37 And when we arrived at the cemetery,
54:40 there was already a crowd that had gathered.
54:43 Because all other people in my neighborhood
54:46 had come to see what was gonna happen during this fight.
54:50 And we were standing there
54:52 waiting for either blows to be thrown
54:56 or for something to happen.
54:58 And suddenly, as I looked further in the distance,
55:03 there was another crowd of people coming.
55:06 You see I attended the junior high school
55:10 from seventh to ninth grade,
55:12 but most of us, myself and my girlfriends included,
55:17 we had siblings in the high school.
55:20 and you see, although we made a pact,
55:23 not to tell our sisters the word got out
55:27 that there was gonna be a fight at the junior high.
55:30 So as we look in the distance, we saw our sisters coming.
55:36 And they were ninth graders, they weren't seventh graders.
55:39 So they were big and they were dressed in war gear,
55:44 their hair was braided,
55:45 and their faces were slavered with Vaseline,
55:48 and they had on extra cloth,
55:50 'cause they were coming to fight.
55:53 And suddenly the girls from Turtle Hook changed their mind.
56:00 They didn't feel the need to fight that day,
56:02 and not a blow was thrown.
56:05 Amen.
56:06 Because you see, our advisory knew we had an advocate,
56:10 that was coming to our rescue.
56:13 You see, when you worship and praise God.
56:17 God knows you have an advocate who comes to your rescue.
56:22 You no longer have to fight Satan.
56:24 Jesus Christ shows up Himself
56:28 and fights the war on your behalf.
56:30 We no longer need to tussle and to wrestle with Satan,
56:35 because we will lose the war.
56:38 But Jesus Christ is a victor every time.
56:41 Amen, amen.
56:46 And so my plea to you is simple today.
56:50 Let's stop fighting one another.
56:53 Let's ask God to fill our lives, and our hearts,
56:56 and our minds with His biblical worship.
56:59 Let's not talk about preference.
57:02 Let's talk about God's presence.
57:06 And let's fill ourselves with a holy word of God
57:10 and His worship principles.
57:13 If you want to make that commitment today,
57:15 just raise your hand.
57:17 The angel see you, just raise your hand.
57:19 Hallelujah.


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