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Casting Your Vote

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Participants: Pr. Kenn Dixon


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00:35 In my moments of fear
00:44 Through every pain every tear
00:52 There's a God who's been faithful to me
01:03 When my strength was all gone
01:12 When my heart had no song
01:18 Still in love He's proved faithful to me
01:30 Every word He's promised is true
01:43 What I thought was impossible
01:51 I've seen my God do
01:58 He's been faithful
02:08 He's been so faithful to me
02:17 Looking back His love and mercy I see
02:31 Though in my heart I have questioned
02:38 Even failed to believe
02:43 He's been faithful, faithful to me
03:02 When my heart looked away
03:11 There were many times I could not pray
03:16 Still my God He was faithful to me
03:28 My days were spent so selfishly
03:34 Reaching out for what pleased me
03:42 Even then God was faithful to me
03:54 Every time when I come back to Him
04:05 He is waiting with open arms
04:15 And I see once again
04:21 That He's been so faithful
04:31 He's been so faithful to me
04:41 Looking back His love and mercy I see
04:54 Though in my heart I have questioned
05:01 Even failed to believe
05:05 Yet He's been faithful, faithful
05:14 Though in my heart I have questioned
05:21 Even failed to believe
05:24 Yet He's been faithful, faithful
05:31 And in my heart I have questioned
05:39 Even failed to believe
05:44 Yet He's been faithful
05:51 So faithful to me
06:08 I trusted faithful
06:13 Faithful to me
06:31 Lord, the people praise You
06:34 Lord, the people praise You
06:36 Lift you up and raise You
06:38 Lift you up and raise You
06:41 You are the Holy One
06:43 You are the Holy One
06:46 You're the only One
06:48 You're the only One
06:50 Lord, the people love You
06:52 Lord, the people love You
06:54 Place nobody above You
06:57 Place nobody above You
06:59 You are the Holy One
07:01 You are the Holy One
07:03 You're the One, You're the only One
07:06 You're the One, You're the only One
07:08 Bless Your name Lord Jesus
07:10 Bless Your name Lord Jesus
07:13 The only name that frees us
07:15 The only name that frees us
07:17 You are the Holy One
07:20 You are the Holy One
07:22 You're the One, You're the only One
07:24 You're the One, You're the only One
07:26 We will praise You right here right now
07:29 We will praise You right here right now
07:31 Lest the hills and rocks cry out
07:33 Lest the hills and rocks cry out
07:36 You are the Holy One
07:38 You are the Holy One
07:40 You're the One, You're the only One
07:42 You're the One, You're the only One
07:45 Halle, halle, hallelu
07:47 Halle, halle, hallelu
07:49 All the glory is due You
07:52 All the glory is due You
07:54 You are the Holy One
07:56 You are the Holy One
07:59 You're the One, you're the only One
08:01 You're the One, you're the only One
08:03 Halle, halle, hallelu
08:06 Halle, halle, hallelu
08:08 All the glory is due You
08:10 All the glory is due You
08:13 You are the Holy One
08:15 You are the Holy One
08:17 You're the One, You're the only One
08:19 You're the One, You're the only One
08:21 Say Holy, holy, holy
08:24 Holy, holy, holy
08:26 You all are not worthy
08:29 You all are not worthy
08:31 You are the Holy One
08:33 You are the Holy One
08:36 You're the One, You're the only One
08:38 You're the One, You're the only One
08:40 Say, Holy, holy, holy
08:43 Holy, holy, holy
08:45 We think You're holy
08:47 We think You're holy
08:49 That You are the Holy One
08:52 You are the Holy One
08:54 You're the One, You're the only One
08:56 You're the One, You're the only One
08:59 If we had ten thousand hands
09:01 If we had ten thousand hands
09:03 We would bless You as You command
09:06 We would bless You as You command
09:08 You are the Holy One
09:10 You are the Holy One
09:13 You're the One, You're the only One
09:15 You're the One, You're the only One
09:17 If we had ten thousand tongues
09:20 If we had ten thousand tongues
09:22 We would bless You with ev'ry one
09:24 We would bless You with ev'ry one
09:27 You are the Holy One
09:29 You are the Holy One
09:31 You're the One, You're the only One
09:33 You're the One, You're the only One
09:36 Halle, halle, hallelu
09:38 Halle, halle, hallelu
09:40 All the glory is due You
09:43 All the glory is due You
09:45 You are the Holy One
09:48 You are the Holy One
09:50 You're the One, You're the only One
09:52 You're the One, You're the only One
09:54 Say Halle, halle, hallelu
09:57 Halle, halle, hallelu
09:59 All the glory is due You
10:02 All the glory is due You
10:04 You are the Holy One
10:06 You are the Holy One
10:08 You're the One, You're the only One
10:11 You're the One, You're the only One
10:13 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:15 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:18 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:20 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:22 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:25 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:27 Say Halle, halle, hallelu
10:29 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:31 Say Halle, halle, hallelu
10:34 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:36 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:39 Halle, halle, hallelu
10:41 All the glory is due You
10:43 All the glory is due You
10:46 You are the Holy One
10:48 You are the Holy One
10:50 You are the Holy One
10:53 You are the Holy One
10:55 You are the Holy One
10:57 You are the Holy One
11:00 You are the Holy One
11:02 You are the Holy One
11:04 You are the Holy One
11:07 You are the Holy One
11:09 You are the Holy One
11:11 You are the Holy One
11:14 You're the One, You're the only One
11:16 You're the One, You're the only One
11:21 We sing glory to Your name.
11:25 You are the God who has given us life.
11:32 You are the God who died for us to give us life eternal.
11:38 And Father, in these moments as we open Your word,
11:43 we pray that You would transform
11:48 whatever we hear into an experience that we can move.
11:53 Lord, that our testimony and let our praise not be one
11:57 that is full with self gratification.
12:01 Well, let it be one
12:02 that will bring glory and honor to Your name.
12:04 Lord, we need You in this hour of prayer.
12:08 Lord, we need You on this Your holy Sabbath day
12:12 for without You we are nothing.
12:15 And Lord, we pray that You'll speak to our hearts,
12:18 move through here with Your Holy Spirit,
12:20 transform this message into one that will transform our lives.
12:26 We pray these things in Your name
12:29 and let everyone say, amen.
12:31 Amen.
12:32 Happy Sabbath, everyone.
12:33 Happy Sabbath.
12:38 As we are looking at these-- time of the passion.
12:45 I want to bring your attention to
12:48 the text of scripture that is found in Luke
12:51 that was read for our text this morning.
12:57 Luke Chapter 23
13:03 and I just want to touch on verse 24.
13:13 "So Pilate gave sentence
13:17 that it should be as they requested."
13:22 Pilate gave sentence so that it should be as they requested.
13:28 In his book "Letters from Jesus"
13:31 written on the hearts of his people.
13:35 Jim Montgomery penned this vivid portrayal
13:41 of the release of Barabbas.
13:43 "He was notorious indeed. A Roman cross awaited him.
13:49 The nails lay ready. The whip was coiled.
13:54 Barabbas was a dead man.
13:58 At dawn, the Roman guard came
14:01 and wordlessly led Barabbas from his cell.
14:06 He felt little fear.
14:09 So full of hatred and rebellion,
14:11 he had little room left for any other emotions.
14:15 Suddenly, Barabbas was thrust before the mob.
14:18 They screamed his name, 'Barabbas! Barabbas!'
14:22 His chains were removed and cast aside.
14:25 A Roman soldier shoved him into the courtyard into the street.
14:31 And they left him there.
14:33 He was free and unchained.
14:37 Barabbas was alive."
14:41 How can this be?
14:43 How can a man who is accused of murder and sedition be free?
14:52 Pilate was a man that had found Jesus innocent.
14:56 No fault, warned by his wife
14:58 the Bible tells us in Matthew 27:19,
15:01 not to touch the just Man.
15:06 He was impressed with His character.
15:08 He was willing to release the man,
15:09 however he changed his course and delivered Jesus to die.
15:15 Why?
15:18 What on earth would compel a leader to do such a thing?
15:25 Title of my message is "Casting Your Vote."
15:29 Casting Your Vote.
15:32 We want Barabbas.
15:38 What was the difference between Jesus and Barabbas?
15:42 You know, you can, you can just alarmingly
15:44 I can tell you what Barabbas was like.
15:47 I can just tell you that, I can put Jesus against anyone.
15:53 And only an insane, crazy, deranged person
15:58 that has been dropped on his head a few times
16:01 would choose someone other than Jesus.
16:07 Why did they choose the sinner over the Satan?
16:12 Why on earth would you do it?
16:14 Who was Barabbas?
16:15 Well, he was a well known criminal.
16:18 He was guilty of sedition and murder.
16:21 He was a thief and who is Jesus?
16:27 Why did the Jewish nation choose Jesus--
16:31 I mean, choose Barabbas instead of Jesus?
16:34 That is a pondering question
16:36 and it's a question that you can ask today,
16:38 because there are some votes for Barabbas here today.
16:48 The Bible says in Luke 23:18, it says that,
16:53 "And they all cried at once, saying,
16:56 'Away with this Man, and release to us Barabbas.'"
17:00 Away with him. Pilate had given them a choice.
17:04 He said, listen, cast your vote.
17:06 Vote your conscience. Vote your conscience.
17:10 You know, we are in an election year.
17:11 Now, there's people that are saying what they will do,
17:15 but you know that's interesting
17:16 'cause they're running back when I was in high school
17:18 and individuals would run for classrooms.
17:22 They made great promises.
17:24 Oh, we will make
17:28 a soda machine in every classroom.
17:34 We will, we will have no more detention
17:35 and you will have recess all day long.
17:37 And people go, "Vote them in. Vote them in."
17:40 And when they got into office they forgot everything.
17:46 Here is today that now you can buy a vote and it's okay.
17:51 Everybody is buying a vote.
17:54 But here now Pilate is telling the crowd,
17:57 listen, I'm gonna leave this.
17:58 I want you to cast a vote.
18:02 Now you have to understand that, wait, wait, wait, wait,
18:04 when Pilate was making this offer to the people,
18:08 he knew that the people would choose Jesus
18:15 because they are religious people.
18:18 They would choose-- I mean, no one, I mean listen,
18:20 this guy is saying that He has healed the sick,
18:23 He has raised the dead,
18:24 He has done all, He has done everything.
18:26 He has preached the world,
18:27 people have come to Him, they love Him,
18:29 the people know He's done all these things.
18:31 There's no way they would choose a terrorist.
18:36 That's just crazy.
18:38 So Jesus so--
18:39 Now, Pilate puts Him before and says listen, listen all right,
18:42 choose who you want to be free.
18:45 However the one thing that Pilate had not expected.
18:51 Now these were the leaders.
18:54 These were the ones that were, that had the,
18:57 the-- on their head and on the wrist
18:58 they have scriptures in it.
19:00 These are the ones that are going to church on Sabbath,
19:03 wouldn't miss it.
19:04 Matter of fact if they got you on the road
19:06 and you were stuck in the ditch,
19:07 you would just stuck.
19:10 They were the holy of the holy.
19:11 They were the, they were the vegan of vegans.
19:13 The vegans were admiring them.
19:18 They didn't press the--
19:20 Their clothes were always pressed and tight.
19:22 They're always ready to,
19:23 they're fully prepared on Thursday night
19:26 so they didn't want to prepare on the preparation day,
19:29 they were ready.
19:30 Everything was-- they were cleaning,
19:31 they were sitting near mirror and they would
19:33 fix their eyebrows and everything was clean.
19:35 And as they walked past
19:36 the sinner who'd ask them for money,
19:37 they would all together start screaming,
19:38 they didn't want to vote.
19:40 These were the religious leaders.
19:44 They drove the nice cars but they talk about being humble.
19:51 These were the individual who had nice homes
19:54 but talk about the poor
19:56 didn't we take care of them but not us,
19:59 someone else will do it.
20:00 And religious leaders here,
20:02 these were the spiritual leaders,
20:04 Pilate knew he was, he said this isn't done yet,
20:06 this is a hit, I'm gonna knock this out of the park.
20:09 I'll be at dinner with my wife.
20:12 This is no problem.
20:13 They want to choose Jesus.
20:15 Now let's go ahead and prepare Jesus to leave.
20:17 Let's give Him a robe, let's give Him a--
20:19 That's the way we need to do, prepare him to leave here
20:22 and there will not be an execution day
20:23 except for the other guys.
20:25 Listen, Jesus is gonna be free so Pilate thought.
20:32 As he looked over the people and he said,
20:36 who you cast your vote for?
20:38 I'm pretty sure he would back him,
20:40 he said this is gonna be easy thing.
20:43 Just sat down.
20:46 All right, what's the next?
20:47 Barabbas. What?
20:54 Did I hear you right?
20:57 You want who?
21:01 We want Barabbas.
21:04 See, what Pilate did not understand
21:06 is that the people were not looking for a spiritual leader.
21:11 They were looking for someone
21:13 that will look like a spiritual leader.
21:16 So they chose Jesus Barabbas.
21:22 It's a good study to read about his name.
21:26 It was almost as though that people were choosing a Jesus
21:29 but on their own terms.
21:31 See, Barabbas was the freedom fighter,
21:32 they were looking for a freedom fighter.
21:34 They weren't looking for savior.
21:36 They were looking for a politician,
21:37 not a religious person.
21:40 They wanted someone that can give them the bread, the cheese
21:43 and the four acres and the mule.
21:47 They weren't looking for a saint.
21:50 See, we have some individuals
21:51 who are looking for Barabbas and calling him Jesus.
21:56 We are looking for individuals that love the truth things,
21:59 they love to play thing, they love to put spice on wounded,
22:03 they love to put with agitation and pain.
22:05 They loved that.
22:06 They say I want Barabbas, I like Barabbas.
22:09 He is a freedom fighter.
22:10 Always willing to do things unspiritual
22:12 and then throwing it the spiritual name.
22:16 The people voted for those
22:18 that they're holding common values with.
22:21 Do you know when it says vote your conscience?
22:24 In other words whoever marries you thoughtfully.
22:31 I want someone to be like me.
22:34 See, Barabbas was a political Jesus.
22:38 He was a terrorist.
22:41 Bible says that in Luke 23:22 it says, it says,
22:47 "And the whole multitude of them arose,
22:49 and led him to Pilate.
22:51 And they began to accuse him, saying,
22:53 we found this fellow perverting the nation,
22:57 and forbidding to" do what?
23:00 Forbidding to pay taxes.
23:02 Are you serious?
23:05 You bring this man
23:06 and now you have to understand the irony of this.
23:09 They bring Jesus to the person they hate
23:13 and say, look, He is subverting the government
23:16 and he doesn't want to contribute
23:17 but they didn't either.
23:23 They didn't want to pay to Rome.
23:26 They didn't like Rome,
23:28 but yet when the devil gets into something,
23:32 enemies like Herod and Pilate will become best of friends.
23:36 The people brought Jesus before them,
23:39 accusing Jesus of not following what the law said
23:43 of the law of the land
23:44 and but they were ready to ask for a criminal of the land.
23:52 Jesus being charged with not paying taxes
23:55 and perverting the government.
23:56 Look what it says in Proverbs Chapter 6.
23:59 Very interesting what it says in Proverbs Chapter 6.
24:03 You will progress with me with this.
24:05 The Bible says that there are six things
24:07 that God, he hates that.
24:08 I like the sentence. Yeah, I did forget one.
24:11 I think, you know, just gets you think it was Satan.
24:13 It says there are six things that I hate in verse--
24:16 excuse me in verse, in verse 16.
24:20 Verse 16, starts with 16,
24:22 "There are six things the Lord hate:
24:23 yea, seven are an abomination to Him.
24:24 A proud look, a lying tongue," wait a minute.
24:29 He's already getting along to among the Pharisees.
24:33 He goes on to say that he says "hands that" what?
24:38 "Hands that are ready to shed innocent blood."
24:42 There are six things that God hates, yea, seven.
24:45 It goes on to say "A heart that deviseth wicked plans,
24:51 feet that are swift in running to evil,
24:54 a false witness who speaks lies,
24:57 and one who sows discord among brethren."
25:01 He was a terrorist and they want the terrorist
25:03 because they were terrorists.
25:07 This-- it says one who sows discords among the brethren.
25:14 It was interesting and I don't know about this
25:15 when I was growing up my dad had us work in the yard.
25:18 And I've told some of you guys the story before.
25:20 I hated working in the yard.
25:22 My Sunday was dumped.
25:24 Six o'clock in the morning, yard about full of weeds,
25:28 my friends riding the bikes, hey.
25:33 Want to chase them, want to hold them, just get them.
25:37 Every Sunday morning you have to--
25:38 we'd be pulling out leaves
25:41 there was a time in which there was,
25:43 I don't know if you know about tenderloins.
25:50 The roots way big,
25:54 you're taken for days because of roots.
25:58 You come down the roots come back then.
26:02 That's what it means ones that
26:04 those are quick to cause discourse.
26:07 You come down, you think you got rid of them
26:09 and they just pop right up.
26:10 And you know, before the day is even over
26:12 and you cut the grass, there you are again.
26:17 This individual leads,
26:18 these individuals were planning to kill Jesus
26:21 and they wanted to plan discourse.
26:24 Barabbas was a murderer.
26:27 However look at John, look at John 11.
26:32 John 11 the Bible says something very interesting.
26:35 You are familiar with the story,
26:37 the story when Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave.
26:43 And John 11:14,
26:48 this is after Lazarus is raised from the dead.
26:52 So I'm gonna read verse 48 the Bible says that
26:56 "If we let Him alone like this,"
26:58 in other words he is saying, listen, listen,
26:59 he is saying that listen,
27:00 Jesus just raised up a man from the dead.
27:03 That's impossible.
27:05 He just raised a man from the dead.
27:06 They said that if we let this man alone like this
27:09 "everyone will believe in Him,
27:11 and the Romans will come and take away
27:13 both our place and" what?
27:16 "Nation."
27:18 Now delivering Romans and the Romans and they say,
27:20 listen we can't let this man continue
27:21 going what He is doing.
27:22 We got to get rid of him so
27:23 and he goes on to say in verse 49 says that,
27:28 "And one of them, Caiaphas
27:29 being high priest that year, said to them,
27:31 'You know nothing at all,
27:33 nor do you consider that it is expedient for us
27:36 that one man should die for the people,
27:41 not that the whole nation should perish.'"
27:45 The court the planning of the court discourse started
27:49 when Jesus started doing it.
27:52 How ironic it is in the church
27:56 when someone starts to do good.
27:58 What happens? Oh, well, you know,
27:59 they didn't follow the right protocol.
28:06 Oh, well, you like the trips.
28:14 "There are six things that God hates,
28:15 yes, seven are an abomination to Him."
28:18 And number seven is planning discourse.
28:22 Oh, well, they want to do that, no.
28:25 I wanted it probably.
28:26 Thinking my mom wasn't going home.
28:33 Barabbas was a thief, the Bible says that
28:38 when Jesus came into the temple He turned over the table
28:43 and said that you've turned
28:45 my Father's home into a den of thieves.
28:47 In other words what Jesus was telling them
28:49 is that you are gonna watch something
28:54 that you should not really have.
28:57 See you want Barabbas but you really need Jesus.
29:01 But your heart is already saying that we want Barabbas.
29:05 No matter what our outward appearance seems,
29:08 we want Barabbas,
29:10 we want the terrorist, we want the bad one.
29:14 The guys goes to college, gets a degree,
29:17 graduates, gets a good job, got nice little apartment,
29:21 house, a car wherever case maybe,
29:24 doing very well, leads the one.
29:25 Guys wearing pants way down here,
29:27 something stuck in his nose, a--on his back,
29:29 some, you know, hat turned to the side
29:31 didn't go to day school, one,
29:32 and all of a sudden, you think, what?
29:45 I can help him.
29:51 Bringing home and parents don't say anything.
29:56 He's got nice eyes. Get out of my house.
30:04 The people wanted the bad boy, they didn't want Jesus.
30:08 They wanted someone that they can identify with,
30:09 someone that they may have said, you know what?
30:13 If I wasn't a religious person I would have done that.
30:16 So let me just vote for the one that I want.
30:19 You know, sometime religion carries through to our children
30:22 and things that we couldn't do.
30:24 That just scares me because our kids don't want to be with us.
30:29 None of my children tell me they want to be a pastor,
30:31 and I don't tell them that they shouldn't.
30:33 It's a principle, principle.
30:35 You go if the Lord called you to do.
30:37 Now Bible says, they don't want to be like that,
30:39 praise the Lord.
30:40 Praise the Lord.
30:41 Now let me say what people will do to you.
30:47 They will love you but they'll--
30:52 The reality of this the people want someone
30:55 and they vote for someone, they can identify with.
31:00 Someone that has the same tricks as them,
31:04 the same murderer,
31:06 the same thing that I want to return the faithful tithe
31:08 to the church maybe you won't.
31:13 I'm against the kingdo of God, a spiritual text.
31:20 Everything the leaders wanted Jesus could have given to them
31:23 but they didn't want Him.
31:25 The interesting thing is that the people wanted power.
31:27 The Bible says in Acts it says that
31:29 and you shall receive power.
31:33 We desire things that God wants to give us
31:38 but He can't trust us yet.
31:42 They wanted robes, he says,
31:43 "In my Father's house are many mansions"
31:45 but I want it now, you don't want it now.
31:48 Yes, I want it now. Why?
31:51 They didn't want it now.
31:54 He was trying to give them life,
31:55 they didn't want life.
31:56 Nobody wants to die.
31:57 But they don't want life through Him.
31:59 The Bible clearly says that if you have, when you have--
32:02 somebody have life you have it more abundantly.
32:04 They don't want it.
32:05 So the interesting thing is that people want those things
32:08 but they don't want how it looks right now.
32:12 Nobody in their right mind wants to die.
32:15 Barabbas didn't want to die but he didn't care so much.
32:20 There were sleeping the Bible says,
32:21 that when the Son of Man is coming
32:23 to set you're free indeed.
32:25 They didn't want that. They didn't want--
32:26 they wanted freedom from Rome's hand claw
32:31 when really their bondage was in themselves.
32:39 Well, who did you cast your vote for?
32:42 You know, many people will choose
32:45 who they want and will justify it.
32:51 Why do you want Barabbas?
32:53 Because he has caused problems in the Roman government
33:00 and Rome said, we don't have any problem with it, Pilate.
33:07 What as far as problems can be religious
33:10 or the Jewish government Herod said,
33:13 I don't find any fault in him either.
33:17 So why did they want to kill Him?
33:20 We don't like Him. He has taken our role.
33:28 Pilate offered people a choice
33:29 between a self styled political savior
33:31 who promised salvation from tyranny of Rome
33:35 yet the Savior of the world
33:37 who would save men from his sin they did not want Him.
33:42 Their preference for the mission
33:43 to the leadership of Barabbas
33:45 rather than the leadership of Christ.
33:51 But you know something.
33:53 Even though Barabbas was free--
33:59 you know there's consequences to every action that we do.
34:04 There is a consequence
34:06 because see Barabbas was not the only one
34:08 that was to die that day.
34:10 Barabbas had an influence over some individuals
34:15 and they were also want to die.
34:18 And one young man in particular
34:21 as he was presenting and concentrating his own faith
34:25 probably had a light bulb go off in his head realize that
34:29 I'm going to die.
34:31 The Bible says very clearly that back to Luke 23...
34:41 that Jesus was beaten and now He was taken to a cross to die.
34:48 The people said crucify Him
34:51 and Pilate followed their wishes.
34:57 When He was take the Bible says in verse 39 of Luke 23,
35:04 "Then one of the criminals was hanged blasphemed Him,
35:09 saying, 'If You are the Christ, save Yourself and us.'"
35:16 Here it was that Jesus was on the cross,
35:20 the two men that religiously followed Barabbas
35:24 were also on the cross.
35:25 Now look at this, you can see this.
35:27 Both of them had a choice,
35:30 both of them chose to follow Barabbas
35:32 and end up now about to die.
35:34 But one of them was still asking for salvation
35:41 and so was the other one.
35:43 But look how both of them ask.
35:47 Save yourself, in other words you are not God.
35:51 You are not whom you claim to be,
35:53 because you are supposed to come and die for us
35:56 but no, no, no, no, save yourself
35:59 and by the way don't forget about us.
36:02 That's what--blasphemy he says, you don't believe Him.
36:06 You want salvation
36:08 but you don't want necessarily him to die for you.
36:11 You want to get off the cross and ask as he should have said,
36:14 hey, get me down of this cross I don't want to die.
36:18 The Bible goes when it say that
36:21 "But the other answered and rebuked him, saying,
36:24 'Do you not even fear God,
36:28 seeing you are under the same condemnation?
36:33 And we indeed justly,
36:37 for we receive the due reward of our deeds."
36:44 Two guys, the guy who has gotten them into problem
36:47 is walking down the street,
36:50 see that's what the devil does.
36:54 Take you out for dinner,
36:59 will drive you home, he won't get out of the car
37:03 and open door and walk into the porch.
37:06 He will leave you ashore.
37:09 Now the sidewalk the guy does that leave him ashore.
37:14 But he will leave you ashore,
37:15 the devil will always puts you on other thing
37:18 and right when you think that oh,
37:20 this is great, the devil will step into the darkness
37:23 and walk way.
37:24 And you'll be left there saying,
37:26 oh, I didn't know I was-- What happened?
37:27 The devil is gone and you are sitting there holding the bag.
37:30 Barabbas is down the street. Peace.
37:38 And these guys are hanging on the cross
37:40 and Jesus is there and one of them said,
37:42 listen, help us, save me, save yourself, save me.
37:45 I don't care, get me now off the cross.
37:47 And Jesus doesn't say a word.
37:49 The other one said listen man, we did this to ourselves.
37:55 We wanted to be who we wanted to be.
38:00 We wanted to do what we wanted to do.
38:03 We accepted the false christ of Barabbas.
38:07 We did that.
38:08 He didn't put us on the cross, we did.
38:12 I'm pretty sure this young man was one
38:16 that was familiar with who Jesus was.
38:19 I'm very sure that he watching this fleet of multitudes
38:22 and he probably even went to there picking people pockets
38:26 as he was feeding the multitudes.
38:28 I can imagine that this is the same young man
38:30 that would come to church every Sabbath.
38:32 I can see him coming home every night.
38:34 I can see him-- he is probably,
38:36 he was from a Jewish home so he understood certain thing.
38:39 So I can see him doing that.
38:41 I can see he's enjoying himself.
38:44 But somehow this bad boy or want to be bad boy in Matthews,
38:50 I think he probably had--
38:57 because we like to shy from the Word.
39:01 Nothing like a word, just shy.
39:04 We do the stuff that is over the top.
39:08 The loudest ones,
39:10 hardest dancers, hardest drinkers.
39:14 We just do things over the top.
39:15 I can imagine him just doing this over the top,
39:18 just trying to be, to fit in and trying to dull the sound
39:22 of the Holy Spirit speaking to him.
39:24 I can say, amen, I don't want to hear that.
39:27 Imagine sitting in church and working on,
39:30 you know, playing on Facebook and games,
39:31 texting people, say, what are we gonna do tonight?
39:33 I see all that, I can see them walk in the halls.
39:36 Walk in the halls.
39:38 I can imagine it being that type of young person.
39:42 Was there in the presence of the Holy Spirit
39:44 but did not have the spirit fall on him.
39:47 Just willing to be in the presence but not change.
39:51 Fallen and hooked up with Barabbas
39:52 and now he was being on the cross about to die.
39:56 See that's what sin do, nothing.
40:02 When sin walks up with you will be holding the bag.
40:10 As soon as the long arm of the law
40:12 caught up with this young man
40:14 he was tried, he was jailed and tried
40:16 and found guilty and nailed to die.
40:21 I see this man on a cross looking out where am I.
40:27 Figuring to himself how on earth did I get here.
40:30 Have you ever found yourself in that situation?
40:33 How on earth did I get there?
40:35 What that I do wrong?
40:38 Start tracing back in your life the missteps that you took.
40:45 I follow that person and yeah,
40:47 I watch daddy, now I understand.
40:51 At that point, both of them had a choice
40:54 but one chose to look to the Savior
40:57 and say to the Savior until the other thief said,
41:00 listen man, you're foolish man.
41:03 We made this mistake, He is innocent we are guilty.
41:09 We are guilty we should die.
41:17 Verse 42 says this "Then he said to Jesus,
41:25 'Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom."
41:32 Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.
41:37 Lord, remember me.
41:39 He didn't say Lord, remember what I did.
41:43 Lord, you know what gotten here.
41:44 Let me explain to you how I ended up here.
41:48 The law is wrong, they did me wrongly,
41:51 they treated me wrong.
41:56 They profiled me.
42:00 They trapped me down. They had stained it.
42:03 He didn't do anything, he said, Lord remember me, remember me.
42:10 I remember I saw the people asking for Barabbas.
42:13 I don't know of the rest, I want you.
42:16 There are these two men about to die
42:18 and one is asking for salvation from a man
42:21 who is about to die.
42:23 Lord, remember me. Want you to remember of me.
42:28 All you have to remember is my name
42:32 because when You come in the clouds
42:34 all you have to do is call my name.
42:39 This young man didn't go into the long dissertation
42:43 about salvation and the steps forward
42:47 and what he would promise if he got off this cross.
42:50 He didn't go for all of that.
42:51 He said simply Lord, remember me
42:56 when You come in Your kingdom.
42:59 The Bible says that "And Jesus said to him,
43:02 'Assuredly, I say to you, today
43:08 when I come you will be with Me."
43:13 Can you imagine that?
43:15 Jesus telling a man who is dying on the cross,
43:17 who has no hope, there is no hope.
43:19 He is not getting off that cross.
43:20 There is no pardon, no general or no governor
43:23 or no anyone is gonna save him off that cross.
43:26 He knows that he is going to die.
43:27 He knows that it's it.
43:31 But he reaches out for the last glimmer of hope
43:33 and he says listen, I know when Pilate said cast a vote
43:38 I didn't have a vote but I got one now, I vote for you.
43:41 I vote you, Jesus.
43:44 I don't want Barabbas anymore, I want You, Jesus.
43:47 You are the one I want. You are the one I want.
43:50 And this man dying on the cross found forgiveness
43:57 for everything he did.
44:00 I remember many years ago I went into a gentleman's room
44:06 and this gentleman I thought was--
44:07 this is at the University of Michigan Medical Center
44:09 where I was working as a chaplain
44:11 and I walked into the gentleman's room
44:16 and I asked him, sir, are you okay?
44:19 He said, I'm gonna die.
44:22 He didn't say, hello, he didn't say I'm doing fine,
44:24 he said I'm going to die.
44:27 And I said, would you like for me to pray for you?
44:31 He said, no I'm an atheist.
44:37 I have no one.
44:41 When I looked at him I said this,
44:46 but I have to walk out of the room feeling to myself
44:51 what more can I have done, there was nothing.
44:55 But this is on the cross,
44:59 did not claim any other belief except that in Jesus.
45:06 He knew that salvation will only come from Jesus.
45:12 No matter what it looked like to him
45:13 that Jesus was gonna die Himself.
45:16 There was only hope in Jesus and all he can possibly do
45:21 was to give Jesus everything at that moment.
45:26 All this worldly pleasures did not matter,
45:28 all of these worldly possessions didn't matter.
45:31 All he could do at that moment is to give Jesus everything.
45:34 What was every thing?
45:36 His desire to be with Him
45:41 and had he got on that cross that day he will glorify.
45:47 But Jesus says to us today who are you going to vote for?
45:54 You have time,
45:56 the Lord has given you another day, another Sabbath.
45:58 Who are you going to vote for?
46:00 Barabbas, because he is more like you
46:04 or Jesus who wants to change you more like him.
46:10 Choose in this day whom you gonna surrender.
46:13 Amen.
46:16 All to Jesus I surrender
46:30 All to Him I freely give
46:44 I will ever love and trust Him
46:58 In His daily presence I will live
47:08 I surrender all
47:22 I surrender all
47:34 All to Thee,
47:38 my blessed Savior
47:46 I surrender all
47:58 All to Jesus I surrender
48:11 All to Him I freely give
48:24 I will always love and trust Him
48:37 In His daily presence live
48:47 I surrender all
48:59 I surrender all
49:10 All to Thee,
49:14 my blessed Savior
49:22 I surrender all
49:33 If you want to surrender all to Jesus
49:35 I invite you to stand for prayer.
49:44 The intimation came when I was in the hospital that day
49:49 I came across, I was called to another room
49:54 for another individual who was dying.
49:58 His name was Monty Houston.
50:02 When I went to his bedside and I was talking with him,
50:04 he had gone through so many years of trouble
50:09 and sickness and ailments
50:12 and leaned at him and I started read to him the scriptures
50:15 and he leaned over to me with his,
50:19 with his oxygen on his face
50:20 and he leaned over to me and he said,
50:23 I want to see Jesus.
50:28 I tell you something,
50:30 that thief on the cross is going to come out of that tomb
50:36 that he is incased in that
50:38 and he is going to hear something
50:41 that sounded very familiar.
50:43 It's gonna be Jesus saying His name come forward.
50:48 Can you imagine when he sees the crown oh Jesus' head?
50:57 The last time he saw so got a crown he's got a Roman--
51:02 Can you imagine the scene the armies of angels,
51:04 last time he saw an army--soldiers.
51:11 All he is going to say is this is my God,
51:15 I have waited for Him and He has come to save me.
51:19 Do you wanted that to be you?
51:22 Do you want Jesus to remember you?
51:25 Let me tell you something that today, God still remember you.
51:29 He can write your name in the Book of Life.
51:32 Today you can do that.
51:35 Well, He will not do it unless you tell Him Lord,
51:39 remember me when You come into Your kingdom.
51:44 There will be someone you today that had not told Jesus,
51:48 remember me.
51:51 Well, guess what? I've got good news for you.
51:55 Here's your time today.
51:57 You can tell Jesus today, remember me.
52:02 Just lie on the pew and say Lord,
52:05 I want You to remember me.
52:06 I want You to remember me when You come in Your kingdom.
52:09 Just come out.
52:11 I made a problem--but guess what I don't want any women,
52:16 I want you to save you.
52:19 If you are here just come on out and say Lord,
52:23 I want You to remember me.
52:25 I want You to write my name in that Book of Life.
52:28 And to be here today just come on out before we pray
52:32 before we pray just come on out here so that we can pray.
52:35 Are you here today?
52:37 Just say Lord, remember me.
52:41 Is every head bow and every eye closed Lord, remember me.
52:45 Is there someone here that is going to say to Jesus today
52:49 I'm looking at Him on the cross but I want You to remember me.
52:53 I want you to remember me.
52:57 Let's sing a chorus with all saying,
52:59 I want You to remember me.
53:02 I want You to remember me.
53:05 Remember me, amen.
53:16 Someone else, Lord, remember me when You come in Your kingdom.
53:21 Just someone else, who wants to say,
53:23 oh, I was in an old company before
53:29 but now I want You to remember me.
53:31 Come, come.
53:35 Can you hear, there's someone else?
53:46 Spirits are moving. Listen to the spirit.
53:52 If you hear so we pray. Not too much long.
53:56 Is there someone else?
54:01 Even as I pray who want to come forward
54:03 just come on forward and tell,
54:05 Lord, we have followed Barabbas because we let him.
54:10 We are familar with him, he brings us for--
54:15 We can continue on
54:17 but we understand as the-- that is nailed to that cross
54:21 looks to you and said there is no hope,
54:24 there is no salvation, sin, in order to bring them
54:29 and I want my life to be free and I wanted You as Savior.
54:35 I want You to be my Savior,
54:37 I want You to save me from this grave.
54:41 Lord, we need You. Father, we pray for.
54:48 Young lady who has come forward transform
54:53 so transform individuals into Your angels.
54:58 Well, we know the devil is also
55:00 in the business of transforming individuals into his angel
55:04 and it seems like he is winning but Lord today we see
55:09 that one more soul has been added to your God.
55:13 And one more soul that is added to your kingdom
55:17 makes the devil upset.
55:19 Because he knows that he has got a short time.
55:22 He is pulling all--but we, we have a vote to cast,
55:28 the devil cast his vote against us,
55:31 the Lord cast His vote for us.
55:34 We have the deciding vote in this contest.
55:39 We have the deciding vote in this contest
55:43 and today we say Jesus.
55:46 We say crucified Him
55:48 only because He is dying for our sins.
55:52 We don't want Barabbas, we say we want Jesus.
55:57 Lord, You took our sins
55:58 and You nailed them to the cross 2,000 years ago
56:01 so that we can stand here today and say salvation is ours.
56:06 Thank You, Jesus.
56:08 Lord, I ask now
56:09 that You continue to transform our lives.
56:13 Give us the heart of Jesus. Give us the mind of Jesus.
56:18 Take away this Barabbas the complex.
56:23 Lord, we want to be one like You
56:26 and we pray these things--amen.


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