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What A Difference A Day Makes

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00:34 Good morning,
00:35 good morning boys and girls, happy Sabbath.
00:39 So wonderful.
00:47 Get everybody.
00:49 Right.
00:50 Good morning, good morning.
00:53 Morning.
00:55 How many of you have
00:57 ever heard your parent say stress?
01:03 Stress, stress out.
01:08 Who knows what stress means.
01:10 Who knows what stress means.
01:15 Hiring, part of stress.
01:29 Don't want to talk to anybody?
01:33 Question.
01:35 Very good.
01:38 Stress echo stress.
01:41 Angry.
01:42 Anger, very good, those are powerful pieces.
01:44 Stress is when you have responsibilities
01:47 that you need to take care of and guess what,
01:50 everything around you is not when you're told
01:53 what you need to do and if you get frustrated
01:56 and then you say, I don't talk to anybody.
02:00 How many of you have ever said, "Mommy, I need help."
02:02 Mom's like, "Not now, not now."
02:06 Very good, I'm talking it from the mom's view.
02:10 Tells me sometimes mom's can have a rough day
02:11 and she is just stuck in traffic
02:14 but there is nothing that succumbs to us
02:17 and everybody including you all have stress in your life.
02:22 This mean, young man, you come here.
02:26 You're going to be our principal.
02:29 Principals have stress.
02:32 Okay, you're going to be our mommy.
02:35 Mommies have stress.
02:37 Samuel, you come here,
02:41 okay, daddies have stress.
02:44 Isaiah, come on, you gonna be our pastor.
02:46 Pastor today.
02:48 Naomi, you gonna be our student.
02:51 Students have stress.
02:54 All of these people have stresses.
03:02 Wrap this around you like.
03:24 It just covers around you,
03:29 it covers you up, okay.
03:33 And here you raise it now.
03:37 You got to keep the performance,
03:38 you need to do.
03:39 All right.
03:42 Okay.
03:43 That was stress though, that was smart of you.
03:53 Even Jesus has stress.
03:56 He came down here,
03:57 he in the cool dew walking with the disciples,
04:00 talking to the people,
04:01 but he came down here to give his life for us, right?
04:06 And the devil tried to talk to him in the forest
04:09 and wilderness,
04:11 devil tried to tempt him and the devil came,
04:16 stand around him, covered him up.
04:19 Guess what?
04:22 He looked down,
04:24 he said, "Father, just talk to me,
04:27 let this cup pass,
04:30 but God told him 'cause He go,
04:33 He had to give his life for us.
04:36 And you too came here with the stress,
04:39 all you need to do is bow your head wherever you are,
04:43 close your eyes and talk to Jesus.
04:47 And God will take your stress.
04:49 There's nothing too small that He won't help you with.
04:53 He will help you with your homework,
04:56 He will help you everything trash out.
04:58 He will help you at school,
05:00 He will help you from a bully.
05:02 He will help you be obedient and listen to your teachers.
05:06 God is a stress reliever.
05:10 Leave stress and we must be okay,
05:14 and ask Him for everything we need, okay?
05:19 Clovey, you want us to pray?
05:21 Okay, here we go, so Sina and Michel come here.
05:29 Now I want you to get stressing that.
05:35 You have to close your eyes.
05:36 Dear Jesus, thank you for the strength for us...
05:42 Please help us to be virtuous.
05:50 Amen!
05:53 Dear Lord, first thing is help us
05:57 to don't fight with anybody.
06:01 Amen!
06:02 Thank you.
06:09 Good morning.
06:13 Do we all love our Lord Jesus?
06:16 We love Him because He first loved us.
06:19 And as we prepare for communion,
06:21 remember him he is now coming with us.
06:24 We're going to stand up offering Him
06:25 our best to heap our praise because we love Him.
06:28 Amen!
06:30 Now look at the words on the screen for you
06:33 'cause we want to sing all three verses.
06:36 There are verses between each verse.
06:42 Verse one, there is the name.
06:45 There is a name I love to hear
06:51 I love to sing its worth
06:57 It sounds like music in my ear
07:03 The sweetest name on earth
07:08 Oh, how I love Jesus.
07:09 Oh how I love Jesus
07:15 Oh how I love Jesus
07:21 Oh how I love Jesus
07:27 Because He first loved me
07:31 Verse two, it tells.
07:32 It tells me of a Savior's love
07:39 Who died to set me free
07:44 It tells me of His precious blood
07:50 The sinner's perfect plea
07:56 Oh, how I love Jesus
08:03 Oh how I love Jesus
08:09 Oh how I love Jesus
08:14 Because He first loved me
08:18 Verse three, it tells.
08:20 It tells of one whose loving heart
08:26 Can feel my deepest woe
08:31 Who in each sorrow
08:32 Who in each sorrow bears a part
08:38 That none can bear below
08:42 Come on, everybody now sing,
08:43 Oh, how...
08:45 Oh how I love Jesus
08:50 Oh how I love Jesus
08:56 Oh how I love Jesus
09:01 Because He first loved me
09:04 Let's try it one more time, sing it from the heart.
09:06 Oh, how I love Jesus...
09:07 Oh how I love Jesus
09:13 Oh how I love Jesus
09:19 Oh how I love Jesus
09:24 Because He first loved me
09:31 Amen! Amen!
09:33 This is your blessed day.
09:36 Hallelujah, everybody.
09:38 Happy Sabbath to everyone.
09:42 We got to lift our voices this morning
09:44 and praise Him, worship,
09:45 and sing an old familiar song.
09:48 It says, "I love to praise him.
09:51 I love to praise him.
09:53 I love to praise him, all again.
09:57 How many of you love to praise the name of Lord?
10:00 Come on, let's sing the song.
10:12 I love to praise Him
10:16 I love to praise His name
10:18 I love to praise Him I love to praise His name
10:23 I love to praise Him I love to praise His name
10:28 Oh I love to praise His holy name
10:33 I love to praise Him
10:37 I love to praise His name
10:40 I love to praise Him
10:42 I love to praise His name I love to praise Him
10:48 I love to praise His name
10:50 Oh I love to praise His holy name
10:55 I love to praise Him
10:58 I love to praise His name
11:00 I love to praise Him
11:03 I love to praise His name
11:05 I love to praise Him
11:09 I love to praise His name
11:11 Oh I love to praise His holy name
11:16 'Cause He's my rock
11:18 He's my rock My rock, my rock,
11:20 my sword and shield
11:22 He's my wheel
11:23 He's my wheel
11:24 Oh yes, in the middle of a wheel
11:27 I Know He'll never I know He'll never,
11:29 never, never let me down
11:33 He's just a joy A joy
11:34 that I have found
11:38 Oh Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
11:41 I love to praise His name
11:43 Oh Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
11:46 I love to praise His name
11:48 Oh Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
11:51 I love to praise His name
11:53 Oh I love to praise His holy name
11:58 'Cause He's my rock He's my rock
12:01 My rock, my rock, my sword and shield
12:04 He's my wheel He's my wheel
12:06 Oh yes, in the middle of a wheel
12:09 I know He'll never I know He'll never,
12:12 never, never let me down
12:15 He's just a joy A joy that I have found
12:20 Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
12:23 I love to praise His name
12:25 Oh Hallelujah Hallelujah
12:28 I love to praise His name
12:30 Oh Hallelujah Hallelujah
12:33 I love to praise His name
12:35 Oh I love to praise His holy name
12:41 'Cause He's my rock He's my rock
12:43 My rock, my rock, my sword and shield
12:46 He's my wheel He's my wheel
12:49 Oh yes, in the middle of a wheel
12:51 I know He'll never I know, He'll never,
12:54 never, never let me down
12:56 He's just a joy A joy that I have found
13:03 Hallelujah Hallelujah
13:05 I love to praise His name
13:07 Hallelujah Hallelujah
13:11 I love to praise His name
13:13 Hallelujah Hallelujah
13:16 I love to praise His name
13:18 I love to praise His name
13:23 In the morning I love to praise.
13:25 In the evening I love to praise
13:28 In the noon hour I love to praise.
13:31 When I'm up I love to praise
13:33 When I'm down I love to praise
13:36 I love Him I love to praise
13:39 Oh, I love to praise His holy name
13:48 Hallelujah.
13:55 We gonna sing it one more time, you have to praise His name.
13:59 We want to praise him,
14:01 I love him, 'cause he is good.
14:04 isn't he good?
14:08 The song says I love the Lord,
14:11 he heard my cries.
14:12 Have you ever cried and he heard your cry.
14:15 He said, he'd pity every groan long as I live,
14:18 when troubles rise.
14:21 Now listen to this song.
14:27 I love the Lord
14:37 He heard my cries
14:47 And pitied every groan
15:01 Long as I live
15:11 When troubles rise
15:20 I'll hasten to His throne.
15:33 His throne
15:34 I can't hear the choir singing it.
15:37 Oh, I love the Lord, hallelujah.
15:39 I love the Lord
15:49 He heard my cries
15:55 And pitied every groan.
15:58 And pitied every groan
16:11 Long as I live
16:20 When troubles rise
16:29 I'll hasten to His throne.
16:41 His throne
16:44 All will sing amazing grace.
16:45 Amazing grace.
16:48 Amazing grace
16:55 How sweet the sound.
16:57 How sweet the sound
17:03 That saved a wretch like me.
17:06 That saved a wretch like me
17:17 I once was lost.
17:19 I once was lost
17:26 But now I am found.
17:28 But now I am found
17:34 Was blind
17:38 But now I see
17:50 I'll hasten to his throne.
17:52 I'll hasten to his throne
18:01 I'll hasten to his throne
18:10 I'll hasten to his throne
18:19 I'll hasten to his throne
18:27 I'll hasten to his throne
18:36 I'll hasten to his throne
18:44 I'll hasten to his throne
18:52 I'll hasten to his throne
19:04 I love you.
19:07 I love you.
19:10 I love you Lord today
19:16 Because you care for me
19:21 In such a special way
19:26 That's why I praise you
19:31 I lift you up
19:34 And I magnify your name
19:43 That's why my heart is filled with praise
19:52 One more time, I love you.
19:54 I love you
19:58 I love you
20:01 I love you Lord today
20:07 Because you care for me
20:12 In such a special way
20:19 That's why I praise you
20:23 I lift you up.
20:24 I lift you up
20:26 And I magnify your name
20:33 Oh that's why...
20:35 That's why my heart is filled with praise
20:43 One more verse, my heart...
20:46 My heart
20:49 My mind
20:52 My soul belongs to you
20:58 You paid the price for me
21:04 Way back on Calvary
21:10 That's why I praise you
21:15 I lift you up
21:19 And I magnify your name
21:25 That's why...
21:26 That's why my heart is filled with praise
21:36 Oh, that's why...
21:39 That's why my heart is filled with praise
21:45 I love the Lord, I love the Lord.
21:49 That's why...
21:51 That's why my heart is filled with praise
22:10 My heart is filled with praise.
22:13 I'll hasten to the throne.
22:16 God is in the business of answering prayer.
22:20 I've seen Him work miracles in my life.
22:25 And I know that
22:26 you're going to test to that as well in your life.
22:29 This is the time
22:31 when we're going to pray to the Lord.
22:32 If you've a burden or a concern,
22:35 I invite you to come to the front
22:39 and leave your burden at the altar
22:43 as we petition in the throne of God.
23:04 He can mend my brokenness
23:14 He has a miracle to fit our needs
23:27 Once you trust Him
23:32 You will receive
23:37 Our precious heavenly Father,
23:40 we thank you so much
23:43 for yet another opportunity to live to praise you.
23:48 We thank you so much for granting us another Sabbath
23:53 just to praise your name.
23:55 You've done so much in our lives, Lord.
23:58 And we just thank you so much.
24:00 Even things we didn't ask for Lord,
24:03 you've blessed us with.
24:05 Now Lord, we come before you
24:07 laying our burdens at your feet.
24:11 Lord, we bear our hearts to you,
24:13 some are suffering with sickness,
24:16 pain, relationships,
24:18 Lord, family,
24:20 whatever it may be,
24:22 you know each one of our hearts,
24:24 and we lay it before you now.
24:27 Lord, I pray that you could help us to be a witness
24:31 not only to our families but our neighborhoods,
24:34 help discharge to be an even wider lighthouse
24:39 in this community and far beyond.
24:43 Now Lord we because of the long hurt,
24:46 because we want to mention
24:48 the names on our sick and shine list.
24:52 Lord I pray that you be with Vanilla Haunges.
24:57 Lord, Alberta Netise,
25:02 Charles Laren,
25:04 Karen Randsmith,
25:06 Mary Bell,
25:08 Areen Bash,
25:11 Bessie Henry,
25:13 Jane Freeman,
25:16 L.C. McCarthy,
25:19 M.M. Emma Pearl,
25:22 Carolyn Williams, and Johnnie Malinmore.
25:26 Lord, you know the situation of each one of these.
25:30 Lord, we pray that you would be the physician,
25:34 touch them and grant them healing.
25:37 But most of all Lord,
25:38 let your will be done
25:40 and may we bring glory and honor to your name.
25:45 We thank you so much
25:47 for hearing and answering our prayers,
25:49 in Jesus; name, we pray.
25:52 Amen!
25:53 You may return to your seats.
25:59 One again it's time for us to our teaching,
26:05 to the sacrifice Christ on our behalf
26:10 and I want to do so
26:12 by diverting your attention to the gospel
26:14 according to John.
26:15 John the 12th chapter,
26:19 John 12
26:21 and we'll be reading verses 12-15.
26:27 Following that we'll be turning to John 19
26:32 and reading verses 13-16.
26:35 1 John 12:12-15,
26:41 then John 19:13-16.
26:52 Here the word of God says,
26:55 "On the next day much people that would come to the feast,
27:00 when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem,
27:04 took branches of palm trees
27:07 and went forth to meet Him
27:10 and cried, Hosanna!
27:14 Blessed is the king of Israel
27:16 that cometh in the name of the Lord.
27:19 And Jesus when he had found a young ass sat thereon
27:24 as it is written, Fear not,
27:27 daughter of Zion, behold,
27:30 thy king cometh sitting on an ass's colt."
27:35 Chapter 19 beginning with verse 13,
27:42 "When Pilate therefore heard that saying,
27:45 he brought Jesus forth,
27:46 and sat down in the judgment seat
27:49 in a place that is called the Pavement,
27:52 but in the Hebrew, Gabbatha.
27:56 And it was the preparation of the Passover,
27:59 and about the sixth hour, and he saith unto the Jews,
28:03 Behold your king!
28:06 But they cried out,
28:08 Away with him,
28:09 away with him, crucify him.
28:12 Pilate saith unto them, shall I crucify your king?
28:16 The chief priests answered,
28:18 we have no king but Caesar.
28:21 Then delivered he him
28:24 therefore unto them to be crucified.
28:27 And they took Jesus, and led him away."
28:33 I thought I would entitle our communion harmony
28:37 for this morning.
28:39 What a difference a day makes.
28:44 This was no ordinary day.
28:47 Its significance is evident by the fact
28:51 that it was recorded
28:52 by all four gospel canonical writers.
28:57 Matthew 21:1-11,
29:00 Mark 11:1-11,
29:04 Luke 19:28-44,
29:08 and John 12:12-19.
29:14 Of the 48 events
29:17 that are recorded in scripture
29:20 that occurred during the Passion Week,
29:24 this one is the first.
29:26 We call it Christ triumphant
29:29 entry into Jerusalem.
29:33 It is of course also a study in contrast.
29:37 Never before had he desired to be perceived as a king.
29:43 Never before had he been so receptive to the applause
29:49 and homage of the people.
29:51 Never before had he demonstrated
29:55 such grandeur and commotion
29:58 when entering one of the local cities.
30:02 It's Sunday, April the 9th,
30:07 in the year AD31.
30:10 The trees are wearing a wardrobe of verdis green,
30:16 blossoms seemed to fill the air with a fragrance
30:20 that cannot be contained.
30:22 It appears that even the sun
30:26 comes down with an extra canopy of effervescent light.
30:30 Even nature, yes,
30:31 nature seems to say some things about to happen.
30:36 Jesus sends two of his disciples
30:40 to get him a young colt,
30:42 a colt that is never being ridden before.
30:45 This strikes the disciples as strange
30:47 because during
30:49 his three and half years of ministry,
30:51 he has never ridden anywhere,
30:53 he has walked everywhere.
30:58 Why is the savior asking for a colt?
31:02 Could, couldn't be
31:04 that he is about to be coroneted as king.
31:10 You must understand that some 500 years prior.
31:14 The perfect Zechariah in, Zechariah 9:9 says,
31:19 "Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion,
31:21 shout, O daughter of Jerusalem,
31:22 behold, thy king cometh unto thee,
31:25 he is just, and having salvation,
31:28 lowly, and riding upon an ass,
31:30 and upon a colt the foal of an ass."
31:33 It was Jewish custom
31:37 for a king to ride in to his kingdom,
31:42 a top, a donkey.
31:48 Now there was those
31:50 who rode here on top of horse.
31:52 But the difference is this.
31:55 When he took the time to ride into the city on a donkey,
32:01 it indicated that he came as a king bringing peace.
32:07 But the horse is a symbol of warfare,
32:11 and so had he bring the horse into town,
32:14 he would have been starring their emotions
32:17 because in that symbolism that was thought,
32:20 he is coming as a king to make war on somebody.
32:26 But he chose to ride in on a donkey.
32:32 It's interesting that we need to ask,
32:37 that the minds of the people are somewhat captivated
32:41 by the Lord here.
32:44 In fact EG White in her book Desire of Ages states
32:48 that there had never been a greater procession
32:52 on this planet up unto this point.
32:56 All there is that had transpired,
32:59 this is the greatest procession
33:02 that had ever taken place unto this point.
33:05 He was only two miles outside of Jerusalem
33:08 in a town called Bethany.
33:12 And as he began to ride,
33:15 thousands came up from Bethany.
33:18 Thousands came from Jerusalem.
33:21 And they began to take their outer garments off
33:25 and lay them on the ground as he rode.
33:30 Others would take palm branches and they would clip them,
33:34 and they would wave them,
33:36 and throw the palm branches down before him.
33:39 It's interesting that he's riding on a donkey
33:43 which symbolizes peace
33:45 but the waving and casting of palm branches means
33:49 he had just won the victory over a war.
33:56 What war had he fought?
34:00 What war had he waged?
34:04 What enemy that he vanquished?
34:07 Why did they use the palm?
34:09 The use of palm, getting back to 164 B.C,
34:13 when son of Maccabees
34:16 conquered the serial of Antiochus Epiphanes
34:20 and the people, they're all...
34:23 came out of the palm trees and waved them
34:25 and so the Jewish nature from that point forward
34:28 always use the palm tree
34:31 to symbolize victory over enemy.
34:34 The question still looms,
34:36 he is the enemy that Christ had conquered?
34:41 No war had been fought.
34:44 No blood had been shed
34:46 and yet people were greeting here
34:49 as they're conquering evil.
34:53 He was surrounded by thousands of people
34:58 and yet there were special people
35:00 that were around him.
35:02 Did you remember the man
35:03 that was born blind from his birth?
35:05 He was there in the crowd.
35:09 You may've heard the individual whose,
35:12 who He healed there down town, he was there,
35:16 crying out the loudest...
35:20 Who he told at the walls outside the city,
35:24 rise, take up your bed and walk,
35:26 he was there.
35:29 To recall the ex-lepers
35:32 who after they have been healed ran off
35:35 but one have the courtesy
35:37 and the greeting to come back and say,
35:39 thank you Lord, thank you for healing me.
35:42 Do you remember that?
35:43 You remember that
35:45 they have been 5,000 folk outside on the hill
35:49 where he threw that big fish
35:51 someone's picked it and save 5,000 people,
35:54 some of them were in crowd.
35:57 They would come to witness to the greatness
36:01 and the power of Christ.
36:03 But there was one person in particular
36:05 who everybody came out to see
36:07 and that individual was Lazarus
36:09 for you see that Lazarus
36:11 had just been raised from the dead last week.
36:14 It's Mary tells us
36:16 that Lazarus was the one
36:18 who got in his donkey along the road.
36:23 And so people came out
36:26 to see the dead man walking
36:30 and the dead man riding.
36:35 As they got along
36:37 and the thousands teamed among themselves,
36:43 the scribes and the Pharisees came up.
36:46 They came up because they fear
36:49 if they did not disperse the crowd,
36:52 they were going to coronate him as the king.
36:57 And so in their arrogant pomposity,
37:03 they actually went and told them go back home.
37:07 As if that was powerful listen to him.
37:11 Do as I say, I'm the priest
37:16 and the law encouraged the love of the Christ.
37:22 They did not go anywhere
37:24 because the priests were asking them to do so.
37:28 They try even to get the Roman soldiers to see,
37:32 you see what he's doing, don't you?
37:35 He stirred up the power,
37:36 get ready to take over the empire.
37:38 He's coming after your piece of the kingdom,
37:41 you better arrest him right now,
37:43 but there was something about the demeanor of Christ,
37:47 there was a calmness that emanating from his speaking
37:50 that caused the Roman soldiers themselves
37:53 to have an experience
37:54 such a pain stink of that smell here.
37:58 All they knew is that
38:00 they didn't feel like arresting Jesus.
38:04 The crowd cries up, hosanna,
38:09 hosanna, hosanna,
38:13 hosanna means save us now Lord.
38:17 Then they cried out,
38:20 blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.
38:25 They didn't say a blessing is the king of Israel
38:29 Ecclesiastes 2,
38:30 acclamations come from Psalm 118:25 and 26
38:35 come from a moment where he is called Lord of souls,
38:38 of the sounds of praise.
38:40 It's interesting to me
38:42 that when Jesus ride people praise.
38:49 Words fail to adequately capture
38:53 the grandeur and majesty
38:55 of this particular movement in Christ land.
38:59 Understand something,
39:01 he has been ministering for three and half years,
39:03 but this is the first time
39:05 that he's given his fair recognition.
39:09 And he's only 33 years old.
39:13 A young man,
39:16 but understand something that was Sunday.
39:22 John 19
39:25 talks about what happened on Friday.
39:29 On Friday, how different the crowd sound,
39:35 on Friday how different the words,
39:41 on Sunday they had said, hosanna.
39:45 But on Friday they said, "Crucify him."
39:49 On Sunday they said,
39:50 blessed is he who comes
39:52 in the name of the Lord,
39:53 but Friday they said oh, maybe we'll kill him.
39:56 On Sunday they said, person is the king of Israel,
40:00 but on Friday they said, we have no king but Caesar.
40:04 On Sunday they want to coronate him
40:07 but on Friday they want to kill him.
40:10 On Sunday they want to follow him,
40:12 but on Friday
40:14 they want to distance themselves from him.
40:16 On Sunday they want to worship him,
40:18 but on Friday they want to whip him.
40:21 On Sunday he's writing all he asks,
40:23 but on Friday he is heading on a cross.
40:27 What a difference a day makes.
40:35 We may find the actions of the Jews,
40:40 someone dichotomous,
40:43 incredulous,
40:46 and reprehensible.
40:50 But think about it beloved,
40:51 they're not too different from us.
40:53 Amen.
40:56 When he blesses us with the job,
40:59 he's good,
41:02 but when that same job is taken away,
41:06 he's not.
41:08 When he blesses us with a good car,
41:12 he's good,
41:13 but when it breaks down at the mix master at rush hour,
41:19 he's not.
41:22 When he blesses us with a new home,
41:25 he's good,
41:27 but when that same home is foreclosed home,
41:31 he's not.
41:32 When we moved around in the bloom of health,
41:35 he's good,
41:37 but when the doctor tells us we've got cancer,
41:40 he's not.
41:42 When the Lord allows us to manage a little of our life
41:46 he's good,
41:48 but when he allows that same love to be lay to sleep,
41:52 he's not.
41:54 When our kings act like they got since he's good,
42:00 but when they act like they've lost importance,
42:03 he's not.
42:07 When we discover
42:10 that God has not been as good to us
42:12 as we perceive he should be.
42:15 We change and alter
42:18 our behavior from Sunday to Friday.
42:25 What a difference a day makes.
42:29 Our fatal faith
42:32 seems to only acknowledge him
42:34 when things are going well for us,
42:36 but the things we get to challenge us,
42:39 we change our entire line upon God.
42:44 How would it be if God
42:46 change his entire line that are on us?
42:54 We don't get it, beloved.
42:57 The veracity and verity of God's character
43:01 does not depend on what we think about him
43:05 or what day of the week it is.
43:08 I heard the church saying God is good at all the time,
43:12 at all the time God is good.
43:14 that means he's good on Sunday.
43:17 He's good on Monday.
43:18 He's good on Tuesday.
43:20 Believe it or not, he's good on Wednesday,
43:22 good on Thursday,
43:24 Friday, Saturday
43:26 and pack around and say
43:28 God is good all the time,
43:30 but the fundamental problem is that
43:33 we don't really see ourselves clearly on Sunday
43:36 so we can't really see him clearly come Friday.
43:42 Let me explain what I mean by that.
43:45 Our scripture in Romans 5:8 says,
43:47 "but God have commendeth his love toward us,
43:49 in that, what?
43:51 while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
43:56 See our problem is this, look at now,
43:57 I want you to get this.
43:59 Despite our praise,
44:02 despite our hallelujahs, and hosannas,
44:07 we are still sinners on Sunday.
44:11 On Sunday we're still filthy.
44:15 On Sunday we're still vile.
44:17 On Sunday we're still wretched.
44:21 On Sundays we're still vexed.
44:23 On Sundays we're still hypocrite.
44:26 On Sunday we're still pathetic.
44:28 On Sunday we're still prostitutes.
44:30 On Sunday we're still liars.
44:32 On Sunday we're still thieves.
44:34 On Sunday we're still peanut.
44:36 On Sunday we're still home snatchers.
44:38 On Sunday we're still pap hearted
44:40 despite the fact that we'd say praise the Lord.
44:45 We're still sinners on Sunday,
44:48 but because of our own praise,
44:51 we brought it ourselves to our real condition,
44:56 so that we don't understand,
44:59 that somebody's got to pay the price come Friday,
45:04 for who we are on Sunday.
45:07 What a difference a day makes.
45:12 When we see our God on Sunday,
45:15 he's riding as the triumphant king,
45:19 but when we see our God on Friday,
45:23 he's got emaciated,
45:28 broken, looking less than kingly.
45:33 And we say it to ourselves subconsciously,
45:36 I don't want a God like that,
45:39 a weak God, a pitiful God,
45:43 a powerless God,
45:46 and so in our arrogance
45:50 we declare crucify him.
45:54 This is not our king.
45:56 We have no king, but Caesar.
46:05 I like what
46:09 preacher SM Lockridge says,
46:12 I like how he describes Friday.
46:15 He says, it's Friday,
46:20 Jesus is praying, Peter is sleeping,
46:24 Judas is betraying,
46:26 Paul is struggling, it's Friday.
46:29 The Sanhedrin is conspiring.
46:33 The power is complying.
46:34 The disciples are running.
46:37 Mary is weeping.
46:38 Peter is denying,
46:40 it's Friday, the Romans army,
46:43 they're also crying.
46:45 Jesus is bleeding, his blood is dripping.
46:49 He's also looking
46:51 but he's also struggling, it's Friday.
46:54 His spirit is breaking,
46:56 the power is winning and evil is winning.
47:00 The soldiers are hailing
47:02 and the savior is hurting, it's Friday.
47:05 The same day he is tiring.
47:07 The disciples are questioning.
47:10 The Pharisees are celebrating.
47:12 The earth is trembling.
47:13 The skies are darkening, and Satan is laughing.
47:17 Why?
47:18 Because it's Friday.
47:22 But hey, hey,
47:26 hey somebody it's Friday,
47:30 but something is coming.
47:32 There is something more.
47:36 God calls him, angels are talking
47:39 and tells him,
47:40 you need to come out of that whipped by self honesty,
47:43 tells Jesus to get up
47:46 'cause his daddy wants him to come to home,
47:48 something probably don't tell us the son jumps up.
47:51 Jesus sits up.
47:53 Then he stands up.
47:55 Then he wakes up.
47:57 Then he walks up.
47:59 Then he speaks up,
48:00 that's all power, all power.
48:04 All power given unto me in heaven and in earth.
48:09 So tell step up
48:11 or step off.
48:14 What a difference a day makes.
48:21 We may have false delusions
48:25 about our true condition
48:28 on Sunday
48:30 causing us not to appreciate
48:32 the savior on Friday,
48:35 but know that no one has taken his body.
48:38 What goes around
48:40 Sunday is coming back around here,
48:43 that's where you are this last Sunday.
48:46 Lets not focus on last Sunday,
48:48 but our next Sunday.
48:50 When he comes forth King or kings and Lord of all,
48:57 the Bible teaches us
49:00 that as often as we eat this bread,
49:04 and drink this coffee
49:06 we do show the Lord's blessing until he comes.
49:12 It's our privilege now to remember
49:16 his great sacrifice once again,
49:20 as we enter into our communion service.
49:25 And so at this time
49:27 we'd want to separate
49:28 for the ordnance of foot washing
49:31 and return together
49:34 so that we may sit at the table together.
49:38 We hold it open communion that is to say,
49:42 you don't have to be a member of this church,
49:45 but you have to know Jesus,
49:48 you got to accept him
49:49 as your personal Lord and Savior
49:51 to participate in this ordinance with us.


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