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00:35 Let's say it again.
00:36 Say, I just wanna praise You
00:38 I just wanna praise You
00:39 Forever Forever
00:42 And ever And ever
00:44 And ever And ever
00:47 For all For all
00:50 For all that You've done
00:53 For me For me
00:55 Say blessings and glory Blessings and glory
00:59 And honor And honor
01:01 They all belong to You They all belong to You
01:06 Thank You, Jesus Thank You, Jesus
01:10 For blessing me
01:13 Now you go with alternative.
01:14 We're gonna take it up a little higher,
01:16 say Just wanna praise You
01:18 Forever Forever
01:21 And ever And ever
01:23 And ever And ever
01:26 For all For all That You've done
01:31 For me For me
01:34 Say blessings and glory Blessings and glory
01:38 And honor And honor
01:40 They all They all belong to You
01:45 Thank You, Jesus Thank You, Jesus
01:49 For blessing me
01:53 Take it up a little higher, say.
01:56 Just wanna praise You
01:57 Forever Forever
02:00 And ever And ever
02:02 And ever And ever
02:05 For all For all
02:08 For all For all that You've done Done for me
02:14 And it's that blessing and glory
02:15 Blessing and glory
02:17 And honor And honor
02:19 They all They all belong to You
02:24 Thank You, Jesus Thank You, Jesus
02:28 For blessing me
02:30 Here we go one more time.
02:32 Let's do it one more time.
02:33 Take it up a little higher, say.
02:35 Just wanna praise You
02:38 Forever And ever And ever
02:44 For all For all
02:46 For all that You've done For me
02:52 Let's do some harmony. Say blessings.
02:54 Blessings and glory and honor
03:00 They all belong to You
03:03 Blessings and glory Blessing and glory
03:06 And honor And honor
03:08 They all They all belong to You
03:12 Say blessings and glory Blessings and glory
03:15 And honor And honor
03:18 They all They all belong to You
03:22 Say blessings and glory Blessings and glory
03:25 And honor And honor
03:27 They all They all belong to You
03:30 One more time, say blessings and glory
03:33 Blessings and glory
03:34 And honor And honor
03:37 They all They all belong to You
03:41 Thank You, Jesus Thank You, Jesus
03:45 For blessing me
04:04 Blessed assurance
04:13 Jesus is mine!
04:21 Oh, what a foretaste
04:29 of glory divine!
04:38 Heir of salvation
04:47 Purchase of God
04:55 Born of His Spirit
05:04 Born of His Spirit
05:12 Born of His Spirit
05:20 Washed in His blood
05:28 Blessed assurance
05:36 Jesus is mine!
05:45 Oh, what a foretaste
05:55 of glory divine!
06:03 Heir of salvation
06:11 Purchase of God
06:21 Born of His Spirit
06:29 Born of His Spirit
06:37 Born of His Spirit
06:45 Washed in His blood
06:53 Blessed assurance
07:00 Jesus is mine!
07:08 Oh, what a foretaste
07:18 of glory divine!
07:25 Heir of salvation
07:33 Purchase of God
07:44 Born of His Spirit
07:52 Born of His Spirit
07:59 Born of His Spirit
08:07 Washed in His blood
08:15 This is my story
08:22 This is my song
08:30 Praising my Savior
08:37 All the day long
08:41 All the day long
08:44 This is my story
08:51 This is my song
09:01 Praising my Savior
09:09 Praising my Savior
09:16 Praising my Savior
09:24 All the day long
09:31 This is my story
09:38 This is my song
09:45 Praising my Savior
09:52 All the day long
09:57 All the day long
10:00 This is my story
10:07 This is my song
10:17 Praising my Savior
10:25 Praising my Savior
10:32 Praising my Savior
10:39 Praising my Savior
10:46 Praising my Savior
10:52 Praising my Savior
10:59 Praising my Savior
11:06 Praising my Savior
11:13 Praising my Savior
11:20 Praising my Savior
11:27 Praising my Savior
11:33 Praising my Savior
11:41 Praising my Savior
11:47 Praising my Savior
11:54 Praising my Savior
12:01 Praising my Savior
12:08 Praising my Savior
12:14 Praising my Savior
12:25 Praising my Savior
12:35 All the day long
12:51 1 Corinthians 2:1-5.
13:02 Trusting that you have it,
13:03 there you'll find these words recorded.
13:08 "And I, brethren, when I came to you,
13:13 came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom,
13:18 declaring unto you the testimony of God.
13:22 For I determined not to know anything among you
13:25 save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
13:30 And I was with you in weakness
13:31 and in fear and in much trembling.
13:34 And my speech and my preaching
13:38 was not with enticing words of man's wisdom
13:41 but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,
13:46 that your faith should not stand
13:49 in the wisdom of men
13:51 but in the power of God."
13:56 I've entitled our message this morning,
13:59 Just Jesus.
14:03 Just Jesus,
14:06 I trust you have brought your Bible today
14:09 because this will be a tremendous study in a subject
14:15 that I think often times
14:18 get up skewered or overlooked.
14:22 But in those two words,
14:24 "Just Jesus" is a powerful message
14:28 that I must unpackage today.
14:33 I looked at her face as tears meandered down
14:36 by the hollows of her cheeks,
14:38 one after the other a tear fell to the ground.
14:44 I wondered
14:46 if there was anything I can do
14:48 to turn off the spigot of her emotions,
14:52 but they just kept flowing and flowing.
14:57 Finally, she was composed enough
15:00 to share with me why she was crying
15:04 and why she was so inconsolable.
15:07 You see she loved the Lord.
15:11 Let me repeat that again.
15:14 She loved the Lord.
15:16 And sometimes when you love the Lord,
15:20 and you're not living up to all you know to do,
15:23 it can break you, break you down.
15:27 Your spirit can be broken.
15:29 Not because you want the applause
15:32 and the acclaim of men
15:34 but because you just want to please your Father
15:38 which is in heaven
15:40 and because she recognized
15:43 that I'm disappointing Jesus,
15:46 she sat across the table from me
15:49 just broken and crying.
15:54 Finally, I said, "Naomi,
16:01 no matter how bad you are,
16:06 God loves you in proportion
16:10 to your sinfulness."
16:15 If you're a bad sinner, He's a great lover.
16:19 You can't do anything bad enough
16:22 that God's love cannot cover.
16:28 She said, "Are you serious?
16:30 Will He still love me?"
16:32 You know, that's hard for somebody
16:34 who's been used to being loved conditionally.
16:37 If I do the right thing, then I'll get loved.
16:42 If I say the right thing, then I'll get loved.
16:45 She had come from a family system
16:48 that was steep in conditional love.
16:51 She could not wrap her mind around the concept
16:54 that I was sharing with her,
16:55 that God loves you no matter how bad you are.
17:01 How many folk today like Naomi,
17:05 laboring and languishing under the belief
17:09 that God can't love me because I'm too unlovable.
17:19 It wasn't more than two weeks later,
17:22 that Naomi's family came
17:26 and as they turned the corner
17:28 and hit the garage door opener
17:31 and the garage door went up,
17:35 there swinging in the doorway was Naomi.
17:41 She never could get her mind around the fact
17:45 that Jesus still loved her.
17:51 Why is it that we believe that we are so unlovable?
17:56 Why is it that we believe
17:58 that when we don't live up to all that we know to do,
18:02 that somehow God just abandons us?
18:09 Reminds me of that man in Romans 7,
18:13 I'm going to share him with you through the message Bible.
18:17 "I can't anticipate the response
18:20 that is coming.
18:21 I know that all God's commands are spiritual
18:24 but I'm not.
18:26 Isn't this also your experience?
18:28 Yes, I'm full of myself,
18:31 after all I've spent a long time in sin's prisons.
18:36 What I don't understand about myself is that
18:38 I decide one way but then I act another,
18:43 doing things I absolutely despise.
18:47 So if I can't be trusted to figure out
18:50 what is best for myself and then do it,
18:52 it becomes obvious that God's command is necessary.
18:57 But I need something more,
18:59 for if I know the law but still can't keep it
19:03 and if the power of sin within me
19:05 keeps sabotaging my best intentions,
19:08 I obviously need help.
19:12 I realized that I don't have what it takes,
19:16 I can will it but I can't do it.
19:20 I decide to do good, but I don't really do it.
19:23 I decide not to do bad, but then I do it anyway.
19:27 My decisions such as they are,
19:29 don't result in actions,
19:31 something has gone wrong deep within me
19:34 and gets the better of me,
19:35 every time it happens so regularly
19:39 that it's predictable.
19:42 The moment I decide to do good, sin is there to trip me up.
19:49 I totally delight in God's commands
19:51 but it's pretty obvious
19:52 that not all of me joins in that delight,
19:55 parts of me covertly rebel
19:58 and just when I least expect it,
20:00 they take charge.
20:03 I've tried everything and nothing helps.
20:08 I'm at the end of my rope,
20:12 is there no one who can do anything for me?"
20:18 Isn't that the real question?
20:22 Is there no one
20:25 that can do anything for me?
20:31 Could you hear the frustration?
20:35 Could you hear the futility?
20:38 Nobody ever said, "You weren't trying,
20:43 " the issue isn't whether you're trying or not,
20:47 the issue is that you keep trying and failing.
20:52 That's the problem.
20:56 Why is it that I keep trying over
20:59 and over and over again
21:02 but I still can't seem to get it right?
21:08 Something's the matter with me,
21:11 I know it is and it's out of the futility
21:14 and frustration of trying,
21:17 that many a believer finds himself
21:19 locked in a prison of despair.
21:25 So depressed
21:28 that it can even lead you to take your own life.
21:32 I was reading an article in world psychology
21:36 and the author raised this question,
21:38 "Is it that depressed people tend to be more spiritual
21:42 or is it that the more religion you have,
21:44 the more depressed you become?"
21:51 Think about it.
21:54 The more I know about God,
21:57 the more depressed I get
21:59 because I'm not praising God.
22:02 And the deeper I get into an emotional hole,
22:06 "Oh, wretched man that I am,
22:08 who can deliver me from this body of death?
22:12 What's going on with me?
22:14 Why can't I live right?"
22:19 And do you know what adds to my problem,
22:23 the Word itself.
22:26 Look at Matthew 5:48, go there with me.
22:29 Matthew 5:48, notice,
22:35 notice what the Word of God says here.
22:38 Matthew 5:48,
22:42 I want you to find it so you can read it with me.
22:48 Matthew 5:48, do you have it?
22:50 Let's read it.
22:52 What does it say?
22:53 "Be..."
22:55 Be what?
22:57 "Even...
23:02 be ye also perfect,
23:05 even as your Father in Heaven is perfect."
23:10 Already I'm depressed.
23:18 I know me, I know where I've been.
23:24 I know the things that reside in my being.
23:27 What do you mean being perfect even as God is perfect?
23:31 How can I ever be perfect as God is perfect?
23:36 So I'm depressed, I'm giving up right now,
23:42 I'm not even going to try.
23:45 The problem is that we read
23:49 and we read sometimes without proper understanding.
23:55 That passage has two words in it
23:57 that ought to leap up with us,
23:59 what are the two words?
24:01 Perfect and what else?
24:05 Perfect and what else? Talk to me.
24:10 I love it when you all get Pentecostal.
24:13 I just love it.
24:15 The two words are perfect and perfect.
24:20 Be ye also perfect even as your
24:23 Father in Heaven is perfect.
24:26 One of the constraints of the English language is that
24:29 we don't always have a word
24:32 that we can translate or transliterate
24:35 so that it can plainly convey to us
24:38 what was written in the original Greek text.
24:41 In the original Greek text,
24:43 although it says perfect and perfect,
24:44 they're actually
24:45 two different words in the Greek.
24:48 The first perfect
24:51 connotes continuous,
24:56 continuous perfection.
24:59 The second perfect connotes consummate perfection.
25:13 I'll just enjoy this all by myself.
25:19 The Bible says,
25:20 "He knows our frame that we're dust.
25:24 He knows we are frail as a blade of grass and so..."
25:28 Oh, oh, Jesus, He doesn't expect us to do things
25:32 that are beyond our capability,
25:35 our capacity to do and so He says,
25:38 "We'll be perfect, keep moving toward that
25:41 while I am perfect, I've already done that."
25:50 That's important to keep in your mind.
25:54 I've already been there, turn that,
25:57 wrote the book, starred in the movie,
26:00 won the Emmy and the Oscar,
26:03 even made the T-shirt.
26:06 I'm perfect,
26:10 you can't be like me in your humanity.
26:18 So what is it that God is trying to tell us today?
26:23 He's trying to tell us,
26:26 you've got to acknowledge one basic principle of life.
26:31 You can't live right.
26:36 Whoa, pastor, wait a minute.
26:39 You messed up now.
26:42 That's why I come to church, to be told I can't live right.
26:49 But opinion it,
26:52 I'm gonna bring you back to it.
26:54 I want you to look at Psalm 51,
26:56 I must show you why you can't live right.
26:58 I'm gonna give you three passages
27:00 why you can't live right.
27:01 Psalm 51:5,
27:05 there for me a passage of Scripture.
27:08 Psalm 51:5, find it so you can read it,
27:11 I need you to read it
27:13 so that you'll know for yourself
27:14 that you cannot live right.
27:16 Psalm 51:5, what does the Word of God say,
27:18 "Behold..." I was what?
27:20 Shapen in what?
27:22 What else?
27:26 "Behold, I was shapen in..."
27:32 You want to see that passage in the Hebrew.
27:35 In the Hebrew,
27:36 it conveys a stitching
27:41 needle and thread.
27:45 I was put together by a sinful thread,
27:51 that's how I'm held together by sewing,
27:56 it keeps my parts together, it holds me together,
28:00 I was born in sin and shaped in the iniquity.
28:04 How in the world can somebody
28:07 whose very makeup
28:09 at the molecular level is sinful,
28:12 they would some kind of way
28:13 stand up and do what's right?
28:18 When you get a chance,
28:20 go home and read that entire Psalm.
28:22 It's the Psalm where David has an epiphany,
28:27 a breakthrough
28:28 because Nathan has just left his house.
28:33 And Nathan has just revealed to him,
28:36 "You can't hide your sins from God.
28:39 You can't hide nothing from God."
28:42 If and David got it too, he said,
28:44 "If I make my bed in hell, you're already there.
28:47 If I get some wings of the morning and fly away,
28:51 you're up there too.
28:52 Where can I make my bed and you're not there.
28:56 No matter where I try to go,
28:58 God, you're already there."
28:59 You can't hide from God.
29:05 He sees us
29:07 no matter what we wear on the outside.
29:12 He sees us while we're giving the Bible study.
29:16 He sees us while we're passing out the food basket.
29:20 He sees us while we're singing in the choir.
29:24 He sees us while we're preaching the Word.
29:27 There is nothing that is hidden from his divine gaze.
29:31 You talk about x-ray vision.
29:36 There is no x-ray
29:39 that can look to the very cell in a person
29:43 but God has a kind of vision
29:46 that can look at us at our molecular level
29:50 and He can see the sin
29:52 that courses through our veins.
29:57 My entire make up, my birth origin is messed up
30:02 but I'm from the house of Polite.
30:05 You just messed up Polite.
30:10 Your pedigree has nothing to do with this.
30:13 The amount of money your family has amassed
30:16 has nothing to do with this.
30:17 What city you live in doesn't have anything to do with this.
30:21 You're just that sinful rich somebody who lives on a,
30:25 a good side of town, that's all you are,
30:28 but at the very level that God sees you at,
30:31 you're nothing more than a roach saved by grace.
30:35 Yes. Amen.
30:38 Amen.
30:41 We got to be honest with ourselves.
30:43 We got to call, call sin by its right name,
30:49 I messed up.
30:51 I messed up.
30:53 You know the reason why we can't say we're messed up
30:56 because we compare ourselves to somebody else.
31:06 Ouch.
31:08 And so if I compare myself to Janet Lambert,
31:11 I might look all right, if I set,
31:14 if I compare myself to Benny McGrady,
31:17 I might look all right
31:20 but if I compare myself to Jesus,
31:26 how am I gonna look in the mirror?
31:28 Don't forget my message is Just Jesus.
31:31 I forgot where I'm going.
31:33 Look at Romans, the 8th Chapter.
31:35 Romans, the 8th Chapter.
31:38 Romans, I hope the Lord blesses you the way
31:40 He blessed me this week,
31:41 with this study, Romans, the 8th Chapter
31:44 and I wanna look at verses 7 and 8.
31:47 Romans 8:7, 8,
31:51 notice what the Word of God says here,
31:53 "Because the carnal mind is..."
31:55 what everybody?
31:57 It's "enmity against God.
32:01 For it is not subject to the law
32:03 neither indeed can it be.
32:07 So then, they that are in the flesh..."
32:11 Finish it.
32:12 "Cannot please God."
32:14 Hello.
32:17 "They that are in the flesh might please God."
32:22 Cannot, cannot.
32:24 Can not,
32:27 it's a Greek emphatic, imperative,
32:30 can not,
32:32 you can not please God.
32:41 It's enmity of our minds, our human nature.
32:47 Listen, listen, listen, I want you to get,
32:49 Paul was a very astute theologian,
32:51 he caught, he captured it correctly.
32:53 Paul understood man's basic nature
32:57 and he called it the way it was, he said,
32:59 "There's something about us that rebels against God."
33:04 It's antagonistic against God.
33:07 In fact, when God comes by us,
33:10 there's something that goes off in our mind that said,
33:13 "Oh, oh, there's the enemy."
33:15 Anybody remember that old shuttle lost in space.
33:19 Danger, danger,
33:20 alien life form approaching, danger, danger.
33:24 That's what happens to us
33:27 when God comes by, our minds click,
33:31 something goes off and sense, this is an enemy.
33:36 Get it now, get this, get this.
33:40 Your mind says,
33:42 "This is an enemy but the person
33:44 that it calls the enemy is your creator.
33:54 That's like a child walking in the room
33:55 and calling their mother or their father,
33:58 they're enemy.
34:03 Let me leave it alone.
34:06 Let me leave that alone.
34:08 It's enmity,
34:10 in the Hebrew the word enmity
34:13 translate uncomfortableness.
34:16 That when it comes to spiritual things,
34:20 I get uncomfortable by nature
34:24 and so there's something that has to happen to me,
34:27 a transformation that must take place
34:29 that will make me comfortable
34:31 whenever God comes into the room.
34:35 That's the great challenge for the unbeliever.
34:38 Let me look at one more scripture, Isaiah 64.
34:41 Isaiah 64:6.
34:47 Isaiah 64:6,
34:51 notice, notice what God says here,
34:54 "But we are all..."
34:56 as what?
34:59 "An unclean thing,
35:02 and all our righteousness are..."
35:06 what? "As filthy rags..."
35:08 "And we all do fade as a leaf, and our iniquities,
35:13 like the wind, have..."
35:14 done what?
35:16 "Taken us away."
35:17 "Taken us away."
35:20 Notice the writing here.
35:21 Notice the progression of the text.
35:23 It first starts of addressing our righteousness
35:28 but the scripture ends up talking about our iniquity.
35:36 Why does Isaiah shift on us
35:41 if he addresses our righteousness
35:43 at the beginning of the text?
35:45 Why doesn't he end up with our righteousness
35:47 at the end of the text?
35:49 Because it gives us the cue, he gives us the clue.
35:53 It doesn't matter how much good you do,
35:55 you're still dirty.
35:58 You're still nasty, you're still filthy,
36:01 you're still wretched,
36:03 it is still unacceptable before God.
36:06 That's why there are two different words
36:09 in that Greek text
36:10 for perfect and perfect,
36:12 you keep trying to work your way towards perfection
36:15 while He's always fair, you cannot make it by yourself.
36:25 By the way,
36:27 the word righteousness in the Hebrew is plural.
36:33 It really translates all your righteous acts,
36:38 that means everything you do good,
36:39 everything you do good,
36:41 everything you do good is filthy before God.
36:46 You mean when I praise Him, it's filthy.
36:50 When I read the scripture, it's filthy.
36:53 When I preach as what, is filthy?
36:56 When I try to give somebody a helping hand, it's filthy.
37:01 When I return a faithful tithe and a generous offering,
37:05 it's filthy.
37:07 We've got to get our perspective straightened out
37:10 and filter this thing, correct me,
37:12 no matter how much good I do, it is still filthy.
37:19 Pastor, I'm depressed again.
37:23 I've been working myself to death.
37:27 Try to stay on the right road,
37:29 I heard 99.5 won't do,
37:32 I've been working, working and working
37:34 and you're telling me that
37:36 whole of my work is going to come up for nought.
37:39 Uh-huh.
37:45 That's the best answer I could give you.
37:46 Uh-huh.
37:51 Your best will never be good enough
37:57 for God.
38:04 Well, I understand a little better now...
38:09 Naomi's despair.
38:12 I may not have gone
38:13 and put a noose around my neck in the garage
38:17 but after this sermon, Pastor,
38:22 I'm concerned,
38:24 I don't know if I'm coming back next week.
38:27 What good will it do, it's still filthy.
38:33 I dare not present a word like this
38:36 without giving you some good news.
38:42 You think that all God did is just point out to us
38:46 how bad we were
38:49 and didn't give us a solution for the problem.
38:52 He gave us a solution, Romans, the 8th chapter.
38:56 Romans, the 8th chapter,
38:59 Romans 8, I want to go to Romans 8.
39:04 And I want to pause on verse 18,
39:08 Romans 8,
39:10 pardon me, Romans 5,
39:12 starting with verse 18.
39:13 Romans 5, starting with verse 18.
39:16 "Therefore as by the offence of one,
39:18 judgment came upon all men to..."
39:21 to what everyone?
39:22 "Condemnation, even so by the righteousness of one,
39:25 the free gift came upon all men,
39:28 unto justification of life."
39:30 Read verse 19,
39:40 "Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound.
39:43 But where..."
39:45 Finish it.
39:47 You gotta read this thing like you understand this thing.
39:51 Now start again, read verse 20,
39:53 what does it say?
40:04 "That as sin hath entered, hath reigned unto death..."
40:08 Finish it.
40:21 I heard somebody say,
40:22 "Amazing Grace,
40:25 how sweet the sound,
40:29 saved a wretch like you."
40:35 Like who?
40:37 Like me.
40:39 "I once was lost,
40:42 now I'm found, blind but now I see."
40:49 Where there's great sin, there's a need for great grace.
40:58 Where sin abound, graced up much more abound.
41:08 I love playing basketball, let me get my tense,
41:11 my verb tenses right, teachers.
41:13 I loved,
41:20 when I have a flashback here.
41:22 Yeah, yeah, I loved playing basketball
41:27 and it was always interesting to me
41:30 that whenever we played,
41:33 somebody and they would scout out our team,
41:37 they would make sure that somebody on the other team
41:40 would be on the floor, every time I was on the floor.
41:44 When I went and took a break,
41:47 they went and took a break
41:50 but when I checked in, they checked in.
41:53 And Paul says that when sin checked into the game,
42:00 grace came off the pitch and said I'm in too,
42:04 I'm playing too
42:06 because sin can't play
42:08 without grace being on the floor.
42:11 It's gonna be out there at the same time
42:14 when sin abound,
42:16 grace talk much more abound.
42:19 Don't you ever believe that
42:21 because you believe yourself to be such a great sinner,
42:26 that you have absolutely no chance whatsoever,
42:30 you got to get the other side of the story
42:33 and now the rest of the story.
42:35 Praise, praise, praise,
42:39 praise. praise.
42:41 talk much more above,
42:44 trust like the devil is working hard
42:46 to get to and bring you down,
42:48 grace is to enable favor through this power,
42:51 to lift you up, take you around,
42:54 patch your feet on solid ground.
42:58 That's how grace works.
43:01 That's how grace works.
43:03 God didn't leave you without a solution.
43:05 Look at something else, in Ephesians 2,
43:07 Ephesians 2:8, 9,
43:10 the Book of Ephesians 2:8, 9,
43:16 I love these two passages.
43:19 "For by..."
43:23 You don't have it yet,
43:25 that's why you didn't say it right.
43:31 Like a pages have stopped.
43:32 "For by grace,
43:34 I saved through faith,
43:37 that not of yourselves,
43:39 it is the gift of God, not of works,
43:43 lest anyone should boast."
43:48 For by grace,
43:52 are ye saved.
43:57 Through faith
44:01 and that not of yourselves.
44:04 The Bible says it is what?
44:06 It's a what?
44:09 I supposed you get it.
44:14 It belongs to me,
44:18 it's a gift,
44:21 it's a gift.
44:24 Each one of my children,
44:28 when they turned 16 years old came to me and said,"
44:33 Daddy, it's time for me to get my license."
44:43 I had one question,
44:45 "When did you buy 'em?
44:48 Who said, they were yours?"
44:53 "Well, I'm 16,
44:56 that means it's time for me to get my license."
45:01 I said, "I know a folk in his 50
45:02 who don't have license."
45:09 You gotta understand
45:12 driving is a privilege not a right.
45:15 Grace is a privilege, not a right.
45:19 It's unreserved favor.
45:22 It's not something we get because we deserve it,
45:25 normally when you get a gift,
45:26 it's because you're done something right
45:28 or there's something special that's happened.
45:30 It's been your birthday or your anniversary
45:33 but this gift you get when you do something wrong.
45:41 Not when you do something right.
45:44 It's when you do something wrong
45:46 and you claim that gift by faith, by faith.
45:53 You know, sometimes,
45:56 sometimes, folk would come up to us
45:58 and they'll ask this question, look at me, look at me.
46:02 "Are you saved?"
46:07 And we look back at him scoured.
46:13 Am I saved
46:18 and then we try to think back over
46:19 our 28 fundamental beliefs.
46:27 The pastor teaches that, was that him,
46:30 one of the Sabbath School caught me,
46:32 help me, Lord. You said you put it in,
46:33 in that moment when I need to act,
46:34 you would put it in my spirit.
46:37 Are you saved?
46:41 Let me help you,
46:43 for grace, for by grace are ye saved.
46:53 Let me fix it for your.
46:55 Let me fix it for you.
46:59 There is a tense in Greek called the perfect tense.
47:03 It means a past action
47:06 with a present or future response
47:12 or impact.
47:14 You were saved yesterday.
47:23 You were saved by...
47:26 Grace.
47:28 Through. Grace.
47:33 The problem is that the reason we don't know
47:37 that we're saved is because
47:39 we don't have the faith to believe we're saved.
47:49 Was that hard, that wouldn't be, it wasn't.
47:52 I ain't a deep preacher.
48:00 The problem is not whether or not you're saved,
48:03 salvation has been provided.
48:06 The issue is have you accepted the fact that you're saved.
48:10 There was a man who was put in jail
48:12 and he sat there day after day.
48:14 They told him what his bail would cost,
48:16 he didn't had the money
48:18 and so he sat there depressed and brooding.
48:21 One day the jailer came along and said, "Hey, you're free."
48:26 And he sat there.
48:27 He said, "Somebody has paid your bail,
48:29 they processed your bail, you're free."
48:31 And the man sat there.
48:33 He said, "Can you hear me, I set you free."
48:36 And the man sat there, the jailer closed the door
48:40 and before he walked off, he said,
48:42 "When you accept the fact that you're free,
48:45 then you can leave."
48:49 When you accept the fact
48:52 that you're saved by grace through faith,
48:58 maybe we'll start acting like saved people,
49:01 maybe we'll start talking like saved people,
49:04 maybe we'll start thinking like saved people,
49:06 maybe we'll start dressing like saved people,
49:09 maybe we'll start eating like saved people,
49:12 maybe we'll start behaving like saved people
49:15 but until we accept the fact that we're saved,
49:18 we're going to stay in our prisons,
49:24 our lostness.
49:29 I'm trying to free somebody today, look at this,
49:31 look at this text, Philippians,
49:34 Philippians 1:6,
49:39 that one is stowaway, verse 5 and verse 6.
49:44 Philippians 1:5, 6,
49:46 "For your fellowship in the gospel
49:48 from the first day until now,
49:50 being confident of this very thing,
49:53 that He which hath begun a good work..."
49:56 Where? In you.
49:58 Will do what?
49:59 Will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
50:03 He that hath begun a good work in you.
50:11 Stop there for a minute.
50:13 Okay, in Romans 5: 8, Paul says,
50:18 "But God hath commended His love toward us,
50:21 in that while we were yet sinners..."
50:27 Christ did what?
50:30 He commended His love toward us
50:32 in that while we were yet sinners.
50:37 That's what Naomi couldn't get, while we were still sinning,
50:41 Christ died for us.
50:43 He said, "Christ died for us."
50:49 But in Philippians he says
50:51 that Christ performs a good work, where?
50:56 In us.
50:59 Let's not get it twisted.
51:02 There's a difference
51:04 when Christ does something for us
51:06 versus doing something in us.
51:10 He died for us
51:13 but if we're gonna ever make it through this mess called sin,
51:18 he's got to perform it.
51:26 You got it, you got it,
51:29 you got it
51:31 and you got to hang on to that.
51:33 It's not about us, it's not about our good,
51:38 it's not about our righteousness,
51:41 it's all about Him and what He does in us.
51:45 We already established the fact,
51:47 there's nothing good within us,
51:49 our very makeup is sinful
51:51 and unless He comes into our lives
51:55 and lives out His life,
51:57 then we are born in sin
52:00 and we're gonna die in sin.
52:04 Let me help somebody,
52:06 you know, that good life
52:07 you've been trying to live all this time
52:09 and fall off to wagon,
52:11 guess what? He already lived it for you.
52:15 He lived it for you and all He said is,
52:19 if you accept me, it comes with me.
52:23 You get it by default.
52:25 You've got to accept me
52:28 and Lord that I fetch you...
52:31 has already beaten you
52:33 and all you need to do
52:35 is turn it over to me.
52:41 Morris Venden wrote a book,
52:44 it sits on my shelf,
52:46 right book shelf.
52:50 I take it out every now and then
52:53 but it indicts me and it challenges me
52:55 so I don't read it that often.
52:58 It's entitled, Hard to be Lost.
53:04 Hard to be Lost,
53:11 reason I have difficulty is
53:12 because my mind is very analytical
53:14 and it processes things beyond the obvious,
53:17 beyond the obvious of reference.
53:19 And so if the book is entitled Hard to be Lost
53:22 then it must be also saying it's easy to be saved.
53:34 I haven't found anything yet in this Christian journey
53:37 that's easy.
53:40 What do you mean, Pastor Venden,
53:44 it's hard to be lost, I just told you why.
53:48 He that hath begun a good work in you,
53:55 can complete it to the day of His coming.
54:01 If we get ourselves out of the way,
54:06 then He can get in
54:08 and lead us through the way.
54:13 But we are our own worst enemy,
54:15 when we're gonna get that.
54:19 Chloe Logan used to sing a song years ago, it said,
54:21 "The failure's not with God, it's in me."
54:27 They have not failed one word of all of His good promises
54:30 which He had promised by his service.
54:35 God is a God of His word
54:37 and He says if you just turn it over to me,
54:41 I'll put it away...
54:43 Wait a minute, now you gotta get this,
54:45 I'm coming down the homestretch,
54:46 you've got to get this.
54:47 I got to even sit down on this
54:50 'cause it boggles my mind.
54:54 First of all, He died for me,
55:00 second of all, He took my sins upon Himself,
55:04 third of all, He paid my sinful debt for me.
55:11 There ought to be something that I can do,
55:16 that's why I'm so inclined to work and work.
55:19 I'm trying to get into the game,
55:22 I'm trying to do my fair share
55:25 but when it comes to salvation,
55:28 you can't do a thing.
55:30 How do I know that, how do I know that?
55:34 Daniel 8:11 and 12,
55:42 it talks about a truth
55:43 that was trampled under foot,
55:47 a truth.
55:49 Martin Luther read that passage of scripture
55:52 and understood something.
55:53 The light went on for him
55:55 and he came forth with this Latin phrase,
55:57 "Sola fide."
55:59 The just live by faith alone.
56:05 Understand the truth that's trampled under foot.
56:09 The truth that's trampled under foot is the truth
56:12 about the sanctuary,
56:14 the sanctuary because when you look at the sanctuary,
56:20 you'll see how much you really have to do with Him.
56:23 Understand something, when you bring your sacrifice,
56:28 who's the sacrifice?
56:32 Who's the sacrifice?
56:33 Jesus is.
56:36 And when you get to the laver,
56:38 who's the water of life?
56:44 Who takes the blood into the Holy Place?
56:47 The priest.
56:50 How does he enter into the Holy Place?
56:54 Through the eastern gate.
56:57 He's the door and once he gets inside,
57:02 who is the seven candlestick?
57:07 Who is the bread, a showbread,
57:12 the table of showbread?
57:14 Who is the veil
57:15 that separates the Holy Place from the most Holy Place?
57:19 Who takes the incense of the saints,
57:21 the prayers of the saints to the,
57:24 to the most Holy Place?
57:27 There is absolutely nothing in the sanctuary
57:31 for us to do except what?
57:34 Bring ourselves.
57:39 "I beseech you therefore, brethren,
57:42 by the mercies of Christ, that you present yourself..."
57:43 What?
57:45 "A living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God."
57:49 Romans 12:1,
57:50 which is our reasonable service.
57:52 The only thing you have left to do
57:54 in His whole salvation process
57:56 is just bring yourself, just show up.


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