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The Light, The Knowlege, And The Glory

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00:58 Oh, Lord, we give You praise
01:05 And
01:10 Oh, Lord, we bless Your name
01:17 And
01:22 we lift our voices to say thank You
01:29 For Your goodness
01:36 And Your mercy toward us
01:42 For Your goodness
01:48 And Your mercy toward us
01:53 We offer
01:57 praise
02:11 Oh, Lord, we give You praise
02:18 And
02:23 Oh, Lord, we bless Your name
02:29 And
02:34 we lift our voices
02:36 To say thank You
02:41 For Your goodness
02:47 And Your mercy toward us
02:53 For Your goodness
02:59 And Your mercy toward us
03:04 For Your goodness
03:10 And Your mercy toward us
03:14 We offer
03:18 Praise
03:26 You are worthy
03:33 of glory, honor
03:41 Worthy of all
03:46 Praise
03:48 For Your goodness
03:54 And Your mercy toward us
04:00 For Your goodness
04:06 And Your mercy toward us
04:11 For Your goodness
04:17 And Your mercy toward us
04:21 We offer
04:25 Praise
04:33 You are worthy
04:40 Of glory, honor
04:48 Worthy of all praise
04:54 For Your goodness
05:00 And Your mercy toward us
05:06 For Your goodness
05:11 And Your mercy toward us
05:17 For Your goodness
05:22 And Your mercy toward us
05:27 For Your goodness
05:33 And Your mercy toward us
05:38 For Your goodness
05:43 And Your mercy toward us
05:48 For Your goodness
05:54 And Your mercy toward us
05:59 For Your goodness
06:04 And Your mercy toward us
06:09 We offer
06:12 Praise
06:19 We offer
06:23 Praise
06:31 We offer
06:34 Praise
06:41 We offer
06:47 Praise.
06:50 What you've done so many times in the past,
06:53 sure, do what is necessary
06:58 to bring us to connect with you
07:01 because this may be the last time
07:03 that the connection will be made.
07:05 So, Father, we pray for You and we invite
07:08 and we invoke Your Holy Spirit to fall afresh upon us today.
07:11 We pray these things in Your name
07:17 because Your goodness and Your mercy towards us.
07:23 Amen.
07:27 Good morning, everyone.
07:29 Happy Sabbath.
07:32 I'm excited that today is Adventist's Education Day.
07:37 And I just want to piggyback on the awesome job my son did
07:44 in reading the scripture.
07:50 I want to look at verse 6,
07:53 "For it is the God
07:56 who commanded the light to shine out of darkness,
08:02 who has shone in our hearts
08:04 to give the light of the knowledge
08:07 of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."
08:12 I just want to talk to you for a few minutes
08:14 on the topic of 'The Light, The Knowledge, And The Glory.'
08:20 'The Light, The Knowledge, And The Glory.'
08:24 Her name was Shay Houston, and her best friend was Nef
08:31 or Nefertari, we called her Nef.
08:34 And they met in Jacks...
08:36 we met them in Jackson, Michigan
08:37 when I was working as a chaplain
08:39 in campus ministry at the University of Michigan.
08:42 Shay and Nef attended Jackson High School.
08:48 They were some hard girls.
08:51 When I first met them, I want to fight them.
08:56 And recently, not too long after coming to Michigan
09:01 about two years,
09:03 we accepted a position as the dean of men
09:06 at Mount Vernon Academy in Ohio.
09:09 Both families, Nef and Shay wanted their daughters
09:13 and also the son to attend Mount Vernon Academy
09:17 because they were concerned about their spiritual life.
09:21 They couldn't afford to send them,
09:23 but they did it anyway and God provided.
09:27 After enrolling in the academy, Nef started having
09:30 some real problems and she would...
09:33 she was asked by the administration to leave.
09:35 However, Shay did not go with her.
09:40 She ended up graduating from Mount Vernon Academy in 2007
09:46 and her life was starting to look up.
09:50 This girl from Jackson, Michigan,
09:53 rough girl was starting to seek some breakthroughs for her.
09:58 She was hard when she got there.
10:00 They all ready to fight even the people from New York.
10:04 They were ready to fight everybody
10:06 but when her friend was asked to leave, she had a choice.
10:10 She could go back with a friend to Jackson,
10:13 to Jackson, Michigan but she chose not to.
10:16 She stayed there for another year.
10:21 I was at home in Columbus, Ohio,
10:24 on a Sunday morning, August 2007,
10:28 and I received a phone call from Nef's family
10:32 to tell me that the night
10:33 before she had died in her sleep.
10:37 Just graduated from high school,
10:40 died in her sleep.
10:43 I was devastated and I had to call the school
10:47 and let the principal know
10:48 because he had a relationship within the staff.
10:51 Because this young lady who was so hard,
10:56 the staff ended up falling in love with her.
11:00 And when I shared the news with him, he broke down crying.
11:05 On the day of the funeral in Jackson, Michigan,
11:08 in the presence of all the family
11:10 and former classmates and staff of MVA,
11:13 I was there to share some news
11:15 that many of them did not know took place the day before
11:18 which was Sabbath.
11:21 Her pastor informed me in the study
11:23 before the funeral service began
11:26 that Shay answered an altar call
11:31 to be baptized.
11:34 She answered a call to be baptized.
11:38 And I'm here to tell you today, that is why we're here,
11:43 that is why Adventist Education is here,
11:47 that is why we do, we do.
11:50 No other reason, it's that reason.
11:54 Not only did I find that out,
11:57 but last night I called Nef's family
12:00 and they told me
12:01 that the mother had died not long after that,
12:03 the father had died not long after that,
12:07 a brother had died not long after that.
12:10 But because of her stand that Sabbath, her cousin,
12:16 her elder brother, her sister
12:17 were in church now came back to Jesus.
12:22 That is why we do what we do.
12:26 The best investment that you can ever make
12:28 in the future of your children is through their education,
12:31 not just any education but the education for eternity.
12:37 Why do we do what we do?
12:39 Well, you know what?
12:41 I decided I was going to do a little homework.
12:44 And I looked around and found some schools
12:45 with high academic marks,
12:47 and high social interaction, and high athletics.
12:50 And here's what I found from my investigation,
12:52 all the schools that I looked at
12:55 not only in Texas but also in Massachusetts
12:59 where the education in Massachusetts
13:03 is the God, Harvard, MIT.
13:07 I look at all of these schools and here's what I found,
13:09 they all teach subjects like English, and Math, and history,
13:16 social studies, PE, technology, world languages,
13:21 sports, fine arts, and life skills.
13:24 They all have professional and qualified
13:28 teachers and administrators.
13:30 They receive money from taxpayers and state fund.
13:34 They offer the state-of-the-art transportation
13:37 called the yellow bus
13:39 and sometimes it's a little yellow bus.
13:42 They all have great mascots and songs,
13:44 and wonderful tradition.
13:46 One thing that I found that all of these schools
13:47 that was the same,
13:48 was that they all preparing children
13:50 for the future workforce
13:51 and society to be reproductive citizens
13:54 on this planet.
13:55 Applaud that they do a good job.
14:01 Then if they're doing such a good job,
14:03 then why we're here?
14:07 We're here because of Shay,
14:11 we're here because of people like Shay.
14:14 We're here for moments, a stand,
14:17 a walk up to the front to give you a life,
14:19 not knowing if you're going to live the next day.
14:21 And from that the repercussion,
14:23 the repercussion that come from that
14:24 is family members who had not step foot in church
14:27 came back to Jesus.
14:28 Why? Because of stand.
14:29 You weren't baptized, you didn't make it, Shay,
14:32 but guess what,
14:33 because of your example others did,
14:36 that's why we do what we do.
14:39 The future of our families, our churches, our nation
14:42 and world depends on the right education.
14:46 Adventist education is different.
14:49 It plans for the future while preparing for eternity.
14:55 In spite of this outstanding contribution
15:00 to the church and to the world at large,
15:03 Adventist education is under fire.
15:08 Now you know what, before I read the next part,
15:11 I've learned being a lifelong Adventist,
15:16 my children sixth generation Adventist.
15:19 I've learned something.
15:20 There are some things that when you talk about
15:23 in the Adventist church, people get mad.
15:28 There's some buzz, I mean,
15:29 you mess with someone and say, we needed to be vegetarian.
15:31 "Oh, no..." You get mad.
15:33 Mess with the music, get mad.
15:35 One of the things I found is that
15:37 when you talk about Adventist education,
15:39 people get mad, they get mad.
15:44 I'm here to say this to you
15:46 and I'm saying this with all lovingness,
15:48 get mad.
15:53 In spite of all that it is been offered
15:55 and all that has contribute to the world at large
15:57 and to the church itself, the attacks are all too often
16:00 coming from within the denomination.
16:05 It is coming from those who are charge to uphold it,
16:10 while those on the outside admire it.
16:15 I don't know if you ever heard of a man
16:16 by the name of Alan November.
16:18 If you're an educator, you probably know who he is.
16:21 Phenomenal in this age, he is an incredible innovator.
16:25 He is a millionaire because he has found a way
16:30 to teach children how to learn.
16:35 He was speaking at a conference
16:36 that I was at it with pastors and teachers
16:38 in New England, in Rhode Island.
16:41 And when he said, he stood up before us,
16:44 and he's looked over the vastness of the teachers,
16:46 and looked over the vastness of the administrators.
16:48 And here's what he said, he said,
16:51 "The Seventh-day Adventist education system
16:54 is the most integrated and functional system
16:56 in the world."
16:59 This man doesn't know anything about
17:01 the three angels flying in the midst of heaven.
17:04 He knows nothing about it. What does he know?
17:06 He knows education,
17:07 and he looked at the system and said, you guys are awesome.
17:11 For a minute I thought
17:12 he's going to ask to be employed.
17:16 You know we would have told him no.
17:19 However, some pastors
17:20 and church leaders, for example,
17:22 have argued that Adventist education
17:24 is stealing money from evangelism,
17:26 church mission and other church opportunities
17:29 for service to the community.
17:31 It is been said that Christian education
17:33 is irrelevant, outdated, not soul winning,
17:38 and therefore the local church should close
17:42 because of waste of money
17:45 that could be put towards evangelism,
17:47 building programs and church activities.
17:55 When I hear statements like this,
17:57 it makes me wonder, and you got to hear this,
17:59 it makes you wonder about Christ ministry.
18:03 Here's what I mean.
18:04 Jesus had twelve students, I mean disciples, excuse me.
18:11 He had them for three years.
18:15 When He got to the cross,
18:18 matter of fact even before that,
18:20 not one of them was converted
18:22 or even understood the message He was teaching.
18:25 And John 16:12 says,
18:27 many things I have to say to you but you're not ready.
18:31 Shay and Nef and my wife, we would sit in our apartment
18:36 on the campus of Mount Vernon Academy for hours,
18:39 telling them the importance of Adventist education,
18:42 telling them don't give up on it,
18:44 don't be stupid here, value it,
18:46 encourage them to love Jesus.
18:49 And they would sit there and say, we don't like it.
18:54 The same young lady
18:56 who made an altar call afterwards
18:58 said she didn't want to be there.
18:59 She would cry and say, I don't want to be here.
19:02 If I had the opportunity, I will leave.
19:03 When her friend left, she stayed.
19:05 Why?
19:08 Because just like in Christ ministry,
19:11 we were looking at something different.
19:13 Christ, when His mission was done,
19:17 what was His results?
19:20 One betrayed him,
19:22 another swore he never knew Him,
19:24 and others ran and hiding
19:25 for fear that they would be killed.
19:27 The only person that stayed,
19:30 the only person that accepted Him,
19:33 the only person
19:34 that listened to Him and then graduate
19:37 was a thief on the cross that was going to die,
19:41 who spent the least amount of time with Him.
19:47 From a human perspective,
19:48 Jesus' ministry would be considered a failure.
19:54 But Jesus had His eyes on a long term
19:57 rather than the short term.
19:59 Here's the beauty of it, after Pentecost.
20:06 After Pentecost,
20:09 all of them save one were powerhouses.
20:13 Peter, the one who denied and stood up before them,
20:16 he said men and brethren.
20:17 Let me tell you something,
20:19 I can imagine someone in a pew saying,
20:21 how can you tell you deny Him?
20:23 But when Peter were done preaching,
20:25 3,000 came up to Jesus,
20:27 and came to Jesus that day.
20:29 Why?
20:30 Because He was, Jesus was looking at the long term,
20:32 Jesus wasn't frustrated when we got to cross.
20:34 Jesus say, listen,
20:35 I know something you don't know.
20:37 I know something that the gospel would do.
20:40 We see Christ, you see other things,
20:43 we see Christ, stick with it.
20:45 No, no, it's not worthy.
20:46 It's worth it, I can tell you it's worth it.
20:50 Ellen White said in her book Education page 305 and 306,
20:53 she says, "Men sow the seed which,
20:56 above their graves, others reap blessed harvests.
21:00 They plant trees, that others eat of the fruit.
21:03 They are content here to know
21:05 that they have set things in motion agents for good.
21:09 In the hereafter
21:10 the action and the reaction of all these will be seen."
21:15 Let me tell you something, I can tell you this.
21:20 Your children know more than you think they do.
21:25 You give them an option between broccoli and ice-cream,
21:30 matter of fact,
21:31 you give me an option between broccoli and ice-cream,
21:37 I won't say what I'll choose.
21:40 But let me tell you something, they know, they won't,
21:43 they're not going to choose the right thing.
21:46 Do you want to go to little school like that over there
21:47 or you want to go this big one over here that's got mascots
21:49 and all these different things?
21:51 They know that. They, what?
21:52 Come on, that's like asking...
21:53 Do you want to drive a Yugo
21:55 or do you want to drive a Mercedes?
22:00 Do you want to come to church
22:01 or do you want to go to your prom?
22:05 Give them a choice,
22:06 they're going to make the choice.
22:10 That's why I like what Joshua says
22:12 that's for me and my house.
22:15 Listen, there was a time
22:16 when my kids will get mad when I do stuff.
22:18 I just smile and I was like...
22:22 I got the job, you have no job.
22:27 Would you want to leave?
22:30 Emptiness, what, what.
22:34 We'll cruise the world.
22:38 I want to give you six reasons for Adventist education.
22:43 In his book 'Why You Must Go',
22:45 Elder Terry McCoy, our secretary,
22:48 our conference secretary wrote a awesome book.
22:51 If you have not, if you don't have that book,
22:53 shame on, you got to get it.
22:55 It's an awesome book.
22:56 He put in there, he talks about six hooks,
22:59 he talks about hooks for Adventist education.
23:01 That kind of grabs up that term hooks.
23:05 Because hooks sometimes would be bad thing
23:06 but this is not a bad thing.
23:08 Hooks for Adventist education.
23:09 At the top of the list
23:11 of the reason for Adventist schooling
23:12 is that it introduce students to the Bible
23:15 as a framework of thinking and evaluating.
23:18 It gives moral and ethical thinking.
23:23 Even in pre-school, let me tell you something,
23:26 when I walk into Miss Mary's class
23:28 and I see these kids read...
23:31 What?
23:35 If I could have read at that age,
23:41 where could I have been.
23:44 These kids are reading.
23:46 When I see, when I walk through the building
23:48 throughout the week, these kids are smiling,
23:52 they're happy, they are not worried about
23:53 where they're gonna get shen next.
23:55 They are not worried about, we know,
23:57 what they're going to do and this and that,
23:58 they're just having fun.
24:00 When I look at the teachers I see them,
24:03 they're having fun.
24:05 But there's something that you need to understand is that
24:07 all that is going on,
24:09 ethic and moral living is being taught.
24:13 Look at Isaiah, Isaiah 30,
24:14 you've heard this text before, Isaiah 30:21.
24:18 Isaiah 30:21, it says,
24:19 "Your ears shall hear a word behind you,
24:22 saying, 'This is the way, walk in,'
24:25 whenever you turn to the right hand
24:27 or whenever you turn to the left."
24:28 There's going to be a word.
24:29 Let me tell you something, there's going to be a word,
24:31 there's going to be a word.
24:33 You know, your kid don't like Him,
24:34 they want to do that all day, there's going to be a word,
24:36 there's going to be something.
24:37 And matter of fact, when I was, when I was used to...
24:39 When I used to teach, my kids will get mad at me,
24:41 "Why you always got to say something about the Bible?"
24:44 Because I only speak Christ, I don't know anything else.
24:47 We must say, what?
24:48 I can't give you tablets,
24:50 I can't give you the current, I can't do that to you.
24:52 I can tell you decision making is based on
24:54 how you and what you believe, and what you believe in.
24:58 It gives the framework, the critical point.
25:01 The Bible and Adventist school
25:02 is never studied as it in to itself.
25:06 Rather, the scriptures provide a framework
25:08 for everything that takes place on campus,
25:10 whether it's the academics,
25:12 whether it's the extracurricular,
25:13 where is the chaplain,
25:14 where is the Sabbath services, the outreach,
25:17 the community service program.
25:19 Everything is framed around the Bible.
25:23 Let me tell you something now.
25:25 I've been in ministry,
25:27 I've been the pastor for seven years.
25:29 I'm going to be 40 this summer.
25:33 How many years did I lose?
25:37 I can tell you,
25:40 the last seven years that I lived have been the fullest.
25:46 Because my framework is based around scripture.
25:51 I like the Bible says that Lord will restore the years
25:53 that the locust devoured.
25:55 You jabbed up for years, God is gonna,
25:58 He's going to restore those, he says,
25:59 I don't remember you were here for like 30 years,
26:01 let me help you out,
26:02 let me help you out the last things,
26:04 last few years of your life,
26:05 I'm gonna make it good for you, all right?
26:07 I am going to give you some blessing,
26:08 but you got to know where your foundation
26:09 and your framework is.
26:11 The second reason is
26:12 the Bible is an instrument in Adventist schools
26:14 introducing young people to Jesus as Lord and savior,
26:18 not as a prophet, not as a figure in history,
26:22 but as Lord and savior.
26:23 And at its core,
26:25 Adventist education is evangelistic,
26:27 redemptive with producing baptism
26:30 and lifelong commitments to Jesus.
26:34 Let me tell you something now,
26:36 when I speak, when I talk about Adventist education,
26:39 about being redemptive,
26:41 I can tell you story, after story,
26:42 after story after story.
26:44 I taught for four years,
26:46 and I worked another two years as an auxiliary staff.
26:49 I know that it's redemptive.
26:51 I've seen some of the knuckleheads
26:53 that will come into my office
26:55 that were on the verge of being kicked out.
26:58 Matter of fact, there was a young man.
27:01 I just had the opportunity,
27:02 he called me and he asked me to conduct his wedding.
27:09 This kid was difficult,
27:14 not in the sense that you're thinking.
27:16 His parents were rich.
27:19 No, no, no.
27:21 So you don't, you don't understand what I mean.
27:23 His parents were rich.
27:27 When we got there,
27:29 we were told that there were certain parents
27:30 that you need to be watch out for,
27:32 because they're the ones
27:33 that can give you the hardest problems.
27:35 And they told me that this family,
27:38 the father is a hospital,
27:40 I mean, a health system regions administrator for hospitals.
27:49 Mom works when she feels like it.
27:53 When she wants him to stop working for six months,
27:56 she'll go and work for two days.
27:58 Rich.
28:03 They were at Mount Vernon and here I am the dean,
28:06 me, nobody.
28:08 I get there and they drop this on me.
28:10 The parents walk in...
28:15 They sit down, their son is there,
28:17 their oldest son just graduated the year before,
28:19 he's been there, this is his sophomore year,
28:21 this will be his whole term and he's just sitting there,
28:25 and he said, "Now, can you please tell me
28:27 how you want to run the dorm?"
28:29 I said, "Stop. Let us pray for a second."
28:32 We prayed, I said amen.
28:34 They looked different after prayer.
28:42 The father called me last summer
28:46 before I came up to the wedding,
28:47 he said, "Listen, listen,
28:48 I need to know what airport you're going to fly out."
28:52 I said, "Dallas Fort Worth."
28:54 "Do you need to rental car?"
28:55 I said, "Well, yes, sure.
28:57 I'll take one."
28:58 "Do you need, what do you want to do...
28:59 We'll get you a hotel room and everything."
29:01 I said, "All right, that sounds good."
29:02 And I am kind of used to that kind of stuff,
29:03 you know, I get there and I'm staying in a suite.
29:07 I'm like, man, you're going to put me in Motel 6
29:08 but I am sitting back down, taking pictures of the room.
29:14 Why?
29:15 Because they know,
29:18 they know the value that was placed in their son,
29:23 not because they were rich.
29:26 Because I tell you the opposite story.
29:27 I had another kid who was not rich,
29:30 and that was the other family they told me
29:31 it's going to be difficult.
29:33 No, we were going to their house every Sabbath,
29:36 having dinner.
29:38 When I started working as a dean,
29:39 they will call me all the time.
29:41 The mother, we would sit down, great religion.
29:43 Because those that are difficult are expecting a lot.
29:47 But one thing they will respect,
29:49 if you give them Jesus.
29:52 The primary function of Adventist education
29:54 is to help young people find a savior relationship
29:56 with Jesus Christ.
29:58 And that function is just as important for children
30:00 brought in Adventist home and those that don't.
30:03 One study can...
30:05 mention that the concerning,
30:07 the evangelistic potential of Adventist education,
30:09 listen to this,
30:11 "It is important to realize that worldwide,
30:12 the percentage of young people from non-Adventist homes
30:15 attending Adventist school is more than 50 percent
30:19 and in some places around the world
30:21 it's 90 percent.
30:23 When we get our perspective right,
30:26 we see that public evangelism and education,
30:29 Christian education,
30:31 Adventist Christian education are not enemies of one another
30:35 but rather they serve and to complement one another
30:38 and achieve the gospel commission
30:39 that is found in Matthew 28,
30:42 ''Go ye therefore into all the world."
30:45 I can tell you right now that many people would not have
30:48 any one of you come into their homes
30:51 if they knew you were Christian.
30:54 They would not do it.
30:55 They had bad experiences with you guys.
30:58 I would have in my days the hypocrites.
31:02 But they'll send their kids to an Adventist school.
31:06 Why?
31:07 Because when they look at the alternative.
31:10 Yes, there's a lot of things good
31:11 that go on in a public school,
31:13 but their children are experiencing something,
31:16 and it's negative.
31:17 They don't know what it is,
31:19 they can't put their finger on it,
31:20 but they know that they don't like it,
31:21 but they would rather put them in a private school
31:23 because the understanding of a private school
31:25 is that it's better than a public school.
31:28 And that's all they need, and that's enough.
31:30 For them, that's it.
31:32 They don't have to go into the deep details
31:33 of what you believe.
31:35 They say, okay, what you have?
31:37 You gonna teach English, math, okay, fine.
31:39 Kids starts coming home singing songs
31:41 instead of the stuff that they would tell them
31:43 to stop singing, they were singing,
31:45 look at them like,
31:46 "Where did you heard that song from?"
31:48 "Oh, Miss McCoy, Miss Myers, and Miss Wilkins taught me
31:51 that on in chapel."
31:54 I never heard a song before
31:55 or I heard a song and it was years ago,
31:56 it brought back something.
31:58 Probably it's... and the next thing you know,
32:00 the young person makes a decision
32:02 and says, listen, they have a week of prayer at the school.
32:04 And they say, I want to be baptized.
32:06 They say, "What do you mean you want to baptized?
32:07 You're already baptized."
32:09 "I know, but there's something about this church,
32:11 there's something about this school
32:13 that teaches me something different
32:14 and it's pricking my heart, because in Matthew 10,
32:16 it says, my sheep, when they hear my voice,
32:18 they will come and they hear it, they hear it.
32:20 They say, I want to be baptized,
32:22 and he's like, well, let's think about it,
32:23 let's not do it.
32:24 And they keep and are persistent about it,
32:26 keep and are persistent about it.
32:27 And finally, they said, all right,
32:28 okay, all right, all right, go ahead do it.
32:30 And next thing you know, the pool is full of the family.
32:40 Because the child made a decision.
32:42 The third reason,
32:45 even introducing students to Jesus as Lord and savior
32:49 is not an end in itself in Adventist education.
32:53 Adventist schooling at its best
32:55 leads people to a life long service to others.
33:01 It is no accident
33:03 that the first and the last page of The Book of Education
33:06 focuses on the joy of service.
33:10 The major function of an Adventist education
33:12 is to help naturally selfish human beings
33:15 gain a vision of service for others.
33:18 This is the main reason that most of our higher institutions
33:22 have a slant towards profession that teach healthcare
33:26 and spiritual nurturing and also services alike.
33:30 That's why when you look at our institutions,
33:32 when you look at our universities,
33:34 the main focus of these campuses on medical,
33:37 teaching, and pastoral.
33:40 Why?
33:42 Because we don't have to make a NASA scientist,
33:46 we don't have to produce a NASA scientist,
33:49 we don't have to produce a neurosurgeon.
33:52 That's not what we have to do.
33:55 It just so happens
33:56 that when you're in the environment
33:58 goodness and greatness happens.
34:02 We don't have to say you're going to be the next president.
34:04 But what happens is they are in an environment
34:06 and they become the president of some major company.
34:08 And they look back and say,
34:10 why did you decide to become a president?
34:12 Did they push that at your school?
34:14 No, they just told me to be my best in Jesus
34:16 and Jesus carried me up.
34:20 There is a difference perspective.
34:23 There're mission fields in service,
34:27 our teachers and our staff are missionaries
34:30 working to educate not only the earthly
34:33 but the heavenly.
34:34 Let me tell you something, when I...
34:40 When I was teaching and you know, many times
34:44 when I go over to cross the street to our school,
34:48 I tell myself and I understand
34:51 why God pulled me from teaching.
35:03 The days are missing,
35:04 but when I see our teachers over there,
35:07 they are missionaries.
35:09 They're missionaries over there.
35:11 Here's what I mean,
35:14 they don't just teach one subject,
35:18 not only they not just teach one subject,
35:21 they don't teach just one grade,
35:24 not only do they not just teach one grade,
35:26 they also are the janitors.
35:30 They're also the administrators,
35:33 they're also the transport system.
35:36 They are everything, they don't get on the phone
35:38 and have to say, listen, we have problem.
35:40 They have to deal with it.
35:42 They have to teach first, second, third, and fourth.
35:46 And they got to be willing to do that
35:48 and be able to do that.
35:49 And not only that, but they have to themselves
35:51 be professional enough to be able to do it.
35:55 Then they have families, they got to go home,
35:58 that's a missionary.
35:59 Because then we don't pay them that much.
36:04 And I must say that across the board,
36:05 teachers in general don't get paid enough.
36:09 Public or private, they don't get paid enough,
36:11 but they expect you to do more, that's a missionary.
36:16 That's a missionary.
36:18 I've seen our teachers huddled every morning in prayer.
36:22 Why?
36:23 Because they know that the work that they're doing
36:27 is eternal, it's eternal.
36:32 In Christian Education, page five,
36:35 Ellen White says, "The nicest work a man or woman
36:37 could do is to educate our youth."
36:41 I said, that's the work we can do.
36:42 Let me tell you something, when I sat in a classroom
36:44 for many years and these kids going back and forth
36:47 on a secular humanistic concepts
36:49 and things like that, I'll be ready
36:50 to just throw my desk at them sometime,
36:52 and in endeavor feel that after it's all said and done
36:56 there's a Shay moment.
36:59 You get that email, you get that phone call,
37:02 "Hey, Pastor Dixon, I am going to the mission field.
37:04 Pastor Dixon, I want to become a pastor.
37:06 Pastor Dixon, I am going to a nurse in a far away country.
37:11 Thank you."
37:14 You can't pay for that.
37:17 There's no amount of money that can give you that thank you.
37:22 Adventist's educational systems at all levels
37:25 needs to view the training ground,
37:27 be viewed as training ground for so many,
37:30 for whatever profession they chose.
37:31 The magnitude of the challenge becomes clear
37:33 when nearly 70 percent of Adventist are first generation
37:37 and lack the basic grasp of denominational heritage,
37:40 structure, and belief,
37:42 and most importantly an understanding
37:44 of the church's apocalyptic mission to the world.
37:48 The Bible says in Matthew 5:13-16,
37:50 that we are the salt and light of the earth.
37:53 God has called us to do that.
37:55 Now what does that mean?
37:57 You need to find out what that means to be the salt and light.
38:00 You know, when you're eating your food and there's no salt.
38:04 Let me tell you something, I've been to plenty of
38:05 academy's cafeterias and I was like, there's no salt.
38:11 I've been to plenty of places where there is no salt.
38:13 You know, you won't even say there is,
38:14 what is this, this is great.
38:16 There's no flavoring.
38:17 We are the flavor to the world.
38:20 When the world looks at an Adventist Christian,
38:23 they should wonder, man, there's something about you
38:25 that taste real good.
38:26 Listen, listen.
38:28 Let your mind stay in heavenly places.
38:34 But there are something about you and lightness,
38:36 something about you.
38:37 Why? Because God is in us.
38:41 One should listen, I may have told you this story before,
38:44 I've been in Wal-Mart several times
38:45 with my kids when they were younger.
38:47 Kid's acting crazy in front of us,
38:49 my kid is just sitting and looking at him.
38:54 There's a reason for that but...
38:58 It's Adventist education.
39:04 We've had plenty of you come to us say,
39:05 your kids are so mannerable, they're so nice and wow...
39:09 And I'm looking at them like, what you're expecting of them,
39:11 run off of the ceiling or something?
39:13 It's Adventist education.
39:22 We'll leave it there.
39:23 Adventist education, the fourth thing,
39:26 Adventist education introduces people to the Bible
39:28 as a starting point but it does not end
39:30 with just religion classes and Bible classes.
39:32 Adventist schooling helps students to view every topic
39:35 from a philosophical perspective
39:38 from the scriptures.
39:39 In other words,
39:41 the Bible provides the value system of decision making.
39:46 In this post modern humanistic culture,
39:49 we have many methods of transmitting value.
39:51 Young people are influenced
39:53 by the glorification of consumerism,
39:55 by violence, by immorality in media,
39:58 video games and music.
40:00 Their peer culture that supports
40:03 and celebrates drinking, and drugging, and sexing.
40:05 Yet, public school in most countries are banned
40:08 from teaching religion or morality
40:09 and can't tell schools
40:11 that there's an alternative to evolution.
40:13 Other schools transmit
40:14 a distorted view of the meaning of life
40:16 and the way to salvation.
40:18 The Bible says in Colossians 2:8,
40:20 it says, let me read this to you,
40:22 it says, "Avoid, beware, watch out for,
40:28 watch out for, beware lest anyone talking about,
40:32 let anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit,
40:36 according to the traditions of men,
40:37 according to the basic principles of the world,
40:40 and not according to Christ."
40:43 In Adventist school we can preach Christ,
40:48 that's our excuse.
40:50 We don't have to give our alternative.
40:52 The Bible says you can't do it.
40:53 The Bible says not that.
40:55 And then when you give it, you can't imagine teaching,
40:57 you got to be married with God.
40:59 There's a system in place for that.
41:01 Adventist schooling is one of the most forceful
41:03 and transmitting value systems to a young person.
41:06 That transmission, listen to me now,
41:08 that transmission is not perfect.
41:10 But when you consider the alternative,
41:13 it is a giant step in the right direction.
41:16 And I need to say this, and I need you to hear me on this.
41:20 It is our job and mandate to fix it.
41:29 You can't complain about it, you must fix it.
41:35 If there's an issue with academics, fix it.
41:39 If there's an issue with the building falling wall,
41:41 fix it.
41:43 Closing it down is the cheap way of doing.
41:46 Not singing because it cost to fix it.
41:51 Fix it.
41:53 I guarantee you, we can send every young person,
41:57 every child in this church to that school over there.
42:01 We have the ability to do it, fix it.
42:09 For those that are in high school,
42:10 well, we only have one alternative,
42:12 we only have this one, and it's not perfect.
42:14 Fix it.
42:19 We got 40 acres.
42:25 You don't want them in the old cross town, fix it.
42:34 Don't cry and say, well, fix it.
42:37 'Cause Jesus, you know Jesus didn't did
42:39 deal with whining to will, did He?
42:40 Jesus said, fix it.
42:44 "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart,
42:45 lean not upon our own understanding,
42:47 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
42:48 And He shall direct your paths."
42:50 Fix it.
42:51 The problem is we don't want to fix it
42:54 because if we have to fix it,
42:55 then we just send our kid
42:56 and we make excuse that we can't afford it.
42:58 Yes, you can.
43:04 If Shay's mother can do it...
43:07 who had no job,
43:09 who is sick, if she can do it, you can do it.
43:16 My mother, if she can do it by sending two boys,
43:20 my father divorced her,
43:21 didn't give a dime for child support,
43:24 my mother's crying in lighthouse...
43:26 Listen, I paid off
43:29 my high school to give my transcript to go to college.
43:35 So I tell you how long ago it took for me to get it.
43:40 Fix it.
43:45 Complaining is not going to solve the problem.
43:46 The fifth reason is the consistency of the message,
43:49 the lessons that are being taught into a student
43:52 are the same that should be at home, at school,
43:54 and at church.
43:58 When it's the same message, guess what,
44:00 they hear all the time.
44:02 I didn't say they will like it, you didn't like it,
44:07 some of you still don't like it.
44:10 But guess what? It works.
44:14 The home, you do your part.
44:17 The church will make up the difference.
44:20 The school will make up the difference.
44:22 A child spends eight to nine to ten hours at a school,
44:25 for five days a week, for ten months,
44:28 you can't make that up at your home.
44:31 You put them in front of a godly teacher
44:34 among other students who understand that God is true
44:37 and God can change things,
44:39 then you'll be surprise what happens.
44:41 You may even get a senate chaplain.
44:49 You may get a few churches out there.
44:52 You may get a few doctors or maybe even a lawyer out.
44:55 May be, I don't know... that's just my thoughts.
45:02 But when the same message is being taught...
45:06 you don't have to argue.
45:10 And important factor in the extracurricular activities
45:12 like proms and graduations in school,
45:14 sports program often conflict with the Sabbath.
45:19 And now, you have to make a decision,
45:21 they have to make a decision
45:22 and everybody's mad at each other.
45:23 So the best thing to do is guess what,
45:25 create your own school, create your own Bibles,
45:30 they don't conflict with the Sabbath.
45:35 If you force a young person to make a decision
45:37 between faith and social life,
45:40 they're going to choose social life.
45:44 But if you create a system
45:46 where they get the best of both worlds...
45:49 Let me tell you, I remember going when I was at Ozark,
45:53 getting ready for the banquet.
45:56 Banquet, the Valentine banquet.
45:58 Everybody trying to figure who you're going to ask.
46:00 Yes, it's a little stressful.
46:04 Little stressful.
46:07 But it was fun, it was fun.
46:12 In 2 Corinthians, I'm bringing it down,
46:14 bringing it down, 2 Corinthians 3:18,
46:16 it says, "When we are in the presence of glory,
46:19 we are changed into glory."
46:23 When you put young people in front of Jesus like Moses,
46:27 they walk away reflecting Him, it's just a natural thing.
46:31 The more you put Jesus in front of them,
46:34 the better off the reflection will be.
46:36 The less and you try to make up for it on Sabbath...
46:42 or AY...
46:45 or Wednesday night when you feel ready...
46:51 I know you all mad.
46:54 It's all right.
46:56 We can argue about this and hug each other in heaven.
47:07 We have far too many people that view the Sabbath as a time
47:10 to get other things done.
47:11 Let me share something with you.
47:13 The Sabbath, because the law cannot be changed,
47:17 Christ died.
47:21 When we make the Sabbath an opportunity for us
47:24 to do things that we need to get done during the week,
47:26 our children pick up on that
47:27 and they say it's not that important.
47:30 That's why they want to pull out their PlayStations
47:31 and all these different things in Sabbath hour
47:33 instead of saying, listen, this is the time for Jesus,
47:36 this is the time for Jesus, because they say,
47:37 well, you let me go to the prom.
47:41 You let me go to my graduation.
47:43 Now you may be saying, well, that's not right,
47:45 I don't' see anything wrong with it, that's right.
47:48 We need to ask well, if I said.
47:55 If I were to told my mother
47:57 that I'm going to my graduation on a Sabbath,
48:01 I don't care if it was a PhD,
48:04 she would have drove from New Orleans
48:06 and shot me dead on the street.
48:14 The best way to do it. Fix it, fix it.
48:19 The last reason, the last reason
48:21 I believe in my opinion is one of the most important reasons.
48:26 One of the major contributions that Adventist school
48:29 does is that it brings young people together
48:32 in significant numbers, so that they can make lifelong friends
48:37 and meet spouses who share their vision
48:41 and the importance of life.
48:45 Let me tell you something.
48:47 When I was at Oakwood, I love,
48:51 there was something out that I really love at Oakwood.
48:55 And it was my cane.
48:58 I want to be a chaplain so I wanted to twirl the cane.
49:04 And let me tell you now, listen,
49:05 I am going to tell you now, I'll give you all the secret,
49:06 don' tell anybody, but I was nasty with the cane.
49:13 I was nasty with the cane. I was nasty with it.
49:17 Matter of fact, I had some--
49:19 I was taught by a chaplain, I was nasty with it.
49:22 And everywhere I went, I had my cane,
49:24 and I would just twirl, I would just spin it around.
49:28 And I had one at home but I don't pull it out,
49:30 I got to use it for another reason now.
49:33 But I would twirl it
49:35 and everywhere I went, I had my cane.
49:38 But there was something else that was more important
49:40 than my cane that was always with me as well.
49:45 And that was my wife.
49:50 When I think about the experience
49:51 that I had in Oakwood, and all the vastness
49:53 of young ladies that were there,
49:55 and Lord narrowed it down to one beautiful woman.
50:01 And God knew what He was doing
50:03 because He needed someone that can deal with me.
50:10 And I am not hard to deal with.
50:16 But God had to give someone that was tailor-made for me.
50:21 There were many candidates that came up before,
50:24 but the only one that I left with was that one.
50:28 God knows and you know what, when young people say,
50:32 I don't want to go to Oakwood to find a man.
50:33 You better go to Oakwood to find a man.
50:36 You better go to Oakwood to find a woman. Why?
50:38 'Cause it's not you gonna find on eHarmony or match.com.
50:43 You're not gonna find in Metro.
50:44 I mean, here's a thing, here's a thing,
50:45 I was talking to my wife, I said,
50:47 many people search for love in all the wrong places.
50:52 They go to bars, they go out to dinner,
50:56 and if they find, what you find?
50:58 You're finding someone who want you to see them.
51:01 Go to Oakwood, 8 o'clock class in the morning,
51:03 you see the real deal.
51:09 After one semester, oh, let's go, hey.
51:15 You see it all, that's why our schools are designed
51:20 so you see it from the beginning to the end.
51:22 You got four years of looking high school,
51:24 you got four years of looking.
51:26 And you're looking and you're like,
51:28 do I really want?
51:29 That is something. You see it all.
51:32 That's the reason why God created
51:33 the Adventist school system.
51:35 The sixth and most important reason
51:37 is to put us with friends and relations for lifetime,
51:40 and God knew that that was necessary
51:42 because He knows
51:44 that if you pick the wrong person...
51:49 he can destroy your home.
51:53 The devil can destroy your home if you pick the wrong person.
51:57 Now you probably saying, well,
51:59 you can pick the wrong person at Oakwood too.
52:00 You can pick a wrong person at--
52:01 You're right, you can.
52:03 That's why you don't pick the wrong person.
52:07 Knucklehead, leave alone.
52:10 Girls, they don't wake up and having divorce,
52:12 I mean, what trend is that.
52:14 Find someone that loves Jesus.
52:17 Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
52:19 and all these things shall be added to it.
52:21 Find someone that loves Jesus, you will get everything else.
52:25 Trust me, you will get everything else.
52:29 And don't worry about what other people think
52:32 because when it's you, and your spouse
52:34 in your home with your children,
52:36 that's where Christianity shines.
52:40 Text that I read this morning. Please come, someone come.
52:44 Text I read--
52:47 Oh.
52:51 Ah, you know what, getting hot.
52:54 Start thinking about my wife.
52:57 Let me tell you man, God is good,
52:59 when you get the right one.
53:03 All right, where were we?
53:20 The Bible says--
53:24 my title is 'The Light, The Knowledge, and The Glory.'
53:27 Let me pull this together
53:28 because I need to give you all that,
53:30 just to give you this little wrap up.
53:34 The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 4:6,
53:37 it says, "For it is God who commands a light
53:39 to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts
53:43 to give the light of the knowledge
53:44 of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."
53:49 When Paul wrote this,
53:50 you have to understand the context
53:51 in which he was writing it
53:53 and you have to understand where he's coming from,
53:54 because see, Paul was a Jew.
54:00 He lived in a Greek society and was a Roman citizen.
54:04 Now you probably say, why is that important?
54:07 Because the Jews sought for light,
54:11 looking for the light of the world.
54:13 The Greeks, they sought for knowledge that I may know.
54:20 Romans, they sought for glory. All roads lead to Rome.
54:26 What Paul is simply saying is that all those things,
54:30 the light, the knowledge, and the glory
54:32 are only found in one person, and that is Jesus Christ.
54:37 And the only thing you can find it is in Christ system.
54:42 The only way you can put it together,
54:44 the only way you can get to tallying of knowledge
54:46 and light and glory
54:50 is when you put your child where God says put it.
54:55 I know you're thinking to yourself,
54:57 I don't really like the system.
54:59 Let me tell you something, there's something
55:00 I didn't tell you.
55:02 I of all people should hate the Adventist school system.
55:07 I was not allowed to graduate my eight grade,
55:10 I was not allowed to march,
55:11 they sent me my diploma in mail.
55:12 I was kicked out my junior year in high school at Ozark.
55:16 I got to Oakwood and they told me,
55:17 listen, man, your GPA is so low,
55:19 you might need to go home.
55:23 And guess what, I blame all them
55:25 but then after all of that,
55:28 I went and I worked for an Adventist school
55:30 and they told me, we got to let you go.
55:33 We don't like the way you do things.
55:35 I went to another Adventist school,
55:37 started working there,
55:39 doing phenomenal and great job according to them
55:41 and next thing you know, they said,
55:42 we got to let you go because--
55:46 incidents are going on
55:48 and we need to fill your space with someone else.
55:52 The politics of things.
55:54 My first pastoral position, I didn't get picked up,
55:58 I was working part time, I was working 100 hours a week
56:03 and had a full time job in corporate bank,
56:06 and was getting $600 working for the church.
56:11 And when it came time, and I graduate,
56:13 and I was looking forward to be picked up, they said,
56:16 the economy is bad, we can't pick you.
56:17 Although, there was a promise that was given to me.
56:21 I of all people should be mad at the system.
56:24 Then went to Massachusetts and taught
56:27 and had a great opportunity there
56:29 but them someone sabotage my mission,
56:32 and I said, I need to leave.
56:34 Of all people, I should hate this system
56:36 but guess what, I will die on this cross.
56:42 You will not find a better system.
56:45 I worked in the public school, I worked in the private school,
56:50 but I've not seen a better system.
56:51 Is it perfect? No. But what system is?
56:54 But guess what?
56:56 You can fix it, you can fix it.
57:02 You know one thing I did not want to do
57:03 was come up here and bash public school.
57:08 Right now I'm in school, at a public school.
57:10 Not a bad public school,
57:11 because they're doing exactly what they've been called to do.
57:15 That's their job.
57:17 But we've been called
57:18 for something totally different.


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