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00:20 India is a land full of contrast,
00:25 is a land of great mystery and beauty.
00:28 It's a land of unspeakable despair,
00:32 but traveling through India one thing
00:33 is for sure, it's a land filled with
00:36 people who should never be underestimated.
00:40 For the last 40 years Asian Aid has invested in
00:43 the futures of people would never been given
00:45 such a chance, and their investment
00:48 has proven infinite returns.
00:52 Driven by the vision of Helen Eager dedicated
00:54 to helping those who have the least.
00:56 Asian Aid is an organization implementing
00:59 diverse development projects and sponsoring
01:01 thousands of children. There are outreach fans
01:05 from Bangladesh, to Nepal, Sri Lanka and beyond,
01:09 from remote villages and empty fields to
01:12 sprawling centers of education from nothing
01:15 to the unimaginable. Now Asian Aid decided
01:20 to document the work it has been doing all
01:22 these years with a desire to show the world
01:24 what is possible. By digging wells in remote
01:28 villages for clean drinking water,
01:30 and bringing much needed healthcare to the
01:32 women of Nepal. By providing an education
01:35 for orphans, deaf and blind children,
01:38 giving them a sense of place,
01:39 a home but what we really discovered was being
01:42 given was hope. Giving hope to children,
01:47 giving hope to women, giving hope to the ones
01:51 who needed the most. This is Hope in Motion.
02:03 Our film team has traveled from India to Nepal
02:05 documenting the work of Asian Aid.
02:08 We've spoken with officials, Asian Aid staff,
02:10 school principals and teachers,
02:13 but we really wanted to hear directly from
02:15 the kids to know their stories from their
02:17 point of view. So we sit down with
02:19 the kids of the Sunrise Orphanage Home.
02:21 One of the first children we're doing an
02:23 extended interview with is named Hannah.
02:26 That before sunrise, they will run away
02:29 before sunrise. Foreign language .
02:43 She says she comes from a very below poverty
02:46 family background, and she says her father
02:50 is a drunkard and he drinks and then comes home
02:53 and beats his mother. And father once he drunk
02:55 and came home, there was some
02:57 argument and his father got angry and he took
03:00 a metal rod and hit her on the head and mother
03:03 died on the spot. And she saw that you know
03:06 father killing her mother, and that man that
03:09 has killed, she has no words and
03:11 she is gonna need to run. And the police came and
03:13 they asked her to be a witness and she said she
03:16 saw her father killing her mother.
03:49 At that time she was helpless, hopeless,
03:52 no one is there to take care of and grandmother
03:55 is there. At that time they
03:57 came to know about this Sunrise Home.
04:02 And she says somehow God grace has brought
04:07 her here to Sunrise Home and she says she
04:08 is happy here, and she says she is
04:10 enjoying her life in Sunrise Home.
04:27 With the inspiration of Mummy Eager and
04:29 inspiration of Asian Aid, USA,
04:31 inspiration of Asian Aid, Australia who started
04:33 the orphanage, a small orphanage
04:35 with three children. That 3 children went
04:38 up to the 7 children, 7 children went to,
04:40 that it slowly it's going big,
04:42 big and big and big.
04:45 We've been to many orphanages for Asian Aid,
04:47 but much of our time is been spent here with
04:49 these kids. We were lucky
04:51 enough to share a lot of nice moments with them,
04:55 but we wanted to know more about their lives
04:57 before Sunrise Home. We wanted to know how
05:00 being sponsored through Asian Aid has since
05:02 changed their lives.
05:08 As we talk with them we were amazed,
05:11 we got an unexpected lesson in humility,
05:13 a lesson in being hopeful for the
05:15 future despite the obstacles.
05:32 This is mainly this area is the most backward
05:35 place in Andhra Pradesh. With this reason most of
05:40 the people are migrating from here to the
05:41 other places, they are leaving the children at
05:44 home and going to the towns, working there for
05:46 few months coming back by this time that some
05:50 children are disappearing from the homes,
05:52 and some children are loosing their parents.
06:04 So all these years we are struggling a lot,
06:07 but the most need in this area is to provide the
06:11 proper education and proper
06:13 facilities for the children.
06:35 Like Hannah each kid has their own difficult
06:38 story to tell about their lives before
06:40 they arrived at Sunrise Home.
06:43 My parents died with HIVAIDS,
06:45 I have one younger brother,
06:46 so she took both of us to the hospital,
06:51 in the hospital they told that
06:53 my brother has AIDS.
06:55 My father was a drunkard, he died first he was
06:58 doctor but he died. My mother poured kerosene,
07:05 burned herself and died.
07:08 Then my father killed my mother,
07:10 then my father sent to jail.
07:13 There is nobody to look after me,
07:16 my mother died without because of lack
07:20 of medicines. My father got heart attack,
07:25 nobody have me, I am alone, nobody can care me.
07:32 I wanted to die, why my life is like this?
07:40 Nobody can care me.
07:59 I also came from very poor family,
08:01 I know all the problems what I faced when
08:05 I was small. So I also know the
08:07 children's problem, I'll be like friend
08:10 with them, I'll be like mother,
08:12 I'll be like dean all the works I'll do
08:15 with them, so they love me,
08:17 and I too love them.
08:19 And she know the people's difficulties and
08:22 children how the children are struggle
08:24 without parents, without proper food,
08:28 and the shelter. So she shows good love
08:34 to the children, and she will try to
08:36 provide all their needs. She may not provide all
08:39 they want or what they want,
08:42 but she try all their needs.
08:49 At Sunrise home Lalitha and Brahma work hard
08:51 to make sure they are eating well,
08:53 staying healthy, and getting good education.
09:01 And she said she is so fortunate to be here,
09:04 she is getting 3 meals per day,
09:06 new clothes and she is going to school.
09:09 And she said she is happy
09:10 staying in Sunrise Home.
09:34 And now here at Sunrise and what is your
09:37 life right now, how has it changed?
09:40 Yeah, now I am feeling so happy because like we
09:43 stay like friends with all of them,
09:47 we are staying nicely only.
10:22 Hannah and the rest of the kids don't take one
10:24 second for granted, they're very aware of
10:27 the fact that they are getting a high standard
10:28 value based education that will
10:31 help them in the future.
10:45 I want to do social work because this mummy and
10:49 daddy are taking care of the children very nice
10:54 that's why I want to be a Social Worker.
10:59 I want to become teacher.
11:01 I want to become doctor because I
11:04 want to help the other people.
11:10 Foreign Language
11:20 And for Prem he has a new dream,
11:23 he wants to be a film maker.
11:25 His dreams are not far off and they are well on
11:28 the road to achieving them,
11:29 and Asian Aid is doing whatever they can to
11:32 ensure that they do. The current home is now
11:35 too small, many of the kids
11:37 sleep on the floor and it's a adjacent to
11:39 excess pores, sewage and trash.
11:48 Asian Aid is already in the process of building
11:50 them a new self sustaining facility
11:52 outside of town. Where they will have
11:58 the room to grow and flourish.
12:19 Sometimes they feel they are hopeless,
12:21 they are helpless, but when they come
12:23 to our place they feel that they are helpful,
12:27 and they are hopeful also.
12:37 It was impossible not to fell in love with
12:39 these kids, whether he is racing
12:41 us to the finish line or wanting to just sit with
12:44 us and ask us what life was like back in
12:46 our world. They left little doubt
12:48 that given the ray of hope from Asian Aid,
12:51 they would definitely succeed in life.


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