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Mass Animal Deaths: Another Sign of the End?

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00:09 Birds, bats and bees, fish, dolphin and whales,
00:12 they are dying around the world in record numbers,
00:15 is this a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy?
00:18 That's our topic on His Voice Today.
00:32 Mass Animal Deaths: Another sign of the end?
00:35 That's our topic today on His Voice Today.
00:38 In the book of Luke chapter 21 we have a very clear sermon
00:46 given by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago
00:49 as he sat upon the Mount of Olives with His disciples.
00:51 He described many things in this chapter
00:54 and if you look at verse 27, He clearly describes His return.
00:59 Verse 27 says that,
01:07 Now, not only does He describe the day of His return,
01:11 but prior to this verse, He describes many apocalyptic
01:15 signs that would take place right before He comes.
01:19 One of these signs is described
01:23 in verse 11,
01:26 or a sequence of signs, in verse 11 Jesus said, that:
01:41 Notice this phrase, "fearful sights,
01:43 great signs would be taking place in heaven. "
01:47 Now I don't claim to know exactly everything
01:50 that Jesus meant by this phrase "fearful sights and great signs"
01:54 but I have a feeling that it does apply to many things
01:59 that we can see around the world right now.
02:02 One of these "fearful sights" certainly took place
02:07 in the little town of Beebe, Arkansas,
02:09 at the beginning of 2011,
02:12 it's actually at the end of 2010 beginning of 2011,
02:15 January 1 when people in this small town woke up
02:18 and they looked around and they were shocked to see
02:21 the bodies of approximately
02:23 5,000 birds that had just fallen down from the sky
02:26 they were on lawns, they were on top of cars,
02:29 they were in the streets, they were on the tops of houses,
02:33 the media described this as a scene from a horror movie,
02:36 the reports went out around the Country
02:39 and around the world,
02:40 5,000 birds... falling from the sky,
02:43 what is going on?
02:44 Well, if this was just an isolated event,
02:46 it wouldn't be so significant,
02:49 but amazingly, the very next day another report came out,
02:54 about 100,000 fish found dead
02:57 along the Arkansas River
03:00 and that had happened the day before, one day earlier
03:02 and it was about a hundred miles away.
03:04 So you got Beebe, Arkansas,
03:05 you got the Arkansas River,
03:07 so you got the birds coming down
03:08 and then you've got all this fish
03:10 washing up the shore.
03:11 Well, that's just the beginning of the bizarre events
03:14 that were taking place at that time
03:16 and they had continued to take place.
03:17 Two days later, there was a report of 500 earthquakes
03:22 in the same area, between those two events.
03:25 And believe me, people were spooked
03:27 and the media was on top of this and they were reporting
03:31 about these strange events and then asking,
03:34 "What's going on, why is this happening?"
03:37 January 5, just a couple of days later,
03:39 another report came out on CBS News,
03:42 that two million dead fish had washed ashore
03:46 along the coast of Maryland.
03:48 Two million fish... you've got 5,000 birds,
03:50 you've got a 100,000 fish, you've got all these earthquakes
03:53 in between the birds and the fish,
03:55 and then you've got more fish
03:56 washing ashore in the Chesapeake Bay.
03:59 Another report came out, January 5 about more dead birds,
04:05 here it says... this is an article from MSNBC,
04:08 The plot thickens?
04:10 Dead birds found in Sweden and Kentucky.
04:13 First it was New Year's Eve, the article states
04:16 talking about Central Arkansas and the birds that came down,
04:19 and now, the disasters and the strange occurrences
04:24 of birds... it just continues to go on
04:26 one after another, the plot continues to thicken.
04:29 January 5... 40,000 dead crabs washed shore in Kent, England,
04:36 and here's an article that says,
04:38 "40,000 crabs join the slew of animal-death mysteries. "
04:42 Animal-death mysteries...
04:44 I tell you, the media... it was definitely stirred
04:46 over these events, and here's another one,
04:48 January 17, 10,000 dead cows and Buffalo die in Vietnam,
04:54 and the reports just continue to come in
04:57 and people around the world, reporters, television programs,
05:04 radio... they were reporting on these bizarre events
05:07 that were happening rapid-fire, one after another.
05:11 And these strange occurrences have continued since
05:16 January of 2011, rapid-fire, to this very moment.
05:21 I've got a list here of animal die-offs,
05:25 and I've got 20 pages, and I've read these
05:29 and I've looked at these, it's just not Arkansas,
05:31 it's not just Maryland, it's not just Vietnam,
05:34 the list just goes on and on and on and on and on.
05:37 Peru... dolphins washing ashore,
05:39 other places where there's a whole beach full of dead Orcas
05:44 and people are looking at these things
05:46 and they are wondering what is going on.
05:48 I don't know if you've heard about all of the...
05:50 all of the bees that are disappearing.
05:53 But this is a major... a major concern.
05:57 if the bee population gets too decimated,
06:00 they're calling it a "Colony Collapse Disorder,"
06:02 a third of the food supply of the world,
06:05 is connected to pollination
06:07 and if any sizable amount of bees continue to disappear,
06:12 it could just do terrible things to the world's food supply.
06:16 There's also evidence that the bats along the East Coast,
06:21 are disappearing rapidly,
06:23 and the list just goes on and on and on.
06:26 fish, whales, bees, dolphins, birds...
06:29 scientists are wondering what in the world is going on,
06:35 and they're trying to figure these things out.
06:38 As I've read news reports
06:39 on these different mass-animal die-offs,
06:43 I've read different explanations
06:45 of why these things are happening,
06:48 various reasons are given, but many times
06:51 the experts really say that they don't know.
06:55 Sometimes it's connected to
06:57 weather patterns and weather changes,
06:59 extreme cold weather that's not usual,
07:01 other times it may be connected to environmental pollutions,
07:04 poisons, there's all kinds of conspiratory theories
07:09 about, maybe the Governments involved in this,
07:12 lot of ideas,
07:14 and I'm not saying that I agree with all these ideas,
07:16 but I do know that
07:18 in the midst of all of these mass animal die-offs,
07:21 and the studies that are being done,
07:23 that many times the experts are absolutely clueless.
07:27 They just really don't know what is going on,
07:31 why is this happening, they're continuing to study
07:34 and to try to figure out what is happening on Planet Earth.
07:39 There are a number of Bible verses
07:41 I'd like to direct your attention to,
07:43 that I think are extremely timely, they're significant,
07:46 I think that this book has something to say,
07:48 about these mass animal die-offs,
07:50 and a number of months ago, I was contacted by
07:52 National Geographic International,
07:54 they wanted me to fly to Washington, D.C.
07:56 and to be involved in the documentary about these things,
07:59 and they wanted me to represent the Biblical position,
08:03 to share with those that may watch the documentary
08:06 whether these events have anything to do with the Bible.
08:10 Of course, the majority of "experts"... they don't think so
08:15 they think these are just natural occurrences
08:17 but a lot of people are really spooked about it,
08:20 and there are many that do believe
08:22 that these bizarre deaths of so many animals and birds
08:27 and fish and bees and whatever else,
08:29 that somehow there may be a connection with Bible prophecy.
08:33 I personally believe that there is a connection.
08:36 Let's take a look at a verse, a couple of verses
08:40 in the book of Job, scholars tell us that Job was
08:44 probably the first book ever written...
08:46 that was probably written by Moses, out in the wilderness,
08:49 when he fled from Pharaoh,
08:51 even though it's not listed as the first book,
08:54 it is probably the first book that was written
08:56 and in Job chapter 12,
08:58 there is an amazing series of verses,
09:03 that talk about the things that God has made,
09:07 the creatures that He has formed.
09:10 Verse 7 says:
09:31 So these verses are clear that we can look to the beasts,
09:35 we can look to the fish, we can look to the birds,
09:37 and we can learn... we can learn things
09:40 that God wants to teach us from His creatures.
09:45 "Ask the animals and they will teach you... " the Bible says.
09:49 Now obviously we can learn a lot of lessons,
09:53 by looking at the creatures that God has made,
09:56 there's a verse in the Bible that says,
09:57 to look at the ant, how the ant gathers it's food
10:01 and prepares for the winter, and how we don't want to be lazy
10:06 we want to be like the ant, and we want to prepare ourselves
10:10 for things that are ahead of us,
10:12 there are a lot of verses in the Bible
10:14 that talk about what we can learn from the animals,
10:16 and most of the time, it's describing how we can learn
10:19 by looking at them while they are alive.
10:21 But what about... from their deaths?
10:24 Can we learn things from their deaths
10:26 especially these mass deaths that have been happening
10:30 in increasing frequency
10:32 especially since the beginning of 2011.
10:36 Well, let's find out,
10:37 let's take a look at some other verses,
10:40 and see what the Bible actually says.
10:42 Can we learn from the global demise of God's creatures?
10:49 In the book of Hosea chapter 4 there is an amazing sequence
10:56 of verses that I believe have tremendous relevance to us today
11:02 lessons from Hosea chapter 4 verses 1 to 3
11:09 and then verse 9, the Bible says,
11:20 here in this verse we find that God had a controversy
11:23 with the people back in those ancient days
11:26 "for there's no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land
11:29 by swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing,
11:32 and committing adultery, they break all restraint
11:35 with bloodshed upon bloodshed. "
11:38 Now this verse is listing
11:39 different ones of the 10 Commandments,
11:41 swearing is Commandment number 3
11:43 lying is number 9, committing adultery is number 7,
11:46 bloodshed upon bloodshed is Commandment number 6,
11:49 and God is listing how the people of the land
11:52 were violating the 10 Commandments,
11:53 one after another, after another,
11:55 it was just rampant throughout Society.
11:57 Now, then we go to verse 3, look at what that says,
12:01 "Therefore the land will mourn and everyone who dwells there
12:04 will waste away with the beasts of the field
12:08 and the birds of the air and even the fish of the sea
12:12 will be taken away,
12:14 and so what this verse is telling us
12:16 is that when Society was full of sin and breaking God's law,
12:20 the result would even ripple into the animal kingdom
12:23 and animals would start dying, en masse,
12:26 as a result of the breaking of God's law
12:30 that had to do with people,
12:32 now then, if you go down to verse 9,
12:34 and verse 9 is a rather scary verse,
12:36 Verse 9 tells us that after the animals suffer
12:41 as a result of man's sin,
12:42 then it talks about the people,
12:45 how I will punish them for their ways.
12:48 So you look at the sequence,
12:50 God had a controversy with the land, with the people,
12:53 they were breaking the 10 Commandments,
12:55 the animals and the birds and the fish will be taken away,
12:57 and then, verse 9 says that people would be next.
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13:31 Now, many people say to me, "Well, that was ancient Israel
13:35 that has nothing to do with our world today. "
13:37 But when you look at 1st Corinthians chapter 10
13:40 verse 11, the Bible is very clear
13:42 that Israel's history... ancient Israel's history
13:46 is a Lesson Book for those of us that live
13:49 right before the end of the world.
13:52 You can read it right in your own Bible,
13:55 in 1st Corinthians chapter 10, verse 11.
13:59 Now let's go to Revelation chapter 11
14:02 and let's look at verse 18,
14:07 Revelation 11:18 clearly describes
14:11 an apocalyptic sequence, it describes events that are
14:15 going to be taking place
14:16 right before the end of the world
14:18 it talks about the nations being angry,
14:20 about God's wrath coming,
14:21 the time of the dead that they should be judged,
14:23 and that God should give a reward,
14:25 to his servants the prophets, and to the saints,
14:27 and to those who fear His name small and great
14:30 and then the last part of verse 18,
14:32 says, notice
14:34 "... that He will destroy those who destroy the earth. "
14:40 The Bible says, God will finally...
14:42 at the very end... destroy those who destroy the earth.
14:46 And as I look at this verse
14:48 about humanity destroying the earth,
14:51 there's no doubt in my mind that that it is happening right now.
14:55 I'm not a rabid Environmentalist but I certainly do appreciate
14:58 the world that God has given me,
15:01 our family lives in the mountains in North Idaho,
15:03 and we appreciate the beauties of nature,
15:06 and as you look around the world,
15:08 increasingly it is being just devastated by the things of man,
15:14 and that there's just so much pollution,
15:17 there's so much waste, nuclear waste,
15:19 that is being pumped into the environment,
15:21 I heard about a whole island, about the State of Texas,
15:24 it's really... it's in an island
15:25 that's out in the Pacific Ocean
15:27 and they call it the Plastic Island,
15:28 there was a book written about this
15:29 that somehow the ocean currents have
15:32 accumulated all of this plastic and quarantined it in one area,
15:36 out in the middle of the ocean,
15:38 that again is as big as the... the State of Texas.
15:41 So it's no secret that there's a lot of pollution
15:44 and corruption... a lot of this is fueled by
15:46 big business and industry that don't care about humanity,
15:50 I certainly put people above animals,
15:53 but as I look at what's happening around the world,
15:55 and I look at mankind destroying the earth,
15:59 and I look at the Bible,
16:00 it tells me that one of these days,
16:02 God is going to say,
16:03 "Enough is enough, enough is enough"
16:05 and He is going to step in
16:07 and it says... the Scripture says,
16:08 that He will destroy those who destroy the earth
16:12 and there's no doubt in my mind,
16:13 that the mass animal die-offs are connected to the destruction
16:18 that is occurring because of the greed and the pollution
16:22 and a lot of the waste,
16:24 that is coming from the human race,
16:27 and it's a tragedy.
16:29 We live in a polluted, sinful, mixed up crazy world
16:32 and it's not going to get any better,
16:34 it's only going to get worse
16:35 until the Lord comes and makes it all better
16:38 and that's the hope that we have
16:40 and we'll talk about that more,
16:42 we've got a lot to say about what is coming
16:45 and the hope that we have.
16:47 There is a light at the end of the tunnel
16:50 and it's not a train.
16:51 It's going to be ultimately the return of Jesus Christ
16:54 to get rid of sin and sorrow and suffering
16:56 and we'll look at that before we're done today,
16:59 but let's look a little bit more about the animals...
17:01 let's talk about the animals...
17:02 Matthew chapter 24 is an amazing chapter
17:04 where Jesus... back on the Mount of Olives
17:08 describes events leading up to the end of the world,
17:12 things that are going to be happening,
17:14 all over the Planet, and in verses 37 to 39
17:19 Jesus said: "As it was in the Days of Noah
17:24 so also will the coming of the son of man be.
17:27 For as in the days that were before the flood,
17:31 they were eating and drinking
17:33 and marrying and giving in marriage,
17:34 until the day that Noah entered the ark,
17:36 and they did not know
17:38 until the flood came and took them all away,
17:41 so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. "
17:45 These verses are very clear,
17:46 Jesus is very clear that there will be some
17:49 definite parallels between Noah's ancient days
17:54 and the days on earth right before his return,
17:58 right before the end of the world.
18:00 That's exactly what He says.
18:02 Now if you go back to the days of Noah,
18:05 and you look at what happened in Genesis 6, 7 and 8,
18:10 it's amazing that Noah built the ark... it took him 120 years.
18:15 When those 120 years were over,
18:17 the time came when Noah preached his last sermon,
18:22 and right before he preached his last sermon,
18:26 something very unusual happened, it was a sign,
18:30 God gave the antediluvians as they're called...
18:33 the people before the flood... he gave them one final sign
18:37 that the end was at hand and you know what that sign was,
18:40 when you read Genesis chapter 7, it's very, very clear
18:43 that the last sign before the door of the ark closed...
18:49 was the sign of the animals.
18:51 All of a sudden, out of the forests
18:53 and in the skies,
18:55 the sky was darkened because the birds were coming,
18:57 and the animals were coming out of the forest
18:59 and all these animals, two by two, seven by seven,
19:02 Genesis describes in a very orderly way,
19:05 they went into the ark
19:07 and that was right before the door closed.
19:09 And so, as I pondered that,
19:11 and this was just something to ponder,
19:12 it's just something to ponder
19:14 that God gave humanity one last sign,
19:18 before the door closed,
19:19 and that sign had to do with animals,
19:23 they went into the ark,
19:25 and then in a short time... the door closed,
19:29 a sign of animals...
19:30 and the reason why this is significant to me,
19:34 is because when I read Matthew 24 verse 37,
19:37 which we just read,
19:38 Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah,
19:42 so shall it be, before He comes.
19:45 Now, obviously, in Noah's day, the animals weren't dying,
19:48 but nevertheless, it's clear that God used animals
19:52 as part of His voice,
19:55 where He would speak to the people
19:58 before a flood.
20:00 When the skeptics saw the animals come in,
20:03 they didn't believe it, they thought,
20:04 "Ah, this is nothing, this is insignificant,
20:06 there is nothing to this, but those skeptics were wrong,
20:10 and in a short time, they were... under water
20:13 and that was it.
20:14 And again, Jesus said, "As it was in Noah's day,
20:17 so shall it be, before He comes. "
20:20 Again, back to Matthew 24,
20:25 the final sign that Jesus gives us
20:28 or at least one of the signs, in Matthew 24 verse 14,
20:34 Jesus said, "And this gospel of the kingdom... "
20:37 and the gospel means... the good news,
20:39 the good news of God's grace,
20:42 of His love, of His mercy, of His kindness
20:44 and of what He did for us through Jesus Christ
20:46 that Jesus came down to this dark world
20:48 and took our sins and paid the price for you and for me.
20:52 "And this gospel of the kingdom
20:54 will be preached in all the world
20:57 as a witness to all the nations; and then... "
21:01 Jesus said... "then shall the end come. "
21:04 There is a day coming when it will be the end.
21:07 That's exactly what Jesus Christ taught there
21:09 there's no doubt about it and to me as I've pondered this,
21:15 it is significant that all throughout the Old Testament
21:21 ever since Adam and Eve sinned, what was it that God used
21:27 specifically, methodically, and purposefully
21:31 to communicate to humanity the message of the gospel
21:35 of His son? It was the death of animals
21:38 all throughout Hebrew history, the temple services,
21:41 they would offer lambs as sacrifices
21:45 and those lambs pointed forward to the coming of Jesus Christ.
21:48 God decided... in His infinite wisdom...
21:50 a long time ago,
21:52 that He would use the death of animals
21:55 to speak to humanity
21:57 about the seriousness of breaking His law
21:59 about the seriousness of sin,
22:01 and about the seriousness of our need for Jesus Christ
22:05 and that certainly is the need that we have today.
22:09 We need the Lord, I need the Lord,
22:11 you need Him... we all need Him.
22:16 I don't know if you've...
22:18 have heard the story or not,
22:20 but it's rather amazing,
22:22 it came out of Argentina
22:24 in April of 2012, it's about a husband and wife
22:27 that were looking forward to having a baby.
22:31 But problems developed and the woman was not full-term
22:35 and she was... quite a bit early,
22:37 and so they took her to the hospital
22:40 and she was trying to go through her delivery,
22:42 and things weren't going right, and apparently the baby died
22:47 and it was... they said that it was a stillborn death
22:50 and so they took the child away from the mother
22:53 and put... they pronounced it dead,
22:55 the hospital pronounced it dead
22:56 and they placed it in the hospital morgue,
22:58 well, within the next 12 hours, the mother and father
23:02 after the woman was recovering, she decided...
23:05 we want to see our baby one more time,
23:08 we never... we didn't even get to hardly see
23:10 this child... this little baby girl
23:12 because she was taken away so quickly
23:14 and so they went into the hospital morgue
23:15 and there was nobody there,
23:18 but they found the coffin where their child was
23:20 and so amazingly... the father pried open this coffin
23:24 and then looked down at this little body
23:28 with a blanket over it, and then he pulled the blanket
23:33 away from his child
23:34 just so he could see his little girl... one last time
23:37 before they closed the coffin forever,
23:40 and as he pulled the blanket off this little girl,
23:46 she began to cry,
23:50 and her parents were just absolutely shocked
23:53 and they found out their little girl was alive,
23:57 she wasn't dead!
23:59 As far as I remember from the news report,
24:01 five hospital administrators lost their jobs
24:04 as a result of that and the little girl...
24:07 the last I read... was doing...
24:08 she was doing fine
24:10 after being nurtured back to health.
24:15 As I think about the world that we live in,
24:18 as I think about the mass animal die-offs
24:21 that are happening all around us
24:22 and as I think about something even more important,
24:25 which is the struggles and the suffering
24:30 and the dying of humanity,
24:33 we live in a polluted, mixed-up world
24:36 that's just full of poison, waste, toxicity,
24:40 pain and suffering, sorrow and death,
24:43 and as I look at all this, and then I look at my Bible,
24:46 and I look at the signs that Jesus predicted,
24:48 the fearful signs, the great signs,
24:50 the things that would be happening,
24:51 and look at ancient Israel, when I look at how
24:53 when Society was breaking God's law over and over and over again
24:57 the result would ripple into the animal kingdom
24:59 and God said that even the birds and the fish
25:02 would be taken away as a testimony against men,
25:04 because of man's sinfulness, then I read in Matthew 24
25:07 that in the midst of all these signs
25:09 that precede the coming of Jesus,
25:11 the final sign would be the good news of the gospel,
25:14 the good news of His love that will go to all the world,
25:17 as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come.
25:20 As I think about that father who reached down into this coffin
25:23 and grabbed his little girl,
25:24 I mean, what if he wouldn't have come after her,
25:26 what if they would have left her there,
25:28 what if they would have thought that she was dead
25:29 and never tried to get the coffin open?
25:31 She would have perished but the father and the mother...
25:35 they went to see her one more time,
25:38 and as I think about my Bible,
25:40 and think about God, and think about His love,
25:41 I know that God is reaching out His hand,
25:43 to you... you may feel like you're in a coffin,
25:45 you may feel like your life is a mess and you have no hope,
25:48 but I want you to know that you have a daddy in heaven,
25:51 you have a father in heaven who loves you
25:53 and He's reaching out His hand to you
25:56 in the midst of all the problems in this world
25:57 and all the problems that you may be going through,
26:00 He loves you and He's trying to get a hold of you
26:02 and get you out of sin
26:04 and get you out of all these difficulties
26:06 and prepare you to live in a holy place...
26:08 to prepare you to live in heaven with Him forever.
26:12 In Luke 21, Jesus listed signs that would take place,
26:17 He said there would be fearful signs,
26:18 there would be great signs
26:19 that would be happening all around the world,
26:21 and these things would take place right before,
26:23 as He said, they would see the Son of Man
26:27 coming in clouds, with power and with great glory.
26:32 This book gives me hope, it tells me that Jesus is coming
26:36 it tells me that sin is not going to go on forever,
26:38 that animals won't die forever and people won't die forever,
26:42 one day, Jesus is going to come, He's going to make it all right,
26:45 He's going to come with power and glory to get His people
26:48 and to take us home.
26:50 You... have just heard, from this book...
26:53 His voice today.
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