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00:09 The book of Revelation talks about a beast
00:11 rising up out of the sea.
00:13 You are about to learn
00:14 some practical lessons from the beasts
00:16 which may change your life right here on His Voice Today.
00:22 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:25 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:31 Do you like visiting zoos? My family does.
00:34 My wife and I have a four-year-old little girl
00:36 and an eight-year-old boy and we've been to many zoos
00:39 in California and Oregon,
00:40 and my kids just love looking at the lions
00:43 and the tigers and the bears and the hippopotamuses,
00:47 the giraffes and all these different
00:48 creatures that God has made.
00:50 When you read the book of Revelation,
00:53 Revelation is the last book of the Bible,
00:56 and it is often, or at least sometimes
00:59 been referred to as God's Mysterious Zoo
01:02 because in this book are the strangest creatures.
01:05 There's a dragon, there's a beast,
01:08 there's another beast that has two horns like a lamb,
01:10 there's a woman riding a beast
01:13 that has seven heads and ten horns
01:15 and let's just take a quick look at these beasts
01:18 so you can see them from the Bible
01:19 and then we'll look at some very amazing lessons,
01:22 some practical lessons that we can learn from God's zoo.
01:27 Revelation chapter 12 verse 3 talks about a great red dragon
01:32 having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads.
01:37 So, here's the big dragon in Revelation.
01:40 Then in chapter 13, we have a mysterious beast
01:43 in verse 1... rising up out of the sea,
01:45 he also had seven heads and ten horns,
01:47 upon his horns he had ten crowns,
01:50 and he had names of blasphemy.
01:52 And then in chapter 13 verse 11, there's another strange creature
01:57 in God's zoo, His Revelation zoo...
02:00 Verse 11 says: "
02:08 And then in chapter 17 there's a mysterious woman,
02:12 I called her "Hell's harlot," she's a Babylonian Mystery Lady.
02:18 In chapter 17 verse 5, the Bible says,
02:27 And this woman is riding a seven- headed, ten-horned beast.
02:33 And then when you go to chapter 14... the scene...
02:37 the scene changes again and we have a different...
02:40 it's not really a beast,
02:42 it's not really a creature but it's a lamb.
02:44 We're all familiar with lambs, chapter 14 verse 1
02:49 John wrote:
02:59 So, here we have all these different creatures
03:02 and then we have the lamb
03:03 and it's obvious... when you study Revelation carefully,
03:07 and ponder these different bizarre shapes
03:10 and creatures that we find in God's zoo,
03:14 that these are not real creatures.
03:17 There's not going to be a real seven- headed, ten-horned dragon
03:21 that starts running around the earth.
03:23 And there's not going to be a real beast that rises up
03:26 out of the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean
03:29 or the Mediterranean Ocean,
03:30 and there's not going to be a real harlot
03:33 that's riding a beast that rides through New York
03:36 or rides through Los Angeles,
03:38 that's covered by all the major networks:
03:40 CNN, ABC, Fox News... this just isn't going to happen.
03:45 And obviously there isn't going to be a real lamb
03:48 that makes little lamb sounds like baa...
03:52 no, these are what you could call "sacred symbols"
03:58 sacred symbols...
03:59 I've written numerous books in my life,
04:02 I've been studying prophecy for 33 years
04:04 and in my books, I detail who exactly these beasts are.
04:09 Just for the record... I do believe
04:11 that the beasts of Revelation do refer to real evil powers
04:16 in this world... except the lamb,
04:18 obviously the lamb is not evil, the lamb points to somebody else
04:22 it points to Jesus Christ.
04:23 But again, just for the record I believe that these animals
04:26 do have real applications but in this Program
04:31 we're not going to look at who exactly these beasts refer to,
04:35 we're going to go and look at these
04:38 from a different perspective.
04:39 Probably a perspective that you've never looked at,
04:42 we're going to look at the characters of the beasts
04:45 and see if we can learn some practical lessons
04:48 for your life and for my life as well.
04:51 There's an amazing verse in the book of Job
04:55 that has impressed me as I ponder this
04:59 and I've used this verse many times in different meetings
05:02 and in different contexts.
05:04 I've written a book about animals that also talks about
05:07 this verse... in Job chapter 12 verse 7,
05:10 the Bible says:
05:16 Ask the beasts and they will teach you.
05:18 This verse is telling us that we can learn,
05:20 we can learn things from the animals that God has made
05:24 and this verse is obviously talking about things like
05:29 birds and fish and horses and there are so many animals
05:33 and creatures in this world that are full of lessons for us.
05:37 We can learn lessons about the power, the love,
05:40 the creativity, and the wisdom of God
05:43 through the things that He has made.
05:45 We can also learn character lessons.
05:47 My family... we live in North Idaho,
05:50 and it wasn't too long ago that my wife and my kids and I
05:53 were looking out our back window into our backyard,
05:55 and we often have deer that run around there
05:58 and we try to get our dog... we have a dog named Pooka
06:00 and we try to teach the dog not to chase the deer
06:02 because we like to watch the deer when they come out
06:04 and feed... sometimes in the evenings
06:06 especially in the evenings,
06:08 well, one evening, we were quite amused
06:11 to watch a mother deer and her little baby
06:15 they were in the backyard, just chewing up the grass,
06:18 and all of a sudden our dog saw the deer
06:20 and she just chased them which she often does
06:23 and she chased the two of them into the forest,
06:25 and we just watched this like we were watching a movie,
06:28 and the funny thing that happened after that was...
06:31 in just a couple of seconds
06:32 we saw Pooka running out of the forest
06:36 and we saw the mother deer
06:38 right on her heels chasing her out,
06:41 so, we saw the dog chase the deer in
06:42 and then the deer chase the dog out
06:44 and it didn't take us long to figure out what had happened,
06:47 that Pooka chose to chase a mommy deer
06:51 who was very protective of her little fawn
06:54 and that little humorous scene can teach us a lesson.
06:58 We can learn lessons from the beasts, learn from the deer,
07:02 and in that particular case, the lesson is that
07:05 parents should be protective of their kids
07:08 and most of the time, they are.
07:11 And anyway, there are a lot of lessons that we can learn
07:13 from God's creatures.
07:15 Now, what about the creatures
07:16 that are here in the book of Revelation?
07:19 Can we learn lessons, as the Bible says,
07:22 "ask the beasts and they will teach you... "
07:24 Can we learn character lessons
07:27 from the creatures that are in God's zoo
07:30 in the last book of the Bible?
07:32 I believe that we can.
07:34 I've been researching this for many years
07:37 and one day it just struck me.
07:39 Don't just look at the historical aspect
07:42 of who these beasts are but look at their characters
07:44 and find out what they're like
07:46 and then look in the mirror and see if you can learn
07:50 the kind of characters that we shouldn't be like
07:54 and the kind of character traits
07:56 that we should focus on developing in our hearts,
08:01 in our words and in our actions, so let's go to Revelation 12
08:06 and let's start with the dragon and see what lesson we can learn
08:12 from this beast.
08:14 Revelation 12 verse 3... the Bible says,
08:19 "There appeared a great wonder in heaven;
08:23 and behold a great red dragon,
08:25 having seven heads and ten horns,
08:27 and seven crowns upon his heads"
08:29 when you go down to verse 9, it tells us that this dragon
08:32 specifically refers to the devil himself.
08:34 Verse 9 says that the great dragon was cast out,
08:37 that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan,
08:40 who deceives the whole world, he was cast out into the earth
08:44 and his angels were cast out with him.
08:45 So, this tells us that the dragon
08:48 representing Satan, the devil, is a very deceptive power,
08:52 Satan is a deceiver and the Bible says
08:54 that he deceives the whole world
08:56 and obviously as believers in this Book,
08:59 we need to be on guard against deception
09:03 against false doctrines, against teachings that are
09:06 contrary to the Book, because that's what Satan
09:08 tries to do... is to trick us and deceive us
09:11 with his messages.
09:13 But if you look carefully at this chapter,
09:15 it's also clear that Satan not only deceives people
09:18 with his doctrines, but he also tries to mold
09:22 people's characters to be like him.
09:25 If you go down to verse 13,
09:27 verse 13 says "... when the dragon
09:30 saw that he was cast out into the earth,
09:33 he persecuted the woman who brought forth a man child. "
09:37 so here the dragon becomes a "persecuting power. "
09:41 Now, the woman represents God's people
09:44 and the dragon is persecuting God's people
09:47 and when it says that he persecuted the woman,
09:50 obviously, Satan himself doesn't directly appear
09:54 and then start killing people or persecuting people,
09:58 Satan works through people who yield to his character
10:02 and to his mind and to his ideas and to his ways...
10:06 Satan molds people's characters so that they do what he does
10:10 and that's how he persecutes people...
10:13 is by imbuing them with his spirit.
10:16 When you look closer at this chapter, it also...
10:20 there surfaces one dominant characteristic of the dragon
10:25 and of the devil, in verse 12, Revelation 12:12 it says,
10:29 "... rejoice, you heavens, and you that dwell in them,
10:32 Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and the sea!
10:34 for the devil is come down to you,
10:36 having great wrath,
10:38 because he knows that he has a short time. "
10:40 Satan or the dragon is an angry...
10:43 he's an angry personality, he's an angry being
10:45 because he knows that he's running out of time,
10:47 in verse 17, this trait surfaces again,
10:51 verse 17 says, "And the dragon was wroth"
10:54 or wrathful or angry with the woman,
10:56 "and he went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
11:00 which keep the commandments of God,
11:02 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. "
11:05 And so twice... in verse 12 and in verse 17,
11:09 the dragon is referred to as "mad" he's angry,
11:13 he's full of wrath, and let me ask you
11:15 is anger and wrath something
11:17 that only rests in the bosom of the dragon,
11:21 or is anger a problem for many of us today?
11:24 The Bible has a lot to say about anger.
11:27 In Ecclesiastes chapter 7 verse 9 it says that
11:29 anger rests in the bosom of fools.
11:31 In James chapter 1 and verse 20, it says...
11:34 the Scripture says that the wrath of man
11:37 does not develop the righteousness of God.
11:40 In Revelation chapter 11 verse 18,
11:42 it talks about the nations of the earth being angry.
11:45 The nations were angry, and so, as we think about
11:48 anger... we think about wrath,
11:51 we need to seriously search our hearts
11:55 and realize that in Revelation, the dragon is an angry power
12:00 and if we develop that trait in our characters,
12:04 and if we are often mad, quick to get angry,
12:08 if we're full of rage, then... I hate to say it
12:12 but we can actually look in the mirror...
12:15 not just the physical mirrors in our bathrooms,
12:17 but we can look in Revelation's mirror and we can realize...
12:21 we should realize how God looks at such anger.
12:25 He looks at it... just being... as being like the dragon.
12:28 When we have anger in our hearts, we are dragon-like
12:32 and we are being conformed to the image of the devil.
12:35 And this is not a trait that God wants His people to develop.
12:40 Let's look at the next beast.
12:43 Revelation chapter 13 describes this beast from the sea.
12:47 Verse 1 talks about a beast rising up out of the sea
12:51 again... he has seven heads and ten horns,
12:52 and as you read chapter 13
12:55 it describes all about what this beast does
12:57 and his deceptive activities, but in verse 5
12:59 there's a character trait that surfaces.
13:02 In verse 5... the Bible says, "there was given him a mouth
13:06 speaking great things and blasphemies,"
13:08 a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies,
13:11 and so, if you just think about this and analyze it,
13:14 and look at the character of the beast,
13:16 instead of being, primarily, an angry power like the dragon,
13:20 he is a power with a big mouth, in other words... he's proud
13:24 and he's full of vanity and self-righteousness
13:29 and he speaks great words against God.
13:33 Now, let me ask you... is the beast in Revelation
13:35 the only one who speaks great words against God?
13:38 Is he the only one that has a mouth...
13:40 speaking great things?
13:41 If you read the Bible, it has a lot to say about
13:44 the danger of pride, British author, Daniel Defoe,
13:48 once said that Pride is the President of Hell.
13:51 When you read the Bible,
13:52 Lucifer's problem in heaven was pride.
13:55 If you go down through Bible history,
13:57 Israel was often proud,
13:59 and if you go all the way to the book of Revelation,
14:02 you get to chapter 3 where it talks about Laodicea.
14:04 And Laodicea says, it's rich
14:06 and increased with goods and in need of nothing,
14:08 but it doesn't realize its spiritual condition.
14:10 You can do a Bible search
14:12 just like Google something on the internet,
14:14 you can do a study in the Scriptures
14:16 on pride... and you'll find that it's
14:18 it's all over the place, pride is a problem.
14:20 And there's another verse
14:21 that says in Proverbs chapter 6 and verse 17,
14:25 that a proud look is something that God hates.
14:29 And so, if you think about pride,
14:33 we think about this human problem,
14:37 if we yield to the devil's pride,
14:42 if we develop a "mouth" speaking great things
14:45 then we can look in the mirror...
14:48 look in the mirror of the book of Revelation of God's zoo...
14:52 and the Holy Spirit can talk to our hearts
14:54 and we can realize that the character of the beast
14:58 has worked its way into our humanity
15:02 and it should be a warning to us that God hates...
15:04 he hates human anger and wrath
15:08 that's not anger for righteous causes
15:10 and He hates pride and self-sufficiency
15:12 and these are all characteristics of the beast
15:16 that God wants us to avoid, now let's look at another beast.
15:20 Let's go to Revelation chapter 13 verse 11,
15:24 let's look at the beast that has two horns like a lamb.
15:29 Revelation 13:11 the Bible says, "I beheld another beast
15:33 coming up out of the earth, he had two horns like a lamb,
15:38 and he spoke like a dragon. "
15:41 So, here's a deceptive power described in Revelation 13:11,
15:47 he looks on the outside, like a lamb,
15:50 but when he speaks, he talks like the dragon.
15:53 Now, a lamb... in the Bible,
15:54 especially in the book of Revelation
15:55 represents Jesus Christ,
15:57 but this beast in Revelation 13 is not Jesus Christ.
16:00 He is a power that looks lamb-like,
16:04 that professes to be lamb-like or to be a follower of Jesus
16:09 but yet when he speaks,
16:11 he speaks like the devil himself.
16:12 Now, what word do we use to describe people
16:15 that make a profession of Christianity,
16:17 perhaps they go to church,
16:18 they think a high profession of morality,
16:22 and yet their lives... at least when they're at home
16:24 or when they're with people, when they're not in church,
16:27 they act completely different.
16:29 What character trait do we label these people as?
16:35 The answer is: hypocrisy... hypocrisy.
16:38 I've heard about people that go to church all their lives,
16:40 they go to church once a week,
16:42 but during the week, they live like the devil.
16:45 In fact, I had a group of people once...
16:47 I had somebody tell me once about someone that they knew
16:50 and that's exactly what he did, he was a regular churchgoer,
16:52 but if you knew him privately,
16:54 he was not really a true follower of Jesus Christ.
16:58 Hypocrisy... this is a trait that is very dangerous.
17:02 It's a trait of the beast in Revelation
17:05 and it's not a trait that God wants to see in His people.
17:11 If we have that trait, if we look in the mirror...
17:16 of the book of Revelation, we can see the beast within.
17:20 At least the character of the beast
17:23 being developed in our hearts.
17:24 All right, let's keep going, we're not done.
17:28 Revelation chapter 17 describes a woman...
17:33 and this woman is called Babylon.
17:37 She's a harlot.
17:38 In Revelation chapter 17 and verse 5,
17:40 actually the whole chapter describes this woman
17:43 riding upon a seven-headed, ten-horned beast.
17:46 In verse 5 it says, "Upon her forehead was an
17:48 name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT,
17:54 This woman is a harlot.
17:55 A harlot is basically a sexually, immoral woman,
17:59 it's a prostitute and although we may not be prostitutes,
18:03 it's not difficult to realize
18:06 that we can still share the same spirit...
18:07 the same spirit of sexual immorality
18:09 we can still have that character.
18:12 If we are unfaithful to our spouses,
18:14 if you're not married
18:15 and you have sex with your boyfriend or your girlfriend,
18:18 outside of marriage,
18:20 if you are trapped by internet pornography,
18:23 and you can't seem to get out of sexual sin,
18:26 you've been tempted and just pulled in
18:30 to the darkness of this hole,
18:32 then sexual immorality is not just a problem
18:34 for the woman in Revelation, but sexual immorality
18:37 leads to problems all around the world.
18:39 And as I've pondered this
18:41 and looked at this from the perspective of character,
18:44 and I looked at the dragon, and his anger,
18:47 I looked at the beast and his pride,
18:48 the second beast is hypocrisy,
18:50 and then I looked at the woman and it hit me...
18:52 it hit me... just like a ton of bricks...
18:56 that sexual immorality is the character of the harlot
18:59 in Revelation and that God wants me
19:02 to have nothing to do with this character trait
19:06 or with this spirit,
19:08 God wants me to be pure and clean and holy in His sight
19:12 and it's the same for you.
19:13 Now, there's one more beast, one more beast...
19:18 or actually, it's not a beast... I mentioned before,
19:20 it's a lamb described in Revelation 14
19:23 and there are other beasts in Revelation as well,
19:25 but we only have time to zero in on a few.
19:28 Revelation 14 verse 1, the Scripture says,
19:30 the Scripture says:
19:40 Now, here's a group of people that are with Jesus,
19:44 the lamb represents Jesus Christ
19:46 and it says that they have His name
19:48 written in their foreheads.
19:50 Now, if we just ponder this and study this from the Bible,
19:53 it's pretty clear that what this means
19:55 is the lamb is Jesus... and God is going to have
19:58 a final group of people
19:59 who have His name or His character
20:01 written in their foreheads, which means... their minds,
20:04 it doesn't mean that Jesus is going to be writing
20:06 something actually out on the skin,
20:08 in between your eyes and above their noses,
20:10 God's name in their foreheads represents His character
20:15 now what kind of a...
20:17 what character traits
20:19 do you think of when you think of a lamb?
20:22 We think of purity, we think of humility,
20:25 we think of... especially of Jesus' sacrifice,
20:28 the lamb refers to His sacrifice and when the Bible says
20:32 that God's going to have a people, a 144,000,
20:35 who have the name of the lamb written in their foreheads,
20:38 it means that the character qualities of humility,
20:41 meekness, and self-sacrifice for the good of others,
20:45 that those character qualities have become part of them
20:49 they don't have the character of the dragon
20:53 they're not angry people,
20:54 they don't have his pride, they don't have the hypocrisy
20:57 of the second beast,
20:58 they don't have the sexual immorality
21:00 of the harlot.
21:01 They have the purity, and the humility and the love
21:05 of Jesus Christ in their heart,
21:07 character lessons from the beasts,
21:09 these lessons surface when we look at the Bible
21:12 with spiritual discernment.
21:14 It's right there.
21:16 The Book of Romans, chapter 8 verses 29...
21:26 verse 29 describes God's ultimate desire for His people
21:31 and it's very clear.
21:32 In Romans chapter 8 verse 29,
21:34 Paul wrote that Jesus wants His people
21:38 "... to be conformed to the image of His Son. "
21:43 When we look at the Son of God,
21:46 and we look at what He went through on the cross,
21:49 for you and for me, 2,000 years ago,
21:52 on the cross... Jesus Christ took the anger of the world.
21:54 He took the pride of the world,
21:58 He took the hypocrisy of the world,
22:00 He took the sexual immorality of the world,
22:03 He took all the sin... of the whole world
22:05 into His mind and into His heart
22:08 and He paid the ultimate sacrifice as the Lamb of God
22:12 who takes away the sin of the world
22:14 and when we really see that and understand what Jesus did
22:17 and how hateful... unrighteous anger and pride
22:21 and hypocrisy and sexual immorality is to God,
22:24 then we are moved by the Holy Spirit
22:29 to make a decision, and the big decision
22:33 that we need to make is this, to make a choice,
22:38 to turn away, to give up our anger,
22:40 to give up our pride,
22:42 to give up our "big mouths"
22:43 that have mouths speaking great things
22:44 and our hypocrisy where we
22:46 call ourselves Christians but live like the devil,
22:48 and our sexual immorality in that...
22:50 is so... so hateful to God,
22:53 when we're not sexually pure
22:55 and true and honest in the sight of God,
22:58 with our spouses and with those of the opposite sex,
23:02 God wants His people to be pure,
23:04 and when we realize this,
23:06 then we make a choice to give up all the evil ways,
23:09 that are reflected in the characters of the beasts.
23:12 When we choose to give our hearts to Jesus Christ,
23:14 we repent of our sins,
23:16 believe that Jesus is our personal Savior,
23:17 ask Him to forgive us, ask Him to change our hearts,
23:20 to come inside of us by the Holy Spirit,
23:23 and then to write the attributes of His character
23:26 where He's meek and lowly in heart
23:28 so we can find rest to our souls
23:30 and the attributes of His character,
23:32 then are written inside of us and we then become like Him
23:37 and as the Bible says,
23:38 we become conformed to the image of His Son
23:43 instead of the image of the dragon
23:45 and the beast and the harlot.
23:47 This is God's plan for you and for me.
23:50 I was moved... some time ago by reading an article
23:55 that came out in the Associated Press,
23:57 it was about a woman, she...
24:00 this report came out of Los Angeles,
24:02 and she walked out of a Post Office,
24:04 her name was Talen Curtis
24:06 and she looked down and she saw a check
24:09 which she immediately thought was just one of these
24:11 gimmicky sweepstakes that would have a little note at the bottom
24:15 that said, "Don't really cash this check,
24:16 because it's not real...
24:18 if you win, then you'll get all this money"
24:20 and she read the amount of money on the check
24:22 and it was $357,959.55,
24:31 so, it was a check for over $300,000
24:34 and she looked down and she was about to...
24:36 she picked it up and she looked at it
24:37 and she was about to deposit it in the trash,
24:39 to keep the planet a little bit cleaner,
24:41 she was about to do her good deed,
24:44 and then she looked down closely and she noticed
24:46 that it was a real Cashier's check
24:49 with a real signature, she was shocked.
24:52 She said,
24:54 "I couldn't believe it, I almost passed out"
24:55 and she went back to the Post office
24:59 and eventually they connected her to a Reporter
25:01 and the Reporter did research
25:05 trying to find out who owned this check
25:07 and they finally found
25:09 the person that was just beside herself
25:12 that they had dropped a real Cashier's check
25:14 for all this money and this Associated Press Report says
25:19 that Curtis delivered the check personally
25:22 to its owner, she said that she never thought
25:25 about keeping the check for herself,
25:26 and then she declined the woman's offer of a reward.
25:30 She wouldn't even keep the money.
25:32 And then she said at the bottom of this article,
25:34 "I just wanted to see her face," Curtis said laughing...
25:36 "I just wanted her to know that there are still
25:39 some honest people left in the world. "
25:41 Isn't that a great story?
25:43 What would you do if you found a $300,000 Cashier's check,
25:47 would you keep it or would you return it,
25:48 are you honest,
25:50 are you one of those honest people in the world,
25:51 what's going on in your character,
25:54 what about mine?
25:55 The Bible tells us that the character of the dragon... anger
25:58 and the character of the beast... pride,
25:59 the character of the second beast... hypocrisy,
26:01 the character of the woman...
26:03 the harlot woman... sexual immorality,
26:06 that these are all characteristics that are
26:09 woven into human hearts because of the work of the devil
26:12 and God does not want
26:14 those character qualities to be in His people.
26:16 In these last days,
26:18 God is developing a different people,
26:19 He's developing a people...
26:20 like it says in Revelation 14 verse 1,
26:22 "who have the character of the Lamb
26:24 written in their foreheads. "
26:26 The Book of Romans chapter 8 verse 29,
26:29 tells us that God's will for you and for me
26:31 is that we should be...
26:33 rather than conform to the image of the beasts,
26:36 that we should be conformed to the image of His Son,
26:40 His Son... Jesus Christ... so we will reflect
26:42 His character... to the world.
26:44 You have just heard His Voice Today.
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27:18 His Voice Today with Steve Wohlberg
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27:22 to share with family and friends,
27:24 you can now order these programs.
27:25 The first 26 programs are packaged into two
27:29 13-part DVD series for only $34.95 each set
27:32 plus shipping and handling.
27:34 To order, call 1-800-78-Bible or order online at
27:38 whitehorsemedia. com or write to
27:40 White Horse Media PO Box 1139, Newport, WA 99156.


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