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00:08 The Bible plainly says
00:10 that God will someday judge the world
00:12 but will He judge His church?
00:15 You're about to find out on His Voice Today.
00:18 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:20 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:28 The title of this shocking program is called
00:30 When God Judges His Church.
00:33 We've been looking at the Book of Revelation
00:35 in the last couple of programs especially chapter 14
00:39 which contains the messages of three holy angels'
00:43 flying in the sky giving, giving a special call
00:45 to the people of the earth
00:47 to help them to understand the issues,
00:49 to avoid deception
00:50 and to be on the side of Jesus Christ.
00:53 In Revelation 14:6-12 we find these messages
00:58 and we know that they come right before Jesus returns
01:00 because in verse 14, 15 and 16
01:04 we have this powerful description
01:06 of the return of the Lord.
01:08 In verse 14 the Bible says
01:09 "I looked, and behold a white cloud,
01:11 and upon the cloud one sat like the Son of man,
01:13 having on his head a golden crown,
01:15 and in his hand a sharp sickle."
01:18 So we have three angels'
01:19 giving their messages in chapter 14:6-12
01:22 and then in versus 14 to 16
01:24 we have the picture of Jesus return.
01:27 In the days of Noah
01:28 God raised up a man name Noah
01:30 and he gave him a special mission
01:32 to build a boat and He gave him a special message
01:34 which was to call people to come into the boat
01:36 before the flood came.
01:38 We looked at this in previous programs
01:39 that that ark in Noah's day had three separate stories
01:44 it was a three-storey ark.
01:46 And the Book of Revelation Chapter 14
01:48 we have a three-story message
01:50 that is designed to prepare human beings
01:53 for the big day when Jesus will come again
01:57 in the clouds of glory.
02:00 In chapter 14 verse 6,
02:02 John wrote "I saw another angel
02:04 flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel"
02:07 which is the everlasting good news
02:09 "to preach to those who dwell upon the earth,
02:11 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people."
02:14 We looked at this in our last program.
02:16 And when you keep reading in verse 7
02:20 the first angel makes an announcement.
02:22 He says not with the whisper not with a whimper
02:26 but with a loud voice,
02:28 "Fear God, and give glory to Him,
02:31 for the hour of His judgment is come."
02:37 This verse tells us
02:39 that there is going to come a time
02:41 there is a time when we will arrive
02:45 in a period called the hour of His judgment.
02:49 Now if you look closely at this verse
02:51 it tells us in verse 7
02:53 that the announcement about the hour of judgment
02:56 occurring takes place at the same time
02:59 that the gospel is being preached
03:01 to the world on earth.
03:03 So this is not a judgment
03:05 that takes place at the very, very end
03:08 after all the dust settles
03:10 but this is a judgment that goes on up in heaven
03:14 while the gospel is being preached
03:17 upon the earth.
03:18 And it happens before the return of Christ
03:21 which takes place in versus 14, 15 and 16.
03:24 So let me again just repeat that.
03:27 There's an announcement that we are in a judgment time
03:29 and it happens while the gospel
03:31 is being preached upon the earth
03:33 and it happens before Jesus Christ comes again.
03:38 Now I am going to prove to you shortly
03:42 that this judgment has to do
03:45 with the judging of God's church.
03:48 There are many judgments described in the Bible.
03:51 In John Chapter 12
03:53 Jesus referred to His death on the cross
03:55 when He would be lifted up
03:57 and when the prince of this world
03:58 representing the devil would be judged or cast out.
04:03 It's pretty common knowledge
04:04 that when Jesus Christ died on the cross
04:06 and said "It is finished"
04:07 but that was really the death nail of the devil.
04:10 That's when Lucifer knew that that he wouldn't win.
04:15 Jesus lived a holy life.
04:17 He lived a perfect life.
04:19 He never yielded to any of the devil's temptations
04:22 and when He finally said "It is finished"
04:24 the devil knew that he was finished
04:26 and that he couldn't win
04:27 in the great controversy between God and Satan.
04:31 There's another judgment
04:33 that is described in the Book of Revelation Chapter 20
04:36 at the end of the 1,000 years,
04:38 you can read about it in your Bibles.
04:39 Very clear, it talks about
04:41 when the 1,000 years are finished
04:43 they would be a massive resurrection
04:46 of all of the lost
04:47 and they would stand before God,
04:49 books would be opened,
04:51 there's a Book of Life and it says that,
04:53 the people were judged according to their works.
04:56 And there's, there is an uncountable
04:59 amount of people that will be in that judgment.
05:02 Revelation 20 talks
05:03 about their number is like the sand of the sea
05:06 and just to clarify
05:07 that that judgment at the end at the millennium
05:10 is a judgment of the lost.
05:12 There's a resurrection
05:13 which is the second resurrection.
05:14 The first resurrection takes place when Jesus comes.
05:17 The second resurrection takes place
05:19 at the end of the millennium.
05:20 And those that are in that judgment
05:22 eventually they are thrown into
05:25 what the Bible calls the lake of fire.
05:27 So that is the judgment of the lost.
05:30 But in Revelation 14:7
05:34 there is an announcement again from the first angel
05:38 Saying with a loud voice,
05:39 "Fear God, give glory to Him,
05:42 for the hour of His judgment is come."
05:46 And this happens again
05:47 while the gospel is still being preached.
05:49 While the doors are still open for human beings to be saved
05:55 and before the return of Christ
05:57 which is in versus 14, 15 and 16.
06:01 And I'm about to prove to you, I know it's shocking
06:04 but this judgment described in 14:7
06:08 is actually a judgment of God's church.
06:10 Or let me clarify His professed Christian church.
06:16 And I know that that
06:18 me saying that might shock you like,
06:20 you know, imagine a person he has a heart attack
06:22 and he his surrounded by doctors
06:24 and they hook him up and they start,
06:26 you know, using their electrical impulses
06:28 to try to revive his heart so that he'll survive.
06:33 Maybe you feel like that when I said to you
06:35 that God is gonna judge His church.
06:37 But it's not that difficult to understand
06:40 and it is completely biblical as we just reason this out.
06:44 I'll explain this to you.
06:46 So let's take a look at a Bible verse so
06:47 you know that I'm not just making this up.
06:50 In the Book of 1 Peter Chapter 4,
06:55 Peter has a very plain statement
06:58 in verse 17.
07:00 1 Peter 4:17 this is what Peter wrote.
07:04 "For the time the time has come"
07:06 or the time will come "that judgment must begin"
07:11 and where does it begin?
07:13 It doesn't begin in the world or with the world.
07:15 Peter said "judgment must begin at the house of God."
07:19 And Paul is very clear that the house of God
07:22 represents the church, God's church.
07:25 Now why would God judge His church?
07:27 Well as you keep reading it says,
07:28 Paul wrote-- I'm sorry Peter wrote
07:32 "And if it first begin at us"
07:35 and the word us refers to believers.
07:38 If the judgment first begin-- first begins
07:41 "with us what shall be the end of them
07:45 that obey not the gospel of God?"
07:49 If you think it through
07:50 and if you look closely at the text
07:52 the purpose of the judgment beginning at the house of God,
07:55 beginning with the church
07:56 is to see who are really those that obey the gospel of God
08:01 and who are those that do not obey
08:04 the gospel God.
08:05 There has always been inside of the Christian church
08:09 two groups of people.
08:11 There have been professed followers of Jesus Christ
08:13 and there have been true followers of Jesus Christ.
08:18 That make sense and it's pretty easy to,
08:20 to see and to understand
08:22 as you just look around
08:23 at all the different Christian churches.
08:25 I read recently that somebody estimated,
08:28 now it's not really possible to really know exactly,
08:33 but somebody estimated
08:34 that since the time of Jesus to today
08:36 there have been approximately 34,000
08:40 different Christian professed groups
08:44 that have sprung up
08:45 ever since the days of the apostles
08:48 and I can just read you a list of some of them I know
08:51 and this is just a few.
08:52 And these are the ones that are mainly active today.
08:55 We've got the Roman Catholic Church
08:57 and you've got the Protestant world
08:59 and the Protestant churches
09:01 are made up of many different kinds of churches
09:02 there are Lutherans there are Methodist,
09:06 Congregationalists, Baptist,
09:09 couple hundred years ago
09:10 they were the Quakers,
09:12 there are of course Presbyterian.
09:13 And then within the Presbyterian Church
09:14 you've got that reformed Presbyterian.
09:16 There's different kinds of Presbyterian,
09:18 there's different kinds of Lutherans,
09:20 there are Seventh-day Adventists,
09:22 there are Pentecostals,
09:24 there are those that belong to the Assembly of God,
09:27 then there are Mormons,
09:29 and there are Jehovah's Witnesses,
09:30 Calvary Chapel
09:32 and the list just goes on and on.
09:34 Like I said this is just a, the tip of the iceberg.
09:36 From the time of Jesus until now
09:38 estimates are approximately 34,000 different groups
09:45 and I think it's safe to say
09:48 that just about all of them
09:50 have claimed to be true followers of Jesus Christ.
09:54 You look at the different churches today
09:56 name me one that doesn't claim to be following the Lord
10:01 and on the right path
10:03 and following the truth of the Bible.
10:05 But the question is, you know, are they all?
10:07 Is every church right
10:08 and is every person in every church right?
10:12 If you think about even the apostles of Jesus,
10:15 Jesus chose 12 men
10:18 and yet even among His chosen ones
10:20 there was still a Judas.
10:22 And then you've got of course the Jewish people
10:25 that tried Christ,
10:26 they claim to be followers of God
10:28 and yet there was an Annas, there was a Caiaphas
10:32 and there were many,
10:33 many among the Jewish leadership
10:35 that wanted nothing to do with Jesus Christ.
10:40 Paul who wrote most of the New Testament
10:42 he was-- believed he was a follower of God
10:45 and his name used to be Saul
10:47 and then when he became a Christian, it was Paul
10:50 And so Saul was not really following God,
10:53 he thought he was, but he wasn't,
10:55 and then when he became Paul
10:57 when Jesus changed his life then he became a true disciple.
11:01 I heard a story once about two men
11:03 that were having a conversation
11:04 and they turned to the topic of religion
11:06 and one of the man said,
11:08 "What do you believe about religion"
11:09 to the other guy
11:11 and the other man said "Oh, that's easy."
11:12 He said, "I believe what my church beliefs."
11:14 So the first person said,
11:15 "Well what does your church believe?"
11:17 And second man said, "Oh, that's easy."
11:18 He said, "My church believes what I believe."
11:21 And the first man wasn't satisfied and he said,
11:23 "Well, okay, tell me what do your--
11:25 what do you and your church believe?"
11:28 And second man said, "Oh, that's easy."
11:29 He said, "We both believe the same thing."
11:32 And after hearing that story you wonder whether
11:34 the second man really had any idea
11:36 really what he believed?
11:37 And sadly that's the way it is
11:38 with many professed followers of Jesus Christ.
11:41 May be they grow up in a certain church,
11:43 certain denomination
11:44 but they really don't really know what they believe.
11:47 They just know what their church believes.
11:49 And as far as actually reading the Bible,
11:51 reading God's book
11:52 this is not something that they do very often.
11:56 So lot of different churches, lot of different groups,
11:59 lot of different denominations
12:01 and obviously not every single person
12:06 is a true follower of Jesus.
12:08 When we go to the book of Daniel
12:10 there is a judgment described
12:13 that is very similar
12:14 to what we read in Revelation 14.
12:18 This is in Daniel Chapter 7.
12:23 Daniel 7:9, 10
12:26 describe a great judgment scene
12:29 that takes place before the coming of Christ.
12:33 In verse 9 the Bible says "I thought I saw thrones
12:37 set up and the Ancient of Days did sit
12:40 whose garment was white as snow,
12:42 the hair of His head was like the pure wool,
12:44 "His eyes"
12:47 "His throne was like the fiery flame
12:49 and His wheels as burning fire.
12:52 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him
12:55 thousand thousands minister to Him
12:57 and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him."
13:00 These were angels, holy angels.
13:02 Revelation describes them as ten thousand times ten thousand
13:05 and thousands of thousands.
13:07 And then verse 10 says "The judgment was set
13:10 and the books were opened."
13:12 So the judgment is set, books are opened
13:15 and all these angelic eyes look at those books
13:18 to see the records of the lives
13:21 of those who professed to be followers of Jesus Christ
13:25 on earth.
13:26 This is a judgment of those who claim to be believers.
13:31 As I mentioned, you know, we know it's obvious
13:34 that not everybody who claims to be a follower of Jesus
13:37 or a follower of God is a true one
13:39 and the two groups
13:41 have actually gone all the way back
13:43 to the very beginning of the Bible
13:45 to the Book of Genesis.
13:47 In Genesis Chapter 4
13:49 we find the biblical account of Cain and Abel
13:52 not long after sin entered or at least some time after
13:56 the Bible says in verse 3
13:59 that "In the process of time it came to pass
14:02 that Cain brought an offering
14:05 of the fruit of the ground to the Lord."
14:08 So Cain was coming to worship God.
14:12 He brought the fruit of the ground that he had,
14:15 he had raised
14:16 and this represented basically Cain's own works,
14:20 his own fruit.
14:21 But notice that he brought it as an offering to the Lord.
14:25 So he was claiming to be a worshipper of God.
14:29 And then in verse 4 it says
14:30 "Abel also brought of the firstlings of the flock
14:35 and of the fat thereof."
14:36 So here's Abel and he brings
14:38 an animal, a lamb.
14:40 And it says that "The Lord had respect to Abel
14:43 and to his offering
14:45 but to Cain and to his offering He had not respect."
14:50 Cain was instructed by God what to do
14:52 to bring an animal representing Jesus.
14:55 Jesus was gonna come later on
14:57 but the animal represented Christ
14:58 and Cain chose to do his own thing,
15:00 to go his own way.
15:02 He brought his own fruit instead of an animal
15:04 but Abel believed in God's instructions.
15:07 He brought a lamb
15:09 which pointed forward to Jesus Christ
15:12 but it also says that he did what God told them to do,
15:15 so he really obeyed the gospel.
15:18 And that's what Peter talked about
15:19 those that really obey the gospel
15:21 or those that don't obey the gospel.
15:23 And Cain did not obey the gospel
15:25 by what he did but Abel did.
15:29 And so we can see clearly
15:31 two different ways of worshipping God.
15:34 One was the way of works and self
15:38 and just going your own way
15:39 and the other one was a man who chose to do what God said,
15:43 he really followed the Bible.
15:45 When we go down to the New Testament
15:48 we find a story that Jesus told in Matthew Chapter 22.
15:52 It's a parable about a king
15:56 who had a wedding for his son.
16:00 In Matthew 22:1,
16:02 the Bible says that "Jesus spoke to them again
16:05 by parables and He said,
16:06 'The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king
16:09 who had a marriage for his son,
16:11 and then he sent out his servants
16:13 to call them that were bidden to the wedding
16:15 and they would not come.
16:16 Then he sent more servants out, he said come to the wedding
16:19 and they didn't come.
16:20 Some with the made light of it,
16:22 they went their ways, they did different things."
16:24 And finally in verse 9 the king said to his servants,
16:28 "Go therefore into the highways,
16:30 and as many as you shall find
16:32 bid to the marriage.
16:33 So those servants went out into the highways
16:35 and they gathered together all as many as they found
16:39 both good and bad
16:40 and the wedding was furnished with guests."
16:44 So here you have this parable
16:45 where Jesus describes a big wedding day,
16:49 you've got the king which is the father.
16:52 He sets up a marriage for his son
16:54 and he sends his servants out to go invite people to come.
16:58 And in the first half of the parable
17:00 a lot of people they heard the message
17:01 but they didn't come.
17:02 And in the second half of the parable
17:05 more servants are sent out
17:06 and finally all these people respond
17:08 and they all come in
17:10 and the wedding feast is packed with guests.
17:14 And that would represent
17:15 lots a different people that claim to respond to the gospel
17:19 and pack the churches
17:21 and there's again all kinds of different churches
17:23 in the world today.
17:24 Well, if you look at verse 11, verse 11 is an amazing verse.
17:30 Verse 11 says,
17:31 "But when the king came in to see the guests,"
17:36 now here is an examination of those
17:39 who claim to accept the wedding invitation,
17:42 those who claim to believe in Jesus Christ.
17:46 The king eventually comes in and he examines them.
17:51 He comes to see the guests
17:53 and to see
17:55 what's really going on with them.
17:57 And if you keep on reading verse 11 the Bible says
18:00 "When the king came in to see the guests,
18:03 he saw there a man
18:05 which had not on a wedding garment."
18:09 So here he looked at the-- at the crowd
18:12 and the king had evidently given an offer to everyone
18:17 and if they come into the wedding feast
18:20 they had to accept his offer
18:21 and show that they accepted his offer
18:23 by putting on a special, a special garment,
18:25 a special robe
18:27 representing the robe of the righteousness of Jesus.
18:31 But there was one particular man
18:33 and this man didn't have on a robe,
18:34 he didn't have on a wedding garment.
18:37 And in verse 12 the King said to him,
18:39 "He said 'Friend, how did you get in here
18:41 without a wedding garment?'
18:42 And he was speechless."
18:45 Verse 13 says "Then the king said to his servants,
18:48 'Bind him hand and foot,
18:49 take him away and cast him into outer darkness,
18:52 and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'
18:55 For many are called, but few are chosen."
18:58 This robe,
19:00 this wedding garment represents
19:01 the robe of the righteousness of Jesus Christ,
19:03 His pure perfect robe of righteousness
19:05 which He offers to place upon every human being
19:09 who chooses to give their lives to Him,
19:12 to turn away from their sins
19:14 and to truly accept Him
19:15 as their Savior and to live for Him.
19:18 And the king looked at one person
19:20 which represented a whole lot of people
19:22 and that person didn't have on a wedding garment.
19:25 He hadn't truly responded to the message
19:29 of the righteousness of Christ.
19:30 He wasn't a true Christian in his heart.
19:33 And Jesus said at the end of the parable
19:35 that he was eventually bound hand and foot
19:38 and he was thrown out into outer darkness
19:41 which represents ultimately being lost.
19:45 And Revelation 20:15
19:47 the Bible talks about those that don't have on the robe
19:50 whose names are not written in the Book of Life
19:52 they are cast into the lake of fire.
19:57 Solemn thought.
19:59 Very solemn.
20:01 Back to Revelation Chapter 14.
20:05 Revelation 14 again tells us
20:07 that we will enter a special time
20:11 prior to the second coming.
20:14 Revelation 14:7,
20:15 says there's an announcement that is made with a loud voice
20:19 and he says "Fear God and give glory to Him
20:23 for the hour of His judgment is come."
20:29 The hour of His judgment is come.
20:31 According to the Bible, according to 1Peter 4:17
20:34 judgment begins at the house of God.
20:38 Peter said, if the judgment first begins at us,
20:41 he said, what will be the end of those
20:43 who obey not the gospel of God.
20:46 There have always been two groups
20:48 inside of God's professed church.
20:56 What about us?
20:57 What about you? What about me?
20:59 Are we real followers of Jesus Christ?
21:02 The Bible tells us to repent of our sins.
21:04 Jesus said repent in Luke 13:3, "Repent turn away from sin."
21:07 Have we really done that or do we just go to church?
21:11 Are we really reading our Bibles?
21:13 Are we really giving our hearts to Christ 100 percent
21:19 or are we following the word than the flesh and the devil?
21:21 Are we just professed Christians?
21:23 are you like Cain or are you like Abel?
21:26 Are you one of the followers of Jesus,
21:28 a true follower like Peter or like Paul
21:30 or are you acting like Judas
21:32 and betraying your Lord with a kiss?
21:35 God knows our hearts.
21:37 He knows whether we're just honoring Him with our lips
21:40 and whether our hearts are far from Him
21:44 or whether we, you know, He knows what we are doing,
21:46 He knows everything.
21:48 Jesus said, "Every idle word that men shall speak,
21:51 they will give an account in the day of judgment.
21:53 For by our words we will be justified,
21:55 and by our words we will be condemned."
21:58 Are we wearing the robe of Christ's righteousness
22:00 and are we showing that we're wearing
22:02 that robe by the lives that we're living?
22:05 I remember when I first became Christian years ago,
22:08 I was sitting in a Jacuzzi
22:11 underneath the night sky
22:12 and I was reading a book
22:14 and in that book there was a chapter on the judgment
22:17 and how God is going to judge His church.
22:19 He is gonna judge His professed followers
22:21 to see if they're really true followers
22:24 or whether they're not.
22:25 And as I read different things in that book
22:28 says in Ecclesiastes Chapter 12
22:31 that "Every secret thing will be brought into judgment."
22:34 Chapter 11 says that "You can follow the ways of your heart"
22:38 it says "but know that God will bring you into judgment."
22:41 And it quoted also Matthew
22:43 I believe it's chapter 12 where Jesus again said
22:45 "Every idle word that men will speak,
22:47 they will give an account in the day of judgment."
22:49 And as I read that book and read those Bible verses
22:52 I was deeply convicted
22:55 that I needed to be a true follower of Christ,
22:57 not just a professed one
22:59 and the spirit of God made a move on me
23:01 and I actually jumped out the Jacuzzi,
23:04 I was there by myself
23:06 and I knelt down on the cold hard concrete
23:09 around that Jacuzzi next to a pool and I prayed.
23:13 I prayed earnestly I said again,
23:15 "Jesus, please"
23:16 I had-- I had accepted Him prior to that
23:18 but the spirit went deep.
23:20 And again I said "Lord, cleanse me,
23:22 cleanse me from all my sins,
23:23 change my heart, change my life,
23:25 make me a real follower of You
23:30 so that I'm not just a professed follower
23:33 like so many in this world."
23:36 It was a deeply convicting moment for me
23:40 and I remember even though
23:41 the Holy Spirit was convicting me
23:43 I was also very blessed to know that God loved me
23:50 and that He was working in my heart
23:51 and I sensed deeply
23:54 that Jesus was getting me ready for heaven.
23:56 He was purifying me.
23:57 In Daniel 12:10 the Bible says that "Many will be purified
24:02 in these last days and made white and tried,
24:05 but the wicked will do wickedly
24:07 and none of the wicked will understand
24:08 but the wise will understated."
24:11 It says in Daniel 12:9, 10.
24:19 Going back to the first angel's message
24:22 in Revelation Chapter 14
24:26 in a time of judgment
24:27 when verse 7 says
24:29 "Fear God, give glory to Him
24:31 for the hour of His judgment has come."
24:34 The good news is that the verse right before it
24:36 which is in verse 6 tells us
24:39 that "The everlasting gospel is to be preached
24:42 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people."
24:46 And so in verse seven
24:47 we've got that announcement of the judgment
24:48 and in verse six we have the hope of the gospel.
24:52 And when I knelt down outside that pool
24:55 I not only was convicted of the judgment
24:58 but the hope of the gospel became very, very real to me.
25:02 And right now my trust is in Lord.
25:04 I'm not trusting myself,
25:06 I'm not trying to be like Cain
25:07 where I'm trusting my own works.
25:09 My faith is in Jesus Christ and in His sacrifice for me.
25:13 And I'm also doing my best by the grace of God
25:15 to obey the gospel
25:17 and to be like Abel and to follow the instruction
25:20 that is given to us in God's word.
25:24 We're living in a very solemn time.
25:26 We're living in an hour of judgment.
25:28 We're living in a time when God is judging His professed people
25:31 and we need to make sure that we are true Christians
25:34 and not just talkers
25:36 but that we are livers and believers
25:40 and those that act out our faith in Jesus Christ.
25:43 My little girl Abigail we were talking the other day.
25:46 She is four years old and we talked about heaven.
25:48 How important it is going to heaven
25:50 and being with Jesus in a beautiful new world.
25:52 And then also I told my kids
25:54 that those that aren't there
25:56 are gonna end up in the lake of fire.
25:58 That's what the Bible says
25:59 Revelation 20 and 21
26:00 and Abbey looked at me and she said, "daddy,"
26:02 she said, "Daddy, I don't want to go to the lake of fire,
26:04 I want to be ready for Jesus to come.
26:06 I want to go to heaven."
26:08 And I looked at her and said,
26:09 "Abbey, there's nothing Jesus wants more
26:11 than for you to be ready for heaven.
26:13 And there's nothing Jesus wants more than for you
26:15 to be ready for heaven and for me.
26:17 Revelation Chapter 14 tells us
26:20 that while the gospel is being preached
26:22 in verse 7 it says "Fear God and give glory to Him
26:27 for the hour of His judgment is come."
26:31 We are now in a time when God is judging His church.
26:34 Let's be true believers in Jesus.
26:37 You've just heard His voice today.
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