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00:09 Revelation Chapter 17 describes a mysterious woman
00:12 named Babylon the Great.
00:13 I hope you're ready for the truth about this woman
00:17 on His Voice Today.
00:19 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:22 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:29 Mystery Babylon Part 2.
00:32 I heard a parable once about "Truth"
00:35 and he was taking a walk
00:36 and he was heading toward the city of Humanity,
00:39 and it was a hot day and as he was walking along
00:42 the scenery was quite attractive and he looked over on his right
00:45 and he saw a nice, clear, blue, beautiful lake
00:50 and it was hot and he decided to take a swim
00:52 so he took his robes of truth off
00:54 and put them on a tree branch
00:57 and then... took a dive and went swimming in his birthday suit.
01:00 and as he was just enjoying the day,
01:03 he didn't realize, while he was in the water,
01:05 that his ancient enemy "Lie" had been following him
01:09 and Lie looked around the corner...
01:10 and saw Truth swimming in the lake
01:12 and he decided to pull a trick on him
01:15 and so he went over to that tree when Truth wasn't looking
01:18 and he grabbed Truth's robe off that limb,
01:22 and he dropped his old, dusty robes of Lie
01:25 he put on the robes of Truth and then he went on his way
01:28 and he got to the top of a hill and he looked down
01:31 and he saw the City of Humanity with all these people
01:34 and he gave a shout and the people looked up
01:37 and they saw who they thought was Truth
01:40 and they all shouted,
01:41 "Yeah, yeah, Truth is coming
01:43 to teach us the way to heaven"
01:45 and so he came down and they all surrounded him
01:47 and Lie dressed like Truth,
01:49 began to give them his messages.
01:52 Well, meanwhile, back at the lake,
01:55 Truth... the real Truth finally got out of the water
01:58 and went to grab his robe from off the limb
02:02 and discovered that it wasn't there
02:04 and he looked down and there he saw
02:05 his old enemy's raggedy robe...
02:10 Lie, on the ground
02:11 and he knew, "Ah ha, Lie is up to his old tricks"
02:15 and so... then Truth had to make a decision,
02:17 should he keep going in his birthday suit
02:19 as he was...
02:21 or should he put on the robes of Lie
02:24 so at least he'd be covered.
02:25 Well, he decided he couldn't wear the robes of Lie
02:29 so he kept on going and he got to the top of the hill
02:32 and he looked down to the City of Humanity
02:35 and he saw all these people surrounding Lie
02:38 thinking that Lie was Truth.
02:39 And so Truth did what he had to do
02:42 and he gave a big shout
02:44 and he started heading down the hill
02:46 and the people looked up and one man shouted and he said,
02:50 "Look, look, here he comes, it's the naked Truth. "
02:54 Are you ready for the naked truth.
02:58 We're going to get into some very powerful things
03:02 today that my conscience tells me... need to be taught
03:06 and so, I hope you're ready for it
03:08 as we, again, dive in to Mystery Babylon Part 2.
03:13 In the book of Revelation Chapter 14 verse 8
03:16 we have a message, a very special message
03:20 to all the world before the coming of Jesus Christ.
03:22 In verse 8 "there followed another angel and he said,
03:25 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
03:29 because she has made all the nations
03:32 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. '"
03:37 We've also studied in Part 1 that this Babylon is actually
03:44 described in Revelation 17 as a woman
03:47 and she's a fallen woman verse 14:8 says,
03:50 "Babylon is fallen is fallen... "
03:52 and we talked about it in the last Program.
03:54 How, a woman in the New Testament
03:57 represents a professed body,
04:01 at least those that profess to follow Jesus Christ
04:04 and so we have a woman in Revelation 14
04:07 and Revelation 17 called "Babylon"
04:09 and she is a fallen woman
04:11 representing the fact that she was upright at one point
04:14 but she has fallen
04:16 and she is a professed follower of Jesus
04:20 but she is actually fallen away from the truth of the gospel
04:24 and the truth of the Bible.
04:26 In our last Program we looked at many New Testament prophecies,
04:33 many New Testament statements, many New Testament Scriptures
04:39 that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
04:41 that the New Testament writers including Jesus Christ Himself
04:44 looked into the future and recognized
04:47 there was going to be a falling away,
04:50 an apostasy that was going to happen
04:52 in church history
04:53 from inside the professed church of Jesus Christ
04:58 and let me just go over some of these texts with you,
05:01 we're not going to look them up right now,
05:03 we did that in Part 1,
05:04 but I'll just give you a quick review.
05:06 In 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2, verses 1 and 3,
05:10 Paul talked about the coming of Jesus
05:12 and our being gathered together to Him,
05:14 and he said, "Let no man deceive you
05:16 by any means for that day when Jesus comes
05:18 will not come except there come a falling away first... "
05:22 there would be a falling away and we talked about it in Part 1
05:26 that the Greek word for falling away is Apostasia
05:30 which means an apostasy or a departure from within
05:35 and that was something that Paul knew had to happen
05:39 before Jesus comes to gather His people.
05:41 In Acts chapter 20,
05:43 Paul was speaking to a group of the Elders
05:46 of the church in Ephesus who had come down from Miletus
05:49 to listen to his counsel and in verse 30,
05:52 Paul warned them about wolves that would come in
05:56 among the Leaders after He departed
05:58 and that they would lead people away from Jesus
06:02 to follow them, Acts chapter 20 verse 30.
06:06 1st Timothy 4:1, Paul said that in the latter times
06:09 many would depart from the faith
06:12 giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils...
06:15 this would be a departure from the faith
06:17 inside of the professed church of Jesus Christ.
06:21 In 2nd Timothy 4 verses 3 and 4
06:23 Paul warned about those who would have itching ears
06:26 and who would have teachers gathered around them
06:28 and these teachers would
06:30 turn the ears and the hearts and the mind
06:34 of professed followers of Jesus away from the truth
06:37 and they would be turned to fables
06:40 instead of sound doctrine.
06:42 In 2nd Peter chapter 2 verse 1, Peter warned about
06:46 false prophets that would come right in among the believers
06:50 and that many would follow their deceptive ways
06:53 leading away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
06:55 In Jude verses 3 and 4, Jude urged the early believers
06:59 to contend earnestly for the faith
07:01 that was once and for all delivered to the saints
07:03 and Jude said that there would be false teachers
07:06 who would creep into the church,
07:08 certain men who would turn the grace of God
07:11 into a license for sin and they would lead people astray.
07:15 Finally, in the book of Revelation chapter 2,
07:18 Jesus gave a special message to the church of Ephesus...
07:20 the first church of the seven in Revelation 2 and 3
07:23 and he urged the early believers
07:26 to repent and to come back to Him
07:28 because He said, "You have fallen,
07:31 you have fallen away, you have left your first love. "
07:35 So, all of these verses... and we have them again,
07:39 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2, Acts chapter 20,
07:41 1st Timothy 4:1, 2nd Timothy 4:4,
07:44 2nd Peter 2:1, Jude1:3 and 4,
07:47 Revelation 2 verse 5... they all predict
07:50 that there will be a departure, an apostasy, a falling away,
07:54 that would happen inside of the professed church
07:57 of Jesus Christ.
07:59 I don't know if we have any...
08:01 if you happen to be a Sherlock Holmes fan
08:04 any Holmes' fans out there but if you are,
08:06 we need to solve a case and it's a big one
08:10 and the issue is, "Who is the fallen woman
08:14 that is described in Revelation chapter 14 verse 8
08:17 and in Revelation chapter 17?"
08:20 Her name is: Mystery Babylon, Babylon the great.
08:24 Well, let's start looking up the clues
08:29 and these are shocking but they're in the Bible.
08:31 I'm going to turn in my Bible to chapter 17.
08:34 Revelation 17 is the great chapter that describes
08:39 the details about this woman.
08:42 17:1, the Bible says,
08:55 speaking to John, "... and I will show you
09:03 Okay, clue number one, this woman, whoever she is,
09:06 the Bible says, "she would be sitting on many waters. "
09:09 Now we don't have to guess what these waters represent.
09:13 In verse 15, the angel said to John,
09:16 he said, "The waters which you saw,
09:19 where the whore sits, are peoples, multitudes,
09:24 nations, and tongues. "
09:26 So, Babylon... this woman sits upon many waters
09:30 which represent people around the world.
09:33 So, clue number 1 is
09:34 this woman has global influence,
09:37 she has support from peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues
09:41 all over the world, and if that's the case,
09:44 which it is, then to identify this woman
09:48 who has global influence is probably not going to be
09:52 an overly popular identification but somebody once said,
09:56 "What is popular is not always right
09:59 and what is right is not always popular"
10:01 and I'm not here to try to win a popularity contest...
10:05 any true follower of Jesus Christ
10:08 should be willing to hold on and to share
10:11 the naked truth no matter where it leads
10:14 so that's clue number one.
10:16 Clue number two is found in the next verse,
10:20 verse 2 says, "with whom... " talking about this woman,
10:23 "with whom the kings of the earth
10:26 have committed fornication... "
10:28 this woman is involved with the kings of the earth,
10:31 she has diplomatic relationships with rulers and with kings
10:37 according to the Bible, fornication has to do with
10:40 an illicit involvement with these kings
10:43 and that's what she's involved in.
10:44 Clue three,
10:47 going on in verse 2 it says,
10:49 "... and the inhabitants of the earth
10:51 have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. "
10:55 The wine refers to her doctrines,
10:58 the doctrines of this woman that are the result of her
11:01 mixing with kings and her mixing with the world
11:04 and the inhabitants of the earth
11:07 have become drunk with this wine.
11:10 So, this tells us that the wine of this woman,
11:13 the doctrines of this woman... they belt the world.
11:18 Clue number four, in verse 3 Revelation continues
11:23 and the angel... the Bible says,
11:40 this woman has particular color characteristics
11:45 and these colors are purple and scarlet.
11:49 Another clue is that it says that she is decked
11:52 with gold and precious stones and pearls,
11:55 she is an extremely wealthy woman
11:59 that has lots and lots of gold.
12:02 Continuing on, the Bible says,
12:13 Verse 5:
12:26 Here's another clue that this woman...
12:27 she's not just a woman but she's a mother...
12:31 she claims to be a mother, she is a mother
12:35 she's the mother of harlots and of abominations of the earth.
12:38 Next clue, verse 6,
12:49 Whoever this woman is,
12:51 she eventually becomes a persecuting woman
12:55 and she has killed saints, she has persecuted saints,
13:01 she has led to the spilling of their blood
13:04 and she's drunk with the blood of the saints
13:07 and with the blood of the martyrs...
13:09 martyrs of Jesus refer to those who have given their lives
13:13 standing up for their faith, against apostasy,
13:16 against deception,
13:18 against a falling away from the truth
13:20 they held on to the truth no matter what
13:23 and this woman is drunk with their blood,
13:27 so that's another clue going down to verse 9, another clue,
13:39 She is sitting upon seven mountains
13:43 going down to verse 18,
13:58 So here are all the clues
14:02 and let me just repeat them for you again...
14:06 actually I forgot one, one more clue,
14:09 chapter 18 and then I'll give you the summary.
14:12 Chapter 18 verse 4, this was a very important clue,
14:15 it's amazing and it's very enlightening.
14:18 In Revelation 18 verse 4, we have a voice
14:21 that is heard from heaven,
14:23 "I heard another voice from heaven
14:25 saying, 'Come out of her... '" out of this woman,
14:28 and then God says, "my people,
14:32 let you be not partakers of her sins,
14:34 and that you receive not of her plagues. "
14:36 Now, here we have God talking to His own people
14:39 and He says, "My people, come out... "
14:42 and that tells us something very important that
14:44 inside of this woman are true followers of Jesus Christ.
14:50 Those that really do love the Lord,
14:53 those that really are sincere,
14:54 those that are doing the best that they can
14:56 based upon the light that they have
14:58 they are inside of her... but they need to come out of her
15:03 and therefore, it just makes a lot of sense
15:05 that we need to know who this is,
15:07 we need to identify who this is,
15:09 in order for God's people to have additional help
15:14 and additional light so they know
15:16 that they need to exit,
15:17 they need to come out,
15:19 so, let me summarize these facts...
15:23 twelve facts... from Revelation chapter 7...
15:27 twelve identifying clues about Mystery Babylon.
15:30 Number 1... she is a woman which represents a church
15:35 or at least a professed church of Jesus Christ.
15:38 She is fallen... which shows us that at one point
15:41 she was upright but she has fallen away
15:43 from Bible truth and from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
15:46 Next point is that she has global influence,
15:50 people around the world support this lady.
15:54 Point number 4 is she has involvement with kings,
15:58 she commits fornication with kings
16:00 she has diplomatic relations with kings.
16:03 Number 5, her doctrine... her wine... circles the world.
16:08 Number 6, she has particular colors... purple and scarlet.
16:13 Number 7, she's also extremely wealthy
16:16 gold... lots of gold... precious stones and pearls.
16:20 Number 8, she is a mother,
16:22 the Bible says, the mother of harlots
16:25 and abominations of the earth, she's a mother church.
16:27 Number 9, she has been involved
16:29 in the persecution of God's people,
16:32 the persecution of saints and martyrs,
16:35 the martyrs of Jesus,
16:37 she's also a city... a great city,
16:40 the Bible says, that sits... Point number 11,
16:43 upon seven mountains,
16:45 and the last point is that there are,
16:49 in spite of her flaws,
16:50 nevertheless, God Himself has true people
16:53 that are inside of her and these people...
16:56 he is calling them to come out.
16:59 Now here are 12 facts about this woman
17:02 who is this lady?
17:03 If I were to have a white board here
17:07 I wrote down with a pen or a marker
17:10 and I put down three figures
17:12 let's say it was 27 or 62 then 95
17:15 and I asked you to add them up,
17:18 to look at the evidence,
17:20 to add up and come to the right conclusion,
17:23 how many wrong conclusions could there be?
17:26 How many wrong answers could there be?
17:29 Obviously, the options are endless
17:32 but how many right answers would there be
17:35 if you add up the three figures
17:36 just like you add up the 12 points
17:38 that we've just looked at,
17:39 how many right answers are there?
17:42 I think the answer is obvious that ultimately there are only..
17:46 there is only one right answer
17:48 as to who fits all of these clues
17:51 everyone... precisely and exactly.
17:55 If you were to go back... back in time
17:58 to the 1500s and 1600s and 1700s
18:02 and if you were to ask Martin Luther
18:05 who founded the Lutheran Church,
18:06 who is this woman of Revelation 17?
18:08 Luther would tell you.
18:10 If you were to ask John Calvin
18:12 who founded the Presbyterian Church,
18:13 Calvin would tell you.
18:15 If you were to ask John Wesley who founded the Methodist Church
18:17 Wesley would tell you.
18:20 If you would have asked Charles Spurgeon,
18:21 the most famous Baptist Pastor who ever lived,
18:24 he also would tell you,
18:27 they would give you the naked truth,
18:29 the naked truth.
18:31 Truth isn't easy sometimes...
18:36 sometimes truth is hard,
18:37 sometimes truth is like medicine
18:39 that doesn't taste good
18:40 but you need it and I've committed myself to truth,
18:46 think about the phrase,
18:47 "Give me the truth... the whole truth
18:50 and nothing but the truth so help me God,"
18:52 and that's what I've committed myself to
18:55 I've been a Christian for 33 years
18:58 and when I first started studying my Bible...
18:59 and studying Revelation,
19:01 I never dreamed where it would lead me
19:03 but as I put the pieces together,
19:05 as I read about these 12 points,
19:07 it's very clear to me and to a lot of other people
19:11 who these points... point to...
19:15 and that is the church,
19:17 I'll just tell you, the naked truth.
19:19 The church sitting on the seven-hilled city of Rome
19:24 fits every single point that is described
19:28 in Bible prophecy,
19:30 I have an article in my hand that came out
19:33 a number of years ago during the Persian Gulf War
19:36 it came out in Time Magazine, this is February 11, 1991,
19:41 it's an essay in the back of Time Magazine
19:43 and it talks about how...
19:44 because of what Sadaam Hussein was doing
19:46 trying to rebuild the ancient city of Babylon,
19:48 how all kinds of prophecy books
19:50 were streaming off the presses, that were saying,
19:52 "Prophecy is being fulfilled, prophecy is being fulfilled,
19:55 and the ancient city of Babylon is rising again,
19:58 Sadaam Hussein... he's fulfilling the Scriptures"
20:01 and this article and analyzes this
20:03 and basically takes issue with the trend toward thinking
20:10 that the Babylon in Revelation
20:12 is going to be a resurrection of the ancient city
20:15 over in the Middle East and at the end of this article,
20:20 Time Magazine, February 11, 1991,
20:23 this is what it says, "The temptation to secluse
20:26 to the second coming on CNN is easy to understand
20:29 since Sadaam Hussein has proclaimed himself
20:31 a successor of Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king
20:35 who enslaved the Israelites of old"
20:37 and then it says, "this makes it deceptively easy
20:41 for prophecy mongers or prophecy proponents
20:45 to identify Iraq with Babylon, somewhat awkwardly
20:50 it also undercuts a long-standing
20:54 Protestant tradition that this symbol of corruption
20:59 in the book of Revelation refers to the church of Rome. "
21:05 Now, I didn't write this but this man...
21:08 he's got his information correct
21:10 because it was a long-standing Protestant tradition,
21:12 the Lutherans, the Baptists, the Methodists,
21:14 the Presbyterians, the Mennonites,
21:16 the Congregationalists,
21:17 the list just goes on and on and on...
21:19 the teachers and the scholars who taught exactly
21:24 what I am sharing with you right now,
21:27 probably one of the most famous books
21:30 in Christian history, is this book,
21:33 Fox's Book of Martyrs,
21:34 Fox's Book of Martyrs describes the Martyrs and the sufferings
21:37 what has happened to... as Revelation says,
21:41 "the saints and the martyrs of Jesus"
21:43 I don't really recommend that you read this book
21:47 unless you have a very strong stomach,
21:49 you can get it at any Christian bookstore
21:51 if they don't have it, they can order it,
21:52 and you can read the facts.
21:54 All the information also...
21:56 that I'm sharing with you right now,
21:57 is documented in my book, "End Time Delusions. "
21:59 End Time Delusions goes into the history
22:02 and there's just a lot of... there's a wealth of information
22:05 so that you'll know that I'm not making this up
22:07 these are just historical facts.
22:10 Revelation chapter 17 tells us about this woman,
22:16 I saw the woman in verse 6
22:19 and she was drunken with the blood of the saints
22:22 and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus
22:25 Fox's Book of Martyrs goes into great detail
22:28 about these different Martyrdoms.
22:31 Probably one of the most famous martyrdom in Christian history,
22:36 was a man named Jerome... Jerome of Prague.
22:39 He was brought before a big Council in Constance, Germany,
22:43 in the year 1415,
22:45 he was arrayed before this tribunal
22:47 to answer for his faith, he was pronounced a heretic
22:52 because he believed in the Bible
22:54 as the sole rule of faith and practice
22:56 because he believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ
22:59 because he believed that he was saved
23:01 by the grace of God... not works...
23:03 because he didn't believe that he had to go through the church
23:06 to get to God and he also put the pieces together
23:09 and he came to understand what prophecy taught
23:13 about the woman in Revelation chapter 17
23:16 and so he was brought before the Council,
23:18 he was condemned and he was finally led out
23:21 to the place of execution and there were...
23:24 what they called "fagots" that were put all around him
23:29 and an executioner finally came up with a lighted torch
23:34 and he was about to light the fire,
23:36 and these are the words of this famous martyr
23:41 who was willing to give his life for God... no matter what.
23:44 He said, "Come forward boldly" to the executioner,
23:49 "... come forward boldly and light the fire
23:53 if I had been afraid, I would not be here. "
23:57 And so they did,
24:01 the executioner came forward
24:03 and he lit the fire and the flames began to rise
24:07 and this... this faithful soul
24:11 who was willing to give his life for Jesus Christ,
24:14 he thought about Jesus who gave His life for him,
24:17 he thought about the one who came down from heaven
24:20 and gave everything, He was willing to be betrayed
24:22 by one of His own disciples,
24:24 He was willing to be beaten by Roman soldiers,
24:29 He was willing to suffer with thorns on His head,
24:34 He was willing to be taken out to a place called Calvary,
24:38 and His arms were stretched out,
24:40 He was willing to have Roman nails
24:41 pounded inside of His hands and into His feet
24:46 and as He hung upon the cross, it wasn't just bodily suffering
24:50 that Jesus was suffering with...
24:52 but it was the suffering and incredible anguish
24:56 of suffering for sin... for the sin of the world
25:00 the sin of the whole lost world that ultimately has fallen away
25:04 from God and from its Creator
25:07 and from the original plan for humanity
25:10 ever since the days of the Garden of Eden
25:13 and Jerome thought about Jesus,
25:16 how Jesus not only died physically
25:18 but He died because of the sins of the world
25:22 and Jerome knew that no matter what happens to me,
25:25 no matter if I have to die and get burned at a stake
25:28 I will follow my Lord,
25:31 I will follow Jesus no matter what
25:33 even if truth is unpopular, even if I lose my life,
25:37 I will follow Jesus Christ, I'll follow His grace,
25:40 I'll follow His book,
25:42 I'll follow His truth... no matter what.
25:46 There had been many noble martyrs like Jerome
25:51 and the list just goes on and on
25:52 and may God help us to be among that group
25:57 who follow Jesus no matter what.
25:58 The book of Revelation chapter 17 verse 6
26:03 says, "I saw the woman
26:04 and she was drunk with the blood of the saints
26:07 and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. "
26:10 May God help us to be true followers of Jesus
26:13 and I know that there are a lot of people
26:16 inside the woman that I've just referred to
26:18 and there are people all around the world
26:20 who love the Lord and are doing their best to follow Him
26:23 but now is the time for His voice to be heard,
26:26 now is the time for the prophecies to unfold
26:28 and God wants us to take a stand for Jesus Christ
26:32 in these last days... no matter what it costs.
26:35 You have just heard His voice today.
26:39 Will Christians soon disappear,
26:42 raptured before seven years of tribulation
26:44 when the Antichrist makes war against the Jews?
26:46 Jesus Christ gave this special warning about the last days,
26:50 "Take heed that no one deceives you!" Matthew 24:4.
26:53 Find out the truth about these end-time prophecies
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