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00:09 Will there be seven horrible years of tribulation
00:12 before the end of the world, yes or no?
00:15 That's our topic on His Voice Today.
00:20 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:22 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:28 The seven years of tribulation controversy...
00:31 that is our topic today.
00:33 Millions of Christians including me... believe that we are
00:37 nearing the end of the world and the coming of Jesus Christ.
00:41 We look at the horrible things that are happening
00:43 around this planet, look at the natural disasters,
00:45 the senseless violence, the school shootings,
00:48 and it just makes your heart break,
00:50 and long for the coming
00:51 of Jesus, and there are a lot of people
00:53 that believe that the Lord is coming
00:55 but there is a controversy...
00:57 a big controversy raging in the Christian world
01:00 concerning the sequence of events,
01:02 what is going to happen before Jesus returns
01:07 especially concerning the topic of the seven years...
01:11 essentially there are three different views
01:13 there's the "Pre-Trib view," there's the "Mid-Trib view,"
01:16 and there's the "Post-Trib view. "
01:19 The Pre-Trib view basically says that
01:21 Jesus is going to come
01:23 at the beginning of the seven years of tribulation
01:25 and get the church out of here
01:27 so the church doesn't have to suffer
01:29 during that nightmare period.
01:31 And then there's the Mid-Trib view
01:33 that says, basically,
01:34 that the church is going to go through
01:36 the first half of the tribulation
01:38 and then Jesus is going to come and get us out of here
01:40 so we don't have to go through the really bad part...
01:42 the second half... the great tribulation...
01:45 and then there's the Post-Tribulation view
01:47 which basically says that
01:49 God's not going to get the church out of here early at all,
01:52 we're going to go through the whole period
01:54 if we stand up for Jesus, be strong for Christ,
01:57 and we will go all the way into the very end of the world
02:01 to the time of the second coming.
02:04 So, those are some of the issues
02:06 and that's the controversy.
02:08 Which view is right?
02:10 Now, one of the questions that I think needs to be asked,
02:15 that isn't being asked enough
02:18 and that is... where does the Bible say
02:21 specifically that there is going to be a
02:25 seven-year period of tribulation at all?
02:29 Is that text really there?
02:31 Now it may shock you but you could take your Bible
02:35 and you can go through Genesis...
02:36 all the way to the book of Revelation,
02:38 you can look in any concordance and you will never find
02:41 one single solitary Bible verse
02:45 that clearly and specifically says
02:48 that there's going to be a seven-year period at all.
02:51 You probably heard of Ponce de León
02:53 the famous ancient explorer
02:56 who looked for the famous "Fountain of Youth"
02:59 but he never found it.
03:00 And it's the same thing with that text.
03:02 You can look and look and look in your Bible
03:05 and you'll never find a verse that specifically says
03:08 that there's seven years of tribulation.
03:12 So, where does the idea come from?
03:15 It certainly is a big idea, it's one that's being discussed,
03:18 there are movies that have been produced
03:21 about the seven years, there are radio shows
03:23 that talk about the seven years of tribulation
03:25 there are all kinds of novels, books, websites,
03:29 the discussion is on, the controversy is on.
03:31 So, where does the idea come from anyway?
03:34 Well, let me shed some light on this.
03:38 There is really one major Bible verse
03:42 that is interpreted to mean seven years of tribulation
03:47 at the end of the world and that's really the "mother text"
03:52 and it is found in the book of Daniel chapter 9 verse 27.
03:58 That is the "mother text" Daniel 9:27...
04:03 let me just read this verse to you,
04:04 and then I'll tell you how it's being interpreted.
04:07 Daniel 9:27... the Bible says,
04:09 "Then he shall confirm the covenant
04:12 with many for one week:"
04:14 and there are seven days in a week,
04:17 and this is applied to a day for a year
04:19 which we'll talk about in a little while
04:22 and so one week would be seven years
04:25 and it says that someone would confirm a covenant
04:28 with many during that seven-year period,
04:30 "and in the midst of the week;
04:32 He would cause the sacrifices and the oblation to cease... "
04:35 Now, let me explain to you how best-selling author,
04:39 Hal Lindsey interprets this text
04:42 and he is representative of many Christians around the world,
04:47 his book, "The Late Great Planet Earth"
04:49 in the 1970s... it came out,
04:51 it was just a huge blockbuster bestseller,
04:53 and in this book he talks about... on page 45 and 46
04:58 about God's last seven years
05:00 of dealing with the Jewish people
05:03 and then he quotes Daniel 9:27 and he interprets the key
05:07 in this text where it says, "He will confirm the covenant
05:10 he interprets the "he" to be the antichrist
05:13 who will break his covenant with the Jewish people
05:17 during the seven years of tribulation
05:19 and in the middle of that period he will cause
05:21 the Jewish Temple's sacrifices,
05:24 which had been re-started, to cease, Daniel 9:27,
05:30 page 46 of The Late Great Planet Earth
05:33 and so Hal Lindsey's view is typical,
05:36 he interprets this one-week period
05:39 as seven years of great tribulation.
05:42 Now, is
05:44 Hal Lindsey right or is he wrong?
05:47 And there are many, many, many others,
05:49 I can mention names,
05:51 I'm sure you're probably aware of many of them,
05:53 and they interpret this text in a similar way.
05:56 Well, first of all, we have to look at the context
05:58 of Daniel 9:27.
06:00 The context starts, really, in verse 24
06:04 and it could go down to verse 27.
06:06 Verse 24 says, "Seventy weeks are determined upon your people
06:12 and upon your holy city,"
06:14 now let me give you some background of this text.
06:17 This verse, this whole chapter was written by Daniel
06:19 when he was in Babylon, he was a Jewish captive,
06:22 the Israelite people had strayed from God,
06:25 they had set up idols,
06:26 they had been disobedient to the Lord,
06:28 and after hundreds of years, after they came out of Egypt,
06:31 hundreds of years of patience on the part of God,
06:34 finally, He allowed the Babylonians to come
06:37 and to just decimate Jerusalem, they destroyed the Temple
06:40 in the year 586 B.C., they took many Jewish people
06:46 captive... there were actually a number of waves of captivity,
06:49 and Jerusalem was just in a devastated position,
06:52 condition... and Daniel was a Jew in Babylon.
06:55 Jeremiah had predicted that there would be a 70-year period
06:59 when the Jews will be in Babylon,
07:01 and at the end of that period they were going to come back
07:02 and rebuild their temple and their city
07:04 and have another chance to be faithful to God.
07:07 And as they neared the end of that period,
07:10 this is where Daniel 9 comes in,
07:12 and Daniel knew that the 70 years were coming to an end,
07:16 and it was getting ready for them to go back
07:18 and rebuild their city and their temple,
07:20 and then Gabriel shows up in Daniel chapter 9,
07:23 and gives Daniel this prophecy, there would be
07:27 "Seventy weeks determined upon your people
07:30 and upon your holy city... " Daniel 9 verse 24,
07:35 now, the next verse describes when the period would begin.
07:40 In verse 25, Gabriel said, "Know therefore and understand,
07:45 that from the going forth of a commandment to restore
07:49 and build Jerusalem... " certain things would happen
07:53 and so we have to pinpoint exactly when this
07:55 commandment would start.
07:57 Persia conquered Babylon
07:59 and there were a number of Persian kings
08:03 that issued various decrees, allowing the Jews to go back.
08:07 There were two kings, Cyrus and Darius...
08:10 they issued decrees for the Jews to go back
08:13 and to rebuild their Temple and then Nehemiah
08:16 who was in Persia, with the new king...
08:20 he was also given permission
08:22 to go back and help to rebuild the wall,
08:24 around the city of Jerusalem which had been broken down.
08:27 But there was one particular king named Artaxerxes
08:29 and this is recorded in Ezra chapter 7
08:32 where he issued a lengthy decree allowing the Jewish people
08:37 to go back and also to re-establish Jerusalem
08:42 as the center of the restored Jewish State.
08:47 And of those four decrees, Cyrus' and Darius'
08:51 those two decrees were just only concerning the temple
08:55 Nehemiah's letter was to simply give him permission
08:59 to rebuild the wall around the city
09:01 but it was Artaxerxes' decree that was the longest
09:04 and that was the one that specifically gave
09:08 the authority to Jerusalem to be re-established
09:12 as the center of the Jewish State
09:15 and that is the decree that fits the prophecy
09:18 in Daniel 9:25 where Gabriel said,
09:20 "Know therefore and understand,
09:22 that from the going forth of the commandment
09:24 to restore and to build Jerusalem... "
09:27 Artaxerxes' decree restored the authority of Jerusalem
09:30 and the Jewish State and if you study history,
09:34 the dominant date that rises up for that decree of Artaxerxes
09:39 is the year 457 B.C. and in a different Bible,
09:43 not particularly this Bible,
09:44 but I have another Bible that... in the margin of the Bible,
09:47 it lists 457 B.C.
09:49 it's just a standard King James Bible
09:51 and that is the standard date that has been accepted
09:55 by Scholars around the world.
09:57 So, if we take that date
09:58 as the date of the beginning of the timeline
10:01 of the restoration of Jerusalem,
10:03 based on Daniel 9:25,
10:05 "Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth
10:07 of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem,"
10:10 it says, "until the Messiah the Prince"
10:13 which would be Jesus,
10:14 there is going to be a 7- week period
10:17 and then a 62-week period
10:20 and then we go down to verse 27
10:22 and then there is one more week left.
10:24 Now, I never really was
10:26 I'll confess, good at math,
10:28 math was not my favorite subject
10:29 when I was a little boy in school,
10:31 my mother... my Jewish mother... sometimes would say to me,
10:34 "Steve, put your 'math hat' on and start tackling these topics"
10:38 and so, I don't know if you like math...
10:40 maybe you do... maybe you don't,
10:41 but we do have to do some mathematics
10:44 to figure out this prophecy.
10:46 So, we have a period of 70 weeks and just imagine,
10:50 I'll just hold out my arm here, imagine this is the 70-week arm,
10:54 and verse 25 and verse 27 says,
10:56 that this period is divided into three smaller periods.
10:59 there's a 7-week period, there's a 62-week period,
11:02 that would reach to the Messiah,
11:03 and then that leaves a 1- week period
11:06 and 7 + 62 + 1 = 7070 weeks...
11:10 so that's the period and it's sub-divided
11:12 into those three smaller periods.
11:15 Now, when you study this out and search this out
11:20 it's very clear that the 70 weeks which comes out to...
11:23 if you add up how many days in the 70 weeks
11:26 it's 490 days,
11:28 this cannot be just 70 literal weeks
11:31 it can't be 490 literal days, and the reason is because
11:35 from the decree to restore Jerusalem
11:38 from the time of Persia after Babylon,
11:40 which was in 457 B.C.,
11:43 70 literal weeks or 490 literal days,
11:48 just from that decree...
11:49 does not take you down hundreds of years,
11:52 to the time of the coming of the Messiah,
11:54 and so, therefore, we know
11:56 that this must be a day for a year
11:59 and most scholars recognize this,
12:01 now there's a verse in Numbers 14:34,
12:04 and in Ezekiel 4 verse 6
12:06 that talks about how God had given them
12:08 a day to represent a year, and so when you apply
12:13 a day for a year to this prophecy,
12:15 there's a breakdown and let me get these exact figures
12:20 right here in front of me, 7 + 62 + 1 = 70
12:25 a day for a year, Ezekiel 4:6,
12:27 7 weeks comes out to 49 days or years,
12:32 62 weeks comes out to 434 days or years,
12:37 and 1 week... the last week comes out to 7 days or years,
12:42 so, 49 years, 434 years, 7 years you add them up
12:47 and it comes up to 490 literal years
12:51 and we start with 457 B.C. and we go down 49 years
12:57 and then we go down 434 years,
13:02 which ultimately is 483 years,
13:06 and from that time of that decree,
13:10 in 457 B.C., if you go down 483 years,
13:13 the Bible says that it should take us
13:16 to the time of the Messiah.
13:18 That's what Gabriel said... verse 25,
13:20 "Know therefore and understand, from the going forth of the
13:24 commandment to restore and build Jerusalem" in 457 B.C.,
13:27 "... until the Messiah the Prince,
13:29 there would be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks... "
13:33 Now, here's something amazing, when you put your "math hat" on,
13:37 and you do the calculation from 457...
13:41 you go down 483 years,
13:44 and there's no "zero" year... so you take that into account,
13:46 from B.C. to A.D. you go down 483 years
13:50 and it takes you exactly
13:52 to the year 27 A.D.
13:55 and Gabriel said that this would be the time when
13:58 the Messiah would come.
14:00 The word "Messiah" means the anointed one.
14:03 Jesus Christ was anointed when He was baptized
14:07 by the Holy Spirit.
14:08 He came up out of the water and the year was 27 A.D.
14:11 He was baptized by John the Baptist,
14:13 the heavens opened, the Holy Spirit came down
14:16 and Jesus Christ was anointed
14:18 by the Spirit... at His baptism,
14:20 and that's what the word "Messiah" means...
14:22 The Anointed One...
14:24 and in Mark chapter 1 verses 12 to 15,
14:27 right after Jesus was baptized, Jesus made an amazing statement.
14:32 In Mark chapter 1 verse 15, after He was baptized,
14:36 he said:
14:42 So when Jesus said, "The time is fulfilled... "
14:45 what time was He talking about?
14:47 There's really only one Old Testament "Time" Prophecy
14:53 that He could have been referring to,
14:55 and that was the prophecy in Daniel chapter 9 verse 25
14:58 that said, "... from the going forth of the commandment
15:01 to the Messiah the Prince, there would be... " so much time
15:04 and that time ended in 27 A.D.
15:06 and when Jesus Christ was baptized
15:08 He said, in Mark 1:15, "the time is fulfilled,
15:11 repent and believe the gospel. "
15:13 It's amazing and that prophecy and that statement of Christ...
15:16 it gives us confidence in the Bible,
15:19 it gives us confidence in prophecy,
15:21 it gives us confidence
15:22 that Jesus Christ is Himself truly the Messiah,
15:25 and that He was fulfilling Scripture...
15:27 just like the prophecy said that He would.
15:31 It's a wonderful prophecy to confirm our confidence
15:35 in God's book... in God's Word...
15:39 so, if we go the 7 weeks,
15:41 and then the 62 weeks,
15:44 which... a day for a year comes out to 483 years
15:46 from 457 to the coming of the Messiah,
15:49 that leaves... one week left which we find
15:53 in Daniel 9 verse 27, "... he shall confirm
15:57 the covenant with many
15:58 for one week;" which... a day for a year would be
16:02 one week... 7 days in a week,
16:03 which would come to a 7- year period.
16:06 So there's a 7-year period in Daniel 9:27,
16:09 but we have to find out what does this 7-year period
16:14 or who does the 7- year period apply to.
16:16 As I mentioned in Hal Lindsey's book,
16:20 The Late Great Planet Earth, on page 45,
16:23 he refers to Daniel 9:27 as God's last seven years
16:28 of dealing with the Jewish people,
16:30 and he interprets again verse 27 which says,
16:44 Hal Lindsey interprets the "he" as the antichrist
16:47 who will make a covenant with the Jewish people
16:51 but he will break that covenant,
16:53 in the middle of that 7- year period
16:55 and he will cause the
16:57 Jewish Temple worship and sacrifices to cease...
17:01 and then he quotes, Daniel 9:27, I've got it underlined here
17:05 in my copy of Pastor Lindsey's book.
17:09 Now, the question is, and here's the controversy,
17:14 is Pastor Lindsey's interpretation of Daniel 9:27...
17:19 is it actually a correct interpretation?
17:23 Should that last one-week period...
17:27 that 7-year period, at the end of the timeline...
17:31 should that period be moved all the way down
17:34 to the end of time
17:35 and called a "7-year period of tribulation?"
17:38 That's the question and then we get the controversy
17:41 if so... we got the Pre-Trib,
17:43 the Mid-Trib and the Post-Trib battle.
17:46 Well, let me give you eight different reasons right now
17:50 why the 70th week of the Daniel, that last 7-year period
17:54 actually was fulfilled 2,000 years ago.
17:58 I'll give you eight reasons.
18:00 Reason number one is that the 70-week timeline,
18:05 is a consecutive timeline, Gabriel said in verse 24,
18:08 "Seventy weeks are determined upon your people"
18:11 upon the Jewish people and there's no example
18:15 anywhere in the Bible or anywhere in history actually
18:18 where a timeline... a period of time...
18:22 is broken up where you take one part of it
18:25 and you move it down to a different part.
18:28 Seventy weeks is seventy weeks.
18:31 In the Bible the Bible says that the rain came down
18:34 in the days of Noah for 40 days and 40 nights.
18:36 Those were 40 days and 40 consecutive nights.
18:38 Israel was in Egypt for 400 years.
18:41 That was 400 consecutive years.
18:44 Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted by the devil...
18:47 the Bible says for 40 days,
18:48 those were 40 straight consecutive days
18:51 and it just makes sense, all the sense in the world
18:55 that the 70-week period would be 70 consecutive weeks
18:59 without a break.
19:00 The reason Number two and this makes perfect sense,
19:03 that the 70th week of Daniel would follow the 69th week.
19:07 It just doesn't make sense to take that 70th week
19:09 and move it down to the end of time
19:11 and call it a 7-year period of tribulation.
19:14 If I was living about an hour away from a certain city
19:19 and I said to somebody, "How long will it take me to...
19:21 it's 70 miles to get to the city how long will it take?"
19:24 and they said, "Oh about... I would think... "
19:26 well if they said that it was 70 miles,
19:28 I would assume it would be about an hour
19:30 for me to drive there,
19:31 but then if they said,
19:32 "No, actually it's going to take you two days
19:34 to get to that city because
19:35 in between the 69th and the 70th mile...
19:37 there are actually 2,000 miles.
19:39 That wouldn't make any sense at all
19:41 and it doesn't make sense that the 70th week
19:45 shouldn't follow the 69th week.
19:49 It makes sense that it does follow it.
19:51 So that's reason Number two.
19:53 Reason Number three is the entire prophecy,
19:55 is focused on the Messiah,
19:57 it's the Messiah that is mentioned in Daniel 9:25
20:01 from the going forth of the commandment
20:02 until the Messiah...
20:04 there will be 7 weeks and 62 weeks.
20:06 In verse 26, it talks about,
20:08 "... after the threescore and two weeks"
20:11 or the 62 weeks... "the Messiah would be cut off,"
20:14 So the context of the prophecy is the Messiah,
20:17 the word "antichrist" is not mentioned in the prophecy
20:19 anywhere...
20:21 it's not in Daniel 9 verses 24 to 27.
20:24 Reason Number four is... the text says,
20:26 in verse 27, that "he shall confirm the covenant"
20:32 who is "he"? Who would confirm?
20:36 In Romans chapter 15 verse 8, Paul said that
20:40 Jesus Christ came to confirm
20:42 the promises made to the fathers:"
20:45 You won't find anywhere in the Bible,
20:47 where antichrist confirms a covenant with anyone.
20:52 The word "covenant" is a Messianic term.
20:55 It applies to the Messiah and to what Jesus Christ does.
20:59 So, He shall confirm... that's reason Number four...
21:02 Number five: it says,
21:05 "He shall confirm the covenant with many... "
21:08 and these are almost the exact words of Jesus Christ
21:11 in Matthew 26 verse 28, the night before He died.
21:14 He took the bread... passed it out...
21:16 passed out the cup, and He told His disciples that
21:19 this is my blood of the New Covenant
21:22 shed for many for the forgiveness of sins.
21:25 The text says, "He shall confirm the covenant with many... "
21:29 Jesus said, "this is my blood of the New Covenant shed for many"
21:34 He was quoting Daniel 9:27.
21:37 Reason Number 6 is... it says,
21:40 not only that He would confirm
21:42 the covenant with many for one week,
21:45 which will be seven years, but in the midst of the week...
21:48 he would cause the sacrifice to cease.
21:51 The midst of the week would be after 3 and a 1/2 years.
21:55 It's a seven-year period, 3 and a 1/2 in...
21:58 would be the midst of the week,
21:59 and then there would be 3 and 1/2 more years
22:01 and the amazing thing is
22:02 is that Jesus Christ's ministry lasted...
22:04 His public ministry lasted exactly 3 and 1/2 years.
22:07 Right on time...
22:10 Before He died... he would say many times,
22:13 "My hour is not yet come, my hour is not yet come,"
22:15 and then finally when the time came,
22:17 He knew... the hour had come
22:18 because he was going to die on time.
22:21 He was baptized on time, He was born on time,
22:23 and He was going to die on time.
22:24 Going on, it says that he would
22:27 confirm the covenant with many for one week;
22:29 and in the midst of the week, what would He do?
22:31 He would cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.
22:36 And after 3 and 1/2 years of public ministry,
22:38 Jesus Christ died on the cross
22:42 and what happened to the sacrifices...
22:45 the Jewish sacrifices...
22:46 as far as their value when Jesus died?
22:49 The fact is... the truth is... they ceased
22:53 to be of value in the sight of God.
22:55 There was a hand that ripped the veil in the temple
22:57 from top to bottom... mysterious hand...
22:59 and that was God's way of showing
23:01 that the sacrificial system had come to an end.
23:04 That it was no longer of any value
23:06 because Jesus Christ, The Great Sacrifice,
23:09 had been offered on the cross for our sins, for yours and mine
23:12 and He died... perfectly right on time
23:15 right in the midst of the week.
23:16 That's when He caused the sacrifice to cease.
23:19 Point Number eight... the last point is...
23:21 that leaves us 3 and 1/2 years left.
23:24 The 3 and 1/2 years... Jesus was baptized in 27 A.D.
23:27 he died in 31 A.D. in the middle of the week,
23:29 and then the period ended in the year 34 A.D.
23:33 and it was in 34 A.D. that Stephen was stoned,
23:35 because he gave his appeal to the Sanhedrin
23:38 in Acts chapter 7, they rejected him.
23:40 It says that they stopped their ears,
23:42 they didn't want to hear anymore,
23:43 Stephen was about to die, he looked up
23:46 and he saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God,
23:50 his face was like an angel, and they killed him
23:53 and at that point,
23:54 in 34 A.D.,
23:56 that's when the church shifted its energies
24:00 and the gospel, in the book of Acts,
24:02 began to go to the Gentiles.
24:04 So the 70-week period
24:05 that was given for the Jewish people,
24:07 ended in 34 A.D and the gospel went to the Gentiles.
24:11 And so, point by point, the prophecy was fulfilled.
24:15 I have an ancient book here in my hands.
24:17 It's called, "Christ and the Antichrist"
24:18 it came out in the 1800s,
24:20 and it was written by an author
24:23 who was part of the Presbyterian Board of Publication,
24:25 and in this book, "Christ and the Antichrist"
24:28 published in 1846, it says on page 47,
24:32 that some time during the remaining seven years,
24:35 of Daniel 9:27, He... Jesus... was to die
24:39 as a sacrifice for sin.
24:41 One would think that the people among whom
24:43 this prophecy occurred could not possibly
24:46 have misunderstood the prophecy
24:48 and then it continues on page 49, and it says,
24:50 "the 70 weeks of Daniel have, therefore, certainly ended
24:53 many centuries ago. "
24:55 Matthew Henry, one of the most famous
24:58 Bible scholars, who has written a commentary
25:01 that is read by Christians around the world,
25:04 his comments on Daniel 9:27,
25:06 refers to the "he" as Jesus Christ.
25:08 that the covenant...
25:10 "This covenant He, Jesus, would confirm...
25:12 by His death and resurrection... a covenant of grace. "
25:15 The Adam, Jamieson and Clarke Commentary says the same thing.
25:21 Adam Clarke's... I'm sorry...
25:23 it's Jamieson Fausset and Brown's
25:26 Commentary says the same thing.
25:27 Adam Clarke, in Ancient Methodist Commentary,
25:29 he said the same thing
25:30 and all throughout Christian history
25:33 there have been scholars who have studied Daniel 9
25:38 and they put the pieces together that it was a consecutive period
25:41 it started with the time of Persia,
25:43 takes you down to Jesus' baptism
25:45 and then ends with the shift
25:47 to the gospel going to the Gentiles,
25:48 and right in the middle of the 70th week,
25:50 Jesus Christ died on the cross, causing the sacrifices to cease,
25:54 fulfilling Bible prophecy perfectly.
25:57 Daniel 9:27 confirms our faith in the Bible.
26:00 It confirms our faith in prophecy.
26:02 It confirms our faith in Jesus Christ
26:04 that He is our Messiah, and it confirms our faith
26:07 in His power and in His ability to forgive us for our sins.
26:12 Satan hates that prophecy,
26:13 he doesn't want us interpreting it correctly,
26:15 and he has pulled the wool over many sincere people's eyes,
26:19 and caused them to take that last seven years
26:22 and apply it at the end of time to the antichrist
26:24 when it really applies to Jesus Christ,
26:26 and the bottom line is that
26:27 there is really no future 7-year period of tribulation at all
26:31 based on Daniel 9:27, Jesus is the center
26:34 we need to accept Him now,
26:36 and get ready for His soon return.
26:38 Will Christians soon disappear
26:41 raptured before 7 years of tribulation
26:43 when the antichrist makes war against the Jews?
26:45 Jesus Christ gave this special warning about the last days.
26:49 "Take heed that no one deceives you!" in Matthew 24:4.
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