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00:08 Does Bible prophecy predict that the Jewish people
00:11 will rebuild their temple in Jerusalem?
00:13 You are about to find out on His Voice Today.
00:19 Welcome to another His Voice Today.
00:21 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:27 Welcome back to His Voice Today,
00:29 we are continuing a controversial series
00:32 dealing with Israel issues.
00:33 We have two programs to go,
00:35 we talked about: All Eyes on Israel
00:36 in the last program,
00:37 we talked about: Israel and Jesus Christ
00:40 and this program is called: Titanic Truths about the Temple.
00:46 Hold on to your seats, get ready...
00:48 we've got a lot to cover.
00:50 It is no secret that Christians around the world...
00:53 Bible-minded, Prophecy-focused Christians
00:57 are looking to Israel,
00:59 they are looking to the Temple Mount
01:00 and they are waiting with breathless longing
01:03 for Israel to put down the first stone
01:07 in the building of a Temple
01:08 which they see as... predicted in Scripture
01:12 and a Temple that will one day become
01:15 the "center of the storm... "
01:16 the eye of Bible Prophecy...
01:18 the focus of the book of Revelation.
01:20 In this series, we are examining some popular beliefs
01:25 and we're taking a closer look
01:27 to see what the Bible actually says
01:29 and so, we're going to revisit the topic of the Temple.
01:32 What does the Bible say?
01:34 There are actually three major verses
01:37 that are being used today
01:39 by sincere scholars,
01:40 prophecy teachers, they're quoted on television,
01:43 on the radio, they have been incorporated
01:46 into books, novels, television programs, and movies,
01:51 and these three proofs that are being offered
01:55 are the "proof texts" that are used to supposedly support
02:01 the structure that there will be, for sure,
02:04 a Temple rebuilt on the Temple Mount inside Jerusalem
02:08 this is what we're told,
02:09 something that is solid in Bible Prophecy...
02:13 three texts... the first section that is used
02:16 to support this teaching
02:18 is from the book of Daniel chapter 9 verse 27,
02:22 something that is supposed to happen
02:23 in the midst of what's called the 70th week of Daniel...
02:26 we'll take a look at that in a few moments.
02:28 The second text is from 2nd Thessalonians
02:31 chapter 2 verse 4 where Paul talks about
02:34 Antichrist entering the Temple of God,
02:36 and we'll look at that,
02:38 and then the last section that is used
02:40 is the book of Revelation and the many Temple texts
02:44 that are described in that book that are applied
02:47 to a rebuilt Jewish Temple over in Israel,
02:50 so, let's take a look at these three different areas
02:55 these three Scriptures
02:57 and Revelation deals with a host of Scriptures.
03:00 Let's go back to the book of Daniel chapter 9
03:05 and zero in on verse 27, Daniel 9 verse 27,
03:10 this is perhaps the "mother text"
03:11 in the Old Testament that Christians interpret to predict
03:18 that there must be a rebuilt temple over in Israel.
03:21 I'd like to read this text, Daniel 9:27,
03:24 the Bible says, "And he... "
03:26 and it's a controversial issue who "he" is,
03:29 "... he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week:
03:32 and in the midst of the week he will cause the sacrifice
03:35 and the oblation to cease... "
03:38 Hal Lindsey has written a book
03:41 called, "The Late Great Planet Earth"
03:42 it came out in the 70s, it's been a blockbuster success,
03:45 and there's a whole host of other books out there
03:48 that basically agreed with Pastor Lindsey
03:51 and this book interprets Daniel 9:27
03:55 as applying to Antichrist, in verse 40... or I'm sorry...
04:01 on page 45... Hal Lindsey talks about
04:04 God's last seven years of dealing with the Jewish people
04:07 and this is how he interprets verse 27 when it says,
04:10 "he shall confirm the covenant"
04:12 Hal Lindsey says that "he" is the Antichrist
04:15 and he will break his covenant with the Jewish people
04:18 and he will cause the Jewish Temple worship
04:20 according to the Law of Moses to cease...
04:23 and then he says, on page 46 of The Late Great Planet Earth,
04:27 "We must conclude, therefore,
04:30 that a third Temple will be rebuilt
04:33 upon its ancient site in Old Jerusalem. "
04:37 The idea is that if "he" is the Antichrist,
04:40 and if "his confirming the covenant"
04:42 means... he makes a covenant with the Jews,
04:44 and it says, "for one week"
04:46 he interprets the seven days of the week
04:49 to be seven years, of tribulation,
04:52 and if the Antichrist will do that...
04:54 and then it says, "in the midst of the week
04:56 which would be 3 and a 1/2 years into the tribulation,
04:58 "he" referring to the Antichrist according to Pastor Lindsey,
05:02 he shall cause the sacrifice
05:04 and the oblation to cease.
05:07 In order for the Antichrist to cause sacrifices to cease,
05:10 then they must have been restarted
05:12 and that's why Hal Lindsey says in his book,
05:15 "we must conclude, therefore," based on this text
05:19 and his interpretation of this text,
05:21 "that the sacrifices must be restarted
05:23 and the Temple must be rebuilt over in Israel. "
05:27 Now, I refer to Pastor Lindsey's interpretation
05:33 as the "New View" or the "New School"
05:36 it's amazing for Christians to discover
05:40 that this interpretation, which is so common today,
05:43 really was not understood,
05:46 at least the text wasn't interpreted that way
05:50 by well-respected Bible Commentators
05:52 in the past... including Matthew Henry who wrote the
05:55 most popular series of Commentaries ever
05:58 Adam Clarke,
06:00 the British Methodist he had a different view,
06:02 and so does the Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary
06:05 and so does this book that I've mentioned before
06:08 in previous programs called "Christ and the Anti-christ"
06:11 this book came out many, many years ago,
06:14 it came out in the 1800s, 1846...
06:17 it has a series of endorsements, at the beginning here
06:21 from people like Moses Hoge who was Presbyterian,
06:25 Pastor Robert Howell who was the Pastor
06:28 of the First Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee,
06:30 Edward Wadsworth, Pastor of the
06:33 Methodist Episcopal Church in Virginia,
06:34 James B. Taylor, the Corresponding Secretary
06:37 of the Foreign Mission Board,
06:39 of the Southern Baptist Convention
06:41 in Richmond, Virginia,
06:42 they all endorsed this book,
06:43 and this book takes a very different view of Daniel 9:27.
06:47 It refers to the 70th week, that last seven years,
06:51 and on page 47,
06:53 it says, "Sometime during that remaining seven years,
06:57 Jesus was to die as a sacrifice for sin,
07:00 here are illusions to events so palpable
07:04 P A L P A B L E that one would think that the
07:07 people among whom this prophecy occurred
07:09 could not possibly have misapplied the prophecy. "
07:12 This book says, "The 70 weeks of Daniel
07:15 are in the past,
07:17 centuries ago, we are not to look to the future
07:20 for the fulfillment of these predictions
07:22 we must look to the past, and if to the past...
07:24 where is there one who can have any adequate claims
07:27 to being the subject of these prophecies...
07:29 only Jesus... He and He only can claim them
07:32 and to Him they most certainly refer. "
07:38 This book and many other books, the Old School...
07:41 interpret the Bible this way, that when verse 27 says,
07:46 "... he shall confirm"
07:48 that "he" is Jesus Christ and the context
07:51 of verses 24 to 27, focus on the Messiah,
07:53 the word "Antichrist" is not mentioned in this text,
07:57 the Old School interprets the 70th week of Daniel,
08:00 as following the 69th week that when the prophecy says
08:03 there will be 70 weeks... we have that 70th week...
08:06 which is understood as 7 years,
08:08 which I agree with, it is seven years...
08:10 but is that seven years in the future
08:12 or did the seven-year period of Daniel 9:27
08:16 occur in the past?
08:17 Now, the Old School says
08:18 that the 70th week follows the 69th week.
08:21 He shall confirm the covenant...
08:24 the word "confirm" is used by Paul in Romans 15 verse 8
08:27 that says that Jesus will confirm
08:29 the promises made to the Fathers.
08:31 He will confirm the covenant with many for one week...
08:34 the words "covenant" and "many" are the exact words
08:37 that Jesus Christ used the night before He died.
08:39 In Matthew 26 verse 28, Jesus broke the bread
08:42 and passed out the juice and He said,
08:44 "... this is my blood of the new covenant
08:46 which is shed for many for the forgiveness of sins. "
08:49 So Jesus used the word "covenant" and "many"
08:52 and it says He would do this for one week
08:55 and in the midst of the week
08:57 which would be 3 and a 1/2 years in,
08:58 and Jesus' public ministry was exactly...
09:01 from His baptism to His death, 3 and a 1/2 years,
09:03 it says, "in the midst of the week,
09:05 He would cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease. "
09:09 So the Old School understands this as applying to Jesus Christ
09:13 in His death on the cross which put an end
09:15 to the sacrifices of the Jewish Temple System,
09:20 they were no longer of any value
09:22 when Jesus died, He's the great sacrifice
09:25 and then in 70 A.D.
09:26 when the Romans came and destroyed the Temple...
09:28 the Temple was burned to the ground
09:30 and the sacrifices have never been restarted
09:32 because there isn't a Temple over there
09:35 and so Protestant Scholars of the past
09:37 have understood Daniel 9:27 as applying only to Jesus Christ
09:43 and it makes sense when you think about
09:45 the whole issue of the sacrifices.
09:48 In the book of Hebrews chapter 10 verse 12,
09:52 the Bible says that Jesus Christ
09:53 offered one sacrifice for sins forever... only one...
09:59 there would never be anymore sacrifices.
10:00 In Hebrews chapter 9 verse 1,
10:02 the Bible talks about the Old Covenant Sanctuary
10:05 and the Temple Service and then in chapter 8 verse 31
10:09 it says that that old Temple Service
10:11 was getting ready to vanish away
10:13 and it did vanish away in 70 A.D.
10:15 when it was destroyed by the Romans.
10:17 Now think about it, let's just say
10:19 that the Jewish people did rebuild a Temple over in Israel
10:24 and let's say that they did restart sacrifices,
10:27 what would the reinstitution of those sacrifices
10:31 be saying to God,
10:32 what would it be saying to Jesus Christ?
10:36 Could the Lord bless such an endeavor?
10:39 Well, according to the Bible,
10:40 Jesus offered one sacrifice forever.
10:43 When He said, "It is finished," it was done
10:46 and if the Jewish people rebuild a Temple
10:50 and restart sacrifices,
10:51 those sacrifices would be a public,
10:55 official and open and obvious and blatant
10:59 denial that Jesus Christ was the final sacrifice...
11:04 He died for the sins of the world.
11:06 Could God bless the reinstituting of sacrifices
11:11 that ended with the death of His Son?
11:15 The answer is obvious,
11:17 He could never bless such an endeavor.
11:21 And so, primary argument number one,
11:25 from Daniel 9:27 where this verse is interpreted,
11:28 that He would cause the sacrifices to cease,
11:30 this is applied to the Antichrist in the future
11:33 during the seven-year tribulation,
11:34 to me the evidence just doesn't fit that view.
11:37 I believe in the Old School represented by this book,
11:41 represented by Matthew Henry,
11:42 Adam Clarke, Jamieson, Fausset and Brown,
11:44 scholars for hundreds of years who have interpreted this text
11:49 as applying to Jesus Christ who confirmed the covenant
11:53 and especially in the midst of the seven years
11:57 when He died on the cross and put an end to all sacrifices.
12:03 So if you understand this text that way,
12:06 and if you understand that the 70th week
12:08 logically follows the 69th week,
12:11 and that this is history centered in Jesus Christ,
12:15 then the first argument of Daniel 9:27
12:21 supporting the concept of a rebuilt Temple over in Israel,
12:25 that argument just really doesn't...
12:30 it doesn't work, so that's argument Number One.
12:33 What about the Second One?
12:34 What about 2 Thessalonians chapter 2?
12:37 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 4
12:41 finds Paul talking about the coming of Antichrist
12:45 and about the Antichrist entering the Temple of God
12:51 now let's take a look at this.
12:52 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 1,
12:55 Paul said, "We beseech you, brethren,"
12:57 he's writing to the church,
12:58 "by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,"
13:00 when Jesus will come...
13:01 "and by our gathering together to him. "
13:03 Jesus is going to come down,
13:05 and He's going to gather His church,
13:06 from around the world, verse 3, Paul says:
13:42 So here's the text.
13:44 Christians today often look at this verse
13:46 and say, "Well look, Paul predicted
13:48 that this man of sin would enter into the temple of God
13:54 and he would show himself that he is God"
13:58 and they interpret this text they say,
14:00 "See, there's got to be a Temple over in Israel
14:03 for the Antichrist to walk into and show himself that he's God
14:07 during the seven years of tribulation. "
14:09 But the question is,
14:13 "Is that really what this text is saying?"
14:16 Again, I refer to the view that I just shared
14:20 as the "New View"
14:22 believe it or not, there is another view,
14:24 there is an older view... there is an ancient view
14:27 that was taught by many, many, many Protestant Scholars
14:32 for hundreds of years,
14:35 I've got in my hands here
14:37 a book called, "Romanism And The Reformation"
14:39 written by a man by the name of H. Grattan Guinness.
14:43 Guinness has been dead for a long time,
14:45 he wrote this book in the late 1800s... in the 1890s...
14:48 at least that's when it was published,
14:50 he has been called England's greatest
14:52 Bible Prophecy Teacher ever and in this book
14:55 and I've read it from cover to cover,
14:56 he agrees with Charles Spurgeon,
15:00 the great Baptist Pastor in London,
15:02 he agrees with John Calvin, who wrote, "The Institutes... "
15:06 who started the Presbyterian Church
15:07 he agreed with John Wesley who founded the Methodist Church
15:11 in Wesley's comments
15:14 he talked about 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2
15:16 he agrees with Matthew Henry, the great Commentator
15:21 who in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2
15:24 had a very different view of the Temple... what this means.
15:28 Now let's just take a close look at it
15:30 and see what Paul is really talking about.
15:32 In verse 3 he said again,
15:34 "Let no man deceive you by any means:
15:36 for that day will not come,
15:38 except there come a falling away first,"
15:41 the expression "falling away" the Greek word is Apostasia
15:45 which means that there would be an apostasy or a falling away
15:48 from Jesus and from Bible truth
15:50 that would happen in Christian history
15:52 and this would happen before Jesus comes to gather us.
15:56 It says, "there will be a falling away first,
15:58 and that man of sin would be revealed, the son of perdition;"
16:03 that "man of sin" is a reference to Daniel 7 verse 8
16:08 where Paul talked about a little horn
16:10 rising up out of the head of the beast
16:12 who had eyes like the eyes of a man
16:14 and a mouth speaking great things
16:16 and it says that that man of sin
16:18 would oppose and exalt himself
16:21 above all that is called God or that is worshipped
16:23 so that he... as God would sit in the temple of God
16:28 showing himself that he is God.
16:31 The word for temple... the Greek word,
16:34 you don't have to be a Greek scholar to understand the Bible
16:36 but sometimes it's helpful.
16:37 Now the Greek word that Paul used here was "Naos"
16:43 Naos for Temple, and when Paul used that word
16:48 in his writings, he never applied it
16:51 to a literal rebuilt temple over in Israel.
16:56 Let me show you how he used that word.
17:00 In 1st Corinthians chapter 1 verse 2,
17:03 Paul is writing to the church of God
17:06 and then in chapter 3 verse 16,
17:09 writing to the church, Paul said,
17:12 "Know ye not that you are
17:15 the temple of God,
17:17 and the Spirit of God dwells in you?"
17:18 So... and the word he used here was Naos...
17:22 that the church is the Naos or the temple of God.
17:26 In Ephesians chapter 2, Paul used the word again.
17:31 Ephesians chapter 2 verse 22, Paul is writing to the church,
17:37 21 and 22... and he said that you as a church...
17:54 So, here we've got the word "temple" applying to Christians
17:58 who are being built up into this temple
18:00 and the Greek word there
18:01 that Paul used for "temple" was Naos.
18:03 Naos... and he was applying that to the church.
18:09 Guinness... in his book, "Romanism And The Reformation,"
18:12 has a whole section on the use of this word
18:16 and the Antichrist coming in to this...
18:19 to the temple of God,
18:21 let me see if I can find that quote, here it is...
18:25 page 49... Paul talks about the son of perdition
18:29 which is 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 3
18:32 which is a term that Jesus applied to Judas
18:36 in John 17:12, he referred to Judas as the "son of perdition"
18:40 Judas was an insider...
18:42 a disciple who betrayed Christ with a kiss
18:45 and Guinness applies
18:46 "the son of perdition" to a secret enemy
18:50 who seems to be a friend,
18:52 a familiar friend yet a fatal foe
18:54 who betrays with a kiss and says, "Hail Master"
18:57 and then he goes on and says,
18:58 "Observe the place occupied by the man of sin
19:00 which is the temple or the house of God. "
19:03 Guinness says, "This is not and cannot be any Jewish temple.
19:07 Paul who uses this expression in his prophetic portrait
19:11 of Romanism employs it both in Corinthians
19:15 which we've seen and Ephesians which we've seen
19:17 with reference to the Christian church.
19:19 To Paul emphatically
19:21 the temple of God was the church of Christ.
19:24 This is the temple in which
19:26 his prophetic eye saw the man of sin seated. "
19:30 It's a fact that Protestant Scholars,
19:34 Luther, Calvin, Huss, Jerome, Wesley, Spurgeon,
19:37 the list goes on and on... Jamieson, Fausset and Brown,
19:41 Adam Clarke and Matthew Henry's Commentary,
19:43 all applied 2nd Thessalonians 2 verses 3 and 4,
19:46 to a falling away,
19:48 and to the development of the Papal power
19:50 and to an apostasy centered in Rome
19:53 that was centered in a man... in a leader of the Roman Church,
19:58 who brought his traditions and his theories
20:02 into the Temple of God which is the church
20:05 bringing traditions into Christianity
20:09 just like Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss
20:12 so this is someone that claims to be a friend
20:16 but actually leads away from Jesus and from solid Bible truth
20:20 that's the way they understood this prophecy.
20:22 I'm not creating something that isn't real
20:25 but this is a fact, study history,
20:27 study the Protestant Scholars, they all applied
20:30 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2... the temple of God to the church
20:34 that apostasy and corruption had come into...
20:37 as a result of the Papal power, now, think about this,
20:41 Paul said that the Antichrist would bring his deceptions
20:45 into the temple of God...
20:47 it's the temple of God, Paul says.
20:50 If the Jewish people
20:51 ever did rebuild the temple,
20:53 just about... like I talked about the sacrifice,
20:55 if they restarted their sacrifices,
20:57 could God ever bless those sacrifices,
20:59 since those sacrifices pointed forward to Jesus Christ?
21:02 Definitely not.
21:04 And if they rebuilt the temple,
21:05 and restarted sacrifices, think about this,
21:08 could that temple ever legitimately
21:12 be called "The Temple of God"
21:15 if that temple... by its very nature and the sacrifices,
21:20 by their very nature... are an actual denial of Jesus Christ
21:24 and His death on the cross?
21:26 It's impossible.
21:28 If the Jewish people did rebuild the temple
21:30 it could never be called "The Temple of God"
21:33 because its sacrifices would deny God's own Son.
21:35 And so, based on that
21:37 and based on all the research that I've done,
21:39 it just doesn't make sense that 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2
21:43 verse 4 would be applied to a rebuilt temple
21:46 especially when the Greek word, "Naos" is always applied
21:49 in 1st Corinthians 3:16 and Ephesians 2:21 and 22,
21:54 to the Christian church.
21:56 So that's argument Number two, we've looked at Daniel 9:27,
22:00 we've looked at 2nd Thessalonians 2:4,
22:02 now the last basic argument is based upon a series of texts
22:07 which are in the book of Revelation
22:09 and I call them "Temple Texts. "
22:11 Temple Texts in Revelation.
22:13 The temple is mentioned many times in Revelation,
22:17 it is true, but if you look carefully
22:19 at these verses, honestly, and I've done this many times,
22:22 you'll never find one text
22:25 in Revelation
22:26 applying to an earthly temple, not a one...
22:30 Revelation 11:19 talks about the temple of God
22:33 which was opened in heaven and there was seen in His temple
22:37 the ark of His testament and there are lightnings,
22:39 noises, thunderings, an earthquake,
22:41 and a great hail. "
22:42 So, here is the temple of God... but it's up there in heaven
22:45 where Jesus Christ is our great High Priest.
22:48 Revelation 16 verse 1, John wrote,
22:52 "... I heard a great voice out of the temple"
22:54 and it's the temple up in heaven,
22:56 saying to the seven angels, 'Go your ways
22:58 and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. '"
23:01 Revelation 16 verse 16,
23:04 which talks about the battle of Armageddon,
23:06 describes how "he gathered them together
23:09 to a place called in the Hebrew tongue, Armageddon. "
23:12 The very next verse says,
23:13 "and the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air;
23:17 and there came a great voice" a booming voice...
23:20 "out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying,
23:26 'it is done!'" and then...
23:28 all these things happen on the earth,
23:30 there's a huge earthquake,
23:31 the cities of the nations crumble,
23:33 the mountains sink, the islands disappear,
23:36 and great Babylon is destroyed at the end of chapter 16.
23:42 And so, when you look up the word, "Temple"
23:44 another text in the book of Revelation
23:48 also chapter 15 verse 5, says that
23:57 Revelation 11:19, Revelation 15:5,
24:00 Revelation 16:1, Revelation 16:17,
24:05 all of these verses apply to the temple of God in heaven
24:09 and it's significant that right after the word,
24:12 "Armageddon" is used in chapter 16 verse 16,
24:14 then the voice of God thunders from the heavenly temple
24:18 and says, "It's done. "
24:20 The focus of Revelation... the focus of the conflict...
24:25 that leads up to the battle of Armageddon,
24:27 is not an earthly temple,
24:29 it's Jesus Christ and the forces of God
24:32 against the forces of the devil,
24:34 and the forces of God are centered
24:38 in Jesus Christ as our great High Priest
24:40 and in His work in the heavenly temple
24:42 and in his ministry to cleanse us from our sins
24:46 by His blood and as Hebrews says
24:48 in chapter 8 and in chapter 10 about the new covenant,
24:52 Jesus wants to write His law in our hearts
24:55 and this is the work that God is trying to accomplish
24:58 to prepare us for the return of Jesus Christ.
25:02 So, "Titanic Truths about the Temple"
25:05 Daniel 9:27 really doesn't support a rebuilt temple theory
25:10 because it applies to Jesus Christ
25:11 and what He did in the past when He died on the cross
25:14 as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.
25:16 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 4,
25:18 talks about the temple of God which doesn't apply
25:21 to a rebuilt temple because God's temple is his church
25:25 and we must be on our guard against deceptions
25:28 that Satan is trying to bring in... to the church
25:31 and in the book of Revelation, the temple...
25:33 over and over again is always referred to...
25:35 always referred to as the temple of God in heaven
25:38 where Jesus Christ is our great High Priest.
25:41 On April 10, 1912... the Titanic set sail,
25:44 on her maiden voyage, across the Atlantic,
25:46 from England to New York,
25:48 nobody expected that she could sink
25:50 because she was considered "unsinkable"
25:53 but she did... she hit the ice... she went down
25:56 approximately 2,200 passengers
25:59 still on board the unsinkable Titanic,
26:02 ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
26:06 We must beware of doctrines
26:10 that may consider themselves "unsinkable"
26:13 but when we really study our Bibles carefully,
26:17 they just aren't there.
26:19 May God help us to study Daniel, to study Revelation,
26:24 to study the New Testament,
26:25 to focus our lives on Jesus Christ,
26:27 not to be led astray by fables
26:30 but to follow the truth only of the Word of God
26:32 so we can be prepared for His return.
26:35 You have just heard His Voice Today.
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