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00:09 The beast, is he coming or is he here now?
00:13 You're about to discover the facts on His Voice Today.
00:20 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:23 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:27 The Bible says in Revelation 13:3
00:31 that "All the world wondered after the beast."
00:35 The title of this message is called The Beast Identified.
00:39 It's no secret that the majority
00:40 of Bible prophecy teachers, as they read Revelation,
00:46 and read about the beast, they think that the beast
00:48 is going to be one super bad man,
00:52 who is going to come in the future,
00:54 who is not here yet.
00:57 Is that view correct, or isn't it?
01:02 This whole topic reminds me of a very interesting article
01:04 that came out.
01:06 It was published by the Associated Press
01:08 in the year 2004.
01:10 And this was the title of the story,
01:12 it said "FBI apologizes
01:14 to American lawyer wrongly arrested."
01:18 What happened was,
01:19 there was a terrorist bomb attack that hit Spain
01:22 and there were 191 people that were killed,
01:25 and as the FBI examined the crime scene
01:29 and tried to find out who did it
01:32 through their very sophisticated
01:34 FBI finger analysis, they came to the conclusion,
01:39 a fingerprint analysis, they came to the conclusion
01:41 that the evidence pointed to a Portland,
01:45 Oregon attorney,
01:46 whose name was Brandon Mayfield, a Muslim.
01:49 And so based upon their fingerprint analysis,
01:52 they had the man arrested and thrown in Jail.
01:54 Well, as the story continued,
01:58 this is what the report finally brought out.
02:00 That court documents released on Monday suggested
02:03 that the mistake arrested,
02:06 "The mistaken arrest first sprang
02:08 from an error by the FBI's supercomputer
02:11 for matching fingerprints."
02:13 They found the wrong guy,
02:15 it wasn't Brandon Mayfield at all.
02:18 And so he was released from prison.
02:21 And at the end of the report, it says that
02:24 "The embarrassed agency finally acknowledge."
02:27 The FBI finally acknowledged "That they needed to review
02:30 their practices of fingerprint analysis."
02:34 They thought they had the right guy,
02:36 but they didn't, they had the wrong man.
02:38 When it comes to the topic of the beast,
02:41 is it possible that the fingerprint analysis
02:45 of the majority of the prophecy minded
02:47 Christian world has made a mistake.
02:51 Is it possible that the beast is here now
02:54 and is that the beast is not?
02:57 What they or who they think it is?
02:59 Well, we're gonna tackle this topic,
03:01 and we're gonna try to find out from the Bible.
03:03 Now first of all, I want to make it very clear
03:06 that Daniel 7 and Revelation 13
03:10 go together like a lock and a key.
03:12 And most prophecy scholars recognize this,
03:15 that when you compare what Daniel 7 says
03:18 about the little horn,
03:19 to what Revelation 13 says about the beast,
03:23 they're definitely talking about the same thing.
03:25 And I'll just make this clear to you.
03:27 Daniel 7 talks about a little horn
03:30 and in verse 8, it says,
03:32 "This horn had a mouth speaking great things."
03:35 In Revelation 13:5, it says
03:40 "There was given to the beast a mouth speaking great things."
03:44 In Daniel 7:21 Daniel wrote that
03:50 "I beheld and low the same horn
03:52 made war with the saints, and prevailed against them."
03:55 In Revelation 13:7 it says about the beast
03:59 "That it was given to him to make war
04:01 with the saints and to overcome them."
04:03 In Daniel 7:25 Daniel predicts
04:08 that the "Little horn would roll
04:10 for a certain amount of time."
04:11 In Revelation 13:5,
04:15 "The same amount of time is listed."
04:17 And so and just about all scholars
04:19 who study prophecy recognize this.
04:21 That when you look at Daniel 7
04:23 what it says about the little horn
04:25 and when you look at Revelation 13,
04:27 what it says about the beast,
04:28 it's very obvious that the horn
04:30 and the beast refer to the same thing,
04:33 whoever or whatever it is.
04:38 So what we're gonna do
04:39 is we're gonna go back to Daniel 7.
04:41 And we're going to try to put the pieces together
04:44 and do our own fingerprint analysis
04:46 and see what conclusion we can come to.
04:50 So let's do it.
04:51 Daniel 7:1 and 2 the context is given,
04:57 where Daniel is in Babylon, he's living in during the time
05:01 of king Belshazzar, he's a Jewish captive,
05:04 taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar and he's in Babylon,
05:08 Belshazzar is now ruling.
05:09 Daniel goes to bed one night and he has a dream.
05:13 And in his dream in verse 2, he said,
05:16 "I saw in my vision by night,
05:19 behold, the four winds of the heaven
05:21 strove upon the great sea."
05:23 In verse 3 Daniel said, "I saw four great beasts
05:28 coming up from the sea, diverse one from another."
05:32 Verse 4 describes the first beast
05:34 "It was like a lion that had eagle's wings."
05:37 Verse 5, "Daniel saw another beast,
05:39 a second one like a bear."
05:42 Verse 6, "After this I beheld,
05:44 and lo another, like a leopard."
05:46 And then verse 7,
05:48 "After this I saw in the night visions,
05:49 behold a fourth beast, it was dreadful,
05:53 it was terrible, it was strong, it had great iron teeth:
05:57 it devoured and broke in pieces,
05:58 and stamped the residue with the feet of it:
06:01 it was different from all the beasts
06:02 that were before it, and it had ten horns."
06:05 Verse 8, "I considered the horns,
06:08 and, behold, there came up among them
06:10 another little horn,
06:12 before whom there were three of the first horns
06:14 plucked up by the roots:
06:15 and, behold, in this horn there were eyes
06:18 like the eyes of a man,
06:21 and a mouth speaking great things."
06:24 And then Daniel continues on
06:26 and hence describes many things.
06:28 And he also said in verse 21 as we already read
06:31 "I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints,
06:34 and prevailed against them."
06:36 So here we have a scene,
06:38 and when we look at the sequence
06:39 it's very, very clear
06:41 what Daniel is describing so far.
06:44 He saw four beasts, he saw a lion,
06:46 a bear, a leopard,
06:49 and a dragon like beast with 10 horns.
06:51 And then, in the middle of those horns,
06:54 another horn came up and a 11th horn that plucked up
06:59 three of the 10
07:01 and in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man
07:05 and a mouth speaking great things.
07:08 And this horn eventually made war with the saints
07:11 and prevailed against them.
07:13 And when you compare Daniel 7's description of the little horn
07:16 with Revelation's 13's description of the beast,
07:20 it's very clear that the horn
07:22 and the beast are the same thing.
07:24 So if we can identify the horn,
07:26 then obviously we can identify the beast.
07:29 So let's look closer at Daniel 7.
07:33 What do these four beasts represent first of all,
07:35 the lion, the bear, the leopard,
07:37 and the dragon like beast with 10 horns?
07:40 Well, we don't have to, I don't have to guess.
07:43 We don't have to speculate, I'm not a prophecy magician,
07:47 who will pull an interpretation out of the hat.
07:50 I want to be a faithful man of God,
07:52 who studies the Bible,
07:54 and who let's the Bible interpret itself
07:56 and in verse 23 we have a very clear
07:59 inspired explanation as to what a beast represents
08:03 and in this verse it will be clear
08:05 that a beast is, it's not a computer.
08:08 Some people believe the beast
08:09 is some big supercomputer in Belgium
08:11 and the beast at least this interpretation
08:15 from verse 23 shows that
08:17 these four beasts do not represent four people.
08:22 I'll let the angel answer the question,
08:25 what is a beast?
08:26 Thus he said, this is an angle interpreting
08:30 Daniel's dream to him and to us "Thus he said,
08:34 "The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth."
08:42 The fourth beast is the fourth kingdom.
08:44 Not the fourth beast is the fourth computer
08:46 and not the fourth beast is the fourth man.
08:48 But the fourth beast is the fourth kingdom.
08:51 Now if the fourth beast is the fourth kingdom,
08:53 then obviously, what would the third beast be?
08:55 The third kingdom, second beast would be the second kingdom,
08:58 and the first beast would be the first kingdom.
09:00 These four beasts in Daniel 7 and remember this chapter
09:03 parallels Revelation 13 perfectly.
09:06 These four beasts represent four different great kingdoms
09:11 or nations that would rise and fall
09:15 on the stage of world history.
09:18 Just about any Bible scholar worth his salt
09:22 and just about any Bible commentary
09:25 on Daniel and Revelation that's worth anything.
09:28 So far they're in agreement, when it comes to the identity
09:32 of these first four beasts.
09:34 And Daniel was living
09:36 during the time of ancient Babylon.
09:39 We know that from verse 1.
09:44 "In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon
09:46 Daniel had a dream"
09:48 and the lion is described as a lion with eagle's wings."
09:51 I've been to Pergamon Museum in Germany,
09:54 in my travels in Europe.
09:55 And they have, in that museum there is a reconstruction
09:59 of what's called the "Ishtar Gate"
10:01 which is the old ancient gate of the Babylonian empire
10:04 and there is a procession way also that's been reconstructed
10:07 from other ruins of Babylon.
10:10 And all throughout that procession way
10:11 and on that gate, there are winged lions,
10:14 because a winged lion
10:16 was a symbol of ancient Babylon.
10:18 So we can nail that down,
10:19 and just about all scholars recognized that
10:21 the winged lion in Daniel 7:4
10:26 represents the nation of Babylon.
10:27 Babylon eventually fell, and it was conquered
10:29 by the next nation
10:31 which was the Medo-Persian power.
10:33 And then Medo-Persia went down and the next nation rose,
10:37 which was the nation of Greece.
10:38 And then when Greece finally fell,
10:41 the next world power that was extremely powerful,
10:44 that was stronger, strong exceedingly
10:47 dreadful and terrible,
10:48 and stronger than any other nation.
10:50 As prophecy predicts, it was the Roman Empire,
10:53 the great empire of Rome.
10:56 So Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome,
10:58 that's basic history, it lines up with prophecy,
11:01 these are the four beasts described in Daniel 7:4-7.
11:08 Now we move on that fourth beast
11:10 representing the Roman Empire had 10 horns
11:13 and the 10 horns represent
11:15 the breakdown of the Roman Empire
11:17 and it's division by 12 various Barbarian nations
11:22 that swept down from the north and divided up the Roman Empire
11:26 in the fifth and the sixth centuries.
11:29 And that's basic history.
11:30 Rome did go down and Europe was divided
11:33 among 10 dominant horns,
11:36 who settled throughout the area of Europe,
11:40 or at least most of them, because there were three
11:42 that were plucked which we'll get to in a minute.
11:44 Verse 8 Daniel said, "I considered the horns,
11:48 the 10 horns and then behold,
11:49 there came up another one, a little horn."
11:53 There was that little horn
11:54 that parallels the beast in Revelation.
11:56 "Before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up
11:58 by the roots: and, behold, in this horn there were eyes
12:02 like the eyes of a man,
12:05 and a mouth speaking great things."
12:07 This is the horn that made war with the saints
12:10 and this is the horn
12:12 that parallels the beast in Revelation 13.
12:17 Now let me just give you a little orientation
12:20 to different prophetic views.
12:22 There is one prophetic view
12:23 which is called futurism promoted by futurists.
12:27 And that view basically says that,
12:29 that little horn refers to one bad guy at the very end,
12:34 often who will come after the rapture
12:36 that's what dominant view of those in the futurist school
12:40 and that's what they believe.
12:42 There is also another contending interpretive view
12:46 which is called the preterist view.
12:48 And preterist basically believe that
12:50 that little horn represented Nero,
12:53 who viciously waged war on early Christians
12:58 and that's what they think
13:00 that the little horn is long gone,
13:04 he came long time ago for century,
13:06 it's Nero and it's over.
13:10 Now there are two problems with these views,
13:14 one with each view.
13:16 The problem with the futurist view
13:18 is that when you look at the prophecy
13:20 in Daniel 7 you've got a lion,
13:22 Babylon followed by the Persian bear,
13:24 followed by the leopard Greece, followed by the Roman Empire,
13:28 followed by the 10 horns,
13:30 and then the little horn comes up among the 10.
13:33 And what the futurist view basically does
13:36 is it goes down Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome
13:38 and then it cuts off the prophecy
13:42 and puts a 1,500 year gap
13:45 from the fall of the Roman Empire
13:46 until the rise of the little horn.
13:48 And yet the prophecy is sequential.
13:51 So that's one big problem.
13:52 Now the problem with the preterist view
13:54 is that in their view, the little horn was Nero,
13:58 who came in the first century.
13:59 But the sequence of the prophecy
14:02 shows the little horn rising
14:04 after the 10 horns were in place,
14:06 which would mean after the Roman Empire went down,
14:09 and after the 10 horns came up,
14:12 which was after the fourth, fifth and sixth centuries.
14:16 So that was long after the time of Nero.
14:18 So Nero just doesn't fit the sequence of the prophecy.
14:23 So there is problems with the futurist view
14:25 and there's problems with the preterist view.
14:29 What many people don't realize today
14:31 is that there is another view, there is a third view
14:36 which has come to be called the historicist view,
14:40 which used to be the view of the Protestant reformers
14:44 in the 15th and 16th century.
14:48 And as I identified the little horn,
14:53 I want to let you know that I strongly believe
14:55 that the Protestant historicist view is correct
14:59 and I'll you why in just a minute,
15:01 that the evidence fits that view.
15:05 But I want to make it very clear,
15:07 very clear that I do not believe
15:09 that the irrefutable finger of prophecy
15:14 is really pointing to individual people,
15:18 people who really don't know this prophecy,
15:21 people who are sincere, doing the best they can,
15:25 people who are trying their best to follow God.
15:27 I don't believe that the finger of prophecy
15:29 is pointing to you as a person.
15:32 I believe that the finger of prophecy
15:33 is pointing to a system to a kingdom
15:37 which fits all of the evidence of Daniel 7
15:41 very, very clearly, exactly without any flaw or mistake.
15:49 God is talking about a system,
15:51 a beast system that is actually centered in a man.
15:57 That's why we have the horn with eyes
15:59 like the eyes of a man, it is centered in a man,
16:03 but it is a kingdom, it is a system
16:05 and it is actually leading millions
16:09 and has been leading millions for a long time
16:13 away from simple child like faith in Jesus Christ,
16:18 as the only way to the fathers.
16:20 We talked about in the last program
16:21 about the antichrist.
16:23 Jesus said in John 14:6,
16:25 "I am the way, the truth, and the life:
16:27 and no man comes unto the Father,
16:29 to the Father in heaven but by me."
16:31 1 Timothy 2:5 says that "There is only mediator
16:35 between God and men
16:36 and it is the man Christ Jesus."
16:41 So who is the beast, that's the question?
16:44 Who is this beast?
16:49 Are you ready for an answer and I want you know that
16:53 I didn't make up this answers,
16:54 so if you don't appreciate the answer,
16:57 please try not to blame me.
17:00 I didn't have the dream in Daniel 7,
17:03 I didn't write the Bible,
17:05 I didn't put these facts together
17:07 and I've done a lot of homework on this,
17:09 I've got here, in front of me a stack of books.
17:12 Books by various authors that support
17:15 what I'm about to tell you.
17:18 There's really only one power that fits the prophecy.
17:24 But after Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome
17:28 and Rome was divided into 10 horns,
17:30 dividing up the Roman Empire that this new power came up
17:34 right in the middle of the Roman Empire
17:36 uprooted three of the ten established itself in Europe,
17:41 did have eyes like the eyes of a man,
17:43 centered in a man,
17:45 with a mouth making great claims
17:47 and it eventually did make war against the saints
17:51 and overcome them
17:53 for hundreds and hundreds of years.
17:56 A horrible atrocities were committed
17:58 in the name of Jesus Christ by this horn.
18:02 In the 1500s a man named Martin Luther
18:05 got hold of the Bible for the first time in his life.
18:07 The first Bible that was printed
18:10 was in the year 1450 in Germany
18:13 as a result of the Gutenberg Press
18:16 and this, the first book off the press,
18:18 the printing press,
18:20 first printing press was a Bible.
18:21 And as the Bible began to circulate
18:23 throughout Europe in the 1500s a Roman Catholic priest
18:26 by the name of Martin Luther
18:28 got hold of the Bible began to read.
18:29 And as he began to study the Bible,
18:32 he came to some shocking conclusions
18:34 and he began to share his conclusions
18:37 and yet he was opposed, he was deeply opposed,
18:40 viciously opposed by the powers that'd be,
18:43 and that drove Luther to the Bible even more to study
18:47 and to find out what it had to say.
18:49 And then he studied prophecy and this is what he found.
18:51 And I'm gonna give you a quote from Martin Luther himself,
18:54 that is inside my book End Time Delusions,
18:57 I've written a book End Time Delusions,
18:58 that's White Horse Media's most popular book.
19:00 And it documents Luther's quote
19:03 and quotes from these other books
19:05 that support everything I'm telling you.
19:08 This is what Luther said, Luther wrote that
19:11 "Daniel saw that terrible wild beast
19:15 which had 10 horns,
19:16 which by the consent of all is the Roman Empire.
19:20 He also beheld another small horn
19:22 coming up in the middle of this.
19:25 This is the people power
19:28 which rose up in the middle of the Roman Empire."
19:33 The facts are here, I have a book called Romanism
19:36 and the Reformation by Guinness, which is one of,
19:39 he was one of England's greatest prophecy teachers.
19:41 Here's the history of the reformation
19:44 in the 16th century by Merle D'Aubigne,
19:48 and D'Aubigne documents the same thing.
19:51 Here's the Foxe's Book of Martyrs,
19:53 this classic book
19:54 that deals with the history of the martyrs.
19:56 Here's Christ and the antichrist
19:58 put up by the Presbyterian Board of Publication.
20:01 And Dave Hunt's book A Woman Rides the Beast.
20:04 All of these books are quoted in my book End Time Delusions
20:08 and the evidence is just in my mind.
20:12 It's irrefutable.
20:13 Foxe's Book of Martyrs is one of the classics
20:16 in Christian history, it used to be on the bed side,
20:19 at the bed sides of just about all of the puritans
20:22 who came across the Atlantic
20:23 and help set up the early colonies.
20:26 And this is what Foxe's Book of Martyrs says.
20:27 You can get it in any Christian book store,
20:29 if they don't have it, they can order it.
20:31 On page 43, under the title of Papal Persecutions,
20:35 it says, "Disregarding the maxims
20:37 and the spirit of the gospel, the papal church,
20:39 arming herself with the power of the sword,
20:42 vexed the church of God
20:44 and wasted it for several centuries,
20:46 a period most appropriately termed
20:48 in history, the 'dark ages.'
20:50 The kings of the earth gave their power to the beast.'"
20:56 Foxe's Book of Martyrs page 43 and again all of this,
21:01 that quote and these other quotes
21:02 are inside the book End Time Delusions
21:05 that puts all of these pieces together.
21:08 Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, John Knox,
21:11 William Tyndale, John Calvin
21:12 who started the Presbyterian Church,
21:14 John Wesley started the Methodist Church,
21:16 Roger Williams, the translators of the King James Bible,
21:20 John Banyan, the Westminster Confession,
21:22 Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Spurgeon,
21:24 one of the greatest Baptist pastors
21:26 that ever lived.
21:27 David Benedict, history of the Baptist Denomination,
21:30 Bishop J. C. Ryle, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones,
21:34 and countless of other historicists
21:38 Protestants recognized Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome,
21:42 the 10 horns and then the little horn
21:44 rising up in the midst of them,
21:46 and uprooting three of the 10 horns,
21:48 which were the Vandals, the Heruli, and the Ostrogoths
21:51 establishing itself in Europe
21:53 to become the dominant power in Europe during the dark ages.
21:59 All of the prophecies pinpoint that power.
22:04 The Bible says the beast would be a kingdom,
22:09 because we know from Daniel 7 that a beast is a kingdom,
22:12 in Revelation it's a beast and a beast is a kingdom
22:16 and there's over a 100 embassies on Vatican Hill.
22:19 The Vatican has global influence today
22:22 that fits the prophecy.
22:24 The Roman church has persecuted the saints of God in the past.
22:28 The Roman church does claim great things
22:31 for itself to be the only true church
22:33 of Jesus Christ on earth.
22:35 The only way to the father and yet Jesus Christ tells us
22:39 in the Bible that the only way to the father is through him,
22:45 through Jesus Christ alone.
22:47 And this was the battle between Protestants
22:50 and Catholics in the 1500s and this is the reason
22:53 why Protestants protested against the church
22:58 and left the church
23:00 and established Protestant churches,
23:02 because they wanted to get back to the Bible,
23:06 back to the teachings of Jesus Christ,
23:08 back to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone
23:13 through trusting in his grace and in his death on the cross
23:17 for our sins without any other mediators
23:21 or anything in between them and Jesus Christ.
23:25 These are the facts of history.
23:27 And again I don't believe the prophecy
23:28 is pointing to individual people
23:30 in the Roman church,
23:32 there are many godly people within the Roman church
23:35 that are doing the best they can to follow Jesus
23:37 and follow the Bible.
23:41 But conscience tells us
23:45 that we have to objectively study the Bible
23:50 and we want to interpret the Bible correctly
23:54 and we need the truth, we need the whole truth,
23:58 we need nothing but the truth,
24:01 in these final days of earth's history
24:04 if we're going to understand Bible prophecy,
24:07 and what is gonna come upon this world,
24:09 before Jesus comes with blinding, blinding speed.
24:15 Preterists who are looking
24:19 to the little horn is being Nero
24:21 and the futurists who are looking
24:24 to the little horn as someone in the future,
24:27 who hasn't come yet.
24:31 Both preterists and futurists need to reexamine
24:35 their fingerprint analysis techniques.
24:41 When you really study the Bible,
24:43 those interpretations are not correct.
24:47 In the year 2004 the FBI
24:50 made a reluctant admission, they acknowledged
24:55 that they had identified the wrong man.
25:00 We need to avoid making the same mistake.
25:04 We need to honestly and objectively
25:08 take a look at what God's word says.
25:10 And put the pieces together, and I want to tell you that
25:13 there is no other credible interpretation,
25:16 than what I've shared with you.
25:18 Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome,
25:20 the breakdown of the Roman Empire,
25:22 the rise of the little horn with eyes like a man
25:25 centered in a man, that ultimately is a kingdom
25:28 that has a mouth speaking great things,
25:30 and that has made war with the saints,
25:33 all of the evidence fits perfectly.
25:37 There is no other power that fits the evidence
25:41 other than the Roman church.
25:44 That's what the Bible teach us and I believe that
25:46 God has lots of people in the Roman church
25:47 who are gonna hear his call
25:49 and who are going to accept a further truth
25:52 when they hear it from the Bible,
25:55 through the spirit of Jesus Christ.
25:58 Revelation 13:3 scripture says
26:05 "All the world wondered after the beast."
26:11 They're wondering after the beast
26:12 and they're not really knowing who the beast is.
26:18 We need to wonder after Jesus Christ
26:21 and recognize Him as the only way to the Father,
26:25 that He is our savior, He is the who died for us.
26:28 He's our advocate, He's our mediator,
26:30 He's the one who loves us, and He's the only one
26:32 that can get us to heaven.
26:34 Let's not wonder after the beast,
26:35 but after Jesus.
26:37 You have just heard his voice today.
26:40 We hope you've enjoyed this timely message
26:42 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg.
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