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00:08 Will a high-tech computer micro chip
00:11 inserted under the skin in the forehead,
00:14 someday become the mark of the beast?
00:16 You are about to find out on His Voice Today.
00:22 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:25 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:30 Title of today's message is called
00:32 "Marked in the ForeHead."
00:34 We're gonna take a look at one of the hottest
00:36 and most controversial issue found in God's book,
00:39 in Bible prophecy.
00:41 In the book of Revelation 13:16-17,
00:45 we have a stunning prophecy about
00:48 what is going to happen in the future.
00:50 Verse 16 says, "He causes all, both small and great,
00:55 rich and poor, free and bond,
00:57 to receive a mark in their right hand
01:00 or in their foreheads,
01:03 and that no man might buy or sell,
01:05 save he that had the mark or the name of the beast,
01:09 or the number of his name."
01:12 Millions of people including me believe that
01:16 we are definitely living
01:17 in the last days of human history.
01:19 There are just so many indicators all around us
01:22 that Jesus Christ is coming soon
01:25 and that it won't be long until we find ourselves
01:28 in the middle of the final crisis.
01:30 And because of that
01:32 and because of versus like this
01:34 about the mark of the beast
01:35 in the forehead and in the hand,
01:37 there are a lot of people
01:38 that are just scavering the landscape,
01:41 they are going on the internet,
01:42 they are looking at developments
01:44 that are taking place in the political arena
01:47 and in the scientific arenas,
01:49 and they are trying to figure out
01:51 whether the mark at the beast is
01:53 even now at the door.
01:55 If you go on the internet which I did just yesterday
01:58 and do an internet search for mark of the beast,
02:02 microchip, computers,
02:03 things like that,
02:05 you will find the whole host of articles
02:06 and different kinds of documentation
02:10 that are attempting to prove
02:11 that the mark of the beast is about to be enforced.
02:15 I've got a stack of some of these articles in my hand
02:18 and let me just share some of the information
02:21 that I discovered.
02:22 Here's an article that came out
02:24 from a ministry called These Last Days.
02:28 February 13, 2013 the title is,
02:31 "Will the Mandatory Microchip
02:35 in Obamacare end up being the Mark of the Beast.
02:39 It says here on March 23, 2013,
02:42 the microchip in the Affordable Care Act
02:45 of 2010 will become mandatory.
02:48 There's a pretty startling thing
02:51 inside the bill that 95% of Americans will not like.
02:55 Obama care has a microchip implant for you.
03:00 The Obama Health care bill includes under Class II,
03:03 Paragraph 1, Section B,
03:05 a Class II device that is implantable.
03:10 It says this article that it is approved by the FDA
03:14 that this implantable device is
03:16 an implantable radio frequency transponder system
03:20 for patient identification and health information.
03:25 The article goes on and talks that
03:26 even kids will be required to get
03:28 this, this implantable device.
03:31 The program is called
03:33 "The Children's Health Insurance Program",
03:35 it's a part of Obamacare
03:37 and it's abbreviated CHIP
03:39 and it says eventually
03:41 everyone will be implanted with the CHIP.
03:45 It's a pretty scary idea.
03:47 Now as I flip the pages to another article
03:50 it says here at the technology
03:51 for the mark of the beast is here now
03:54 and it has to do with devices
03:57 under the skin smart skin devices.
04:02 This article continues and says,
04:04 it talks about skin mounted electronics
04:08 that contain a diverse array of electronic components
04:12 that can be mounted on a thin, rubbery sub-straight
04:16 including sensors, LEDs,
04:19 transistors, wireless antennas
04:22 and solar cells for power.
04:25 And, you know, as people read articles like this
04:27 and look at their Bibles
04:29 and what the Bible says about the mark going in the forehead
04:33 and there is a lot of people that just look at this
04:35 and look at the Bible and think that this must be it,
04:37 this must be the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
04:41 But you just keep reading some of these articles
04:43 and some glitches come into the mix like this one.
04:47 Here's another article that says,
04:49 "Microchip implants cause fast-growing,
04:53 malignant tumors in lab animals,
04:56 and this talks about a report that
04:59 came out from the Associated Press,
05:00 a breaking story that reveal that
05:02 microchip implants have induced cancer
05:05 in laboratory animals and dogs.
05:07 The Associated Press will report
05:09 a series of research articles spanning more than a decade
05:12 finding that mice and rats
05:13 injected with glass-encapsulated
05:16 RFID transponders developed malignant,
05:19 fast-growing,
05:20 lethal cancers in up to 10% of the cases.
05:26 And one observer that was looking at this reality
05:30 made a comment that
05:32 these new revelations change everything.
05:34 Why would anyone take the risk of having
05:36 a cancer chip in their arm?
05:39 Well, I continue to read
05:41 and I found some more potential problems with the technology
05:44 idea of microchips implanted in everybody's head or hands.
05:49 Here it says, "Concerning microchip implants that
05:53 some one named Katrina Michael, associate professor
05:56 of the University of Wollongong's School
05:59 of Information Systems and Technology,
06:02 this was her comment.
06:03 She said, "At this moment,
06:05 it's not likely that these
06:07 implants will be used widely because,
06:10 it will be a life sentence to upgrades,
06:13 virus protection mechanisms,
06:16 and inescapable intrusion in to human lives."
06:21 And so, I know that people are talking about microchips,
06:24 I know they are,
06:25 those that want to see this happen
06:27 but there are others that are doing research
06:29 and saying that they can cause cancer
06:32 that they can cause all kinds of problems.
06:34 And just think about the practicalities
06:35 of something like this,
06:37 let's say that wasn't implanted in the skin,
06:39 not the forehead or in the hand some kind of hi-tech device.
06:43 I mean what if they developed a virus,
06:48 what if hackers decided to hack into the system
06:52 and hack into your hand or into your head?
06:55 What if they continue to do upgrades?
06:58 What if the technology wares out, you know,
07:01 as with computers I've got my laptop in front of me
07:04 and operating systems are changing all the time.
07:07 So if you think of the logistics of technology,
07:11 you know, going in the skin
07:13 on the hand and in the forehead,
07:16 it's really pretty mind boggling, you know,
07:18 I thought about this
07:19 and I've my smart phone right here
07:20 and I thought well, you know,
07:22 could this develop at some point
07:23 so that people could have,
07:25 they could have calendars in their hands,
07:26 they could have, you know, their entire schedule,
07:30 they could play games, video games,
07:32 they could download things from the internet.
07:35 You know, I think the technology is
07:37 probably out there
07:39 but the potential
07:42 for logistical problems is enormous.
07:47 But then somebody might say, "But Steve, you know,
07:50 that's what the Bible says."
07:52 The Bible says that there is going to be a mark
07:55 that's gonna be placed in the hand
07:58 and in the forehead.
08:01 And let me tell you that I believe in the Bible,
08:04 I believe exactly what it says
08:06 but I can't help but wonder
08:08 whether this whole topic reveals something
08:11 that is more than skin deep.
08:13 So let's go deep, let's analyze this topic.
08:16 Let's take a look from the Bible
08:18 and see what we can find.
08:20 There is a verse in Proverbs 18:17, it says,
08:24 "The first to present his case seems right,
08:28 until another comes forward and questions him."
08:32 I think about the time
08:33 when Jesus was first born in Bethlehem.
08:36 The religious leaders of the day,
08:38 they were absolutely sure that they had things figured out.
08:42 They knew that when the Messiah came finally,
08:44 He was gonna conquer the Romans
08:46 He was going to exalt Israel
08:49 and everything was gonna change for the better,
08:51 that was their view
08:53 that the Messiah was going to be a strong military leader.
08:56 They just knew that was true.
08:57 I mean they were just convinced
08:58 that they had certain Bible versus
09:00 in the Old Testament that they thought
09:02 supported their case.
09:04 But it didn't really happen quite that way
09:08 when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
09:10 He did not come to conquer the Romans,
09:12 He didn't come to exalt the nation of Israel
09:15 like the rabbis thought.
09:17 He came to do something very different,
09:19 He came to leave a meek, humble, lowly life.
09:22 And eventually to die upon a cruel cross
09:25 for the sins of the world and then to rise from the dead.
09:30 And if there's any big lesson
09:32 that we can learn from history is that
09:35 the majority even of those that comment on the Bible,
09:38 may not be right.
09:40 If the Jewish people made a big mistake,
09:42 the majority at least
09:43 in the time of the first coming of Jesus Christ,
09:46 what about our time?
09:48 What about the time as we are nearing
09:50 the second coming of Jesus Christ
09:52 and Bible prophecy?
09:54 Is it possible that when people think
09:55 they've got it all figured it out
09:57 that it just may not quite happen that way.
10:01 Well, let's find out.
10:02 Let's just keep that in mind
10:04 and let's take a close look at what the Bible says about
10:08 the mark of beast being placed in the forehead.
10:12 gives us a warning
10:17 about the mark of the beast,
10:19 verse 9 says that the,
10:20 "That the third angel followed them,
10:21 saying with a loud voice,
10:23 "If any man who worships the beast..."
10:26 Notice that word beast,
10:28 "And his image, and receives his mark
10:31 in the forehead or in the hand."
10:32 So first of all, before we actually
10:35 look closer at the forehead idea,
10:38 we need to keep in mind,
10:41 we need to remember,
10:42 we mustn't forget that the mark of the beast,
10:45 whatever it is,
10:46 is something that comes from the beast.
10:50 B-E-A-S-T, from the beast.
10:52 Now when you read the book of Revelation
10:54 and you look at what Revelation says
10:57 about the beast
10:59 it's very obvious that there is a lot of
11:02 what I call sacred symbolism
11:04 that is being used in this prophecies.
11:07 Revelations 13:1 says,
11:10 "I stood upon the sand of the sea
11:12 and John said I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,
11:15 having seven heads and ten horns
11:18 and upon his horns were ten crowns,
11:20 and upon his heads the name of blasphemy."
11:24 Verse 2 says that
11:25 "This beast, Was like a leopard,
11:28 his feet were like the feet of a bear,
11:30 and his mouth like the mouth of a lion,
11:33 and the dragon gave him his power,
11:35 and his seat, and great authority."
11:37 So here is a beast with seven heads,
11:39 ten horns, a body like a leopard,
11:42 mouth like a lion, feet of a bear
11:44 and then this dragon gives him his power.
11:47 Now obviously
11:49 there's not gonna be any real literal seven-headed,
11:53 ten-horned beast that's gonna be running around.
11:55 This is a symbol of something else,
11:58 it's a symbol of Antichrist, but it is a symbol,
12:03 it's not something that we should be taking literally.
12:07 We find lots of symbols in Revelation,
12:09 Revelation 17 also talks about a women.
12:14 In Revelation 17:3, John wrote,
12:17 "He carried me away in the Spirit
12:18 and I saw a women.
12:19 She was sitting on a scarlet colored beast
12:21 full of names of blasphemy,
12:22 having seven heads and ten horns.
12:25 And this women was all decked out with various jewels,
12:29 she had a golden cup in her hand
12:31 full of abominations and fornication.'
12:33 And verse 5 says,
12:34 "Upon her forehead was the name written,
12:37 mystery, babylon the great, the mother of harlots
12:39 and abominations of the earth."
12:41 Now obviously, just like the beast
12:42 this one woman is a symbol
12:45 and it is significant that
12:48 this woman has something on her forehead
12:51 and as we think about the mark
12:53 which is enforced on the forehead.
12:56 Again, the mark comes from the beast
13:01 and the beast is a symbolic beast
13:05 that represents something else.
13:08 That's very clear when we look at our Bibles.
13:11 Now what about the forehead?
13:12 Let's analyze this forehead idea.
13:14 We know that the beast and the women are symbolic
13:16 but what about the forehead,
13:18 is this also used in a symbolic way in the Bible.
13:22 Well, we just read in Chapter 17:5 that,
13:25 "Upon the forehead of this women,
13:27 was this name Mystery,
13:29 Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots,
13:31 " Obviously there's not gonna be a real women
13:33 riding a seven headed ten horned beast,
13:35 it's gonna be running around
13:36 with something literal on her head,
13:40 between her eyes, above her nose.
13:42 So symbolism is involved.
13:44 If you go back to chapter 14,
13:47 right after Revelation warns about the mark of the beast
13:49 going in the forehead,
13:51 verse 1 in chapter 14, John wrote,
13:53 "I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Zion,
13:56 and with him an hundred and forty four thousand,
13:58 having his father's name written in their foreheads."
14:03 Now this is not the devil's people
14:05 but this is a Revelation of God's people
14:08 called the hundred and forty four thousand
14:10 and they have God's name in their foreheads.
14:12 Now do you think this means
14:14 that God is gonna write something
14:15 on the skin above the nose,
14:18 between the eyes of this group
14:20 call the hundred and forty four thousands,
14:21 so that when people look at them
14:23 they see writing or is that writing,
14:26 a symbol of something else?
14:29 In chapter 22 of revelation
14:32 the last chapter of God's book
14:35 in verse 4 this is talking about all of this eight,
14:38 from all ages,
14:39 to all are finally gathered together into one group
14:42 and who enter eternity
14:43 and who lives with Jesus forever.
14:46 And in verse 4 it says that,
14:47 "And they shall see his face and his name..."
14:51 Meaning the name of God.
14:52 "Shall be in their foreheads."
14:56 So here it says that
14:57 all of God's people are gonna have
14:58 something in their foreheads.
15:00 Not just the hundred and forty four thousand.
15:02 Now what does this mean?
15:03 Does that mean that throughout all eternity,
15:05 if I would have run in to you or you were to talk to me,
15:08 that we would look on each other's foreheads
15:09 and we could see God's name written on our skin?
15:14 Do you think that's really what it means?
15:17 I don't think so
15:19 and I'm not just speculating and I'm not just guessing,
15:22 I've got solid facts behind my conclusions,
15:26 let me share them with you.
15:28 The idea of the forehead in Revelation
15:30 and the hand actually goes back to the Old Testament.
15:34 There are Old Testament roots
15:36 for much of what we find in Revelation
15:39 and it's certainly true
15:41 when it comes to the forehead and the hand.
15:43 In Deuteronomy chapter 6,
15:47 we have a very famous statement of Moses to the Israelites.
15:52 It's called the Shema
15:54 Jewish people call this the Shema,
15:56 where Moses told Israel
15:58 about their obligations to the Lord
16:01 and in verse four Moses wrote, "Hear, O Israel.
16:04 The Lord our God is one Lord
16:06 and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
16:09 with all your soul and with all your might,
16:11 and these words, which I command you,
16:13 these words of God shall be inside your heart.
16:18 You shall teach them diligently to your children,
16:21 you shall talk of them when you sit in your house,
16:22 when you walk by the way, when you lie down,
16:25 and when you rise up."
16:26 And then in verse 8 Moses said,
16:28 "And you shall bind these words for a sign..."
16:32 Which is like a mark.
16:34 For a sign upon your hand,
16:38 and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes."
16:42 So Moses said that God's words
16:45 were to be like a sign on the hand
16:48 and right here between the eyes in the forehead.
16:52 Now if you think about what this means
16:55 God didn't mean for the Israelites
16:58 to literally take the words of Deuteronomy,
17:01 the whole book
17:02 and put it on the hand or on the head,
17:05 those Jewish people would have had to have had
17:07 very large foreheads
17:09 in order to get the whole book of Deuteronomy
17:11 on the skin.
17:13 Obviously, it does not mean that.
17:15 God's intension giving his prophecy
17:18 meant that his word,
17:20 his word was to be on the hand
17:22 representing their actions and the forehead representing,
17:27 in the forehead representing their thoughts.
17:29 In other words, God wanted His word
17:31 to be in the minds of his people
17:34 and he wanted them to do it,
17:36 to carry it out in their practical lives.
17:38 In Deuteronomy chapter 11, we find the same idea.
17:43 Deuteronomy 11:18,
17:47 Moses told Jewish people, he said,
17:49 "Therefore you shall lay up these my words in your heart
17:54 and in your soul
17:56 and bind them for a sign upon your hand,
18:02 and that they maybe as frontlets
18:05 between your eyes
18:07 and you shall teach them to your children."
18:11 So again just a little bit of enlightened reflection
18:15 and Holy Spirit discernment will help us to understand
18:18 that in the Old Testament the forehead
18:20 and the hand represented the mind
18:23 and it represented the actions
18:26 and God wanted his word to be in those two places.
18:30 Now when we get to the book of Revelation
18:32 we find a prophecy
18:36 that one of these days,
18:37 this beast will enforce his own mark
18:42 into the foreheads and into the hands
18:45 of the majority of people around the planet earth.
18:48 And again, we know that the beast is the symbol,
18:51 it's not a literal beast.
18:56 And if the beast is clearly a symbol
18:59 and the mark of the beast is his mark,
19:02 it certainly makes logical sense that
19:07 if the beast is symbolic that the mark
19:10 could possibly be symbolic as well
19:14 and that it could represent
19:16 something that the devil
19:18 through the beast places into the mind,
19:22 into the minds and into the actions
19:25 of the majority of people around the world
19:28 at the end of time.
19:29 So they are bombed out of eternity.
19:32 It really does make a perfect sense.
19:35 There are many examples in the New Testament
19:38 of mistakes that were made
19:41 by certain groups of people
19:43 who heard the things that Jesus said
19:46 and didn't see the spiritual meaning
19:48 underneath His words.
19:49 That one perfect example is in John 2,
19:56 where Jesus was talking to a group of religious leaders,
19:59 and in verse 18 answered,
20:02 "The Jew answered and said to Him,
20:03 "What sign do you show us,
20:06 seeing that you do these things?"
20:08 And in verse 19 Jesus answered and said to them,
20:10 "If you destroy this temple,
20:12 and I'll rebuild it in three days."
20:14 So that was the sign,
20:16 Jesus told them, they asked for sign,
20:17 He said okay here's my sign.
20:18 Destroy this temple
20:20 and in three days I'll raise it up.
20:22 Now when those particular people
20:25 heard Jesus statement,
20:28 verse 20 says, "Then said the Jews,
20:31 Forty and six years was this temple in building,
20:33 and wilt thou rear it up in three days?"
20:36 They interpreted His words about a temple
20:38 and they interpreted them literally,
20:40 they thought he meant the literal temple
20:42 that was in Jerusalem
20:43 that had been built up by King Herod.
20:45 Forty-six years it took to build that temple
20:48 but that's not what Jesus was talking about.
20:50 They just saw the words of Jesus literally
20:54 but verse 21 says,
20:56 "He spoke of the temple of His body."
20:59 It was his spiritual temple
21:01 that Jesus Christ was talking about not a literal one.
21:03 We find examples of this over and over again
21:06 in the New Testament in John 3,
21:09 Jesus told Nicodemus must be born again,
21:12 but he thought literally
21:13 and said how can I go into my mothers womb and born.
21:17 But Jesus was talking about a spiritual birth
21:19 in John 4 Jesus offered a women the water of life
21:22 and she thought He was talking about
21:24 literal water down in the well
21:25 but he was talking about the spiritual water of life.
21:28 In John 6, Jesus told a group of people,
21:31 you need to eat my flesh and drink my blood
21:33 or you don't have eternal life
21:35 and they thought He was talking about cannibalism
21:37 but really He was talking about His word,
21:40 about the word of God, the word of Jesus Christ.
21:42 His own words that they need to take in to their hearts
21:45 and into their lives.
21:47 So with all this information
21:49 when we get back to the book of Revelation
21:52 and Revelation warns us about a mark
21:56 that is coming from a beast
21:59 that is going to be enforced into the foreheads
22:03 and into the hands of people around the world,
22:07 it just makes perfect sense
22:09 that we would look at this prophecy
22:12 as applying to something more than skin deep.
22:17 I'm reminded of the Persian Gulf War
22:21 that took place 1990, 1991.
22:26 The Iraqis has invaded Kuwait
22:28 and they were getting close to controlling a lot of oil
22:31 and this galvanized many of the world nations
22:35 to put together a coalition led by United States
22:38 call Operation Desert Storm to go into Kuwait
22:42 and to liberate that country
22:44 and it's very significant
22:46 that one of the main strategies of the allies
22:49 was decoy attacks.
22:51 Here, I've got a report that says,
22:54 " US decoy attacks by air attacks
22:57 and naval gunfire
22:58 the night before Kuwait's liberation
23:00 were designed to make the Iraqis believe
23:01 that the main coalition ground attack
23:04 would focus on central Kuwait."
23:07 But it didn't, this was a decoy,
23:09 it was a strategy to get the Iraqis
23:12 looking in one direction
23:14 when the bulk of the attacks came from another direction.
23:21 And in the Gulf War
23:23 that strategy was very effective,
23:26 it was very effective
23:28 and military strategies of decoys work very well.
23:32 And don't forget that
23:34 the commander of all of the host of darkness,
23:38 his name is Lucifer and he is a master strategist
23:42 and he knows how to get people looking in one direction
23:45 when really the truth is coming from another direction.
23:49 He convinced many Jewish people in the time of Christ
23:52 to look one direction for the coming of a Messiah
23:55 who they thought was going to be a military leader
23:58 who would conquer the Romans and exalt the Jews.
24:02 And yet that was a decoy,
24:05 that was developed in the councils
24:10 of the prince of darkness
24:11 and when the real Jesus actually came
24:14 and he didn't come to do
24:15 what that decoy was designed to get people
24:18 to think He was gonna do,
24:20 what happen was they missed Him,
24:22 they missed Him or He was entirely
24:26 and they ended up crucifying their own Messiah.
24:31 All of this information needs to keep us on our toes,
24:35 we need to carefully look at the Bible.
24:37 We need to make sure that
24:39 we're not being let astray by decoys,
24:42 by false theories,
24:43 by prophetic misinformation
24:49 that is designed strategically by a very smart enemy
24:54 to direct us away from the biblical facts.
24:58 The book of Revelation warns us in chapter 14:9,
25:04 " That the third angel follows them
25:06 and says with the loud voice,
25:08 'If any man worships the beast...'
25:10 " which is obviously a symbol, "
25:12 ' His image, and receives his mark
25:15 in his forehead or in his hand,
25:18 the same shall drink the wine...'
25:21 " Verse 10 says," of the wrath of God.'
25:23 " This is a very important subject,
25:24 very serious and we can't afford to make any mistakes,
25:27 '"Which is poured out without mixture
25:29 into the cup of his indignation...'
25:31 " The Scripture continues,
25:32 "He will be tormented with fire and brimstone
25:34 in the presence of the holy angels,
25:36 and in the presence of the Lamb.
25:37 And the smoke of their torment
25:39 ascendeth up for ever and ever:
25:40 and they have no rest day nor night,
25:42 who worship the beast and his image,
25:44 and whoever receives the mark of his name."
25:47 Verse 12 says,
25:49 "Here is the patience of the saints:
25:51 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
25:55 and the faith of Jesus."
25:58 In our next program,
25:59 we will actually identify what the mark of the beast is,
26:04 it's gonna be very controversial,
26:07 it's one you don't want to miss,
26:08 you want to wear all your sear belts
26:10 when we come to that topic
26:13 and we're gonna look at very carefully
26:14 right from the Bible to find out
26:16 what the word of God actually says.
26:19 Bible is very clear in the Old Testament
26:21 that the forehead represented the mind
26:23 and the hands represented the actions
26:27 and as we approach the final hours of history
26:30 we want to make sure that we have God's truth
26:32 in our foreheads
26:33 and that it will be carried out in our actions,
26:36 you have just heard His Voice Today.
26:40 We hope you've enjoyed this timely message
26:42 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg.
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27:37 What is the mark of the beast?
27:38 Is it a microchip implanted under the skin,
27:40 a barcode or something entirely different?
27:43 Confusion abounds us
27:44 to what this mysterious mark is really all about.
27:47 Steve Wohlberg's eye opening pocket book
27:49 Decoding The Mark of the Beast
27:50 reveals the naked truth in contrast to global fables.
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