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00:08 The Mark Of The Beast.
00:11 What is it really?
00:13 You're about to find out, so put your seat belts on,
00:16 on this edition of His Voice Today.
00:22 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:24 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:30 Out topic today is
00:31 the Mark of the Beast identified.
00:34 And to be honest I'm little bit nervous
00:36 about this subject,
00:38 because it is just so big and it's so controversial,
00:42 so I'm going to share information with you
00:44 and I hope that the Holy Spirit will apply it to your heart.
00:48 But first I want to tell you just a little funny story.
00:51 I have a little daughter,
00:52 my wife is Christian and her son is Seth
00:55 and Abby is five years old, our little girl.
00:58 And not too long go Abbey was in a living room
01:01 and I was walking by and she looked at me
01:03 and she said, daddy.
01:04 She said do you know what the cookie monster does?
01:08 And I looked at her and I said what?
01:10 And she said the cookie monster takes cookies
01:12 and he goes like this,
01:14 and she was pretending to put lots of cookies in her mouth.
01:19 And I looked at her and I smiled
01:20 and I thought about that night
01:22 and then I said do I said Abby, you know,
01:23 if the cookie monster eats too many cookies
01:26 he's going to get too much sugar
01:27 and he's going to get sick.
01:29 Trying to put a little plug-in there for a healthy life
01:33 and Abby thought about that
01:36 and then she said something very funny.
01:38 She looked at me with the very serious look
01:41 and she said, daddy.
01:43 She said don't you know,
01:44 that the cookie monster is not real.
01:48 Now obviously I knew that.
01:51 And anyway I thought about that little humorous comment
01:54 and I thought it to myself.
01:57 When it comes to the Bible
01:59 and when it comes to topics
02:00 that are very, very important it is extremely,
02:05 extremely important that we get away from things
02:09 that are fantasy and that we stick to the truth.
02:12 When it comes to Mark of the Beast
02:14 there is on subject that
02:15 we need more truth concerning than this topic.
02:21 There is lots of ideas about the mark of the beast
02:23 that are out there and to be honest with you
02:25 a whole host of them they're just not real.
02:29 Just like the cookie monster he's fantasy.
02:31 What does the Bible actually say?
02:34 You are about to find out.
02:36 So let's go to the book of Revelation 14,
02:40 we have been talking about the mark in past
02:42 his voice today program's
02:43 building up to this one and the next one.
02:47 In Revelation 14:9- 12
02:49 there is a warning about the mark of the beast,
02:52 I'm very clear solemn life or death warning
02:54 verse 9 talks about
02:55 "The third angel following other two,
02:57 saying with the loud voice,
02:59 "If anyone worships the beast and his image,
03:01 and receives his mark in his forehead or in his hand,
03:04 the same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God,"
03:08 and then what follows is a description
03:09 of what will happen to those who get the mark,
03:12 it's very serious it's life or death.
03:14 At the end of verse 11 the Bible warns about,
03:18 "Whoever receives the mark of his name."
03:22 Now then notice in verse 12, the very next verse,
03:25 verse 12 says,
03:26 "Here is the patience of the saints,
03:28 here are they that keep the commandments of God
03:33 and the faith of Jesus."
03:35 So at the end of verse 11,
03:37 you've got one group that gets the mark.
03:40 And then in verse 12
03:41 you have another group called
03:43 the saints who don't get the mark,
03:45 and what they do is
03:46 they keep the commandments of God
03:49 and the faith of Jesus.
03:51 The Bible is like a jigsaw puzzle in many ways,
03:56 and there is no topic that is more like a puzzle
03:59 than the mark of the beast.
04:01 And I don't if you when you were kid
04:03 if you put jigsaw puzzles together
04:06 like I did or like my kids do,
04:09 but let's put some puzzle pieces together
04:11 concerning the mark.
04:13 Puzzle pieces that are not fantasy,
04:15 puzzle pieces that are real
04:18 and let me just repeat at the end of verse 11,
04:21 one group gets the mark, that's a puzzle piece.
04:25 And then in the verse 12 another group has described
04:28 as not getting the mark
04:30 because they keep the commandments of God
04:33 and they have the faith of Jesus.
04:35 I have in my hand here one of the two tables of stone.
04:41 These are not obviously the originals
04:43 that Moses came down from Mount Sinai with
04:47 but still you get the idea,
04:50 this is a rock solid stone
04:52 and here are the first four commandments,
04:54 I have another table that has five through ten.
04:57 And when it comes to The Ten Commandments,
04:59 these commandments are not fantasy.
05:01 They're not cookie monster fiction
05:03 but this is very, very real.
05:05 This is God's moral law.
05:06 When you look at the Old Testament,
05:08 it's very clear that God wrote this,
05:12 these Ten Commandments with this own finger on stone,
05:15 showing that his law is permanent,
05:17 it can ever be changed.
05:19 And he used his own finger, He didn't use the pen or stylus
05:21 or computer mouse,
05:23 He used his own finger showing that
05:24 this that this law comes from Him.
05:28 And in Revelation 14:11
05:31 it tells us that one group gets the mark
05:34 and in verse 12 it says,
05:35 there's another group that keep the commandments of god
05:38 and they have the faith of Jesus.
05:40 They are followers of Jesus Christ.
05:42 Now if we go back to chapter 14, verse 9
05:47 we have another puzzle piece.
05:50 In verse 9 it says that
05:51 "Those who get the mark worship the beast
05:54 and get the mark.
05:55 So worship is involved in this whole topic.
05:59 In verse 7, we have the good group referred to
06:04 and what God wants us to do, in verse 7 it says,
06:07 "Worship him that made heaven and earth
06:10 and the sea and fountains of water."
06:13 So here are two more puzzle pieces
06:15 we have in verse 9,
06:19 those on the wrong side worship the beast
06:23 and then in verse 7
06:24 we have those on the right side
06:26 who worship the maker of heaven and earth,
06:29 so puzzle pieces again.
06:31 At the end of verse 11 those who get the mark,
06:35 verse 12 those who don't keep the commandments
06:37 and follow Jesus,
06:39 verse 9 those that do get the mark worship the beast,
06:42 and in verse 7 those that don't get the mark
06:45 worship the maker of heaven and earth.
06:48 Now who is the maker of heaven and earth
06:51 according to the new testament,
06:53 in John, this is my favorite verse on this subject.
06:56 In John 1:10
07:01 we have an amazing revelation.
07:04 In verse 10 the Bible says, "He was in the world,
07:06 referring to Jesus, and the world was made by Him,
07:11 and the world knew Him not."
07:14 When Jesus Christ walked this earth
07:16 people look at him and they thought
07:17 that he would just a normal man,
07:18 but they were wrong
07:20 he was more than just a normal man.
07:23 He was God in human form
07:25 and according to first or according John 1:10
07:29 Jesus is actually the one that made this planet.
07:32 Again, he was in the world and the world was made by him,
07:36 and the world knew him not.
07:38 So when Revelation 14:7 says
07:40 worship him that made heaven and earth, and sea
07:44 and the fountains of waters
07:46 that is a specific call to worship Jesus Christ
07:50 as creator of heaven and earth.
07:54 Now when you look at the Ten Commandments
07:59 and let me pickup, the first table again.
08:03 When you look at these commandments very carefully
08:06 there is only one of the big ten
08:10 that specifically refers to the one
08:13 who made heaven and earth,
08:16 and the sea and the fountains of waters.
08:18 And before I identify that commandment
08:21 and explain its significance,
08:25 I want to show you another verse
08:26 in the book of Daniel 12.
08:29 Daniel 12:4 tells us that in the time of the end,
08:34 God is going to be giving extra knowledge
08:38 to his people to help them
08:39 to get ready for the final crisis.
08:41 In Daniel 12:4 the Bible says that,
08:44 "Many shall run to and fro, or back and forth,
08:47 and knowledge shall be increased
08:50 in the time of the end."
08:52 Knowledge is going to be adorning on God's people
08:55 that hasn't been given to the saints of the past,
08:59 but in the time of the end it says in verse 4,
09:02 knowledge will increase.
09:04 Now I'm going to share with you some very potent truths
09:08 and as I do I want to make it clear that
09:11 just because you're learning this doesn't mean that
09:14 past generations who have never known
09:16 what you're about to discover doesn't mean that they're lost,
09:19 it doesn't mean that you know,
09:21 your great, great grandfather
09:22 who might have been a preacher
09:24 who doesn't know what you are about
09:25 to discover isn't going to heaven.
09:28 It just means that
09:30 knowledge hadn't increased in his mind
09:32 like it is increasing for you.
09:37 My little girl back to Abby, she's so cute,
09:42 often I go into the bathroom with her in the mornings
09:45 when I'm getting ready to shave,
09:47 and I'll ask her Abby do you want to shave?
09:49 Or do you want to, I'm sorry,
09:50 do you want to watch daddy shave.
09:52 And she says, oh yeah, I do, I do daddy.
09:54 So I pick her up and put her on the counter
09:56 and then I shave I put the lather on
09:58 and I got my razor and I do what I do
10:00 and then when I'm done,
10:02 she sitting right next to me on the counter,
10:03 my little tiny daughter
10:05 and then I look at her and I say,
10:07 Abby feel, and see how I did.
10:10 And so she reaches underneath,
10:12 she reaches around my cheeks
10:14 ad inevitably her little hand will go underneath my chin
10:16 and she'll feel some little which she calls,
10:18 "Pricklies" that I missed,
10:20 and I often do that right under here
10:22 little hard to get spot.
10:23 And she'll say over and over again,
10:26 she says daddy,
10:27 you missed a spot, you missed a spot.
10:31 And that is why I tell you that little story is because
10:34 there is a big lesson for us
10:37 when we take a closer look at the Ten Commandments.
10:41 And my conviction is that
10:42 there is lot of sincere Christians around the world
10:44 and there have been for long time
10:46 and I'm putting you by faith
10:50 in that category if you're Christian,
10:51 that you're a sincere Christian,
10:53 as I'm too.
10:54 And I strongly believe that in their honesty and sincerity
10:59 millions of Christians have just missed a spot,
11:03 just like Abby said to me, daddy you've missed a spot.
11:06 And the truth is that
11:07 when you look closely at the ten commandments
11:09 there is big spot.
11:11 There is one of the commandments
11:13 that people have missed
11:14 and here is that very important point
11:15 don't miss this when you look at the big ten
11:19 that the Bible says that
11:20 those who don't get the mark will be keeping,
11:24 there is only one of the Ten Commandments
11:28 that specifically talks about the maker of heaven and earth,
11:33 the sea and all that is in them,
11:35 and that's a Jesus,
11:36 he's the maker of everything
11:38 and when you look at the ten there is only one
11:39 that identifies the maker of heaven and earth,
11:41 and it is commandment number four
11:44 which talks about a special day
11:48 that God wants his people to keep.
11:52 Let's go back to Exodus 20 and let's take a close look.
11:56 Exodus 20:8,
11:59 this is commandment number four.
12:01 The Bible says, and this is what God said,
12:03 and this is what God wrote with this own finger in stone.
12:06 He said, Remember, which means don't forget,
12:09 and where do you remember?
12:10 We remember in our fore heads.
12:13 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
12:15 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
12:18 but the seventh day is the Sabbath
12:19 of the Lord your God.
12:21 In it you shall do no work, you, nor your son,
12:23 your daughter, your man servant,
12:25 your maid servant, nor your cattle,
12:27 nor your stranger who is within your gates.
12:30 For in six days the Lord
12:33 made the heaven and the earth, the sea."
12:37 And based on John 1:10
12:39 who is the Lord that made this world?
12:43 It's Jesus Christ.
12:44 John 1:10 said, "He was in the world,
12:46 and the world was made by him,"
12:48 and this verse says in six days the Lord,
12:51 which will be the Lord Jesus Christ.
12:53 "He made heaven and the earth and the sea
12:55 and all that is in them is,
12:57 and he rested on the seventh day.
12:59 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day
13:01 and hallowed it."
13:02 And in Revelation 14:7
13:04 we already read that one of the puzzle pieces
13:07 concerning those that don't get the mark is that
13:11 they worship him who made heaven and earth
13:15 and the sea and everything in it.
13:16 And John 1:10,
13:19 these verses all point back
13:22 to the forth commandment in Exodus 20:8-11
13:28 that points to the seventh day Sabbath
13:31 as the day of Jesus Christ,
13:35 to reveal Him as the maker of heaven and earth.
13:41 Now let me share with you just some facts
13:46 about the seventh day Sabbath.
13:50 Facts for you to consider, when is the seventh day?
13:53 If you ask just about any Jew they'll tell you
13:56 it's from Sunday on Friday night
13:58 to Sunday on Saturday night.
14:00 If you look up in a dictionary or in encyclopedia
14:02 just about any one
14:04 it'll say that Saturday is the seventh day
14:05 and Sunday is the first day of the week.
14:07 Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
14:08 all report that Jesus Christ rose from the dead
14:11 on the first day of the week
14:13 which was the day after the Sabbath.
14:16 Jesus kept the Sabbath
14:19 his resurrection didn't change the Sabbath.
14:22 In Luke 4:16 it says,
14:24 during his life the Jesus regular custom
14:27 was to keep the Sabbath.
14:28 He also taught many times about the seventh day Sabbath.
14:32 And significantly
14:34 when you look at Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
14:36 although all of the gospels record
14:38 that Jesus Christ rose from the dead
14:40 on the first day of the week.
14:42 You'll never find Jesus himself
14:45 teaching anything about the first day of the week.
14:49 The words first day of the week never came out of his lips
14:54 even one time,
14:57 and that's amazing.
15:00 Jesus didn't change the Sabbath himself.
15:05 he told his disciples to go to all the world
15:08 and to teach only what he commanded
15:12 and because he didn't command anything about
15:13 the first day of the week
15:15 the fact is according to the new testament
15:17 the church of Jesus Christ really doesn't have a authority
15:21 to teach that that day is now God's day,
15:24 because Jesus himself didn't do that.
15:27 We only have authority to teach
15:28 what Jesus Christ taught.
15:31 Now if all of these things are true
15:33 which they are
15:35 or you can just do your own homework
15:36 and that's what I encourage you to do
15:38 don't take my word for it just do your own homework.
15:41 If this is all true then who changed the Sabbath.
15:44 I have in my hand here a catechism
15:46 of the Roman Catholic Church.
15:48 Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine
15:51 published in 1946.
15:54 And here on page 50, the question is asked,
15:57 what day is the Sabbath day?
15:59 Answer, Saturday is the Sabbath day.
16:00 Question then why then do we Catholics
16:02 observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
16:04 Answer, we observe Sunday instead of Saturday
16:07 because the Catholic Church
16:09 substituted Saturday for Sunday.
16:16 So they come right now here in the catechism
16:18 and say they changed it.
16:20 Now as I look at the statement from the catechism
16:23 saying they changed Sabbath in the Sunday
16:25 and then I look at
16:26 what God wrote with his own finger
16:29 in the fourth commandment
16:30 I have to ask myself the question.
16:32 Which has more authority for me?
16:35 What man says or what God wrote
16:37 with his own finger on stone?
16:41 And I've already entered that question for myself.
16:44 I know that there're lot people
16:45 that'll disagree with what I'm saying here
16:47 and lot of opinions will fly around
16:49 in different views are everywhere
16:52 about the mark of the beast,
16:54 and the Sabbath and Sunday
16:56 and which day we should keep
16:57 and the controversy
16:58 and I'm not trying to condemn you
17:00 or anyone in this message,
17:03 I'm trying to just share information with you
17:05 and I trust that the holy spirit
17:07 will guide your heart
17:08 but as I've looked at the whole issue of what people think,
17:12 I've decided that to me
17:14 I'm going to follow not what man thinks or says
17:17 but what God wrote with his own finger on solid stone.
17:22 Now let's go back to Revelation
17:25 Revelation 14 warns
17:27 that the beast will have a mark.
17:32 It is a fact of history that if you go back to the 1500's
17:35 or if we could go into a time machine
17:37 and go back in history
17:39 and look at the protestant reformers like Martin Luther
17:42 and go down little bit further too John Wesley
17:45 who founded the Methodist Church,
17:47 Luther who founded the Lutheran in church,
17:48 John Calvin who founded the Presbyterian church
17:50 and if you would ask them all who is the beast of prophecy?
17:54 They would all give you the same answer,
17:56 they all believed that it was a symbol,
17:58 not of individuals
18:00 but of the Roman church system,
18:02 the Roman Catholic system that's a fact of history.
18:04 I have here a copy
18:07 it's actually not a copy this is a Bible,
18:09 it's an old Bible, very old Bible
18:11 was given to me in my travels my friend
18:15 and this is a Presbyterian Bible.
18:17 It was given to a Presbyterian lay preacher
18:20 this was his Bible it's published in 1895,
18:23 and the significant thing about this Bible,
18:25 this new testament
18:26 and you can see it's falling apart
18:28 so I have to handle it carefully.
18:31 It says under
18:35 concerning the enforcement of the mark of the beast.
18:38 There is a footnote here,
18:40 there's a footnote in this Bible
18:42 and under verse 14 or verse 16,
18:45 Revelation 13:16 it says,
18:47 in mark means submission to the rights
18:51 and ceremonies of the people communion
18:54 in their right hand, this means active obedience,
18:59 to the people power or in their foreheads,
19:04 this means outward profession of it's doctrines
19:08 and it's un or infallible authority.
19:13 So this Bible from a Presbyterian lay preacher
19:16 and it's foot notes identifies
19:18 the mark of the beast in the forehead
19:20 and in the hand as having something to do with believing
19:24 and doing things that come from the Roman Catholic Church.
19:29 Now I didn't write this Bible,
19:30 I didn't write those footnotes.
19:34 That's what they believed.
19:38 And when you put the pieces together the facts fit.
19:41 The Roman Church claims
19:43 that they changed the seventh day Sabbath
19:46 which is really the day of Jesus Christ
19:48 that day that shows that he's the Lord,
19:50 he's the maker of heaven and earth,
19:51 who made the world in six days and who rested on the seventh
19:54 the Roman church change that day
19:57 into the first day of the week in it's history
20:00 and they actually claim
20:02 that it is a mark of their authority
20:06 as the true church of Jesus Christ.
20:10 Now I want to make something very clear I do not believe
20:14 than anyone has The Mark Of The Beast Today,
20:18 I believe that there will be a time in the future
20:22 which will come out of the terrible crisis
20:25 and I'm going to discuss this with you
20:27 in the next program,
20:28 the next program of His Voice Today
20:30 is called The Mark Of The Beast Enforced.
20:33 And I'm going to give you shocking information
20:37 that is very, very true and very, very real.
20:40 It's not fantasy, it's not cookie monster fiction
20:43 but it's real that
20:46 there are forces including the Roman church
20:49 in Europe and in America
20:51 that are working toward the global enforcement
20:56 of Sunday observance
20:58 to try to bring the world and America back to God.
21:04 And I'm going to talk about that
21:06 in that next program,
21:07 don't have time to do it right now.
21:09 What about 666?
21:11 The Bible says that 666 is the number of the beast
21:15 and lot of people speculate they think well,
21:17 that's going to be 666 written on peoples foreheads
21:19 and on their hands
21:20 in the days ahead there is movies about this,
21:23 there are novels, pictures that depict this.
21:26 But the fact is that
21:27 when you read the book of Revelation
21:29 a 666 is not in The Mark of the Beast,
21:32 it's something separate.
21:33 Revelation 13:17 says that
21:37 eventually no man will be able to buy or sell,
21:39 unless he has the mark that's one thing,
21:43 or the name of the beast that something else,
21:46 or the number of his name, the number of his name.
21:49 And then when you read verse 18, it says,
21:51 "We need wisdom
21:53 and that the number of the beast is 666.
21:57 Now when you think about 666,
22:00 666 is almost what number?
22:04 It's almost seven when you read Revelation
22:06 there are seven churches,
22:07 there are seven seals, seven trumpets,
22:09 seven horns, seven eyes,
22:11 seven plagues, seven is God's number,
22:14 it's over and over and over again
22:16 in the book of Revelation,
22:17 seven points to Jesus
22:19 as the maker of heaven and earth
22:21 who made the world in six days
22:23 and rested on the seventh.
22:25 What day was man created on in the beginning?
22:29 He was created on day number six,
22:31 you can read that right in your Bible in Genesis 1,
22:36 6 is mans number,
22:40 666 it's like a triple number of man
22:46 in contrast to the number of God,
22:49 666 is almost seven but not quiet,
22:54 666 is the number of the beast.
22:56 And the book of Revelation says that
22:57 one of these days the mark of the beast
23:00 and submission to the beast
23:02 and people yealing their minds,
23:04 their foreheads
23:05 and their hands, their actions,
23:07 in support of the doctrines and the teachings
23:11 and the authority of the beast is going to be worldwide.
23:16 And eventually what's going to happen
23:19 when the final crisis hits
23:22 in the mark of the beasts authority is enforced by law
23:27 all over the world,
23:28 what's going to happen is that
23:30 people are going to have to make a choice,
23:32 a choice in their foreheads and in their actions
23:36 whether they are going to follow God or the beast,
23:40 or they're going to follow Jesus Christ
23:42 or get the mark the puzzle pieces
23:45 are all going to come to together
23:46 in the final crisis fantasy is going to go out the window
23:50 although the devil will be still pushing it
23:52 but truth is going to be a major player,
23:57 during the final crises in God's word,
23:59 God's voice, God's truth,
24:02 His Voice Today is going to be heard
24:05 very, very clearly.
24:06 Revelation 14 puts the puzzle pieces together.
24:09 In verse 9 it talks about
24:14 worshiping the beast and His image
24:17 and getting the mark.
24:18 In verse 7 it tells us, what we should do?
24:21 Verse 9 says, don't do that,
24:23 but verse 7 says do this,
24:24 worship him that made heaven and earth, and the sea
24:28 and the fountains of waters,
24:30 at the end of verse 11 it says,
24:32 don't get the mark of his name that's what we shouldn't do.
24:36 And then verse 12 says,
24:37 "Here is the patience of the saints,
24:39 here are they that keep the commandments of God
24:41 and the faith of Jesus."
24:43 And so bottom line just a quick summary
24:45 Revelation tells us
24:49 don't worship the beast, but worship the creator
24:51 who is Jesus Christ
24:53 the one who died on the cross for our sins
24:55 and who rose from the dead, he is our maker.
24:58 And Revelation 14 also tells us
25:01 don't get the mark,
25:03 but keep the commandments of God
25:05 and the faith of Jesus,
25:06 these are facts.
25:08 And when you look at the ten commandments
25:09 there is only one of the ten that identifies
25:13 the maker of heaven and earth,
25:15 Jesus Christ and that is this one,
25:17 commandment number four
25:19 the seventh day Sabbath it says,
25:21 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
25:26 We all have to make a choice
25:29 and when the final crisis hits the whole world
25:31 we'll have to make a final choice
25:32 between God and the beast,
25:34 between his law and deception
25:37 and tradition and the doctrines of men
25:40 as compare to what he has written
25:42 with his own finger on stone,
25:45 I've made up my mind
25:46 that no matter what anybody says,
25:48 I want to follow Jesus in the Bible
25:50 I want to follow the ten commandments,
25:52 I want to follow the truth,
25:53 and I believe that you do to.
25:56 I want to make it again very clear
25:57 I'm not condemning you for whatever you believe
25:59 or your practices
26:00 but I'm sharing information with you that
26:03 I believe the Holy Spirit is going to speak to your heart
26:05 with and speak to your mind
26:07 and direct you to the Bible,
26:10 so that you can see the real issues
26:12 not cookie monster fantasy issues,
26:15 even though you may have missed a spot,
26:19 you will come back by God's grace to the truth
26:24 that is in the Bible has knowledge increases
26:26 I these last days.
26:28 Revelation 14:12 says,
26:30 "Here is the patience of the saints,
26:32 here are they that keep the commandments of God
26:35 and the faith of Jesus."
26:37 Let's be part of these people,
26:39 you have just heard His Voice Today.
26:43 We hope you've enjoyed this timely message
26:45 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg.
26:46 And we want you to know that
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27:39 What is the mark of the beast?
27:40 Is it a microchip implanted under the skin,
27:43 a barcode or something entirely different?
27:45 Confusion abounds us to what
27:47 this mysterious mark is really all about.
27:49 Steve Wohlberg's eye opening pocket book
27:51 Decoding The Mark of the Beast
27:53 reveals the naked truth in contrast to global fables.
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